The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 9, 1935
Page 3
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IM'ARCK 9, 1935 KEEP OFF S1ITE There's Plenty of Worry ill Lillle Rock About Kinglish's Plans. HV TOD II. MALOY United 1'rcss Stan 1 (.'orresiinmlcnl LITTLE ROOK. Ark., (UP)—Will llucy Long. Louisiana's Kingfish, 'nter Arkansas politics again? That's the question that is worrying politicians no little bit. They rernehiber too well how tlie I/nils!- ana senator swept the state in a week's campaign during the summer o£ 1932 to elect Jfattie Caraway, witiow of his former colleague, (o the United Stales senate. There nre (hose who scoff at thc idea of Long's return to Arkansas politics. "He has bigger game in .sight than lo control Arkansas," one well-informed state official .said. "He's loo smart to be dabbling around in Arkansas when he has the whole nation for a field." IVA'licians Worried But Arkansas jwlilJcian.? are not so sure Ihe Kiugfish will keep his hands out of affairs in ills neighboring slate. There is increasing speculation on thc possibility he may leave Washington for a while to Intensify his strength in the region surrounding Louisiana. If lie is considering such action Arkansas would be one of the slates to extend his influence. Just what his influence would be is more speculation but there are few native politicians eager to ''lock horns" with Ihe crafty Long, While they deride his "meddling" in Arkansas affairs they fear what might be done. Twice tlie house of representatives has refused to extend him an , invitation to address thc SOth General Assembly, nesolutions (o invite "him have been defeated by overwhelming V0 les, and there are repelled references to Long in "addresses on the floor of the house. "Keep Huey out of Arkansas and in Louisiana where he belongs." Ls a familiar cry in thc of representatives. Gates Bids for Hacking Most .solicitous of Long's favor is Rep: o. E. Gates of Cleveland who has intimated variously he may be a candidate for governor, lieiilen- ant-govcrnor and United stales senator next year. It was Dates who introduced the unsuccessful resolutions inviting the Kingflsh to address the •legislature. Gates has conversed with Long on occasions by long distance telephone. It, is.iio.sccrol he would like Long's support should he seek a higher state office. Tlic other possibility that causes much concern is thc contemplation of an alliance between Long and Former Governor Tom fennl for a United states senate campaign. When Long .visited in Hot Springs early' last winter one of those he called to his hotel suite uas Terral. Although Terral minimized the visit he does not deny lie may l» e. candidate for the senate. "A1J I've got to say," h e told the United Press recently, "j. s that the other boys arc worried a whole lot! . more- than i am." Effect of a Long-supported can-j didate in the next .senatorial race; affords much speculation. Many prominent ftcn have been su»gest- ed ns possible bidders for the of- ficc. but few have considered back- Inj from Long. Among those mentioned is c.pv. 3. M. Putrell Talk persists among politicians that Senator joe T. Robinson may get., an appointment as united Slates supreme court judge and that Governor Futrell may seek the senatorial job in much lb c same way. In which Robinson first acquired it—resigning Ui e governorship to accept appointment. If Long entered the Arkansas po- ical arena at the next election there will be much havoc wrought Consideration, of that possibility is playing no ]ilt! e part in flic prc- llminarics of the 1936 election at Blytheville's Theatres GltZ It Is a cute of "Home toivu Imy join-ante nml the baby, u carnival ude good" in tlie dies Davis I troupe exhibiting u puppet show. mn show ... jpe exhibiting u puppet coming to the Rib, .Sunday .The baby's [n-andparenls attempt for u two hour Klage musical re-|i 0 oblnln custody of tlje ehilil, but vile. Davis, who halls from Mem- .Tracy, nbly abcttfd by his part- phis where lie 1ms bowed to many | nm . manages to keep one slep Mcmpliians and Illytlievllle people ahead of the law, and in close (no m excellent stnse shows, heads proximity to little Pooehy as the llie cast of 40 men and pretty girls .foahy Is called. There is a happy climax, preceded by' the thrilling spectacle of the entire carnival being consumed, in flames. Rudy Vallce, world famous radio crooner, comes to (be Fill* Thursday ami Friday h\ I no Int- est and mast pretentious of Warner Bros.' mammoth musicals, "Sweet Music." who comiOTsc the cast of "Chicago Follie.s," The' show. which begins at 1.45 1"'. M.. and continues until 11 o'clock, will have, in addition to the slafte show, (lie Paramount News and several movie shorts. This is the largest ever as- ieinblcd for u show :\nd it is expected at that nil/ visitors from ninny distant points will ;o .'itlcnd. Bro c niuiii T., 1 1. •• dyn , damfof lar love under Vallw will be heard In n luilf do/en caichy songs written espec- in "y ' or Hie production, Ann T" Ateo *"«* ™ d """^ ln s " edacutnr nwnbers. Still another most m.rnni . . >• u ""™?' jsonslilrd who will be heard in the z picture at the Rilz Monday only. , it is the story of two brothers i™ ^gj"'"^";".! who love the same woman who is I „ . ,, „ . Helen Morgan, famous o made such a lilt the wife of Unity Vallce's Connecticut Vanone. The husband ., crippled for life by an airplane es a l» >ciu ' in the Picture as does crash, asks his brother to escort Prank and Mill Drilton Bond hi-s wife about so tlial she will not. lvllMl wln d 'spcnse rcdhot tunes, be deprived of all the joys of life ' c '"" s:c aiul '>' rics v '' ere w • Love springs up between these' y tllrcc of tlle mnsl> ffllnous two young people from the con- teams, Warren and Dubin, Dixon slant" con'tacir'and "aHiiou""'h they and Wl '" 1)cl nnd Fnl » and Kahal. fight against it nature is too Picture, which carries si definite plot is filled with romance, drama and hilarious comedy, ft Ls the story of a young college boy who organizes a band and makes good as a crooner and orchestra leader in Ihe big night clubs and over the radio. Ife falls in- love with a be.autifu) dancing girl atid too slrong for them. The husband, his eyes onened to the situation, marks .saci-ifice that is as startling as i Is dramatic. Other intense scenes occur tie- Iwecn the (. lvo lovers, torn bchvcen Ihe call of young love and the final great climax where the wife, J 'F' ps hcr up t!le lalltici ' to is accused of the murder of her '', \ m;lt s ' lei t''i"ks Jic is j elope ivith "' * ' husband in order to tlic brother. There is a talented all slar cast, including Josephine Ifutchinson, George Brent, Colin Clivc, Peggy Wood, of musical comedy fame Henrietta Crasman," c. Aubrey s <tt».W.-Lco n. Carroll and Phyllis Cogiiiii. jealous jof her ami Is trying to ruin her 'career. Hailed as thc most engrossing and ingenious lo date of the famous "Charlie Chan" films, the lat- cst Ulc ' rlic Chan in Reappeared inevitable that the !cer\t- phenomenally successful World's Fair in Chicago would both '" Hollywood and New York Paris," once more starring Warner Oland, will arrive at the Ritz for Saturday. Preview audiences have already viewed "Charlie Chan in Paris" someday serve as thc colorful without exception they have background for a motion picture recorded thei '' enthusiasm for this orlidrimatic play. With customary story of a phantom killer who tcr- adrd.ifr.ess, thc Columbia studios rented thc gayest city in thc adopted the setting for the Lee world. Tracy-Sully Eilers-Jitnmy Durante | Arriving in Paris, Charlie Chan romantic-comedy, "Carnival" which is plunged into, the dangerous will be the Matured attraction at, |. shadows of the most baffling, mys- the Ritz Tuesday and Wednesday, j Icry he has ever encountered. The The film. also serves to bring to French authorities are frustrated. " a ttm ••—"a*^™^ Advertisements Advertisement, 1 ! PAGE THBSfc Mvcrltsi NOTED MEMPHIS BUSINESS FIRMS '.T,H 111 Noi'lllprtsl J. E. Grcar Trucking Co., Inc., Conducts Daily Service lo Northeast Arkansas freight transportation is the J. K. Orear Trurking Co.. Inc., m Bast St.. Memphis, w-hlch comhicl.s dnlly freight service lo Memphis, Hlythe- vllle, Jono.sboro, Dyei-sburg and oilier points. It JM a duly certified carrier operating on Public Service Commission Certificate, and carrying all kliuls of c/irgo nnd other Insurances, thus prelecting the In- le.rosls or shippers. The (ruck, service conducted is dependable, and are both reasonable and economical. The service is greatest care !.s (jxorctal In hmil- i"K all kinds of o.ommoililles whicti ur,i ilellverrd in good condition. TIii> seri'ld- Is martftl by dc|x'ndilblllly and courlesy, and ihetv Ls a fan- slant desire lo pnlroiis. The oqiilpiiifhl eoaslsis of the latest tl'ix- trucks dosit-ned to (! lvo fast •s'Tvice. /Til employes hiu-e l>"en amsm (or (heir records or eave- fillne.w nml ability, and ihc , is assured Iliat all frc'lnlit turned over to Hits company «•))! n-relve and careful ultentloii. rrcl;>lil rates will be lly given upon n- and prompt, and deliveries are miiry Chris Rehkonf Boiler & Tank Wks.—Boilers, Tanks, Steel Plate Work for All 'industries One of tlie best equipped manu-1 welded or riveted sleel plate. The facturcr.4 of boilers, tanks, and product. 1 - or this onjtiiilnitlon are smoke-stacks Ls the Chris Jiehkopf k "°' v <> 'or thulr substantial con- opf Boiler & Tank Works, 7B5 Porter St.. Memphis. ThLs company makes a specialty of manufacturing and repairing all types of toilers for factories, mills, power bouses, etc. Whatever the requirement.') may IK in the line of toilers they may be satisfied here in an admirable man- tier. Smoke stacks nnd tanks of every description arc also fabricated to customers' spjcificatlons. Tanks of every height and diameter manufactured, steel of every size-and capacity, for many uses and purposes, steel tanks may be Mnictlon. high quality materials and fine workmanship. Doilern of nil sires and rapacities are furnished to all kinds of industries. This concern also handles used boilers, used pl(ie. nttlu»s and valves which may )>o bought nl (jrcat .savings, 'run service tendered will be found prompt, eflklcnt and courteous. This company would be [[lad to submit estimates upon any class or boiler, tank or steel plate work. «"<! the assurance is «lven Hint patrons will be afforded every satisfaction. This company has always been known lo produce furnish anything Chapman & Dewey Lumber Co.—Manufacturers Wooden Boxes for All Industries Memphis Auction Co.—Used Slore Fixtures, Beauty Parlor Equip.—Merchandise Bou»lit Those in Die market to purchase rtoiv fixtures, well as i's of business, or store equipment, ''""icnl. for various should not fall ,, .Ills Auction Co., U>:i Soulh Uarksrtiile, Memphis. Hem •i liiiw Nlopfc or business equipment '* Imnillrd for use m limi |y i|,,f, s I'oolei-s or various sl'/os nnd i/ind- 'Is, Ico buses, frwzi-rs. ^wr ( ,,, u |p. liK'iil, refrli/erator salsa oases for Hall stores-, counters, «IGO!S ele Muriy tieni'i In bniuty purlor .''quip, '"'•'it is also liniidli'il. us well u s m-tlrlM for use in oilier linen. H m > may also bu had WW <| liiwiehold Hoods and furniture nf every <|i>- M'ripilon. Very advantageous p m .. may )>i> HUK| ( . here ill only on of Inrimr,- (: o.sts. In many cases. I.IOIT.S may U' (Otniitclcly oul- (i fiacllon of Inri lillri ••re. A visit here will phis Auction Co. Is kel to purp.hnso flsture.s or ifliiipmplil rei;ardle\, O f Ilio llnp of 'business, JUKI ji?ll("rs will repeive Ilio Ivit deals here. H]K)t rash Is paid for nil and (runs- actions nro consummated ,it once. 'I1ifl ^remphls Auction Co. will also iindeilnku lo auction any business, wlicrn quick action is e<l for clients dflnirlnif (o dispose of their buslne.sse.s, Farms, livestock, agricultural Impteinents ant other nicrcliamJI.w is ,itso ImwlM for jiuctlonliiij, where Hip services of esix-rts nre ai the disposal" of luUiotis, or Ihe Meinphk rtiictioii Co. will buy outrJjjht any kind of merchandise, remedies? of It.s im- lure. Tlie 'Memphis Auction Co. Is a rclluWe concern, nnd is noted for records to bn re-bound. The scr- vlre will bo /oiim prompt, reliable an cmirleoiis. inquiries nre so- llcited from unywheie i n n,,, Nutting Truck Co.— factory Trucks for All Lines ,| B i, m u , a fle ,, f twy truck-s l s the Nutting r™V C», located I,, (l^ Columbian M,. T?"» n !I<lf r """Phi.'-, Cl. n. Douijlns Is the distr It.s Itilenrity and stiindnrd Ins. methods. Any confidence Posed in Hits firm will cerlaiiily (bo well placed. The. patronage of i» the mur-! norlheast Arkansas Ls solicited. Tri-StatR Dress Mfg. Co.-—Fashionable Dresses, Swagger Suits & Smocks for Merchants An outstanding ladles' dross suit miimifnctm'in« cern In lh t . Dress nnd con- Mfg. Co., 39 West Iowa St.. Memphis. ThLs concern mamifac- lures a complete line of Indies' dresses, .swagKer suits and smocks that will compare favorably with New York manufacturers. Here may be had ladies' dresses and sulLs" the designed | n accordance with e alest style creations by the country's most jjlfted designers ( ,t prices for ordinary merchandise. Many An outstandintf concern in the manufacture of wooden shipping boxes and crates is tlie Chapman A- Dcwey Lumber Co,, located in the Union Planters Bank Bldg., in Memphis. It is one of the lending firms .in tills line of business, it fabricates quality wooden boxes, crates, pnSlng boxes, canners' boxes, and boxes for many other lines of business. Dependable boxes necessary to avc merchandise where 'safety in arrival at destination is certain and the Chapman & Dcwey Lumber Co. can admirably meet llsesi; requirements. For many years it has catered to industries with great credit. The workman- Uie fore a new slar—2',6 year old No one but Charlie is able lo find ship is performed by men of lone nifV- n \Unllopc u-t,/> «!„„<• iv.« «„,.» M,« + -L..I T.. ,,._ _, , '_,-.' , •> L ' iul '& Dickie Walters, who plays, the part the trial. In Ihe of ills in<a Lee Tracey's motherless son. He vestigation, a beautirul Apache is said to possess all of those dancer is knifed to death and an- cmalities -that .so endeared Baby other lovely girl, an heiress, LeRoy to film fans everywhere. The story, briefly, concerns the adventures nf Trocy, Miss Eilcrs, charged with still another murder: But In the end Chan proves her innocence. THE New Cotton NEW YORK, Mar. 9 (UP)- Urtton closed barely steady. open high low close 1216 ; 1216 1200 1202 1227 1227 1211 1212 1212 1232 '2H 1214 12 '9 1219 1220 1221 Mai- May Jill" Oct Dec Jan 1217 1102 1197 1200 1218 1193 H98 1101 Spots elo^cT^ ^,5. New. Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Mar. a <UP>Cotton closed steady. open high ! ow e i osc Mar ..... 1210 1211 1203 1203 May 1227 1227 1213 Jnl 1233 1233 Oct 1217 1217 1213 1217 1220 1194 1194 This week's Liberty highly praises "Devil Dogs of the Air" coining to thc Roxy Sunday and Monday. This picture, originally booked for tlic Rilz. was sent "to tlie Roxy f:fler Ihe- stage revue was booked for'the .Ritz. Or Ihc story, which slars James Cagney, Nfargarct Lindsay, Pat O'Brien and Frank Mcllugh, Liberty says "The story .is a lively energetic film which is aided considerably by some thrilling air scenes nnd the pleasant, performances of Cagney and O'Brien. Cagney is seen as Ihe expert slunt flyer and O'Brien is an officer in tlie corps. Tlic film Bains a- certain interest due to the faultncss authenticity or its background, ils lying sequence—one of which has Cagney piloting a burning ship— and its understanding of customs and habits people. It masculine tale." habits of military life and predominately a The first starring film, of Binnic nothing to her she meets experience ivho arc t-.vpjrts in their line, and all sizes and forms of wooden boxes may be procured here. The service rendered to patrons lias always been known to be prompt, efficient and courteous. The prices are reasonable, conforming to ihi! trend of the- times. The chap- man & Dewcy Lumber Co. is known /or integrity, reliability <ind fair business dealings, and the foundation for its success has been tlie manufacture of high nuniity products. Careful attention is given lo both large and snmll orders, and Ihc same effort is exerted to please customers. Deliveries are prom pi nnd all merchandise is unconditionally guaranteed. Inquiries are solicited for any irooden box requirements. Shipping IKK problems will be gladly solved for patrons where Ibe best styles of boxes for particular needs arc recommended, giving due considpralioti (o economy nnd utility. Ford Blow Pipe Co. Blow Pipe Equipment for Saw Mills & Oil Mills Tlie Ford nlow Pipe Co., 400 North JUaln St.. Memphis, is considered to be one of Ihc lending Nell, and she means nothing to' P llclLlnal !c engineering concerns in him. She becomes involved with tlle South. This company solves Mr. Cavanaugh, who enacts the Pneumatic engineering problems in part of the most accomplished " manner that will meet with the crook in Europe, and the slruggjc i cnlire approval of customers. Tills of ihc two men, one of v,-liom she I organization fabricates blow pipe wants and the other who wants'equipment 'for oil mills and saw hcr, provides the basis for one of lllili; > of every size and description, tlie most interesting and thrilling; Her e blowpipe .systems arc cfcsign- yarn-s that" has reached tlic screen: 0 ^ by experts to suit all rcmiire- in a long time. ' mcnls, regardless hou- difficult (lie Thc excitement or thc picture ! >robl «nis might he. There is uoth- is punctuated by the blunders of in S ''" the'line of blow pipes that Eugene Pallctte and Grant Mit-! lhis company cannot design ami chell who appear as thc most riol- i manufacture, and special requiro- ously funny team who ever (railed crook. of detectives glamorous "Loser's End." starring Jack Perrin, comes to thc Rosy Theatre Friday and Saturday. Rice is cast as Perrin's bosom pal, Amos Butts, whose amorous tendencies are perpetually launching him into angry waters. Two ladies, a cook anil cabaret flower girl, are dazzled, by Barms, glamorous star of British Rice's glamorous wooing, and smile stage and screen, will receive its in response to his. ardent suit. However, he learns later that driving a four-in-hand of unbroken horses is an easier job than controlling the rage of a lady who . — receive its initial shoving Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at tlie Roxy. Thc picture i s"One"E.xciting Adventure" with Neil Hamilton and Paul Cavanoueh, and Miss Barnes portrays thc role of the most sensational and unusual adventuress !o be depicted by tlic cinema. ' The story is.lliat or a fascinat- .ng woman who is' unable to look at a beautiful - diamond without wanting and getting it. Men'1110311 " lell(5 -ire given (lie thought of those who have had many years' experience in this specially. Oil mills and saw mills will receive the best service to be bad from the Ford Blow Pipe Co. Tlie equipment furnished by this company will be found to be wcll-dcsisned. substantially constructed and foolproof in operation. This concern has designed and furnished blow pipe equipment to .some of the largest oil mills and saw mills, who are entirely satisfied with the Installations. This firm would he glad lo make a survey of any oil or saw mill and recommend the equipment best suited for special rctiiiircmcnls. This is done without any obligations whatsoever. Thc prices will be found reasonable. The- service rendered has alwaj's been marked by promptness, ablliiy and comtc sy. Inquiries arc solicited Iron northeast Arkansas. Jcfnitiful models arc manufactured Here in a variety of materials sult- awe for trade in nil localities. Merchants will find here ,jarmcnUs Unit w II "suit special conditions anywhere. rctidliin,' „( die prevailing; prices in larger elites, and Ihe stylos nre just as iitlracllvo and b;com- |n«. l^ill lines of sixes nre made in all moilcti. and In many popular materials. The swagger suits nnd smocks handled will suit an tastes nnd conditions peculiar to all locutions. Whatever the ncccssltle.s may bo In the line of fashionable dresses and swafjger clothes, they may i je fiillsfled here In a creditable miin- ner, Dealers will nnd It profitable lo pay this establishment a visit and inspect the many, beautiful modoLs on ( |ls]>lay. The prices will be found reasonable, untl the set- , vice us prompt, reliable and courteous. Shipments are made to all points in Arkansas and southern Missouri. A visit here will certain-' ly eliminate lonii, expensive trips James J. Carrigan & Co.— Wholesale Fish to Food Markets, P.estaurants, Etc. J. Carrigan & Co., of 58t Hori ando St., Memphis. This firm handles n wide variety of n.sli and sea lend that represent the host on the market, and is now shlpphi" fish to markets In niyllicvfllc. Dealers should not fall t o order (heir fish supplies from James J. Carrigan & Co Whatever the reniilrcjncnl.s may be In the furnishing of lish of every description they may be admirably satisfied here. Shipmenl-s are made (o a il points in northeastern Arkansas and all orders whether large or .small, are given prompt attention. Restaurants ho- l=ls. clubs, etc.. arc also supplied with the best finality fish, such ns white and yellow perch, knrp, bone- herring, filet O f lindtlock halibut, fresh-water and pop-eye mullet, channel catfish, frog le«s *r"',T ,?' stl ' rs clc " Tlle Prodncls "" 'invc always been freshness, line of this company known for their inenls are received from the. sen- coast. Orders arc promptly shi[>- |Mi either by express or trans|ior- allon company, and the assurance is given that customers will receive entire satisfaction. All lhal is necessary is lo telephone or write (o James J. Carrigan & Co., 584 Hcr- "audo St.. Memphis, telephone 8- •1H7, staling ti, e k | ntl nnrt nmml , lt of nsh dcstred, nnd such co.nsi°n- mont will \ K shipped win,'quick dispatch. The service Is efficient and courteous. The /--oinpany | s known for integrity, reliability and fair dealings, whatever Ihc supplies may be needed In nrish and sea foods, they can be procured here '" " B renl ^ricty and assortment Retail stores, food markets etc will find it to their advantage to place their orders witt Old James J. "TllE over Radio Station WNBR every Wednesday cveniin. 'If T -IS n 111 - <it IrlS p.m. D. Heckle & Co.—Belting & Belt Repairs for All Business Lines "• jnn expert repair service. Where belling of every nature is repaired, ren. Newhouse & Co.—Complete Decorations for Celebrations, Parades, Window Displays, Carnivals Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T. ... Anaconda Copper Beth, steel Chrysler itfes Service ... I Coca cola .100 3-4 . 0 1-2 . 25 7-8 . 33 3-8 I 180 3-8 Jan -_-. ,.„( 4 J.J.J - -., iou o - u 1220 i223 11D7 1200 I 0 " 1 ' Am. Tank 331-4 121!) 1210 1219 1203b SnoUs closed quiet at 1234, off 16. Wheat May Jill May J.ll liigh low close open •"> 96 1-8 95 1-8 95 1-2 90 3-8 so 7-8 89 7-8 90 1-2 Chicago Corn open high 81 1-2 61 3-4 low close "i 7-8 81 Oen. Ocn. Electric Molore 1-2 17 5-8 77 1-R 77 1-4 Zonitc .. 22 5-8 . 28 3-8 .. 37 1-2 .. 73-8 . 2.7 3-4 . 13 1-2 . 4 . 14 3-8 . 45-8 . 11-8 . 67-8 . 37 18 1-2 1183-8 Steel 30 7.3 !nt. Hirve.slc: .. McKcEson-Hobbins Montgomery ward N. Y. Central .... Packard Phillips Pet. Radio st - i<.-s. F.".'.".'."; i "lino its Beds Standard of rt. J Texas' Co 0- S. Smelting U. S. Undoubtedly the most qualified concern in tlie South in thc business of complete decorations for celebrations, window displays am! store openings is Newhouse'& Co., 69 Poplar Avc., Memphis. This company makes a specialty of everything pertaining to decorations regardless or what thc occasion be. It is the best s tat has been wo-titned, and Hnds it I organization to C omDletclv nut. Or rather, a mil- nr liiriio* fnri.i,. ,. Cra| " elel 5 nut. Or rather, a pair of ladies, for they both finally discover that their swain has'plaj^j them false. And worse, he is already possessed of a wife. Rice's meriry adventures in this role arc exactly to the actor's taste, he being peculiarly adept in depicting "a squire of dames," but he wasn't so enthusiastic over thc finale of his romances, where he Indulges In a hot scrap with his rival Kramer. i tlic decorations for expositions, conventions, celebrations, window displays, parades, carnivals, bazaars, fairs, business openings, and all manner of functions. There is scarcely.anything that one might mention in the line of rircoralions that tins company cannot handle with great credit, u p!aI , Si designs and furnishes decorations for any occasion. All the workmanship of this concern is marked bv great New Gold Strike artistic skill, and its services will render any function a success Whatever Ihe job might be. Ncw- hcmse. & Co. can be depended upon lo display unusual skill. All materials are furnished and applied by this firm, which Ls skilled in this Particular work, the result ot many years' cxneri?nce. u caters lo business concerns, cities, towns, chambers of commerce, schools, institutions, retail stores, patriotic and fraternal organizations, new establishments, night clubs, cabarets, theaters, parades, etc. The service rendered will be found prompt, reliable , and courteous. The prices will .tie. found Indeed reasonable. This • company w-oiild be glad to confer with any one regarding decorations, without any obligations whatsoever. Thc patronage of northeast Arkansas is solicited. ovaid or remodeled. Here mav be lhal is every descriptor is noted for high quality which will alford customers long and satisfactory service. Belting is carried In all sizes to meet all requirements for power transmission as well as rubber and canvas belts for Ihrcshini; machines. Us large foundation quality, ror miaiily upon whic |, tnc oo bec-i would ba reputation O f this tompnnv has "j'lIt. J. D. ueckle .t Co! womu ua Bind tofluolc prices on an v bcttliut requirement,, or felting ' rc pairl whether .large,or small, and customers; are assured complete satisfaction.. Inquiries arc from northeast Arkansas, ..„„ „„, confidence placed in this orVa i ration will be ^serving. arc solicilei and am Roberts Hay & Grai Co. — F e e d For At Lake Athabaska EDMONTON, Alta. (UP) - High grade gold is being unearthed over a wide area in the new Beaverlodge gold strike on thc north shore of Lake Athabaska and extensive plans for development are. being laid by various companies, prospectors and mining experts arriving here report. It Is predicted the new field will experience a greater degre of activity than (he Great Dear Lake fisld next summer. Prospectors reported (hat samples ranging from one to 30 ounces of gold per ton are being found in the new gold Held. Top Prices Paid for Persimmon, Hickory & Dogwood Logs or Blocks by Golf Shaft & Block Co. cited f ^ BIOCk C< J" '°- for ^liability, Integrity n? , Sl ' '"' M ™~ SlJ "' arkct l "'•«" « and high .s. Sellers regardless how large or small, those who have persimmon, hickory and dogwood logs and blocks on hand win do M-CU (0 ec l in loucli with the Golf shaft & Block Co. spot cosh will b e paid fov all consignments, and sellers will find It advantageous to deal with this organization, which is widely known bermen everywhere are invited to Bet in touch with this concern, and the assurance is given (hat sellers will be afforded every satisfaction. The service rendered to sellers here will be found prompt and courteous. All Inquiries should be addressed to Ihe Golf Shnft & Block Co., Moorchcad St., Memphis, or telephone 6-6450. Horse, Mule, Cow, Etc. A concern that can be considered Tenn. Job & Trade Bindery — Books & Records Re-bound For the preservation of Wd as an emporium for every- i ", " 1 ™ rv -«'on of valuable thing that might be needed In the V s ' rccords nllti mc!i - Mure is me of hay, grain and feed tor .', 0 betle '' n «"™ice of permanecy horses, mules. co\vs, hogs, chickens, , " r(1 - b i'i<lirig in durable and C'C.. is tile Roberts Hav ,fe Ornin 0ll e-'aS(ins; COVCrS. A rnnwrn n «j n Co. 624 lenncsscc St.. Memphis. Here full lines of hay, grain and feed are bandied that, represent Ihc best that the market has to offer only tested and proven merchandise is carried that have r ho*-n good results in raising live stock. All Kinds of feed is handled for the horse, mule, cow and 1103, In great variety and assortment, and there Is hardly anything that one can mention In these lines that thi< concern does not carry, chicken feed of every description may b« Had here The prices here rcprcl sent the lowest in the market for mis class of merchandise for profit n live-stock raising really depends ipon how reasonably feed may be purchased. Farmers, live-stock raisers and poltrymen will find it invanlaseous to pay this eslablis'i- ™en t a visit, and no stone Ls left unturned to afford customers com- Mtc -satisfaction, both as to qual- ly and price. Prices will gladly be quoled upon application, sliln- ncnls are mad.- to all points in :io;-|heast Arkansas. one-lasting covers. A concern ^specializing in .permanent binding ^ Hie, Tennessee Job and Trade Bindery, 2!« Madison Ave.. Mcm- "hJF. This company is unusually 'vell-cquipncd to turn out high• ••tots workmansliin by craftsmen "ith mnnv years' 'lie binding art. experience in Valuable books. lies and records are bound in i itanncr that are almost everlast- 112. Valuable books and files ore -i-bound for private and public 'IbrnriPf. for schools, institutions >usincfs concerns, public offices. •He. Whatever thc reouiremcnls ""ay be in thc line of bintim?. 'I'cv mav bs satisfied here in an dmirable manner. Binding is also 'rme for printers and publishers. This oreaim.ition manufacture 'Mndings of many styles and qiinl- "Mps. in all niaterlnis. Thti« dc- •iring bindery work, will do well o act In touch wilh this companv. 'lid thc assurance Is given that Customers will be afforded com- 'le(e sallsfaction. Prices will glad- V be submitted upon receipt of mensurcnwnl,s of books, riles or Hiu handling or factory lr«ck,s •...icd^nn""' 1 l™ 1 ™''^ IUia s "su f ™ !"> tins part of llie J "couiil C r°y,' C rad cpulatloii for handling quality ible trucks (s niisiirpa.ssed. Rie- tnieks are- avnlJnble In nil s! ? » s yi'l'/n 8 ' nn , (I ," l ' c '. <:olls 'f»cted mi'iiwy Im.s'nlCys KtimW H-J. WA'Bi ll " llonn to n ' i nro nlso lo suit a irrcni. variety of need-! it wll M wa,eho,: SO ti-ueks, sk s eav rs and pus), earls. All mercS- <«•»: carried h ( ,) C can be deccndcd niri.'i-^, lhc i Rwtol ' liita ^M >•> olfeicd in all varieties arid fer |""'iy i»du.slri.,| purposes, ftS""'' "" ,, ' snipping rooms, rccclvJiiif dc- artmciHs, slock rooms, for Jnte- dc lartmenlnl work, rt c. Tlin «. re ; |»]rn a llosop j;;^r- "° Uc) l lf) fiet in touch with thk >. Canale &C*~ Wholesalers of Fresh Fruits & 'Vegetables u U '"" r fr ' „ de.i f'W'iy catcw to re- dealers In northciLst Arkmi«as «'--''omidln<r territory h, the 1 „" lnrKe »« fruits „,,<, fr sl g(! lines handled here wi) „ Ilia ntlmcllverius, o ' store - ln a will certainly incrctie Pnlwimnn. .The deatci- ha, dlim ,' liiuh-smdc line of fruits and vet' ^W»»Hin lld (hat he 'vmen- loj Iradc from n wide area for consumers will go out of tneh- ™y to patronize „ s(or e "}^\ Ijanillis merchandise such ns> distrlliuted by D. c»,™* fc" Co* "' mny fte llntl ^ most choice" s of Texas crape fruit, nnd , Florida grape fruit ad «™n B e.s, California secdl^ or- ant-cs, lemons, J,m«, California pears and grapes, celery, tomatoes cauliflower,, erecn cabbage, onions "otaloes. lettuce, green. bean.,, peas t-amts, cucumbers, peppers. VKK- ulant and a diversity • of other fruils and vegetables. Lurge slocks or bnnann.s nre.ubo handled. D Canale* Co, atso carries a com-' nlete supply of Garden and neld seeds that are eliaraclcrlzed by their freshness and strength^ TDenl- ei-s everywhere arc 'supplied With seeds of. almost 'every description. CooJcc's. Ueci-; is nlso distributed- D. Canale & Co., has Wml 'lho' deali'i-.. Irade for many years wilh credit, and distinction mid is noted for integrity, .reliability and high standard business methods. The service will be found-- prompt, efficient nnd courteous/ ' • :-••'* Burl on Service Sta. AUK. MO. STATR LINE Super Shell Gas at Missouri Prices Frances' Sandwich Shop in connection " FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE DEFT. There Arc MORE rron CUPS Of Coflce In Hvcry round Of Four Leaf

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