Casa Grande Dispatch from Casa Grande, Arizona on July 3, 1974 · Page 2
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Casa Grande Dispatch from Casa Grande, Arizona · Page 2

Casa Grande, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 3, 1974
Page 2
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2 Casa Grende-<Ariz.) DISPATCH Weehesday. July 3.1974 NEWS MIEFS AROUND THI WORLD LONE RANGER: Pace Cor Driver 'A Nut' THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. (AP) — The days of the "Lone Ranger" are luug gone but self-appointed vigilantes occasionally still show up in the West. One turned up in this Southern California city Tuesday, substituting a white compact car for the traditional white horse. Authorities said he flagged down several motorist along a 10-mile stretch of freeway and scolded them for exceeding the 55-mile-per-hour speed limit. The would-be lawman told those he stopped that he was the official California Highway Patrol pace car, "just like at the Indianapolis 500." But the patrol denied any affiliation and a spokesman said, "Hi! was some kind of nut." ST. CLAIR: First Witness Due in Hearing WASHINGTON (AP) - White House lawyer James D. St. Clair is preparing to caB his fuitt witnesses in the House Judiciary Committe; impeiichment inquiry, focusing again on the payment of 175,000 to convicted Watergate conspirator E. Howard Hunt Jr. St. Clair hopes to convince the committee that the money was tor legal fees, not to keep Hunt quiet. He used the same argument last week in presenting documentary defense material. EARL WARREN: Ex-Chief Justice Hospitalized WASHINGTON < AP) - Former Chief Justice Earl Warren was reported in fair condition after hospitaliiatkra for bean trouble. Dr. Oscar Mann, Warren's physician, said the 83-year-old former justice was hospitalized Tuesday with congestive bean failure and coronary insufficiency. Wiirren, who was hospitalized for about a week lest month with a similar problem, was stricken at his bomi- here. Dr. Mann said. Warren retired from the Supreme Court in 1969 after 52 years in public life as a prosecuting attorney, three-time governor of California and 1948 Republican vice presidential nominee. KOREAN ROW: Patrol Boats Exchange Gunfire SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — A navy patrol boat exchanged fire with a boat believud to be a North Korean spy boat Tuesday night and sank* off fee «*;.• " I I ministry reported today. TSe minisiry said one South Korean was killed and ite«e were wounded* but it made no report of the casualties on the sunken boat. Three North Korean navy boats sink South Korean patrol boat on June 28 off fee east coast, and North Korea charged that it was on tspy mission. MRS. KING: Hundreds Bid Last Farewell ATLANTA, Ga. (AP) — Hundreds bid a final farewell today to the slain Mrs. Martin Luther King Sr. The funeral was set for Ebenezer Baptist Church where Mrs. King, 80, was shot to dealh during a service Sunday while she played the Lord's Prayer on the organ. Her father, husband and two sons have served its pastor there for 80 years. She its survived by her husband, Dr. Martin Luther King Sr., 74, and a daughter, Mrs. Christine King Earns. Her younger aon, the Rev. A. D. King, drowned in his backyard pool in 1999. JUAN PERON: 'Endless River' Mourns Death BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) - An endless riverof mourning Argentinian, four and six abreast in lines that inched along for OMITS, filisd past the casket of President Juan D. Peron today. His widow, Isabel, postponed the state funeral until Thursday so more people could pay homage at the open casket in the domed congressional building. Death Lists Includes Popular Blacks ATLANTA, Ga. (AP) - Authorities say the names of. soul music singer Aretha Franklin, the Rev! Martin Luther King Sr, and other prominent blacks were on two "death lists" compiled by Marcus Wayne Chenault, the man charged with killing Mrs. King Sr. Sgt. Berlyn Compton of the Atlanta Police Department said one of the lists had 10 names and was found in Chenault's apartment at Columbus, Ohio, where he formerly attended OWo State University. The other list was compiled from police interviews, Compton said. Compton said other names on the lists included the Rev. Ralph David Abernathy, president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference; civil rights leader Jesse Jackson, and the Rev. "Ike" Eikenkoet- ter, an evangelist. Chenault, a 23-year-old black man from Dayton, Ohio, is in jail here charged with killing Mrs. King and a church deacon and wounding another woman in the shooting spree Sunday at Ebenezer Baptist Church in At- lanta. An attorney for Chenault said Tuesday his client has denied belonging to any organized group. _ Attorney Randy Bacote said Chenault told him he had "never been a party to. any group, organization or following." The Dayton (Ohio).. Journal editions today that its source, a . Herald said m a copyright sto- friend of Chenault's, now r.y- Tuesday that ChenauH be- claims he had referred to "tha longed to a group known as truth' in general. In today's sto- "The Troop," which believes ry. no name was given for the black ministers should be pun- group, ished because they have misled The. New York Times, in a their people. story today identified the friend But the newspaper said in its as Walter E. Brooks Jr.. Family Rescued in Gulf, Sharks Kill Young Son July 4 Events May Be Farewell to Fireworks By JOHN MUELLER Associated Press Writer PANAMA CITY, Fla. (AP) After 13 hours adrift in the Gulf of Mexico, Edward Horhe, his wife and five children were elated to see a rescue plane. Then the sharks hit. "We didn't know the sharks were around until the very last," Home said Tuesday of an attack that fatally wounded Billy, 10. Another son, Edward Jr., 3, also died, apparently of exposure or drowning. "The shark hit the boy as soon as the plane spotted us," Home said from a hospital bed at Tyndall Air Force Base in Panama City, where the family was taken after being rescued. "Why hi 'lit our son and not .us, I'll new» know," he said of one shark that mangled Billy's arms and legs. "We .were strictly in the hands of God." Home, 43, his wife, Diane, 34, and children Billy, Edward Jr., Diana Jo, 14, Gerald Paul, 11, and Melissa, 4, were on a vacation cruise from their home in Houston, Tex., to the Bahamas when tragedy struck. Four other children did not make the trip. The survivors were admitted to the Tyndall hospital for observation, spokesmen said. Home said the family left the Florida Panhandle city of Carrabelle late Monday aboard their 43-foot boat, headed for Tarpon Springs, north of St. Petersburg. "Two hours out, we hit the darnedest storm we ever saw," Home, a motel broker, told his oldest son, James Edward, in a telephone call home. "There were 16-foot waves crashing over the deck. It just busted the boat open. "We stayed aboard as long as we could, 'til the waves ripped off the sides," Home later told newsmen. "And finally, it was gone. We tied each other together and stayed around the life ring." Coast Guard officials said they responded to the craft's distress call, radioed at 11 p.m. Monday, by sending out two aircraft that searched throughout the night and after daybreak. At about noon, an airplane piloted by Coast Guard Lt. Col. Jack Arney spotted the survivors, clad in life jackets and clinging to a single life ring. "They were kicking, thrashing the water, and there was a number of sharks surrounding them," Arney said. He said there were eight to a dozen sharks in the water, "1? feet away, just lying there with their noses pointed towards the family." WASHINGTON (API — This je lay, with a public hearing may be the hst Independence now set for July 18 and at least Day to be celebrated with the a 120-day period after the hear- traditional crackle of fire- ing before the regulations can crackers. take effect. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commi ssion already has tried to ban use of firecrackers. But they remain legal, at least for now, in 18 states. The commission ban had been set to go into effect June 18, but the industry opjwsed the ban as well as proposed new safety and labeling requirements on other types of fireworks, legal in 33 status. So the action fizzled into a The center of the opposition had been fireworks makers in Oklahoma and Hong Kong, as well as Chinese-American residents of Hawaii, who complained that firecrackers are used in some of their religious observances. The commission says • .firecrackers were responsible for a major share of the 6,500 fireworks-related injuries last year. But the industry challenged the figures, and. pointed out that the only deaths last year resulted from public fireworks displays, which would not be banned. The largest firecrackers, cherry bomb's, M-8ps and silver salutes, have been illegal since 1967 except to scare birds away from crops. Such items as Roman candles and sparklers would not he banned, but would have to meet safety standards. Both sides agree that fireworks now are safer than ever. Congressmen Criticize Yugoslav Nuclear Plant GOP Senators Retain Impeachment Lawyer WASHINGTON (AP) - Senate Republicans have retained a lawyer to advise them on the problems and procedures that would be involved in a presidential impeachment trial, according to congressional sources. Leading Senate Democrats also are said to be making quiet preparations in case the House voteii to impeach Presi- Ment rlixon and sends the matter to;lhe S4«ate for trial. < Semite sources said the Republican policy committee, fully prepared if and when the impeachment case is sent to it. But Democratic staff members said (hey knew of no experts being brought in to help make preparations. A spokesman for majority whip Robert C. Byrd, D-W.Va., said the senator has done considerable work on the issue himself but "there has been no organized effort, and (be tor sees no need for ~ " time." Byrd, a lawyer, has the impeachment debat search on impeachment, but he refused to give any details, citing his attorney-client relationship with the Senate Republicans. WASHINGTON (AP) - The U.S. Export-Import Bank has authorized financing for a nuclear project in Yugoslavia despite congressional criticism of the bank's aid to Communist countries. The $176 million in low-cost financing is the first aid from the bank for ;i nuclear project in a Communiiit country. It also is the largest ever for Yugoslavia. Eximbank's granting of low- interest loans and credits to Communist countries, which has increased sharply in the past year, has met sharp criticism in Congress. A" number of congressmen object to extending low-interest fi- nuclear nonproHferation treaty and the House move would seek to prevent loans by the International Development Agency to any country which develojps nancing to Communist na- nuclear explosives and does not tions—and other nations as well sign the treaty, —while domestic firms must . borrow funds at interest rates Eximbank's lending authority above 10 per cent for their pur- expired at. midnight Sunday chases and investments. and a bill to extend it for au- And on Tuesday, the House otner fo « r vears ^s b 660 hu '« voted to try to block inter- «P in Congress. A SHiay exter.- nationalloahs to India as a pro-sion has been approved .but test of her nuclear test last President Nixon has not signed month. India has not signed the |* ve t- ' made up of the 42 GOP sena- studied the precedent! set dur- tors, lias retained Stephen R. j n g past Senate trials, the Goldstein, a University of spokesman said. Pennsylvania law professor, to A sta{f mem ber for another research procedures that would ranging Democratic stnator be involved in an impeachment ^y Mansfield had given assur- Irial. ances that the necessary work Republican leaders had was being done to prevent any sought to avoid disclosure of inornate delays or procedural this airangement, lest it appear Dangling if the case should go they expect to get the case to ^gj from the House. Majority Leader Mike Mans- Goldstein confirmed that he field has said the Senate will be had been retained to do re- Barry Wants to Run $3-Lfmff Campaign TUCSON (AP) - Sen. Barry Goldwater says he will try to finance his campaign with contributions of no more than 13. Goltlwater, R-Ariz., kicked off the Tucson phase of his re-election campaign Tuesday, saying his campaign workers will contact Arizona residents, seeking $3 contributions to finance the effort. The senator met with campaign workers at a breakfast meeting and then held a news conference. He blamed the Democrats in Congress for inflation, saying their overspending was responsible. Goldwater, seeking his second term since unsuccessfully running for President in 1964, also said he thought President Nixon went to the Soviet Union with full intentions of seeking peace, and not to escape the heat of the impeachment investigation. SAM20C ON Unbleached Flour OR Whole Wheat Flour (With coupon below) Want to Get Back to Basics? GOLD MEDAf Unbleached Flour ages and whitens naturally to preserve its old-fashioned goodness, and it can be used for all of your btliimj Deeds. 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