The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 24, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 24, 1933
Page 6
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PAGE six HLVTHEVILLE, (AM.) COlfKIER NEWS Stale's Ti(> Sffi,uhovn California ;>nc In<h Dofoal Otilslaiitlin :...Svith -is i'.vith II Tvo .iiioior u H'O i :i«|i-ria 1 di-foat ill Noire nacie and .rf.on Sliitt". Th'-i-p h;ut :in> mdiL-:iunn i! th, niiaht ti i sloiwil. )>:u-- Vcni]sc> of tli:ii ::" i:iimt' ar.ij. State, tm: hardly o»"ocu-il Our™ siaTi- n •i.'.iniv of Tim- t<i •! rewt- Blit il V.-:IK :.n irun mJ:l UK ti 'il:iv;r.K ihe full CO r-i. lulled the VJte r.'i- : h:u,-ip:ons in Itirlr trii'-l:: niii;'l ••• stri;i'! nl ;fi v;?iori' s i i! Trojans. . _ loij; Iw \\i? Irish lo CanK- i «*?ie Tieli >niikf» morr- iV.nn rwlnin I ^Jlir- iuiiicnrtlii" u-iiiuviil us llnuh : ,jAi:d-;i:-on' av lie-nil nootbiill cau-li • >iai rto't.'.Dame. Andi-i>.on, ,\n ru-! '^1101^ have had it. has bu-n ^.lalrd ! iijto so v;hcn the serww ends for | i'!£0me lijive ami Nuble Ki?.r-r. Pur- j ,"!f M( ' CC: '- cl * '•"" amlior of fifon'nt | ',pnSolo^ fu- llic 1 C:cn]rii^r News. I^s I -J)«n intniior.od frcqurnily :is lii-i I •Successor.. Evc-nliiallv IKWKW Jim-j tlie I'ordliam conch '. ll. of .Nolle Diinii'. is i bis Aljnn i i As Oregon State Stopped Trojan Slreak FOLLOW ^BALL FAVORITE PLAYS OF FAMOUS COACHES i\iul *cr Klin;-. l/>n .-•:::!•!. loniifr Nt-Druska star, inn u ttnni on tno :. ti- L:III . -.Inn-.; of M viilori!-.-.. Tile Trajnns mid stlner'a luilitnd. v.ii.'i ih> :;i:i!i-rV fiirwiird wall oni|)l:iyi!i^ ihi' mini -, Wiii-ii>iivii.. ;:ni.i:i i|iii.i-tf), i-.^lit, iniului; a DHS.S. 'Jin: Hooks and Slides , Bill Braucher Bi-j- Vfiir for Vnjs Wi- rend tilt otliCT <Iny where FMtsbiirtjli. etitorins! its llrst lenm in the tuition:!) pro footb.ill Icnyiu 1 , cleared twenty i;r:ir:il in its lln.L ihret 1,'Dini 1 .^. Mow. Mister, tint's very excellent stifar for n name'.s snpiwsed to l'e as devoid of color as <jo;-n nlky pir. tlirnit;!i Div ]i:!»s for thf tlilrd I'.mc-. And it's only fine instance of tin- iitecpw of pro too'Jj.ill all over trit' coiinu-y. -4n raVller "games Vlillc'"Teii J nessco ! '^f' 10 llie atacnce of waving ""* a<l loil. lo Wallace Wiulc's "Ho- : l )ri '; llrilll - s ' screanilin! co-eds nncl gy- Blthe proba- •'•'• ''v.'iiinei- by Oliio Hlalc v:hilc Ncbr'aslis appeared ~3ioc;;[i'd tor Hig Six honore by Uirn- LJiij; bat'it; Kansas fi'.n'.e. Hie [rain ! ^ihat liett Notre Dame. Sjj In Uixie inobably ihe nn'Ainiid- -^•Jne rlcVLtopmcnl was ll-.e di fi-at of ^•^renn^T-a Vols on thrh- lioaie ri-ld- i^Jron bv Alnbnmn'5 Crlinsnn Tide. l-iH'.c Tide liad looked - oymcrt" from Duke Alabama'.^'"'-" 1 " e ' : - l ' r l - l |!0 boys who s - l:lr l' lire 1'layini! l-ea',y al the aatne i:at:v 'jVii'tory indicatc-il dial Hie Tide is % f ~ , n en the rise and whc-n tin- ' ! >at'.i rising • it's haul lo beat. ' •J-'ordlisni's po-.vcrfnl aseremitlnn! ""' lll!asa 'i' • •J.iioiiltl idve the Hc-d FJc-piinnu i!iei 'Msrts's llitlc wondr-r ibat pvo 1)11) VOI- Willie ||.- III "Illliry KMUV THAT— f .:-j:i. :l;.it ... ( cu: : . Up fir,: 1 ;. -!!,. his ciir«-r at .Mu-hij'.an . . . which is s'jrr.eitiiii,; !o:' i:is .son, ,.!ack, nosv pl.iyiiij wnh Hi; Wcl- vi-rines. ID -.hf.;;: ILL. . . i'in- dne. with iictki-r. Carti r, 1'ur- vis and Purdoiu^r, '.\:is ;!io.ix :i l<- hiivf the only "dn/.i-n threat" backfield iliis \i^ir . . . but now coinrvs Manhattan Colli-ge with the news li:at it- has n thrj.iis Ix-lilnd •_!•.(• line in pcn- ikTBiist. Sneitoum. iind Welch. . . . iMnlonner of Purdue has only missed '*o (ironklcl: attempts to:- points aRer touchdown in LM iries in I'.ls carter at. tt:e Indiana institution. ll)!-ir j-ji)s List year to a.ssinne pro i i ::'in.jiinx job.-,. '1'iicy are Paul • 1 M i.iwlei 'n Ori'Kim Sutt, ni:d Lone ! ."tar Diet/ nr llaski-il. j It's a g'j-jtl mine; -Pop" Warner's' ti'--« do-i'ii in a lengthy contract at: Ti-tn|)!e. . : Pi'tncli railroads arc nor o-.wal- liiv. IIIOTC trains linn can be Icinul In any oilier conlliiental KinojK'tin coinUry. devised by Jock Sutherland, conch at Pitt, where the Warner system of football U employed. Three bae!cs handle the bail on this piny, The team lines up In n rlotibln wlngback formation, unbalanced line lo the right. This places four llj'.rmcn to the right of the center ant! UTO lo Ills loft. No. 3 back Is first to handle the ball. He. receives it from center, then hands it lo No. 1 tack 'who passes behind him running to the left of the line. As the No. 1 back meets the other wingback running in the opposite direction ihe ball Is again passed and this b:itk No. 4 nm'!?s the ball outside of the defensive left end. No. 2 back and No. 9. vlio ha.s left the line, block the ilf-fensive letl end so the bull carrier C'lii Jlnnk him. No. 3, after giving the bill! lo Nn. 1. continues us inter. ferr-i 1 . He Is Hanked 'on bntli sides | by No. !> and No. (J. which elvr-i '• the bali currier three into] ff-rors j beyond Hie lii'.e of .^rimruat'.e. • Gollcr Drops Dead on Links After His Tee Shot \V 1 NCI 1 ESTEt(. Mass. 11) P i — Fvi-n while his lee shot was spci'd- through the air, Roy A. Metier, collapsed and died en ll:c Win- clwster Country Club links. Hi: was one of n foursome and h;iu Just strntk the ball wjien he v.'a., Jtrlckcn with a fatal heart ai- luck.. ALLAMEBICA PROSPECTS Army had a guard on 1832's All- America tcntn . . . Cttpt. Milt Summer/ell . . . and the chances are the cadets will have another Muic Fla.vgruundi HLW CliLE<UJS ( I [>ie iidiiiilona! public - tor ! Here is a play that requires e.\. pm handling of the ball. H was City ('(—Ninety- playgrouniis will IK' mnde available to school | i'hildr-ri lhro::>)i financial uid I Irorn the National Einc-rgency Ke- i'Cf Auminhtration. Unemployed I'llilclts und plivFienl dirctiors V ,'II1 tc in charge Jf t!i; recreation iCMila. M&son, Qgftlnst Notre Dame and Nivy, thf announctm wer* busy [filing of thf tackles hr m»dc behind the linn of scrimmage. , The leader of th«' Army elevm Is on« of only thrfe first-string mm • buck this year. ... He hails from : i Clayton, Mo,, Is 24 ye»rs olO, and i tills Is his last year al West Point. :. . . Had three years of football I at Washington University, St. Louis i... was a track star too. . . . Ought lo bo a good forward passer, us he Is u rifle sharpshooter ;... but they need him in Hint Army forward wall. ;n Jabloiisky of Army :a|)tatn and guard on the mythical eleven this sea.son . . . Capt. Har- 'cy Jnblonsky. . . . Flaying with Milt last year, "Jabbo" picked up lot of pointer;; on just how an PJr.rkori and MuMck oj ihn iiosttin | !!inves, minims; up against, ihr-l I'bmmoulh Sjinilnns' line of Kb-! il:nx. Mitchell bujthi'r. voi: !io<tr-nger. Uamlolpli.j isteiiwn and Cavosie, | sci 1 [oolball! 'ig tlu.siiiess The pro g.unc xf:i K.ich U'U this v.'ei-l:. | football lias druuing jjuiver; the •"] (ltd .Mtlndron Is ('umforling '"1 eUATTLE tUPJ— The same old J-oscwcod melodeon with which she i (iuiMl3ii U uviy iniblli: so bug a!i £<> is strongly organ-1 ha.s scants spotted' :i.l <i\( :• the country who work i miirh the same ai a baseball ivory | They lo^i-.- collegiate stars ihclpml «oo tl:cm with nice lumps ot of fou'.ball played by the snl- |go:<l. erl:lders. Tlie nilts Jilfer n i This results In the pro game get- I ting the cream of the country's v.ho, after absorbing three.. —*i;ed to entertain Union soldiersj^ i; . but the game is fundamentally -mill-in? the Civil War. still is n ! th; same. ». .^J-cmfcrt . lo Mrs. F. U. EdKcrlon. 1 The prolessioiial-eaiiie probubly-lyiti-s o.' t.:e ijinnc in .school i»a-n \-J.~i. -.v!;o recently celebrated her is more i'.-,!artijl tiinn tlii- colK-gialc ; Mirlhcr tricks under coaches tile orpin. now brand f/nin c"-:e stnnrtpsin: f>r .star---, j |;ni o'.itnt? arc buying Jroni coi- Wh'.'si you gti inch an aygrvg.itjnn I lipi-i. '-*mnivcriarv. The , discolored, stands in "nroniisitot uluce In her home licrr-.ji ;iu- !k::l o[ Ap.sU Two bis-time college coaches left Smart! Drink Because fermcntalion ofSCHLITZ is completed at the iircwcry—not in your t liimticli. SCHUTZ is liruwcd to a split second-under secret enzyme cojMrol-llic most sensational licvrloiimcnt in tlie liiitorj- of the brewing industry. That's why SCHUTZ is En f-ood. Jl is xilicn cnxyincs arc uncontrolled nnc] Jier- iinucrt to run wild that l,eer makes yon bilious and leaves an iieid, heavy feeling in the stomach. ' Jl 1 s"sniarl"lo drink SC1H.ITZ. It's a finisln-diiroilucl. Its pure, "iour system can alisorb all the licaltfi aivinc properties of SCFIMTX-for il's n predicted Food- and a tonic as well. Ask your Dealer DISTIUHUTOU: Millrr-C.renshaw ('otnpuny In Brown riu>i: -" o« Q , , • RlyllicvlHc. Ark. DOttIC S .he Beer [_ That Made Milwaukee famous JUST SNAP ^SWITCH AND WATCH THE COOKING SPEED OF THIS NEW UN'T FREE (!ouri(?r !\c\vs (looking School This Week Only the Westinghouse Flavor Zone Electric Range can offer you this unbelievable speed in platform cooking. A new development, the Westin"house Quick-Cook Unit, lias solved tlm problem of speedy cooking with electricity. Just snap the switclt and watch one of these units lieat tip. Put your hand over it and feel the amazing speed with which it reaches cooking temperature. This is only one of the many advantages of owning a Westinghouse Flavor Zone Range, the range that does Dutch Oven cooking without, making any demands on your time or attention. " " " SOP I he New Westinjrhouse Demonstrated by Mrs. George Thurn At T'rlC City Hall Auditorium Wednesday. Thursday £ Friclav ARKANSAS-MISSOURI POWER CO. At Your Service j Finish Ahead On Mat Prf> I gram Riddled by Subsli'r | tutions Monday Night. - . Rough Ilouie Sullivan and Cy- I clone Burke were winners on a | wre.stling esird, riddled by | unions, p.t the annory last, nlglu.. i Sullivan disposed of Jlmiiiie Riulkner, who had been sluted fo appear In a preliminary, sulllvmi'.-: scheduled oi>poneiit was unable 10 Bet Heroes tise Mississippi river for his engugenifiU here, the audience vu (old. BurXe, taking IhR placi 1 of Paulk- Il-Arnerica guard should perforii I ner in ihe prelim Eel Burns down . and loward the end of the [ in last time. T off pounds of dead Weight by wearing the •i ALMO topcoat $ 25*°° A Hart Scliaffner 6f Marx fabric tnat s fleecy, luxurious, \varm but not heavy to lu^ aroun d NEW MEAD CLOTHING CO. o 37-' rT^i'-l-T 7 ^*?*?" '* TT*

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