The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 24, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 24, 1933
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Served by the United Press BDTIHEVILLE COCKIER THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHSAS1' ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI mm EDITION VOL, X.XX—NO. 1S8 Blylhevllle . Daily. Nevti. HiythevtUe OoorUc. V»lley Uidrr Blrthtvlllt Hcnld. AKKANSAS. TUKSIUY, (XTOIWU 21, l<t:i:l SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTO German Police Ordered ; f[ a ppy? TllOvVe Dl*i-li«rhted! tn Protect Americans r r J .-' ^, OF RETI PRICES to Protect Americans i BERLIN, Oct. 24 lUPl—A shiilp 1 • oider to all German |»lice chiefs j "unequivocally" (o protect foreign-' trs irom Nazi attacks wns Issued j today by Dr. William Frick, min-1 istei' of the interior. t j The ixillce chiefs were ordered io: instruct, all forces cninmiindcd by I t r I r '1 i tllem to " rant foreigners -every j Pl'Omul«atlOIl Ol Lode railS|iiccersnry protection." Storm troop j c "' i (-< • i | li';u!eis and Na2i party authorities | to .-Settle LomrOVei'Siai| wm . u i,. :0 ,, ull fiecl of Ihe order, j I The instructions were the out-' come of protests I>V American dipomatii: officials and olhert u»»insi succession of beatings nnd attacks irjxm Americans and citizens of other nationalities by stonn troopers who resented their failure I WASHINGTON, Oct. 2-i lUPI- lijtilc li:':es for a new :Vj:it ovei i.tnil price consul were bi-lni d.uwn today in Iradc circli-i UHH ihe NRA. Far frcm disposing of the issue. r master n'lnil coilc iiruinul^alta yiHi-rday by the president, to Uko ..fleet next- Mnr.iluy seeniecl nuri:- ly to hir.'c define) the limits »itn- .11 which the controversy nov.- will I" fought to :i nnlsh. Kncckfii", out an original l>i''- vrslon to tan sales o! ^ooiis in jert than wholesale lost pins 10 trr cent, the code forbids Sfllcr. at less than cost with the aducii declaration thai the selling prices o 1 .' articles to the consumer should include an allowance lor v.-aics to store liter 10 bi 1 :•]!& published from time. to time oy the trade authority. Stores with rivi- or ft-v.'cr mi- nloyes in (owns of lets than '-'.500 arc exempt not only from this but from all other provisions ol Hie code. The is-soc alfecilns all . oilier .stores now is how much of tin. Inbor cos 1 , the trade authority will decide should ce Included in the I.rices below iraieh good 1 ; cannot I)-, sold. Those within Ihe NHA who fci^ht, to Hit last for the cosi 10 p?r cent, plan to salute the Nazi Defeat .of Dalacher on Economy Budget Brings Crisis. ssue confidence that the murk up to be itcommended by the trade authority would l:e dose to Hint figure. They believed it would prove more acceptable whsu presented as it " up to laboi will he as a, murk coier part cost. o! PAH1S. Oct. L!4 lOPl— President Lebrun consulted iiolllical leaders it the pniace loiluy, seeking a pre- :nier capable of guiding Prance thiougli one of the most portentous phases o[ her recent history. A strong government, sure of an adequate majority to force through parliament an economy program and to pui-sue a firm diplomatic policy in view of thi: disarmament crisis and Germany's demand for arms equality, was regarded as urgently necessary. Edouard Dahidier, radical socialist premier, who had headed the old government, resigned with his cabinet after his government was defeated on a vote of confidence i on the budget. Unbenuin? opposition to his proposal to cut salaries of government workers and reduce war pensions caused his defeat. The Socialists voted against (he confidence motion. New York Cotton NF.W YORK. Oct. 24 <Ui'l — Cotton closed firm. op?n high lov; close Oc-t 331 5*1 928 941 .. Dre 94?. 354 935 952 ..',.J?n. ; 948 "Sfl^. 94 3. 959 K.M-ch 9B3 977 J 958 975 May 980 990 971 988 B93 !003 985 1003 .Tpots dawd at 970. up 20. PRICE PLEDGE 15 JBack Home in | Broiled Steak Smiling Moodi Wilh Onions; ttoy, Oh Boy! Milo Reno Appeals to Mict- Wc^l Funnm to Support Strike. CHICACiO, Oi-:. '.'4 ii.iinua] limn ilrik<' i-alle<l by llw I-urm lliiliiliiy :-.v.ui-i:illnn "•-iin-titiini .siowk Kmiiy IL> Milo -'in). ptv.'iiiU-nt ct llu- ns. c oL'iiUion. ir^lstcd Mipjtort ol otlu i 1 tLLrm aiul i ' o • t)Jvi'.ui/.-i(!or..s. Id-no :u\i\ ulhi-i ulliciiils of the (K:iLition, which claims n mem~ t, :.slii|> <il a.COW-00 hirmiM.s In tii<s, rnsatc'ti in u siivnuoui i:iin|iiiijii to iiiiiuv mlclwi'sli'rn of Kivry mini In Illythrvtlle would him 1 loved to hnve been lit the, Cuiiik'i- News Conking school which cni'il this iifteriinon. Why? They! r i Inul sii-a:; .- uroiliwl steak with lulll - l>1 "irh fried onions! Mniv than UOO Ulylhcvlllr women "lli-iiiti'il the n|>ei:mi; si-Mlon ut the diy inulllorlum mill heard Mrs. Clftiriic 'Himn, nationally known -'oklii' i-xpnl, tell unil show how (o cooV. r. lumilii'r of iippmlv.ln-j foods. Shr will Klv« Instructions. a\oivj i (hevlllc, ilicil witii her dcmonslrallun's, Wi'dlics- tliiy. Thtu^flay niKl 1'Yidiiy uflcr- witlt llu; sessions OH TOIII ii HIS HOTEL IRE Will Be Held Thursday After-, noon at lonesboro.,;';,:.; What makes Frances Dee and Joel McC/ea, both of the movies, so happy is that they've both .signed contracts for life—with each otntr. Married in Kye. N. Y.. the happy couple here are shown at their New York hole New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Oct.. 24 <UPI- Ji.ltdn cteed \i-ry steady. Oct Dtc .Ir.n. July open 92C 935 948 970 975 091 high 930 950 957 974 f)89 IMO low close 926 930 942 954 969 983 929 949 958 973 988 1000 Spots closed steady at 945, up 23 Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T 114 5- Anaconda Copper - 14 1-: Bethlehem Steel 59 3- Chrysler 41 l-l Cities Service a 3- Coca Cola 02 1- General American Tank 30 General Electric 18 1- General Motors 21 3- )sceola Masons Plan Big Gathering Thursday OSCEOLA, Ark.—Osceola Masons un to hold here Thursday even- ng trie biggest Masonic ga~iering Jii)y--havJ'-had-in several -years. The occasion v.ill be the annual isit of grand master Claude A. l.inkin of Little ttock. The degree team of the local lodge, which has gained considerable reputa- .lon. will confer the> third degree, here wilt be an old fashioned box "upper, and members of other Mississippi county ledges and of the ledge at Lcpanlo are Invited. Accompanying [lie grand master will be Grand Orator Wallas Cat- Ic-way of Murphreesboro, Eugene Smith, W. T. Hammock and A. I Russell, all p?st grand mnsters. of Little Rock, together with the Rev. Claude L. .Hill, past grand F'PI: of Earl'-, and Fred Stuckej of Lepanto, who is Brand junior .cacon of the Arkansas lodge. Pastor Weds Young Lovers in Auti CASEY. 111. (UP)—Marrying young couple in an automobile 1- one of the most unusual service^ performed by Rev. G. A. Mathi of Casey, he revealed recently. International Harvester Mid<llcw:st Utilities Montgomery Ward New York Ce.Urnl - Packaid rhillips Petroleum Radio Ccrp Simmons Dcds St. Lo-jis-D-.m Franchco Standard of N. J. . . Texas Co O. S. Steel Was Crazed by Liquor Caldwell States Conditions Claims Man Held for, Under Which He Would S.alurday ,night Slaying. Serve on Board. Richard Clarke, uegro. was held o Ihc grand jury, which convenes next week, after waiving prelim- nary examination before Munici- 3a! Judge C. A. Cunningham yes- .erday afternoon. Clarke killed Junior D.ilcy. negro, Saturday night. B"tty Williams, negress. was held lo Ihe grand jury for selling llQUor. Clarl.v is the principal state witness asainst (he negress, accusing her of selling him liquor which caused him to go "crazy" anil kill Daley. Jimmie Jones, local man well known in court circles, was fined $50 .for illrijnl |»f-session of intoxicating liquor. Jessie Randolph, negro, was fined S5Q for illegal possession of Intoxicating liquor. Fonzo Chaney. negro, was fined $50 for carrying Clinton Caldwell, who has been mentioned as a probable candidate for (lie St. Francis levee board from the Buffalo island district, toil! the Courier News today that if elected he would serve onlv on condition that the first act of the new board be to determine whether the financial condition of the district is such as to permit It to continue lo function. Mr. Cdlrtwell said he was nol seeking the levee board post, but that friends in the western par! of the county were urging that lie be n candidate. If they put hi; In the race and elect him. he snid his first act will be to demam that all activities of the dlsliic be suspended and its office closed for such n period as may be re quired for an accountant to exam inc the books and determine if a't fiimi imxluri- ;ind In » 1 ictl of mriThnnts. Slilkr Will Co On Tlic- Illinois State Kiirmcrs Holl- duy assonmiijti at u nu-eitiiK ul- fl nd.'d bv 3.000 members tn Kun- U.nkce adopted i i (solution pledg- t its lo.ixii members to "dls- i.tinui' si:H' of nil produce until price, rquiil lo the cost nf ]uo- i l.-uilon !;. obtained." 1 fieno addri-.sscd (he mi'rltiiK.j .rjiing support 'il the strike move-! nrnt, declared President, Koose- ,til's ]]led^e ol ciuui-olled currency t,e!d no jissm.itice of anything more' lluin "another empty prom- i'i'." and critici?.ed the hog slaughter program of ' Secretary cf Agriculture Wallace. The prcsident'.s promise of higli- or prices "one way or another" Y 111 ha\e no eltect on (he farm strike, Heno said. "The president, failed even lo mention cost ol piotluction." hn s.ild. Wln< Union Sympathy In a conference with lubor lenders here. Heno obtained prom- ts of "moral support" and i],':npatlietic co-operation" with n strike from A. P. Whitney nil other odiclal.s of the llrother- c-od of Railw.iy Trainmen. He also enlisted support, of tfvp '.her labor oiyanlzatloni;, the onlinenlal Congress of Workers nrl Fiirmers and the Technocrats f the World, the latter clalmfn" membership of 5,000,000. Sta(^ organizations of i the as- ncialion'in low.iT-North- Dakota, •.'inois, Wkconsui, Nebraska, Mln- nesola und Oklahoma have pledg- d active support of the strike, Keno announced. Colorado nnd have voted disapproval. Tliorlioory smile Mint Inm on a tlimiMiicl scrf.oim Krei'l. 'I caiiiprniiii-u when Dirolliy Clsli nrrlvi'd In Nnw York on llu' Beren|:nrln from n Kiir»|ipji!i trip. Miss Otsli In iliowu uliove, i; homecuiiiins! Joy. SEES PROGRESS lit 2 uVlock. Tliir school Is s|wn- il by the Courier News and « '^'r of lending locul [h'ms. Styli- Slui»- Is FiMturi; This urti^rnu(jir.s })rni;r:nn wns frulur.xl with i-iTlpes for broiled ttt'iik. French fried onions, fruit coffee cake, |ilnk liuly siilnd, goUI- (•]' ihcssln^, ['time pic. pineapple onko and French coffee. Along with the (lemoiiKtrnlloiw I wns a style show ' 'ilh Mrs. Anne ; Stcvcni I'otter und Mlssrs Mmy Kilward Hogiin Nouli 1 , one ol Arkansas' mort widely known'fie- ld mi-n iinil oocmlor or the Noble-hotels in Joncsbnro und'HIy- here lodny as the of an abdominal hemorrhage 1 . TJie body svas lafceiv'io Junesboro tills ndtrnoon where is possible for the district to stay a concealed weapon. Four men were fined $10 on i m { of bankruptcy. public drunkenness charges and a fifth forfeited a cash bond when! he failed to appear and answer a is of similar c.harpe. , wju Caldwell snid, "ami if the exam w T qi The couple—Miss Minnie Carve , . . . * JB of Greenup and Otto Durnal of !for drm "S In the police divisron of court. iml[Qn ... mndc nnfl rcvcnls W H. Turpin. said to be a Sen-j reccivcrsnln for Ulc dislri( , t ; " h ' M °- P™* C1 '' «'« ™' 1 Sl » 3 ! 1-1 18 1-8 3 3-8 H 1-2 0 7-8 17 1-4 3 1-8 41 ^ 3-J 39 1-'^ Hale and Hailed On 86th Birthday Kfarthi&vllle — came to Mathis 1 home and . presented their marriage license. Rev. Mathis discovered' however, that tlie license was issued in Cumberland County and that since Casey is located In Clark County it was necessary to return to Cumberland County for the ceremony.- * Rev. Mnthis accompanied the young couple lo n spot on a highway across the Cumberland Coun- ly line where the automobile was plopped and Ihe ceremony performed. Tdjo Much Whisky Fatal to Negro Boy at Hofland HOLLAND. Mo. — Olllc 6-yenr-old negro cotton picker on he John Rlems farm. 11-2 miles vest of Holland, died Sunday, apparently as the result of over-Indulgence in whisky Saturday night le lost consciousness after drinking 'a considerable quantity of liquor and rover recovered. Consta- ; ' inevitable, I will then resign I it appears lhal it is possible fn '•„ ., , . . ,'the district to continue to time Wallace fcdwards was cleared of | Uo|1 T vm devolc nn . j,^, c , fol charge of disturbing (he pence. ; lo i[s a f fa j rs " Foreitures were declared in four j ' |J cases of public drunkenness. i Three men. accused of gaming. released recognizance, failed to appsar to answer charges in the county cli- | fision of court. men. accused of gaming, i pi; U I, by officers on their own | rOUCC nail Al Smith Scores Government Meddling in Private Business. CHICAGO. Oct. 24. (UP)— Criticism of "government, meddling" in private industry was made by Al Smith, former New York governor, In an address at |hc Century of I'rourew exposition. .With a wide sweep ot his haml lo Indicate the miles of mechanical, industrial, and scientific exhibits, Sini'.rl commented: "We have here examples of the progress of Industry made by private Initiative of lice men. 1 ' "H is notable that Bbvcrnment us such has contributed lllile In progress nnd us a matter of fact might be criticized lor meddling too njany with till" bureaus," Smith said. "Regardless of motive, we have found that' private' Initiative pro- 'lu«s the desired -results,' and- when another hundred ye«rj have pass« let us hope that miptlicr centliri of progress may be "celebrated by free men, men with freedom pro tccled by the. constitution." Tomorrow An attractive pi/ijjram of S'-t- turcs and dtmonslrntlnivs will mark the sscoud day of Ihe cooking school. Those who were wit pri'scnL 'oilny will lose none of the benefit of Wednesday nl- ternoon'H session, as each iluy's work Is Indrixiutent of the other days. The pluce Is the City Hall Auditorium. The time is 2 P II. (doora oix 1 !! at 1 P. M.) Their: Is no cliarne. The Courier News airl co-oi«ratlni; mer- rhnnus and manufacturers ex lend an Invitation to all. Ellen Stevens and Irma Lnlirn Barnes modeling the liiiest. styles n autumn nnd winter latlre. Amow the features of the cook- nig sViool is the help Mrs. Tlnun >lans lo givn any one who wishes Liigge.stlonK for cooking. She. will confer with the women about their Individual problems and will answer till questions,. Atlncllyn Program Tomorrow Tomorrow's r:clp« . sound alhir- funenil services will be held Thursday ufteriioon. " •...-. He had been In 111 health for tin- ID months after sufter- nn u stroko of paralysis, 1ml had inaile aowl profircss tuwiird rccov- • "iy. Sunday mmnliiK he was found In an unconscious conditlun us. result of n hemorrhage, and did not gain consciousucss. lib died ftt •M i). in. today. Slarlfd as Slorrroom Hoy A native nf Marshall. III., Mr. Noble begun lil.s career In Hie ho- ic 1 . bnslner.s as n slorcroom bov In 'hi? Torre 1 finite House at Tcrre Untile, I:'.!)., while 11 yo'.ith.'He later was connected with the "old Pcabody Hotel In Memphis. He rose to the position of manager at an early vise und In this carxiclly wns connected with various 'hotels in IiuUnmi. Nfr. Noble came south 25. yaffs ivin to work for UK late Paul J. Raluey, noted African bly ijame hunter und onu of MU-aU^SppI's ^ ^tKcsl property owners, u-ho crtl- "love' 1 him as manager of his New Mliiniv. Miss., hotel. A short time after the Ralney. Hotel wafi deslroyeil bv flre, .about 7 years :«oi Mr. Noble purchased lir; old Wnvncr Hoiu:n nl Joncs- ]oro which ho remodeled and en- drycd .and which Is now known ing to those who ITKK! food Asks 510,000 Damages for Accident Injuries Suit has been filed by M. C. Baker, negro, "against Paul Elani, seeking $10,000 /or Injuries allegedly sustained in ft car accident. Butter charges thnl Elam employed him to drive the machine without warning him of a defective accelerator. The mechanism "stuck" while Baker wns driving the car. causing him to lose control or the machine and resulting In the accident. He alleges that as u result he suffered ix?rmanent Injuries to his right, leg nnd back and was confined for three months after the accident which occurred on April 13. Virgil Greene is attorney for Dak- First Methodist Church Elects NeW Stewards cnslly • prepared. Mrs. Thurn'<vlll piopnri.' meat jilc — the kind men lo\o, 'chef's pastry which has an In 11, a beet snl»d which nm« to irliide with canned beets, po- ato pifffs which ore especially for L'tt-oycr potatoes, nut cookies tor children; .splcc cake, caramel unt frcslinpr. and c'hocolaln mint creiun. She will "also, explain the proper method of mnklnic lea.- Stewards, lo .serve tn lUe 'First Methodist, church for the coming church year have been elected by the congregation. These will be confirmed by Ihe conference which meets tn Jonesboro nest week. They are: W. M. Bums, U. S. Branson, Jack Bishop, P. E. Cooley. J. E. Crllz, F. C. Douglas, E. D. Ferguson, Roland Oreen, Crawford Greene, J. L. Guard, A. C, Haley, H. I. Haley, George Henry, A. O. Hudson, W. W. Hollipcter, N. B. Menard. U. W. Moore. E. M. McCall, Harvey Morris, R. P. Paddison, J. H. Smart, Rirl Snyder, C. P. Tucker, L. E. Tull and Dr. H. A. Taylor. Petitions Filed Here in Two Divorce Suits State May Borrow Funds To Build Capitol Spire OKLAHOMA CITY. Okla. (UP) —Oklahoma's domcless capltol soon nr; Hotel Noble. Tu 1920 he completed the local lotol nnd since lhal time hns went . time hero In connection with his business. While his Jonesboro and Dly- thcvlllc hotels were his largest and best known" establishment?, Mr. Nobic had at various times been In lerested' In smaller hotels In Arkansas • nnd Mississippi. For a miiwbcr ofi..y*ar»-he,has been-nv yj .liffir'nv :tli'e 4 "7fian(iK«)rSnt"W'"hl3 --^ Interests by his son, Crawford M. Noble, who has been" directly In charts of 'the hotels here and at Jonesbnro for more than six years, Mr. Noble established an envU able reputation In Ihe hotel business. He was recently lauded" by prominent of this and nelvjiborln); states who attended the "convention of the Arkansas Women • who nltrnil tomorrow's Hotel Oreeters 1 n.iwclation here program will register for the num- • • - --•—- .rotis gift baskels which are .lo be''given' away each day. 1 They also will see the lalesl mcthtxls ol cooking by electricity, a well t quipped kitchen and a properly erranged dining table. The list of winners of lodajT prizes will be announced tomorrow. Two divorce actions were filed in I rrlay get an ornamental chancery court here yesterday. latter all. topping Jail Two Principals A verbal battle that gave prom- Irene Payne seeks a divorce from William Puyne in one suit. They •The state school land commission has asked the Stale Attorney Garage Man's Finger Stuck in Auto Drain Pipe COLDWATER, Mich. (UP) — Thomas Moore. Coldwater filling station attendant, was greasing a cikstomer's car recently when he stuck, his forefinger In the drain hole of the transmission case. His knuckle swelled and lie was unable to extricate the finger. For four hours'he stood on his tiptoes and waited for help. Finally a hacksaw was procured and he was freed. Moore immediately went lo bed. were married In 1925 and separat- General whether there Is any rea- ecl in 1927 the petition alleges. De-lson why the state should not. or sertion .Is alleged as ground forjcould not, borrow money from the divorce. federal government under the pub- Hessn and Ledbetter ;isc of budding into real wnrfnrc | Virgil Greene is attorney for the'lie works program to build a low: was halted by police who lodged plaintiff. | er, or spire, on the capltol. .). E. Garrett asks a decree' Recmits Wives In Mine War and at Jonesboro. Active In Civic Work Until the time of his death he was connected with various civic oiganizntlons In Jonesboro .and Blythevllle and look un active part in civic work. He wns Interested In education aHd made It possible tor a laree number of younic men to attend college at Arkansas State college at Jonesboro by prd- vldlng employment for them while attending school. . • • Funeral services will be held'at the Enlscor^hurch in Jonesboro Thursday atternbon with the -Rev. C. C. Burke officiating. Burial will be made In n Jonesboro cemetery. He Is survived by his wife, Mrs. Mattie Crawford Noble, his son, Crawford Noble, one sister, : Mrs. Walter Hnckelt of Ooshen,, Ind., nnd n brother. Clyde E. Noble of Brookhaven.- Miss., all of whom were here today. Among the other out-of-town people who were here are: Mr. Wnlter Hackett. of Qoshen, Ind., Mrs. Charles Gibson of Princeton, Ind.. Mrs. Orehan of Memphis, Mrs. W. P. Parham of Michigan City, Miss., and Mrs. Crawford Noble of Jonesboro. the two principals In jail. Fate LiaUOr Charges' Officers said the pair. Sam Wai- ^ !„,,„ „,,,] ^tfrtllnnn CMtvOY-He TIP- lace and Wallace Edwards, ne- Blllle Hesse, operator of a South ! gtoes. had armed themselves with Division street, tourist camp, and K«ns and were indulging ,n a pro- Carl Leclbetter who lives on south' fane preliminary to actual combat E!m street, were arrested today onjWh<m interrupted. ,..,.. liquor law violation charges. They were accused of disturbing Officers who raided Hesse's place «',c pence, said they found a quantity of 11 qucr and '.able drinking. d several men sitting at a Washington Dog Turns agalast Beulah Garrett in another action. They were married at Kennett. Mo.. In 1928 and separated In 1930. The petition charges desertion. Nelson and Nelson are attorneys for the plaintiff. Malted Christmas Package DOUGLAS. Ariz. (UP) — Mrs Nolle Ovcrlock beat Snnta Claus by three months in mailing the first Christmas packages of the The slate house was built soaie 15 years ago, but no appropriation was ever made for a dome. intoxicating liquor. Both are offenders. ol<l quor and never recovered, consta-1 «j , . c o bles Garvln Wilson and L. F.| father and OOPl oUt Oatewood investigated Ilic case, j Construction Company Montreal Seeks New Men For Blood Transfusion MONTREAL <UP> — An urgent cppeal for voluntary blood donors Us been Issued here by the Health Service of the Federated Charities. The fcderallo'i has organtod a Montreal Volunliry Blood Donors Service and i.< urging men who can to enlist. H is pointed out Aa erect, slnrrty and alert as that the numbn- of free transfu- ever, Tre^ident Paul von Illuiien-' ion cpcrr.tions performed on pa- Ekkrldie and his son. Thomas burp, shown licre In bis latest photograph, was hailed as "Ger- mauy'a saviour in war and peace" oa his recent 86th blrthdiy celt- br»lioo In Borllu. li:nts unable lo hue professional Uood donors .ive increasing dally and the. demand for free blood i'lpplles Is grertT than tlut avail- EDMONDS. Wash. (UP>-This city claims to have cue of thej Rmartest dogs In the country. Princess, a thoroughbred Eng- 1 lish setter, owned by Edgar L. Blake, can add. divide, subtract. -- - read dates, tell time, read license The Trinity Farms Construction numbers and ans-.ver almost a n y 'Ompany has been named defend- question. One bark means N'o and nnt In a $1.000 damage suit filed two means Yes. in til-cult court "ere by Wilder n t , , b , L 0 , „,,„.„. ^ Ba]ake ^' wlth hw: " How old are sou?" Twelve suit Is the result of an ac-' cldent which occurred on High- barks. way 61 near I-nxora in Septem- "What time Is il?" Four barks. bcr YouV E;kridge seeks »750 (Correct.) for' personal Injuries allegedly sus- "What day Is this?" she bjrks talned in the accident and his the correct dale. father nsks $250 fov damage to "What Is a U'ird of this his cor. ............. " that Tlie complaint charges ber." "A Iwlt." v.A fonrlh?" 'All construction company correct.) truck driver was responsible for Showing (here Is no trie): lo her the accident. ' answers, the owner turned his back 1 Virgil Greene Is attorney for and walked while reporters qncs- the platntlffci, j ', ,l!oii«d tl:c dosr lo their Mllsfaeilon. Invite Float Entries for Armistice Parade Civic and patriotic organizations and business Institutions are invited to enter floats In the parade that will be a part of (he big Northeast Arkansas- Southeast Missouri Armistice Day celebration lo be held here November U under the sponsorship of Dud Cason post. American Legion. All who desire to take pan in the parade are urged to notify either C. J. LItUe, pgr- nde chairman, or J. Nf. Brooks, secretary of the celebration organization, as promptly as possible fo lhal all plans for She jxirudc can be completed we). in advance. Form Company to Print Encyclopedia in Canada MONTREAL (UP)—Formation of a Canadian company to print, bind, publish and distribute the Encyclopedia Brllannica in Canu- dn, Is announced here. The company will be known as ihe Encyclopedia Britannica ot Canada, Limited, and will have offices in Montreal, Toronto and otr-.- er large cities of the Dominion, encyclopedia in Canada has been ina-c- nom the oilK" uf tne British company In tlie United Slates Night Club Pianist Blind BOSTON (UP)—Waller Proctor pianist at a local night club. Is tolally blind. Chicago Wheat Dec Vay Dec May "open 85 1-2 88 1-2 high M 7-8 90 low close 84 84 7-8 87 1-8 87 3 Chicago Corn open huh lov close 45 3-4 45 3-8 44 1-8 45 151 7-8 62 1-Z 51 51 1- Aged Man Gives Life Tryinj to Save NILES CENTER. III., Oct. 24. (UP.).— John Meckler, iiged.'irihabi- tanVof.k. shanty on the city dump- liig./greimd. gave his life- to-save that ;of his dog, a little yellow mongrel. ., Meckler leaped Into tr.e street, in front of an automobile in an effort | to drag the dog to safety and >vas killed. The dog escaped injury. TOD thousand women, wives of Progressive Miners' Union members who are fighting United Mtoi Workers in southern Illinois, hare been called to do picket duly In the coal flelda. Their Isader, Agnes Burns Wleck of Belleville, III., president of the Progressive Miners' Union ftuilliary, U shown above M tb« Depression Strengthens Family Life PHILADELPHIA. (UP) — Trying times in the business and Indus; trial world have apparently strengthened family life, according to a 10-year survey by sociologists ihere. ! In 1S32, tlwre were fewer deMr- |Uon cases on the books at tte Philadelphia Municipal court th»n during any 12-month period during the last 20 years. During the first " eight months of 1933, t*e trend conllnued downward. WEATHER Arkansas—Cloudy and co!d?r In northwest portion tonight. Wednesday fair. Memphis and Vicinity—Cloudy lonlght. Wedn«sd«y fair.

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