The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 9, 1935
Page 6
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PAGE SDs, Punch Missing, m 1934 Will Be. There lo,] Pitchers ' ' l!J tniTOK'b NOTl Ihis Is Hie Ural 'nr a series of articles on llii> league (raining camps. n\ r HARRY filUVSON' Sports' I'ditnr, NI-:A Sn'i'ln. MIAMI BEACH, flu.—Tim Nev. Voi-k- Giants haven't yet fully recovered from tlic terrific blmv-it] of last fall which suw Hum sloircl '. off a 1 l-2-game lend following tin ..labor Day double-header, ii)nt<'iJK phenomenal Donns. and ,' , f/mis ' Cardinals wu'lVtju;, ...on tlic last clay of '.iiin'f'1 l/'aguo .season. -;i • - ',.Tom.Clarke sjX'ulis'. rjii;',l'ill|'','ivr- y.ry ai)(J tile resl. '.- 'T can'l believe'it yet." say.s tlu ;' Veteran coach. "I expect to wake up •• any day now mni |,» on a train en : route, w :DsU-oit to'i%ii:i|i<i f iriirV! | ...series." .'I 1 "••' "•'' ' ; 'llK 'Giants will have (o.waJ!, ,(1(1- til autumn.- to-sec how th'ev'sWid in regard to the latter, howevcri . Terry sbidmnly believes he' hits ;.• improved tlie New York elii'o-He has, provided aging veicriiii-ji htrtr-- :• n't slipped su,raclenllS- to more, limn 'offset, advantages wi;;, which-vlic . Giants hope to start. The spirit of tile Giants iiprjeiirs , good. They nf col (hat acquisition of Shortstop Dick narteli ami oi|t- lieldcr Klddo Davis from the Phillies ynve them enough added punch tind defensive skill to beat out even the great Dea;;, 5 «nd Ihe cnrili- ,.'. , • * * ."; Piiniielcc's Illness T s AliW ,..: Terry attributes the loss of the nag to several thinss, nut the least of which was tile appendicitis operation that deprived (he club <>i _ the services of Hud Pnrmclrc in mid ; season, when the Michigan fmtn toy wax roaring along lifc ( .,, 1Jla i_ rje fire, With Parmclco out, olhn tos of the Big Pour, can. Hub- cell, Hal Schumacher, and int :Freddie PilKsimmons, i,n,| i 0 vo ^ : pflcner. with the vcsult (lint Urev werc very tired In the drive down ,thc xliich. u was here Hint the club missed Die spectacular relief work turned. In by Herman Hell niui Adolfo Luriiic ill 1933. r And, to top it all, the Ok'iil.i couldn't score a run for FKrolm- i.ypns while he was pitching :i4 consecutive scoreless innings .-••K-urmelee hasn't any more m>- pencjicUis. so the Big Four fi"im's to'., be intact (hrougliout ifi3if .In;addition, Terry lias the sea- toned right-hinders, Allyn Slout and Leon cfmgiion, for relief purposes. -.-Memphis' Dill let Billy Myers, the shortstop for whoi.. 'M Giants paid Uie Columbus club K'lt. DOT, go to Cincinnati It; cx'-i.f.n,-'.- fort Stout nnd Mark Konili- :i jmt! dyiiilility inficlder. J:icr. *><!.,,,,>, who: lacked speed, went t burgh for' Chainion, COURIER Ruthain Limbs Quake? Bat Bat Still Booms InfJ^M i !••>• i i mi i i n-ii i.. ..ii . __ . • ---- -' <ii«it.ii,njj| LIIU Italic Ruth's plnylng day.s were ovc. wlicii he took his first lurn'nl tin plate during nattily practice will Us new tcamnmtes, the liostoi Urn res. at St. Petersburg Pla \\mit- K Hutli on )il.s .trip w the rubber lliat saw him smash one of lien Cautwell's fust ones over the wal is characteristic nor mns. Al left Huth is shown ut nght with Ilabbtl Maranvilte Ihn 43-year-old Brave intieldcr. who attempting a comeback aflcr suffering a fracture of one lej; in spring last, season. HH-'ArnerkJo ._„ pucci, exprorer fbr whom. Anierica. was marries Jpsepnme . (jerieral becomes ing some dip lomatic°CDmpl ic t{on.s about 100 years: later. Tlinrc's No End To Argninnnts on ^!agc Supremacy " ' . ...SATUBPAY,; MARCH 0, 103*5' AND HOW ~* tlio , M O _ A wi tlmi Cooler nnd Renalli l, fn a K ani« lln s wro wlnnor to fln.,1, w!t)) (lm f.n DieiastmlL j-extr-l, nest lif '' 1 " ""'faM In H decision either Dlr-lilslndt 01- no "" to nif-r-t THP tllHilimllan cdine hatl Ijeen iBBcsifd by Coacli Earl Cnulw of iclilstadi. after Imtli Cooler mid i'Hiilli clwillcriKcd (he Diehlstadl- !-. tor a post-spasm 'map. AmoiKj other ihlngo Crmcli Hcr- l»'j-l Illws of (l». cooler team do- In n Ir-tlM- slntDiR his i»i! tin; undefeated Die m incftt <iome of, 11,11 sirmif- i'Ui i» this .wfttioit f,,id f-annot just why Seimlli an,] Cootfr to delnrinUi^rtln rf Pl " y " K(1 ""' prlvli.'!!i! of ])l(iy(,lB nil'lllstai™ f "J |)er:i:,||y since cr,ncl, Crndcr' has Mi(!Wslrd i>nrliw in Uio .sonson th»l his team meet both Senatli and Cooler on Ihe same night." Dirjiiisiadt recently won « regional lournainent in which footer liarliclDalccl but did not olav fonlor, the Pcmiscoi coiinly t «im hoiiil! eliimnnlfd by .anotlier entry. Round Lake News The Home Demonstration club met with Mrs. W. D. Denson Tuesday at which time the president gave a rending, "People will Talk" Mrs. E. A.. Overtoil, Mrs. Charles Deason. and Mrs I, o _„- were added to tlie membership roll. Plans were made for a iCBTO ininslrel to be given March '.:>, at winch lime Hie (will will be awarded. Mrs. chamber.-; talked on Burdening, emphasizing companion crops and successive plnnting. Miss Cora Lcc Colemnn showed the members of (he club how to cull hens for better laying ami talked on planting of spring flowers mentioning Home Improvement Week HE'LL FIND OUT. UNJLOAPAN' MAKE COMFORfABLe, BOYS, WHILE ( GET IN TOUCH WITH OOOLA/ HALLO, OOOLA/ f'M BACK - AW Y'OUGHTA SEE WHAT I BROUGHT'- BACK WITH ME « MOPE WARRIORS TI-(A ; S f UMNV - t WONDER WHY SHE OOM'T ANSWER. ? WELL:-I'LL SOON FIWD our/ / /g&L served refrestiments. ii'iccling will be with Chambers in March Two liookles May lu->i> )M; (W • , Brightest of the Giant pitching rpcrujls arc Frani-j Qablpr.: in> IIMH<. Nashville mid clytlell 'fasMnii>.ii>'' piirdlased ' from;' Montreal, i.otti rishl-harjders. ; GableV i.q ili-rV i.-. stick n round,', find be. of some help Al Smith, the promising southpaw- starts with another year of experience. V ' > «H The trick.knees that ch.isert RtcT- iiejIjrackson from (he sliorlstop po- 'il'fn. a time or two also hurt the Giants jast term. Th e comiiis of Barlcll means that Jackson 1 is (lefl- mlely at third base, where'he ian' prolong -his brilliant career Bartell acids both wallop mul Inl- tincc to the inlield. which Included two too many ,200 hitters .when it, contained Johnny Verge/, and Blon- p^i? 11 ?."' who mre sl »PPCd to Hie Bartell may not be as adept at originating slogans as Ryan, but he will supply all the fight (hat was furnished by the New' England Irishman. When the jam came last fall, Terry regretted having sent Davis to the Cards, from where he went to. the Phils, and confesses that the deal he made with Ihe Cardinals for George Watkins was the worst he ever engineered. The switches were made to in- crea« th e Giant power on nuack out Watkins lost his grip entirely' . Meanwhile, Davis, one of tlu most polished flychasers in the bus- ITft, pla5 * d srcat bail for Phil^- dalphia. The Bridgeport boy was a hsfldache to the Ginnls in the two tremendously important games they oropped lo the Phils in the final : Davis wound up hitting .293. and will play daily unless Hank llel- bers hitting Improves. / With Prank O'Doul managing Ihe San Francisco Seals phil wcin traub Is to; be packed along. Wefn .350 In 5:1 (james last year, and will be ,|iiilc a catcher as quickly is he learns to throw more ac- niralcly. .Paul Richards, who slnrlcd out as first siring man a year ago, is back. A fellow who is likely (o be the No. 1 backstop of the Giants wilh- in two or llnec vears is willnrd tSkecls) niekey, the <Ieacl image of lis older broilier, Bin LJickey. the Yankee luminary. The Yankees Jet Skeets go in N 0 - ... , . — -j-.^..«.« lAiuo^l^tlUl what poor fielding will do to . cut fielder. He is unable to win « regular berth despite (he fact that he hit .351. * » * v Maneii£o (o Gel Cal<l\imr Kelp .; Terry expects Improved catching. 4-H Clubs' .Tourney Ts Scl For March .15-16 3r f hlm - • I There Inasmuch as tncy no not go in l>l»y. boys or the farm business, there are itlelpatinj-. ew recruits clultcrtiig up the Pin- Tin- tourney nmgo Park camp of the Giants. arternoon and will be two and girls divisions of teams »ar! will open conlituie Fridav Friday night and three Saturday, HID rnials heine Saturday night. , T - n - Iv >'. Piiucipal of (he Yarbro school, will be referee of (he Tim only two who have the slightest chance ot sticking around are the pitchers; Gablcr and Castlc- '.Al Cuccincllo. brother of Tony, the • •-- •., «... ui- incrcc Brooklyn reliable and also a sec- tournament. Mte Lucille Curl ond sncker, hit. .318 for Nashville ri R''t of Manila will be timer and " his llrsl season in professional Miss Clarice Llltlc of Kclfer reels 1. but is going bark, Terry wnnis , llnr - ' tally were veteran outfits. Me-! Boys. 'Fo^tyYnd^ET"^"^^^.,,,. Grow clias-e to let the other fellow | been, Lcachvillc vs Recce Lone cxxpmment. He preferred his all,-! Oak vs. Manila. Half Too,,^™ n" r , bl '°- .Halcher vs. Lost. Cane! uell vs. Kelsei', Arinorcl vs. Lancv Ehron vs. lloynton. Skldn'Av vi' liye. Girls, f. ciic Onk vs Hnlc , ici . '"Tly and Eight vs. Manila Ar- movel vs. Yarbro. Half Moon vs suclivny. Lcachvillc vs. Lancy Dell vs. Kelscr. Lost Cane vs. Pawhrcn, "oynton vs. Ekron. Rcecc vs. bye. Skeet Club To Open Here Again on Sunday The Blyincvillc.'skccl,' club will open witlr.n : shoot Sunday after- 50,000 BASEBALL FACTS«HD FIGURES, --- T ii'"i:| SX'OHTINC ' ORV "»Oi C'o7u1" s s?!,,'}'^'"' 1 " S?.', 1 .', 1 ?' *!.'' '"''li-l' Si'I- l*yfn; llnlh'j is: Scbaolboy >rd Slrlui; «I la _ Itcflnes lUscbBll rrairi; Teem .Mcfm P mn, ,('.. 1 ^? Nn *' p ''OCKET SI7.K; M PAfiES C. C. »PIKK g BOM, '»T?LOU1 S ™kl O. A. l^ Jiowc'J 0»«1.1. • T etes tried nnd tnie and already proved, and Terry has (tie same dca. Saturday Only MAT. & NIGHT— Iflr - The fastest train on earth Jn an epic rac« for life! NliXT: rnur." Clear Lake News Mr. and Mrs. B. Clayton, of T)!y- 'hevillc, :irc guests of their daugh- .er. Mrs. Cnscy Adams. Mr. . . and Mrs. Curtis Ellis, , were week end guests of Travis Ellis, nnd family. Mrs. ,T. p. Miller, Sfliii I3nkci. E. A. Austin, J{oy .Mitchell.- . Mrs. ny .Mann, -and Edward Luns- -,-.-.;..-•...• .. ou uu i. omuiav a ford, .son of Mr. nnd Mrs. Waller:" 00 " a««r. having UCC n closM r.iiresforrt. arc among (hose who j "S 'he winter. ' " ' ire ill. F. A Roarers of Clear Luke Farm, was in Oilmore on business st niday. Otis Lewis, of Marlon, is Ihc guest of Kennel!) Joynrr. Sam Baker, who has been critically 111 with pneumonia Is improv- The club • was established st fall and skeet lately proved a with local shooters. The club is located south of the Chicago Mill site on .Highway is (raub Is a splendid Illustration of - ^ r ' and Mrs - Rol >ert Holmes vis- what poor fielding will do to -in '} rrientls '" Promise Land Sun- v * * day. Mr, and Mrs. W. C. Smith are visiting In Hot Springs. Curtis at Cleai Ellis delivered a sermon Lake Chuvch Sunday. here sport Heat fag aid of the campaign. Mancuso trained all winter, and never l«oked better. Hauy the Horse Danning swal- glass window to obtain a'pint glass of whisky on display m a iquor store The. whisky fold for htllc more than ?l. JOHN HUCHANAN M'ood & Coal 0 PADIO PiCllPtB SALLY BLAME . CHARLES STARRETI rtARDIE, ALBRIGHT WILLIAM FARNUM' N'ovcKy — "Save My Child" Serial "Rustlers of Red One" With. Johnny Mack Hrown The hostess Tlic nest Mrs. William 19. Lillle Joan llarlfleld, infnnt laughter of Mr, anrf Mrs. W Ii Hmifield, is scriouslv m frc . n pneumonia. Mary Loubs Conley. who has lieen .seriously ill, is , mlch lin| ,,. ov . Elhcl Deason is confined lo her hetl, probablji win, piiciimonia Mrs. Eminu Wagnon. who has been ill for several days, Ls sti! unable to be up. Charlie Billing.slcy was the finest -——->« — *a^MMiiMi«MMBII*t ROXY Matinee — Friday, Snfiirdnj ; , and Sumliiy Only Last Time Today MAT. & NIGHT-lOc - 25r Buck Jones in 'The Thrill Hunter' KXTRA!. .EXTRA! Not n news reel, (nil authentic picture nf the actual kill- i"K of Clyde Harrow and Hotmic Parker. Serial: 2 Episodes "Return of Crmiwhf .'{ antl •! Sunday-'Monday Tills picture just completed a week's run in WARNER'S THEft- TRE, Memphis. "Devil Dogs of (he Air" was originally booked in the RITZ. but iinving a chance to book THE HUOB MUSICAI, ATTRACTION THE CHICAGO FOLLIES", in the RITZ, this picture was trnnsferred to tlic ROXV. 'DEVIL DOGS OF THE AIR' wilh (JAGNEY nnd PAT O'THilEN With No Advance in ['rices Iflc and 25c ROSCOP Ales Coniedv Novelty Reel WRESTLING ARMORY. MONDAY, MARCH UT1I CHANKY v s . ROY WELCH - Out of X Falls, 2 Hour Limit •JACK 1'Ultmx Oklahoma MAX (U.OVEH Mlchipin 2 Out of 3 Falls, 1 Hour Limit of relatives al Lcpanto over the week end. Howard Bmven, who was in Joiner for the Hughcs-Westbrook wedding, returned homo Monday. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Jfin-lfleJcl announce the birth of a len pound son al their home this week. St. Mark's Famed Horses Have Journeyed Far VENICE, Italy. (UP) — These liorses have traveled far, in spite of their metal legs. According to records, the four bronze' chariot norses now over the portal of St. Mark's have adorned the Arch of Nero in Rome, then that of Trajan and succeeding' emperors were traasferred to Constantinople by Constantino, camp to Venice in the !3th Century, were removed Paris by Napoleon and finally turned to Venice in J815. Doeivooil Fete' CffAPFL Illf.u N. C. (UP)-Thc annual Dogwood Festival will be held here April 25-28. The odds against all four sons in n bridge game ,„„ perfect hands, 13 cards o[ one ._-tj flr** *) 1 11£. *r\r, tn n nnn S99.9D9 liciaiis. per- 2,a35,t97,406,MO,368,r(01.- 1, according to stalls- Thc United Stales contains a producing apple tree for every man, woman, and child in the country: Now I.ncaleil at Ipi North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWP1TER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, Proprietor All makes of rebuilt Typewriters, Adding Machines and culalors—Repairing-.— Parts — Ribbons Cat(EITZ) BIG STAGE SHOW SUNDAY ONLY Continuous Showing frnm. 1:45 p . m . 55c lo all after 5 p.m. Mm. 25-55e '(ill 3 p.m DIRECT FROM THE ORPHRUM, MEMPHIS PERSONALLY GuaSe^d by the management Bigg-est and Best S in Blytheville.

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