The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 11, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 11, 1931
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOKTflBAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MIB3ODBI VOL, XXVII—NO. H05 BlythevUle Courier, Bljthevllle Dally Ness, BiythevlUe Herald, Mississippi Valley Leader. I VT1IPVII I I. 1 ARWAVS/XQ U'l^nwrcftn A V XMntMi 11 in-»i Ui Uli'.N U.l.h, AUKAftaAh, \M'.I)NhbUA\, MARCH II, 19.11 SINGLE COPIES FIVE FEDERAL FOOD THUBIUTD Mid-West Digs Out of Snowdrifts Postponement of Measure Voted Unanimously; Back Tax Measure Fails. LITTLE ROCK. March 11. (UP) —Governor Harvey Pftrnell signed thc Mitchell bill shortly alter noon today providing a supplementary appropriation of $35,000 for conduction ot tick eradication work In Arkansas. The measure previously had passed both houses overwhelmingly. The money is made available through an emergency clause attached In the act. LITTLE ROCK. March 11 (UP)— Motion to Indefinitely postpone consideration of the Thorn "kilowatt" bill today was adopted by the senate by unanimous vote. The measure was killed before the title of the proposed act had been fully read. Senalor Abington introduced the measure and made the motion to postpone consideration. It- would impose a two per cent privilege tax on the gross revenues of telephone, telegraph, gas and, electric power companies operating in Arkansas and a tax of one half of one per cent on pipe line companies. Another house bill to make the attorney general advisor lo the state departments precipitated a sharp debate shortly tefore the noon recess when Senator Chaney made a motion to indefinitely postpone its consideration. Final action on tha bill was deferred until later today. Senator Walls who Introduced the measure in the s«nate told the upper body he resented "such parliamentary 'tactics to kill a bill when it has a right tion on;.lts merits^'- . .-,' t, 1 ."; 1 ." The' 'senate passed, the ley house measure which allows the boards of trustees of the four agricultural colleges and the University of. Arkansas to lease lands for the purpose of construction of dormitories for.sludenU of the institutions. Tax Measure Killed The Chaney. senate bill designed to regulate collection of overdue taxes and supported by -the same group .that brought about-the repeal of the back tax law was Mled In the house today when that body voted 43 to 40 to indefinitely postpone its- consideration. Consideration of the measure led to sharp debate. Its opponents charged it was another "corporation" bill and maintained it would tie the hands of the attorney general in gathering facts upon which to base back tax suits. It provided thc attorney general must secure the permission of the slate tax commission -before conducting such investigations. By a vote of 2 to 1 the house refused to increase the existing tax on malt syrup, he- bill hsd passed the senate. Vote Slot Machine Tax Another senate bill by Kimzey. taxing vending and slol machines v.-a= overwhelmingly adopted. Rcv- enues derived from the measure will go to the state equalization fund. It was transmitted to the governor for his signature. Several small appropriation bills received . favorable action and just prior to' the noon recess Speaker After an almost snowless'winter, the whole mid-wcs'f-ni vrtion - of the country was burled under.-a blanket of March snow as deep as 15 inches.' This 1 Se« - plow, cutting a path'In" the "outskirts of Chicago, shows how-cities dug themselves out, but man, .u,». sections were badly tied up by the slorrh Legionnaires Offer Finan- .cial Help to Parent- Teacher Associations. Tile program ol BlythevUle Parent-Teacher associations to continue -the serving of warm lunches In the local .schools- was endorsed by Dud Cason post, American Legion, at. a meeting last night, and by w»y of giving substantial evidence, of its. Interest, in the matter /trie 'poet; by unanimous vote appropriated from /its treasury -to ' In th= Loses Wife, Roomer, Automobile and Money ROBINSON, 111., March 11. (UP)—J. H. zeigler, • garage owner, reported to police the mystery of an apparently sl : multaneous disappearance o! his blond wife, a red-haired roomer- who lived at the Zclg- ler home, his automobile and checks' totaling $100. "And -I want my car and money, back," he announced tersely to State's Attorney O. L' Plunkett. Tragedy Si a Iks Family of .Child Burned to Death LITTLE ROCK. March II (UP) — Vlien Illlli! Kathleen Vcrn Utcse, wo and. one-lialf ypars old, stooped o pick up her doll while playing icivr a trash' pile hero yesteril&y icr dress caught fire resulting In 'atal burns. Screams attracted her parents Mr. -and Mrs. II. C. Turner, one 1 wth received severe burns nbaul Ihetr hands In extinguishing [he Hanws. The death of Die infant marked ihc climax of. a series of disasters In the -Turner family. Seven years ago Turner, a steeplejack, saw two BELIEFM ol his brothers killed In; a bailie. Shortly afterwards eun Ms daughter Elsie Turner, 4. mis fatally burned. . His wife died following the death of her daughter. He married the present Mrs. Turner »ho* had two children by n former marriage. Several months ago one ot her children died. W. C.-Lawler Files in Opposition to Neill Reed and A. B. Fairfield. A third candidate, W. C. Lawler, local merchant, mayoralty . race .lias entered the opposing Mayor Borah Urges Party for Neill Reed and A. B, FalrfleM, owii- er of the BlythevUle Steam Laundry. ' I Mr. Lawler has paid a fee to ROES • Beavers, city treasurer.'and author? bed the placing of his name on th=i_ lOntV ballot for the municipal-election m _, ' April. . WASHINGTON, March U. (UP) i The newest candidate for "mayor —'Senator Borah, Republican. Ida- has not Issued any statement to •ho, addressing the Progressives con- the press and the platform upon ference, pleaded for "a' pslltlcil which he hoses his candidacy Is not party or political voices" which known. . . The Legion money, according to estimates by Parent-Teacher association members who have been active In- the work, Is about half of what will -be necessary to continue the lunches ; for the next two . . . months. -Appeals to. Individuals, or jwould represent ^the 98^per ^cen^of I Mr. Lawler has b?en In the gro- " '"" • "--"-"--=• ..... to, other organizations will probably be made for the additional money. Lunches 'have been served .in- the local schools 'and many others through Mississippi cc-unty durins February and up to this date thru the'help of the- American Red Cross. This-help is to be withdrawn March 15, however, and ta yiew.of the very evident benefits which the' program has; brought" the- "Far'enWeacher associations -have undertaken to continue-the work;- '. •• Reports by R. N. Ware and Roscoe Craftpn, captains pi rival American Legion membership teams, showed 23 new members added to the post roster during the past week. The, .membership campaign will continue through March and will be followed by a feed at which the losing team will entertain the winners. • tha population of the United.States eery business here.for many years which he said possesses- only 20 per • He at one time operated a store on cent-of the nation's wealth. Borah-East Main street but for the past told the conference that four p-r- several years has managed a neigh- cent of the .populallon • controlled ; borhood grocery on North Second the majority of the wealth. ! street. . • .'There ought, to be a political : Pion « er County Borah appeared .today at the re- j Merchant Laid to sumption of' the Progressive con- '. ference _which_ packed a small ball, KENNETT, Mo.. March 11—Fune-al services .were conducted here yesterday afternoon for I,: p. "Uncle Luther" Tatuir., -70 year old chant of this city who room of the Carlton Hotel. Whittaker WUI Tell pioneer State and Federal Money Will Be Big Help in Making 1931 Crop. 08CEOLA. Ark., March 11.—Tile combined drouth relief agencies of government, state, and local organ-1 izatloiis have made available lo' south Mississippi county farmers approximately 1500,000 of Hie $800,000 which farmers and business men estimate ns n minimum amount necessary, to make the 1931 crop In this end of the county. It was cs^j- mated here tills morning following announcement of the iwissage of the senate bill providing funds, for drouth relief loans through ngrl- ultural credit corporations nullior- zod by the act. The , rcmnlnln!! $300,000, or more, It Is estimated, will be used by the largor plantn- lon owners and will be arranjec! or from Individual sources, From t). S. These estimates are based on figures which cover the pro rata portion of the various funds for this section of Mississippi county. The federal feed and seed loan act made available approximately $100,000 for this section of the county and applications amounting ,to $50,000 of this amount have already been tip- proved by the local board.'The additional appropriation for food, for which applications will be received beginning today, will add around 140,000 to the amount available. It Is estimated that on the basis of 150,000 per county, south Mississippi county will receive' approximately $125,000 on her pro rats o »K,000 capital- alack in the crcdl* corporations, organized under provisions of the senate bill-passer" yesterday, to which'may Ba 'adds-: approximately $200,000 made, available - through • local agrlcultiirn credit corporations already func tinning In'Osteala- ond Luxora anr similar organizations at Kelser an: Lepsntcy .; • ' • . - • Food Loins Available Applications'for additional loan' for food under the ted*rf>.l act. were being received at headquarters of the'local committee here this morn mg 'following" .County'.'Agent 8. D. Carpenter's'return-'from Memph tomobi'.c last week, appeared on yesterday Where he was, advised" In Rush of Applications' Ex- ncciecl From Farmers. Assistance, : to bo Ruby Keelrr, Broadway tltmcer. Now she's Mrs. Al Jolson, anil she v.-cms to be enjoying the sunshine in Bermuda, whore this picture was taken Just Authority to accept applications for federal drouth relief loans tor. the purchase of and clothing was received Inlc yesterday by J. E. Crllz. comity cnrlcuHuralncVnt, and the county loan committee. A numhr of applications -for r^nd loans wero written this morning, nml ns soon ns availability.. -1 of llic lonns becomes generally^ known n rush by farmers to take ndvantnge ot them is expected.' Under the' terms of Instruction:; received by Mr. Crilz late Tuesday applications for food and clothing loans will be accepted-for the present onh' In connection with original npnlii-atlons for federal tod nnd • seed loans. Later this week or the first of next week It Is expected, formers wlio hav,i already made Came in Wheel Chair to Kill Measure for Division of Highway Funds. Onlv the personal appearance on 'he floor, of'the house of represen •nflvrs-yestcnlHv nflcrnoo'i of Rep E. E- Alexander of Mlssisslpp rounty prwent»rt ndootlnn bv th house of the Nelson bill to elve tl'fi ChfckRsawba district of Miss- Isslpol county an equal share with ih P o?c"ola district of proceeds of the e<!tra me cent (tnsollne tax and other hi eh way turnback money. In the otilrlon of local men who wew.'-at.IJtlo Rock In behalf of the' measure. -—-.-_. -^_ . ( Assurance had been irivrsi the !n- cal.deleeatlon by numerous mem- bera from other coiintles that'they would heln correct the Inlustlce done hv the bill "as It stands.-but Speaker Neale declined to permit a vote' until apnroprlatlon measures v:ere out of the- way. While the nnoropristlori bilk were beini dls- Txised-'of Mr.-Alexander, -who had been In a' sanitarium' recovering from inlurlps in a fall'from an" aii- rccently. apollcatlons for fcc'J nr.d seed loans will be iwrmllted to apply for supplementary loans to provide food niut clothing. 512 For Clolhinsr The instructions permit loans for food up to $10 or $12 per month . per family, for not more than four months, tho exact amount-.permitted depending upon the size of' Uie family. In addition up tr>'S!2 per family may be borrowed for clothing. Farmers having. share-, croppers to furnish' out of thslf i federal. loans may borrow, r.ot to _ . . ."" A i • I cxcect ' *1,000 to provide them with KeCltCS Arkansas Achieve-i food and clothing. .The . same so/ -':' T ij ij. i i curlty is required for thc fowl and mentS m lalk at nigtl clothing loans ns for feed or-! seed loans. ' " ! " ?.;' ' "^'y'" Farmers who can . pcssi.tY. ar-":' r Tinge or furnish money ot hi..- than.- . . through the.federal loans are,urg- -. edr[to tlo. so.,.':as. It is feared/.that,- *'}i'£«iri ! rt}f>'t* t J Af •'. trnun'rr^'nfpnf' lflfttwv : ..* : . orneni money^' aVallabK 'Way""hot -firovb" acliquato '' n * . f, • . • • i"v.*tc* uicitnaii-.. 01 mis city wno Results Of experiment died at hi-, home here Sunday . night. Religious rites were con- WILSON, Ark., March 11.—The. ducted by the Rev. J. T. Travis, results of cotton variety tests, on [ ^ OT , ° ( the Presbyterian church the cotton branch experimental sla-; ? n ° ln t«ment .was made in Dale tion at Marlanna, and tests with " d se cemetery. '- -•"••-- -soybean culture, both of particular " ls wl ' e ' tnc in add , Uon to the floor In.a wheel chair. He" was wheeled down ' in front or the speaker, who immediately accorded him the privlleiw ' &i brinplne up any business he desired.. With a group of..friends clustered about him. and In a voice inaudible over most of the chamber, he -moved th.3-tabling of the Nelson bill. The motion was Immediately put to a vote, and before mf\ny members of the house knew what was coins on thr measure had been killed. Mr. Alovnndcr also obtained the tabling of the Nelson bill separating the offices of sheriff and collector of Mississippi county and fixing salaries of county officers, is survived j and obtained the passage of a bill a conference with Mr. Lynch ot Or lederal office thai food.application would be received on regular feet and seed • loan application form- pending arrival of special food loir blanks which, are expected in Memphis tomorrow and will reach (hi local, commit tees within a week. Ap- llcants who have already received eed and.seed loans are advised b.r he .local committee that supplemental loans for food will not b - ccepted until the forms nrrlve, bu' armers who are now maklntr the!' eed and seed loan applications may ilso Include applications for foo- interest to Mississippi county farm- ! ^ .? d »«Bhter. Miss Miry Tatum i of his own relating to the salerles - - - • - ' • "' «>''" -'••• -•"> a brother. Carl-1 of Mississippi County officers. Pro- New York Investigators May Turn Gun on Walker NEW YORK, March 11. (UP)—| The meeting is on= of a scries of 1 "Uncle Luther" Tatum was one crs, will be given by K. B. \Vhitta- \ ° ! tl ' Is . clt >\ n " tj T ° br ° th<:r ker, director of. the cotton branch I on ™umo< St. Joseph an, slation. in a talk at the Wilson i "' ""• M(lUde Kechlim ° r [ high school tomorrow Evening. ! te, Mo. id a sis- visions of thc latter bill are not Fayet- known here, but In view of the fact that tho session ends tomorrow there Is held to be little prospect Mayor James J. WalSer who left j weeidy farmers meetings conducted here two days ago for California to i by E. Y. Fitch, teacher of voca- of thc best known figures of Dunk- of its passing the senate. lln county. He was one of the pi- Another piece of legislation of •get away from all these Investlga- ; tlonal agriculture In "the Wilson i ° rccr merchants of this and other particular interest which received tions" faced the possibility of be-, school. lor farmers of the WilsDni ^^fJ^County^n^had^re-, o ct ! 0 n yesterday-was^the blll_b> coming the subject of an Invest!- I ar.d neighboring communities, gallon himseU. , K»neU N<. B ie announced only one measure Thc movement for a. general In- Blvtheville BoV ! remained unacted uoon. Adjourn- vestlgatlon of the whole Tammany •' ...... ,,, „. , Mississippi Glee Club mtnt noon. Is scheduled " for tomorrow | controlled city government which i gained great Impetus with the start of an Inquiry Into Incompetency charges against District Attorney Thomas C. T. Grain, may be broad- ness he developed Into one of the | (0 rc i n ,burse property ov.iwrs for most, subs'jntlal men In this vlcln- 1 Q amQa( . ( 0 lands. This bill, which ity. He had been retired from nc- , hai] p rev | OUS i y passed the senate Cards Over Heart Save Chicago Druggist's Life CHICAGO. March 11. (UP)— A pack of business cards wac accredited today with having saved the life of Samuel Kastel, druggist. Kastel was alone In his store when a robber entered and ordered him to step behind a counter. As he complied Kestel drew a revolver and turned suddenly e.nt! fired. The robber yelled, shot a' Kastel and limped away as the druggist fell. Kastel remained on the floor until police arrived and convinced mental. ened to include the mayor. The Society for the Prevention of Crime has cited specific charges against Walker, understood to be of the same nature as those against Craln. 'him his "wound" was live business pursuit for several The work of Ross Marshall, son of Mrs. Isabel Marshall ol this city, as president.of the glee club Draw JllTV to Try Solon «» \fieclcclnr\l nnPocrft f.llnf/Mi J * at Mississippi College, Clinton, Mi;s.. is accorded high praise in a I recent issue of tho Mississippi Col-' Icgian, the college paper. Thc glee club, the article re- _A jury to sit in the case of For- lates, Is enjoying an unusually mer congressman Edward E. Den- successful season, under Marshall's' r ison, Illinois, charged with vlolat- leadcrshlp. It also tells of his ^ the prohibition laws, was corn- achievements in other activities. p i e ted in district court here today. Marshall will be graduated from It ^ composc d O f eight men and ( Mississippi collegei in May. He has four womcn . was adopted In the house. 50 to 6 and now goes to the governor. 1 is understood that it will author' IK reimbursement by the dlstrlc . for land to be left without levee Dry Law Violation' pro!e ? tlon bccausc °' straightening ui y Law ' iw»niiv» Qf ]e ^ cc 1!nes g{ Pccan Polnt an( j elsewhere. Mississippi county men who wer in Little Rock yesterday In a las WASHINGTON, March 11. (UP) Osceola Woman Suffers Emergency Operation OSCEOLA, Ark.—Mrs. O. A. Rob-1 bet n specializing In music, and ex Inson was rushed to the Methodist | peels to follow his college work hospital In Memphis Tuesday fol-1 with further musical training. Ion-Ing a consultation betwen local' physicians and Dr. Battle Matone of Memphis. She wss reported In good condition this morning fol- School This Morning. Dr. Charles HlUman Brough, war governor "of Arkansas, lectured Wednesday, mirnlng^al tho BJyth?-, vllle high school on "The Literary t u^nuutu may uui. yiu.i; aui.Huai.o and Educational "Progress of Ar- [ to meet the denlond. Furthermore', 1 •'•'. kansas." his address being '.irselyj it is pointed out, those'who are la. .J a reply to the recent.' attacks of Henry L.. Mencken, editor of th'.' American Mercury, which appeared In the Baltimore Evening Sun. ond also to articles by Russcl Owen in- the New York Times and the' Literary Digest on the alleged Illiteracy and backwardness of Arkansas among American commonwealths. Dr. Brougll, who is special publicity representative of the University of Arkansas, and .whose itinerary was arranged by Miss WIllie'A. Lawson, county superintendent o£ Mississippi county, recited the achievements ol- Arkansas In all fields of human endeavor, calling attention to the fact lhat the- state has 3.250 public schools nnd twen-- ty-slx higher institutions of learning, and- one hundred seventy-eishl gifted native Arkansas writers, among them Roark Bradford. Knth- erlne Anthony. Reno Shore Dun- Immediate need should be permit--' ted to file their aplicatlons first.!n ; qrc'OT that they may .receive .' prompt attention. - . Thc federal, food and clothing T loins are expected to'do much to relieve the situation In' this mid '•• other counties, where.many fann- ers have baen unable to make . other arrangements for credit with which to carry on their crop.proV .auction activities. Many, probably, n majority of farmers in.this vicinr - ity, liav.j already made their ar-. ranjeinenls .Ihrough bar.ks, agri- cultural finance corporations, : . cr . otherwise, but olhers have been uri- ccrtdln up to this time whether ;. they wtvjld be able to flnanc.i their farm opcratlons. A warning has been issued to farmers - obtaining govcriimcTit leans for this . year's crops that . they must grow a garden and 'must not can .Cora Pritchard Dines. Mrs. I ov Bernle Bflbcock, Fred W. Allsopp.' n the same form, the addition! ^^ > a"^.r h /«t f r **« ^ ****>*>• °»»«-»-'- In explanatory remarks for which a ;pacc is provided on the form. Memphis Doctors Address County Medical Meeting Physicians from Memphis and points of southeast Missouri wcre! fttt<mt!tm to " 10 fact tilat ^ c car - don, and Mrs. S. S. S;mmes of Mississippi county. Dr. Brough pointed to Arkansas' fine record during the World War and paid tribute to Herman Davis of Manila, whom he said Pcrshin? ranfced as the- fourth outstanding military hero of the American Ex- Forces. He also called Increaso their 'cotton acreage ol last year. - , In the contract, signed by the-, obtainev of tho loan, it is s'tsv'ti'el that a surden. sufflc^nt to provide food for his family, must be pimit- -' ed. enough feed stuff must ba rals- - crt to fee:i livestock and that the cotton acreage mnct be the same or less than lost yenr. J. S. Critz, county agricuitural agent, has received reports that some farmers are not abiding by this contract-. guests of the Mississippi County j llest Christian shrine west of the | Medical society lost evening for a, Mississippi river was located ncarl MfOpS here when Dr. C. H.' San- i Osceola, erected by Hernando Do- Butler County Sherifj in n<e:tlng here _ j ford and Dr. J. A. Mclntosh, of >Soto **& h| s followers in 1541. D: i poPLAF. BLUFF. V.o. Marot 11. Brough spoke over KLCN at 11:15 . ,_ T nf ,y M C cov,-n. r>6 veer oH-"Eoy ~ ' : s h »'lff" of Butler countv, 'e!l-d?cid in his room at his mother's home Memphis, made addresses. Dr. Sanford's theme was "Endocrine Disorders" and "Symtomatlc Laboratory Suggeitions" were discussed by Dr. Mclntosh. It was voted to have the next meeting the second Tuesday in April at Osceola. Terms of Franco-Italian here yesterday rnomms. . His M I n r A J death was totallv' nhevcoctsd arid Naval Pact Announced -.c™, BS a distinct ssocvi: to south' | east Missouri VUere he'was k;-.or.Ti. LONDON, March 11. (UP)—Tho;«s one of tlie mo-,1 relentless nnd Oold- had nc him, being embedded In el OX ELECTROCUTES SELF RWA DEL OARDA, Italy, (OP) —A hungry ox, belonging to the present Giuseppe Faltelli, neglected in its stall for 24 hours, sought nourishment in an electric $2,500,000 Allotted for Flood Control Projects Holston-Unjon Bank Stockholder Suicides KNOXVILLE. Tenn.. March ".. (UP)—Judge W. O. Mlms, prominent cast Tennessee attorney of Newport, shot himself three times today and was no) expected to live. > prove that liquor was ' delivered to Dennlson's office In l'"3 house office building here and was found there by prohibition agents. Postal Law Defendant Taken to Jonesboro Attending physicians were: Dr. J. terms of the Franco-Italian naval tlreles.-, of officers. Kc hud b3- A. Mclntosh, Dr. H. B. Everett and! limitations accord were made pub- [ trayed no symptoms of snv Illness ... .... , __, ... _ -— Dr. C. H. Sontord. Memphis; Dr.!Hc today In an official merr.cran-1 and had worked at his oi'lcc.Bll minute effort to obtain Mr. Alex- R. E. Martin, Scnath, Mo., I)r. E. dum, revealing that both countries | day and eone ' to Ic'jcc at ingot ander's consent to pasr-ico of th Q. cope, Horr.crsvlllc, Afo., Dr. N. had agreed not to build more than ' whore he hncrr--">iai!ieri until a !K- biil to give the northern half of; B. Ellis, Wliso::, Dr. C. M. Harwell,! two cap'.Ul ships, each of a maxi- i He before mid-night. Upon his retry; county a fair share of state) Osceola. Dr. T. F. Hudson, Luxora,' mum tonnage of 23.333 tons b;- f -"rn to his rcom he got reedy .or highway funds Included Mayor i Dr. W. M. Owen. Armorel, Dr.«J. A. fore December 31 1936 The ships ' " Nelll Reed, C. J. Little. W. D. i jM t e u and Dr. J. L. Tidwell. Dell, will be armed with guns not to ex-" Oravette. Finley Robinson and J. besides Drs: J .A. Saliba, I. R.,ceed 12 Inches In calibre Meli Brooks of Biythevllle, and R.I Johnson Paul L Tlpton. A. M | .. S. Hudson of Manila. Lan WiU-; Wsshburn, M. O. Usrey, H. S. Sims, D|.._j it • r- i n if Osceola and Tom Rainey; sm i p D Smith of this city. DIOHQ flair first L1U8 lams o ot Pecan Point were present In op> position to the measure. WEATHER to Murderer o! Child . u rd. ^n 1 ) from inclica'ior.s of the -com hod walked acres the-room r.-.Kl fell dc^.d tcside his dresssr. McCown was arpa'.nted sheriff upon tl-2 death of his fsther In blflce . Schoolroom Equioped P. P. Bromlet, arrested near Bur- Judge Mims has been in falling dette Monday by Sherlfl W. W.' health since thc closin? of thc Hoi- shaver and lodged In the county ston-Union National Bank here in Jail here, was removed to Joncs- I j SAN DIEOO, March 11 (UP)— i A single blond hair clasped in the ARKANSAS.- Partly cloudy, 1 , hand of Itttle Virginia Broote-to- tn Tnsrh Deaf Children • warmer in the west and central I day gave to icarn^ueai i-niiarerv ^^^ ton|ght Thursday partly K CHICAGO, (UP) -For the first; clcudy ' WASH1NQTON, March 11, (UP) j which he was a large stockholder, boro yesterday by federal officers, light'—The War Department" today al-1 He was prominent in Democratic Bromlet, who formerly lived in buib. which It bit off. The b«lb ! lotted tJ.MO.OOO tor flood control ; politics ar.d in the last campaign Memphis, Is held Tor some vlo'.tiUan exploded in the animal's mouth-and navigation projects scattered aligned himself wllh forces oppss- of postal laws the nature of which and electrocuted it. | throughout the United Stales. Ing Governor Henry Hortoii. was not revealed by officers. .red tci-m. He was re-e'.eet- 1EJ28 for another four year At thc tlme'of his first as? the olfiM hs was Ihe .,..,.- , - .. , ,>.^,,ist sheriff In tin United with which to continue search for states, being slightiy m&re than 21 tho murderer. 1 years of age. time In Illinois, a schoolroom has The maximum temperature yes- Autopsy surgeons found the hair' physicians in a consultation fol- been outfitted with complete hear- terday waa 59 degrees, with a mln-! while making further examlna- lowing the death ot McCow de- Ins equipment tor doaf children. ' i m um of 39. Skies were clear. One lion of the body. The hair was clared tlmt his death, was evident- not Virginia's they reported, and |y caused by a cerebral hcmmor- whom i year ago the maximum tempera-

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