The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 9, 1935
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLE, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS QrOL Social Calendar SUNDAY'S EVENTS Sunbeams iricellng al First Baptist 'church, u a.m. «GN MAY a EVENTS Woman's council, I'irel Christian church, meeting ut home of Mrs, A, M, Washburn, 2:30 p.m. Junior G. A.'s First Baptist church incetliig n( church, •! p.m. Woman's Misbionaiy Union Kirut Baptist churcli liavins circle meetings vritli 1. 3 ana 4 at church mid 2 with MIB. Will Rogers on Lily street, 2:30 p.m. W. M. S. First Methodist clwivU meeting ut church for tociiil and progroni, i:30 p.jn. TUESDAY'S EVENTS Executive boaixl senior high I'.-T. A. meeting 2:30 p.m. followed by general P.-T. A. meeting, 3:30 p.m. Iifrs. Elton \V. K'roy liavlne Hie luctday Contract club. Mrs. Dixie Crawford liuving Youiii! Matrons Bvid$c club. Daughter fJorn Mr. and Mrs, Milton Allcnbrrg, of Memphis, unnouuco the birlh of ;i daughter I85t jilsht ui the Methodist hospital. The Hy-Shy-Ny Sunday school class ol Hie First Dnptlst church va sixorganlzcd In a meeting last evening ;it the liwne of Mr*'- J- H. Smart, 'I he clos.s, to be known a» the Bethany ciuss. will Imvc these ofllccrs: Mrs. Vena Henley, president; Mns. R. E. Dlaylock, first vice president; Mrs. J. H. Smart, txc- ond :vice prosldtnl; Mi's. Chester Wabers. Uilffl vice president; Mrs. C. \V. AITllck, supply teiicher; Mre. B. T. Worthy, treasurer; Mines. K. D. Man-, Dob Cope-laud, Raymond Smith, Allie Sisk and L, I. Rice, Kroup captains. Mrs. W. M. Williams is teacher. Mrs. Paul L. 'Upton and Mrs. Kutbell Parr sang ji duet during thb social hour In which strawberry shortcake, topped ivllli ivhippcd cream, was served. • ^ ^ Uauglilci- Born. 'Ilie R'/. nnd Mrs. L- W. btaHord announce the blrtli ol a daughter at their home. The baby has been Jianied Elizabeth Compliments Bride, Mrs. Bill Crlhflcld, who was be• lorc her recent inarrlaje Mtes Jayne Barnes, was gi;?st of honor at a bridge party ana shower given last evening by Mrs. Rupert Orafton aiid Sflsttsi Nfnrllm Hoblnson nnd clnhv Louise Davla nt the Cratton home. Jonquils and olhcr spring flowers decoraletl the living room where three (able* were arranged, in the bridge gaincs Mrs. Don Summons icelved hlgli score, Miss Zola Craf^ ton cut the litcky curd autl Mrs, Crllillekl was presented u B HI All were hosier.^ Cake, topped will! whipped (.-ream, ;>nd coffee, were served. Hy Helen U'clsliimcr J.JOW cun il IK-, When Ilic sun shines £0, A ml Riven aproned (rcos March row on ion- J)OWN (liu avenue, Hound dig pnrk, 'i'lic world seems dark? UiSS it can lie Tliis obscure sluulc Conies from Hie shadow Your goiim made. Btls oj A/eu;s Mostly Personal WU: Society IS011 Personal Thirty members ultendcd the meeting of the Co-operative club at the Community clubhouse Thursday afternoon. Mrs. J. A. Apple, Mrs. Cone Murphy and Mrs. D. N. Morris were appointed dele- t'utes to attend the County Federation meeting, which is to be held at Blythcvillc April 3. Mrs. J. A. Apple reported sending a collection of linen to the Arkansas Children's home ul Little Rock. Mrs. Emma Cluirc Hoiislon presented 11 t'«"'i> of fifth grade pupils in an irish play, "St. Patrick's Eve" which .included an Irish jig and a fairy dance. Claude Lynch, accompimici by Miss Mary Symondb, sun "When Irish Eyes arc Smiling. Tho Rev. John T. Caiigliley, a na live of Ireland, gave an inlcrcstiu .discussion of the scenery, industries, arts, hktoiy. Lducallon, literature,-and legcmls of "Old Erin." . Refreshments were served by the: hostesses. Mines. W. r. Wilson, II. A Shelby, S. C. Brandon. Ralph Jtobinson. J. T. I'oll:, A. S. Catch- ' MliltVIC'E ULTIBAU, i!«0, -1(11 Kloltdi Avc., Hew Yoik, N. Y. Unclosed find tciitu in coin for wlilcli please send mo copies ot "Ciiiullollglii," the new booklet o( poeiiw by Helen •Wclshimer, nt.10 cents » copy. Name .,,...,.. Street City Name ol Paper , Slate No Defense Will Defeat- Four Spades on This Hand Solution to Previous Contract Problem 11V WM. li. WcKliNNIiy Secretary, American IJriiiRe Uagun Here's a tantalizing hand that has a lot of variations to it. \ would like lo have yon lay the cards on the table, because 1 know /on will wiy Mint, 11 certainly looks as if the hand should be defeated. But it happens that the cards arc so distributed that no defense 31- opening lead will defeat this land. As soon iis North uct.s in with :hc ace of hoar!*, lie will lend a ings, G. W. Herron, jmtl Brandon, jr. S. U. Mre. Cone . Murphy ami Mrs. S. A. ReBenoId -were guests when Mrs. E. A. negenold culrrtnlncil Ihc Wednesday Bridvc club Mils wccl; Mrs, "Wallet Card held high w'Jie. » « r 'Ihc Lllcrery Club md at the home of Mrs. c. w. Ferguson Tuesday- afternoon, Mrs. Mclvln Grisham revlewcii the book. "A Daughter of the Samuri," by 1;. Suginioto and . Mrs. J. A Apple discussed 'Oil foj the Lamps ot China" Ihc next meeting will Ire with Mrs A H fehearon on March 26, when Mrs. James Handle, of Joiner, vill lejil a progiam en "Atithology of AmcncAii Verse." Today's Cortlracl Problem ^oulb Is p]nyiu£ Ibr- 1-011- Iracl til (href no innii|>. \\'cst' <>|iciiti Ilic jack uf lirarit;. Can you Kco ho\v ileplurer (icvcle-pu lib iihitli nick? * S 02 V 0 -I * !' -i ;; J *(}.! Ill T v <\ 1 10 !l fi N 'I \ S Dealer A A « .1 . ¥ K Q S 4 A J JO 5 A A K I OU . ill UL-VI K 100 r, -i i ^ 2 KQS i^suc. tl at the home of Ills parents, Mr. and Mrs. \v. c. iggett. J. II. Kinhau and family, of Dallas, Tex., plan to move here soon where Mr. Klnnlnn.Vho Is a brother-in-law of George M. Lee, will be associated with Mr. LM In the motor company, Mr. nnd Mrs. 13. ).\ ciny will return Monday from six weeks spent In St. Petersburg and other mints of Florida. They will be accompanied by Mrs. Jerry white who lias been visiting her son, Ocorac, and family ID Tuinpa, F)II. Mr. mid Mrs. W. 0. Owrlgun and daughter, Gay, went to Jackson, TCIHI., today to attend n ban- iiuct to be given in honor of Pounders Day for the Sigma Alpha Epsilon iralmjll}'. Tliey fwln spend ;ljc- iciiiuiiido- of the week unit »l Union city, Tenn., with relatives if Mr, Garrlguj). Mrs. W. R. Siilmon is slowly re- covermsr from Injuries received when she broke her right rib several days ago in leaning over a shah: Mrs. \VaIliii- ue« s 1ms returned to iier home in pontoloe, Miss, alter a visit of ten dnys «ith her <iau-li- ler, Mrs. 13. w. Mtzsimmons, and fiimily. Mrs. Sam T. Hurdin is yisllina Mr. mid Mrs. : ia rry Crown in phoenix, Ariis., (01- six weeks. Misses Mario Lsggett, Louise and Virginia Boiirtund mid Mrs. narrv Brown accompanied Miss Ida Mae Warren to Memphis Thursday .she YKS enronte to Nashville, Tenn. lo visit relatives. Bob Jierriok and Robert jonls arc spending the weekend in Marie Ark., its g tl es|. s of MiSs Mary c t , erine Dillnlninty. Mrs. c. Hillman Robbins and son ol Memphis. rcLurncil Dome today ifter scvcru! duys' slay with 'Mrs. J. E, Sanders and family. ' • Mrs. ij-roy W ood and her nio'thcr- sn-lnw, Mrs. William Wood, of 'tux - rn. spent yesterday in Memphis. Jr-ctje G. E. Keck nnd his court Ueuographsr, Ji. G, ParUoB^'wlio MVO been in court at 1'aragould nave relumed home. ? Mr and Mrs. Rupert Crafloi'i and children went t o Little Rook "today for the weekend. Osceola Society — Personal in aU Ohwchw of Christ, Sclent. HES IAKK STKKLT METHODIST CIIUKCH Vcrnon K. Ciuilfant, 1'ustor Sunday services, Sunday school [MO, Ivcrson J>forrls, Gen. Supt. Church 10:50 A. M. Sermon Subject: "OoTd Under the Crass." Young People, G:30 P. M. Church r. M. In charge of Young MAUCH- 9,' 1985 ,. . The CioMen Text Is: "The steps of u. good man arc ordered by the Lord; and he <lc!ighteth in his 'ay'I (Psalms 37:23). Among- the citations which comprise the Lesson-Sermon is the following from Uie Bible: "As for me, I will behold thy face In righteousness: I shall be satisfied when I HWRkc. with thy likeness' (Psalms 17:15). The !x)sion-Scniion will also in. Joivcsboro hospital'. CJU J-. M. in cnaisjc 01 IOUIIB The Wsign-Scniion will also In- Pioplo's Division. Let, us remember ' elude the following passage from ifoc lectures to be given by Dr. J. (lie Christian Science textbook M. Williams this week at. the First, "Science an;! Health with Key to Mu I jwrtlsi ^Church. Devotion over | the Scriptures," by Mary Bakor """•'" ...... ......... " K. I. c. Monday morning. I'lLUKIM LUTHERAN CHURCH H. J. Kkludlcnst, Pastor Sunday school and Bltjle , Class, 9 «. in. Morning worship, -}Q a, in. Sei'r men theme: '•Three Important Truths concerning sin." "Lutheran Hour" over WXY2, Detroit or WLW Cincinnati 12 to Eddy: "God expresses In man liinnilc Irtea for over developing itself, broadening and rising high- pr and higher from a boundless basis. Mind manifest", all tliut Wh11e car ' chnrlcs He \vas rushed to the CIIUKCJIES. „ BAPTIST' CHURCH: church wmool at 8:45 a'clock. F. J 1 Fisher general superintendent; 'The. Rev' u. G' Miller, of • Nettieton, will ]>r«ach Suhday morning and evening- P» IJ>« fowll) Sunday ju this month, the Rev. Slcdd, if Black oak, will fin the pulpit, METHODIST CHURCH: Church ui in , " > - ocl . oclc - glri " Our School," Bill Lavcrty; pano solo, "Tile Tulip Waltz," Evclyi! Dv- slnger. . ; /Mrs. Only slated lh?t, acccssi- bility, is a fuctor in ' , .. what Is read and suggested thjl'5 1 the free use of good books and'" qarcfnlly chosen mag^J.nes, such as those offered by ttic j>nblle library, is potent in on"sctUn« thf-i prevalent reading of trashy periodicals. '" i Dill Lavcrty made a careful sur-!« vcy of the students' choice of ma;;-" Mrs. A. A. 'azincs in the school library and the , .. i results were lead and nyagiinlncs iiiju EiiuiiiLCAU) ui i ill m, •••*«. k- 1 -' exists in tlic infinitude of Truth. IBellsm." We know no more of man as the true divine than we The pastor will preach Sunday eve- displayed ness'o/'rhrio ™S S 7", - he ^ ('• /, F "" ds "" vi "« :>cc " l" ovi *d by ! hLh ? , Our U-alnmjf school the association,'shrubbery lias been ' begin next Sunday, March 17.,£et out in front of the buiHlnc" Rev Ira Brumlcy, of Conway, I around which concrete curbing'wiir r CIl trif r-niircn «« (.T^..^., l,_ ..> i ., ... vmv<..5 HIK . Curtice DC roil or WLW Cincinnati 12 to broadcast every Wednesday at 10: 12:JO p. m. Lenten Meditation over | 30 a in . ovcr K LC N . K.LCN 3 Topic: Thou Be the Christ, th« Son of Go<i.' Midweek Lenten services Wednesday, 7:30 p. m. Sermon, topic: "The Assumption of the Cross." Bible Fundamentals Friday, t p. m. A cordial iiiviliUioii to attend our nices Is extended you. Jesus asks you: "Whs,l, could yc not watch with me one hour?" Mutt. 20, 41l>; I-'IKST METHODIST CHUICCII U'csl Main & Seventh \\. V. Worn nek, I'aslnr Churcli school, 9:45 a. m. Morning Church Worship, 10:55 i. m. Addresses by Dr. J. M. Williams, former president of Galloway College. His subject, "The Ad- vcntui-c of MakiiiB n Home," Young People's evening worship hour at 6:30. Evening Church Worship at 7:30, Visitors invited and welcome. FIRST HAl'TIST CIIUKCH Walnut and liighlli Alfred 1'nrpenler, I'aslur Sunday: 0:30. Bible School, 10:M> Worship Service, 6:30, Training School, 7:30 Preaching Service. Wednesday. 7:00, Church night service. Pastors- morning topic "Salvation on Installment Plan" Night ace, you can sci: Unit two club tricks can be established lor discards. I think the best detente is loins t to refuse the iirst club trick. Let's follow Hurt line of play. The liisl trick is the king 'o! hearts, won by North with the ace. Then comes the sin sic ton club. Let's Imvc East duck mid have dummy go right up with the A small club should Ire relumed nd trumped with the three ot .spades..A small spade is won in (lummy with the klni; and « smull club returned and trnmpeii with Ilic sci'cn of spades. Declarer then cii.shcs the ace and jack of .^padcs, East dlKcimlini; H diamond. Noiv lend the ([iiceii of KiHl Eusl must discard a heart. Tiu-n throw East into the lead •uid let him msili his oilier heart! dubs, low no more 01 man as me ^"uui/n ur OHKIST: cnu divine Image and likeness, School at ]fl o'clock. R«v. Cur vc know of Go<r .(pane 253). Poi'Usr is the pastor. , P.T.A.NCWS .. -. ---- .,•-»- -•.-.. A Christian Science messiigc is FIRST CHRISTIAN C11UKOI1 Sixth ajid Main >'. Kmmctl BuHerworth. Castor Bible School at 3:45 a.m. M, T. Moon, superintendent. Worship and preaching at II a.m. Sermon "The Challenges of Jesus." Young Peoples' mccliirg at 5 p.m. Vespers at 0 pan. 3ermon: "The Saddest Words of Jesus." Cliurch-nielH service on Wednesday at 6:45. Everybody is always .welcome. HltST rRESBYTEIUAN CHURCH Stuarl H. Salmon, Paster Sunday school, 9:45 ii.m. S. E. Vail, superintendent. Church, u a.m. Subject: "Whose Image and Superscription?" There will be a congregational meeting following- the service. Church. 7:30 p.m. The licv. Arthur J. Crane, of Turboro, N. C.. will preach on "The Ascurjjnrf; of the Christian Time and Eternity." Leacjiyille Society — Personal Mr. and Mrs. A. W. while have uuii un insianincni fjau Night '"' " u "' llii "• ' i"""- *."'v topic "The Unemployment Ones- returned from a week's visit wjth Hon." Mrs. While's parents, ijr. and Mrs. Special music featured at both E1 "? er T » cker - °f Carmi. Eugene H. Randol, of Kcnnett, Mo., received official word a few- days ago of his appointment as acting postmaster at Kennctt. He took charge Friday. Mr. Randol is the services. .ASSEMBLY OP GOD CHURCH. Sunday school 0:'!!> a. in. Classes for all ages. Short Bible Lesson 11:00 a. m. Rev. N. H. Rhodes. Singing Convention beginsUl:30 a. m. Dinner on ground 12:30 p.m. -- - - . - — Junior Christ Ambassadors &:45 ncsday afternoon In the home'of son-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. W. Riggs, of Leaclwille. The \Yonmn's Missionary society of. the Sapllst church" ''met Weii- Donna — and Mrs. Bob K< entertained 30 guests at brid-e at tlie homo of Mrs. Driver Tlmra- o».v niBht in honor of Miss Mary Tiiulle, who is la b ( - imiiriert to Ely Driver on March 12. ic house v-.-as beautifully decorated with ini-gc baskets of jon- cimls and sweet peas. Miss Eliz- nbeth Doyle won high score' prize Miss Golf won low score prize, and Miss Margaret Alcihvuin won the cut prize. The honorce was given n satin gown. Mrs. p. A. White cnterttiincd her two lublo bridge clul> and five guests at a bridge parly Friday nt her hnmc. The guesls were Mrs James Driver, Mrs. Ruth Hale Carlisle, Mrs. Jazz Johnson, Mr= p. in. Miss Olive Burns, leatlcr. Senior Christ Ambassadors 6:45 p. m. Miss Lois Akin, leader. Evangelist service 1:30 p. in Rev. N. H. Rhodes. • | Don't forget the singing conven- • lion, all ol Mississippi county is] invited to come and bring your' dinner and stay all day nnd have an enjoyable tme. , . Milton I'opr. and Mrs. o. ,\, iiiiOii. Mi-s. Driver won the prize. Mrs. L. D. Massey won cut prize, and Mrs. Do: Bowen won high score; prize. 'I'hc lust inceling of Iho |'.-T f, study course «5ts hcW "lluirsiloy iiftcnioon at the club room in the court house with 20 present. Mrs, McCnnls. principal or ihr gnu'le j )0 ||. subject: "Shall tlic Revival"continue;?" cies. Blip luld of tin: duties ot the! Evening .service, 7:i. r > p.m. SCT- . -_... vv ,i, v,, nn, , mi Kl> ,j[ L'lCj —'•***'•••& *•*. i YII.I;, ( , i,j 11.111. OUT* school board, the tcachci.s niirtl" 1011 subject: "The Last Invita- thc superintendent. Mrs j n I lion." . o[ winlcr Havi-ri, J-lor- ida, who inrived Momliiy. Miss Trances Dulsuiry. ol liarlc. the xveck <:nd ol Miss Joyce Mann. •C. O. Wllliamion. West Mem- Mrs., Frank. Wcsioji, of - fleld, Mais and hei son, Lee Wll- sou, of Chicago, liavc di rived for B visit with Mrs Wessons mother. Hegenold Mrs R E lice wilioTi Mr.' and Mrs s A j *, ^.—^T iwbcuuiu un; nuifi uea and Mrs Charles Lane silent. Men- "-V.ifl'bday night. . Phis. attended lo Inisincss here Tucidaj-. Mrs. W. I--. Wilson lell today lor Hot Springs where she v.lll recuperate from a i-cccnL illncw, Mr. and Mrs,. C. W. Fcruuson, Mr. nnd Mrs. Henry Goldman, Mr. and Mrs. U. N. Morris. Mr. nml Mrs. H. C. Laugstoii. Mr. Hint Mr,". Ralph Robinson, Miss Al:ce ticorgi- Colbeit Drain. O. b. Creel, Matthew Rutlcdgc. H. 11. Wollhy. juid Ted Coiner attended the dunce nl, Hott-l Ueabody • in Memphis llion he will have to lead away from (he king of diamonds. Now hero's the firfl variation. -n East throw away one pf his u'Eh hem-Is mid keep Ilic eigli'. 'Pol. so that when declarer -leucfs i heart, wct-t can win will! the :u»e. Bui West at this point, ylll IHVC to Iciid n (liamoiKl and <i<j. Marci" Is .bound to make two ilia- hond tikko. ' ' .. . East wins the IDJ.I. ,\ v \, cart with i| U . nix-. [i c t | icil wln •ash .his queen and jack of hearts When he leads the next 'heart nic iccium- win mrr, i ra <i n the „ iimmy play » Mna)] fU||) 1 "", lllc tum '» all(I ll11 „ ,i,, tmny v , m , K <iay and'Tuesda} at Hot Springs attending the races Mrs Robert Wiighl and daughter, Miss Ejlzaheth, of Pine Bluff, ha\e returned home aftei spending several days with Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Wilson and Miss Eloise Wright. Mrs R E Lee Wilson has as lisr guest, her daughter, Mrs. H, a Hump ' ot , 0 "',' " lwiys "" lkf «' I l sjivc him i,ls contract. "100 LATK li, fl^SSlTF LOST Walter Evans, of St. Louis,, has accepted the position of manager of the Lt'.e Wilson and Co. Lum ber yard. Mr. and Mis. K. L, Douglas and family have moved to Twist. Ark. <J ° ltl valued at $1,000,000000 -inri J. H. Grain returned Wednesday ," 8 '™iB 1200 tons recently was from Washington, where he- spent ?"" C(1 fr °w the San Francisco to several riavs oitAnrtin» i« h,,,in. P - the Denvpr mint • • • , several days attending to .,- . a talk on MinKil plec- lions and Mr. Stcadman. principal of the Blylhcvllle juiiio; high school, discussed school (inances and whatv we can do about"them. Mis. Emma Cole, Mr:- Katmie Halo, Mrs. B. V. McCrcary and her two daughlm,. i-.|izabclh and Sally, uf Memphis, .,,.,,, Q 3 . i-eolu visllors today. John Blackwood is o;n u[ (own on business for several (i,-i\». Billy Joe Hale, who I, ;L , \ Kcn quite III. Is' much iinpioved. Mrs. B. Ycung is in Memphis Htiiy. Uza-ll Uraiiion oi BlvDa-iiUr wvs in Osceola on 'business 'Ihnrsday Mr. ami Mif. H. A. crann-figlit .'« having their homr nnd yard on Hale Avenue much unproved. Their home Is Ixrlns vcilccoratcd on the outside mid a Mom- fence and evergreen .siuubs brautily (he yanl. Mis. J. It VoilliL- ;<[rci lirT SOU, J. R. Young Jr.. oi u f tii. Ark., were Osceola vlsitois 1 rirtay. They were uccoinpiillicd by Mrs. Young'j stsler-ln-Inw. Mis. 'will Harrison of Orlando. Fla, Mrs. Fraukie Webb ul Osceola «-as a Blytlievilli: visiitr Friday Jim Goodrich ol Memphis is to be the guest ot his pmciits, Mr and Mrs. s, L, Glsdish, (lib- week end. He is bringing a guest home with hint, Mrs. P. p. Fisher. The Bible study subject was "Love" and Mrs. A, L. Steed read several scriplures dealing with the subject. The society will meet next Wednesday at the church for Royal Sen-ice program Tlic Woman's Missionary society of tile Methodist churrli met Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Lara Redden. y$s. W. A. Rodgers was the leader. Mrs. W. G. Thwcatt ted the prayer. Miss Maud Jlc-ddcn am Mrs. D. P. Smith served refresh mcnls. The nest meeting will be nest Wednesday afternoon with Mrs J. W. lloorc. Misses Martha Blythe, and Olive Hodges have been subslituting u Ihc Pawheen .school north of Leuch villc, for Mrs. Esther Wallace, who has been absent for several clays because of illness in her family. 'Hie :Fain'icw Home Demonstration held it sregular meeting al the community kitchen recently. Tin meeting was called to order by "Mrs J. M. Bell, president. Thirteci members, one new member, and two visitors, Bemice Burror, o( Fulton, j Ko. and Mrs. J. s. Milligan, were present. Next month each member wilt gu-c a written paper on "Why: I Like the Club Work" and make a dish towel for the kitclic?.- The one \vho makes the best towel will the meeting lunch was served by be given u prize.. At the close of Mrs. J. M. Howcrton and Mrs. Fannie Ellis. The next social mcet- iiifttill be Thursday iiflcrjioon Mar. 20. The Jtcv. J. w. Moore hus been appointed correspondent tor Leach- viile territory by the Blythcvillc ,,,,, Couiicr News, if you hare an yncws, CHKIhllAN SClCNCi; SliitVICliS report to him at once. 'MAN 11 Is the subject of the, CJaud Gabterd suHcrcd ;i very Lesson-Sermon which will b= read, painful accident a few days ago SliCON'U- BAl'TIST CIIUUCU 180U W. Main Sunday school. 10 n. m. Church. 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. by the Rev, Cecil Meadows. B. T. U., 0:30 p. m. CALVARV BAl'TIST CHURCH Wo invite you to attend the Bap- list mission or Calvary Baptist church on Lily street, Sunday. Sunday school, 1 9:-15 a.m. with scripture and admonition in Acts 10:3-1-48; Ads 10:1 lo U:18; 15:16: 6-11. Golden text: Acts 10:31 35, (24-27). Preaching service 3 p.m. by the Rev. Alfred Carpenter, pastor of the First BsptLsl church. An in- spiriny message is lo be brought. CHUKCH OF THK NA/AltliNK iiupfia I). Ileaslcy, I'^slor Sunday M-lioal, 9:15 a.m. K. L. Evans, i'lmciintcmieiit. , Morning worship, 11 a.m. Sermon " :io p.,,,. 7:l. r > p.m. teach (he course on "Evan- OF CHRIST: Church be placetj. Mrs. Allen Cole is director of the project. Plans are being made for n din- ' »er, to be followed by two one-"" «cl plays and specialty numbers, to be given March 28. s {^ Winnie Virgil Turner [ire--. bonled the mailer of rental books suitable for children, urgin» the" support of members in the project'." There were 10 members in at-'" tendance and Miss Luelle Ai'iirJ"' strongs room again won the doi-" : ™ f"' 1 ^ for lho largest number^ of mothers present, •• ' r .< Revival in Progress at Full Gospel Church An"evangelistic meeting . the science department. W. D: McChu-ldn will be leader of tlie program next time which meek in the high school librarv Tuesday i,jgii(, March 12 a t 7 o'clock. His subject will be "L'd- Mcatiojiul Policies," The.Sudbury P.-T, A. olfercd tllc following -program at the rcnilar meeting Wednesday' afternoon- Reading demonstration. Mrs Marv Spann and first graders; "Elfcct's pf Literature on the Character of Children, Ira Gray> cit , , > c brarian; vocal solo, "A secret," Mrs ; these scr be heard i over consrcijatloh to at- ices. A program can dcasl each af-- at 4:40 o'clock., Tlic city council of this P.-T. A.'s let Tuesday morning following an seculive board meeting. Hunter Steadman is presenting a series of iwlructive talks at these meetings m psychological subjcts. He spoke m "The individual and His R c - ation to society" -jt lliis time. ' In the business meeting il wus 'Oted lo give $1 each to the junior ind senior high students writing he best essay on "Motion Picture Shows" In a recent contest. They i Llll S' • street with services - each had made 'quite an extensive study | evo »«ig at 7;jo o'clcc't; - "'-the subject and observation of Tllc n °v. Mr. Denson of Mom-"- Jjcal machinery. Mrs, L. K Old , l"' is - « -bringing Ihc' messages was director of the project. | wl » c " arc being heard • 8Cfc It was announced that (he Sud- iurj- school won the 51 offered for wst attendance at the joint mect- ng for Pounders Day last month. Miss Winnie Virgil Turner iui- lounccd she had i-cccntly acquired K number of new book's for the . ^ -• "VIN uuur\a ivi 111 children in the first three grade of .the three elementary schools Tlic nominating committee fo- officers for the coming vcar wa- inpointcil with Mrs. Harry w- Dailies, cliairman. Miss Winnie Vir, SH:Turner and Mrs. T. G. Seal -BlylhevilJe will be hostess to Hit county council meeting Friday, April 21. the meeting to be held at 'lie city hall. Miss Itosa M. Hardy was teadei 3 ( the study course Tuesday ninh; in which senicr high, junior hf°h Centi-al Ward and Lauge P-T A V are taking ,inrS. Her subject was ^Subject Matter and tllc Ne , v oehooj Curriculum." Wi?s Hassvl Sample [old of Hie rjiodcrn way of teaching English in high school: .'Miss Polly Ann Buck;-told about what the .pupils are dbing in the nome economics department and ;f±! ,! U ^" . l «* d . rtal "^ <vere WE DELIVER ANY AMOUNT OF COAL as litlle as SCO Ibs Try X-CEI. from Alabama.. Bt-st to IiuW lire, full of , THE SUPERIOR PHONE 700. CROSS MISSISSIPPI RIVER VIA TIPTOfVVILLE FERRY / All Wcitlber Itoad Shurlesl route to Ilcclfoot Ijikc, Pnducah, Ky., Nashville, etc. Take U. S. Cl- tu I'orlagcvilic, i\lu. 2J HOUR SERVICE SPECIAL MEXICAN DINNER 60c Sunday 6 to 8:30 ft. m. HOTEL NCBLC NOTICE gill of DUKKK Burke Hardware 312 \V. Main Blythcvillc IRON-STEELE-BOLTS PLANTATION SUPPLIES Tools „ Hjinw Teeth Back Hand. HamtB I'hwLine Clevises . I'arls to Kit All Makes of I'ltws Drive-In Warehouse (RON COMPANY 222-236 S. I'KONT ST.- MEMPHIS, TENN I'honc— 8-;)22.1 BLYTHEViLLE LAUNDRY Phone 327 for Details

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