The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 23, 1933 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 23, 1933
Page 7
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MONDAY, OCTOBER 23, 1933 BLYTHEVILLB, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION iiiifc for contccu- Daily rate )i«j live Insertions: (five, average words lo a One, time per line Two-times per line |>er day •Inrce" tunes per lino per day bix tUncs per line per day . Month rate per line Minimum charge 50c line) .. lOc .. Oiic .. OSo ... DJC .. 60c W A L L I 5 A P E 11 t.i:.!- i i-.:i low 5LOO J.OU) ro,1s UH . , '. -TIIS at Oc Id'H MAYJ-LOViiu-. .iftyiltl-i'lo - (> -' 1C. C. KOUlNbU.N LUMtltU to COAL & WOOD ,11 id Slpsy7.Arli.iusu!> Anl&acite 'ICpnlnrbv C.(ll\£? ' Ails ordered for three or six times and stopped before expira- ixin vlll be cliarge<'. tor ihe nuin- ter of times ll-e ad appeared and adjustment of bill made. All 1 Classified Advertising copy sul milled by persons residing out- Bid-; of the city musi be accom- 1 iinled by cash. Rates limy be easily com put ec. Irom above (able. Ho ' responsibility will be taken for more tliun one interred in- seUion-of any classified ad. Ad've'rtlsing crdered [or irregular insertions taKe llie one tune rate,." Before you buy Coal—You can i.ive money. Phone I'iS, Corner Rallrcnd and AUi Sis. Barlnlck's 1 Coal Yard. i!9c klO-w We are ticiiuiii- ~~ !L ' tail I hone 471 -. • Wondtr City Coa} •. ••- ..PHONE 3S»7;; .V?:'ifr-" "Our Coal is Black Bui We Treat You White." 9c kl -Phone 306 or KOR SALE AUSTIN COUPE. iKi'fect running condition, o. M. Morgan, phone 293-J. i3ck27 MULBERRY aad CATALI'A :i V&9 Lake Slreel. 21 __ sS DlRliCiOlOfJ NtM- anrt Used Furniture '" i Dong hi and Sold BWi'cs repaired—Any make Alrtn.Kardy 51) W. Ash. Shook" Bamey Scores A ,1 T7- Another Kayo New U$e Found for Famous Phototube In Die M* 5W'OMiiech-|atjlllly,U),(oU9iy^ui<:kly,wid » device recently perfected ratcly a prescribed ' path d Jlisutute of Tecli- ..v.« r y. This device Includes unipng A its iwsslblc np|)llctitlon5 the tulo 011 u chart. i'XPEUT Typewriting and Adding Machine Repairing. U. S. Blunk- enPllip. UG E. ROK. Call lii5-J. 2)ckll-21 Roistered Spencer Corsetierc Mrs. J. J. Uavi: Phone «' 20o klO.-^ Come in. list your real fsl-ite Sre what we have fn wll t. M. Tcrrv Llcensfd Dealor, Tern-Worthinstor Title Co. Jpseptfo. GfegSrevic. -19, of New York, nnc a li'ie scheme-to coyer.i •'up tliji problem "''of, S5 .which he bcrrowecl from, his; father's grocery'; charge account. He'would have Ills'best frieml. LouLs Zele'likn, woiiml. him in a fake hold-up and thus bring him sympathy instead of CTsrire. j Louts Zclenka shot. The bullet drilled Joe's i-host ami killed him. j And here Zclcnka. center, tells Detective Augiif! GUlnuin. how, trying to rtq Gregorovii; "a favor, 1 his ."hand mnstu shook", FUKNlTUIlt; New and I'sed ). Dcdson 301 E. FOR SAl.l^-40 acres eood 'and act joinine No. 0 Plantation, $15 rie. Terms. OR SALL — Pretty coltafie on Kentucky. 5 rooms and hath, $800 Quick sale. ', , THOMAS LAND COMPANY RtfuSu W«l|W»» pl T"f*-~*"S -I MONTREAL • (W)-Wel$hlnOrj V ' C AMHK1UQE. MflNS. (UP) — <» IIQ i-nwojun; f\m;*iv(*v+viio **»\- ^M»"~ sw u-o hM bten (oimd for Hiss mnt'c. steering and aUbllltatlon of. MONTREAL- (UP) -Waning, OQ>, phototube already of service in nrcrafl, Ihc gyroscopic stabilization all school children at KBular 7 inr.*;- such varied tasks as turning on a unit steering of ships, the operation lervuls as 'a means of-preventing"-/, drinking fountain and nniilyzlng of recording Instruments, and the disease nnd. keeping track.. 0^5 the color response of doll), pnper automatic control ol certain Indus- health conditions will shortly..bc,~£ and translucent liquids. - trlnl The device per- undertaken by the catholic School-^,; The pliololubo Is the controlline forms'thcec Junctions tlirougli I Is Com mission here. ' ."..',"•>/} E- W4CW TVC r/iWOR IS ^IN" IN Trf HOUSE, S' TO GIVE US Tl-V BECAUSE HE OWES »JS rAONEV 2 WE GOT IJ HOT fcN" LEVEL THACT U£S LONDBD WIT I ''t'^f "~ * f.\ TJWFALO TO 6NORT •&$ \, |?V OUT HERE WITH rAV In ' L. G. MOSS Blythevlllc's Cut Rate Undertaker \Yagon and Trucli Covers m^Uc to order, any size, 3'4"xl2' S4.10 up, O'fxl? 55.BO op. Carney AwninK Co. 113 S. First St. Blylhcvlllc, Ark CLEANERS, TAILORS _j—i -^ ^ '", r'or Quality Clcarttog :••?•- rnono 180 ,vr> •£ ''• Barnes KuV/a CleUicrsj* FOR REN'T %wmi!l 'Inventor Leaves Woods for City PORTLAND. Ore. tUP)—Andre 'to -Mexico for' his mechanical eeiir ; jus but IHtic financial reward --« ^ %A«T%?. A romance that began when, they met by dmnco hi u Clil-' i-ngo pliysiclati's office will bo i-liuniml by tlic weQiliiis ot Joan Abbott, nbovc. ol siaso tamo, uml Barney ROM, bolnw, chnm- Iilun llglilwolylit pugilist—It ro parts sinned by tliclr friends • ait-true. Nellljer Boss nor Mies i Abbott- will conllrm or deny llio UNFURNISHED Four Iloom Apartment. Call 327 day—65. night. Mp Mb ^•v°mlll" his left the woods and' The remarkable '.physical condl- mil'bvof Ihc Coos Bay area and '.ion of the sawmill 'wizard." ho 'come'to spend llie'rcst of his days';Kiyi. is auc solely to :i was-: prod"•M tfi'c citv •"• •"' ' ' wet .of u mill. ..'.-,. ' ' •/• ra-j.irt. "oagnon"'w, invented Ihc Gas- : "You have never seen a bald- nou band gang saw. l\ie steam i headed sawmill man," he declared, ciuitev and a bull-chain retainer or •. "Hint is because of Ihe sawdust-.- ,"'"". .. du'ch He is mown from Norway 1 .it is a wonderful preservative." Read Coarser News Want Ads. !WO Unfurnrfhed Rooms near town. Call lOP.n, Miss Minnie Lc. Jones. 2 °P k2b W. "BEEN WKVCWV1 JERUT, VRONl AN' BACK, AU V WE WNT OUT, UNLESS Wt IN A LfcUMORY -I OCTT THKT TELL YOU IrA' THE ' HE OWES ME '.v E6AT5 -VfA SAFE.WnHOUl (VW MOUSTACHEl HOOTS' AND~HKRluJ DDI ICS SKEING IS HBLIEVING! "Marti* \'t'vembcr 1st. 5 room house with heat South 10th St. Telephones i7nd 511. .•. ' cMii ^';il Pays w.Lwk/.NiccI Scjirt Your \\'oc'err-Brfcses ilttnitiuo CU-:'.ntnc Service "F Phone m •;: DRKSSMAKINO . .... __ \1. de'rb. 3 robni fnraUStd or i un- turniaicd" apirtments.inewls -df c-^ rated; -'oven; K'rby Diiig' Co:- Alsfc tcrc.l-'"bui'idin? adjoining : Roxs ciicafrc. F.'^linon, KJT'W. , -Davis frr7GJ. ^-.VS'V/ ' 2TcWO-a- MALK HELP WANTED GCOO WB*\«O, C?r-.\- r- m r Jw'- ' :^ ! ?£$ ' B'liWING, Alternations, Very Rea- fonable. Miss Louise Crane, PUOUL 86. 2Zc_klO-2i '. AUTOMOTIVE .MAN WANTED—Supply customers with fammis '.Vatkins Frodi;ct: .11 Blyihcvillc. Business ebtablish- ;(!. earnings average S25 weekly, • ay starts immediately. Write J. Watkins Company. 70-90 W. a Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 23p k2i Auto Glass All Kinds Installed The Aik-Slo Lumber Co. WRECKER SERVICE Call us when you need a wrecker, Day and Night Service. Call 633 Shouie-LUHe Crtvrolct Co. ' AUTO GLASS IXSTALLLD We install glass in your car white yon wait. Call us for better f,cr vice. Phone 633. : Shuusu-Liltlc Chevrolet Co. lOckll-1 i all SOS—Reel's Place 118E. For Auto Painting Body and Fender Service Vorrnerlv with Sliousc-Little Co. 2Cc klO-2 TAKGKST r ~SK)rK USED 1'AKT Bclween Mcnphis and St. Lou AUo Auto C^lass -- Phone GO JACKSOX ALTO I'AKTS CO. 2c kll- Prtparc Vour Car fur Winter U'ilUril BallcriM-Evprcady rrcslnn Atvic. Itcuwrs - A. <:. Spark I'liig Ht'BBARD HARIMVAUK CO. '• ' Automotive Dcpt. Day' & Niplit Service Station Complete Line Shell Products llcpair Work at Any Time . t Milton SlcrnbL'i'i; i Phone \< ?Wf I x^Hs^iri \VASif TI r {"'S "EASY MAKES A STIUKK, TOO: «y Cran ,;,\1,I',SMRN WANTED MEN with cart free to travel to tlo pleasant outdoor work, aiary SUJ50 p;r week, plus lib:al commit'MO.i daily. Must have- elereuces See R. W. Btaly, Gon ioiel. WedHCific:--, 0 A. M- 3 P. M STRAYED •Strayed—Binck -i'bland China pig. vcii>hi about 100 Ibs. Regard. No:iff-. Haymond' Stringer. Phone 2V9. ,-•••'. ;• " 21 P 1|C 25 LOST Boston terrier, brindle. t'erfer' n:arking. 10 mor.llis o'.d male. Reward lor return to Hotel NoWr. 23ck26 "PERSONAL Fines Cleaned, rcpsired, inspected Work guaranteed. W. W. BOOK- 31-. Call 100. !3p kit-IB LEGAL NOTICES -i— BATTEEiiKS 'Battery & Radiator Service \Ve guarantee you better battery or radiator work for les* money. Any. make radialcr repaired or re- cored. Get our prices on new and rebuilt batteries. Call 633. Shousc-LUltc Chevrolet Co. lOckii-iu WAUXIXC: IN THE CHANCKRy COURT OF CIIIUKASAV/HA UlSTIltCT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS. Federal Laiul Hank o[ Kt. Louis, r corpyraliun. PhtMiUM, vs. Nl). 55C4 19c kll-19| Harry Taylor, ct. al. I3:fcndanl.-. Tlic defendants Andrew HarrL... Ion and Mrs. Andrew Hsrrir.gtnn arc wauica tc apiicar within tlilrt days ir. Hie court nanitxl in th citption hereof and answer Ir. coniplalui of IVc pl.iiulilt fadcra Land Bank ol SU Louis. Datctljthit 1C day of October, 1933 " ' li. L. GA1NES. Clerk. O.'i-.u- tt-nd;rr. Ally. A;<-L',tcm. New Ford Tialleries Kcnlal-Kccharfirf-Kcpairine Til Ti;iE & HATTERY STATION 25c klO-25 For I'rompl Battery Service riioiic 8 Hen Clunc 2ckll-2 uo(;s, PETS I'or Healthy Dozs feed .Miller's Kation A; Ouick Lum-Ji l!AU))«\VliK ^CO. llckll-ll (joons You ^ill find a romnlele line nf Mi\V MODKL BICYCI.KS .it Uubbard Hardware Company. 25-Ycar-Old Bank Bombing Is Fata wow? JUST LOOK! ft STRUCK HERE,TOa I'VE MORE GOLD.-- FOR -ffl'LO MIKE, COME DOWM B4 OBOV! t GoTTft -TELL EftSV. tlPGWL WF. SHE CAM'I A CLAIM R\ai:T i'."];; . "l . ". RICH. THIS OtSTRia S CHUCK FUUft T 1 STUFF. SAM STRETCHES o'rtOM, cup\p.t_e."f! .... . UP 1 . PULL. J oooc AM' HARD' ) ftltJ'T P. RliSBEP "tHPiT t (".C.K& IT CUT"? BY BLOSSEI .NO%L!ST6M J C5:--,SH.,,v;E ViotJ TUE-WlLFO '' AMC> Vou SCOSED At-ilT^e PO WAT'. -BUT V/E'-SHOLILP HAVE WORE TOOCHDOVIUS V.'E I'HILAUKLI'HIA. iUPi -Honib , \j ot n Inr.k en Jati. :"). 1EKJ7, uas ..b]K)nsiblc for the death here recently ol Clmle., J- Summers. 50. He was a teller in the Pourlb Street National v',cn a <| r . nichlcci'man, .sccknij: a S^GOI loan, I'.ii'rfcdVnUrcglym'inc'Jwmb at llje c:..s1iic?.s cage. The banS cashier, a negro por'.rr an;l Ihe bomb thrower were ktlU-il in Ihe bla^t. For 10 years. Summers suffered ficin a "nervous breakdown and piuce that time p.iral^is l:ad co-.i- lilm to,bed" -^- • . 9EC*USe VoU DiDSJT LET TUB OTM6R «X» BALL CWQ'ERS 6HWU IN LUGCIMG Tl'E PISSKl!>l.'...ydU D:DWT //w<e USE OF IJUWEROUS PLAYS THAT V.'E'VE AW/AY5 OEPcMDED UPO)4=LAsr VEAR VIE HAD SEVEPAU STARS-.-ASlD WE ST1LU V.Wi 'EWi GIVE THE OTVER FEU.OVJS A CHAHCE, CPASH.»THATS \\ J MILE effort by iHc M cani« to .idvtttc i ' llis tall at aH roslJ is coraowht'c. ra»lr| is one means wnkk dran pl»)Ci jHi'jU Crjvtng is Iccnn.-olly <3fSr«J as M JiK»pt playct u ii.,'r.n^ \.*\*i »ilK jomc r*1 d kis tod/ . .cifel. lib not only 3ltp) dt-i^rouJ. Or« a iovnci f!>yct al-. leirplJ lo tnvi, ht in^cs i i'3c-if. lamuiycim, iwltidofpciwiijinjiHcai: . !K puls ll^e pciisltr w iSe fil»)n<,cauwi? tfw " nip, t«au« ht is iHuWc io Ke itwt tkf r.- .pemwl of rules *is uiwl ty a ca*lct. • Slckk J-.oil rJAjn cr»i-&-.f, wi'ow Weon liic f/oKx), > pmVm i>h«J> mikti ^ __|f5T*yjoyrccj. w t t - - - ' ';";--?^/

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