The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 28, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 28, 1950
Page 9
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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 2«, 19W !, (xwc.y COURIER Frozen Vitamins Add \Spice to Winter Meals By CECILY BROWNSTONE < Associated Prnt Food Editor Drinking a glass ol fresh frozen :e Juice every day Is about the aslcst (and pleasanlest) way to tifcamln C. We need tills Im- rtWt vitamin lor lirm gums and ^lealthy tissue—and we need It ev- day since our bodies do not ore it. Tile small cans ol fresh ozen orange juice have been" a on ever since they've been on the narket, not only to use lor Juice jbut as a help in whipping up orange [flavored dishes lor breakfast, lunch or supper. When I was a little elrl I looked [forward to the special breakfast •breads we always had Saturday •mornings when we were home from Ischool and could dawdle over the Ibrcakfast table. If you want to plan la breakfast treat for your family lyour boys'and girls will love Orange IPinwhecl Biscuits, tempting looking las can be and full of the tangy •flavor of fresh frozen orange Juice, iMix up Hie biscuit dough for the Ipiiwheels Friday night, after the • dishes are done. Cover It tightly and • refrigerate it. and fhen roll it out llhe next morning. We've given j •some variations ol this recipe that fare delicious, too. Oranee Plnwheel Biscuits Ingredients: 2 cups of all-pur[K>se I flours teaspoons baking powder, | J .l cjltspoon baking soda, 1 tea- IspootT salt, 3 tablespoons shorten liny, 9 tablespoons concentrated Ifresh orange Juice (14 slx-fiuid- founce can), 2 tablespoons sugar, 5 • tablespoons milk (about). 1 table|spoon melted butter or margarine. cup raisins (chopped), V, cup I walnut meats (chopped). Method: Sift flour, baking pow- Ider, soda, and salt together. Cut In I the shortening. Mix orange Juice land sugar and add slowly to the I flour mixture, mixing well. Add (enough milk to make H soft doush 1 (amount varies with the flour used, 13 or 4 tablespoons may be enough). I Wrap in waxed paper and chill In • refrigerator for easy rolling. Roll lout on a floured lx>ard to V t Inch lln thickness. Brush with melted I butter or margarine, sprinkle with • raisins and walnuts and roll up las for Jelly roll. Cut In ',<• inch I slices. Lay these, cut side down. lightly greased pan and bake I in a preheated 450 F oven about 15 I minutes. Makes about 16 plnwheels. Variations: 1. Omit walnut meals and use V| cup raisins. 2. Make a drop biscuit by adding 12 or 3 tablespoons more milk to 1 the dough, stirring in the nuts and I raisins, and dropping them from the 1 tip of a tablespoon onto a greased I baking pan. 3. Dip small cubes of lump sugar tin orange juice and Insert each lone deeply in a drop biscuit, cover- ling with dough. The recipe may be doubted, us- ll whole can of concentrated I fresh frozen orange Juice; in this I case divide the dough a'hd roll out I half at a time. BABSON I Party Trick Make an ice bowl In your food I freezer and use It as «. center piece I on your dining or buffet Uble. I Freeze water between two nested I bowls. Fill it. with different flav- lored ice cream balls and garnish I with frest mint leaves. | Canned Pancakes Pancake batter is now available in pressure cans. The batter Is I made from buttermilk and whole I eggs and is scaled under pressure 1 1n a steel and tin container fitted | with a dispensing valve. Diced celery and piniienlo-sluif- | cd olives are delicious added to a plain tomato aspic. Use about tv:o cups of the celery and a cup ol the olives for an aspic made with two cups of tomato juice. Continued from page 1 block. 19. Stales and municipalities will again be under pressure to find adequate sources of revenue. Further increases in such laxes can be looked for next year with additional cities and/or states adopting and cerlain nonessenlial goods. Congress will see the value of sonic such sales taxes as an inflation road sales taxes. 20. Despite renewed efforts to Increase tlie long-term capital gains tax above the present 25% figure rates will remain unchanged. Domestic Trade Will Be I.fss 21. Credit curbs will cut into the demand for automobiles and household equipment. Completions of fewer dwellings will also act as a dumper or. furniture sales. 22. Falling demand for hard goods should mean a stabilization of the public's spending for food and lower-priced soft goods. 23. The trend forecast In No. 22 will mean a decline In department store volume, but I predict a rise In the sales of variety chains anc of drug chains. Foreisn Trade Outlook Fair 24. Barring new war developments, I look for continued shrinkage in our exports during 1051. Imports, however, should rise further Total foreign trade should not be much changed, but the exporters will be on the short end of this business with the importers gaining. ""v It will become more difficul 1 to convince Congress thai additional heavy credits should be granted abroad except for war supplies. 26. As was the case tills year many domestic manufacturers wiV feel increasing competition iron: foreign merchandise. The cry for increased tariff protection will be heard again in the land. 27. Business and financial forecasts for next year are NOT based on (he thought (hat World War III will start in 1051. Russia is certainly heading for war, but we do not believe she now wants it ii Europe. She'will be satisfied to have lier satellites continue taking"unex- ncclccl jabs, while the Polil- huro boys hand out the soothing syrup. But we may see another epi sode like "Korea" in JS51. More Deficit Financing After June 30, 1951 •28. The first half of 1951 may actually see a budget surplus as a re suit of high National Income and increased taxation. Later, if Congress goes along with the Adminis tration's plans for huge rearma ment. a federal deficit will arise dur ing the last half of (he year. 29. As a result 'of the preceding prediction, money supplies shoult not begin to rise until after business has turned down. Increases at such a time arc not likely to have mucr effect on prices. 30. Government bonds will be held tightly between the floor of Fede ral Reserve support purchases and the ceiling of Federal Reserve anti- inflation sales. Under such conditions, price changes should be negligible. 31. A great deal will be heard In 1951 about giving the Federal Re. serve Board powerful controls ove member bank loaning policies. Con gress is not likely to pass such con trols, however, unless commodity prices go a lot higher, or Worlc War III comes. Stock Market And Bond Outlook Uncertain 32. I see nothing now to indicate that we are entering a period o improved international relatioi The danger of war remains. Unti it disappears, wise people will movt out of large bomb-vuln'erabln citic and avoid having investments in •uch M. The Stock Average* majr work rniewhat higher during th« first »lf of next year, but sometime during 1»51 they will sell lower than current quotation., H. Stock* now In the best pod- Ion for 1951 should be those that lave not been popular as Inflation hedges In the past months. I like -jood chain store stoclu, 35. Investment Trust lunds. pen- Ion funds, and Insurance com panes will provide an excellent back- og of demand for sound Income Slocks where good values can be demonstrated, 36. The successful investor next .-ear will be the one who follows i carefully planned Investment pro;ram. Such a program will empha- Mze diversification—not only by mmpany and industry, but also by quality, over concentration will not >ay in 1951. 37. Highest-grade taxable cor- lorate bonds should hold in a narrow price range during 19S1, but 1 •ice no reason for Individual Investors buying them. For my lore- cast for long-term government bonds, sec No. 30 above. The only corporation bonds which interest me are CONVERTIBLES. 38. With income (axes slated to increase in 1951, tax-exempt bonds should continue in good demand, rhcre h a5 be en some speculation in • hesc, however, and any downward mange in the lux outlook might :ause a sudden turnabout In prices for municipals, investors should see to it that their bond maturities are carefully diversified, with some part of their bond funds maturing each year. R«il Estate Activity Will Decline 39. The real estate outlook for 1951 will be strongly affected by curbs on mortgage credit. Much of the recent boom was the result of easy credit,-almost nothing down and small easy payments for years hence. 40. New home construction will suffer a greater decline than other lines. Nonessenlial commercial building will also be hit. 41. The coming decline in new building will throw a wet blanket over speculation in vacant suburban lots. PAGE NTNB new horn*. DtltBM Order* tad r*U<fc« Will iBcmua 47. Those who can do » should attempt to get defenw order, as a means of holding up production volumes and reducing overhead. Not too much profit from such war business should be expected, however, as these contracts will be subject to llghlflsted renegotiations. 48. The political outlook for 1951 will be completely dominated by jockeying lor position in the presidential race for 1952. Most of Congress' time win be spent on International Problems; but either War or peace could come early In 1951 which could make many of the above foreeasls useJess. 49. In Domestic Matters, despilc recent election changes in party alignment, Congress will still be dominated by a conservative coalition of Northern Republicans and unregeucrated" Southern Democrats. When the heat Is on („ a tough fight, the North-South coalition will still be able to curb onslaughts by New Dealers. 50. We arc gradually headed for " °"f ''f^S' System and finally a Dictatorship. The Republicans will sometimes win with the slogan 42. The scare caused by the Korean-China war and fears of an early outbreak in other sections will adversely affect the demand for big city real estate. Lower business volumes and the Draft next year will also curtail such demand. 43. Small s u st e n a n c e farms should holt! up well in price as demand will be spurred by those seeking refuge outside the big cities. Demand for large commercial farms, however, should weaken as the year progresses. 44. The swing back toward rent control will act as a further damper on new building. There Is no Incentive to build homes for rental income. 45. Tighter credit controls will make it more difficult to purchase older residential properties, and the prices for these should weaken. 46. As building volume slakens In 155), the quality of available materials and workmanship should improve. This will help those who have saved their money and can pay for at least half the cost of a As a brand-new year is hunched —we wish to sincerely thank you for your past patronage that has made our success possible, and wish for you smooth sailing throughout '51. Mays' Super Market SOT S. 21st Food Price Index Resumes Climb by 3tf NEW YORK, Dec. 21. (,T|—The Dun A: Hraiisli'cet wholesale FViod Price Index resumed Us climb this week after holding unchanged last week, and rose three cenls (o $6,80 —highest, level since Sept. 20. 1£H8. Al this new 1950 peak, Index Is - j) 14 per cent over the level o[ $5.00 just before the Korean war begai:, and 18.7 per rent over Ihe year-aso level of J5.7:i. The record hlfih was $7.30 on July 13. 1918. Tiie Index represents the lotnl cost at wholesale of a pound each of 31 foods In Bclleral use. "HAD ENOUGH?"; hut their reign will be short-lived. Too many persons are following Hie pernicious doctrine of ASKING FOR HIG1IFH WAGES AND SHORTER HOURS SPECULATING IN STOCKS AND CiOODS. GROWING RICH ON PAPER, VOTING DEMOCRATIC FOR SEI.FISH REASONS AND IJiTT- JNO TIIE COUNTRY GO TO THE DOGS, WAR OR NO WAR! Pork and Apples Now Abundant Both pork and apples are abundant now. And everyone ilkes them/ so combine these budget f&vorltes and let the family enjoy Itself. I'orli and Applf Curry One pound diced lenn ]x>rk. 2 niedinin-si/.cd tart apples, 14 cii|> chopped onions. 2 tablespoons Hour. 1 teasixinn curry powder. >,i teaspoon (-nHimt ginger, '2 cups bouillon. 2 teaspoons lemon juice, 1 teaspoon sail. 7 or 8 ounces egg noodles. Brown pork cube* in a little liot fat. Wfl-sh. pare and finely dice lip- ple.s. Add with onions to pork nnd iiy until onion is lender. Combine Hour, curry powder, and Ringer. Acid to pork mixture. Remove from licat; stir In bouillon and Je:»nn juice. Season with salt, cover, and simmer 35 minutes, Cook noodles in bollinf; salted water and serve curried pork on hot noodles. Incidentally, add a liltle Riatrd liorsei rulLMi (t> the applesauce you serve with roast loin of pork. New Year's Eve Buffet Is Big Day for Lobster a la Newberg not prepare It lor llic gala event? Fresh, frozen (I lb. for I persons) or canned lobster (two fi-oz. cans for 4 persons) may be used in the .following recipe. In place of sherry, use a little lemon Jnice. J.ohslrr a la .Ve«licr s Out the meat from a 2Vi-pound boiled lobster, liavlriR it. in good- sized chunks. Heat In the blazer in ',1 pound of butler for 2 or 3 minutes, then add a Jigger ol sherry (If desired, or lemon juice), Cook Another minute before pouring in '/i cup of crcajn ivhlcli lins been mixed with 2 I-KK yolks. Place over hot wnlor. season to taste with .salt. :i speck „[ cayenne and a little fresh-grated nutmeg Stir continually, ami ns soon as Iho sauce thickens, serve \vllli titangles of toast or pa.slry. That temptation comes Ironi (he tlfully bound and engagingly written. Some turtles often lay as man? as 150 cfigs at a time. FAST R Due To <oltfs rV»rtd«i+'<jHy tfftclive iclitf from cough I dt/9 >» <e1.Ii with Wo;fi Grttn Mountain (brand) Cough Syrup. I] pact 1a wort* Immediately b»taui« l|'» Ilk* a dodar't prbieilplion, torn* P ound«d of levtiDl KltnttPU irtgr«d4in1». Children lovi taking WALT'S . , . Only 3Jc « belli* — Iwlct 01 mk/ch — tconomy tin — 60t. AiV your cUaltr tot Walt'i G/«in Mavnlaln (biand] Coush Syrup, SaUjfactfon or you* money hack. It's a Continued Story Here Norwood Sliced BACON - May rose Smoked SAUSAGE - - Wilson Certified RIB ROAST Fresh Veof RIB STEAK - - lb. m Fresh PORK BRAINS - lb. 39? Fresh Sliced BEEF LIVER - - lb. 49? FRESH EGGS Doz. S3 PET MILK- -3 Tall Cans 37? Large Iceberg LETTUCE ,,100 Florida ORANGES 5 !£ Red Washed POTATOES 10 S Cape Cod CRANBERRIES ,,.196 Florida Seedless GRAPEFRUIT 60 COCOANUTS2 T C e 250 TANGERINES „„ .250 2 ro 90 Yellow vSparUsh ONIONS Party Chicken n rt ,attra,l, litccmbcr 30, 1950 Yt <ll[> fitlllx rfit«d '/, tup P e( Milfc v,"!,"L,> r ,,,, "Ssr ""•"' lit mntrwrr > '"n <li<«<l chick,a. Cover and boil 10 min. llic celery nnrl green pepper in rioilin^ water. Add *![ ingredient* except ihe nondlej. Heat until steaming hot, but tlt> not boil. Arrange, drained noodles around edge of pl^tKr, Put hot ehic^cn mixiur* in tenter. G.irniih with p.inlef, if dr- »ired. Mat.ei 4 serving. *Muihroom aoup nljo cnn bo tiled. Von Will ;Yrei/l Pet Milk, Chicken, Noodles, Green Pepper, Celery, Condensed Cream of Chicken Soup and Pimien- ro.

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