The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1935 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 9, 1935
Page 4
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PAGE «TO W-TrtHBY TO COUiUEH .'NEWS THt COURIER JflSWfl CO., PUBUSHXM ' 1 <J.'B. BA8CPCK, EdJtof •H. W, HAINE8, Advertising stamper Sole- National "Advertising RapresenWIyes; Arkansas Dailies, |no.; New York.' Clucago, .Detroit, St.Jvoii^Dgjias; Kansas,pity, Mcmplils Svery Afternoon Except $ungay Entered,' as-second. tlfuw 'matter at • the'post 'ofUce" «jt BtytbcvJUor Ar- kaiiffs, under act of Congress. October 0, 1917.: , . by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In the Oily of Bh'llicvillc, t5o nor week, or $6.50 per y«ir, Hi advance. By mall, within a raatus of 50 miles, $3.00 per year, $ .60 for six nioittlis, 85c for Uireo vnontns; oy mm m postal zones two to six, Inclusive, ft.w per year; in zones seven and eight. 410 00 Per year, payabia In advance. That LiJt~Saving Comma Nearly four years ago, Uirci; oll'dals Of it tlcfuncl mortgage company in Cleveland were convicted of fraud charges in connection with tlicir company's sale of partial payment gold trust bonds. The conviction didn't end lli<; nuttier. It went to tlie state supreme court, which ordered a new trial on Hie , (ji'otiml that the judge erred in his charge to Hie jury. The other day the retrial 1'mnlly began. . Then the defense attorneys nrgueil .Dial the indictment in'the case was faulty—because of'a misplaced comma. They artjuetl H(]. wdl that the trial •.judge was obliged to agree with Ihem and. -ilia men were freed. -Addrcssiut' (he jury, the judge re- 'inarked that "this should illustrate tile fallacy ut' making a' criminal caso a t'liniu instead of a method of iiiTiving at justice." That's putting it mildly. Here we hayd: n crimiiml case that had dragged out for four years—and it "is finally disposed of because Home, lypjs.l, p.ut a comma in the wrong place!" Is'' it any womtcr • that ' hiymci) grow iinpntjunl with the technicalities of the taw? BLri'HEVrLLE, (AM.)' COUHLEK NEWS Leveling War and Peace. • Tlie iMcSwaiji bill to elitiihiafe war profits will probably cpme to a vole during this session of Congress. It would authorize the president to freeze prices at levels as of a dale prior to the;declaration oi' war, mid in that way—according to its .sponsors—would prevent profiteering. : Congressman Frank 1>. Kloeb of Ohio poinled out. the other day that such measure would also make the transition from war to peace less of a strain o;i the country' seeonomie fabric. The close of u war, he remarks, lias always heretofore brought a period of falling prices, with a resultant depression. Under the JMcSsvain bill, he argues, "the nation will move from peace to war and from war to peace without serious disjointmcnt of the economic structure." Anything that, would cut the traditional post-war crashes would certainly be a step in the right direction. Dcmpscj- is my. pal, but I cwiW iiitvc licked him. —J,tax Bacr. OUT OUR WAY Gangster's Strange Deathl Chicago's gangsters luivc ilone n jrreiit rntiny sii|-pi1sing things in Urn last (lec'itdc; but none of them ever did anything 1 very much more surprising than did Frankie Rio, former body- (ftiiivd to Al Capuiic, who confounded (ho 'expectations of everybody the other day by 'dying jienccl'iilly in bed from nnluntl cmises. Tlie removal from tile current .scents of any uaiufslor is yood news, of course, and ordinary heart disease may be a civic instrument just as is the electric chair, Hut it is worth noticing that Rio \wis one of lite very few Clii- fiico hoodlums lo depart from this life without co-operation of a machine t'tin or a revolver. Things must bu gelling strangely peaceful in Chicago, when a Caponu gangster can die in bed like any ordinary citizen! We Mac) Best Hold Off From All Such Laws A bill Introduced by HeprcsciiliUivi's Miller of I'olli nnil Mlhvcc or srvlcr seeks u> nuiki! it IKj.wlWe to mile ComnioiwciiUh College Into court UK n "nuisance" and "abate" it by mi injunction decree. We .should rcallne Una such a pmceedhii; would become n mUiomil Issue, with rcaclioiis unfortunate for Arkansas. All (lie forces of rnd- Icnllsin would of course bo marshalled behind Uiu institution nciir Memi wliusc existence WHS tlirailclK'd. Of viwtly moru elgnlliciuice, liow- i-vcr, would bu Iliu Brail body ut nun-rudiuil Iliouclit Unit would see tlie rent Issue as tit- li'iuptc'd .fii|j|>n.'s.sloii of free Ilioitulrt and fire speech by nn American .stiitu. Arkansas will be timvlsc II it attempts to dispose of imy brand ol political or economic Uihilc- IIIE unit tcachint! by pronuiinciim » sentence of outlawry on it. —Arkansas Usizcltc. Pricts Keep Going Up Whatever may be happening to the recovery program as a whole, the cost of living seems to be making an extremely KUcce.ssfid come back. Secretary of Agriculture Wallace himself predicts that meat prices will be up 32, per. cent by 1 !);>(>. Beef mid pork will be up 22 per cent by July 1, Porterhouse- steak and bacon are apt to be classed as "company dishes" before. the year is over. All of whieli lends some poinl lo the complaint of tlie I'euple's Lobby I hat the consumer is getting a pretty poor sort of protection in the campaign to put the farmer in better shape. There may be exaggeration in Uie lobby's assertion that the recent "purge", in AAA means that "exploiting and profiteering interesls have got control of that agency," but it is pretty obvious that the consumer is carrying more than his share of the load. SATURDAY, MARCH 'J, 1935 We should lind n .system not merely of relief, but under which relief shall bi\ lu so far us hnmnncly achievable, unnecessary. — Secretary of State Corclc.ll Hull. * * <r II ml:ex only a single truck mind to j ;c » rundunicntulisl or » Communist In unythitiB. —Pearl Buck, famous• iiuthor. . * * * Currency inflation Is a retreat from ruul- ily. — Ucuiuld A. Hobait, Nutloiuil Coiimuinder ol th« American Veterans 1 AxMicintioii. By Williams SIDE GLANCES By George Clark "I'll Ite glad when our crowd gel.s a bit older and .stops having birthdays." THIS CURIOUS WORLD ^Z liani Ferguson IN IS89, THE GOLDEHROD WAS THE PREFERRED NATIONAL FLOWER OF THE UNITED STATES/ IN 1929, THE WILD ROSE WAS GIVEN PREFERENCE. COBRA BITCS ARE FATAL TO ELEPHANTS/ THE FAMOUS PRUSSIAN BALLET TOURED THE WORLD FOK. 20 VE-\es, 29, BUT NEVER. APPEARED IN KUSSfAl INDIAN leak companies count on losing several elephants each •car IbroiiRh cobra bites. A bite on the li|) of the trunk, or on the cot, at the base- of thctoctiail, proves fatal to an elephant in about hreu hour.s. i\K.\T: 1'roni what did Ihc name "ncirpcjisi IF YOU QOTTA THAT 9 WHERE VOU'CE CRACKED/ THERE IS SOM& PEOPLE WHO EW3DV I EWW A GUV WHO EMJOVS WHAT HE HAS TO DO TH' MOST OP — VOU DOM'TENJOV WHAT VOU HAVE TO DO TH'MOST,SO ITS WHO HAS A LIFE. WITH ME IS, IEMJOV MY BUT t GET TIRED OF MY9BLF SO MUCH. AN' MI6HT, TO HOLD DOWN A 816 JOB, THEY • HftVE IT' - -THAT'S A DOG'S THE • PLEASURE Heart "Murmur" Sometimes Reveals Rheumatic Infection liV Dli. MOHKI.S riSIII!i;iN' fcdilor, Journal ot tin- American Ki-i.i, llic tlcallti iVlassvmi: 'I'lii; rheumatic infirtinn with which heart ilisca.ii: in' children nuiy tic associated iii IHJV. ic-coii- nimi as an infection ni ih<- body us a whole. 1 , dun to Minn- uinL-u-r- inined bacterial caiuse. This liifeclion may <•' 1,1- iit'iuil jtily the interior oi itic i,< ,iri. und tin'- muscle, but ulso in' :.ic, or l.'ciicardium, in which i!c licart ii'S, the joints, and even !:.c i ons system. ill .SOllie i'U.V--:- inl'r:i'.; ,,[ heart muy be the; my <n..i ,sym]i- tnm; in others the e;u!;.-;,( svinp- loms may be tc;irnl' i ci -lilt neel;. Mire throat, srowin-j p, :;i , „.- m i|,| atlacks of [ever. Sometime* it i.s [)<>- ii,i- (,, um^i ni'OGU'ss of ll|i:> lyi:- u| l^,;<\. ( ii^C lielOlt: VlllVCS (.| |l;r- 1 IM: ,| , ||C tl;r condition HUM ijivm many IIHHI-J TOIMV ~:i, ivurkv ju :i *!lk mill. Slie iniil lii'r 111-} rar-olil Ijrollirr, 1*1111*, AUUliorl Ilielr invalid fuller. tviirjis In IIn- jiilll, iiitis cinle Co itinrry lifnt. Sliv ilelnyh alvlntf tlirr, noiv ilvilil. liullt (lie mill, Hrlim l« imirJi (iltriictt-cl In Uulc kill. ItirmiBli 1lit> IHrlii ry of VICKY TiiAT<:ni;n,*o<-h-ij iiwm- I), lircle i-uni'liiik-s nrlnu'N «tU"ii- X'U'ky, whu»u ruClirr, UOlll^nT 'l-IIATCIUMl, IN iceiKriil UIUIIUKLT Ol ||1L- mill, IH hclU-mljJ£ lu Mill llrllin fur liLTM'll. J-lill lost* lil» lull, Hi- r.» (ir- rc-SU-il, ul't-IIM'i) of bhunliii^ I-:!) VO<;i;i., nuotlicr mill cmi'li'ji', In :i Klrri-1 litIH. Cult- jind SU-vu K<> In 11 uicclhiK nr mill wnj kt-ifi. II IN InU'rrujit- ril Ijj Iliv houuil of *mi!!iUiti^ uoud NOW <;i> II.V \S'ITH TIIK S'l'UllY CllAPTrat XLV iV|l' ; N rose and women ticreamcd. • In Hie doorway a ligure loomed—u man whose- faco was covered by a striii ol blaclt cloth. "(!iit out oC bercl" lio shouted. "Alt oC yon—clear out!" There were others behind him. They were coming fti at tlio rear of the room and through tlio brol;en window—a doicen or more men, luisky, eltirilily-biillt fellows, all wcarliiB mask:!, all annccl «ilh sllclvs or clnb:i. "Out ot here!" the leader shouted iiealn. Joo Oillasiito apraiig forward. "You can't do Uiis!" ho cried. "You Kol no right to conic in here. This is a [irivato homo—!" "Vciih? Well, what do yon thinli of tbiuV" Tlio fist ot llnj man who hud spoken smaalicd against tlillasiiio's face. •"You've no riulil—1" Cillas»lo reiteulcd. Tho oilier man ralacil n club, brought it down ugaiusil Ulllusnlc'u bead. "Oh, Cod!" Hcreaincd u \voniau. A liancl grnlitied Stovo's shoulde, It was tlio man who hail knocked Joe Gilla.Hiilc down. 'I'lio slits in tho nmsk lio wore wore ivicle nutl Eiiplng. (lain tlareil. Slio kuew that man; tho eyes were unmistakable. SIIH KN13W HIM! Stevo said, Blcciy-voiceU, "Tuko your lianj off me." "rxjoldn 1 for trouble, huh?" "I aaici take your hand oil!" "So you're naliln' (or ill'' U'he Imml drew track, but Stcvo was too ijulck. Ilia list cracked smartly against Ilio niiisked man's clieek. Tlio. other leaped forward, lilUlug Stcvo on tlio nose. "You • -I" Tlio man with tiio niiislf wtia'IlliQ one posaeEsed. Stovo staggered, uteacllcd hiniGOlf and BWIIIIK again. Tlie blow landed. Uteve's Hat thol out once more,' suddenly Itcw upward. His body reeled and ho fell heavily. Tlie club lliat had struck lilm smashed down a second time. The man with the club had come up behind Sieve. His face, loo, was covered \vilh a niaalr. "That'll hold 'im," lie said harshly. "Give mo ilial club!" It was the first man slioulinf. lie the club, brought it down again and a^ain on Htevo'.s head nncl about liis chest. Tho man's lips twisted cruelly, lotting out an oath 13lood spurted from Sieve's loro- lioiul and spread In trickling lines down lil.i cheeks, lie writhed— and then lay quite still, The second man drew back. "Say, is.lic—V" IIo Iclt the words nti- linished. "Jlell, what do we care!" A handful ot mill workers were waging a desperate lilniEKto across tlio room. Hlioutu mid coarse ex- ciamationn rose above tlio sound ol scuffling feet. A chair "Look what Ihcy dime lo .loci They! hm-lllng !h, 0 uj, the air and killed him and they waul to ' '" the rcsl ot us! Help—police—1" The leader whirled. "Police!" he jeered. "That's a good one. Sure, call 'DIM. Screctdi your head off and ueo If iho police will help you!" Ilia baud landed fiat on the woman's clieek. "Come on!" ho shouted to thoiie behind. "Let 'em h-ivc H!" liislanlly tho room (vaa in HIV roar. A short, llilcli-sct mill worker inner!,- ono of Iho masked men and WHS inslantly surrounded Chiilra wcro overturned. Women auil Kirls Gcrninlilct! toward the .docin. There were shrill cries and angry uasa ones. - "Come on!" the leader bellowed, uud was nnssvcred wilh cbecra thai w^iro profane, derisive. Gale and Josle, terrilied, had drawn ngatnst the wall. Stove made his way toward them. "This \vay!" lie said, mollonlni; toward Hie door. Ills body shielded Ihem as lliey pushed forward. "Get out as fast as yon can," bo said. "Gel lo tho next house! Anywhere!" * * * "10SII3 was whimpering. Gale J eaw a blond, red-faced woinun beating her lists against the back of a masked man. Oalo cried, "oil, Sieve!" .She clinur to him, but ho Minil: her olf. "Hurry!" l, c £:l j,j. .. c;t ,, ot hero!" out struck a window, shattering ihe glass. Two men, grappling, pushed against a table and it overturned Suddenly, there was a shrill cry, and the room was in darkness. V * « /""ALE and Josie huddled together In the shadow ot a scvasyly fhickvl. Thoy hud been hliling there tor what seemed houni. "Do you think they're nowV" Josic whispered. "i don't know. We'd bcllcjr wait a while louder." gone .Sileneo again . iioiso of u distant freight trnlii -lo^jie said, "Gale, I'm 'awfully cold Don't you think It'll bo nil rlsbt to go now?" "Yes—I guesii so." ; "If we stny back near: the trees nobody will see us." They made their way cautiously Onco voices caiuo from aurora ihe slrccl and ihe girl!) crept behind a building. Tiie voices drifted oul of hearing and the two girls went on. They reached Ihe cud ot Hie block, luniccl inio another suect. 'riiern \vero houses here, liiililcd windows. with "You know that man who grabbed Sieve's sliouhler jiisl an we went through tho door?" "Yes." "I think I know wliu he ;vas," "Ko do 1." "You mean—?" "Clyde Fisher." Tliclr voices chorused the name of ihe mill foreman. Ciale, surprised, said. "You recognized him, loo! Hoiv'd you guess—?" "It was easy. Didn't you sec how his mask fell buck?" "I didn't nolico Unit," Chile said. "It was his eyes. 1 knew I couldn't be mistaken about those eyes. And lio was the leader. Who do you suppose Ilio others wereV" "Oh, some of Thatcher's prizo mugs. I suppose." "Well, lliey broke ti» Iho meeting all right." "They certainly did." * * » '•PIIK girls had renclied tho cor- '' nor whore Josle should liavo turned. Oulo said Imiieluoiisly, 'Don't go yet, Josle. Let's sea it ' Stove- is home, llo'll tell us how' it came out. I'm terribly uiixlouu to know." Josla agreed. She waf xiona, tno. The invasion of tlie meellns by Ilio nniskcd men was Ihe most exeiling thing ihat had happened in a long while. Joslo said, as they went on "I suppose Thalclier'll li.ive all our names tomorrow. Maybo he'll tiro ill! Of I1U.° "Maybe." They were silent as llicy hailed before Steve's home, silent as they went up Um slcps and knocked at tho door. A woman opened It—a lltllo woman with ;;ray hair twisted on curlcra and wearing :, tailed bathrobe. She held tlie door open n few inches and asked. "V'Jirt I.,- it!" __ "It's me-Gale!" the girl saiil. "Is Slevo here. Mrs. Meyers?" The dnor opened wider. "Come ici, Gale—nh, ami In that Joalc? Come In. bolh of you. No. Steve hasn't come home ycl. I've been so worried. didn't suppose Uio meeting v,-a;:!d lasi as lone sis this." _ The girls stepped into the house. Why, tbal'3 strange." Gale wild. "\Vc thought surely lic'd be henj." -"Vou mean the meeting's over?" Where's sieve? Why "Ycs- "Thcn doesn't lie come homo?' _ ciu' vok-o was shurply anxioiil 1 Uo you aiipposQ anytlilug'n b:iu- pcncd?" Then; were sounds on the walk outside. Voices in the dai-kuess. Chile turned., ;'J'II B ce who It in.'', / she said over' Lor shoulder, aailM slcuped omslde. ' Tliere were four 1.1011 slandlcg lliere, four men carrying a licjavy liiirden—a stretcher on which was a man's liody. Ciale said, "Wliat Is it?" Sim could tec Ibe ligui-c on llio stretcher only dimly. She wcul down tlie steps, hurried forward, "Has 501110- Josle drew a sigh ot relief, [otic liecn Iiuit?" she asked "Who Whew!" she said. "If I llvo lo is it?" bo a thousand, I'll never forgot | liefore anyone answered she hunt thia jiight." nciorc anyone anuweied she t ,, . ... forward, peering al the, figure „ C.ale did not answer, rrsscntly. lllio strelchn-. "Oh"' S!K- cri» she Mid, "Josie—" ,'", L - ;i s lc vo!" Tea." ('!'« lie Cunlimieil) Washington State Had !:! S ..'' s !," b !. i .f.' lx ' '\ ( win "»;oi> ; Ohan- jsional al Wayne Unii-crsily. Record January Weather SEATTLE. <Up- Tiro all-tiuic weal her records fell in Wasliiui;- .011 during January, M35. Buiii- :i(|[ sol u new mark when 12 indies fell In 24 liour.s at Quinauli, in Hie 3raj's Harbor dlslrict. T!ie previous was s.lii inches at Big Pork in , ogan county, v.'hen 5^ inches fell] "KccpinK up with I lie Jonesrs. Jan. ^1. other points in the region 'pressure of motlum livinc dirt in Had 40 to 50 inches. |u lc ulr nw , lack of fe ^?'^- Snecd of Livint? ies to increase," lie bc- ii''"' 0 ' 5 ' " llK ' ciach «s and asthma T.I , , ,, i' mvc " '' Io:>0 '-'^tiimthip anil both nlameu tor Headaches r"' llf:mt<l !) y herwiitary, social _ I ami (iLciipatlonal tactors." MEMI'iilS. Tcnn. (UP)— Head- ! " --------------- OUR BOARDING HOUSE of the licail uis;i' Hind; Iho entire mgtm. Much deprnci.s ui.i, tent to vvliidi Hie- MH- Ihe lirarl is alien, a. i[ iiu.s"bc- coines- Jiillnnicd an,j „;„„,,,„, ( ,, the heart in any u-,-, Mm IT is conslilprablc pui,,'. M,; ltmn . lh ;. in Ilimiiniitlon b astoi-htu! with i developniciil ol Jhn<| vimi, .„,'. riUMIs "uiJl"" ''"" ' mi " f ' l>lts Ainung (he mobt tic(|i ie m ivu of (lie lieavt and ilcvulojnucni ul inurimn;, which the liocloi 1 hear.- v.itli IHs ,s(o(linaco)>c. Tlic-sc nnu-- murs arc dm- to le (act lhal Uic ;!liii(," oji (lie valvc.s aeid the: liilalkm of tli» licart make il impossible (<«• the valves lo cloht- liiupi-rly. The flo-.v <ij iilucxi llirouiih tin.- valve nmXe.s a .saunil which tlie elector licin.; and which (lifters iruni (\K noiimil wjimils ol llic I licart. ll,v ii:,tciinu; :il varioiui! point.s on Hi- i-hcst. i>iiitieiiiar]y all Ihc poinl when: the npcx or i»t- | loin jTOint ot the lu-ail lici and iilio in tin c.cnter ot the chest, I near tin: mil of tlie t.ct'onil rib, where: the K,JI of the heait lies. Ihe flot-tor c.-ni tell (o .sonic extent which val-.i,, :,ro attacked ;nid tho .severity ol the comlilion. In rln-idnadi: htait ili.ii-ii.«.-. as in all olhcr (omit, rest i- ol utiiiKl ilHIKJIliincc i't tin; i.uililM. |Ky:.Sll>lU niuincnt. Th« liiiiit !i!-,.'c ,;ci-, (iinipltlf! ie;,t until i)i.i.,ij. n )., 'ivj.v.jbie, liuwovcr. Ici ieM. ji, , f lalively by keeping lln paticni flat „„ iii s back and by avoidiiu: nui:,cular exertion ot any ^, lu \ n r ,, ( iri i,nd of .six months nr Iwicrr nmv ! ninc- Illinrs ri-sloK.- Hi,- ,1, ol llic heail 11 ii nhn linpuftam IM wutcli llic diet ill snc-li i>Li(ient.s. ICCUJUE tutin iUIlt .sinaJI aiuoiniLs ol luuil ut lrci|uciit inicivals and avoidlnc I every |K^ibli- clianoc oi ovei loading the stomach. If there 15 a tendency tois fluid to collect In the bocjy, the amount ot fluid Intake must bs diminished 1 3 ROP HOUSL- 1M [UIICllOII \ SOLD TW' C/\SE OF v^'^ H W~F- SO )-? IV= H& WAS *y • • MASKS TO A fAOVlE )4 THKTS WHY ^\ "RUNNING f\ [ w WWOODf/4 V ° U WE Rt V '^^T^.V 7? -THtVUL "RENT'EM "OUT M ANX.IOUSTO TO TH~ rAOVIES , TOR )') ^^ THl;fvA SCENrlS f THtP-E M "^ROW US.- TWOSWOF ^-.— — - / ON "DOZEH. AM' TH By Aherij \C1CLES APIECE "FOR 'ErV\—-THACf. NETS ME^28.50,COUNT!H' f •# 6.SO 1 "PMD YOU ToR't r^KTME^^^ r :.l?v^Jr ^f 1 /)^ TrAOUSANO) ^ C ,' AM* ONE / AN 'WA'&IAN ; 'E-W AS , NIGHTS i (UOLLYPOPS! •-_ •^~ f "^ i/'J^-' , £ Pit 8/Mi Slavics,L>JC. T-THE -BUSINESS HEAD O^ THE HOUSE

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