The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 23, 1933 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 23, 1933
Page 8
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I5H1IIT Holding That Dixioiirte Centre Collcpe Started Dixie on Palh to Glory anfl Football Success. HY HAitnv MEuni: Fcolbal! t'oarli, Unlwisity of Georgia ATHENS. O.I.—Southern foot- br.ll. rich in tradition and iTnlct: 1 vith sensational miraculous detds. beckons to Hie Dixie t;rid machine-; c 1 . 1?33 lo cqiuij thrilling perfurm- i.:n?es of another t-m. rr "pn:'!-T. Al.-iusma. Duke. Kentucky, Georgia. VaiukThilt find louiiiana State are nmoni; Ihe teams mewl likely to ndd folortnl <:in]i:eis to lhal hlr.lory tills wa- Bul none of the tennis Is likelv "i cr.-.isl ilw denl-- of Ccntiv Col- kyc'r Pruyln 1 OoloiH'Ls. ?hai ily- ,n:imie little Ixmd of warriors from :i school \vliose .^tiideni body w:is then no larger than Notre Maine'.-; fcotl-all S'jiiail now. Thry c'lnuix- cd a ^ri'at tv.'o-yoar jJeriod of s 1 !?- ci-fj \viih a rousing vhiloiy over H-mwl in Jflll. back in ilic days vs-h-'n llTvaril 'i-as a fcoluall name '< conjure wilh. Other southern teams, aiipare.ul- 1v in.ii'irpd by the Ki'Cat work of Ho Mc-MilHn ami his Bang, soon tonk ui> the torch of Cenirc and orrird it in ii>r> hciahis where It lui'; burned britli'lv jt'oinrMde the iv-t ipums in 'other sections. ]S"t even now when teams -lucli " n Aiifcmofi. Kcnlnrkv, Georgia Tech. Tulime and Tennessee rate on par with the bos! anywhere, '-he itprs on thfie loaias do not have the clamorous aouoal tliit ninnv ot ihe ancients did. Maybe it is because time mellow;; and iujrii lo the fame of .some, while it diminishes the performances of Alabama's ixiwcrfnl Cvmson Tide under the cF.eey Wallace \Vrrle o'mo toarlne to the front next u'ith tmqi.-t'idojiabJy J (corns In 1925 and '20 when lite Iws went to the Rose Howl. No team in nixie this fall up- nea.-s to linvc the rawer lo nmial thoic iv;a eleven',. The 1(125 Tide- men commerce! Washington. 20-19, In the Rose Bowl classic and the >••"« year was tied by Stanford, 7-7. ' * * * rv-onua Tech followed closely with a club comocscd of great star:—Stumpy Thomason, Warner Mlzell. Peter Pund and others— liEntlne Notre Dame. 13-0. and rtlmavinn a (rrcat season with an 8-7 victory over California in the Pasrdona battle, aided, of course, by Roy Diesel's famous run the wj-on? way! <For<r,vinLj the Fo'J'hcrn teams lo the Bowl, next came Alabama again in 1930 to defeat Washington State. 24-0. Here was another ereat club of superlative performers, lo name a few—Freddie Sineton, Henrv Suther. John Cain and Foots Clement. While- these two teams were uroir.s conclusively that the boys with the southern drawl were as loiiEli as the next ones, other southern teams were bowling over intersectional foes wilh regularity. Georgia, ratlntr only fair in the south, lambasted Yale; Tennessee thrashed a supposedly fine New York U. team, and Tulane was gvin-r all its ooponenis a pain they couldn't locate. The Tennessee record Is unique in view of the fact that since the advent of Major Bob Neylaml and his two Army aides. Major Bill Brilton and Col. Paul Parker In ]S2C. Ihe Vols have lost only five games and tied five. But these ten mishaps have been so dis- trib-.ited that Tennessee never has won so much as a conference tide. BRUSHING 4 Ve/KING, ' This is John Drown of' Oeoigla . mould'rinK In's grave. - . In the south. . '.. . anil his body. Is not r a- iie's one of the - bfst tackles Bill Braucher In the west and far west the N'oidlc football touch Is profoundly respected . . ... with SUCH slushing Swedish heroes us Ol- ;r.n of Korthwvstcrn. Ltndberg of : linols, NyqulM of Chk-ayo," ' :f Minnesota and Norgard of ilanford . . . repealing the deects ;( Big Swede Obsrlander of .deal Dartmouth mciuory. Slndln Too Blf Tho city of Cleveland, which .lad been polnllng with pride to .!s magnificent municipal stadium o.V the Erie. If.kefront, started to /lew it with alarm the other day yhen the Bradley boys, acting In s.-'halt of the ludliir-s. announced the club would return to old Dunn . Field nex>, year. ..the sta- ohrnv VSTI-S so bi;j a ball [eani got .crt in It...seeing a er.nie there like watching oht hi : tlie movies...betides I', didn't jxiy'.to .icve all that. Idle real estate on he East Side. . . ".'..': Philadelphia has one 1 of 'those overgrown stadia, too— ihe Ses- c;uLeentenn!rri—and it. was filled -.vllli 126.000 people once, fop-the ncinpsey-Tunni-y fight. ; FOU DEAR LIFR The iirolmbllliy -of -biK .ToJ Isaan^on's -J&3' .pounds [tiling nii lilm ,'K^ve vi)r-'(.s lo '.lltlle M:\ury Van •VllcV. l, r >'0-piii|nil Oregon .; l^ckji^d 1 "ace:-. 'j'Aijrt Manry urcd 'lliose''VtiiJ;f; : to 'giioH SK-.ipj Fruit for Vaisc Teeth FORT WORTH. Tex. (UP) — A Tarrnnt County Home demonstru tion club woman needed a set o false teeth. To purchase them she exchanged cans of fruit and vcg elables she had put up. Miss Mary Powell, home demonstration agenl has revealed as her most unusua product of home demonstrate work. - . -.-.-.-ri,;-" ,r-»i-i T^*. >-T' *•' >iey^]ir>Y^i(ttt.JnK''avVaS'-tfpfii ,Tai'kl«^1**j(' -Kt»'-l,'3 ^VM-^i'ta'-AttiA'- Forejet Ball Carrier, Watch ! Mates ,for Real Enjoy-! mcnt, Says Kizer. BY NOBI.K KIZER Football Coyh, Purdue Vnlvrrslly LAFAYETTE, Ind.—U you want lo Incrra.w your enjoyment of football, some' afternoon this fall forget about, the ball-carrier and watch what (joes on. ahead of him. As an example,-select, an off- tackle play, which Is' fre- quenlly used, because It has pos- slbllllte.s of gaining more' ground. If you will walch clostly the 10 men ahead of the bil!-ca.rrl£r. you will see how "All-America" backs are made. .' .. j Always remember when you;are 'jhtcrlni; a spectacular Ion;; run that the best ball-carrier. In life nation cannot-guta ground unless he has someplace to go. Tha other 10 men make It ixxwlble for him 'o go. In. reality, the ball-carrier —providing-he can carry the ball, "earn play assignments, and run —Is the least Impor.Unt part of". play, although there are, of course, decrees of cleverness in hacks In eluding 'tackier*. Sticking' to the off-tackle play] is an example, -there are three cardinal points to keep In mind' is you- watch, a play develop: i PIKST—Watcti: thf backs take 'he ends .out. Watch them feint, >nd their footwork, as they strive •o gel nositloh on 'the defensive "net,' mid then • drive In with a "houldcr. block to' sweep llic -end, .nit of. the play. REOOND--The hardest nian to. handle- Is the tackle. Whether Ih'e I ilay asslitnmcrit calls for two' offensive linemen or one to handle 'he tackle, It requires some clever •naiieuverlnit to charge In with an •ffective. block that will clear .the •vay for'- the ball carrier. •• THlRD--The neit man who must be- removed is the fullback ir the defensive . man. backing np the side.of the line at which the olay Is aimed. Watch the-strone- slde guard pull .out and form in- •erference wilh ' the quarterback, Blunging through the hole- aheiul -J the ball-carrier, .to'cut down '.he fullback arid enable the ball- carrier to break Into a clear field, t » •' As the play develops, the other offensive linemen wiU charge on down the field, trying to block-out the remainder of the defensive backAeld men. ' ' • . "'" Oood blocking te tho most Important single, .factor in -foothill succes£,' aiuj the fm)' : of bloclcUig .'"'rtiust' .be- ' : thbro\i(!hi^ jjjai caiif.'VicvSuclceEsfui.- ..-TJie ' days of- '.'du'jnli'.'-'guirdsi un^-guiie". -Tlic uneintn'- -" must be'. fast 7 thlnliln^, ffist-iiiovlng -and r i'eaource.fill' ot the MO NT) AY, On'OHKIi 2S, 10.'"i-' > , ..... .THAT—. Headline Armovy Mat Card Tonight; Smith and Faulkner in Prelim. Rough House Sullivan of Union City. Tenn.. will meet George Burns of Johnson City, Tenn., In the feature match on tonight's wrestling program at the armory. The match will be over the two nut of three falls, two hour time limit route. In a preliminary match Ralph backs will be in lor a bad after- ; Smith of Jackson, Tenn., will meet noon. • I Billy Faulkner. . They .will . loll • Remember thj.s. "Where there is: RING LAUDS'EK was a BASEBALL. KKrOltTBH. RESIDENTS of WASHINGTON, D. C., do not have (be. right to VOTE. MONTANA ias mow MEN th8n WOMBS To Aid Stork Shy City SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (UP) —City Health -Officer Dr. J. C. Geiger has come forward with n plan to remedy San Franci-wo's lulling birth rate. "San Francisco parents should pledge themselvt-s to a standard of 3.7 children per family if they want lo keep up community pride," said Geiger. . ' •The health officer revealed figures for 1932 showed u 12.35 per thousand death rate nnd an 11.13 birth rate. This was considerably lower than Los Angeles, with a 130 birth rale. Chicago with 13.8 and Boston, 21.7. "Expert-Pickers" Gel "Ducking" In Grid Dope Burke! William Bianchcr, NKA Service .'.liorts editor, ;i!id the Courier News sports editor were drowned in ihi- rl«i>o buokr-L Hauirdav Kadi hncl 'J v.ins. in IO.ISF.S and'ri I IM. Taking liifii- lives in ilitlr own hamLs by siucmpliiiij lo Bues.s tli? outcome nf 21 nip mid tuck urld tontesl.s of ilio pa'.i week-end ilic> "experts" went swimmiin; In the done pail and found it far too deeu. It wns the worst dnibbln"- (aten by ilie pair in many a day altlimiRli lx>lh believed the Senators would win die world .serifs and Max Scliineling would take Mr.xic Baer. Tlie only poinl tlic pair '.vlio Imv"- been to Ixild us lo predict results this season could have in their luvor Is that there wasn't, i cel-uu. in the eniliv llsl Braiclicr irpt his nine wins liy correctly eallim; the turn hi the victories- of. Alabama over Tcii- ne.isi'e, Purdue over Chicago 'i\i- Inne ovor Georgia Tech, Yale over liroa'ji. Northwestern over Indiana. Iowa over Wisconsin. Oklahoma over Iowa State and Navy over Virania and Coteite over N Y. U. The Courier gursscr nominated the right tennis in the fol- Irvim; Blunts, with tlie winners listed first: Pir<!»n-Olilca?o. Svr- acrse-Cornell. Yale-Brown. Norlh- wrciern-Indlnna, Iowa-Wisconsin. Oklahoma-Towa State. Michigan- Ohio State, Navy-Virginia und Colgnle-N. Y. U. Teams lhat "double-crossed" both pickers were Princeton, Dartmouth. Carnegie Tech. Minnesota, Michigan Bute, Nebraska. Holy Cross and Army. Five tames ended in ties, including those in which Southern Cill- fomlA, s. M. U. and Vanderbilt had bc-en favored by both pickers The even break, in the competition between the two nuessers. ! e jt Brauchcr three up on the Courier picker for the season. Believing matters cannot be \vorse they'll try again Hits week. Pair Over 75 Weil HOWELL, Mich. (UP)—Marriage license application was made here K-cently by William M. Poole, 81, r.nd Mrs. Martha Stimson, 77. Both gave their homes as Superior. Neb. The prbs]>ective bridegroom has been marred twice and the bride- to-be once. Collegiate football serfs seem lo e atout the Lilly class without in NRA code., they toll for-mb •roflt of their schools unquestion- ngly...not only that but work at ,dd Jobs so they may -buy tlie jodlly fuel necessary to keep them /oIng...Blg Ten coaches hinted 't (raining tables lor the athletes hat ihey might belter supervise ihe young men's mr&s...bul George Huff, Illinois athletic director, nmbcrly demurred with the Interesting observations lhat a trailing table would he "the first slup toward paying football players".. .a horrible diScaiiiin. t * * '.Vlul! A Flfhtfr? Nothing ics.1 lliaii a bombshell burst in the olfices ' of Jimmy Johnston at Madison' Sq.'ere Garden the oilier day when Paul Damskl, Jewish "manager ol .he German heavyweight. Waltel N'cuscl. offered to flght anybody- hat ts, olTcrcd to let Walter flgh a day when manager o about, with microscopes pick .us spols for ihclr bums, pau Damskl's courage shines as a goot c"ecd. '.*ore'& xxrcvn-;';,. ;'v • earning-' 'spni^iqurimlUIpu berries: an "pa* o^ Ott r»ilk».;.: .; < tihd-.bWy two : Jiundred'jriuvii is'ci«»fti.\L.',i' . ' If y;w'r# Woftder'im^-bit' became of P»t P-*«e afttl- b> .wts giyeh .U)«' "go-by: 1 . : by .Untvet-- 'sity of..Cfilcago 'officials In their ; .search loir a aucfessor. lo SUgg . .•":. he's d'o'sv coaching prep Miiool playtrs' at the MonK- zuma \School for Bo>-s. hidden away In'tbc Santa Crm moun- tins of.California: -.. . Back In 1928. wlxen derb'.e« were In style, Judge Wally Steffcn. then Carnegie Tech coach, wore one and his learn teat Notre Dame . . . so Ihe boys went out and bought_one tor - Howdy Harp- ster.-thf.neWiiflach, just before tl.e Temple j4me . . . tmd the Techcrs clicked off a »ia over. "Pop" Warner's eleven. ... So buy your coach, a, derby. HEAD MAM? Ilole-in-One on Fly WICHITA FALLS, Tex. <UP>- iicrc's one for the Golfers' Scrapbook. When T. S. (Tim) Thompson recently made his first hole- in-one nt [he Wichita Falls Oolf and Country Club, his tee shot traversed the entire 135 yards and fell directly Into the cup without any roll. ;, . : G. G. Caudill Omenl . 1M N. Hr<«dnr REMORXBOIDS (lUn) «r- ;r« withnK the kBift. SkM rmnref, nrirMtd Ttbu, to»- tO* rtmvnji ooo-awtkaU;. DIU..N1ES a»d NTES OfTioe 314 Main v ''floor The report suddenly has slart- tj to make the rounds thai Mickey Cochrano, above, great Athletics' backstop, will direct the destiny of the Detroit Tigers next season. Mickey has been sal£ to be slipping with Mack's crev, which add* w*Ight to the GUARANTEED REBUILT COTTON FANS All Classes Cotton GmV&epairs Wcldinjr and General Machine' Shop Work We Have Machines and Tools for I.nrge and Small Repair Work All Work Guaranteed Spain Gin Machine Co. North Second St. great tall-earner, there are] ^ife K show*opens' at MO "'clock, eat blockerr." ; ; Ninety-five persons out of a Bead Courier News" Want Ads. i hundred are right-handed. HEAR Mrs. George Thurn Home Economist and Lecturer at the ^BllfliBI' :V " Courier News Cooking School iaBPi..-^^'*^!'"'-. ' ° pv.r :^ ? S P ,.J^ : Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday See Mrs. Thurn make fine cakes, cookies and hoi bread from Sweet & Pure .... the all purpose flour . . . Mrs, Thurn says, "It is as fine in texture and quality as any flour I ,ever used." You, too, will enjoy using ,this superior, all-purpose flour. Read Courier Ne<vs Want Ads. ROX last Titrie Today MAT. & NITE—lOc - 25c FAY WRAY and •f.BNK RAY-MONO-in 'ANNCARVERS PROFESSION' Novelty Reel Clark & McCuliough Comedy LAST TIME TODAY MAT. ine-25c NITE 10c-35c Tues,-Wei-Thurs. MAT.'and NITE—lOc - 25c At all Good Grocers THE CRAFTON CO. Distributors 'A Paramount ficturt vilh H BING CROSBY, ,..J JACK.OAK.IE, SKEETS GALLAGHER llen HirryCrm 1 Pcinimounl News Technicolor Musical Short Tuesday - Weds. Mat.—10-25c Nite—-lO-Sac JJ Daughter of an aristocrat, she forsook hex family for an outlaw love. ITS TERRIFIC! with LUIS TRENKER, 12 Fox News James Gloason Comedy WARNER BAXTER 'with MYRNA LOV Pa i am mm I News i Andy Clyi!c Comedy

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