Enterprise-Journal from McComb, Mississippi on February 4, 1955 · Page 8
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Enterprise-Journal from McComb, Mississippi · Page 8

McComb, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Friday, February 4, 1955
Page 8
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7 Page Eight McComb Enteiprise-Journal McComb, Mississippi Friday, February 4, 11)55 Mrs. Alay Griffin Mourned; Service Held In Summit r ERSONALLY . . . v. '.. SPEAKING '"TP"'"- -r -f- -" Guests In Magee Home , Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Sartin and baby daughter, Patricia Dawn, of Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, La., visited several days in the home of Mrs. Sartin's parents, and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Magee and 'Chrissie on New York Avenue. They were vacationing during Mr. Sartin's mid-term break at the university. Miss Patricia Dawn, better known as "Pat" . was the recipient of much attention during her visit in her grandparents home. Attend Formal Opening ' Mr. and Mrs. Joe Staffler of Brookhaven were McComb - visitors Thursday, making the trip especially to attend the event which marked the completion of the Broadway Beauty Salon, and to visit friends and relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Staffler formerly resided in McComb for a long period of time. In Sandifer Home Mr. and Mrs. Bob Sandifer, 306 LaSalle Street, have as guests in their home. Mrs. Bob Carlisle and Mrs. Etta Price of Wesson. The two guests and Mrs. Sandifer were girdhood friends and are enjoying a week of .being together. ;.' Enjoying Vacation Mr. and Mrs. V. A. Caulfield, who - are vacationing in Hot Springs, Arkansas, report' that they are having a pleasant and enjoyable stay. They are comfortably located at the Pulman Hotel. " Home From College Wilson Moak, son of Rev. and Mrs. W. E. Moak has returned to Mississippi State College after a pleasant weekend with his parents. Wilson also visited in the home of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Roberts. ' ! With The Sick In Naval Infirmary At Quonset Point, Rhode Island , Mrs. Charles Edward Rodgers of Quonset Point, Rhode Island, underwent surgery Tuesday at the Naval Infirmary there. Mrs. J. . A. Rodgers reported today that her daughter-in-law's condi-, tion is satisfactory. Lieut. Rodgers will report to Puerto Rico on the 18th of February for a brief period of naval duty. During this time, Mrs. E. L. Brent of;Jackvon, mother of Mrs. Rodgers, will go to Quonset Point to be with her daughter and children:' Miss Schilling 111 Miss Harriet Schilling, popular daughter of Mr. and v Mrs. W. H. Schilling is sick this week from an attack of influenza. Ill At Home Miss Maxine Badon, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Badon is rTTTTTTTTTTTr SATURDAY TWO BIG HITS HIT NO. 1 BLAZING SIX GUNS! ii iii win r -T v7" with FUZZY HIT NO. 2 EXCITEMENT & DANGER ft '4 mm m a . m w m OWL SHOW SAT. SUN. MON. TUES. Starring ; HUMPHREY JOSE VAN FRED DOGART FERRER JOHNSON ' MacMURRAY . . BMtDTtBlUfie . iav Ufvuu ... . Trruuinninn i no inuooucmg nuuini iimnuM " riai ; Screen Play by STANLEY ROBERTS Based upon the Directed by EDWARD DMYTRYK A COLUMBIA confined to her home with an attack of influenza. She is missed amons her friends and classmates of the McComb High School, who are wishing for her a speedy recovery. Condition Unchanged Mrs. E. CO Bergold, who is at her husband's bedside at the McComb Infirmary reports that her husband's condition rema'ins the same. He has been a patient there for two weeks and has been on the critical list. . In Veteran's Hospital A. A. Scarborough, entered the Veteran's Hospital in Jackson Thursday for observation and treatment. He is in room 1, ward 40, and is resting as well as can be expected. ' Convalescing Miss Clyde Coker is feeling much better but is still confined to her bed following an attack of illness. She is enjoying the visits from her many friends. Award Attendance Banner Greenwood Baptist Church was awarded the attendance banner at the Pike County Sunday School Associational. Meet at the Summit Baptist Church January 30. "" Has Pneumonia Gary Fuller, 6 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Millard Fuller of Ball Street, is ill at his home with pneumonia. Gary's many, friends are wishing him a speedy recovery. Ill At Daughter's Home Mrs. Lovie Minton is confined to her bed in the home of her daughter, Mrs. W; F. Barlow on Magnolia Street. Convalescing Mr. James Wingate is reported as being much improved, following recent surgery. New Daughter Mr. and Mrs. Joe T. Brent of Louisville, Miss., announce the birth of a dainty baby daughter, born at a Louisville hospital February 2. Paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mr? . E. L. Brent of Jackson. The mother is the former Miss Kathaleen White of Louisville. , - t- Dennis Duane Ward Mr. and Mrs. Ray. Ward are proudly announcing the birth of their first child, a fine son, born January 28 at the McComb City Hospital, at 7:05 p. m. The little lad weighed seven pounds and six ounces and has been given the name, Dennis Duane. Maternal . grandparents are Mrs. Estelle Wilson of McComb i LAST TIM ES i "Man With Million" KKIGKT Ronald f j- REAGAT1 Htionda FLEMING -.. -, , rT,r:r,n. .I 11 inn voior oy iLbrii.iuui.Oil Pulitzer prize winning novel by HERMAN WOUK r PICTURE A STANLEY KRAMER PROD. ;f ii it -; "':V ' I - ':;.:iyi. v:'-'"i ,.: f .- w ; ' s f. iHs - - t- -t" - It ' - - i t s si - ; s -1- ""v,,--'f ' . RODE OUT THE STORM Mrs. Beulah Pool, 61, sits on the debris of her heme in Commerce Landing, Miss., after she and her grandchildren rode out a" severe tornado. Though no one was harmed in this house despite the damage, 28 others in the immediate area were killed and scores injured. "I tried to close the door," Mrs. Pool told the photographer, "but the wind blew it out." (AP Wire-photo) ' , ....... ....... , f yds. dJWf J Jr'ti! . IN "PATH OF DESTRUCTION Henry Hill, at right, searches through the wreckage of his home in Commerce Landing, Miss., after a tornado struck, killing his father,' Cleveland, 58, and a nephew, Albert Hill, 21, The giant corkscrew winds that ripped through Mississippi, Arkansas and Alabama, left 31 dead 28 of them in Commerce Landing and about 100 injured. "Man at left is unidentified. (AP Wirephoto. . . .. , . and D. Jtf. Wilson of .Jackson. ' , Paternal grandparents are Mrs. Rhoda Ward of McComb s and G. j C. Ward. . . j Great-grandparents- are Mr. j and Mrs. W. S. Ratcliff and Mrs. ( N. B. Wilson, Summit RFD and Mrs. Fannie Ward of McComb. THE AMERICAN WAY (Continued from Page Two) a time wnen tms nation races um most crucial test of its entire history at, a time when it needs its maximum strength. Such foibles in a 'nation do not fortify it a-gains etither its external t or internal enemies. Moral stamina and manly virtue in a people are the characteristics that give them unity of action and the spirit de corps necessary to repel any attempt at invasion of curtailment of their priceless liberties. , ,; The new - Congress is just now swinging into action. Most of the Senators and Representatives of both major political parties elected last November are fired with a zeal to enact legislation that will be the most beneficial for the most of the American people. May they stand steadfast in this determination! Unfortunately, however, scat- rTTTTVTYTTTY?YTYTYT?T FOX IE-IEAT tl SUMMIT. MISS. Last Time Fernando Lamas and Rhonda Fleming In "Jivaro" (Technicolor) . Saturday DOUBLE FEATURE Range Busters In "Texas To Bataan . Plus Mark Stevens In "The Big Frame'? Sunday and Monday Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis In "Money From Home" (Technicolor) 3 i tered among them is a handful of demagogues who will again appeal to our vices rather than to our virtues. We must throw up our guard against this small min.- ority of our law makers. ' As cus- tomarily, they will be both loud and glib, hrowing off an aura of plausibility, ut lying underneath their high-sounding proposals will be the socialistic brab to puncture our strength and eventually destroy us. But there is a bright side to the picture. The sad fate that has overtaken so many other nations of the wbrld cannot overtake America if ' we abandon the "something-for-nothing" policy if we reverse our course of action of the past several years and once again begin to put into our Government instead of to take out. Liberty News Mrs. Mabel Strickland is spending a few days in the home of her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Miles of Columbia. " . Saturday night guests in the home of Mr .and Mrs. John Dixon were her nieces, Mrs. J. T. Hatchett of Clarksdale, Mrs. Rob- YTVVfYYYVYYYVYVVYYTYVirY REN DRIVE IN THEATRE Last Day John Carroll. Mala Powers And Jim Backus In "Geraldine" Saturday Gary Merrill and Wanda Hendrix In 44 The Black Dakotas - (Technicolor) Sunday and Monday Burt Lancaster In Apache" (Technicolor) AAA,AA44,AAA4AAAAAAAAA WILLIS BEAN. PEORIA BUYS GUERNSEY SIRE Peterborough, N. II. Willis Bean, Peoria, Miss., has just purchased the young Guernsey sire, Quailes Crest Peer from Mildred Q. Terry and James R. Troutman, Fernwood, Miss., according to the American Guernsey Cattle Club. This young bull is out of the cow, Quailes Crest Pipperette and is sired by -Amor Omay. ert arker of Memphis, and Mr. and Mrs. John Sharp Warren and children of ' Mobile. Funeral services were conducted from the Galilea Baptist Churh in Gloster Saturday afternoon at 2 o'lock for Miss Josie Tatum who , passed away suddenly Thursday night in a convalescent home in Baton Rouge. I V 5i- ' i "f S TACHEN REFUGEE In Taipei Formosa, Madame Chiang Kai-Shek hojds one of the children evacuated- from the Tachen Islands because of the threat of invasion from the Communist Chinese mainland. With the aid of American naval vessels, many Nationalists were evacuated from the islands. NEA Telephoto. Funeral services for Mrs. May B Griffin, native of Summit and wi dow of a beloved Methodist min ister, were held from Summit Methodist Church at two Friday afternoon. Mrs. Griffin, who had recently lived in the home of a daughter, Mrs. C. C. Rushing, at Runny meade Plantation near 'Itta Bena succumbed in a Greenwood hospi tal Wednesday night. Prayer services were said at the Rushing home Wednesday morning after which the entourage came to Summit for burial rites, which were conducted by Revs. Leo Bailev and Hueh C. Roberts. Mer late. Hushanri. Rpv. W. T Griffin, who was Avidely active and known during his many years in the Methodist ministry, passed away in 1942. Mrs. Griffin was ?,5. In addition to Mrs. Rushing. two other daughters, Mrs. II. A Watkins, Albuquerque, N. M., and Mrs. F. A. Skellis, Long Beach, Miss.; 15 grandchildren, 25 great grandchildren and a host of other relatives survive. Burial was in Woodlawn Ceme tery in Summit. 4200 Is Horizon In Social Security -Payment This Year By Luther N. Davis, District Mgr. Social Security Administration Beginning in 1955, a new "figure" will appear on the Social Security horizon $4,200 per year. Raising the annual earnings base from $3,600 to $4,200 represents one of the more important changes in law recently enacted. Millions of workers will be affected beneficially. What significance does this change have for the. average working person? It means that wage increases received by labor in recent years can now be reflected more adequately on individual J wage records. Many workers will have a greater percentage, if not all, of their earnings credited for tsocial faecurny purposes, inus, their future benefits will be more proportionate to actual earnings during their working lifetimes. Not everyone will be affected by this new $4,200 limitation. Those earning less than $3,600 in a year; will continue to pay tax and receive wage credits as before. Workers earning over 3,600 annually will contribute up to $12 more per year in Social Security tax, depending on their incomes. The maximum tax for any worker will be raised from $72 to $84 per year. Employers will v match this increase and will have the added responsibility of continuing Social Security deductions from pay checks until the new $4,200 wage maxumum is reached. What will the working man or woman gain from all of this? In applying the new benefit formula, the inclusion of all earnings up to $4,200 can make a difference of as much as $10 a month in benefit payments at retirement. This is a material amount in terms of economic planning for the future. A representative from this office will be in the City Hall, McComb, on Feb. 10, at 9:30 a. m. Woodpecker scalps, elephant tails, tobacco and beaver skins all have been used as money. 4 't ( 1 L , ? t Mr -tit . REPORTED MISSING "VOLUPTUA." a . six-foot Brooklyn-born blonde, recently fired from her television job, was reported missing after her car, with newspaper clippings telling of her firing, was found abandoned on a beachfront near Hollywood. Police say that she had not been home during the night. "Voluptua," whose real name is Gloria Pall, was dropped by the Hollywood TV station "for commercial reasons." Church and school groups had complained of her video gyrations and poses similar to this picture. NEA Tele-photo. ' - MEETINGS OP LOCAL GROUPS ANNOUNCED Several Organizations Vill Holt Meetings, Carry On Work Pike Ministers Will Meet At Centenary Methodist Church The Pike County Ministers As sociation will meet at Centenary Methodist Church, February 7 at 10-00 a. m. Bishop Marvin Franklin will be the guest speaker and alUD members are urged to attend. When most birds moult, the main feathers drop off in pairs, one from each wing, so that the bird rejoins balance. Rep. Simmons vContinued from Page One) lack of money exists to provide for the normal school program. "I am inclined to vote against all bills which propose to spend money which we do not have. ThK Legislature has already overspent itself," he added. On the subject of Gor. Hugh White's recent remarks to the effect that prohibition in Mississippi is a "farce". Rep. Simmons commented that no house sentiment exists at the present time for legalizing liquor. Legalized liquor advocates, he predicted, will try next session "with all forty." "Legalized liquor will be tht next big fight," he added. Rep. Simmons predicted that the special session of the Legislature P-Ttfl til ! f 11 f(' Two GOOD "SCAItAMOUCHE And SATURDAY BANK- N I T E And OO-LA-LA IT'S IRES' M - M - M - . s I. i ir n n i w w w w niAAULLL-lUUUUll) GABOR LAWREXCE Starts SUNDAY 3 ft tilUlLHilK!. S9k. rfSK S1H CWJJ. A HAROLD KECHT presentation DENISE DARCEL- CESAR ROMERO- . v . i r L V ... I will continue for at least anothei month before all of the business spending can be dealt with. . SPECIAL! Your Choice of Publications ListeJ Below 5 FOR $1.00 : Opportunities in South America Guide to Alaska Child Care and Management Fashion Designing Dogs and Their Training Vocational Guide . How to Win Friends Fur Farming Prospector's Guide , Uranium Prospecting How to Be An Air Hostess Building "with Cement Blocks First Aid Manual Mail Order Plans , Making Money at Home Gardens and Gardening Horses, Cards and Dice Camping and Camp Cooking Repairing Your Own Car Hunting and Fishing Guide Operating a Correspondence Club Body Care Sewing, Knitting and Crocheting Choosing a Career Interesting Hobbies Male Sex Life Female Sex Life Diving As a Career V Atomic Energy Guide The Flying Saucer Story Handbook of Religions Money Making Ideas Moderp Marriage Guide Secret of Female Charm Developing Personality Send ash, Check or Money Order with Your Selections Sorry, no COD's at this low price House of Books 319 Commerce Bldg. Erie, Pa. - - NOW LAST TIME Features "THE DESPERADO - M! ROBERT HUTTC1 Thru WEDNESDAY i s1" - 1' i mm BURT TCCHTilCQLOri Cxi YTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTVTTTTTTTTTTTVTYYYVTVTVTTTrTTTTf f . H i m m m. i

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