The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 4, 1949 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 4, 1949
Page 12
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i tr ^ I ; ti 4, GOP Leader Hits Spending Policy PresidentV St. Poul Speech Brings Blost At Mounting U.S. Debt . Bj Jvk Bril WASHINGTON, Nov. 4. (AP) — Guy Gabrielson, Republican national chairman, said today the Truman brand of government is taking more from the American people than it costs them (o eat and is piling up debts for tlwlr children to pay. Gabrlelson cracked back In a ifatement at what he called President Truman's "vilification" o( the record of the GOP 80th Congress in an address at St. Paul last night. The President's address—calling o«i lawmakers to enact his fair deal - program as a "stanch shield" against Communism—and Gabriclson's reply were preliminary firing in e. 1950 Congressional election campaign that Is beginning to look lite one of the hottest in history. i Reports from Mr. Truman's homebound train zaid he was so pleased with the reception he had on his trl pto the twin cities that he is more" Inclined than ever to make a • full-fledged stumping totir next year in behalf of Congressional candidates who will tack his program. There are signs, too, that foreign policy may yet develop into a. major Issue. The foreign policy split among Republicans points thai way. j Cites Jefferson ioabrielson said President Truman had talked a' lot at St. Paul about Thomas Jefferson. He suggested that Mr.'Truman study Jefferson's assertion that— j"A wise and frugal government which shall restrain men from Injuring one another, -which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of Induslry aid improvement, and shall not take'from the .mouth of labor the bread it has earned—this is the sum o'f good government." : X3abrielson said: • ^ ;v ; ;' ; That is a definition which might; with great profll to the nation, be pondered by the head of an administration which is taxing the Americaiv people every year lo a sum greater than the nation's total food bill, and-which^still unsfitis- jievi—is fobbing our children and frand T children \ and great-grandchildren of Income as yet-unearned by Increasing the national debt at the rate of literally millions of dollars ; every 2< hours." ..-...'• : ' .'-Mr. Truihah told a :' Minnesota Centennial Exposition audience In , St. Paul last night that the way to beat totalitarianism of every kind Is to provide full'education, health, 'security and'-civil rights for all . 'Americans. '-.•'• •.-...' Osceola Plans Big Parade on December 8th Osceola's second annual Christmas Parade will be staged Dec. 8, It was announced today by Charles Jolliff, manager of the Osceola Chamber of Commerce. The parade will be sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce Retail Merchants Committee .headed by W. M. Thomas. Dane Fergus Is in charge of parade arrangements. Fifty high schools in Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas and Missouri have ben Invited to enter floats' and bands to compete for trophies and more than $550 in prize money. In the band competition, first prize will bo $200. second prize Jloo and third prize $50. All three top bands also will bf awarded trophies. Trophies and prizes of $100, }50 and $25 will be awarded the top three entries in (he float division, Prizes of $25 (or first place and $15 for .second will be awarded in the float competition for Negro schools. Smaller prizes will be awarded winners ins the pet and costumes division. Following the parade, a "Miss Merry Christmas" will be crowned to reign over the holiday festivities. Miss Jean chiles of O.sceola was "Miss Merry Christmas" of 1948 10 Negroes Homeless After Fire Near Hayti Approximately 10 Negroes living a five-room house two miles south of Hayti, Mo,, lost their personal possessions late this morning when flames swept through the two-story structure. A one-year-old child was rescued from the burning house by Dan Pointer four-year-old Negro boy Neither was hurt. The two children and a 14-year-old girl were the only ones in the house when the fire started. • Cause of the blaze was. not known- The other occupants were working in cotton fields at the time or the fire, council Pointer, his family; of eight nntl a boarder Henry'Jones, occupied the house. TA Group Hears exarkanaWomdn At Wilson Meet-ing Mrs. R. V. Hall of Texarkana, :ate Parent-Teachm Association halrman for character and'splrit- al education spoke on '"Where hildren conic First" this morning t (he opening session of the cllsl- ct P.T,A meeting at Wilson. In her talk, Mrs. Hall stressed Christianity In the home where, he said, character building starts Mis. Hall termed the P.T.A. a stabilizer ol the community and T society." Schools, she said, are jusl an Id to spiritual education and the ome "is the root of it." More than 100 P.T.A, members Ucnded I'ifs morning session. Mrs. Carroll Walson of Osceola istrict P.T.A. director, Introduced he guests. Special guests were resented corsages by Mrs. Maurici .ynch, president of the Wilson p. \A. who greeted members and 'isitors. The corsages were tied Ith ribbons of black and gold, he Wilson school colors. The devotional ivas given by the lev. H. Lynn Wade, pastor of the Wilson Methodist Church, •layer in Missouri )/es in Cos Chamber JEFFERSON CITV, Mo., Nov. —MV—An Ozark farmer v/tis exc- utotl early today In Hie Missour 'eniltntlary gas chamber for slay- nj? his wife. The farmer, Ernest Aftbn Scott, 8. also was charged with killing Circuit Court judge Charles II ackson, but the slate elected to ry him only on one count,, Scott's attorneys' based their de- ense on the "unwritten law.' One of Scott's daughter, Willa Mae, was a key prosecution witness. She denied there was an; •omantic alliance between her mo" 'her and the judge. ' , Jack-son and ,\frs. Scott were shot to death March 29, 1048 More DPs are Needed For 'Work in Arkansas ^LITTLE ROCK, Nov. 4. W) — Additional European displaced persons are needed in Arkansas. Thi? war the: word yesterday from the 'newly created : Arkansas Displaced "Persons Committee! :: .The Rev. Anthony Lachowsky, chairman of the organization, said, additional DPs could be used as 'Rgficultural workers, but promised that no DP would deprive an American of employment. : Barge Line Employee's Body Taken from River CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo,, Nov. 4 — (f\'l —The body of a man Identl ficd as Paul Gentry Teasley, Nash' ville, T^iin., v,-as recovered late yes terday from the Mississippi Rive at coltomvoml Point, 12 mile south of Caruthcrsvllle. Identified by means ot nn Amert can IjCgion membership card an business card or his father, t H. W Teasley of Nashville. It was re vealed the victim [ell from "a strin of barges as it passed the poln on the night of Oct. 24. Tlie 'ac clricvit hud not been reported t authorities-here.' ' . Teasley wns employed, by a pack ing company owned by hivtnthe He was'tending lights on the' barge when he Tell overboard. The body was found by Wendell E. Bressler, a farm laborer. The victim was, 22 years old and a veteran of the last world war. . Superfortress c alls Into Sect; 70 Men Killed ' WINNER Bermuda, Nov. 4. crip- HAMILTON, AP>— A B-29 pled, by engine trouble, crashed into he* sea a mile from shore last night. The big plane caught flic alter hit- Ing the water and 10 of the 13 J.S. airiner. aboard were killed. Four crewmen managed to jump out after the striken bomber plowed into the waves but one (lied of burns a few minutes later. The hrce survivors, rescued by an oil company 'executive In a rowboat, were taken to the U.S. base hos- >Slnl at nearby Kindley Field with minor Injuries. Bermuaians watcning from shore could hear the screams of the others trapped in the blazing ship. Col. Jack Merrill, Kindley F;eld commander, said the plane had turned back (rom a weather observation flight \vheii one of Us four engines failed. Losing altitude, the disabled plane ujiproachcd Kindley Meld but was unable to laud because another plane was on the runway, Merrill said. Unable to regain nltiltule on three motors, Hie ship crashed into the sen. AAF C-82 Grasslands In Cotton Field; 2 Killed SIJREVEPOKT. La,, Nov. 4. MO— An Air Force C-82 "flying boxcar" crashlanded about six miles from Barksdale Field today, killing a Negro cotton picker and injuring another picker and a crew member. The plane with nine aboard, developed engine trouble seconds after taking olf from Barksdnle for Cheyenne, Wyo. PJight of the plane occupants escaped with minor cuts Continued from Page 1 more from Ills plot. In addition to raising the cotton, Eastey has put In many hours of picking in his five acres. For (he past five years he has been raising cotton on his own plot. Beginning with a two-acre plot in 1945, he expanded to five acres In 1946. Uses Amoniuni Nllrale He figures he has neted some ,$2,400 In the past five years. A profil of $600 on this year's crop is expected by Kaslcy, Use oi amonluin nitrate this year has increased the yield of lint cotton per row as compared to unfertilized cotton grown in adjacent plots by his father. Young Easley used 100 pounds of ammonium nitrate per acre and as a result his stand of cotton is from eight to 10 inches higher than hi:, father's. And while his father's cottor was yielding about 60 pounds of lint cotton per row on the firs picking, young Easley's crop was averaging from 105 to 120 pounds per row. He won a $25 U. S. savings bom as county crops champion in 194' and has won other smaller prizes In his -1-H career. . A senior in Burclette High School, Enslcy said he "guessed" he would g* on farming after his graduation next spring. "That's what I've been doing for the past 18 years." he said. Former County Council President He anrl his four brothers and two sisters were born and reared at Burdctte. The Eask?y family has moved three times, he said—{Always from one part of the Burdette Farm Bureau Resolutions Group Meets The 30-man Resolutions Committee of the Mississippi County Farm Bureau held a dinner-meeting last night at the Hole) Noble at which resolutions to be presented to a county-wide session were drawn up and discussed. These resolutions will be, voted on at Hie annual County Rtrm Bureau meeting to be held at the Jaycee clubhouse in Blythevllle Nov. 8. Approximately 18 delegates to the Arkansas Farm Bureau convention also will be named at the Nov. D meeting of the county organization. The state meeting is scheduled for Nov. 21-22 In Little Rock. The resolutions adopted at the Nov. 9 meeting will be submitted tor approval al the state convention. Resolutions from various county Farm Bureau groups will be assembled for presentation to the slate meeting by the state organization's Resolutions Committee .which wil meet Nov. 18. 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IVItA.MI, Fr,A NH\V OK1.BANS S AT THESS BOUAR-SAVING LOW .00 .25 ,10 .75 .10 .-15 .10 ..'!5 -.10 .05 ..15 .55 CHICAGO DETROIT NEW YORK CITY .. I.OS ANGKI.KS NA.SHVIM.E. TKNN. JACKSON, MISS. ... MTTKB HOCK ST. LOUIS MEMPHIS S 12 18 31 S. 5 -I •I 1 GREYHOUND BUS TERMINAL* ""1 No. 5(h Thone 4411 GREYHOUND and bruises. The pilot crashlnnded in a muddy cotton field where about 100 pickers were working. The picker was killed outright and a Negro worker wus Injured critically. Plantation to another. Active in 4-H work, he has been president of the Burdette 4-H club for the past thre years and this year also is president of the Mississippi County 4-H Council. In addition, he was president of his freshman, sophomore and junior classes in high school. "They wanted me to be president again this year, but f was jus too busy." He said he hasn't time for a hobby "I play baseball, bu' I cull that a passtime," he adcied For this year's crop, Easley planted DP & L 18 «cd, a varietj developed on the Burdette Plantation by George Hale, an agronomist Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYAKD6, HI., Nov. 4. (/!>)— (USDA)—Hogs 7,500; weights 220 Ibs down fully steady to strong; heavier weights fairly steady to weak with Thursday's average; sows weak to 25 lower; bulk good aiid choice 170-220 Ibs 17.2535; two loads topped at 17.50; 230280 Ibs 17.00-25; 140-160 ItJS 18.0017.00; 100-120 Ib pigs 14.00-16.00; ;ood and choice sows 400 Ibs down 15.15-W.50; heavier sows 14.50-15.50; itaes 12.00-14.00. Cattle 1,100; calves 800; odd lots common and medium lightweight steers and heifers 16.5u-22.00; few low good 24.00; common and medium cows 13.16-15.00; good to 16.50; canncrs and cutters 10.00-13.60; me- lium and good bulls 17.00-1860; cutter and common bulls 13.50-16.50; generally steady on al! classes; veal- crs unchanged; good and choice 27.00-35.00; common and medium 17.00-26.00; very slow on vealers below good and on heavy slaughter calves. Motorist Draws Fine* On Three Traffic Charge t Robert Malett was fined t50 and' costs In Municipal Court this morn- Ing on his plea of guilty to thrc» traffic charges. Malett entered pleas of guilty to operating a motor vehicle with fi c . tlcous license phtes, no lk«nse on trailer and no safety chain on trailer hitch. He was given a blanket flna to cover all charges. Malett was arrested following t minor accident near Poplar Corner on Highway 18 In which the trailer his car was pulling came loose and crashed into a car driven by W. B. 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