Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 22, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 22, 1895
Page 3
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Send washing. .Your folks can't know much about it. My ! They could save their money, and all your hard work besides. I'm thankful the lady I live with is just the other way. She knows what ^. Pearline will do, and she , \ wants it. She'd never let me lose my time trying to get things clean with soap—and she wouldn't stand it to have her clothes all worn out with rubbing, either." That's the truth. The lack of Pearline comes just as hard on the mistress' clothes as it * does on the laundress' back. Peilillers ami some unscrupulous grocers \vill tell you " this is as good as" or " the same as Pearline." IT'S FALSE—Pearline is never peddled, and if your erocer sends you something in place of Pearline, ba honest-*™*//^*. «r JAftESPYLE/NewYoifc.. F. W KINNEY, sin IUIO.HMVAV. i.v Fish, Oysters, Fresh Butter, Eggs and Game.. dress our own Poultry ani therefore have everything fresh. ot Spring's WILL ll.*.M>.H AM> fKKO.H CHA.PF1XG. S O.MjV ,\'K BEN FISHER'S DRUG STORE DR. F. M. BOZSR'S DENTAL PARLORS Over State National Bank, Logansport, Ind. _ WANTED! REAL ESTATE. Wanted. Chmip Coctujj-s .Fur Sale, Wfint"d Lots un I At'-rns '•'or S^le, Wanted Smull Furtn.i Kor -nki. Wlin;Kd Butties* Bloi:k.x It'iir dfilo. Wnntwl to Exclmniw "tirms tor city Property. Wanted VtBrchiindls« •<> Tr do Cor Farms. ADDRESS .11. M..«OKIM>V.Spr» Block INCKEASE YOUK INCOME! Othflrs • r i dolnit It why not you? rnvsst $ld '») •In December wnmit. Our syswin Iniuigunitf . 'v>r the b -ntilU. or xnmll trader*-, (t«rx yon an n-isl «nt inpTtunltyto try It. Write us tod y foi lull infonniitlon, PERifLVS A CO., 814 Rlalio BldR. Clilisiuo. 111. NOTICE MKSsnrs Ma'iiilni ft Il.'lvuron will IIP »L ,1. W T.0''n I'Vcd -iiorn on North struct tili'iifdiijs to •exhibit H WlP'-l^is Glifdc Howt-r on \vlituli tlioy 3uwo Iweii ullowoil u inttnnt JOSEPH GILLOTT'S STEEL PENS IX KSni\ PINK, KU\K ASD BROAD 1'OISTS TO SUIT ALL HANDS. HE MOST PEEPECT OF PENS. -i II. E. TKII4X, M. D. Specju! iitl<intloii glwn to Nose, Lung, Liver ami Cli route DLsfiacs, Ofllce and Iteskloncp ovsr Stiito Nistlonul Bank. Joura to co 12 a in , - to -I p. ra., and 7 to S p. m. \catt* promptly nltondnd, lKOjfi«TlfiK & STRAIN, Undertakers and Embalraers, <!13 Brojulwuy. DAILY JOURNAL. TUESDAY MORNING. JAN. 22. Bargains la all kiads o( shues at Brown's ftro sale. Men's and boys' rubbers, boots and shoos cheap, at Brown's fi^e sale. Brown's lire sale of his entiro stock of shoes and rubbars, is attracting large crowds. See the low prices throughout the •entire house this week. Go with the crowds U, the Trade Palace. St. Bridget's Council will piva an entertainment Wednesday evening, entitled "Boader'aTravels." Ra'resh- mentt served free. Everybody Invited. 8. M. Cloaion bae a few hundred dollars prlvato local funds, also East era mono? in any amount to loan on mortgage security. Office No. 819 Pearl street. In this largo gale at the Golen Rule dry (roods siore the comment veraal that every one i8 tr uniform courtesy, and tbe smallest per to the Urgent can depend on ag watted on and aulted all tbe Ime. lie Couldn't .Drive \allM. Jonas S*anz Hartvllie, Onio, re latCd an experience all the more wonderful because he Is now nearly seventy. He iays: '-Iwouidn't taku $100 for tho good Dr Wheeler's Norve Vita I'/.er has done me. I always worked hard and was careless about a little stomach trouble I had and B eep lessnoes, whlcn I suppo-e accounts for the nsrvous trouble which otruck me about four years Ego Limbo of m-y right side got so I couldn't control thorn; at limes I couldn't hold a cup in my hand to drink from it, and in it crowd would unconsciously hit people whh my jarklng right urm. Tbe doc tors called it nervous paralysis and said that at my age, I coulda'i be cured I snw Dr Wheeler's Vitulizer nd verltsod iu tho Rrf and got a sample boltle of it, which I thought helped mo, cO buught a b ittle Think I hu.ve used three byltles and they have made a steady man of wo. I hnvo not folt as welt in four yearn aad am still improving. Wny, for two years I couldn't drive a nail." 'Mr. Galdllnger, in whose store tho interview took place, fully corroborated Mr. Svvariz' ttatetnont, saying his euro was u. surprise to nil who knew of the case. We are authorized to say, this medicine for control and euro of nerve troubles, is sold by Ben Fishor and by all druggists. OUlcer'* t)Ko»cn. OiTicers have been elected as follows by tbe St. Vincent's Total Abstinence Cadets: Pres—Wlilio Pierce. • Viet* Prts—(Jlitl Ward.. Troas—Jono Follen. Sec—Ruburi Uolan. Collector—Willie Hanley. Miirohala—Willie Luahoy and Willie Wallace. Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is famous for ltd cures ot bad colds. It opens the secretions, relieves the lungs and aids nature in roslo-ing tho system to a healthy condition. If freely Used as soon as the cold has been contracted, and before it has becoma sot" tied in ttm system, It greatly lessens the severity of the attack aad has often cured in a single day what would have been a severe cold. For sale by B. F. Keesllng, druggist. Attention, G. A. K. All members of L gaosportPost No. 14. G. A R., are requested to be prea. ent at a special meeting or tho Post Wednesday evening, January 23, 1395, A good attendance of members is 1m portant as the business of the year must be settled up. A. J ROBIXSOX, Commander. I. N. WATKIXS, vaj't. Every Girl In M«r "Teen*" Neede at times a sale and gentle tonic to counter!)ilanoo the extra drains on tbe physical and nervous system. Zaa- Pnora (Woman'i; 'Friend) will give health and freshness for weakness and pallor. Sold by B. F. Keealing and Coulson & Co. NEVER MORE PROSPEROUS. Gran Mast-r Sargent . of the rt-uihernood of Locomotive Fire,men, •*>o the oullooU for \ht organization was never brighter. The discontented oii-ccen- has been weeded out aod tne <nt!0flber8bip ie rapidly reaching its maximum number; the new members »re a conservative, Benpiblo class OT ml way employes. Mr. Sargent has sorted, untiringly of late to get the affairs of the order in good shape .nd now .. (eels confident that 11 organization la on a more healthy basis than evtr be- f ,re. At the lust meeting three vice iraod masters were elected and Mr. Sargent has divided lk-» work Into ihree divisions. One, ihs wentern iiivisior, of which Vice Grand Master C W Maler la to loot after; another, ibw central division whlcn is under J J HtnDah.c; a third, tbe extern uivi olU Q, under C. W. Wilson. Eauh vije grand chief is located near the center of h s seciioo of the country. Uuder the new rules these vice grand uasters are to report to Grand Colef Sargent once a month. Tne finance* uf the associaitun are now In excellent condition a- d among tne membership there is a harmony such as baa never oefure been kno««n. Fred Petrlch sand dryer >u the Pan riauGle ruuod bouoe, Is rrjuk-ing over in« advent of a young daii^nier, The remains of H. W. Hlbbard, •jeDeral froignt agent of the Vondftlla •vcre Interred at Snelbyvilie, 111., A buggy containing two young ladies was s'.ruck by a VVabash passenger train at North Manchester ana DDtb'ludios were instantly killed. W. W Birnee, the printer, who was atruotc by a Pan Handle freight train at Goudlaod Saturday morn ng died from his iujui'ius Sunday afternoon. He wa» unconscious to tbe lust. Peru Chronicle: Superintendent E. \. Gou'd received a letter this morning from a woman whose husband waa Killed on the Wabash railroad, asking that be give her a yearly pass, which would satisfy all her claims agamn the company. The Pan Handle railroad has brought suit at Marion against E. H. CranK alleging bribery Of a juror. The defendant was recently granted $3,600 'OacnHges against the plaintiff for the killing of blssnna yenr ago Frank sued for SjilO.OuO dam-ices and the-jury returned a vurd ot of $2,500 in His tavor. The railroad now anks that the judgment be bet aside because Frank, it is said, bribed one of the jury, SlUis Jones, a colored roan. Vary fe»v people realize bow much" ihe rullrotids throughout tbo country make in scrap Iron every year, or. In other words, how much is saved on the part of the companies by the disposal of old iron to juoi dealers As n every pnaso of ra.lroading, there is oven a. system of gathering and dis- po-lng of scrap, not only on local Ines but on roads everywhere as'wall The matter is virtually under the direction of 'he ctipervisors of all the divisions,'who see that the scrap Is grtthered up cleanly over their portion of the track at regular intervals, and shipped wherever it can be disposed of- Toe railroads realise that it pays to look after the scrap. . and those linos which let. the old rails rust and wi-ar away are the losers. The Pennsylvania railroad and the Pennsylvania linos west watch the scrap iron question more closely than other local roads. A Pastor liiKtnllctl. ThcRev. J. C. Kauffman has been regularly installed as pastor of tho congregation of St. Lufcn's Lutheran church The installallon took place Sunday 'in tbe presence of a large audience. The Rev. J. M. Francis of Columbia City. Ind.. made the charge to tho pastor, the Rev. B. F. Grenoble of Camden charted the congregation as to thair du'uic-s to tbe new shepherd; the Rev. Kslso delivered tbo installation pray fir and tho Rev. K. Shultz was alto present and a-sisted. Tbe new pastor pronounced tbe benedio-. tion. The members of St. Luke's church feel that th^y have made a wise choice in their new minister. SlOO Ken-«rd. S1OO. The read«rs ot tnla paper will tw pleaspd to learn that th :v Is at loast ona dra idtul dl **w'« J ^ mat science Has been able to cui«, £> fU Its sj|p|p{|» and that is Catarrh. Ball's CHUii-'.i* Cure Is tne 6' only positive core now known to ttiw medical [ratermty. Catarrh btflns; a -constitutional disease, requires a corustltutlon-il tTeatmunc. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally, BCUHK directly, upon the bloixl and mucous surfaces of the system thereby destroying toe foundation of the disease and glvlnethe patient strength or tinlldl <E ap the onstl'utlon and asslMlng naturn In dolng'la work. The proprietors have so much tilth In Its curative powers, that thej offer Oae Hniidred Bullars for any case that It falls to* cure. Send 'or list of testimonials. Address K J. CHEVEY * CO, Toledo ^-Sold by Dragewcu. 75c. t*om« Cddlrlbnted by '. People !ScDtio mn Illinois Wommn — . n interi'stlui; Siory. A number of Logansport peop'o with charltabla icclmations, whohuve cootrlbuted to a sch=uie to enrich A crippled girl at K.anevil!e, III., will be particularly interested in the following from the Chicago Tribune: "If the 'chain' in Edna Brown's postage stamp collection scheme IS not oroken soon tee little village of Kane ville wi,l have the whole world at its feet and the postmaster will be a raving maniac. Tbere was once a Miss Edna Brown In ICanuviUe. She lives mere ytt, but was induced to change her name by a young blacksmith named Garman. who hae a crippled sister. Mis8 (jarman is in her toens and has been a cripple from childhood. Mrs. Garman was always considered an inoffensive sort of a person until tnis brilliant idea seized upon h«r. Her idea was. in brlof, to collect cancelled postage stamps for her crippled sister-in-law along the line ol geometrical progression. The next clay after us inception three very io- offensive looking letters left the Kane- viiie pjstottUe addressed to three dif- feroot people and signed by Mrs. Garman's maiden name, Elna Brown. The letters went on to state that she was a Cripple aud desired to collect a million canceled postage a taupe in order to secure treatment In a medical Institute. Eichof the three persons iddreseed was asked to ' send Miss Brown ten or more canceled postage stamps and to write three letters containing similar requests; their correspondents to send stamps and wri'.e other letters, and so on until the fif.ieth link in tbe chain should be forged. Those receiving tetters numbered fifty were csked to write other letters, but to return the' forty, ninth letter to EJna Brown, thus end Ing the chain A few days after the dauntless three letters went forth tbe postmaster began to receive a good many letters fur Eina Brown. The loiters for Miss Edna Brown kept Increasing. They, sooa tilted a bushel basket dally. Then they filled several baakata. It ralneci letters. Instead of the usual email 'poucb the Kaneville mall required several. Not only letters came but buxes and bundles of canceled stamp:, from well Intentlonod but idiotic peo pie. The stage ooauh became so crowded with mail bags that there was no room for passengers. The postmaster was obliged to hire an assistant to help bundle tho stuff. Tte "CSain" is still not.hdlf com p'eved, and aa average of from 8,000 to 10,000 letters a day is received at tho piisvffice for MUs Edna Brown to say noihiug of boxes and bundles of stamps by mail and express. Wednesday i ha number received was 17.0UU Monday it reached 15,000. Some of tne letters even contain money orders sent I y sympathetic lunatics. ;}ften wholu sheets of stamps are sent just as tney came from the posii'tlice, except with an Ink line drawn through. Of courre one person can not look over all of this mail, so it is parceled out among the farmers' wives, who, for the satisfaction 'of reading lotlere, open them and trim the stamps for tbe little cripple. She passed tho three millign mark long ago and there seems to be po way to stop .ihe avalanche. Every one is getting mad about it. The much abused postmasttr of a small fourth-cUss office draws about $•250 a year and is obliged to handle 17 Ol 0 letters a day aad hire an extra clerk. The mall carrier is mad because ho has no room In bis stage for passengers. The neighbors are mid beca.ute.they consider the whole thing a piece of imposition. No medical institute wanted a million un- canceled stamps, or ever thought of such a thing. TQ6 farmers aro mad because tbey have to wait an hour or so for tbe distribution of the mail. The only one who seems to be making anything out of the scheme is Untie Sam, who is receiving from $200 to $300 a day postige on tbe letters sent to Edna Brown of Kaoeville, 111. 'ais it is .used 'in : : hdrse-staHs," or disposed' ,of in . any'' possible mauner. There is nothing 1 that xvijl «qual it on the floor of the poultry-house, n.s it absorbs moisture from the droppirtjrs, keeps tbe floor clean, and facilitates! the work of sweeping out the house. It should be used liberally, however, two or three inches deep being preferable to a lifrlit supply. It is better than sawdust, ns the liens do not injure themselves with it, as is often»tlie case- with sawdust when they fill their crops with it. Cut straw or leaves may also be used with the chaff, the combination of the several materials bein;j better than any one of them alone; but the chaH is better than, any other material, if it can be had, should it be necessary to use only- one substance. A handful of millet seed, scattered is the chaff, will induce the hens tc be;rin work, and they will not care to go outside if the floor is kept constantly littered.—Farm and Fireside An Old Moldleiv' Kecommendation In ihe lato war I waa a soldier in the First Maryland Volunteers, Company G During my term of service I contracted chronic dUrrncei. Since then I have used a great, amount of medicine, but whan I found any that would give mo relief it would Injure my atomacb, until Chamborlain'd Coll J, Cholera and, DlarrboJi Remedy was Drought to my notice. I used It and will say it is the only remedy that gave me permanent relief and no bid results follow t take pleasure IL recommending thU preparation to all of my old comrares, who while giv- tug their servici-s to their country, contracted this dreadful disease as I did, from eating unwholesome fond. Voura truly A. E [fending, Hilsoy, Oregon. For sa'e ny B F. Keesllni,', druggist. Cii'c Van H«««IHI'.|H>. As a remedy for all forms of he'.d ache, Elecirc Bitters has proved to bp •.he verv boit I'. t-IToct-j a permanent- ur<> nn'l .1 ho most dreaded bnbitual s ck headnohes yield to Its influence. '•Ve urpe all who, are afflicted to pro- oure a b.Htlf, ar.d give this remedy a fair trial. I ca^es of habitual consti- oc.tlon Elentrlc Bitters cures bv giving the naedod tone to the bowels, and a •e» cases long resist the use of this rondtcine. Trylloncc. Lsrgebotlles only 5C cents at B. F. Kaeellng'e drug store. Fur Snip. Elegant home ju&i completed on easy monthly payments, two story. -lx-room frame residence, elegant mantel, bath-room, water closet, and all modern conveniences, centrally locHted. Any one wanting to buy a home by paying a little more than rent. Thlf ii your opportunity. For particular, iall at once. JAMES T. COCKUURJ,*, Room '3, Spry's Building, corner Broadway and Pearl St. !>!>y»l<*n! Cultu Prof. P J Puzlla. instructor io tbo science of physical culture, came in yesterday, and will make aa effort to organize a class in Logansport. He fans received encouragemoot-from several young business men in the city and is confident that he will succeed in organizing a class He will bo hero for at least a week. Somelime'ago Mr. Simon Goldbaum of San Luis Key, CaL, was troubled with a lamfl back and rheumatism. Ho used Chamberlain's Pain Balm and a prompt, cure was effected. Ee says he has sioca advised many of hie .friends to try it and all who have done so have epoken highly of it. It is for sale by B. F. Keosliog druggist. va to Wed. James Mosaoaa and Adeila Bryne Sherman Kessler and EUa Desk. Drukenness has no comparison in evil effect to the opium or morphine habit, when firmly fixed on the hapless victim. Mothers should be careful in USD cf as simple a thing as acough cure with their children. Many so-called cough cures depend upon the stupefying Effect of tbe oolum they contiln to hush the cough. Brant's Balsam i» one which can give your children, with pei feet confidence that it is entirely free from opiates, as well as a reliable cure, not only to itop the cough, bat also perfectly heal tbe diseased parte. Large 25 cent bottles at Bon FJsher'e drug store. v _ Xotice. All personi indebted to the late Edmund Backer will please call at 114 Fourth street, at once, and settle. MK9. £. BtJCHKR. Ituclvlcn'n Arnica Salve. The best salve In the world for cuts, bruises sores, ulcers, salt rheum fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded; Prica 25 cents per bor. For sale by B. F. Keeping. Ju*t Ht«rC.-lVtMl, Two car loads of sleighr, from the celebrated fuller Buggy & Sle'gh Co., Jackson, Michigan. Come one. come all. come everybody; we have sleighs for the millions. Prices below the lowest. Call at GEORGE HARRISON'S, 617 Broadway. Ulinoluiiou Votice. This 15la day of January, A. B. C. Pratt has purchased Geo. W. Seybold'g interest in the Loganeport Wall Paper Co. A.. B. C Pratt continuing the business, assumes all liabilites and collects all outstanding accoii. \s. LOGAN-SPORT WALL PA.PE& Jo. January 15, 1895. For Mate. Two large mules in splendid condition, harness, flour wagon, suitable lot dray, and one wheat wairon. MKS. E. BrJCHEE, No. 114 Fourth St. The Journal has a few birdeeye views of Logans port left. They can be had in pasteboard tubei (or mailing or preservation for fifty cents. Waierp?oof<xXiSK-vnA cuffs that you can clean yourself by simply wiping off with ;i \vct sponge. The genuine look exactly like linen aod every piece- is marked ibis way : TRAOC arc made by covering n linen collar or cuff with " celluloid," and nrc- tic only \vntcrproof goods made with an i:!tcrtinir.£, and the ouly goods line con staud the \vc:ir and give perfect silisfhc'.ion. Ncvcrwiltaml notCiTcct- c-1 I'.y i::oisturo. Try them and you % : : ::.-vir. regret it. Ask for those v ::•• :>.';-ov? t: l .".: 1 .o ;":'.rk and refuse any • -.'!•>:>-. !f v >••:.• dor.lcr Oocs not • • Or :: v : v.i'l 1:1:1!! you a sn::ip!e >••• : ••.-.•!;:! ufrri^e. Collars ^jc. •' .: •..- ^or. y.'.ir. Pt;ito whether i i>.~ iurucd-do\vu collar is ^Company, ' New York. Broadway, The OlsM'oVfiry S«Y«-il III* L,.f«». Mr G. Uailouvtto. Druggist, Beav- eravllle, 111., says: "To Dr. King'* New Discovery I owe my life Wa» taken with la grippe and tried all the physicians for miles abjui, but of no avail and was given up and told I could not, live. Having Dr, Klng'i New Discovery in my store i sent for a bottle and began to get bolter, and after using three bottles was up and about again. It Is worth it weight ID gold. \Vo won't, keep store or house without it " Get a fieo trial bottle at 8 F. Koesling's drug store. The seventy members of the firtt year class of the Kokomo high echool Inspected the composing and preis rooms of the Tribune, of that place, one day last week preparatory to writing an etsay oo the art of print- Ing. Chamberlain's Eyo and Skin Ointment Is unequalled for Eczema, Tetter, Salt- Klieum, Scald Head, Sore Kipples, Chapped Hands, Itching Piles, Bums, Frost Kites, Chronic Sore Eyes and Granulated Eye Lids. For sale by druggists at 25 cents per bos. TO For putting a horse in a fine healthy condition try J)r. Cruly's Condition Powders. They tone up tlie system, aid digestion, euro loss of appetite, relieve constipation, correct kidney <li.<ordors and destroy worms, giving new life to :in old or over-worked horse. 26 cents per package. For sale by druggists. THE PRESS DAILY SUNDAY WEEKLY FOR 1805. Pennsylvania's Greatest Family Newspaper. It Prints al! me News. Pre-Eminentlya Family Paper, apreallnc d'recllj to th- Inti-resis or every IniMnij r ttj 1 1*^ nonrtrliold. by t,ht» abs^ncnof of ,TI) thing of iiti ol»J<'vilon:iblc ctinnu-t^r In cuher Its n«wii, ilteiary or odvcrtliilug columns, Ax nn Advu'llstnir ncr.ss i» Aum.ic .Tledlnni TIIR iii« itrNC in I>rf«H \V« i *fln ulve tliu roults. The pcopl'- bcll»v« In them and nse tli«m, Thrt PUE.ii prlHM us high as i.S.'si) want jidvcnlsements In a Klaifle Ipsud and h ui r«t:Iv«d J.».(X.O answers W Piej>H Wants Adu in a HlnijlB day. This show why th') tress wants Ada glva the NHififil AdvertfNpmnuta Prepaid. JlaffCcntaWord Onfl Cent a Word , . Two Cents H Word . Two Oiot* a. Word Sun. Two C -m « Word far CI< Situation Wanted Ht-lp Wanted , Boarding Rooms For s»le and / Su. Business Opportnnltles f W'K'yOoe Cent a Wot* Kor finall amounts one-oetu or two-ce»ti stamps are acceptalile name as ca?D. TERMS OF THE PRESS. By , postage fre« In tfm Qnltod 3taws, Cuu- da and lleilco. Dally (except Sun<tajO, one. jear . . . ff.OO " " '• one month ..... Si" " •• one month . . Sunday, one year ......... Wed-ij press, one rear ....... Drafts, Chedu axid otbdr Remittances ikoo!4 be made payable to Tbe order ot The Press Company, LtaiteJ FA,

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