The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 24, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 24, 1933
Page 3
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TUESDAY, OCTOBER 21, Bl.YTHEVll.LE, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE <— Bright Lights Of New York Flash Dazzling Picture Sl.awnee School Will Hold Banquet and Ceremony Thursday Night. JOINKR, Ark. — AiTiintemeiils fire l.-tlr.g made at Shawnec Con- colidiUcti school (or (he entertainment of ISO at Oic ban- nil. I and ceremony Thursday eve i In. wlilcli «i!I dPilicalP l»'o new bul.dlngs, a home economics col- \3ff «n<l un mjricuHural builclm.. on Hi. ..liawiiee .cniniitis. .lie btmquel will be given In i :|ie stlnwl cafeteria tieeiiii-irrR at 7 o'clock Thursday ev.nin.: ami tlifi dedicatory exercises will follow MI hour lalt-r in ihf auili- j lorium. ' Comfressman W. J. Driver of C-reola will speak, as will E. 15. Matthews, stale supervisor of vocational agricultural education, and Miss Frances Bailey ot the stale home economic?; department. Tt)' 1 'w. :v-\: mii-illi-_!>. <--recte<l ih ; : M'imni>r c.f nalivi: mat--jals in un early Ami-rican rlyle of .•ifHlecnu--. »>•!• surpassed by no other such biiil'Jiiiss in the slate. M'cordir,' to iiKinteVs of Ihe slate of education. Tjisy ire equ.oped v.ii'n a very inod.rn !. cility for {hi 1 teaching of home c-conoi-iics and agriculture. Miss WilloUt-..-i McCadams is in .liarge of the licmc economics <Je- ^ parlment and H. Splci-r has for j .'pveral year.. Jirtctecl the uxricul- uiral wort:. F.rly boys are enrolled for agriculture study with 27 girls in tli- home economics department. P. T. A. News Friday nflortioon, Ihc Proceeds ot } mn ( . V |(), j.i r j. E . B . Woodson which BO lo HIP irmsiiry, j Fridoy fifumoon tor Din first, | ;n-el!ng of tile year. All . The Prc-Sfliool P,. T. A. will I moUiers are Invited to intend. Safe and sano Hallowe'en cnr- nlvnls nro plnnned by tlic Junior s!) find llio Rudli'.iry school... I The Junior high school event Is to bo held ni DIP nrmory In Iran festival spirit with entertainment 1 ; nt all kinds Tor litilh Mini's niul thllilri'i). 1.0.:. of l>ii«"> will also follUr. till' L'UIIIOS. The ev-iH ui the Suillmry school will liti hi'kl I he 'sami 1 . nlfihl, .Oo loljr-r 31. . In Hie junior high !'. T. A. nto worklii'i :il the Niiltomil Urokctw More Tuesday ftlld Wort- ni.iluy wlii-n live per cent o( llir SHIM will fa to" llir !'. T, A. Joe Klrbiin, iiii.wiv,.r. Ims nlso offered • ii [irl/i- of S2 LO ilie room who. 1 * 'sluHenls mid |i»rrnt.s |HirchuiM) the Bvenlt'.sl innoiiiu of merelmnillsi 1 I In Ilils t\.H ilnys. Baby Dies of Malaria Millions of lights flare out agalav. the- darkness when nly.ilfaU come* to N'ew York. A pnnoi.nmi of benuly ilia: leaves Die observer gasping ii outspread from Rockefeller Center, looking rouih, as In this striking photo, l.ibbons oC li'.hl-s mark tlu- brkle.s across East river 10 Brooklyn upper left Li-Ms glow from towers that seem to pie rce the sky. and rainbow-lined beams flash mill vai:lsh frail lens ol The skyscraper In the center with llijhicu shaft is the Empire State- b'.ill.Ilnij. Fur in inr dlstuncc. UPIXT sentinel guarding the metroi«lis. the Sta I tic of Liberty sli'-ds its Ix-acon rays over the h:iru>r. MIT. Ii. I,. Urndlty,- ii.cmlicr.lill> chiilrnlitn of Du 1 clly council., has iiskeil nil mi!iii).iTi<lit|> cluilnnen'lo i.-uinpli.'li- their drives by OClolJiT .0 si) Una full rrcdll' umv bu to- c.lvt'il lur ilii'M- new im'i'ubers. M tin- nitd'huc of Dip 1/miKfl school }•. T. A. Mrs. JPK.VJ Taylor spoke 0:1 ••Nutrition uml Foodr,," Mlw 1'iiuiees Llltli- enve n I'liirm solo mid the piesldent's me.sMiBi: wiis react. I'laus were made fur a I rumiimi-'t 1 suit 1 .HfUnrilixy,. Pluii. fov Die stute convention, to Ix 1 held in Hot Springs, NCryom- brr H. 15 and 10. were unwiunm! i>t a incclliiK of the Central Wrrd 1'. T. A. Miss Anna Miuute McCorvey, instructor of home eo- onomlcs In the senior liltih .school, .spoke on "Nutrition and Fowls" and Mrs. Tom Liltle read tlin pn:sUltnt's moi-ani'. UlM Mnr] Dutl&w's room won Ihu dollar for laniesl utti'iidance of moth- tliouhands of c-lcclric signs, right, like a James Hc*d. 15-montlis-old son! of Mr. und Mrs. R. C. Reed, dieil _.. of malarial fever at 7:30 o'clock 1 Sunday night, at the family home company was in charge of nr- south of Blytheville. " I "mgcmpnts. i-Mneral services were held Tre chflrt is survived by his par- Tuesday morning a. BaHv.-yn.jer.tb, on<: brother and one skier Miss., form.r home of the baby's, . ( parents. The . Cobb Undertaking 1 Read Courier News" Want .Ails. -.Cribbs. Tlie teachers of thir Suilbiu .'.hool had a "vanWilnif • party Cribbs Infant Dies Franklin D. Cribbs. eight months old ion of Mr. and fit one o'clock funday afternoon. Ftm.riii Ki;iTiti:s were iiekl Mon- • dty uficrncon ;,nd inlcrnii'iit ,1'iade at Number Nine cemetery. L. R."rhe L. O. Moss Undertaking coin- tirrai>s>-iiii' 'I In- tk'ccn .ed is .survived p;iienl:, -.MIC; fi\-: 1 sisters. A nev: se.rci German died at the" family home '• puny in charge of funeral, known us hydronalium. *1,000,000 can't buy a good stomach! So protect your digestion with CRISGO, the digestible tat! You've all heard the story of the millionaire, who. -• offered a fortune for a healthy stomach. Much good 1 it did him! People with good digestions want to keep them—that's why so many people are cooking with ' Crisco— the creamy digestible fat. Here's some samples of what women are saying about Crisco. Writes Mrs. R "I live on a farm, but use Crisco because it's more digestible!" And here speaks up a fine mother—"My famjly is better in health since I've used Crisco!" Crisco is made by Crisco's secret process which turns digestible oils into pure creamy digestible Crisco! Crisco is'light—and as sweet and smooth as ' country cream. And Crisco doesn't need refrigeration to keep sweet, Huffy, and digestible. Keep it on your kitchen shelf even in warm weather. Crisco is not sold loose or in bulk When you buy.loolcfor l_;c vaciLum-sealed can with ll.c familiar bluc-and-whllc Crisw Inbtl. If* your health protection jgainil duit anJ co:iuminaltutt. Ar.J it's ihronly way you can tct tcnuir.e Criico— tli« part, wholesonie fjt liiat digrila iiu:ct!y. For Cii-co it not SOU loose or in bulk. i fYi..c,l illnur CRISCO *,]ioon Kile ROLL-UPS C Alices lt-fL-f>vrr Imilp, or kiaknl Inin ,'i tc^sjiooti pnprikfl First uokc dut-u sauce: Mell ili;r!illhlc Jinrr Trivn ovrr Imr brat. Sllr in Ilinir: l;i.-|i srnwilb. Aiiil liillk slnitly. Mirrii« lo l>!,'ml Dour tl»ciiii)ihl)-. lirlus 10 l«il. Alkl sr.-LSOnmijs niul Bratoil clictso. .Slir unlil inclls. Ueinovu. Tlun utn) bnin nf f:il. &qb slirn ilwiild IKJ alotn ." x tl". On c.irli hii,-c |floll lip.s of ii. inn-giu. Koll ii]>. 1'iiin.lK «llli |iii-<-<i] slilivi iloiMi. in ih:ilki\v linliini; inn. Hilr- rmmil «illi i'lm.<-. SHI.L-. n.LWilc KIIICO ovi-r i-piilrr iif rai-ll roll. . ].rii,W« ullli i,.,ijr-k.\. )!Av In lint own (15U> !•'.) 1.1 tu -JO in SITIV hot. RING OF PLENTY 1 J . rnp=; cookwl nuf.ironi I cii|> dicwl _hd-s« J cup -ori brcait cru[iil>s I t3Mc.[>ooil nlinctxl |«:ir«lcy 3 l.ib!e.^]won tl Cri 1 lah!cs]Kwjn ini:icol onion I dip ^.iMc<! juilk 1 -«h', well iK-.itun 1 lu.Jlxxin -Mlt. ! ii teaspoon |»|i|«T Cut macaroni inlo stnirt pirvci. foinlilnoIiiKralionl. In nrtcr plvcn. 'I'nn^r.r lu rini; UK, 1-1. mliljirl nilh Crjsro. (IT you bavf n't a mokl, ruli Ihc oin^iil, 1 fifn ji'Hy «Kli Crisco. l'],ni-_ Bints iipsiilo tlowjl hi a'lUcr ufiUrp Inkiny iii*h.) E'l^i-o uiolil In Jian of hoi walcr. Jlak- in nicMiTiilrly hoi on'il CI7..» I'.l unlit lirm—.ilonl :i.1 ininun-s. Un- molil. Stu'i; Iwt 1 lingcun Ix:till«l willlcroaniwl I.fl-ovcr iinutorflill. 1 Iti. SIO..V I Hi. |K,:k ili-.ik digests DRUMSTICKS 1 VSK •j t:i-il(^f>.y.ns water 1 rii|> flnh dry l>r( cnimlrt . tahttsiMXins Crisco i ic,i«iixx>n minced onion 0 wooden ikeiverj t'lil meat into pieces alwiit I -. I }'i iticlic.;. Sprinklo wiih salt n I/.JIIHT. Arr^nyo cork nnd \cal .ilternMely on ti sktmcrs. Vr&a |.ii-c'i--s rloso lo^ctlicr nmlil itiio ilnimstick slopes. Koll in ficmr. Dip hitu if£ dilntcil uith waler. Hoi I in cnimht Molt Crisoo In slcilki. \Vl-.t-n liot. Jiil-l (Inimsiitks aixl broirii richly on all sides. (You'll iln.l tins «ay of Trying i^iligwtiblo because Crisco fa such a tliycstible vri;ctnblc fai.) Aitd or.kju atwl cnoii«li waicr (o COIXT hot- ton) ofskilkl. Coverc!owly. Cook sluwly (ritlicron top ofptovcor in nvt'ii] until IIKMI is lemliT. Srrvc with |iati gravy. CrI<col5tlicroi!rstcr.,Unil<-iinrkof.ifliornii Now you'll believe me when I joy (hot Criico pies are digestible/ Honey, you've cured me. Look—I've lapped up every crumb of thaf swell pie— and no indigestion! Dick, why da you want to go home so early when the party is just starting. Darling, I'm sorry but my darn stomach'» on the blink again. Mother, I'll be glad when I can cook for Dick. That landlady 1 ! food it simply ruining his digestion- Well, you'll start out housekeeping with a can of Crisco—it pay» to use the digestible kind of shortening. Thore's n n iiue..- tion ulioul "Undi'v- Grart's" style they're a 1 \v a y s ,spo!i'=oriir/ n e w fcilirits ;ui(] models .... born style leSK.oi-s, I h" e s c "Under -Clrads" ! "Under-Grads" arc a happy clioice! S 25 At the Courier News fookinir School, conducted this week, yivs. George Thurn] uses and recommends CRISCO, the jrnxl.rn, tniick-digestiiiK .shortening. Two Trousers NEW MEAD CLOTHING CO, This trademark assures you of genuine INDIA TEA r ', i To get India's delicious lea, look for this '' Mop-oMndia trademark on tec pockagos. Over cna-hunc.rod and fifty popular brancii of lea sold in Ilie U. S. A. contain India Tea... and are packed [n packages displaying this Map trademark. India gro^s Iheworld'ifmesllea.Thc.e'smore.oillMor-) flavor. More frcigrciic.. More strength! T.IO popular brand, of India Too! lisied bclov,- ,.-o :"a[l- ablo in your neighborhood. Ask yaury.ocer foi ^..- o[ ,-. .in. Sure "UndtT-Gi'iuls" Smai'U'i AIRWAY rig- Iv Al.TUS AMKHIU.tN !...»¥ ASTOK INDIA ....MANQUE.' INDIA CKVI.ON ... HO-KA FAUST KKSTAI. HALL FORBES' QUALITY FRENCH SIARKKT .JOI.DKN imir CHANT CABIN TKA* DAI.I.S ... I.IOI1V OK ASIA MONAK.lll MOKNIN.; JOY OI'EKO I'llHIE Of' INI>1A SANTA Ki-: KOL1N IIANNKY'S FINEST WHITE I1IBBON Wlssly «r Safciray. Stores All Dralrrs Al! Dealers All DMltrs : All D.altn Inil.lH-iidl'nt (irorcrt .; All Dcaltrs All Dealers All Dealers AH Ur.iltrs All Dealers AH Dralcrs liiitrnemlcnt Grocers lri)r|icniltnl Croicrs -. All Healers . I.tfBctl's i Kc.vull Stores All IK-Jlui, . All Di-alrrs All Dealers All llr^lcrs All Dialers N«*l Kcr.ll Krdpti for c'clurlf ond ln,araijt>. V/ril; for /•cTp* caul* lor four ftit b.x. Adtlrtu: In^ia T.-o ^_/_MJ, il SI., M. V. C. INDIA TEA "/ always insist on Pasteurized Milt(' says Mrs. Geo. Thurn "I'usteurixed milk should ccr- tuinly he used its nn imivort- unl |);trl of the family's diet, especially - when there are children to he considered. If is pure and safe, and retains all of its health-building elements. I always prefer pasteurized milk for niy cooking schonl demonstrations." CRAIG'S Pasteurized Milk lor .children Mrs. Thurn uses Crate's rasUuriwd Milk in Ihe Courier New 5 Cooking St!i€ul ill the City Hall Auilil-iriiim this week. She h:ui prevjpiisly v:..- iled cur pliint and expressed satisfaction over our methods of handling milk anil the hiKh <|U' ll- iiy of our dairy products. You, loo, will find our milk a safe, nour- ishini; fund. Place Your Order for Daily Delivery - - Now CRAIG'S DAIRY Phong 74

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