Gazette News-Current from Xenia, Ohio on August 31, 1936 · Page 8
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Gazette News-Current from Xenia, Ohio · Page 8

Xenia, Ohio
Issue Date:
Monday, August 31, 1936
Page 8
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"t «i r. Page Eight THE GAZETTE, XENIA, OHIO MONDAY, AUGUST 31, 1936 DR, STOUGH CLOSES 'LECTURE SERIES IN CITY MONDAY NIGHT Declares People Are Spiritually Numb In Many Cities ."Monday night closes our meet- j Can't Discard Funny Face So Hugh Herbert, Poor; Fellow, Must Stay As Comic This is the fourth of a series of 12 articles by Paul Harrison on "Funniest Men in Filmland." By PAUL HARRISON bring you upon the signs of the "OOD 7 July 31. times have been an attempt to in-;Hugh Herbert, who was Anita Pan. j terpret current events by Biblical ji n the days when vaudeville was) prophecy. Each day that I have j vaudeville, gets a lot «f sympathy. I . bean here has seen a most striking Student of the things 1 said j feucl1 as tnis - . ^r*>* happen," the audience at the ! v °ice of operator in adjoining ! El Third St. Tabernacle was told ! ."be&uty-parlor 'booth: "That was' _ by Dr. H. W. Stough Sunday night, j i£ rSi Hugh Herbert who just came | "This city is not unlike all; in> The fuimr man ' S wife, you! other cities, large and small . know . Thev Ve been married twen-j i throughout America, so morally | " .. ! i and spiritually numbed by the suc-iT- 01 ^ years. I j cession of daily happenings that | Voice of customer: "The poor j I they are like people living on the! thing! How patient she must be. j sides of Mount Vesuvius so accus-! married to a potato-faced silly like j And jhe has even begged you I tomed to the rumblings and trem-1 'blings around and underneath they pay no attention. Even ministers i say! ..." , in some places 1 have been are so! Herbert hears these stories and i blind and prejudiced that they have ! knows that nothing can be done gone out of the meetings thinking-• a . bout them _ TQ livg them down< that many statements are incred- i ible. for a few : But mark what I say, citizens ; sinister or tragic roles—a request of Xenia, one of these mornings | which only confirmed the Warner you will awaken to find that the | Brothers' conviction that Hugh mau who'tried to tell you things wftg a „ comical fellow indeed, which would sive you opportunity ....... j for proper reflection and regula- H * ^ as * ried bein * taciturn and lion of your conduct was not far j dour in public, hut people would afield. What then?" j go into guffaws just looking at ..' Dr. Stough spoke upon "Have we i ^im. These days, while not at Inaugurated Our Last President?" thg 5tudios _ lie * is pract ically a re- BROADWAY RAIDING HOLLYWOOD NOW IN HUNT FOR CHORINES Harlow Unhappy — But Fans Are Not; Does Not Like New Part a revival of "Penrod and Sam." He ought to like the Tarkington piece; it will give him a chance to have a regular kid haircut. • • * Cecil B. DeMifle likes a clay pipe better than a briar. When he drops a clay pipe, he doesn't hav e to pick it up. Romance Department PUBLIC SCHOOLS »ST END NEWS TEACH DRIVING By PAUL HARRISON HOLLYWOOD. Aug. 31.—Short takes: Distance seems to lend en-1 ^7^; Coring, and .maybe talk- chantment .even to chorus girls ! j Qver the coincidence that will Paramount is scouting for them in j take b th f lhem t(J New York. RKO is looking for • cuties in Europe. HARRISBURG, Pa.—'Rapid pro- | gress has been made in develop- < ment of courses of study for auto-; romance ucpan.mcn, drivers and pedestrians in! Robert Taylor, who was counting p] W1 J gchools< ^%n nlC Bl!LrSt 0 anw?fk ag a°'liSe S ^ highway .safety courses: ?oken of rubies and diamonds. . . >" ere ? nly rec j ntl >* ""reduced into Lilv Pons and Andre Kostelanetz! secondary schools following ie- will be married in Hollywood. ^ u f ts ^ this type of education Seen: Marv Pickford and Buddy ! Pubhc ^ruction Superintendent Lester K. Ade said. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Smith, of Cleveland, spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cosby, E. Third St. Mrs. Elliott Adams, of New York City, is also a guest at the Cosby home. The department of public in- Europe at j structlon is one of thirty-five state i about the same time. . . Dixie • departments of education provid- Dunibar in bangs. . . . Sonja Henie, jing instruction on safe automobile „ „ , made up at the studio with putty driving practices, sent London scouts to Hollywood, j elonga ti n g her snub little nose. Youth's adventurous spirit, ever And now Broadway has begun. Heard: Virile- old Francis X. increasing volume of automobile Bushman saying that he-stars are'casualties and increasing centrai- getting soft these days, what with;ization of population spurred es- stand-ins, valets, stooges, and sec- Uablishment of courses to meet retaries. Bushman starred in more | these conditions, Ade said. pictures than any other actor, Hv-j • ing or dead, but he never had a stand-in. Gaumont-British, however, has i j raiding talkietown for show-gal j i'material for the approaching '' theater season. Mack Millar flew to Hollywood to recruit an entire new chorus for New York's Hollywood Restau- At Lower Cost FIRE STORM AUTOMOBILE No Assessment STOCK and MUTUAL I. W. CLOUSE N. Detroit St. Xenia, O. nil cluse on his farm in the San Fer-; He pointed out that there are many indications we shall come to the end of another cycle this year. He nando Valley. But fan mail and | pointed out men like Roger Babson, 'press agents follow him even there, j the statistician, have said . they i * * * \ cannot see beyond 1936 and Henry j Too Much for Him i Morgenthau, father of the secre-j One woman wrote: "You re- j tary of the treasury, expressed his j mind me so much of my dear, late | alarm that last year would see a i husband . . . who died in a mental j fearful European, war. "The papers i hospital." j are now filled with frightening! Press agents write: "Herbert! news," he continued. "Stalin and:has the maddest house of all Hoi-; Mussolini are shaking their fists at ! lywoodsmen—electric chairs, wat- • each other. Germany, Austria, Italy ! er-squirting telephones, an Eskimo and smaller states are drawing, 'butler who knows only two Eng. closer together and it is entirely |lish words 'coossal and terrific possible that France may be forced'- • • A goldfish pond twelve fee to face with them a common enemy square is built into the floor of in Russia. This is almost inevitable the living room . . . Tne come- if it resolves itself throughout Eu- dian » developing a horticultural Ah, what recompense there is in being a clown among such beauties! It's Hugh Herbert, in c enter, thinking something of this sort, while posing with the girls during a recent picture. • i A few disgruntled performers have accused Mr. Herbert of mugging, 'but even they admit that he can't help having a that. "God gave me a homely face," says the actor, "but stretching it was my own idea." NEXT: Eddie Cantor. you are facing war? The Kane of d h ^ hurled at him; in _ j our fcavy has been fired upon. Can Hugh Herbert, who help being funny. 'into pictures. Since then he has ; been very busy. I * * * 'Steals" Scenes OLDFIELD GETS NO, 711 AGAIN FORT WORTH, Tex.—Barney Oldfield, noted old-time race driver and official "greeter" at the Fort Worth Frontier Centennial, | has had one wish fulfilled since coming to Texas—he's No. "711." Oldfield was asked by State — ' [Highway Patrol Chief L. G. Phares just can't; ivhat number driver's " license- Actors and actresses like to hav e i happened. _ An | he wanted, in recognition of his i safety work. j "No. 711," replied Oldfield. j Oldfield incidentally told Texas friends that the inevitable has Oklahoma officer the side of the supposedly was think" you are was the re- . ...... ....effectually he points out that most ! i 1]n p"h"wirh'Herbert or to clav Din"- '' signaled him to we stay neutral? \\ ill our sons, will • * ,. „•_„„. ~ Mrc havp hppn ; witn.tieioeii.oL w pid/v ym ^-hpti ho WP seam rlnn The Khaki to' ure ; numerous .»ears ha^e been ble Wlth h]m on the set< or lo bei load *nen ne r^^^n'r' i devoted to serious things. Senous ia guest at the Herberts' ranch! driving too fast. sene oui ndiion. —haw! i hnmp which really i^n't full of i 'Who do you r, ^SJh^tV 1 ! 6 o^T? Rfd'e' I * * * ! trapdoor a h nd co laps?be firni- B rowled the officer. Dr. Stough speaks upon The Rider ; Born with That Face . . £ j .. Barney Oldfield." on the White Horse," or what the i He was boru in Xe w York City | But thev . <j on - t ]ike to work; ply. And he proved it. closing days of 1936 may bring. j and generally was considered a" w | th him _' The reason is that Her . |very funny little b'oy. mostly on ; ben stea ] s sce nes. 'account of his face. One of his | Xot intentionally, maybe, but i earliest recollections is the look of ' hg stea i s them. It's that fact, and i furious resentment that spread the lh j ngs he does with his hands, over his father's countenance . Whi]e otlier players ar e reciting .when somebody opined that little i per tinent dialog, audiences are de- jHughie looked just like his papa. ; votillg t h e j r attention to Mr. Her! There was another time when ^ert. Jan acidulaus old aunt 'declared, He never has turned down a •that Hugh closely resembled a cu-' role because of a paucity of lines. J , . , cumber. The boy studied himself tut considers his parts" only for , charge Monday in municipal court. 'in a mirror, and amended the ver- tbeir opportunities for pantomime.' Joe Miller, 61. Blossburg, Pa-.. Mrs. Kathryn. Yeakley. wife of' diet by reminding his aunt that; H(? pavg no attention to scripts, glass worker, was arrested on a Elmer Yeakley, 245 Chestnut St..'no cumucber ever was cursed ! 3^.^.^* "but throws them away vagrancy charge and ordered by suffered a fracture of the left col- with golden curls. i immediately and plays his roles as police to leave the city, after a lar bone and bruises when the auto- ; Thereafter he'd stand before the j ie .^in^g they should be played.' complaint he "was begging, mobile in which she was a passen- mirror and practice for hours try- . ,, .....' HAS COLLAR BONE BROKEN IN CRASH •Auto Sideswipes R a i ] MUNICIPAL COURT FINE SUSPENDED Robert Cross, 53, colored, Park St., won suspension of a fine of SlO and costs on an intoxication Identified "This is Zukor," said Adolph Zukor, on the telephone. "Cukor?" asked the man at the other end of the wire. "How're ya, George?'' "No, Zukor! A B C D E F G HIJKLMNOPQRSTU V W X Y Z—Z for Zukor." "Oh." said the man. "You mean Z Y X W V U T S R Q P ONMLKJIHGFEDCB A—A for Adoplh?'' ran't. One of the eye-fillers he approached at a ta'ble at the Trocadero the other night seemed flattered, but said no, thanks, she had a job. It was Betty Furness! Sports. Notes: Most of the flicker people seem to have taken up bowling Robert Montgomery and Ralph Forbes off to the Santa Cruz islands to bang away at wild pigs. . . . Slim Surnmerville casts in the surf 11 months each year without | catching much cf anything, but in ! happy anticipation of the run of a fish called the croaker Croakers are running now but Slim, has to be at the studio from dawn | to dusk. He hasn't baited a hook! All Out of Step Jean Harlow, according to the | Sally Rand couldn't net a job in Hollywood before she thought of fans and bubbles. Now she's coming back' to star in "September Morn." * * * Mary Brian goes to London to oplnr 0- ns"of'''aimosT"eve"ryone but | star again in a Chariot's Revue. herself, was miscast in "Suzy", I Sings and dances. Hollywood never wasted on a quiet, tearful dramatic ! ^as permitted her to tap a single role. And now that she's back in step or warble a single note. a typical Harlow part in "Libeled • Lady," which should please her! fans, she's unhappy. j Martha Raye, the mugging co-j medienne, has everybody at Para-; mount in stitches, so they've sewed j her up for a p-art in every possible i picture. First was "Rhythm on j the Range"; currently she's in! "The Big Broadcast." and next! she has five straight assignments j —the longest planned schedule for any performer in Hollywood. New Prodigy Another new star: Billy Mauch. whose portrayal of Anthony Ad- j verse as a boy set the studic to j writing a contract. He has a twin \ brother, Bo»yby. and they'll be cast i together in "The Prince and the j Pauper." • j Then Billy will have the lead in ; AUTOMOBILE LOANS and refinance with smaller payments at new low rates. Compare before borrowing 1 . American Loan & REALTY CO. 11 Steele Bldg. Xenia RENT RECEIPTS YOUR NEXT 10 YEARS' Rent Money Will Buy... A NICE BIG STACK OF RENT RECEIPTS OR A HOME OF YOUR OWN THOSE WHO THE HOME SHOULD COME IN NOW TALK IT OVER. | A HOME OF YOUR OWN] HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATION 4-6 N. Detroit St. Phone 33 ger side-swiped the side of the 'ing to contort his face into resem- 1 Pennsylvania Railroad underpass .blance to that of an ordinary per- 1 on the Springfield Pike, north of .son. The only result was a mo-' Xenia>_Saturday night. 'bility of expression that made him ; Other occupants of the automo- look even funnier. j bile, who were Hayden Davis, • For his first job in the enter- : Xenia, driver. Mrs. Davis and Mr. tainment business. Herbert hid ; Yeakley are said to have received behind a movie screen and spoke i only minor bruises the lines of all male characters in j Mrs. Yeakley. at first believing < the earliest "talking pictures A | her injuries to be minor, did not stock comDanv manager lured him ; seek medical attention until Sun- i out into tne ]i & 1 an<a £ ave him a day when she was treated at the J° b as an act OT. ^ offices of Dr. C- G- McPherson and an x-ray examination disclosed the fracture ' Straight Man at First I He had many serious roles, and ; for years was seen on major . vaudeville circuits as ft pathetic; old Hebrew*. Also, he directed a! few nlays and wrote scores of vau- i deville skits. j \Y?u-ner Brothers hired him rp a director and writer, and he penned the first all-talking feature picture ever produced. That ,, , , , , , , was "The Lights of Xew York," • suffered head and face lacerations which sta rted"as a short, hut was ^ when his auto left the Dayton-; ex . panded to full , PnRt h. Herbert Xema Pike, landing in a ditch near also wrote » The Grear Qabbo," the Greene County line, about 6:30. which Yon Stroheim directed. ! & .m. Sunday. : He acted sometimes, mostly a« : Before the arrival of investigat-'an accommodation, find in small; Ing officers from the Greene Coun- parts. But his success was some-- ty sheriff's office the injured mo- thing loss than sensational until' torist had been removed to Mi- Joan Rlondell opened the hotel ami Valley Hospital at Dayton for room door in "Ooodbve Again," treatment. 'and let A new funny-faced zany AUTOIST HURT WHEN CAR LEAVES ROAD Mark Haines, L'niontown. Pa.. SALE OF BUSINESS PROPERTY SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 5th, 1936 W^est Door of Court House The Hicks property consisting of about 40 ft. frontage on the east side of North Whiteman Street, between Main and Market Streets in Xenia, 0., will be offered for sale at west door of Court House, in partition proceedings. Case No. 21023, C. P. Court. Appraised at 81400.00. Cannot be sold for less than two-thirds of said appraisal. Marcus Shoup, Atty., Xenia, Ohio. MONTGOMERY COUNTY FAIR DAYTON, OHIO SEPT. 7th (Labor Day), 8th, 9th, 10th Four Big Days THE LARGEST DAY AND NIGHT FAIR IN OHIO HORSE RACING DAY and NIGHT LARGE EXHIBITS IN ALL DEPARTMENTS 6 BIG FREE ACTS BAND CONCERTS FREE — 2 Xew Automobiles— 5 Cylinder Ford coach, 6 cylinder Chevrolet coach. Living room furniture, Frigidaire. electric radios, electric washer and many other valuable prizes giver, axv«.y free during the Fair. A drawing of prizes each night. ADMISSION 25c All children under 12 years accompanied by parents a-dmitted trw any day or night to grounds. H. 1* Michael, Fre«. H.. C. Haines, Secretary TMcedfrTtt VoutPutje Big Selection From Which To Choose . .. $525 $475 $395 $425 $385 ;. $195 $225 $125 USED TRUCKS BLUE SUNOC rfflTOR rUEl guesses 2—1935 FORD DELUXE FORDORS—each 2—1935 FORD STANDARD TUDORS—each 1934 CHEVROLET SPORT ROADSTER 11.000 miles—one owner 2—1934 FORD DELUXE COUPES—each 1933 FORD DELUXE TUDOR Xew paint—new • tires. 1931 FORD COUPE With radio 1930 PLYMOUTH 4-DOOR SEDAJS* 1929 CHEVROLET CABRIOLET -0 1935 CHEVROLET 157 3n Wheelbase—dual wheels, 10 ply tires. 1932 REO CHASSIS $235 1(>3 in. Wheelbase 1931 CHEVROLET DUMP TRUCK $185 1930 CHEVROLET STAKE TRUCK $95 157 In. Wheelbase 1930 WHIPPET PANEL $85 BRYANT MOTOR SALES Cor. Markfet & Whiteman Sts. Xenia, 0. ONLY ONE BLUE SUNOCO ac& l . . CLCUL Unfailing top performance at regular gas price.. * no need more c o. think twice before you pay less! ii against any gasoline for UNO

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