The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1935 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 9, 1935
Page 5
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SATURDAY, MARCH 9, 1935 BLmiEVILLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate JKI- Hue for consecu- livo Insertions: ! 'Vs, (Five average woifls^o, n Hue) One time per line lOc Two limes iier line per day ,. 08o Three times per line per day .. 06c Six Umcs per line per day .. 05c Month rate per Uur, 6Cc Minimum charge 5Qc Ads ordered ior three or six times,and stopped before expiration will be charged tor the number of times the ad apiwared un<J adjustment of bill made, All Ciasslflco. Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside of the city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may easily computed from above taole. No ruponBlbllliy will be taken for more than one incorrect, insertion of any classified ad. Advertising ordered for irregular insertions take tlio one time raw. PHILLIPS' UStD CARS USED CAR BARGAINS In Excellent Condition and 1'riccil Low DOWN '30 1'OKU CABRIOLET § 82 '31 CHEVROLET COl'i'E, Rumble Seat S VI. '32 FORD VICTORIA $101 'W. CHEVROLET COACH .... Silt) '3S FORD TUUOB ....'...... :?1S2 'K CHEVROLET COACH .. 510) '34 VOK1) COXJI'E ?169 '•Ji CHEVROLET COUCE ... ?150 '31 FORD TUDOK SEDAN .. 515!) '31 CHEVROLET rlCK-UT .. S135 '31 FORD PICK-UP SH Miliiy Jlorc III Our Lot PHILLIPS' USED CM LOT Corner \vamut & First Sis, I'Uouc 813 Business Directory Springl jlimc Is the Time to ' Remodel and Improve Your 'Farm Properly TALK WITH US ABOUT FENCING - noOF'ING WATER SYSTEMS 1'LUMBINCr - PAINT HUBBARD HDW. CO, BEE HIVE ALFALFA, AI.L KINDS & GARDEN- HIGHEST QUALITY Oberst Store Co. Remodel Your Home With a genuine RUIIBEROID It OOF 5% Interest, 3 Years to Pay East Arkansas Builders Supply Co. Phone 29 Our Complete Line of Builders Material & Glass of All Kinds Is Our Specialty. Farm Wagon & Mule Disc For Sale Cheap. JESSEWEBB Lumber Co. W. Main a I Cotton Belt R. R. Phono 215. Phono 100 E. C. Robinson Lbv. Co. For information On Floor Finishing or New Floors over Old HEADQUARTERS Feeds, Seeds Coal & Wood Exclusive Agents rot ' the original genuine Montavallo Coal We aLso sell Brillnmt, Ark. Antnrackic, Illinois and Kentucky Coals. I'lionc VCt WONDER CITY COAL CO. Why Buy Coal From Us? 1—30 years In business. 2—Quality of coal handled. 3—Prompt service. 4—Courteous treatment, a—You (jet all you pay tor. yuumj uroup" oistnouted by Gay & Billings ' Cual Is lilack But I Trt'at You UIilu-, l-m Up Now JOHN UUUIUNAN - I'HON'li 1U7 Personal HICK'S CAI'K street from Kress — Pig Fish or steak Sandwiches lOc. __ JM 11 _ Clubs | Filling Stations Silver Moon Nighl Club 2Vi miles north state line Highway Cl Dancing Eacli Night Excellent music Dances Perfectly Conducted 50c Couple NKW OUCHESTKA AT CKESCENT NIGHT CLUB Joe Lcl iiner and liis Missouri Colton Tickers Bisei'st & Host « piece orclieslru Uctwcin Memphis & 81. Louis STOP AT iMRRY BAILEY'S Km O/iHOLlNE & other needs for the car; C1OAKETTES, low tux, I'HESH CUAL'PE A: oilier Bowl fouils iu our IMNCINC; liviiity NIGHT All (or 50c Couple milts north Arkansas-Missouri 5 miles north Ark-Mo line on Highway til at Holland \iiiiK ran FRYERS, land Red SliTTINCi EDGS. Ward's store, 1U-H CHIckiisiiwbii, Open Day & Night Oldest station at Missouri state line. Hcai Estate roil SAI. V03 and 703 South - room House, $200 H room House, 5'JOO Or will so): toll! »nd lot for ?000 I'liuiii! lilt) .. . K. i), l r or Kent FOH SALE Suburban cottage with 1 acre or more ground on clear Luko cad. graveled, shade trees. I'rlc- from $050 for Call 277-W. W. GOOD 4-ROOM HOUSE with two Now is Ihe time to take PELLAGRA! 18> nt >mtl I niile West of ivioorc medicine. You can nnd me nt'"""" """" 116 West Sycamore street, near Blythcvllle Laundry. II. C. Camp- iKll. ai-pk-28 Ihqmas Laud Co. SALE acie nll( ' " rool » residence; pretty pecan and trull trees iuros. store. House Is wired lorl 011 snivel iidjolntni; Blythcvllle uuilioiisea in good confll- t>ric<! d for quick snlu'. si.Otiil .-.•"»i".. — .- .._._- Sllttl CASil - - ?IO MONTllliV Ihomas Land Co. BUY FURN1TORE NOW PAY THIS PALL Gel Our Terms HUlUlAlil) FURN1TURK CO. Eggs, Poultry CASH, prices jmld lor I'OUblKY is EOGS Lowest OASil prices on hlglicst !|iiiuliy j'wu, acctt & Coul. l-'(\l!Mlill!) CASH !'>:K1> fi SEKl) CIO. I'HONU 1ST We puy highest, ciisli price for nil kinds oi poultry. End of pnve- nein, K. Mnui. B. T, WORTHY HIGHEST MARKET. I'lUOKS pniu oi- nil Kinds ot poultry ni MB- muis uui. , 1UOI3 & 11SHER Furniture W/\NTliD~l!iid Hiuirt DOCK HAVIS, -100 li. MAIN Popcorn Mnchlim l-\>r Sale - 5115 BUY rOKNITURE NOW PAY THIS FALL,- Qcl Our Terms HULHIAKU FUUNU'imE .CO. New Beauty 'School opening in Blythcvllle, If yon arc interested In enrolling write "Mre. x" euro Courier News, at once. NEGRO family wante to sharccrop next year. Two men and woman in family. Excellent recommendation. George Smiln, 1709 Hearn St., uddinon. 3 room FURNISHED apartment & •I room HOUSE. Mrs. Wyalt Hen- Icy, call [)35-W. For All Shoe Repairing WE CAN MAKE THOSE SHOES GOOD ENOUGH FOR TSiE REST OP THE BAD WEATHER. Progressive Shoe Shop 103 S. 2nd Street . - tion. Ksccllcnt, place to raise poul- tiy. See T. H. Van Diljbci', HI Kile Wicc Grocery. Plionc 2 FURNISHED 2-room iipurlnimi CHEAP. 1 week Inc. on Hearn. 7-ck-l2 Koi- Sale: Sinnll Piivni, -1 miles from Blythcvlllo on llgwy 01. E. J. Jlcaion. ' • •••-• ll'-ck-'J-ia . Wanted 3 Nicely Furnished lioiirci if desired. Mrs. Wood, 120 uoiigan, Phone 783-J. FURNISHED Apartment, 108 West Kentucky. Plionc 583. 5p k!2 Automotive GAKACE Garland M. Morgan Auto repairing—"V-8" bcrvico i'or Reiisonahle Prices Phone 420 Yarbro road near Morgan Utilities -F OB BATTERY SERVICE Ben Clune 201 W. Asli—-Plionc 8. Special prices on Auto Accessories, Tires and Tubes. Guaranteed Batteries $3.95. Auto Tops & Biae- curtains $1.50 up. Alcohol 75c gal. Car heaters Jl.50 up. Cylinder Heads, Floor ilats. Scrap iron metal in demand WOLF ARIAN - - 128 E. Main AUTO GLASS AKK-MO LUMBER CO. PHONE 40 The Farmer Needs We have a large supply of Mississippi county's best Middle Breakers and Cultivators. Moline & Avery Let us demonstrate the accur- j acy of 'Duplex Hoppers on our Planters. We also carry Shares to nfc All Flows. Harness Complete outfitters for Horses and Mules. Large Stock of Bulk Garden Seed, Field Seed & Flower Bulbs. Our Price is Right, our Quality Right, We Treat You Right. Stop in and ECC if this is RIGHT. PAULBYRIJM 120 i;. Alain St. HARPER AUTO SERVICE BATTERIES Sturltra and Gciieralors Cay, Oil ;md Ti'rcs Aulo 1'arls and AccE6borirs Phone 308 for Roail Service Main & Lake Sis, "Garayc Man 1 ' We have a complete stock of . TooU:, Special Wrenches. «tc. When you get a chance Come around and loot them over. Hubbuvd Tire & Ballery / Company SENSATIONAL SUMMER SUITS Sanforized Tropicals, Wash Fiili- rius. Sell on sight _?G.45 — $8.75. You make $1.25 up. FREE outfit. Dent. A93, Glen Park, 9 West 20th, New York. WELDING & MACHINE WORK Blytheville Machine Wks. 2ND &, ASH—PHONE 808 Jack Finley Robinson Sells Westinghouse Refrigerators & Fai'm Light Plants 5 Year-Guarantee - 3-Years to Pay Call 350 COPPER WEATHER STBIP Saves fuel at anaii cost Arkmo Lumber Co. Cash Feed Store Field Seed - Garden Seed Flour and Meiil I'urina Fccci Higltcsl Cash Prices 1'aid l''or Poultry and Jtlggs 112 B. Main - - Phone 154 Cobb Undertaking Co., Inc QUALITY M1BULANUE Fhono 26 ' Wanted To Buy KOOli CIGAIlETIE Will pay Ic each. COURIER NEWS. Brine to S CO-ITON' HEED. COEN 'AtTiT COTTON. GOOD PLANTING C01TON KKED I'OR SAU' We Ui for iicsl 1'itas Harold Slern'jerg ut STf B.VBEKG COTTO.V (J(j. IMS UCENau lor .1 ton Initfc Af. kaiiias No. a30-S7a. Owner may liave iatne by calling at Oo m -[ el - QlTice and [laying oliatges. KEY RING \vlthUwo keys on 11 one a peculiar pimped key with 5806 on it. Owner- may have same by paying charges. D. R, Hall fell T'lul, Ark., Cobblestone Contractor and Builder. Rocks furnished II - desired. Fainting ana Papcrhanglng Auto Fainting - . Furniture Reunlshlng All Work Guaranteed. Freeman & Wheat Phone 749 tor Estimates FOR BEAUXli'Ui.' riiO'uxvo RENT CUR PLOOn SANDER ARKMO LUMBER CO. BUX FUHNITURE NOW PAY THIS FAU. Get Our Terms UUUBAllJJ KURNlTUKi; C'O. Lost All white SPITZ bull pup, 4 nioiillis old. REWARD. Call "116 or 993-W. 7-pk-U Salesmen Wanted BRICK STORE KUUM 25 x HO located on Main street same iilocit Farmers Dank. Now occupied. IMMEDIATE POSSESSION if desired. Address '"Box'A" I Courier News. A HOMK in exchange lor. liousc- education, good references, can earn lor children, seiv, coak and ctL't as waitress, will be glnd to do any Baby Chicks BABY CHICKS ALL VARIETIES Hatching Done for Ihc Public MAIUM'N HATCHERY Blythcvlllo, Ark. . Hntclicry Code No, 80 Cleaners, Tailors HI'UINU CLUAN 01' Hulls Cleaned & I'vcsscd .. work with 3 houvs oil dally so llmt I mny study. Address "W" Courier News. Dresses 150 Hudson Tailor Shop Telephone 53 COMMISSIONER'S SAU; Pursuant-to a decree of the Own- WANTEU-L.ruudry Work.^ousb X™ ° 0 \ ^^^^ S, ™ ™"i;!2 M '-5i* f»' n ^ !-«•««'«. H. E.' J iitS-STi TWO UNFURNISHED ROOMS, close in. Cull 2-10. -Ic-kB block; • llionce runulns cast- wardly, wllli the soulh line of Owls Avenue, V2.C lect; tlicncc jsouiliwnrdly, parallel wllli 'Klret Street, 145 feet; Ihcnc'o west-' ' wardly, imifillol wllli b;ivls Avenue 45 [ect; Ihoncc south- wardly, parallel with First Street, 5 [eel; thence westward- ly, panillcl with Davis Avenue, 2714 feet; Ihcnce northwardly 150 feet to llic point of Iii'uln- nine. Tlio purchaser at snld tm|« will be required to give bond ivlih tip- irovcd security lo secure Ihc pay- iient of ills bid, nnd n lien will be retained upun the properly there- for. Dated Hits elh day or March, 1931. H. [,. OA1NES, Commissioner In Chancery. Held, Emird & Henderson, Attorneys lor PinlnlllT. 8-)(l NOTICI! OI' 1 TKUSTKli'S SM.K Under authority vested In l|io undersigned by u trust deed executed by James A, Lcdbcttcr and Evcrlne Belle Lcrlbellcr, Ills wife, to tl as trustee lor Liberty Trust Company, dated November 9tli, 1921, nnd recorded in Book "R-l," jNii'i! 512, a! the records .of Hie Chlckusawba District or Mlsslsslp- l>l County, Arkansas (ami assigned or record lo John Hancock Mutual Lire Insurance Company), default having . been made in the payment- or n'pbrllotv or the Indebtedness- secured by said trusi deed and John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company towing declared nil o[ said iiVdebtcdncsu due mill requested this talc. Hie imderslancd will on TUESDAY, MARCH 1STH, 1935, within legal hours, sell at public outcry lo llio highest. bidder for cosli, at the front door or till! Court House In Blyihcvlllc, Arkansas, the following described real estate sKunlcir In the Chlckasawbn District ot Mississippi County, Arkansas, to-wll:— West Halt or Section Nine, Township 1'owtoeh North, Range Ten East," containing 320 acres, more or less; ' lo pay the debt secured by .said trust deed and tlic costs of executing this trust. This February 2ist, 1935. KANSAS OITi' TITLE & TRUST COMPANY, Trustee, By John Henry Smith,' President. be required'to give bond wllh approved security' to'Kcure Iho payment of his bid, nnd ft Hen .\\lll tf reliUrica upon the there-' Dated Hits ail! day 'of 1035. • 'R. L. GA/NBS Commissioner In ohnncciy.' Held, Evrard & Henderson, Ulyhcvllle, Arkansas, Attorneys lor Plaintiff, o.jjj Oregon Offers Course In Farm Accounting SALIJM, Ore. (UP)-Oiogou 1s leaching Us farmers haw to keen their books. in each county tlic'agri- cultural ngciits arc holding free mccllngs at which Ihc fundament* als of record keeping and account"S we outlined. Special Instiuc- lon Is also given r or different branches of agriculture Not only arc ih c farmers benc- flltlnu from belter bookkeeping but bDTVCVJi r>f ffiTitt t\i'ft,i,,~t i-.. ^..*, of fa. Incomes will ba produodon nnil advanced, ci|Kcl- ally in .the more complicated brunches of Ihc AAA prosiaiiis. Head Courier News Want A<(s. 405 N. Broadway'. 23-ck-lf 1 slrecl FRONT bed rcom, steam heat, hot bath, garage. Phone 5GO. 30-ck-lf l"or Sale •1 or 5 MILCH COWS. Ira Help Wanted Ladies, copy names, addresses, Tor mail order firms. Good )xiy. Experience unnecessary, no canvass- int,'. Write; ElaiDjx'U envelope, United • Advertising. 111-1 DeKalU Avenue, Brooklyn, N. \ r . BOOTS^ ANP 197 muj> furnished Ai j AUTMt;NJ' -1 "» <> H*^JLI nnui^ii kjuw^. mi with good heating system. Phone 1 IC001!CC . -I »»'cs south on Highway 17 nr fi7I ti' ~ i r (11. • o .•,!- i'j lli-c-tf Hotels Peabody Hotel 111',!: E. Main St. Steam heat and hot water. Rooms Site, 75u and 51. SPECIAL WISKKLY KATlvS Room and Board UNUSKD black BHIEP CASE, size K x cowhide Hi. Otilli Five passengcj- Packard sedan car with less than 30,000 miles on it, in goad running condition, 1935 license. Will sell cheap or trade for good span ot mules. J. w. Under. ---"I "^*., .iv I lit lIUliLr VIUU1 Ul 'he court house at Dlytlicvlllc, ArV- UIMSUS, to fiic highest bidder, upon u credit o; three nioiilJis, the following described properly, to-wii- Tlio ciisL half of lot 7 in block 9, of Ihc Davis Third Addition (o the city of Blythe- villc, Arkansas; and n strip of land « Ijy H5 feet iidjolnlng Ui c snino on I lie cast, the whole (met to lie sold being described ;is follows, lo-wit: BeBinnins at a point in llio south Hue or Davis Avenue at Ihc ccnlcr of said lot 7. said beginning ]>oint b&- 1HB.27 1 ,!! feet cast of the north- cuiil corner of lot 8 of said . HALii Pursuant lo a decree of the Chancery Court, of.lhis county, rendered in the case of Realty Purchase Cor- porallo'.i, ct-al vs. Fred S. Sallba, ct-al, i xvili, within lawful hours on March 30, IMS, sell, at the front door of the court lyjnso at Blythc- ville, Arkansas,.to llio hlghcs tbid- der, ii|)on n credit of Ihrco Dionllis, Ihc following described proiwrty, towll: Lots ten (10), and eleven (11), In block, two (2), .of tlic D.ivls Third Addition to 11)^ city of Blylhcville, Arkansas. The purchaser at snld sale will WJTH CHEAP GOAF, 11URN X {~* TJ* 1 / E\CCl3 •^, Hil^ \ All Others OR CO-I.BA-NOR ALABAMA RED ASH The World's Best COAL Holds Hro well, Almost Assess, Highest in Heat, Very Little or NO SOOT—START3 EASILY, Clean—No Sluck' You'll Likt U Introductory Dtecouot Per Ton Dolivcrcc Superior Coal Co, Phone 700 NO ARGUMENT! ^<K>,«>ECA06E SUES WORRvHO WASHTUBBS HO TIME. FOR'SIGHT SEBW6, PODNER. THIS A BUSINESS TRIP, HEX ', EASY, BUr '(WSTEADA-OON 1 I/" THE MEAW TH 1 PtACE^ , BY THESE OLD DUMPS, CO ULDJvJ'j RIPS' PAST TMfc- ACROPOLIS? THROW BOZOS TO TH f t-IOMS. ACL MV UP 6, PASSED, WELL, HERE WE ARE, AT THE HKSUI/roF A SEARCH! •V v;ELL JUMPINfi JUPITER •' I-'AMUSCO!DT THAT pep . I'.P ir '.VCCET j TO > •«£ I-MOVJ ABOUTI EWEC , VTUI>|C , ,/' j VMS V/tJfT|M G I ; TW.^^^' MY^""^^ k^ m \ ^S,f-.- &. mm i * v m

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