The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 11, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 11, 1935
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Serve'd tiy tHd United Press I TlIK DOMINANT NUWSPAl'KR OP NORTHUABr ARKANGA3 AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXXI—NO. 301 FEDERAI BlyUievllle' Courier • niyihevllle Dnlly News niylhevllla Herald Mississippi Valley Leader VTIircVII.LK,. AH KANSAS, MONDAY, MARCH U, 1935 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS fmpovtant Legisluiion Still in Balance as Adjournment Day Nears. l.ITTI.K ROOK, Mar. 11 (DP) —The senate passed Hie .ohl age pension bill, 2J lo I, foel.iy. It >iew sacs to tlie- flov<rnor for his signature. The house passed tin 1 increased Jncoiiie t.ix bill of Uepre- .srntative W. N. Thompson of . hulesvllle. 01 lo 21. LITTLE ROCK, Mai-. II (OP)— First efforts to extenel the 50th general assembly past the Tlmrs- elay noon closing elide failcel In l>ie house of representatives to- 'iay. The resolution of Rep. O. B. Col- vln; of Perry county, to extend (he session, was defeated. 56 to 24. Colvln asked (hat, the legislators BO home Thursday at neon PS scheduled, then return Mon- elay for another week.. "H is the only solution to < the problem of meeting Ihe •questions now before the general assembly." lie said. ' - . ;'-.Rep. Marcus Proctor, of Cal- hoiin. opposed the resolution. "We have fulfilled our obligations to the voters," he said. "We should not serve in 'this house without remuneration." Opponents of tile resolution said everything of imtwrtanc'e-.would, be 'Pilled by Thursday.and only petty ''ills would be brought' up after Hint. .'.':' Extension of the session was asked to get action on major qucs- lions still unsolved. Among them Is • a sales . tax, lieuior .enforcing till, and an excise tax measure. Further -attempts to extend the session are expected. Senate Voles Turnback Return of 75 per cenl of high- v-iy revenue .in excess of' tiff- for. Law Change; WASHINGTON, Mar. II (UP) — Senator John H. iUe Ala.) today predicted that 'none of Ihe proposed amendments 10 Ihe liankheael coiton act would be accepted. Explaining the wnendmciiLs now being considered lu the house he said: "None of iht-m seeks lo Increase the number of bales of cotton to he alJottc ilmx free." "If any change is made In the basis of allotments governed by regulations recently Issued,"' lie said, "airl tenants and sharecroppers are given additional allotments, such cotton will fce <!«1« eel from the allotments ol other farme-j-.s." proved by 'the sendtf In'ifmiil pas- .snec of two house ' bills : ; today:-'The county turnback .measure passed, 22 lo 11, after more than an hour's debate. Rcorgo'hizatl'pn of the highway commission passed, 20 to 1. Signature of .G6i\: ; ;J. i\f. Futrell remained before enactment. 'Senator John Ashley, of Melbourne, warned that 'passage of the turnback bill was "breaking Ihc state's word with its bondholders" and that a federal emir! would HI the act. Governor Appeals to Hopkins One source of revenue has. already been directed toward care for the jobless. That is the liquor excise tax bill, Jioiv before the Senate for final action. Governor Fu- Irell Saturday wrote Harry Hopkins. ledernl relief administrator.! I ha I. proceeds from tlie levy had been pledged to a general emer- Bency fund, to lw used for the care of the jobless. The governor stressed that move made by the House in again pleading for restoration of government. yclief funds to Arkansas. A new lax measure, ollerert by Representative Campbell -as a pas- Mfole substitute for n general sales lax. provides the following tax; A 3 per cent privilege tax on the retail price ol electric power, natural gas and water, telephone service an<i intra-stale telegrams. A 5 cent tax on playing cards which sell for 50 cents or below. A 2 per cent tax on the gross proceeds of bottled drinks ,,'\ l *° cent tax on checks handled by banks. A 20 per cent privilege tv< on .morning. Bell had.made a'gretty good job of , wrecking his store when an .•emergency, "riot" call was'received 'at'' Ihe .city hall. Raymond Bomar, deputy constable, was the only officer in the building at the time and he answered the call alone. Bell picked up n big sharpened rod and started after Bomar when the latter entered the store, Bomar finding it difficult to protect himself without ..injuring Bell. Finally other officers arrived on Ihc scene and Bell was lamed. He was carried 'to the city jail after officers Imcl been unable to force htm Into one car and had had to send for another with a larger door. "Poor Earns License Fee "Poor Boy," pet dog 0 ( B111 Helm, "town crier," has earned his city dog tax fee for l}i e sec ond straight year. , almost any Helm, Unlucky Thief ALBANY, ore. (UP)—Automatic justice of a sort was dealt out when a tliief stole a suede Jacket from Denies Retreat From Code System Would Bench I Small Business. WASHINGTON, war. 11 iup)— Recovery. Co-ordinator Donald R. Ric.libe.rg struck back at NRA critics today, declaring pro|X>sals to abandon code operations on the theory of nieling small business "simply show an ignorance of what ha,s been accomplished." He defended the recovery agency's operation anel told the senate nuance committee "you will find that labor's shars in the national income has Increaseel uneler NRA." Senator William E. Borah (Rep., Idaho) proposed to scrap all code- provisions' except. minimum hours, maximum wages, anel prohibition of chile!: later. - Required to Tame Drunken Grocer The combined efforts of four Taking of Annual School Census Is Started Today The annual school enumeration began tortay and will continue through March 30. Mrs. J. E. Crook Is 'to take the enumeration, assisted by Mrs. Stephen H. Brooks and Monte Sanders. In an announcement today w. D. McCIurkin. superintendent of schools, urged everyone lo cooperate in the taking of Ihe census as tlie district receives state aid of approximately S3 |»r capita person of school age enumerated. The state school fund !s appor- lloned according lo the number of persons between the ages of 6 and 21, Inking March 10 as their birthday for the sixth year. Both whites and • negroes are includeel. Whether you'are single or married or whether or not you live at horns or ekeivhere does not mailer. Elder Robinson Must Stand Kidnap Trial CINCINNATI, O.. Mar. 11 (UP) implication in the kidnaping Mrs. Alice Stoll. wife of n Jlthy Louisville oil mnn. Robinson was named with Ills H. Robinson, jr., and -— I" an Indictment returned nt Louisville October 30. He sought a writ of habeas cor- Piw In U. S. district court at. Nashville. Judge H. B. Anderson refused the writ slid the appellate eourt here .sustained Judge Aneler- Chairmmi of Investigating Committee Bows (o Legislative Protests. LITTLE;'DOCK, Mar. 11.'(UP) Commonweallh Labor college, near Mem. Toelay' won lls bailie? against legislative .suppression when Rep. Marcus Miller withdrew his bill, admlttcelly eleslgne'el lei abolish the inslllutlon. Miller's action came roan after legislative investigating committee, of which he was chairman, submitted its report, on Timings at the college. A storm of protest broke agnlnst Ihe measure. Representatives said legislation would promote rather 'lian stop any communistio ten- I'lans New Sedition Hill Miller, angry at the house opposition, lold Die' United Press he would insist upon a new "anti- sedition" bill' elm-hip; the present session. He declared testimony taken In Ihe investigation showed tile necessity for such action. Withdrawal of the bill was the second victory, for, the college, activities of which have been connected with the sharecropper unrest In eartern Arkansas and other stnte labor troubles. The house that today opposed any legislation against Ihe school recently- passed a sedition bill which Rep. S. A.. Oooch, Ms author, sal dwotild have- placed some of the school's faculty members in the penitentiary. But Gooch's bill died in a senate judiciary committee which never reported it out. Rep. Ren Carter, speaking against, Miller^ bill, declared "the thinp- to do' b to Murnislr Ihc.w agitators a soap box and let them talk." ;. The same enivtcc was given by Rep. B. n. McCall, who said "we cein't suppress communism—let' It take its. course and let these youngsters get: it out of-their svs- tems." Found Coimummtic Teaching Communistic teachings, free love .itirt an agitational policy rather limn an educalional iwlicy were found at Hie school, the investigating committee reported. Testimony showed, the report saiel, :hat representatives of the school traveled over [lie nation stirring up trouble where here were strikes. "An average American boy who entered the school catne out an avowed Communist and atheist," one witness was quoted as saying. .The Socialist-Communist faction' of the school is urc.lng 'dlssentlou Home Curbs Debate on Tax Publicity Repeal WASHINGTON, Mar. II tUP)- Thc bill to repeal nuoinu lux publicity won in iii-hi icst in [in- house today vilion a rule was adopted limiUnr; iie'bali.' on Hi measure lo one hour. Slorm Warnings for Texas Coasf Issued WASHINGTON, Mar. 11 (UP)-- Slorm warnings for tho Texas roust- v.'i'Vj Issued today by iht: U. S. weuther biiu-nii. / A disturbane:e over westei'u Texas will move eastward, cnujilng strong anilliiTly winds along H'je Texas coast tonight, lo b? fiii- loweel by sejuidlj, the v.i'aDir-r bureau said. •Season's First Twister Dagger Taken From Visitor to Vatican VATICAN CITY. Mar. II (UP) — A elaguer was round on Carlos Roliei-to Murray. » Mexican, when he was ai-resleel Thursday alter twice trying le> obtain an audience with Pope PiiK. It was disclosed today. The. disclosure was made by Vatican. City officials In saying, that foreign reports of an attempt] to assassinate the Pope were highly exaggerated. Builder of Brooklyn and Eads Bridges Dies EDENTON, N. C.. Mar. 11 (UP) —Samuel II. Yonge, !M, builder of some of the nation's most famous bridges, diee.l here today. For 50 years a 'government engineer, Yong'e was co-builder of Brooklyn bridge. He directed construction of Eads bridge ill St, Louis and of Hie suspension bridge at Niagara Rills, rie also bum nunteroiEs Misriisippi and Missouri river levees. Cotton In Rally After Big Plunge NKW Oltl.KANH. March 11. I UP) -The' cotton mnrket plunged $7.50 lo u ball; lower on tho New Orleans cotton exchange today, llR-ii sinned ii lively rally to win' Imck about hnlf file losses. Tile; break dime with iiiniemncc- e'lH l;y .Senator Hj^llh In Washington that Ihe; government was not considering a cotton loan for next season, i>lrtiii|ji>ly. Imu'cnw. (he olel erop 'luotillis were weaker Iliiin tins new. altliejinjii Die old tnini of 12 cenl;; u |»>inel MIS jjUII elTcctlve. The weakness was the result of « wave of llqiitdntlnn from tlrwl lonu's anel heavy soiling from ubrdiid. Slncles lilt I.oiv Level NEW YORK, March 11. (UP) —The slock market today broke lo u new low level for tho year on increased 'sales volume. Heavy selling cam6 in the third flour whoil cotton . futures crashed nearly $10 a bnle. Ciraliii; weakened mid stocks followed Hie general commodities drop. Rumors alone were responsible for the coiton eiecllne, tho principal one connected with Ihc government crop loan" value on cotton. CHARDON, 6. (UP)—A •peanut was removed from the lung of 21- montbs-old Stanley Calvin ^after" it had been lodged in the baby's windpipe for several days. In (astern Arkansas, '.the . report continueel, between landlords am) tenants. Members of this faction were found lo be connected with n "united from agreement" which allegedly fostered, the Southern Tenant Farmers union out of which grew the sharecroppers' "rebellion." Radical organizations throughout, the nation are contributing to the financial support ol the school, the committee found. The committee recommended a "cleise check on the manner in which the college pi-escnls its principles anel If it tends to incite violence prosecution should be made under existing Jaws," ' .A tornado whipped out of the southjvi'sl, a towering black cloue! wllh Its tail lashinc-across Ihe city, spread destruction lir suburbs of 'Wleh- llh, Kan.. open!si£ the Sunflower slate's tornado season by liurllnif four homes and three business buildings In ruins to the ground. This pic- lure vividly shows llii' advance or the iilorm, snapped three-nuarle'rs of a mile. avvny by the photographer before he sought'shelter. Nciv York Cotton New Orleans Cotton .NEW YORK, March 11 lUI'i — Cotton closeel barely steady. open high low close March 1105 1105 1015 llflii May 1209 1210 1025 1110 July 12 IB 121Q 1C38 1210 Oe:l 1192 llfla 1035 1176 Uec 1104 1194 ions 1080 Jflll 1104 1104 I0'25 1C81 Spots closed quid a' 1130 off 100. RUSSELL M/JRR n N o DOCLF.Y-TWO OP ABLE MEM. ^"^——% BIVTHEI/II I ui-i 11 ic.viUL4--.[ BILL WUWDERllCH NEW ORLEANS, Mar. 11 (UH)Cotton closed steady. open high low clor. 1 March 1197 1197 1Q84 1091 May 1210 1210 1023 1108 July I2IS 1217 1033 1112 Ocl 1190 1191 1030 1081 Uec- 1198 1198 1039 1035 Jan 1115 HIS 1088b Spois closed quiet at 1123, oft Money Will Last About a Week; Fin I her Funds Unccrlain. wrru3 ROCK, Mm ii (up)— Federal relief relumed to Aikan- sas loelny nfter n )0 day shut } down. } W. li, Dyras, slate ledministra- 1 tor, WHS authorlMel by Washlijej- ton PERA ofllclals to allot $250000 for nil relief nitel was nd- vlsed lliat federal aid to teicliers in 400 eligible school rtjstrlcts would be "continued until further notice." Relief work was slopped in Arkansas March 1, with the exception of rural rclpbllltallon, nhe'i the legislature foiled to approprl- nlc $1,500,000 for relief as de- nmmleel by National Adminlslrp.- tor Hopkins. The $250,000, mailed to counties today, will lost through ti ie week, olflclols said. Whether additional funds will be sent Is not ''known. At 2:30 tills.afternoon the office of B. N. Wilson, county relief, administrator, hod received no word from Little Rock siuhork Itisr. resumption of the-relief pro-' gram In this county Bullet Riddled Bodies of 1 Victims Fqiind in Streets of Havana. - Closing Stock Prices ; HAVANA, Cuba,, Mar. .11 (UP)— Terrorism In Cuba' Idelai 1 followed (lie; government -Declaration of* a slate of war to suppress nn attempted general slrlkc, aimed at overlliro'.vlns the regime of Carlos Mendleta, provisional president. . Bullet 'riddled '.bodies of at least four risen, apparently killed under the,, "ley (le',fiigi\" or law of esciipe, '.were founel In the streels CJiidcr Ihe state of war the armi Is In control of the Island 'and summary' military courts, having Hie power of eleath, will try offenders. The strike was not yet general but business activities ant transportation were partly par| alyzeel. 1VIII iVnl intervene WASHINGTON, Mar. 11 (UP)— Non-intervcnllon in Cuban affairs Is eind will continue to be (he keystone of United states policy towarei Cuba despite the renewed strife there, state department officials Indicated today. A. T. and T Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Steel Cbrj'.sler Cities Service Coca Cola Grn^rsl American Tank General Electric General Motors Intel nalional Harvester McKesaOn-Robblns Montgomery Ware! New York Central Packard Phillips Petroleum Radip Corp St. Louis-San Francisco Simmons Bed Stanelard of N J Texas Co U. S. Smelting U. S. Steel Zonlte JOB 1-2 9 1-8 21 7-8 32 1-8 1 179 33 1-1 22 28 7 23 1-B 12 3-4 3 3-4 It 4 1-3 1 1-! G 3-1 X 3-4 11 7-3 115 1-2 28 7-8 3 5-8 Chicago Wheat open high Jow close | May 94 3-4 95 92 1-2 93 5-8 (July 89 1-2 90 877-8 887-8 T LOUDEST AND BEST BOOSTERS.. Chicago Corn open high low close May 80 1-2 80 5-8 78 1-8 79 July 7B 1-2 76 7-3 74 1-4 75 THE BEST OF SERVICE SER«F AN,) "Hub of Buffalo Island" V/ins Leachville Prize LKACHVILLE. Ark.—Thirty days ago the Leachville chamber of [ Commerce offered a prize to n school I student who would furnish a good slogan for the organization. | The club voted Thursday <md I awarded J. c. Sttres first place for i "The Hub of Buffalo Island." Oleta Gibbons received second place for "The Spirit of BulTalo Island." Both niicnd the Leachville school. The iJfize vvus one dollar, Arrested for Walking Off With FERA Meat Archie Chappell was taken into custody by police this morning niter he allegedly picked up a case of canned meat at the ERA commissary on ftallroad street and walked out with It without permission of commissary employes. One commissary employe Is said to have, followed Chappell a iiiort distance from the building and to have remonstrated with him in nn ellort to have him return Ihe mea.t He refused and proceeded to carry it home, according to reports, where police found It when they arrived. A case of peaches was nlso found at his house. Chappell has been a charge on various relief or charity rolls for some time, Will Offer College Work at Manila High School MANILA, Ark.—W. W. Fowler, superintendent of Manila hleh school, has announced that Arkansas State college, at Jouesboro, will offer a ce>lleze course at tlie Manila school for the benefit of (hose who have finished high school work and who desire to receive college credit. This class will be very convenient for those who must attend college In order to secure or renew their licenses to teach in Arkansas. Tlie school will open tonight and will meet two or more evenings per week. Americans in Greek War Zone Reported Safe WASHINGTON, Mar. 11 <UP> — All Americans In the war zone In the Greek rebellion arc safe, dispatches to tho state depart- nicnt today, Court iRiiling: Limits Aid to Paving Districts LITTLE ROCK, Mai 11 (UP)— Only the cost of paving between curb lines am bs refunded In municipal districts foi extension of stale highways through cities the stnte supreme court: held today. - - < 'Tlie-opinion will save the state between dno-niid tuo inllllon dol- .lars in its refunding program, if was estimated. . The high court affirmed' a PulajJel count!' chancery--court-opinion In the- cise of- the refunding board against' H. A. Bailey. School District directors caiv lease the> school buildings and' equipment lo teachers to fun 1 a subscription school after funds for regular terms have been depleted, the supreme court held in '.afTirm- Ing a Randolph county court's decision. Ben Choates, of Jonesboro, was admitted to the bar today by .the supreme court. Assemblies of God Will Hold Conference Here The Rev. N. H. Rhodes, pastor of the Assembly of God church, 7th and Ash, has announced that the Northeast Arkansas Bible conference for the Assemblies of God will convene at this church Friday evening'. The Rev. David Burris, of Rus-^ ECllvllle, a 'nationally known teacher of the scriptures, will be lii charge of the five days of teaching; and sermons. Ministers from' many places will fee here. There, will bo sen-Ices morning and evening. Tho evening-services will i begin at 7:30 P. J.f. The time of (lie morning services will, be announced later. Everyone In Blytheville Is invited to attend the conference. A radio service Is held by this church each Thursday morning at 10:30. Fire Destroys House Fire of unknown origin destroyed a hot) A otmetl by Lendennle. Fowler, occupied by the Jack- Bryant family, on Railroad street, off Franklin, about 2:30 o'clock: this morning. Tho damage to the house, par-.' tiaily covered by insurance, was estimated at $1,250 by Fire Chlof Roy Head. The fire was under full headway before it was discovered. Members of the Bryant family were away from home when the fire cccurred. WFATHFR uii«iiiij|\ ARKANSAS—Cloudy, thundershowers In east portion, colder in northwest. Tuesday generally cloudy, colder. Memphis and Vicinity — Ralh, issibiy heavy tonight^ ending Tuesday morning. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 67, minimum 60, cloudy with .55 of an inch rainfall, according to Samuel 'F. Morris, of-, flclal weather observer. Saturday j night it rained 1.52 Inches.

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