The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 25, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 25, 1950
Page 9
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THUHST5AT, MAT 25, 1950 Senate Considers Draft Law After House Okays 'Draftless Draft Bill' WASHINGTON, May 25. (#•>— The* life expectancy of the nation's draft machinery became the Senate's problem today, following overwhelming House approval of a two-year • standby selective service law. The measure which the House passed late yesterday by a 216 to 11 .vote would 'do little but keep the •••jfii'aft In readiness, so that the nation's youth would be registered and available if. needed. With an eye to the tense International situation, House members put up little resistance to the modified draft ext cn.slon. At '.he same time, they placed the National Security Resources Board on notice that they would like to see a total war mobilization plan as a companion to peacetime military registration. The present draft law expires June 24. The bill passed yesterday would continue the registration and classification of the 18-year-olds until 1{K>2, But actual inductions would be prohibited until Congress declared the existence of a national emergency. Reference in Russia Repealed references to Russian military power studded debate on the bill. Extension of the'drafL law * - RA urged to "buy time" in case of war. Rep. Gavin (R-Pa) told the Hmuse that "for the first time In its history, the United State-i Is In the front line* in time of peace." Vtnson declared "I hope it will never be necessary for Congress to paw a concurrent resolution declaring an emergency." The Situation Until that happens, this would b* the .situation under the House Obituaries J. S. Bryant Dies At Winchester James Shcppanl Bryant, a former Hlylhevillc farmer, died at the limnc if a daughter, Mrs. Chira Bell Haynes. at Winchester, near Pine Bluff, yesterday afternoon. His body Is beinu returned to Blytlieville for burial, but arrangements have not been completed. Mr. Bryant. 78, was married to Mrs. Mattie Bryant in 1002. but she died tn 1038. since llien he had made his home with his (laughter at Winchester. He and his wifn lived In Blylhevillc from 1914 lo 19:18. Survivors include his daughter; two sons. Howard Bryant of Blythe- villc and Wiley Hickmnn Bryant of Ferndale: and three brothers. Me) Bryant of Sikeston. Mo:. Billv Bryant, and D. Bryant of Paduca'h. Ky. Cobb Funeral Home Is to be In charge. 'fijK. Ooflicription remain* on the 2. Ths President in prevented from, mobilizing Industry or taking over plant* for defense purposes. I. Voluntary enlistments under Vwo years are banned, and 18- year-olds are barred altogether from volunteering. Th« bill also permits the President, when Congress finds, an emergency exists, to call all reserves to 21 months active duty immediately. R«**rves under J9 would be excused from this service at their own re- qurvt. jLightninq Kills Former Resident James Elmer Kirby, 58. formerly of fllytheville. died after being struck by lightning yesterday at Colorado Springs. Colo., and his body Is being returned to Blythe- vllle for burial. The arrangement.-; are to be under the direction of Cobb Funeral Home. ' Mr. Klrby was born at Lexington. Term., and hart been In Colorado Springs just about a year, having moved there from Blytheville. He is survived by his wife. Mrs. Ava Kirby; four sons, Harold and Tyrone Kirby of Colorado Springs, never Kirby of Hornersville, Mo., and A. G. Klrby of Monte Park, Calif.; a daughter, Mrs. Beatrice Pulton of Blytheville: and two BLYTIIEVILLE, (ARK.) COUIUKR NEWS PAGE NINB Clays Talk to 'Hold Berlin' Picketed and Heckled Strongly 1IEI.O ON ESPIONAGE CHAKGUS—Harry Gold (light) leaves Federal Building In Philadelphia aflcr being held In S100.000 bail on espionage charges which the government, said were based on Information supplied by Dr. Klaus Fuchs. Dr. Fuchs Is a former British atomic scienlist now serving 14 years In prison for passing atomic secrets lo Russia. Gold is accompanied by nn unidentified FBI agent (left) Mun In rear is nn elevator operator. CAP Wircphoto). AMERASIA brothers. Arch Kirby of Lexington and Henry Gunner, who lives In Mississippi; and a sister. Mrs. Minnie Burgess 01 Lexington. Continued from Page 1 raid with one of Its own. which also produced a lot of secret federal documents. As a result, six persons were arrested. They Included two State Department employes, career diplomat John S. Service and Emmanuel Larsen. and the editor of Amcrasla, Philip Jaffe. Jaffe and Larsen were fined on charges of conspiracy to obtain Illegal possession of government documents. Service was cleared and returned to.duty In the State Department. He and two others were nol indicted. The sixth case was dropped. The Amerasln case cropped vip anew last February when McCarthy accused Service of pro-Communist activities. Service has denied the charge. Senile Group Checki The upshot, was. however, that the Senate committee looking into McCarthy charges of communism In the government decided to review Phone 591 BUY NOW FOR LESS! BIG SUMMER COLLECTION OF STYLE-NEW RAYON SHEERS AND RAYON WASHABLE DRESSES AT A LOW... -he Amerasla case. ; Morgan said the committee sent nvestigator^ to talk to Donovan and Van Beuren "because we want lo know anything iml everything which will help cleaV up the mystery which surrounds this case." Also ves'.erday. tlte Senate Expenditures Committed voted 10 to 0 approval of a resolution calling for n. $25,000 inquiry Into federal employment of sexual I perverts. NEW YORK May 25. </!>)—Heck-* led aiid picketed Gen. Lucius I). Clay cast aside a prepared speech at an antl-C>mmunist "Hold Berlin" rally last night and issued a call to the peop'e of the German capital and n warning lo the Russians. To nerlln. the former American military governor in Germany said: You nave within yourselves the moral strength to slop any attempted uprising among the youths of Germany which would destroy freedom. Re pitient—the time of freedom is rising." A lone heckler disunited the rnlly afte'- police had routed 1.000 chniil- ing pickets outside. A loud murmur arose from Die audience as a young man began heckling Clay. Shouting Cnnllniirs lie eonttiiuod shouting above Ihe noise until two detectives escorted him out of the audllorlum. About 100 persons followed. Some of ttmsc who left the auditorium with hint cried "let him speak." Just, as Clay was about to begin his speech, the heckler miesllonod him on the issue of Mrs. Koch, wife of Ihe commandant of Ihe Nnx.i extermination cnmp at Buchcnwald. Koch arid Skin "How about Use Koch and human skin?" the heckler demanded of Clay, who had cut the woman's penalty lo four years after a inlli- tnry court had Imposed n life sentence. Mrs. Koch was accused of making lampshades from the skin of prls oners. Clay told the heckler: "I am never unwilling to give anybody his viewpoint on any question, but I nlso believe that any fair-minded American is willing to listen." ".lust a OI" The unidentified heckler, who told newsmen "I'm Just a plain OI," was Mrs. Cravens Dies -At Von Buren FORT SMITH. Ark., Mny 26. W —Mrs. Carolyn Dyal Cravens, 78, of Port Smith, widow of one former congressman and mother of another, died n t near by Van Buren last night. Mrs. Criuens' late husband,'Ben Cravens, of Fort Smith, was representative from Arkansas' fourth rtis- trict for twr terms. Their son, Padjo, served from the same district, retiring In 1943. Ucsldrs her son, Mrs. Cravens Is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Wil- llnm gads, Port Smith; four grandchildren nncl one great-grandchild Mrs. Cravens recently had beei! slnylng at the home of n friend at Van Biircn anil It was there she died Pimeral arrangements are Incomplete. BTythevific insurance Man Wins Sales Awards W. A. Carter of Blytheville. district manager of Ihe American United Life Insurance Co.. has been made a member of the company's Field Club and wilt receive a free Irlp to a national insurance convention this summer. The awards were given on the basis of the volume of policy snlc.i made by Mr. Carter. His trip will be to Mackinnc Island, Mijh., where he will stay at the Grand Hotel. Mr. Carter said he will leave (o- morrow for Purdue University to enroll In an advance course In insurance marketing. dold ore at Obuasi, African Oolit Coast, assays an ounce to th« ton. Livestock Rplter Process Elertric furnaces are used hi the making of highest nunltly steels since no outside Impurities are Introduced by a fuel and morn precise control of melting conditions Is possible. not- arrested.."This Is B Nazi meeting." he charged. The rally was sponsored by Common Cause, fnc.. an anti-Communist, organization. In his brief extemporaneous remarks after the disorder, he urged Berllncrs to repel the projected Communist youth demonstration this week-end with "moral courage." Clay warned "RnsslanB and Com- munlsls everywhere" against mistaking American patience for Indifference. NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. III., May 2S. (AP> — IUCD.M Hogs MOO; uneven; weights under 210 Ibs IS to 25 higher Mian Wednesday's average; heavier welchl.s and .•TOYS steady to 25 lilchcr; gnnd and choice 180-210 Ibs 20.00-25: lursrely 20.15 down wllli few early 1990; 250-270 Ibs 10,50-75; odd lots 270-300 Ibs 18.50-1950; 140-170 Ibs 18.00-19.15; 100-130 llxs 14,00-17.25; good nml choice sows 400 Ibs down 18.75-17.50; 410-500 Ibs I5.15-lfi.75; weights 14.75-15.50; stags 10,50-12.50. Cattle 1000; calves 1100; supply of cattle small: one load high sood and choice yearling steers 30.50 choice replacement steers 27.75; Rood heifers and mixed yearling! 28.00-29,50; cows dull; some sales about steady; few good cows 21.0023.00; common and medium bee rows 18.00-20.50; largely 18.50 up outliers ami cutters H.OO-18.CO. Poison Is Removed Tapioca comes from the cassava plant, which contains deadly hy drocyanlc acid. The heating proc ess ,isert In making tapioca kills thi poison. Another Young Lady Chooses Draught's Miss Ronnie Archer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. I,. Archer of Koxdyce, I s a graduate of I :hc K o r d y c e I High School, and i former Draug- | ion student. She now working I "or the General 1 Adjustment Hu- I reatt, Inc., Lit- I tie Rock. When Miss Archer entered [ Di'.nu(ihon School of llusitiess, she enrolled )• th« Secretarial course. Inhere sh« wu taught business as busineM M actually done; thus being thor- mighly qualified to comprehend the problems common t* lh» branch o( biisincs.1 employment^ Miss Archer immediately ieeur*d her present position. You, too, will find Draufho* School of Business, in Little Rock, an outstanding busine.w college. Its courses are comprehensivt and thorough, based upon the requirements of modern business concerns. Also, the Draughon School has a master faculty of trained experts who give each student th». best possible training in ill br.ijichcs of business. The Draughon School of Business is Hie only private famines* college in Arkansas that tt fully accredited and approved by th* Slate Department of Education. Now in its 40th year of continuous operation, it points with pridt i» more than 50,000 graduate*. If you desire information regarding business training, you arc invited to write DRAUGHO1?. SCHOOL, OF BUSINESS, LHtl«< Flock, Arkansas. There i< no eb-j Mention whatever on your part, f JUNIOR, MISSES AND HALF-SIZES Hop on Words big bandwagon of savings and gather a wnol« wardrobe of these top-notch styles! Whether you're off on a vacation or having fun at home. Summer calls for the coolest, prettiest dresses you can find. We have them here and now .. . airy sheers, crisp butcher and spun rayons in solid pastels or Summer-spirited prints. Every one a success style . . many, many washables included and all priced so that you can own teverol. Visit Wards tomorrow . . see these value-wise buys! tPRltfd FCVCH 7 Her,'. In, p«rer-fcilin(j cuf» — a Wet .f/ibS, wilh thol brilliant n,*- powir pJgnl, tin Fiffbeiling fake it out Beyond the BOULEVARDS Ahat's where the real fun is. Where the land stretches tree to the beckoning horizon, where the air is clear of city smoke and the highway's fumes, where a man and his family can really enjoy the pleasure a car can give. "But the roads," you say, "—aren't they pretty rough?" rp% Ihcy don't have to be paved to be pleasant. Not to a Buick owner. For here you've a car gifted with the special gentleness of soft coil springing nil around. A car stcnciy-kcclcd with a massive frame and rigid torque-tube. A car that quicksteps silkily over wash- boards and rutty gravel, gives wavy black-top a fluent buoyancy that dresses each mile in rest and relaxation, liven your mighty power plant- cradled against vibration and filtering its surge through Dynaflow Drive's* liquid cushioning if you like-even this is part of the picture. A part of the special feel of riding in a Buick—n feel we do not think is equaled anywhere else on the highway. 13tit why just go by that? As close as your Buick dealer there's a SPECIAL, n SuF-iiK or a ROADMASTKK that's itching to tell its own story —without any obligation on your part. Go try it—over the boulevards and out beyond them. Then price it, We're sure where you'll: spend the summer—having the time of your life in a Buick! Only BUICK has X>iffuiflow~ arjrf with it goes: roux-WAT FOHEFRONT 1 H,.\,.» ,oh.7».|,..rf p.,,, ;„ !(,,„ .„„;„„. fN .» -.,„ .„„,„, ;„ 3uf[ , „,„,,.,,., O. win, Muin.ouAto ,<,,./,„„/, ,, p ,,^,> ag i, .,„</«„, - JoM , ;.„ iolft /.,wo,J on rf bott • TRAffJC-HANDV SIZF, )„> ovor.oll (,n 9 lh for , o ,f.r porlmg -,</ sarojioB, ihori !„,„(„, ,,Ji u , . IXTH-WIDr SFATS ,,,dt,J b.l».,n If,, «(., . SOFT BUICK RIDl, from cJUoi/ p.,^i/.g. Sot t i r -K<l, ,;„,, ;„„.,,,.„„„ ,;,„, ,;d..,i lo j r ; n , ior qu ..M,. - wiot ARRAr OF Moons »M M, by Fill,*. WHATEVER YOUR PRICE RANGE r.r, i, j. rmoe, AK «, ( . 0 ,t. „.„ u^,, -,. LANGSTON-McWATERS BUICK CO. Walnut at Broadway Phone 555 ^ WHIN iuu« AutoMoiiiu AII igiu iuic« win miie TMIM

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