The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 24, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 24, 1933
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS • THE COUK1EK NEWS CO., 1'UBL.ISHEKS O. H. BAUCOCK, Editor H. W. HAINES, Advertising Manager BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Sole National Advertising Representatives.; Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, SI. Louis, Dallas, Kansas Clly, LHtlo Rock. Published Everv Alleiiioon Except Srnicltiy. Entered ns second cliua matter at Hie ixisi office nt Blylhcvllte, Arkansas, under act of Consress October 0. 1017. Served by the United Press. SUBoCKlPTlON H.vrrS By carrier in (Jity of filyllievllle, 15c per week or $6.50 per year In advance. By moll within a radius ot id miles, t3.M per year, $1.60 for six moiiihs. 85c for three montlis; by mail In postal '/onus two to six. Inclusive, $6.50 per year, In zones seven and clchl, J10.00 per year, payable In ndranec. We're Slill Lagging In Social Progress If the socbl scioncc.-: only t'onlil catch ti]i \vilh nicdic.-il sck'iioi, this ought tp be u pi city fair sort ol world before very lontf. Dr. George W. Crile <>[ Cleveland, a medical nnin who sees visions ami dreams dreams in the Initiatory where lie examines Uic riddles DI life anil dentil, Wlci the recent coniri't'ss of I no American College of Surgeons that the human i'vuco-will be a much litit-T anil healthier outfit, inside of a century. Doctors then will prevent, disease than ture ii; iiK.';ed, (he doctor who has to treat >\ disease will have to confers that he ha-; failed in his duty of prevent ing Us inception. Such plagues as diphtheria, typhoid, smallpox, malaria, and typhus will be eliminated; tuberculosis, diabetes and most disease of the heart will be init^l- orex 1 ,; cancer and the social diseases will Lie reuucea sharpiy, aim cmuiuiitii will be made sale. » * * And yet Dr. Crile does not believi: that this iicaltny race of 2033 A. U. will be a very happy one. The race, hq ueiieves, will be nienaetd increasingly by the development of technology. The pace of day-to-day living will continue to increase, so thai there will be raore..aisorucis of.the. ininit nhi.i Uic • Tnis bit of prophecy seems Lo indicate that we have mastered just about every science except the ,-implc and homely one of conducting every-day affairs so that human brings can be happy instead of unhappy. We can conquer the toughest problems the physical world has lo nit'er us, but we can't seem to solve the simplest riddles of human nature. * * * We ride in airpiant.s and automobiles instead of the springles.- ox-carts of . primitive man,'we tunnel under mountains and dam up rivers and cure disease and weigh the and send bur voice- across, the st.'is. lint when it comes w the bnsine*.- nf getting along with one another, and giving every ):um;in being ;i de-TiU hresik in life, we don't seem to :>'.• very much wiser than the citizens of Augu.Uan Koine. The great untouched field K.-foii- us today is the field of human relations. The great problem is the one of putting our triiiniiilis in the physical ."donees to work so that they can |irovide tin; t ii'W'1 f'J' 1 llll " p J'railosL number. The Lay.i Request It is a litlk- bit lisml l'i >MU why any- ontj should hiivi- ulijrdud very slruiui- ously u-hi'ii lhat c'Hiilumiu.'il munlcm 1 in California's Ssin QutHiti'.i prison was '({ivun « IxilUi: nf (,'"'«! wi.isky lo ."olitci. 1 his lust hours U-l'uix' },"»»« t« the It isn't, ])crhiips, cxiiclly pleasant to think »f it man n'<>ii>K • <> his <lc!i!.!i with his brain muddled by the fiiinus of alcohol. Hul iii'ilhcr, for thai mul- tcr, is it jilwisanl to lliinlt of a man buiiiff hiingiid inidiT any c'rciimstnnco? 1 . No civiliwd pi'i'soii citn coiilcinplitlc! a criininal's Una Iliuurs in a condemned cull without a fwlinn of 'evulsion. Capital punishment. slill scums to hi; a necessary feature of our civilix.a- tiun. Jin I if wii'iv jjoiiif,' to break a man's nuck with a rope, we might at least make his la.- 1 hours a little more endurable by gr.intinp; hin last rci|iicst, whatever it mav be. Not Licked, Yd It is good to learn Hint the federal govcrnmtnl has not ycl thrown in its hand in conncclion with rhe'Lindbergh kidnaping. ' Attorney General ('nmniings says that "the case will never die until we get our men"; and,the ordinary citizen will undoubtedly applaud this slale- menl, and hope thai the federal in- veHigator.s will eventually be able to solve that tragic puzzle. There have been, probably, more "important" crimes in America than the kidnaping of Baby Lindbsrgh. There has never been a,ny that nronscd such a wave of ptiblie indignation, or thai made people i-enli/c so f'.illy the ini- immily with which some types of criminals can operate. One of the best bits of\yfi^we epuld get yv'onlfl be :ili iftiHouiic'eniiifil Hull !he men who committed this crime had at lasl been brought to justice. CHURCH EXCUSES By Gio. W. Barbara TUESDAY. OCTOBKU 2.1, \\)M\ .(" '-. THIS CURIOUS WORLD Jim—that's my lisisbun:!—Is indefatigable in Us efforts tc help not only our churcli but ail cluirch- os I don't supine that we have a real riylit lo ciiliclz; 2111- pa-slor fer in all these yenrs we l:ave never heard him preach btl.on Ihe other hand, I don't think he should ciiltcizo Jim's efforts lo lulp the ilnirvh by figuring cnl plans to increase Ihe nUtndnncc just because we rave not put our letters in and nttciuiJd for we all must admit some of the very best minds in the country help things along by plans and advice. Now yon take this thing called inflation. While 1 don't quite i:iidersland just what t'::ey mean »licn they lalk about It but Jim—that's my husband—says Ihai lie can see no real reason why a K0c:l inflallonm could not help lui the attendance by using the same principle. Enunciated by ma-1 ny of t;:ose who seem lo understand | tlii 1 system, at .least, they fav II! •ha»l;i be handled this and that ••vay. and most of them think I'rc' p-isiJent should yet the 'dilferein ] iceas which are daily expressed; Ihroughoi.l cur community, and! wli:-. just a little thought on hisi part, lie could work mil a perfect, nllat'on system. Then if it work-' •d with him by just a little levamp- ; the Inflation could surely apply i with some degree of success to church attendance. THE MUSK TO *W£ WON'T COME HOME UNTIL MOQNING " Mv-AS A FAVORITE •TUNE AT THE TIME OF THE' CQUSADES. AND THE CRUSADERS OPTEN MADE IT 5OUN() THftOUGH OLD JERUSALEM "Hut, dear, can't that wait until I set this fellow's tonsils out'.'" Doalh Rale From Dhibelee Has Been Advancing Hapidly l',V Dlt. MOKKIS MSHBEIK : 'ifclun;; pjblem. He must watch ilitir. Jnnrnal nf llic American his condition carefully if he is lo .Medical Association,"" and of Hy- fain ihr maximum benefit fvoir gels, llic Health Magazine : methods o! Irealmenl. Dsallis from diabetes in the I* is known that in somu case; Jnltcrt Stales have risen as much Ihc changes that have taken place s 15 times the rate of little more in the body resulting from rth- linii halt n century a;o. betes arc hereditary. By use o In New York, for <'Xf.m;ile. Ihe »*'»»>• children mlh .'hjibcles- ,l'j per 100.100 populalion in 1M« which iiftd to be especially fata as 2.1. In 1032 it was 29.2. '° youngsters I'.mv live and are , . 'likely to have children. Hence the rerhap-s even more .sonous is v , Kllou o£ j,.. lv( ]j;v iu diabele will, in liie luluii 1 . be an in You "always 'nave more cihi shivers down your spine when the nllicr frllow is Hying tlie machine than when you arc living it yu'.irseil. —Col. Charles A. Lindbergh. •* T - * Under our present (oim of ctliic.itian I tiui led lo the conclusion that as individuals Americans iire ureal men. but. collectively we arc a failure. —Dr. George Crile. Cleveland surgeon. * » * A U'.nn can to a. genius at 55 as »e!l as a fcol al 90. —Joseph M. Sch'juck, lilsn |:r=cluc:r. * * i Fifty years from now, when lliey mention the name of Koosavclt. it will be asked. ••\Vliicn RcGM.'vcll. Ihc 100 per cent Ameviran Iloosc- vi'lt 1:1 the 3.2 per cent beer K"<isrvcK?" — Ur. Clarence True Wilson. * * * The lilac'.' to study art is In tin- an schools, not in the night clubs. —Ji:d;e Hals-ted. creaEiugly important problem. THE SIAMESE BELIEVE THAT THERE ARE NO MALE GIBBONS! THE CALL OF THE GIBBON SOUMDS LIKE THE SIAMESE VA3P.O FOR V VAATE," AND THE NATIVES 1AV THE ANIA\ALS ARC CALLING FOR. MATES/ FIREFLY IS NOT . AND A GLOW-WORM IS NOT A WORM 60TH ARE \Vcmcn l-'rc; t-.i G:\mr The Siamese say lhat the first giteon was v. younj Siamese I woman wbo. v ith the assistance cl h:: 1 joiithful love: 1 , killed her COKVALLIS, Wash. (UP' A | aged and u»ly tu:sl;and. and then ll«l ID Hi: fore.-'t wiih Ihe' young 'iirran. Avenging spirits cau^I' m'7r"'*Tu: "'"'d u 'rn:d llic woman inlo a ,'rcak for (he women! At all fcol-1 Avenijins spirits cauj;in ilicm, However, slew Ihc ymitn, '.'all games O:r"/on Stale CullegO; ______ Ifiyr: here Ihn year, v.oi :r admitted free. Tile move wno! as ;i panacea for depress-on , NEXT: llniv im:di lursi-r K thr suir bl' llian the '-tnt poL-kctl.-ocks of tootball fans! —. __ .'ho can't a Rend lo Uikc their Lest: A hoy's voice "break.-," bejausnlhe vcrcil cords ar; tills. ; his volCt-box increases in s:zc aiuib:iuyin^ ilie deeper u m:t:i.N IIIUIL: IIIDAT JI3\% IVAIMM;. incur Mutl'l'lllt ulrl. :MII| IIOII Wi:SIO.V «i>li of n ilVniiihK iin.l full in love. Thr rj- m'llicc |irn^rrK»ca h:ippil7 until Jnnn null Hoi. nrr invirril to a [dale up for me, anyway?" | Bel someone else to conic in lo Ilie "\Vliy didn't you beg off llicii? ] apartment. And 1'al would have to You inlKht have said your tiance flnil u job. 10 YF.ARS AGO Pinm thi- files of Hie U.illy Courier he fact thai 'more women ha'.c been dying of iliubctcs irmii men.! The ilcalh rales for men and v:o- ] ncn were about the same until; ibout 1005. Then the rate ainonL; i ifomeii begai^ lo vise more, rap- lily.-BO'tlml by 1932 about, -twice j is many women as men died uf, diabetes. | Sound conciusions regavrtin^ dia- j betes, however, cannot be drawn, because insulin was Introduced around 1M3, and diagnosis has be- __ come more frequent. '• , . . | WcdnrvJay. on. ".l, i»:e:;. A nan of Ihc .reason for the 1 Tni-Miay :;;<;:nuiy tl-.c Ixjaid cf greater number of cases fonnd cdncaiion run at the sclmcil aiul <\mong v-nmen in recent ycnrs has aKiimmcrc: il-i:.t thr schools would been the mprovcmcnt in dintmosis| close with liu- day In remain and Ihe fact that women'are be-': cd until t':iui:ves suffirirnl 10 mrct ing examined more frequently and tl:e nccei-sa:y expenses_ arc cimr- rcaularly tlian tlicy were in an anlced. | carl-%: day. j ' A cj,,,,,;;!,..,: i !: , s u-cn launched Not nM the i«?0|)le who hayel 10 rai ,,. bj public subscription the nlftbetes Ret an early diagnosis. ].(.co;.=avv inr,ney. The follwiiK! Hie condition apiwar.s insidiously. | 1!lv " c .,j ; .,. :(1 ) V - piciigcd Ihrinsrlves ind Ihc symptoms arc relatively [() rav Lll( , n:nou;Hs° sc', after (heir mild in tiic early slaijes. More-' namc .j r;lc ;, m or.ih of thf school over, a laboratory examination is ve;11 .. C i,; c ., so Mm nn[i Lumber required to make a posilive diag-j Cn s:t :n.^33 : Blylhevilli- Cor.ipr.'^ nos!s . iar.d Warclviu.'.o Co.. S17S: Har as- This .and tl'.r fact thai uusrirrn j run!l! i,, n . sno: Mahan Stoiv Co.. National bank. Farmers unk and 'rrusi Co.. Peoples bank. • Cotton Co.. Kn Kl:«n. S15T each: I. Hos;n- ricase iu diabetes as round in \vo- j , Il .,| i Be:•;i^ Store Co.. S12S :ach-, men. I Kleri:brr-: Cotton Co.. Clyir' Hob* * ' lunon. A. M. Hull. Jw Isaacs. F. A. An inlc-rr-Mlng change b:j-.i B lit Robinson. Browne and Billu: nhont by llic 1150 of insulin m, c uobinsoi: 1 umhcr Co Slto relationship to diabetes := the j Jcc Mc. vcr:: . v.r.,. j. o. S'.n manner in which death ncr'.ir.v i; ; ,ur.or:ti Cuo-.'-v S'iO each. In an . earlier day. iicoph- who, ' . »> IIAIIIIAHA lic'T, r«llllTM-:V. hrr- Mi-mi"liilr I'A'F- was lu tiwa. Or that you \vcro sick." "Tried it." Pal said trimly, "but it didn't work. I liad a feeling something was up wbcu I walked blic located tbe cheaper place \villicjut Iroublc — ;i fairly lar^e room ivilli a cnhby-liole and gaa jilalo where ylio tould prepare her local The two windov/s would b<i Pir into Uiat office mid saw tbis old j a omiforl and WAniXo. [ c n ow ivaiHiii; in '.he next room. I many oilier defects ajpl A", i "" " v So I said lo Mr. Livinstlou 'I hope : ficiencic:;, I'.u decided. Tlicre wcro F<miu-:sTi:n. i«f rarnrt.iskineii. CVCI .j. t i 1 j ag was r ,n right Ibis alter-j faded ciinaiiis :it llic windows, a n'V»'3"hi!Mc'.n"/ J'^Vic^r "»™ noon. It aiiytbihs wa 3 : ;.»rona, : fciduJ ni B and mismatched fi.rnl- you'll have to excuse mo because ' lure, bin llic t'laco was clean and I've been feeling ill all day.'" [it waj at llic rear of lite Imihllug. "I call that smooth," Lois said, j'l'hat was desirable because it mado • "Well, he just smiled, Lois, and j it iiuieler. 'I didn't ur licr IjrB>ns n rti-nrirli 1|U«J for II l»li arc nppearini; more frequently in j.-,,..,, inm'Stry and similar occupations D rccinirint; physical cxaniinaUons.' likely explains some of thr in- nK .ilipi'lirs ill nr«s- |>:i|irr«. Lhil.'n TntliiT rtnlj* almllt ihe utcldam unil iisli* Hob lu cive •up Jonn. « I'nt rum a\var 1o New York. J<i:in fnllnMi uijd islrr nnrt 111 rnnbk tivr (11 rrninln in \i-w V'jrk. Stic l» CDKn^ed '" hitiir :it n niclit cluTi uivurj by 11AHNKY EILAlii:. vrho urovc» a • IciiiUaaf irlrnil. l*;it t* hirnl n^ II umilD] In n Inrtn- tvhirli'.nulr hdllxi:. She-ivrilrH :.i lirr inulhcr Jiu: ilue* nul cii c livr ni!ilrr»». At Ilir cloic or "lir^- lii^ hiinrs line nflcrtinnn ahe r«- 4-rIvi-^ ivoril lo riMiorl lo tnc .MIW liO OX WITH TUB STOI1Y CHAPTER XXIII |T V.'AS a little before 10 b'clock " tliat ivcnins when I.ols Clayton, said, nolice anythius I " l4S-V|OT nervous, are yon .loan?" r ' i ^ li.v.UslaHt.'. Uavncy was smll- wrong. I tlioiisht you looked swell ; in tho wliilc evening Brentford, one of our test cus-;,,,, , Iuvvn . u |u , r tomcrs. llionsht FO too.' Then fce j ., Jl|3t a , jtl]c ., ilo;1 ., conicss,,,!. went on about how ho was sure I ,. Xo 1]wl] Vou .,, Ko over al | I was goii.g la prove in.vBclt a val- rj ,.|, l .. Mc Kn ., ..miiing. pleased uahlc cmiiloye and before long j . M) 1|C , a| , ; , can ,,, cc . C0 nlii)ent, nl- he'd have to spea 1 .: tj tho cashier; ,. c . (r]; . j.. iivol . iug K ,i CCC 3.>. Ilu reached about a llttlo raise. And some ; furn .' ar(Jj cal , Khl lu . r ham i 3 In lili more hokum about cxpeclins co- al][1 p-,u c ,] tliem rcus'uriiisly. oporalion from oil Uic emuloyes | , f|]Cy wc ,. c | !nni ,,y ami Joan uow. and how we were ail like Cue bi;r [n | family. Then lie said this llreni- | r} ' A ulio sliared tlio tiny aparnnent j fur( j w;ln ( C ,i to rim out fur dinner ' ^:Lh I'm. heard the latch key In . ulu j ;l 5 [ 10W a ud be hne-.v he could j' the hall door. 1'at enlered, her eyes i joimt on :ue to entertain such « ' week acquaintance had I into an almodl unlrtjiicvable There huO bc^-n j-.cveral dinners » 1 UUli \VAY 0-v* .' •"'• lf,L p .--, . .. -v. ,'»//. i ^r '•••" -j "-1-, -•• ^^^j^^W^^r> '^/w\ . led of. diabetes used to M 0! i,i; lV snoiiiini; live miica oma-a form ol ol Mlllli]; , ,„ ;ll( , Fccl i OI , known Inch rcsiiUcd from chiimcal ,, s !lu , FUxKhvav. several Manila aanges in • the b«ly. 'loda'j -the ],,,, U( . rs ,;>,„, rn-.d killed n hie black cause .f r .,,;,],. | ;c; , v u-ciiihini: -ICO pounds. |Loii Williams iircd the firs', sl'.ol. nmbrr of duatlis from U as decreased greatly. For instance, from I!KH) -." \n< K number of diabetic death- due coma ('lipped 50 im- cem At nc same time Ihciv was a HM- of bout 33 per cent in tile d'-:uhs rom tl i a b e I e s as-sociatni with liangcs ill the heart, tile c;rcida- ion. Ihe kidneys aiul with gan- rene. Persons wlio havi- di;il)..-i iiiich longer nowadays thai: Ihoscl ol former year?. As a mabelic ives longer, he dies of c;':i r conditions. H nm^t Ix 1 iT.ilired T'/.I^ person who rim'lops' diabeU'- Sias a Yhhfr /^nrcrr mykQi^S Neal Oaz/ell ami Miss Alice Gilliam spent Wi-dnesday in Memphis. Cirid Kr.Dlliin? Cinh I'rtrnird McI'IU-:KSOS. Kansas lUl'i—A "KnotlioV Cinb" fur voiin'.'Hrrs up to (he MXlli p-atii 1 hn 1 - irx'll or- l am/c(i lien- l«j ciiminaU 1 - cat- ti.i-shing" at eollr^c fociiiall 'tames by memlvts of Ihe yc'.mger encia'ion. 1'cr Jiv? i-'iits. a tag vied, seed f-r arin-.K-icn. Pat said. "V.'alktd oat on him?" EP.sned. "Oh. IMi:" "l'i:a.'3 what I said." "You'll probably be Iircd." "I thought ot that, too." "Gooil heavens. Pat," t.ois Paid snbcrly, "couldn't you have stayed ' Jiiit an hoar or so looser'.'" j "Xo." said. "I couldn't. Not' tor .1 hundred jobs, lie go: fresli." Her face llameil suddenly. "Oh. Luis, lie Iricd lo kiss me in the taxi: lie called me 'sirlie.' aad thuuslil 1 was Blalling wlicn 11 pnllcil away." 'The old sap;" said . jcocd scout, after ;iii. an wont ^j.,,,,,,,,.. nllll Joail hncw E i 1(! W!1J * K i tell. Maybe he's so vaiu he'll be ; }l .~ wltr - accMf ,. O j u. i !arl!Cy jnshamccl lolcll your bUbSbedldnl liktd ][cr _ s]|( , „,.,,,, lli .. Tliat !m;ikc a hit with yon." j nas c ,, 0 ,^i,. His interest, hia dc- !m;ikc a hit with yon. I "Maybe." But I'.U s lone was His interest, his dc- i votion, if she were lioncat. vax doubtful. ! spicing Hie days fur bcr a',a bad Kothing unusual happened dnr- . i, ct . gmc ;i u ;niehijr : u Ihc srcM city ing the next morniim-. 1'at became ' w i,,. ro the had h-.-cu s') nni:U.rabiy more liupcful :ia ll:e customary, i 01]C | v . ilil|( .. IiroBro!sSC( i. Lunch hour i She had lohl liarnc-y ;iljou-L P.*. came and slill llicre were no signs : _ ] " iu | ( , , us , V:it wlm w:i ot .1 slorm brewing. Hut a lillle !. later Jane drew I'at lo one aide. I The look on her face warned thai ! i trouble workil.-, on Ulc way. some queer idea of uoikum uui her own prohlenu unaided. Sim bad (old him uf Hie Iragic acciiieut tliat had sfiit P;il. heartsick ami be- il Inhl nlslil?" ; wildercd, out inlo Iho world. (Afsners on link l'a;c) 'October ; Treaty oF Westphalia s$n ,61= People c^West Virginia vobeto form ne^v 5ta.te. "Report slump in crime industry as two move 6aj leaders an? L ' been an opportunity lo juslity her-; Eu!f. tliongh she had not analyzed il tn Ihai way. "I couldn't have Icr-of-fael 1'nl lo rcjort to eiiL-ti looked myself in the face If I'd gunc to a place like llial lo save my lul)." I'al llioushl. "Wlial in the world did sou do?" Lois rtucricd. I'at laughed. "Well, when ho stepped out of Ihe taxi to Uic side- ; walk I made up my mind I ! wouldn't get oul. 'I tlaunncO the; abruptly. j j mn wa= lo appear In Iwo uuni- "Well, y»u cost the frin a nice I b c rs toiiiabl- I'irsl as •> tailur lad. order. Ami nice orders aixu't | wearing btiff ducka and ;t Jauu;y picked up very otlcu these days, j t:lp . ]„ the oilier, a lilting (Jyp;y , Urcnlfoiil ca u eel led cvcrythins. j sons, she would be co<luiiicil in gay ; You hiivcii'l a chance to slay. Any-. rc( i al ,j yellow satin with ;i stjrf .ling in iighlT' i aroanrl her ucafl. I'al tbook her hcaJ. "Duly Ma!- ; Tbo crowd outside al Hie lahics i ligau s'lcws for awhile" ; was uniisually lart,r>. A jou::; ""I'lii sorry, I'al." Admiration and pianlf.t. billed as the "Southern Syuco[ialor," iilaycJ fu'bt. Tha door and said lo the driver 'Drive , - -^^ ^^ , n ^^ cvcs ou plcatc.' 1 Ibiuli be «as to as-:'.' . lvingKtou told me Co ask you Banjo IJoyi. ohl faiurilej. gave a tonlshcd Uiat Ho sinned llio car.^ 1 ;;^ Ly l))e cat ], icr ., llc . k this j modern inlcr|,rctati«n „! operatic selections and Bca, who had al- "Tbauks. Jane." IC;1 '1>* ilanctil her May Into' tlie Well, lhat was thai. Al live 1'at :uvclopc. Inside we lOlll^liCU tlliU IIV E-l..lll^u n.u tu> . .J, without llilnklng. Tliank gowlocss, | ° h "J' ,. 1 ha.1 enough lo pay ibo taji bill! i afternoon. I wish you could have seen Mr. Brentford standing there with his mouth open, liko a surprised old "Gosh, I'at. I'm alralO il will cost you your ]ob." M t NVWAY," I'at tail!. "I'm gladl .ip bills, her salary to date, and a Uriel memorandum attacked: "After todsy your services will nut hearts ol the Jigsaw palrous, hail be needed." 1'al read H lakcu her cncorc3 and returned."All right, Joan!" Barney told her. lie looked culled aud eotno of that excitement was commtj' il- IcatcO lo her. He waa countlni oti 1 into • her, Ltlicvins in berl smile about her moulli, reached up 1 A sllin girl In the wl)ll« « n| l O ' ul) ...... - ------ - ca?t-juic. ,1 E.illor cap on ouc »!<!»

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