The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 28, 1950 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 28, 1950
Page 8
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FAGB BIGHT Hot Breads Do Double Duty as a Filling Meal B.V (-KCII.V .V'ism'iulf (1 /'res* I'tMil Kdllor K your lood budget \f m\ your mind --and whose Isn'l the™ days? —try ushiK hot breads to help make meals lx>th deliciously JillmB and ^economical. You can use them many ways. (,ol them do double duty by serving lliein alonR with the main rourse. and then— wilh jam 01 jelly *r preserves— us des.scrl. Or U.SP (hem to extend lish or meat or veco- (ables. A biscuit roll with « meal or Jish fillinn will make a. jot of HrvinRS with a minimum amount of tlir meat or fen. Vefrelahle.s served ix the rtiaf/l di5)i tflke on pJammir wheii they're coupled with a ring o< coi'Jihrcad or baking powder biscuit. Here's * thrifty recipe for Skillet Corn Jircad, Roniherti s!y]», hiadc with enriched while corn meal and iiti .wear. You'll like this corn bread to serve to just the [dinily or when company comes. SKM,J.I;T COIIN imKAij ln«redienls: 1-1/2 cups enriched while corn meal, .1 tablespoons !•«- rkbert flour, 1 loasixxm salt, 1 triuiMon baking soda, 2 cup* liuller- mllk. 1 rug, 2 tablespoons itiipiiiriKs, .Method: Sift, rorn meal, flour, salt, ami baking wxia into mixing box). Add buttermilk and CBK. stirring only until dry ingredient* arc moistened. Melt drippings In large iron skillet and add to batter. Pour into hot skilln: bake in hot (450 decree K.t oven 30 to 25 minutes. Cut into wedee.v; serve hot. Makes t> servings. Eat 'Hopping John' New Year's Day for Good Luck, Prosperity ' it's eooil luck and a HAPPY NEW ?EAR for those who observe Ihe old custom of rating Hopping John on the first day of the year! For Hop- pine John lias IOIIR been known Ihrough the soulMnnil lor IK made powers to bnnj* health, happiness and even wealth! non't let another New Year's Day pass without including It on your menu— you'll find it a tn*at to bring to the family table often. A ReiUTOlis piece of "seasoning ! pnrk" ?.nd a pod of red pepper (two hlRreriienUs to Rood old southern cooking! give the rk-e nud black-eyed peas Just the right flavor. We leave the amount of salt to your discrimination— but don't be alr.lid to add enough. IN'OKI'.DIIiNTS 1 cup dried black-eyed pea.s — water to cover About ", pound .smoked bacon or salt pork (cut In small pieces) J cups cooked rice Salt and pepper to taste 1 pod red pepper PRErAKINC. THK M.tlFI'V WHITE RICK To make 3 clips of fluffy rice, put BLVTHEVTLr.E, (ARK.) COURIKR NEWS THURSDAY, DKCK4IBRR 28, SOUTH AHUCAN iToB&ThlT JAILS with tvateWa, heaW potato clitps and Hollantliisc sauce—a wonderful Ircil South African Lobster Makes Party Deluxe I cup of uncooked rice. .1 teaspoon of salt and 2 cups of cold water in a two-quart saucepan and cover) with a tight-fitting lid. Sel over a hot flame until It bolls Vigorously Then reduce the heat as low as possible and steam for 14 minutes more or until all the water Is absorbed leaving the separate rice (-rains with their full nutritional value. This makes very firm rice grains, H you prefer more tender'rice grains, add ',<. cup more water for each cup of uncooked rice used and Increase I lie- slow cooking time 4 or 5 minutes Remove Ihe lid., permit Ihe rice, to steam dry to the desired consistency and the grains will be separate and fluffy. Never stir rice' lift rice gently with a fork. MKTIIOI) Soak peas overnight, cook wilh pork and pepper pod until pens are good and tender (not overdone — keep the pens whole). Add cooked rice, season with suit »ml pepper to taste. Place in covered casserole and rook until liquid l s absorbed and dish Is hot through. This will serve 8 to 10 persons. Here's Nugget Of Chicken for Party of 1951 Here's a novelty for that bl K pnr- fj »» 1951 conies over the edge ol Um«. It's » Chinese specialty given ro rrw» by my friend Chew Qnan who operates the l.\vn Chinese Rath- ekc.llens in New York, one on Motl Street unrt one on W. 51st Street. Tt i« really hot,' tender nuggets of chicken meat deep fried. Ami Hits is tht way Mr. Quan had It served to us In his restaurant. Chirkrn In Cellophane Remove the meat from R young chicken, giving you ahout 2 pounds nt meat (raw), 1 tablespoon cook- Ing sherry or lemon Juice, 2 lablc- »poon soy sauce. ',4 tablespoon sng- »r. I scalllon, >S teaspoon Chinese spice. Cut chicken into pieces about 1 Inches by % Inches. Marinate tor 10 minutes in sherry (or lemon Jiiie^), joy jaiice, scullion, spice mid sugar. Remove ami put each piece In a piece of cellophane about. 5 inches square. Fold so as t<i make neat little oblong package with ends lucked In. Deep fry In hot cooking 011 for 2 minutes. Cabbage-Apple Salads for 1951 Tart apples nnd crisp cabbnsc arc abundant. So tvhat are we wait- ins 'or?, Let's make a snlat| tlint riance.s with flavor anci health. Lcl's ro.solve In eat at least one crisp salaci a day in 1051. \Vintcr1inir Ajijnr Salarl " iServrs (i) *rh]-0£" inrt rrd apples. 2 nips xlirnddcd catilraRc. ] ti'a.suoon salt, ^i to 2/3 cup niayoni\:iise or .snlacl dressing. COIR apples, dice M-itl^oiit peeling. To prevent darkening lit Ihe ripples are the darkening kind), sprinkle [he cut fruit, with lemon or grapefruit juice. Combine Ihe apples with shredded cabbage, .salt and salad dreeing or mayonnaise. Mix welt. Variations: On the fruit side, add '.i clip raisins or other dried fruit; or 'i grape halves. To acid protein and pungent flavor at the same time, include cheese. Add 1 cup of shrftddort American or Swi^ cheese with the basic ingredients. Or try celery instead of cabbnee. and add 'i cup cranberries to Ilir combination. Anil for .vllll another variation, use French dressing in place- of mayonnaise. Easy To Prepare Dressings Add Zest to Cabbage Here are iwo recipes for dressings for cabbage: (Jooktrt Salad Dressing (Makes ulumt -?I cllti) Three, table-spoons vinegar. I egg or 'I egg yolks, beaten, l/:i cup milk, 1 tablespoon table fill. '.', teaspoon salt, % teaspoon .sugar, 'A teaspoon dry mustard and paprika each, celery seed if desired. Add vinegar to egg and beat. Stir In rest of Ingredients. Cook over boiling water. Stir constantly until thickened. Use the following rough measure as a Kuidc to cabbage purchases one pound provides 7 to 8 Imlf- cnp servings of shredded cabbage: or 4 to 5 half-cup servings of cooked cabbage. ' <)uivk Cole Sla. Dressing One-quarter <:up vinegar, a pinch of salt and pepper. 2 tablespoons sugar. Combine Ingredients. Add to shredded cnbbngc. H.v OAVNOlt MADDOX M:A surf writer fnt ;\ special (te luxe parly trr frozen Rout)) African lobster'tails. They are nil mem with » miniiiiiuii of wnste. »lld for that reiituti arc fur more ei:onoink-iil tliitu you'd expect tor xurti luxury».' Hock i.iibsU-r 'u c:iii|is Allow one fl-oz. South Atrlcnn rock lobster tail for each scr^iiiK. Boll nccordiin! to directions. Remove im-iit whole from shell. phm»c into boiling \i-iUer for 1 minute Drain. Arrnnei! on platter, Kiirnlsli with I rill" of watercress nnrl .slin'Olllld 1 with hi'iitoil jjolnlo chips, rasx Hill- I luiKlnl.ic sauce at table. ! Directions tor bollin<>: place I South African rock lobster lulls. cither thawed or, into large kettle boiling sailed water it isy>. snll for each o.itim of water*. When water rcbolls, tower heat .so water bolls •• gently and bi'Km counting time. Kee]> covered, noil liiils I minute longer than their llididdllli] weifilit In ounces. Kor instance, boll an 8-ov,, tail n minnte.s. Adrt 2 minutes to all boiling time* when tails are cooked frozen. To reinovn meat easily from ilicll. drain off hot water, drench .vlth cold water. Using .scissors, •lit, lengthwise throimh center of membrane coverinc flp.sli nnri In- iert fingers under meat tn ojien uui and pull meat out. Sunlli African Dock l.ubslcr Supi unii- Pour tablespoons Duller or margarine, 2 l.iblcsjiooiis flour. '{; teaspoon sail, 1,1. teaspoon paprika. 1'i cups hot milk. -I ['wg yolks, '2 InbJe.sprtons Icmoti juice, 2 citps diced, •boiled Smith African rock lobster me,il .tonsl points. Melt rjintcr or margarine. Stir In Hour and seasonings. Stir in hot milk urmlmiiij. while cooking over low heat. When sauce Is thick, remove from lu-at. Heat In egg yolks, one at n time. Stir in lemon juice find add diced boileit South African rock lobster meat. •Reheat while- stirring ceully, but do not. nllow to boil.' Serve with toast points. A chafing dish' may be used for reheating a nd for service at the table. Note: A 1- pound rock lobster lail supplies alxxit 2 cuns diced meat. Yule Garnish A ham slice may be given a Christinas touch too. When removed from the broiler Immediately surround it with green parsley and apple wedges which have been cooked in a cinnamon candy-tinted syrup. Trained At Draughon for Chosen Vocation After receiving ~ her training at Dc'au^hon School af Business, this •/ o n n g 1 ,-t (I y f (> ll n <1 imiiUNl- ;itc employment .vilh (he Arkitn- • --as B n p l i s I .Ic:i<li|ii;irli-is in t.itlln Ilorli. She is Miss .lonnie Uraruton, .iaufilitcr of Mr. tnd Mrs. Lee tlranctdii of Center Point, Ark- unsas. Upon completion of stiutv nt Center Point lli s t, School, she enrolled in DrauRium School of Hnsincss f«r sperrati/«l IrarninR in the v<)«iti(in slip chose to follow. Tills training prepared Miss Hraruion to meet successfully all :lie cxaclinf; reqnircmenls of business. Tltc I)raii|:h..n Sell,ml maintains a master faculty ,>f ex|«t icnced educators. Us courses are comprehensive and tin.rough, bnsert upon the rei|iiiromen(s of modern business concerns. Tims every Draughon sliulunl is taught business as business is actually done. OrauRlxir. ,Seh'K>J o f Husinrss vs an otitMandniK business college. In rontinuoiis ojwralion since irtOO, H has,tt,e di.>tinelk)n of he- IIIK one of the oldest business Taming s,-b.H>ls in the South—and is the only pnvalo business col- lefie in Arkansas th»l->s ftilly ac- creditc.1 and appioved by the Mate Department rrf Kxiucalion for I wo ye.-irs work in commercial education. If you desire information regarding any branch t/ business US'^',"^' - vo " nr< ' 'nvitcd to -write niiALGHorv srcuooi, OF uusi- I.idle Hwk. Arkansas. Lobster, Chicken Liver Is Delicate Food Serving Lobster and chicken liver at the Chinese Rathskeller is one of the ino^l delicate combinations ol food I have ever eaten. Any Chinese store can supply the unusual in- dieiticnl.s. Many quality grocers carry them, t/xx leister and ('Ilk-Urn l.lver One freshly boiled and shelled lobster, sliced, '•• pound raw chick- <tn liver, sliced. Pour a little wine or water over the liver to kill the blooti tn.sle. OJie-o.unrter |x>und biimlioo shoot.s, H pound water chestnuts, 'a pound Chinese cab- bnpc (liok Toy), s pound snow pea pcds. Fry a 'dove of garlic in a litlle oil in an iron skillol. A.S soon as garlic is brown, remove It; put the chicken liver in. then add li cup of waicr. .Cook about 5 minutes and add Ihe lobster meat and raw veg- e'.abies with !i teasixHin salt and Vv cup water, Cook about B minutes. Then sciiscm with 2 teaspoons Chinese soy sauce, 1 teaspoon oyster sauce. ',* teaspoon sugar, 2 teaspoons corn.stiircli (for thickening', r -t ounce wine or water, l - t teaspoon pure monosodilim glutamate. If not enough water, add a little more. HeM tliroush and serve with steamed rice. A SUBSTITUIE FOR MEAT HAVE YOU A PUNY CHILD? HADACOL May Relieve the Cause of Distress that is Dragging Your Child Down IF DUE JO A LACK OF VITAMINS B,, B 2 , IRON AMD NIACIN You iton'l w:\nt your child to lat; behind, hn liclow par, (iiuihlr to keep u]t wilh the ntlior kUl.s. ATi>c]i- cal scii-iu-c ]\ns vcrifiiui tin- fai-l iluit .T lr»ck of Vila- miiis B,. B,, Iron and Ni;i- cin in tin- sy.slpui ejin lirnt; cliitdn-n <io\s'ii, fiitiso llinii to fall hcliiml in rfu-ir do- volopnu'nt. HAOAtJOl.tnc woiulor- fnl luilritional formula has Imen specially corn- pournlod (o ovciromc sucli deiidoncir.s, Kc-.sult.s nrc \vhal coiiTit and innl tiers arr writinj,; us aixmi Ihe liclp IIADACOI, lias Riven tlirir cIiiIiir*Mi who were MifTcrim; fiorn .such JofinUon Here i^ just ntii! c-Tsm- plc —a IrUrr frnm Mts. Kcic^r I.. .!ohiisli»n. Lake. Mississippi, wim^o 5011 was suJFcrin^ from ^ doricioncy of Vitamins II,, |V. Iron nmt N f inoin. Mrs. .lohn.slon wrilcs: "Alxnit iw« and a hall years AKO, our litlle hoy, Jamrs K(! C ar had fever, and had to slav ih bed for 5.rvrrr\l rncmlhs Ho was so weak. We had to p!v-c him liver, and nil kinds of fond ihrtt would build l.lond Ho rouldn't "in and play. lii* fond hvnt hi,,,. | hoard about HADACOL "I decided U> uy W. I could tell a great (tifferenctr. He has taken fourteen bollle.s. Ho is eleven years old, weighs !>2 pniinii.^. plays on (he school ball team, cidfs his bike, runs nnd plays liki- other boys and fools grand, sleeps nil nijjht, without wakirifi, I can never praise HAOA- COT, <?no\i^h. I have n:coniniondcd il to all my friends and pot them to (nke it. They are thrilled over finding such a fine* product." If your child, tike .Tames Edgar, is rundown, lagging behind because of deficiencies of Vitamins 13,, B t . Iron and Niacin, why not try HADACOTj today. Many doctors recommend U for Iheir patients, for'lheir own families. Trial si7.c bottle. $1.20: largu family or hospital 51170, $3.50. Money-back guarniilce. HOYS: c;mi,s! BIG TKKK CO.MIC HOOK; Just Write the T.cttlane Corp, Lafayeltr, I.nuisiann C 19JO, Hie LcBlanc Coiporaiio* KRAUT Kroger — Expertly Cured No. 2 cans Grated — For Delicious Sandwiches and Salads KROGER BREAD Super-Soft—Single l.oal' I 5c SPOTLIGHT COFFEE Kroner I lot-Muled ;i ],!>. Hag 2.1!) CAKE 2 ,%%, 290 ARMOUR TREET ' 2 ^ n 49^ Solid I'acked Luncheon Meat, delicately spiced 750 WHITE NAPKINS Keep a Supply of Napkins on Hand 2 80 c(. Pkg. Cliocolaf ed Fudge . Golden Layer—Kroner-Baked TOMATO SOUP !"V;-. 100 Campbell's—Made from choice lorn aloes EMBASSY PRESERVES 3 ^ 1.00 BLACKEYE PEAS ',!£ 22t i'lnni, Apricol, I'each, I'ineapple " ' ' "••• • •- • -• -•• • -'-'•' B ' ™ BALLRD BISCUITS 2 Oven-Ready—10 lo Rach Can. 2 Lb. .I3c—A Real New Year's Valt 250 TOMATOES Juicy Red-ripe Tomatoes. 2 No. 30S OCX Can 750 PORK LOIN ROAST CHUCK ROAST 7 RIB CUT - - - Ib. - - Ib. u 690 2 , t . 45)! Wilson'a Certified Lb. rnmnn u SKIMLESS FRAMKS CENTER CUT CHOP - Ib. 69? SflLT MEAT .......... 190 BORAX 20 .Mule Team 2 ^ 25< BORAXO 8-Oz. Con DOG FOOD Kam J«-Oz. Conj 29* WATER RICE 3-Lb. - » s LETTUCE *"*• • • W W t ^ Arizona ^^ Giant Iceberg * Size Popqualitr J^ Heads Large Crisp Slalk •> Lb. Cello Bags CELERY ,a190 C'BERRIES 350 Pines! Calif. 1'ascal Kinesl Crisp Tart Bright 79 JL J •• POTATOES 390 U. S. No. 1 Washed Red S [,h. Mesh Bag 50 Lh. ,Mesh Bag ORANGES 490 POTATOES 490 .Uiicy Sweel Florida II. S. No. 2 Washed

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