The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 25, 1950 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 25, 1950
Page 13
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THURSDAY, MAY 25, 1050 Bacon Becoming All-Round Meat Breakfast- Food Has Possibilities For All Other Meals If you think of bacon primarily as a breakfast meat you're overlooking some 9* its other fine possibilities. The way bacon dresses up :4v brings out the flavors of other foods for lunch and dinner is Its own little success story. Now's the time to be thinking in terms of lots of bacon for all meals of the day. It's plentiful. It's of excellent quality, and best news of all, It's selling nt most attractive prices. Bacon for Breakfast The hbmemakor who makes a real hit with her family is the one who plans interesting breakfasts as well as dinner combinations. Bacon is a top favoi'ite in the breakfast menu, so now's the time you retilly can go to town In serving lots of the golden brown ripples. If your family is large, the easiest nnd best way to prepare .bacon is in the oven. Just set the oven regulator to 400 degrees P., and while the oven is' preheating. lay bacon strips on n rack placed on or In a shallow pan. The bacon will bake in the oven in 8 to 10 minutes: while you're busying yourself with other breakfast preparations. And it will come out nice and crisp and flat without one bit of watching or turning. It's a method of cooking you'll never give up once you've tried it. Weekday breakfast menus usually must be kept rather simple, but nevertheless they should be well balanced. Here are some attractive and nutritious everyday breakfast menus built around bacon: 1. Orange juice, prepared cereal wifJA sliced bananas, bacon, whole •wa^p; toast, jam, beverage. 2. Pineapple juice, oatmeal with cream and brown su^ar, bacon, raKsin toast with honey, beverage. 3. Tomato Juice, scrambled eggs, bacon/ toasted pe'can rolls, beverage. For the weekend breakfast, you can go all out in serving bacon to your family or guests — bacon with waffles or griddle cakes; eggs baked In bacon rings; crisp bacon served In a folded omelet; bacon with cornmeal spoon bread. Bacon for Lunch , A peek into the refrigerator these days suggests a bacon lunch. Here are some good ideas for incorporating the tasty slices Into midday meals: 1. Quick cheese rarebit topped wtttv bacon strips (processed cheese melted with a little milk). 2. Creamed eggs and bacon on toast or rusks. (Fry diced bacon until crisp, then add to creamed hard cooked eggs.) Wise "Go Swedish^' ot Gct-Togcthers Try Smorgasbord For Midnight Snack •Je . 3. Bacon, with French toast and • omlny with bacon. (To make , - . - nciciii iw i;uiim[i pyriUIin luncheon dish, heat canned rendered Sidney E. Evans. hora-ny In bacon fat, along with chopped onion, tomato sauce, and crisp fried bacon. Season to taslr •yith' salt and pepper—add a littli sugar, too.) 5. Scrambled eggs and mush of milk.) 6- Baked beans and bacon open face sandwiches. (Spread canned baked beans on cut buns or bread top with bacon, and broil. IN TOE PRC1.VTE COURT FOR THE CIItCKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OP THE ESTATE OF SIDNEY E. EVANS, DECEASED No. 1D78 Notice Is hereby given to Addle BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ^ Swedish tegs, salmon j a midnight snack even more wr 1 - «. By GAYNOn MAUDOX other firm sausnge into wedge MJA Slaff IVrller | shapes. Sprefid with cream cheese For the "get-together" (after the movies or theater, go Swedish. Arrange ., few smdruasUord specialties on a large Iray.,'and serve with hot coffee. If some guests have sleeping problcmsl eive':|theni 'decaffeinated colfee. A good hostess keeps everyone happy.- '• Stuffed E 8SS (Fyllda Affg) " Hard cook 6 eggs. Plunge into cold water and chill. Split in half lengthwise and scoop'out yolks. Mash yolks with 2 tablespoons anchovy paste. Moisten with a little mayonnaise and season with salt and'pepper if desired, stuff back'Into egg white shells. Sprinkle with paprika and chopped dill. Salmon Rolls (Lax Rullader) Cut thin slices of smoke salmon into narrow strips about 3]4 to 1 inch wide and 2 to 3 inches long. Wrap around chunks of dill pickle and fasten with toothpicks. Stuffed Sausage (Fylldn Korf) Cut thin slices of pressed ham or Fruit Cocktail Use Adds Color, Flavor To Gelatin Salads With • two such appetizing and fldaptable ingredients as fruit flavored gelctain and canned fruit cocktail, salrul variety Is limitless. These t'.vo foods are simply combined, and the salads niny be made early in the day. Fruit cocktail canners have saved the housewife nil the preliminary and time-consuming steps' of select- lug and preparing an assortment of favorite fruits. ( The' cocelail "lend, including peaches, pears pineapple,-, seedless --grapes and maraschino cherries is one of the most popular canned' fruit packs With this fruit hichness nnd tl Nfae Palmer, Charles Evans, John E. Evans, Sidney B. Evans, Mrs. Guy Davey, Esther McClure/ Mrs. Elsie Stover, Wallace Evans, William M. Evans, Hale Evans, Louise Pickens, Maralyn-Joyce Evans, Sue Ann Evans, known heirs of Sidney E. Evans, deceased, and to all other persons interested in said estate, that Mrs. Annie B. Miller, 412 North 5th Street, Blytheville, Arkansas, was appointed administratrix of said estate on April 29, 1950, and that said Annie B. Miller has filed in this court a petition to sell personal and real property of said estate to pay debts and tor distribution; and has also filed claim herein for certain personal services You and each of you are hereby notified that a. hearing of snid; petition and consideration of said claim for services rendered will be heard at the courthouse, Blythe- i/. *jti n.Kiyivu cgKJ mm muMt- ' —'-TV" rooms with bacon. (Mix some mush- vllle - Arkansas, on June g, 1050, at room soup with the eggs instead wnich . '"me mid place protest and objections .may be IMed and heard. Elizabeth Blythe, Probate Court Clerk C. Douglas, atty. •* 6]ll-18-25 Our Telephom Number 4438 Shell-on Motor Co. Good*Meat Choose from this wide waticiy of Mayrose Pork Loaf with Barbecue Sauce May-rose Braunschwciger May-rose B,ike<I Meat Loaf with Stuffed Olives and Pimentos Mayrose New England Specialty Mayrose Baked Meat Loaf with Pickles and Pimentos Mayrose Lunch Loaf Mayrose HeaJchcese, Cooked Ham Minced Specialty, Thuringcr, Salami, Bologna and many others Get Mayrose READY-SERVt MEATS ST. LOUIS .NDEPENDENT PACKING CO. iT. IOUIS, MO. moistened with cream or mayonnaise and seasoned with mustard. Roll up, starting with large end anil going toward point (or roll into cornucopias). Garnish open enos witli tiny sprigs of parsley. 1'otalo Salad (Foiatlsalad) Six .medium sized potatoes, 1|3 cup mayonnaise, 1|3 cup sliced onions (very thin), i|3 cup white or tarragon vinegar. 1 tablespoon chopped green pepper, 3|4 teaspoon sugar, 3(4 teasjwon dry mustard, 2 tablespoons chopped parsley. Wash, boil and skin potatoes. Cut into small slices. While potatoes are still hot, blend with remaining ingredients (except parsley) mixed together. Chill, and when ready to serve, pile on a chilled platter. I sprinkle with parsley and garnish with watercress. Salad may nlso be garnished with slices of hard-cooked egg and strips of pimtento if desired. Serve also several different kinds of cheese. Why I Use New THE ORIGINAL POWDERED APPLE PECTIN' range oj gelatin flavors, It Is possible to achieve i> salad to the llktng of every family member. For a basic (rult salad thai goes into the refrigerator hours before dinner, dissolve lemon, lime or orange gelatin In hot water and liquid drained from the fruit cock- tall. Chill until slightly thickened, ami then fold In two cups of the fruit. 1111-11 Into individual or large mold and chill until firm. At menl time, unfold HID salad and serve on clsp lettuce with mayonnaise Or cottage cheese. Variations on this basic fruit salad can be made: If desired, combine diced crisp celery, apple cubes snd fruit cocktail and mold In a favorite gelatin. TWO cups of fruit wllh two cups of the gelatin makes well-fruited salad. To unmold a gelatin, dip n. small pointed knife In warm water anil loosen gelatin around edge. Dip mold Just lo rim In warm water. Shake slightly. Cover with serving plate and invert, remove mold. In the early days of wireless- now radio—the short waves were regarded as almost useless. Now they carry numerous services, Including television. ••AiffK PILES •jfoWtfc RELIEF Every Sli •eatu taste delight PAGE THIRTEEN WE BUY AND SELL USED & NEW FURNITURE PHONE 2112 Makes More; rdtMRsOI MODE GLASSES! " uouQ-' * and Better! C~jdj/ »"« ""IT HAVOKI Jam am Jelly' f"\ FIKM, CLtAK JEtlliSI ci^l} tUSCIOUS. HNDEII JAMS I at Less Cost rfjSAVlJ FBUIT, SAVES SUSADI in Less Time fT\ jusr i MINUMS IOIUNOI Every Time! . M*S»S cmr. no. You'll Love Our Flowers! FLOWER MART Mrmphlj Hiw»j Phone « Did You Hear? ' of Hie Crops Ituined bj Hailstorm near Holland, Mo Huy Hailstorm Insurance N'ow—Iscforc it's loo late i United Ins. Agency All Forms of Insurance 1st & Main—Rear City T>r«j; / •"• -- *. -w v x -*--*- r 0 u - ^/- ^N^" y-^ ^•S^ "Round Trip To Fleas<ant Shopping _>f^V x * O " .- . <^ ^^_ "55L >-—. H^_ ^- ' "^ /U 7» . :(' ...... &f. v_v -s © Kellogg's CORN FLAKES boxes £ j rf Del Monte COFFEE Fam-Le« VIENNA SAUSAGE Fine laundry soap P. & G. SOAP 3 - 19< Mild Lux TOILET SOAP Standard GUT GREEN BEANS 2 No. 2 «VP Cans 2,5$ Fresh Glcnwood Country Eggs - doz. 29? BUTTER - - - Ib. Adams vitamin-rich—46 oz. can Hunt's halves in heavy syrup Orange Juice - - 37? PEARS - No. 2* can 29? The miracle washing powder TIDE Red pitted CHERRIES ' Domino factory-packed SUGAR-- large box 25C for pies 10fci«»8t Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper or SEVEN-UP - - case of 24 bottles Hand packed TOMATOES - • 2 No. 2 - 23c All popular brands CIGARETTES ..... * $1 .87 Heil brand SLICED BACON - Ib. 39? White River CATFISH - - lb.55? HAMS, I or whole-Ib. 59? Brisker of Beef STEW MEAT - - Ib. 29? Armour Star GARDIN fRfSH Ib. lube 190 Fresh DRESSED HENS - Ib. 390 For frying SALT MEAT - Ib. 18? For slicing TOMATOES '132 size, juicy Sunkist LEMONS „„ 330 Krcsli snappy GREEN BEANS Red POTATOES 5, ta 250 Florida full-of-juice ORANGES ',t390 No. 70 size, seedless GRAPEFRUIT 2 f . r 150 Assorted flavors JELLO - - - 3 pkgs. 250 Sunshine Krispy CRACKERS - Ib.box25< Tall cons SARDINES - - 2 for Jack MACKEREL -2 tall cans 350 Delicious for salads WESSON OIL - qt. 540 For all your cooking USD PET MILK - 3 tall cans 350 Pride of Illinois Cream Style CORN - 2 No. leans 250 5™ & MAIN ST. BLYTHEVILLE t ARK

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