The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 24, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 24, 1933
Page 5
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TUESDAY, OCTOBER 24, 1933 Coming to See Roosevelt Soviet Representative-Has j Been Revolutionist All| His Life. Julia Illanshard, wlio Has a wide, aiaualntance ajnons the leaders of : m-t:enl-d»y Soviet Kussla Uiro«h her travels as correspondent for j (his newspapzr and NEA Service, j |-,rcMi>ts Iwlow a prrsonality story iCF^tlc w-illi many heretofore un- j liublisl-ed facts, aboul Foreign Com-' inL'.sar Litvinov who soon Is lo sail fur America on a history-making i (lililumaiir. mission. ^ III' Jl'I.IA BI.ANSHAH1) NEA Service Staff Writer Introducing — "Ccmrad" Maxim _ >!:>xiinovilch Lllvinov ipronounccd ; L:i-vcc-nofi, who is coming K-America to confer with President: K'chovelt en Aiucrican rccosnition j of Soviet Russia. He is a big man with a fat stomach, graying ligl't hair, pale blue', c-jcb that are cold and calculating at one time, warm and merry when l-.c Icoks at, his children. He looks like a successful Jewish cloak-and- suit merchant, slakes hands like; a Western cowboy, talks English I will! a London Wcsl-enrt Jewish I accent, wears you out with his cly- i iisnilc energy, and can out-argue; anybody en earth. Ho has been criticize;! by bi cd. muodox Bolsheviks because he! l-.r.r, tvva dress suits and both a black siik and a white pique cvcmni; tic. ii"t lo mention loug-iailcd evening • fi", btriired pray trousers and | cutaway and a Tuxedo. He even wcnrs them in Moscow, when m.-ct- liii' forcl;n dip'.iiinats, Uioi:?h ata- Jv.i ;md ct' high-ups Mick to their •Acrkir.B-mcn's clothes.'He dws not v.rar a fcrmidab'.c Kuaian bcaril, ii.' docsu'l even liavc a muslnche. His glasses have homed rims that rv.v "made in America" and his formal clothes are made on Bond Slreet. In spite oi these nulfits f •'• formal occasions, howevei-, vinov on ordinary work-days usually rooks as if he slept in his clothes, uously missing from his overcoat . . . scorning ob. for lie is the only Russian whg iliorouihly under- BLYTHKVliLE, (ARK.) COUBUtR NEW3 nine otlicr nations and PAM HVV -r •Wile Is Lilvlnov also has been eritici/ed U'r-rcveaiiiv at home because he has a foreis". l.viirpcaLse wife who is also a Uo- To nrclctarian Russia hi . . . P;-oi[dly wearing black "ten-gal Ion hat' itsnd show-to detl with r< .utlvts ol liourjsols- countries «n .heir own ground. Moreover, lie thoroughly enjoys It! Having worked personally with Uniu In England before the Bolshevik revolution, In 1918, Ijenlu. [icin Moscow, apiwiuted Ulvlnov "Ambassador to England of tho people." England already had one Hussian Ambassador (ap palmed by tlie late Czar), so wi'en I.llviuov began speech making, do . the way ' to Arntrlctp r»co»rilllon ' P9«lble pur- ' by dlscuvilnj iw of Aintrton In »<JWUlph to bci diplomat, »ucli a we- Is probably out of the best family men In Kiitila. He, Ivy and their two children. » boy of 12 and girl 10. the children's dog, "Brandy," and one servant live In (our little IOOIHS ovvr llio guratje behind tlic former sujar klnj's inlace, It- 1 In tlic uitler place that, they enler. lull; on state occasions 111 rooms Dropping Loser on a Loser Helps Declarer Make Game during UiussliVs intcnllon of mik-lhune wliti faded 1 Ing the whole world Bolshevik, they Jus; put Lltvlnav In jail. That hap' miifler.i 1 paintings, iBpestry, old rich carpets «»d hlyli-tacked stsla chairs. . 1'cned iimultftncou-ly with Moscow's Ihni Is only for such occasions Jsllins ui ine Biitish High Commls-i Their own lour rooms uml ball tuner 11. 11. nruct txicklmrl, who've (iirnlshcd precisely like I'.iid been accused of conspiracy to Husslan's loonii— daven|x>rl will -jw the liolsl'cvlks. So Rius- ' U'lour worn ragged, weird chair; sis and Eneland compromised. It Is thai don't maid!, u hat rack to ' , visitor's 'clothes, and inucti-waslicc cuviains IJusi exactly 15 years ago iht.s month that England traded the i Jailed I.ilvlnov back to Russia for —.—— i Ei.gland's Jailed Lockharl. . „ A unless Appointee ougar ott\ Crop Brinii ] Ever since that dny Litvinov linsi n T' i I t;en !u and out of Russia as Hie OOOm 1IB1CJ 10 • official Soviet minister In Europe. | :F:m h<- .served as Asslslniu Com- SCOTl'S BLUFF. Neb. 1UP> — Inil^ar of Forclun Affairs under Western TchilclHTin. and since 1929. »s Commissar. One of ihe most Interesting; ancc- | doles inld in Moscow About Lll Contract Problem Nortli ajnl rfouih alono are lining Hi' 1 htddliiK, bero. H»« should Mils lilddlnK prccei'il ' KJ » N VV K K V AQJ 10 5 4> Solution in next lasu«. -> Ncbrnska's yrcntcst cash crop—the siitar beet—Is on «'iiy (o market. Inception ol the 00-day harvest lieilorl In the- Panhandle area ''of Solution to Previous Contract Problem j .Inov concerns life appointment ns; Nebraska meant, employment for • C:mml5sar. Apparently the only:" least '25.000 men. It was estl- vanily t;-e man has is his hal. Al- .,. WV \VM. 1C. McKKNKKV ScnrUiy, Anici-lcan Hrldic IJ-^RUI The mast dtltictilt hnncl lo pin: i> that In which a player hold tour trump iiiulner onlj three. In other words, you have mated thai nlinost 15,000 -*orki>rs found jobs over Ihc' entire sngar beet region, embracing Nebraska, Colorndo and Wyoming. Nebraska producers arc predicting the harvest In years. With embers reporting yields of between 13 and M tons to the acre, it v.-as certain thai the crop will go well over totals of 1932. Acreage tills year In Nebraska nlonc ,is 70.000 acres as compared lo between 50.000 and 60.000 acres last of the croo In the sugar bed regions Ls estimated at $8^00,00». ; | ways, from the beginning of his j Bolf hovlic activllies, he has never been ivitl'.oni a European version of our 10-gallon hat, a black hat wit.: ;i bi£ brim. During lean years he wore the --fliuc one until It cropped to pieces. But lie always wore it. When rumors of Tcbltchcrin's resignation from the position of Commissar were in (lie an, everybody In U'c organization was wondering who would gel Hie ycar jr.): Several thought they had U ' ',, lUlrccl rc ' 5llUs (rom thc , 1Hr . ,\o one liad mentioned Litvinov. Vl , 5t in [hc ercnl u . c . Mcn , wcUon i So he was surprised cue day u Ol Nebraska,are almost tncalcula- . Vicl: up i.-c phone and liear Stalin i,i c . GTOVS vev emic to railroads .-iy. "Com- on over. I «out to| a | OUC („ handling trnnsnortutlo'n inlk to you about your new j:b."' l\f was so exciled that he literally ran to Stalin's oflice and only when he reached (here and moved to tC:ke Ills hit olf did he realize that i In his haste he had leR it behind ! Mm! - - j Successful Diplomat By 1024 Litvinov liad secured only .seven Ir.iinp between you Icailni; six for ',!>:; opponents. If ttiesc otil^li'iullng trump arc r'lvldcd 3-3, you probably wll l<o( have mucii (rouble ImndliiVj the situation, llut will, the trum] 'divided 4-2 in-tl this Is the wa; no) you arc con real problem, c-s MIO siiorl In on Ihey generally fronted u-lth a I'.eclally If yon Ih; opponent*, a » Wf^ : »tlll ; .. hive' (our' (rump tmijnlnjr. , ••! However, Nonh hfi a •: loelo licert, •«)- why not th^ow • Jo«e pn a 'wcr and keep tin tlHi)n ticlor In your t»vor? - " ;' : . Therefore, Notlh'i correct pis -Ih-lo dlicard tltc -dcu«- of -fnai NOW If East co)iUuu«' with club. II can be ruflcd ' in 111 Soulli hand, w'.ilte If,East leads heai'l, it will be won' In dunim viltli .the. ace. ... '1'tie Iruntp cmikl then be plckc up, discarding one of-.diutuny taslnj hearts OH the fourth rouri The last lushu- heart, would thrown off on Ihe five good dit jncmds, and the conlrjct Is In. (Copyright, 1033, NEA Service, Inc. | Owl HUt In Stove the rpiwnenlM sivc you. WAU/A WALLA, Wash, <UP)-{;| ' Imagine the uirprUc of W. K; Jcnkliu wlicn thc stove' lit whictj- 10. had lighted a Tire hooted al' iln'i. He lifted the lid. Out walked \ small owl, .somewhat singed, but . "sry. > nil and iplKjiUmlly to mil llmt suit. Scveiul days ago 1 (old you linn 1>. Hal Mms. acknowledged Hie world's Greatest contract l.layer. sliilcd lhat Ihe most Itn- :on:inl thing In cunlracl Is tiu! ilmliiK factor, urd 1 an. going lo advise you iilv.'ays to keep ilinl phrase for.'inosl In your mind— tliulny factor, len- Ls an i.x-unple of It: Xiiutll \\n( NuilH l-::i'.l I'.iss 1'iiss 1 dlamoiul Tas-s '^ dl»iuoutls2 her. ? spades j .spades I'nss -I illumondsPiiss \ ,si:i»k\s I'ass I'liss I 3 aw Thr l'l:iy Th: mv and l:Ing of clubs wen. inslicd by E;,-;i. who lollowei with the seven of clubs. Wei ;iliiyinii the <|iicrn. If the declarer trumps this Hick. Ihu tlmhiR Intlor then' will IK> In favor o Io«a lnuj thc least, number of II;.| Ucrales of ;ill the states. STOPPED'UP OSTftlLS Offn th» noflrilt wrf ll fm I>T «*!•{ MmtlMMitm utt mmnlmt. MENTHOLATUM costs belwecii tlOO.OOO and CO to build n railroad locomo- two buttons cous|)ic- a pDrter to carry His eccnomic relation. 1 ; with- pn £uro]K nnd actual recognition with most • Kurcp?!in countries. Jn 1027 he llirew ihe Disarniainent Confer. . Foreign CbmmUsar Litvinov is shown here in a ch'arac- ; ™ce into a panic by ifclng and n« photograph laken of cim in a iSosco-.v tail-ray station. I making a plea for "immediate null : complete destruction of every po>- Ile always has met with ii.' vays earning li'.-j Hvitig i •ery po>- i slble instrument ot war on land in a niu! ,.,,.,_., Diplomats were not used •o- he with cf ll-.c He with H si ^t'.O live. Many mothers who watch their daughters' personal health through the early 'teeris haw found CARDUI good lor tbe relief •<! periodic pains, cramps and dlscomlort due to malnutrition G. G. Caudill General InsDranrr 100 N. Br»«fir*y al;c.ii do!n» exactly as she plcates ^ m MOE=OV. absolutely backed by her husband. S'.'e has writt-n ar- . . Luvinov was revo'utioii. born in Rielcstok for tl:e ]:ress of foreign conn- j '» 13VG ' vb - n lhflt l )art of polan , d Lit:, has published a detective ! ^ as Russia, His real name. Wai- published story is working on a novel, has n ported drama for Russia's only (-•mlish-printcd paper, the Moscow News, and in addition— holds the iMli. apnaicnlly has never been «>•«! by him. When r.e was 11 he «'»£ ^l 1 "! to Siberia for anti- Cranst activities, lie went to enc and only -salon" that any Bol- 1 Switzerland and continued unucr- .•i-.i.-ik lead-r's v.ife beasts. Hew- cover work [or the revolutionists, \\i-ili-rs. artists, actors and visitini; j «'as held for smuggling in the rmcigncrs lucky enough to have' 3 ™ 5 us!1 d in Ihe 1905 revolution. b.-tn inlrodiiced by "Ivy's" friends | Inlfrnaticnnl Salesman nir-.'t iniormally and talk seriously The rest ot these 10 years be- lo the enjoyment of all. ! lore tr.e Revoh:tion. Lilvincv spent Criticism doesn't bother Lilvin-i in England or on the continent, al- FOSTORIA the smartest, yet the most pratical glassware Selected I) y -\Irs. (luorge Tinirn, expert on <lomustic .science, for her model tlin- insj room (able in the Courier News Cooking Krhool ;U Ihe City Hall Auditorium this week. Attend l\\v dookiiiii' Scliool AM) SKK I''OR YOIIRSKI.F WHAT I'.KAl'TV AM) DISTINCTION YOUR TAIU.B CAINS WHKN SKT WITH FOSTOIUA GLASSWAKK. It MUST be .Mrs. Thuni, Lecturer. Four Leaf Coffee MAS BEEN SELECTED F 0 K T 11 E FIFTH CONSECUTIVE VEAK FOK THE COURIER NEWS COOKING SCHOOL SILVERWARE Knr Mrs. Thurn's model lithlo w:is also selected from our stock, \vhicli inclurlts bnlh slerlinff iintl plafttl ware in new and stable patterns. GUARD JEWELRY CO. 1 'Perlccl rcsulls come only from perfccl coffee. Naturally I am particular aboul the kind of coffee I use in these demonstrations," says, i Mrs. Thurn, "and I am very glad to announce that'Four Leaf col- '• fee meets every requirement. It is delicately flavored and is vastly ; superior to most grades on the market. . ; THE FRESHER THE <X)WE 'WE ]3ETT EH T[l K COKKEE - - TH AT'S WHY FOL'IU^AF IS SO GOOD -- ITS A1,WAYS TOSH! Roi\sied and Disliibutid by Central Coffee Co. Blytheville, Ark- TO THE LAST CRUMB When Made With Mrs. George Thurn , Fiinious Lecturer ;mrl Home Economist • ; Uses Swot* & Pure Flour Exclusively'" j in All Her (Poking Donionstralions. .'/ By using Sweet & Pure Flour you can make the very finest^ breads, "pastries and cakes ... it is milled from the very-:.; choicest Kansas wheat-by a process that has been proven <; through-the years to'be most, highly satisfactory for_ all; ; ; baking purposes . , .every sack is tested so that a uniform • texture is always assured . . .' use one sack^ancl you'll be-; come a constant user-and booster for SWEET & PURE,; FLOUR. •-'"- : •' ' All G rocers THE CRAFTON CO. Distributors

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