The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 25, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 25, 1950
Page 11
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WURSDAY, MAT W, Ham-like Flavor From Tender Cut Smoked Shoulder Butt Has No Bone or Waste; Gives Different Meal Meet the handy smoked shoulder butt! You'll enjoy this tender cut of meat, not only because of Its rich ham-like flavor, but also because you can nuke several different meals from It. To many of you, the smoked shoulder butt (sometimes rttfed a cottage roll) Is an old fWnd and you're well acquainted with Its oval shape, neatly wrapped in cellophane or stockinette cover- Ing. It has no bone, no waste and there's just enough fat throughout the lean to make th« meat juicy ind good tasting. Smoked shoulder butt is popular for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack-lime and may be served in many different ways. To prepare, first simmer the meat In water about 45 minutes per pound (unless It's a ready-to-eat butt, in which case it requires no cooking), for meal number one, cut part of the butt Into half-inch slices and serve immediately. For later meals, serve ,lhe smoked pork shoulder sliced cold (a warm wealher favorite) us. Ing It in a pretty platter arrangement with deviled eggs and parsley to garnish. Or you may pan- fry the slices in a Itttle butter or margarine for a hot meal. (This makes an excellent he-man break- last). When simmering the meat to prepare it for these Interesting meals, use the following tasty recipe o.s a variation from cooking In plain water. Spier Boneless Butt I smoked boneless butt 6 whole cloves 1 bay lei*I 1 sliced onion 1 teaspoon celery seed ttfp'p vinegar TTace boneless bult In deep keltle. Cover with waler and add cloves, bay • leaf, onion, celery seed and vinegar. Cover tightly and let simmer until shoulder butt is done. Allow 45 minutes per pound. Jelly and spice and everything nice—that's wliat Ihis special sauce Is made of. Use it to serve v.'ith pan tried or broiled smoked shoulder butt slices. It's simple to make and tastes wonderful on the sizzling meat. To prepare, mix together 1(2 cup plum or apple Jelly, 1 table- EDSON Continued from Page » of felting the sack." In Britain, private conlraclors can build only one house In Jive. Government controls the rest, because of 10 years of short supply in building materials mid labor. Hope to Bust Wage Floor In U.S. Contracts There's a new move on to try to force repeal of the Walsh-Healy act. This Is the law which requires the secretary of labor to set prevailing minimum wage rates In all business establishments working on government contracts. Though 75 cents an hour. Is now the genera) minimum wage rate, under Walsh- Healy act minimum rates in plants working on government contracts have been set as high as $1.23 an hour for the steel industry. : • "Modern Industry,'' a trade iriaf- azine, is launching the campaign for repeal of the law. Recent successes of anti-New Dealers in preventing repeal of the Taft-Har:ley law and In stopping President Truman's plan to reorganize Natvinnl Labor Relations Counsel Robert N. Denham out of his independent- position have encouraged the belief that repeal of the Walsh-HeaJy act could also be put over. pan. Cook over low heat, stirring constantly, until the jelly is melted. Last, but by no means .smoked pork shoulder bull goes glamorous. Decorated with bright pineapple slices and glazed with i sweet- spicy sauce, you've a delectable dish to use as the center of a buffet for a smart supper parly. Gala Boneless Bill 8 slices cooked smoked boneless bult (i;2 inch Ihick) 1 cup brown sugar 3|4 cup vinegar -, >' 4 teaspoons prepared mustird 4 slices pineapple Mix together brown sugir, vinegar and mustard. Cut pneapple slices in half and place a s«tion on each slice of meat. Pour savce over meat and fruit and broil 3 inches from heat about 5 minutes >r untl well heated through. Serve wth any leftover sauce spooned ova- the meat. For the rest of the party menu, serve scalloped potatoes, a green vegetable and lime gelatine salad :ert . . . chocolate sundaes, bpped studded with bana slices. Foi des- with shaved nuts. ' Centerpiece Sparkle—Make in artificial lily pond with a mirrcf for the water and real or artificial lowers. With stems removed, (lace flowers here and there on Ihe ilir- ror. Per realism luck a lea! inder •LTnWTTtXB (ARK.) COURIER HEWS Breakfast Made A Cheerful Meal When Thought Goes Into Planning Honor Students Are Named at Lost Cane School David Towles, son of Mr. and Mrs. Mannering Towles. Is to be recognized as valedictorian of the graduating class from the Lost Cane School at exercises to be conducted June 1. Also winning scholastic honors will be Treva I*e Biles, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Buy Eites, who PACT tsluifltorian, The school, which Include! only the first eight grades, will have taccniaureatc services on Sunday at the Little Hlver Baptist Church. The Rev. Hoy w. Ward, pastor, will give the sermon. Next Thursday, John Mayed, county school supervisor, and W. W. Powler. superintendent of Manila schools, will speak to the twelve grades. J. P, Harris, member of the school board, will present the diplomas. James L. Mathls Is principal of the school. A SUBSTANTIAL, CHEERFUL MEAf. Is what Mm. Raymond •ilhngsen of Chicago strives to eive her husband tver? itj al breakfast lime. ; By OAYNOIl MADDOX NBA Staff Writer "A breakfasl that's a cheerful meal is Important lo your husband." band." That's the tested advice lo IflSO britles from a bride of 19-19, Mrs Raymond Ellingsen of 3701 North Kenneth St., Chicago, 111. "You have to gel up in plenty of time lo get a eood breakfast ready." says Mrs. Ellingsen. "Then anything you can do. no matter how simple or inexpensive, to make the table itself more cheerful will help create a pleasant atmosphere. Set a bloominu houscplanl, n vine, or a bowl of fruit on the table." She wys further to 1950 brides: "Surprise your husband once In a while with a special dish—either a new fruit and cereal combination, a different beverage, or a tempting homcmndc hot bread." Mary Ellingsen is one young homemaker who has discovered, with her husband, thai breakfast can be a hcnllMul meal and slill be CL-onomical. She has worked oul a pattern of foods for breakfast— fruit, cereal, milk, bread and butter. These give her husband the [ foods he needs lo be at his best at nd 1J2 teaspoon mustard In a sauce ! w lth tall gleaming candles. :° ' photographer's job vorite breakfast bread. Ellingscn's fa- Flake Mufflii (12 muffins, I Inches h diameter) One cup sifted flow, 2W teaspoons baking powder.' 1 teaspoon salt. \\ cup sugar, 1 oge, sveH beaten, ", cup milk, 4 tablespoons melted fat, 2 cups ready-to-eat cereal flakes. i To sifted flour, acid M:ing powder, salt, si-gar, and re-sift. Combine egg with milk ind slightly cooled fat. and add lo' flour mix- Hire. Slir only enough! to dampen flour. Fold in flakes, btlng careful •not to overmlx. Pill 'fell-greased muffin pans 2j3 full. Bake in moderately hot oven (400 degrees P.) about 20 minutes. i Here's another economical but sustaining breakfast dish the'1950 bride should know alwut. Crisp French Toisl (12 slri|is) i Pour slices bread. 3 fggs, well beaten, ", teaspoon salt, 3 cups corr ' flakes. [ ,', cup fat. Cut each slice of bread into Hire strips and remove crusts. Dip strip in egg mixed with salt, then in cor. flakes which have been crushed ml- fine crumbs. Fry In fat until crisj- and brown on both sides. Drain on absorbent paper. Sprinkle ,IWU- wtth confectioners' sugar il desired Serve warm. #& 0#/, You know nt first taste that Falstars GOT" something! Its dry, light... but livdyi. Premium quality grain, premium quality hops and a thoroughbred y«ist so rare it's insured for one million dollars, make, the difference! Here's flavor in a class by itself! Compare Premium Quality FnistafT with nny of tic» beer brewed anywhere. A single sip will tell you why— in its great 20-slat« area—Falstaflf outsells any beer a any price. IN ITS GREAf 20-STATE AREA- 'W6&Z At ANT PR/CE/ FAISTAFF OUTSELL. POLIO SMALLPOX RABIES THANUJ llndudti Prtventlv* DIPHTHERIA ItUKSMIA SCARLET FEVER SPINAL MENINGITIS ENCEPHALITIS <i!»«i>< of |4» Blood) (Slctpina Slckntnl /#«/* No*/ fet Prtttcfit* tit All! $ 5,000 T- '10,000 [$S,000-$1 0,000 ON EACH MEMBER OF YOUR FAMIU] to pay txpenses of these 9 dreaded dhtmesl Micy Insures all your family* *Huiband, wlf* and all unnianled (hlldien tram 3 monlhl lo «g« 1 1. . . .only $10 a year! ... or $4 insures one personl Poyi l.n.UI, fo,, Docl.r Ulli — Koipllol Bllli — Sp..ral Nurm-X-.of — Miyilolherapy Tieolmenl — Blood Trortiluiioni — Diu 5 i ond Midlclnn — h»n Lung — lioc»l end Ciulchei — Ambulanci — Traniportatlan. Farmers Bank&Trust Co. INSURANCE DEPT. Phone 3121 Thursday & Friday -DOUBLE FKA'UJKK- INSPECTOR GENERAL 'WITHOUT HONOR with Fraurhol Tone Technicolor Cartoon BLYTHEVILLt'S ONLY ALL WHITt THEATRE Thursday & Friday —DOUBLE FEATURE—" "MR. PEABODY THE MERMAID' wilh William I'owcll 'KEEP'EM FLYING' wllh Abbotl * Coslello Also Carloon <fc llcalh Valley Serial Our Telephone Number 4438 Shclton Motor Co. Thursday 'BLOOD ON THE MOON' Robert Mllchum Barbara Bel Geda« Robert I'res Ion NEW Bni Opens Week Dajrj 1:«fl p.m. niatlnec Saturday* le Sindajt ftUt.-Sun. 1 p.m. Cont BhowlBI Manila, Ark. Thursday 'Since You Wen* Away" ullh Joseph Collen Also Shorts Friday "MICHIGAN KID" with Jon Hall Also Short'! Saturday "TEXAS TERROR" with Don "Red" Barrj Shorts Fin* whit* vegetable shortening SNOWDRIFT---3 1 75c Famous salad dressing Our every d;iv low price MIRACLE WHIP ,»530 PET MILK 3 £L 350 Krafl Tangy KUENCH Adams sweetened DRESSIWO 180 O'GE JUICE 'S 370 Halves In heavy syrup D,,le sliced ARGO PEARS N ^ 7 290 PINEAPPLE N ^ 290 SWANS DOWN DEVILS FOOD MIX «* OHLYJQt WHIH YOU BUY PACKAGI OF INSTANT !CAKE MIX I AT THE JRIGUIAR PRICtl M7W 45< FRESH DRESSED HENS ib 29c Mealy pork SI'ARE RIB TIPS Streak 0' Lean Cut from Tender liecf R'ND STEAK VEAL ROAST Mayrose VEAL CHOPS 1710 SALT MEAT 2 No. ;!().') Cnns 230 Ih. llj. Jack Sprat 18'd CORN lleil's lean Oxvilol, 79U SLICED BftCON ,,„ 370 D(lZ 0 ,,T!DE lt , „„ 250 Kraft's Wisconsin Fi ne sofl loilel tissue 490 CHEESE Ih 370 SCOT TISSUE Roll 100 __ |l rcsh COUNTRY [)[)KS M kc ,. AUI) 590 EGGS Dox . 290 DOG FOOD 2 e , n . 250 Maxwell House, vacuum-packed can COFFEE - - - ib, can 72c Large California SUNK1ST Canada Dry LEMONS no, 380 GINGER ALE Q( 200 Hirdscyc f|iiick-fro/.cn Ice-cream cake roll CAUL!FL'ER pkK 350 NEWLY WEDS 400 Ilirdseye quick-frozeti Premier Shoestring LIMA BEANS liK 390 POTATOES C L 230 I'cler run PEANUT Fine quaillj BUTTER glass 350 CHARCOAL ^ 190 LUTTRELL'S FINE Corner of Sixth & Chickosawba FOODS Phone 2011

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