The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 9, 1935
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Served by tHe United Press VOL. XXX [—NO. MS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS Blj'thovllle Courier BlylhevlIIe Bally News Herald Mississippi Valley 'HOME EDITION •I, ARKANSAS. SATUUDAY, MAKCII i). li):ifi v SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Too Lai?., Girls! He's Been Spoken For—by Garbo Slate 'Will Ask Death o{ Gavuthcrs and Clayton • for Attack on Woman Only a comparatively brief slay outside the "death liouse" at Tucker Prison farm, where they . I :uve brcn held since tense feeling lorccd their removal from this county, awaits Jim X. Carulhers Mul "Bubber" Clayton, negro "pel- line .party" bandiW." if Hie state Miccceds In Its plan to send them to the electric chair. The negroes will he brought back here for trial on a statutory charge, Involving criminal attack on n while girl, that carries the death penalty u)ion conviction. Court convenes early in April. The stale has been quitely preparing for the trial with the full Intention of demanding, the supreme penalty. It, is understood I hat a woman, who Is to be the slate's star witness, against tlie icgroes, has positively identified them. While the negroes may be indicted on a number of charges in- eluding the shooting that led io iiijiiry of Sheriff Clarence Wilson irtiile the latter was attempting to capture the "pelting party" ban- iliis. the state is expected to center Its efforts on prosecution of its best prepared case of criminal attack. • • No counsel lias yet been retained l>y the negroes and a possibility exists that Ihe court will.have to appoint counsel as was necessary when Bill and FYank • Barnes were Irlcdjn November and January for murder of, C. A.' Martin. Fi-ank Barnes died fm :.the electric, chair iMt-weefc and r Bfll-;isuilMer-death- sentence, temporarily; stayed pending a review of0iis? trial by [he rlate supreme cour^. '£'': ' The negroes werisViiuartcrcd In I lie death house," ,only, a,cell'-or i wo removed.-•from-.vfi'rfnlj.s.Barnes when, the, latter left his'cell and v.-ent '-to flic chair. They .also s-atched Mark- H. shank •• leave his cell and slnrt his ' jounicy ' to the chnir. So fnr as known Bill Barnes, Green Phillips, a negro in whose capture officers :hei-e participated and the "petting party" bandits are now the only • occupants ' of . "rtealh row." Officers are determined Hint, (heir journey back here for the brief. Interim of'their trial will be (heir only "vacation." Dr. J. M. Williams Will Give Series of Lectures Dr. J. M. Williams, former president of Galloway Womans College, Ssarcy, Ark., is to be in Blythe- viltc tomorrow and through Friday for a serise of lectures. He will .speak nt the First Methodist i-hurch Sunday morning on "The Adventure of Making a Home." Cllier subjects to lie discussed during the wtck will he, "How the Eoy May Best Arrive," "High Points In the Life of "a Girl," "The Marriage Ceremony and the Marriage Relation," and "Our Hands at a Common Task." During the week Dr. Williams will speak to Ihe high school, the P.-T. A. find the civic clubs. 1934-35 Crop I 3 laccd nl 22,600,000 Bales by U. S. Bureau ^Blizzard Pairr| Seme of B«uHy«at $500,000 IPPPIP " •• .'~n~j' ^"~^J^T^Wl^F^W^m^ : : v Gyles Isliam/shoivn in a new portrait Just received In this country. Is the handsomo young Oxford University actor who lias beeu offered tho rolo of leading man to Greta Garbo In her next Hollywood production. Iio-ig now In bngland where lie Is a etar of the stage. If CtLEB Id FlfiHJJTBIlS ConstiluIional.;, Guaranties .-••Sus|ienrJedv,iby Havana Goveriirrient j HAVANA, Cjjbn'. -Mar. 9 (UP)— Tne .government' today suspended strikers. The rtrath penalty iras i-estored and President Carlos Mendieta was nulhorized to Inflict it as he saw iccessary. Formal immunity was voted government employes who kill attack- ng strikers. The army forbade nssrmbly of more than two persons in the public streets, effective at noon. The government, decrees came in answer to a fast spreading strike —which railway man voted lo join ioday—which lias the tacit support of politico! lenders opposing the government. Port workers also yoled lo join the strike today. Cottonwood Point Road Work WiOegin Soon CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo-It has ueen announced that, construction on Route so, farm to market road from Co omvood Point- to Stubtown, will probably begin March All machinery, engineers nnri .killed technicians w m be "uppC by the state but all other later r'SL r n Cr "" Cd fr ° m tho rcllcf rolls of the county. The road h lo be built as much as poWolc Ijy hand labor, thus sup^yZ more work tor the Pemiscot labor crs. Tlie road, about jjiuo miles Jon« will connect Missouri Highways 84 and SI with four trunk line high ways leading out of Dyersburg Claims Self Defense in Missouri Killing THAYER, Mo7~Mar. D <UP>- Oeorge Lee, 40, \vas In jail here today after surrendering to Sheriff O. C. Undley in the 'fatal shooting of Tank Htibbell, 27. Mrs Ilubbell, who witnessed the incident, told police Hubbel] fired at Lee and that Lee "returned the' fire in self defense, j WASHINGTON, March 9 (UP) —The 1934-35 world cotton crop was estimated by the bureau of agriculture economics today at '22.600,000 bales, compared lo 20,100.000 bales lor Ihe 1833-34 Mason and a len year average of 55,- 5?O.OCO hales. The estimated production is the smallest since the 1923-2-1 .season and 11 per cent less than'the an- mal average during the ten.years ended 1932-33. -,- -*•' Tlie bureau placed foreign cotton production at 12.809,000 bales, 400.000 bales less than its .Inmmry estimate and a'uout 184,000 bales less ibnn'lhr: 1933-34 foreign crop. The decrease ft as attributed principally lo a 000,000 hale reduction in Ihe Indian crop which the bu-' reau sold "more than offset" pro- duction'Increases in Brazil, China ind Russia. Exports Lowest in 20 Years WASHINGTON, March 9 (UP)— The volume of' American farm products shipped abroad dining January was the lowest fov that iionlh in more than 20 years, the bureau of agriculture economics reported today. Exports continued to decline and the Bureau export Index was only 57- compared lo 02 , in December and 93 in 'Januarv. j 1931 , ' j For all commodities, except cotton, tho Index dropped from 40 In December, to 43. A year earlier it was 12. The January index" for cotton exports was' 68 compared td ; 74 the preceding month." school biiskctba.ll tournament hetc. Becbe was lo meet the winner of iemi-nnals Ihls afternoon. Tne fin-' and Pine Bluff «:>rc favorites to enter the finals. Scores this morning were: Bo"b« 42. Little Rock 21; Pine Bluff Vi5,' A. 31 • not Food Prices Up Third Since Early iii 1933 WASHINGTON, Mar. 9 (UP)— aetall food prices throughout Hie rountiy have risen more than a '.hird since President Roosevelt took office, a special price study if the department of commerce rhowed today. "" The commerce depni-tment, will) Igurcs based on Indices of the department of labor, showed that retail food prices in February, 1935, were 34.2 per cent above February. 1933; 12.7 iHir cent above February, 1934, and G.7 per cent above December, 1934. Will Seek Padlocks for Leachville Places Petitions requesting that padlock orders be Issued against two Leachville places, the Blue Eagle pool room and Mrs. Mary Dc- voard's residence, were to be presented to Circuit Judge G. E. Keck his afternoon. The petitions arc based on affidavits of n number of Leachville residences that the places constitute milsnnces because of conditions Allegedly resulting from liquor traffic. The operator of the Blue Eagle and Mrs. Dcvoard have been fined on two or more oc- casloiv; in municipal court here. Alyce Jane McHenry Makes Further Gains ,ifnl Uj '"VERTTfass., Ma)-. » UPJ-Alycn Jane McKcnrv, the 10-year-old Omaha, Neb.] gin whose upside dotfn stomach was "BlUoU Monday by n delicate op, 1 !" *\ Tnicsdal o Hospital, made dditional gains today in her cour- |«B«ous baltlo for complete recov- I.ate winter conceived one of Us most benuliriil—but costly—masterpieces In the that swept tlw northwest, striking with greatest force along he west end of Lake Supc ng traffic and communication and causing damage In excess 01 $500,000. Here Is a tvnlcnl in DuhUh aflrr „ M^ie^the, .vrnrch b.tanrt and a mlUion gems sparkled In The sunlight. Beetle and Pine Bluff " "J Favored in Cage Meet Consumption of Indian Fiber Increasing, Bureau Reports -••-••'-••-•• WASHINGTON, Mar. 0 (UP)-American cotton, its price boosted by government measures, has lost economics showed today. During; .the first six. months nf 1934^ C2!'ihembers of ^thc Japan Spinners association consumed 1,532,900 bales: of . which 899.000 Progressives Organize. to Develop Program WASHINGTON. March 9.. (UP) —HOUSE progressives at n meeting today decided to draw up u.legis- lative program and seek the tacking of liberal elements of the two major parties. ;.TI:e move, which may give an ear^ ly, .slant on latent strength o[ n third party- movement" lit 1936 came us both Democratic and Republican leader.? were harrassed by insurgent (levelopmcntr, in th?tr own ranks. -, ie611 •Beach Beauties ,,, n ••.. , -r -" «*.i.uvu j-'ituiviUiN r, Neb (UP) Tbn * C £^^^ r -^" M ™- ^ Co..= S e'c a p = ,,< cholrof Nebraska College Choir To Make Long'Tour FREMONT, Neb. (UP)—The Mid- 1/HE ARKAMSAS Miss oup-i POWER co. YOU WANT TO MAKE HAPPY-PROVIDE HBR WITH OF MODERN ELECT\^C A OP H or WATER Tlio [iiihlic eye lias been dnzzlod by a constant parade of Florida bead! beauties this winter, and now comoa Ihe qncon of liieni all—Jesfio Smllh, 18, dark- linlrcd. e.srk-cyed. with a few piquant freckles across her nosa —bearing ino trophy won In competition with 25S other girls at tlie Miami ntltmoro Country club. Buried in Slide; Sings His Way Out COLMAll, Md. (UP)-SIrains of the old negro spiritual, "Swine Low C*n-*.r.t f-tl.^^!.. ., . a «-^f«T, Chariot." came from the rround near here and led rescuer.; o T. Nestflcld. 38-year-old negro laborer, who was burled under an I avalanche of dirt while working in Government Loses in St. Louis NRA Case ST. LOUIS, Mar. i) (up)-.u s | Circuit Judge CUmrk'.s I! Fin-Is ' S [t ing us a district JmlKc, lodny'i'iil- l linn coniimss' has no power lo UK» f( , (Imi | for a trai- I'he nilhiR denied Kovenmii-iu's petition - Ijpriii'j- Injunction to prevent the Niillonnl ClnniH'nl, ciJiDpjiiiy ft nd 10 Niillonnl uiidei-wrar coiwn- lon, both m KI. Louis, from vlo- laliiif Hie NIIA code for the In diutry. Tho companies combiittlni; Hie covci'iimcnf attacked ihr- consllui- lionallty of Ilir NI!A on 10 iiiMls, am ,,f wh [ cll nsscr((V( , tluil II "pmutts uni-ensoiinble and 0]>j!i-osslve regulations and rules (o bi) promulgated by self-nratrd groups." Dodo" Now Doubtful Says Former Chief NEW YORK, Mar. 9 (up)— Tlie id ministration 1 of the NRA is slill -is (lend as n dodo and "I don't '<no\v whether It can be brought to Mfe," Clou. Hugh S., Johnson, form- -r recovery ndmlnlslrntor/jsnld to- -|av In an Interview. Johnson said he hnd not stud- led carefully Ihe ' 17-poliit NIIA '•coi'ganlzatlon program offered ' by Donald Rlchucrg but that he was convinced " "y'du "dilil'l lend Ihe \'RA froin. the sidelines." Johnson said he Intends to con- Mmic his radio debate with Father "hnrlcs Coughlln of Detroit, Johnson talked as he signed 'a ontvacl with the Unlfpd,. Features ivnrtlciitc lo do n (tally 1 column for' •Kwspapore. Re said he expected "to •eminent on anything of: Interest that 1 know anything about; and won't pull my pundits. The ex-cavalryman said: "The United States should- avoid •ny policy., which, would have 'the •Mtjlitcst 1 chance of Involving us In he orient." ' He thought 'talk of a war with "ipnii Is ridiculous and believed ''e nallon Is eminently wise In 'gelling out of Ihe Philippines." , fiel Hornersville, Kennett PWA Allotments Raised mm Mini GET Rep. Walter Raney Bitterly Scores Relief Administration U'1TI,E ROOK,. March 3. tup') —Tho house of representatives today defeated a resolution asking authority for seven members of itlie house to issue subpoenas to obtain 11 report of nn Investlgatlln made Into the administration of Ihe PEHA hi Arkansas. The vote was ID to 71. , While the legislators were arguing for authority to obtain Ihe,report, nil commissaries of the PERA were ordered opened by State Administrator W. n. Dyoss and tho supplies distributed to those on 10- lef us lon g as they Just Some of the commissaries had been closed since March 1 after no allotment for Arkansas arrived from \vash- iHgion. Tlie delay in the allotment came after failure of the legislature to iney, a request from ltd' cral Relief Administrator Many L Hopkins for the stale to appropriate $i,500,OM for relief work Siiy.s Supplies Appropriated Charges of mal-admlnlstiation of the PERA In Arkansas were repeated by hep. ,w. W. Raney, of Wood- : niff county ,am! Rep. \v M cara- ! way, of Dallas county, in making J strolls; appeals for adoption O f !he house resolution. Relief oflleliils refused to give Gov. J. M. Firs»ll the report of an investigation of tho-Dycss relict col- only In Mississippi county as. ic- quested in a recent resolution. nancy, profane In his remarks read a letter which charged that~ • WoodrufT county relief admlnlslra- ! tors took s)ir-"--- from commifsa- isin to relief clients.'', Rep. G. G. Colvlu, of Peny county, snld the house "has no more right to Investigate (he FERA than II' has to investigate an act of congress." Tliat Idea was reiterated by-, 'several' other.' members. * •After the liouse'li n <t defeated tho resolution offered today, Rep. Cnas. Kllllan, of Drew county, put thru n motion to expunge from Hie honsj record tho previous resolution asking for the report. Omnibus Bill Withdrawn The omnibus emergency relief Jill, Introduced In the Housa Tuesday «t the request of the governor who said It would raise more than I $3,500,000 revenue annually, : was i v-'.ouu.uuw icvmue annually, w«3 WASHINGTON. — The Public wiUl(1rnwu ' yesterday by Northcutfc Works Administration has an- . Fult0 "' when the Hoi™ rccclv- -lounced several changes In monev c .." m . cssa Be from Governor Fnt- lounced several changes In money \llolments for non-federal projects, "hey included: Missouri — Kennett, loan and aant of $150,000 fcjr an electric -ower pla'nt Increased lo SICO.OOO •ecause of Increased costs; Hor- •"rsvlllc, loan and grant of $30,- "r.O for a ncv; w.uter system increased to $30.!>00 because of In- reassd costs. •••• 102 Applies For Citizenship PITTSBURGH. (UP)—Miss So- ;hla Zovcr, even though she Is more 'han 102 years old, wants to be a •::tlze:j of the United States. She has taken out her first pa- x-r.s here. Miss Zover says that she was 'still a youngster" when she camo -•ver to the United States May 10. '898, and that she was born Dec. '0. 1832. in Nudlock, Austria. Miss Zovcr described herself a? "ive feel, five inches tall, weighing HO pounds. She s.ild her occupation was "nothing." "he Is unmarried. Can't Use FERA Apples For Making Home Brew PUEBLO, Colo. (UP)—Some of Uncle Sam's apples went Into liquor jrortuced by William' Howell here. Howcll admitted lie had used apples which he secured from the FERA when he pleaded guilty Before Unit-d States District Judge J. Foster Symes to charges of possessing, owning, and operating on uniTg- stercd still, possession of mash and non-tax paid liquor. Howcll was sentenced lo seven months In the county Jail and fined SI 00. . , •=»"*.«, on s hcao was forced to an owners paid Uogs Briny Money SAI.EM, Ore. (UP)—Oregon's own plpj by the cavein. He pressed liw mouth to the end and bcjan singing. Workers dug rapidly "toward tlie voice and ."ran uncovered him. He was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. taxes on $19,535 worth of dogs last year, reported the slate tax commission. One thousand, four hundred and thirty dogs were worth pulling on the lax rolls, and had an average value of $13.70. rcll saying the Hall sales tax measure would raise sufficient revenue "to satisfy Washington." The Hall bill already has passed the Senate, and Is up for third reading in the House. Several amendments have been proposed, Ihe only one of consequence adopted being by Christian of Veil a:X others to exempt groceries and medicines from Its taxing provisions. Collon Exemption Voted Of eight amendments to the Hall bill Introduced last night, two were adopted and six rejected. One of tlie amendments adopted was by Rowel 1 to exempt proceeds from sales of cotton and cottonseed, and one by Butt, which would' eliminate the 10-mile exemption zone around Memphis in eastern Arkansas. Amendments rejected were: By Rowell to exempt Intregal parts of machinery. Dy nancy, Toland, Thomas and Mainard. to place 35 per cent of the revenue derived In the old ags pension fund Instead of tho general revenue fund. By Gates, to exempt persons of small income, and to tax tangible personal and real property. By Bouhvare. to permit retailers to absorb the tax. Pemiscot Taxpayers Will Elect Officers CAUOTHERSVILLE, Mo.—It was •nnounced Friday that a meeting >f the Pemiscot County taxpayers Vague will be held Monday. March 12, at one o'clock a't the courthouse, at which time officers for 'tie vear will be elected. WEATHER Arksnisas — Cloudy, probably showers tonight and Sunday. Warmer tonight. Memphis and vicinity—Occasional rain and wanner tonight and Sunday. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 46, minimum 31, : - Jartly cloudy, according to Samuel F. Norrls, official weather observer.

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