The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 28, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 28, 1950
Page 11
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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 28, 1,«W Kir Boarding House with Maj. Hoople BLTTHEVTLHi, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams PAGE ELEVEM AM AWFUL BUNCH Of . |M UWCie SJLSV'fi . HEN I (SET UP ALWAYS GST HJN&S ALL ser FOK. MOTHER-- SHS LOi'ES HER COFFEE REST THIMG IM THE LISTEN, 1 WDMT HAVE A MIWUTE'S PEACE TODAY ON OUK. TRIP AFTER. S6EIK) A THING LIKE THAT--WAIT, I'LL BE 8ACK..' MS TOO, BUT I'LL BE MC«e FRANK.-- rr.s WOT SO MUCH THAT I DtPN'T A TH*JC> FOB. MY OTHER, 9UT rrs TH 1 DIET* MESS : MAPt FOR. HER; MEYtSAV fX CHAP COULD PURCHA<Se STOUT 6LADES or- tue I-IARDCST STEEL ~ MO CHEAP PRODOCT LIKE THESE.' AKJKIES SIMCe He WON THe OLYMPICS, Like we SAYS / .&T J 5 A WHOLe I LOT OF KEROSENE & FUEL OIL }f>\a\ 4091 or 740 Shirley Hipp I/OUR FRKNDLY MAGNOLIA DEALER PRESCRIPTIONS ,. Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices [irby Drug Stores Dr. Lindquist CHIROPRACTOR Phone 3170 615 C'hickasawha . he IrmdlnK cryihlMx do*. H.,»,, I. I. HoKrr > alrnlri rr with " (IT'S SMART . . . IT'S THRIFTY , . . 4 IT'S PATRIOTIC ... .to keep your shoe* In row! repair . , t , bcciBse SHOE REPAIR GIVES EXTRA WEAR H-flLTCRS 'VJUTY SHOC SHOP tZI W. MSI I N ST. that people weren'l being too careful that Ihe buzz didn'l reach her ears. too. Aboul 4 o'clock I got so led up, I picked a book out of the rentals I and went back ot the prescription screen so I couldn't hear any more I ol Ihe carefull^ worded doubts I aboul Roger's innocence or spccu- I lalions about his "dangerous men- I tal condition." ( But I couldn't escape Ihe dogs' even Ihcre. The book I'd picked at random was "Tricks of the' Sticky-Fingered Trade." It began aboul shoplillers. but the second chapter was about dognappers. I read about the guys who make a business ol luring oil valuable dogs and then collecting the reward and how they did it. I was sick ol dogs, so 1 chucked the book back and went home. .--_-- 'THINKING about Roger Blessen sip. "That's the mosl awful non-j A and Betsy Sharpe kept me awake a Long time that night. To save me, t couldn't cast Roger in Ihe role of a dog poisoner. Half dotty with nerves, he certainly was—as who wouldn't be under the same circumstances. Roger was a good average kind of joe. 1 thought; Betsy wouldn't IF run lhal K»rt*,»K likrm HrlM7 hlmarll. hr CAM'! br- llevr ihxc lUiKtr I* t*r pol»»Mer. HNI .%Hr»r Sail? Hjirivlrk m*vm IhBt hAB II IhNI rid*? l> .IrMllHR •.ft**"* fr(,m K,>rt»uiT» JrMK «lurr I«T S.ll.r. "MirVn T.*fcl.°."l»n Tki'Tw pui^untnit IMH'I CB'HK (• tmt wllh T PUSHED my blue plate back on the lunch counter. Nothing, not even my own today's special tasted good. "You mean they're saying lhal Roger Ulessen, that harmless post- i man, is going to murder somebody and that he's practicing up by killing dogs?" I glared at Sally as if she were responsible for the gos- running a lever over belsy rour- ECll Maybe with him out ol the picture " Hul 1 really didn't believe this. I don't kid mystll much »nd Besides. 1 Slil] had a (resh picture of little Jimmy Joe jobbing over his dead oeL A cal may looh 31 > king and a lour-eyed pill -iller can look at a queen like Betsy but what good does 't do eithei B cat or i pill roller? Bets; waj in lovt with Roger. I oughl to und out, (or her good, whether Roger was the dog poisoner or not. Anyway, it was my nature to keep nosing around. sense 1 ever heard. Vou can't charge a with murder he hasn't even committed — although goodness knows I find the thought of murdering tempting sometimes. It's just coincidence that he was billen by a. couple of dogs that got poisoned! "In all the whodunits I ever, have gone tor him otherwise 1 read." Sally interrupted, "they call (suppose a head injury could en= bunch ol coincidence circum- tirely change the personality, but evidence." She looked at me then, her blue eyes serious. "1 think you ought to watch your strychnine. Doc. 1 wouldn't want to_ see Roger committed for niac if he's just playing-in hard luck — especially if lhal would leave Bet-sy without a boy friend." Sally looked at her watch then and squealed at what il showed her. _ ._ ..__ H the lunch, Doc." And in a rustle ol starchy skirts, By she did. 1 didn't believe his doctors would have let Roger out of the hospital if such a change had been noticeable. They'd have kept him under observation and treatment until they were sure, especially if he were likely to become violent. But the only way to keep the lown from believing Roger was a dangerous maniac would be lo ^,,,v,,, nl w[i<u 11 ANUSYCU tiuugeious maniac would be lo have to fly! Thanks for i find the actual dog poisoner. Flop- h. Doc." AnH in n rii.^11*. nfnw nvor in l\arl I .-...n.'n 1 ping over in bed, I swore and kicked the blanket off on the floor. All afternoon 1 kept hearing "Keep your nose out of Ihis, scraps of conversation lhal . told j Fortson," I made with the advice . me Roger was as deep in the. soup as Sally had said. From the swimmy look of Belsy's eyes I knew , . "Maybe Hoger realjy is Ihe dog poisoner. You're a chump if you fix him up innocent when you're Vf/lTH all that time lost In mid- mghl mediation, when t got to sleep 1 overdid it. Opening one eye lo look at the clock next morning I was surprised into tumbling right out. It was my day to ;et down early and it was very late. Time I fumbled with the bullonless shiru and the busted shoe laces that always turn up lo plague a bachelor when he's try- ng to hurry. 1 heard Roger Blessen downstairs with th« morning mail. I heard Miss Myra Sharpe come in, too, saying something about lierc was fioger'i clean uniform, lhal she'd met the delivery boy on the door step and since she wai coming in anyway, she'd brought it herself. I 1 heard Roger go on out and Miss Myra yoo-hoo at Mrs. Ferris and ask h«r if she could use the clothes lines in the side yard to air some blankets. When 1 ~CRme out Roger was standing on the corner passing the time of day with Tom Canori and Greta, Tom's Seeing-Eye dog. Miu Myra had hung her blanket on the clothes line and gone to lean over Ihe fence and chin with them • lillle. 1 was halfway down the walk to join them when Mis* Myra screamed and the big shepherd began to plunge in her harness. Then the dog staggered into • fall and lay with her teeth grinding and foam flecking her kips. Tom groped for her frantically, down on his knee* on the sidewalk. (T« Be OnHnnrrf) THINK ABOUT THIS The Question: "Should I buy a used car now?" Well, you'll find (he answer on (he front pap of any newspaper every day of (he week. A) Ihe signs indicate thai, in (he months to come, fewer new cars wil he built as we lurn (o defense production. Then, used cars will he less plentiful and h. K her priced. Yes, if you want lo get the most for your money, we think you'll be wise lo buy a betler car now while prices are lowest. What do you think? in 19 Lincoln Cosmopolitan 4-rtoor Sedan with radio, healer anil overdrive. in I!) Lincoln 1-door Sedan .. Hydramalic drive, radio and heater. ini!) Mercury .l-door Sedan. . .overdrive, radio and healer. .Mercury 6-pnsscnjrer Coupe with radio, healer and overdrive. 1050 Mercury K-passenRcr Coupe with radio. dealer and overdrive. It) 19 Chevrolet Club Coupe, radio and he;i l cr. 1919 Ford Club Coup* with radio, healer and overdrive. 1949 Ford 4-door Sedan with overdrive, radio and heater. 1!H8 Nash with both radio and heater, mil Ford «t * bargain price. 1311 Plymouth Se<lan.. .radio, heater. 1917 Ford '/,-Ton Pickup. iniB Chevrolet '/j-Ton Slake Body. 1916 Ford '/,-Ton Pickup. CHOOSE YOUR CAR NOW AT STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO. Wqlnut Q» First Call 4333 FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSE1 It'll lie n Blir ]) ea l C4PA6LI HANDS C*-- V COUSIN SPENDTHRlPr/ "Here's a reader who asks when the trend of rising prices will end—if I knew that I wouldn't he slaving away as financial editor!" PKISri.l.A'S POP HV AL VBHMKKR ..V/OULDN'T IWHY, PR1SCILLA' IT BE A. WHAT A NICE IF I Al BEAUTIFUL GAVE SOME JVrHOUGHT! TO SOME OTHER YOU KNOW, POP.... J (SOT SO MANV TOYS FOR CHRISTMAS.. TODAY... WHEN MOM TOLn ME TO PICK THEM. UP LITTLC ANGEL Knd i>r the Ride HY MICilAKI. O'iMAU.UY and KAI.PH LANE 1 PONT KNOW WMEKET ACTEK WHICH *5U SKIPPEP 6L7 TH6 CKUI5EK WOULP /WITH HIM. OKAY .. PARK SKEEN SEPASJ, LICENSE A-3Z9O. CAK PRO3A5LY PKIVBN BY A WCWAN WHO 15 SEIWG KU7MAPER TH'S A\AM IS A KILLED. MEEE is HB PESCKIPTIOM OUT, SASVT HE TRTA _„ WHO TRAVELS ALONE, IP I MAV I QUOTE ' JCU.V S70J'T LIKE THE gl& HOOLIGAN.JA NEITHER VO I. AWKOrJ, TAKE THESEf N LADIES SACK TO THEIR: STEEL-BAKKEITV w SOUPOIC/ HOPE ME HE. KILL MY CAPTAIN EASY HY UCSUK TURNER HO WOMDeR WIWI'S IHE TOAST OF PARIS, CIKO! SW- M'SIEUR" A J!'L 5 "Hf L BE HER DttESSIHe 7 McKEE, U»K! ROO-MY STARS AND 8ODV!! BUGS BUNN\ WHEN 1 TOLD X L HOPE SHE TH' TEACHER 1 PON'T MAKE HELPED WITH . . . HDME WORK, SHE _. ... WANTED I'LL HA,VE TO A6K TO <STOP, BECAUSE ... •••THIS VEAR WE'RE IRVING TO GET HIM OUT OF FOURTH , VOU'VE SEEN I G&.V6 TH HELPING CICERO J KID V/ITH HIS / FEW E WORK.' / POINTERS ALL THOSE CLOUDS YOU SAID HUNG AROUND VENUS.. I FIGGEREOTH' WEATHER'D BE SLOPPY... YES, IF IT WASN'T ...AN THEN.\ FOR THIS CLOUD TOO WE'RE N BLANKET 30.600,000 MILES CLOSER TOIH'SUN THAN WE V/ERE ON BOOTS AND HER HUODIKS HY KDGAR MARTIN

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