The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 8, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 8, 1935
Page 6
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FACE SJ>.- Teny 's Team Knocks the Bool cry Otil of Tie in Cage League. Twin East Bool<>ry Fiislhnrr Tonj HIHV Tlit-.v I'h Citv n.iskelliall By Harry Gray son I W 1, 7 2 K Sometimes a nghlcr, ilnwil l>y n punch, recovers his senses with another. irwu'd Uiiivmlty Ir.irlJIiun re<l .such 11 blov.- when IXcl: llni-- . bird lover ami uinsK'r bulkier of foothill learns, v.-us brought from l!ii! byways of Dls-tlmc 'fooLtall, Wi'.-.lsvn Marylund, LO C:iml>ridv,e a;>, coach of the Crimson varsity. 1 Tlie iturvtinl 1/uniiooil veil' ' ramnlet-::]! tatty wiih nn attack 01 j Hai'low's nt'itrtss lor Ihc past, nnd 77fl °" At - llU ' ll <- I"i'«:lor Hill Blngljuui •""' for scleelinii liLn. Maybe the Jam- ixwii nnd in; tnirlltkm-ciimisteil 'K ot the broad "n" have rerclv _BLynravn..r.ii!, am.) cormiran HICKEY LIKELf TO IHE KIRS Fast Arkamr.s Builders Simply won the championship of llm city BoskelMll Lcasjiin last niijhi in thi; final scs Ion of Hie .season by wln- nhig ovtr the Pastime Billliiril I'ar- lor entry wlillc Roland's Jiootery. which had running on oven of a Terry Service Sla- , u , xt ll(fc) . ,„ „,„.— ,Why not? terms Mith the nulldcrs,"fell befor: tile 'itt a <t or a Torn- Servic! lion "-quad that reached ihe of its play in last night's game. The Bulkier: trounced the Pas- lime ere*-, 37 to 23. Terry's learn turned jn an unexpected iipsti in knocking the Bootei-y quint out of ••(- tie for first place honors. The .service station boys, who have been threatening to go places nil season, finally got there last ni»hi anil with their arrival il was ton bad for KO- stepiKrs. The. score vr.s 30 'An all-star league team was chosen by managers and officials in the close of last night's games. The .team, as selected, would-line up as follows: Burroughs. Terry, forward; Wilson. East Arkansas, vforwartl; "Bell. EasC Arkansas, center; Holland, East Arkansas, guard; McAfee, liootery, guard; honorable mention. cd (!mt• fomperiMitliiH btoiv tlml restore thcii sense ol |irri]wrt[oiV with the recent decision of Edward 1*. Casey, ilwlr ranioiis All-America Bridie, to Juin the professionals. Caw.') 1 , n famous nnd loynl Harvard mini, has signed- as coach of the Boslon Redskins, of the National Pool ball Ijeaeuc. He not only nas become a pro, but right land's 1015. Mullins. Pnsllnic; Banics, I'n.sllmc; Wan'ington, Bootci-y. •Both the Bootery and rastimc were fortified, by the addition of high school stars for their final' countryside. SRmes lust nljlu but (hey last ji.-si TJic cniiu ttie same. The Pastime had Koch-! customer! (< Professional football has c'ilalj- iislicd i!.s»ir as a loRitlmnlc venture, and has won u place in tlio American .spnrt life. The- professional promoters p;i y ii, c i r players, and the pay is far .ion-ire honestly rendered. < BP Started an KM 1'ayment and football crate on .some collegiate care. It still does although the world has Jonj; parsed the time u-hen It, c-ould accc-])t'with- out a i;rln the ineltKlrumatic, "I'd die for dear old i<ulgers." Colleges have lonjr')>aid jncnlors for coaching theii- teams, and the better the coach nnd (he more successful, the higher his salary. Hut ivhr-n Red Grunge, in I92f>, stepped from the Ohio State stadium in Columbus, after playiiif his 'last Buinc for the University of Illinois Rotations Bolwnen Btisi- ncss JVlannger nnd Prcsi- danl Nol Pleasant. n'liis K Ihe lust .if :i series 0 |- artlr-les on The Smartest Alan In llaseball—|)r;uirli nil-key, Ihe i,r.ihi '.""is L'iinllniils-.) HV II.MtltV CHAVSO.V S|ior(s Keillor, XI;A ScruVe Ilrnncii Kiekey, the smartest man in ba.sebnjl, .sold most of his- slo e fin the St. ij,uts (Ordinal oivam- '-iilion lusl Hill. Rickey's old friend, .s'cont l'--y BiiiTett. Addled, most of liis •• 'm. Rickey advised Clene Karst, his young public rein (ions diun.>x>). to ncccpt a similar ixishion with Ihi ' nu-ijniati rjeils. Rickey lx;li,.raj []mt Die club iv.i for a 320 mark m 131 Amerlcnn Afscclnttan games last yonr And .v> wo find [hat the far-mintr «i>t'd farm system Is bf-arlng fruit for another .sen.son. |>sp)t<. |j,- p [neti tlml the Cards were Kood enough tn win Hie world scries last year ioktails of Ihelr fni-n, }tr ^ ore boliiif .shipped into llradej.ton o slieniithen it team iicknowledued ' > credit v - "">" truly bis mark on tlie I ii,, u" 01 ! 'V" 1 "*- lic ' s l b"lihid th.. ehaln «ai, K _nni the smartest man In baseball is will miss him If he. choows sever his connections V ;ben Ill's (OJHruct RXfiln-s nfu-r two years. .' Carutliersville Track j Practice Begins Monday CAKUTHK1WV1IJ.K, Mo.- Coach •lack flopke loday anrioiinced Omt tm,.k practice would begin , 1C1 . C ,„ , Monday. ij ( . f . xp;Hs , l)>mll . ™ < Ida -., to answer the first eall for ""• t'^ck and field toam.s. dual track meet is belli" ar- ranged be.hiwii the teams of this city and Kcnnetl, Hopke annoime- ed The meet will )„, helrl here on 1'ilctay aflernoon, later on" Mils mrmiii or early next month. FRIDAY, ;\i,\Rcir «, mi SUNDAY, MARCH 10 One Day Only, Continuous Matinee and Night Ooor* Open at /;.?« _ Show-Starts at 1:4!> RUCHANAN Wood & Coal :<> Ire sold 10 bnv Wentu, okla- ~ w»»n,jo**i p r yi III'IKJiS. Into the ranks or Hie pros, n storm of protest went , a- liomn oil inlllionnire lie .says that last-minute hitch prc,i'cnt«l the c. nnd that it wns no fault. n f "Is. lie engineered lh(! deal. Rickey doesn't deny that he wants o «<.'l out of St. 1,0,,:.,, but Ilis ,, 01) - nici. with President Samuel Urea ion has two years to run. ( 1 suspect that (heir relnilonshln •»'U fis pleasniu ns it once was H, declines to discuss this' n 'lie Cardinals retried finest 'ot ilieh- "\ n fo ' In Stars Cam I'rom 1'arms lo (lie i)((elili!jr slnii "e elub to the Nn- rj; iinUl flic IJniltlcrs; ito snort—nt luif two men to guarding him aii;l bottled htm up after' lie had accounted for 9 points in the open- iiiff'quai-lcr. Purile joined (lie Boot- ciy but couldn't Jerk (hem out () f the kinks the way Terry's a-^re- gfltion was playing ball. The Builders were minus Ihc .services of Ball, their regular center, an all-star selection, last night but Dick Potter filled the hero Vole in ;v graceful manner. Potter made ns many points as the entire Pastime learn, 23 to be exact. Potter w jis unquestionably hot, and his loam- mates fed the ball to him consist' T1 " ikler3 le " 18 lo I5 lo tln-oiurh (lie 'lonnl Lengiic nnd sl "l>s last full, R | ckcy haV'^V J-o'ing Ditchers, n , ly mu . of \ vhom more 0 '° S ° W Cw $2() ' n(10 °" con.nonp.aee-an,,';;^ ^^'^'l^"^ 'S, ^ "r^S^ 0 '" 011 KM ^' »» In iirldUlon to tliem. tile Cnrdl S.. ' nvc ™ L M » lu '«. «'l'»m nicke- col- cent ot tile, pro irtuyors'iu-c' lejje men \vlso Jiave elo-sed then- enllegiate careers, The sentimeiiL of Hie public lins chauBMl. it tnkcs il for Bral itcd now thai, ex-college stars, secklns Ict'ltunntc employment, turn lo the profcsslonm Held. Ai)d. .slmltilrly sa hns ssntimcnl. clmiiecd In Hie matter of sraduale conclilttg, Harvard I.asl fo Full The oricc Big Three, Harvard, Vale, nnci Princeton, were Hie last Hiirloi) Service Sla. AJIK. .^rO. STA'fK l,IN'r.; Super Shell Gas al Missouri Frances' Sandwich Shop in connection. ' n»oss MISSISSIPPI ItlVKR VIA All Weather lloail isliurltf:t route, (,> Itwifnot T.-ikc. I'ailueali, Ky., el,-. Take II. s. (it I'orlagevllle, Mo. HOUR 8KRV1CR THE SHOW OF SHOWS-2 HOPS OF VABDEWLLE FREE SHOW TICKETS two tickets to any Oiviiii free at tL_ 'lie of one ton of "" t ' li0Crkc i *" h J h " P'»-chase""oV i^n 01 A-CKL, ihe Worlr al. We give tlekcU Superior Coal & Mng. Co. IMiono 70fl cw "i &(. Louis livery. Charley Oelberi i.s back after Hvn-ycnr layoff, due lo a gimsh voun rt.b,,t fl ,c k(VJ , wh V n »-»i and Leo Dm-oeher will hnvc " , University of T 5 : ponmlcr from the lojiold out:' Princeton dually'gave" ' f pr^ ihe shirts for the swarthy Pilix Crlsler, aiid Houson r« 11 lo « « Ih ,-r? T',J d "," • " GrCa5y Nonl ° lulti ( "" <>»""• »s- 4frtli» th I a emled. i sistanis, xvho wet-e sisneii to do the : S St ,l, SCCmld 1?nlf Teriys,spnue work. Imrdlv lit into 1 P old defense tightened and the service picture. ' Ol(l j station bDys finally broke through i ""S,'! 111 !' )lilvc been-showing signs 0 ,['' 0 ! n °' al!d P»-*eri (lie Bootery Slm<ly mnrch to f<>ik ' d Now Harvard has capitulated, and will caiTy on wilh Harlow «tit that isn't all. Casey :i riar- vard man. who, according to trn- 'l join the pro ranks 14 jxiinUs, ably rl , , v lo.=sjd four field goals nnd "plav r, giJBd brand of defensive uorfc 'I'lfc -line-ups: . .' ESisfl'Ayk (37) Pos. F F C G O in tha n professloiml team. And the bullil- "' Ter- ; ings alonn the beloved Chnrlrs river still stand in nil' u,eir .'glory; as ESisti Ail Potttr 23 Webb" 4 Wilson 3 Holland 4 Gilbert 3 ; Bootery (15) Harris • Warring ton 7 Christian 4 Blnckard 1 Brooks Pos. P F C G G Pastimj; O3) : . Koeliler 1G Banies t Rylec Puckett 4 Blankenship 2 Terrj' (30) Northern '2 Burroughs H * '", i*i*;j| i;iurv, [ts if no rock-ribbed tradition had I ecu crumbled. ' ' • Which Is just Ihe polnl Nolh- ii'S-has, happened t o Jlnri-ard. Noth- ng. but an infusion of new nnd healthy Wood. • Basketball Still Rage at Caruthersville School CARUTKERSVlTZB, Mo. _ Pol.. lowing the rmnls in the buys' rilvi- Bishop 2 ' s,on or the high school class touraa- Torry 8 "lent, now undcrwav here in toll Baxter 4 boys and girls divi io, s % S3£fr cnk sister with the willow. Watch 'Tlii, Terry Moore' „ , A " 0| "7 Columbus rccruli t'ek 'I/ 0 : star "°»' by mctej' is Te • a 21-year-old oiitnelder n"?,rr,.H , ns Rickcy j ° k "«s n is tlml i,e can . t miet) |d(] irain his iKisitlon in center The youngster is a certain >~f oys team am j the . W{1 .. And a third gamc is also sehed- Icd, between Ihe faculty and tlv jvlnnn, K U0 y s team h, 1 the cl"', toinnnmeiu. Finals in the clr ounmmenl will be concluded Mo SALLY BLANE CHARLES SrARREII HARD1E ALBRIGHT WILLIAM FARNUM -"Save My Child'' Serial "Rusllcrs of Rod DOR" Mil Johnny Mack Jirowii OUH HERO'S THERE .' NOW, WHEN 9. H ' H °-'' WONT GET THINGS ALL SET A BtT TOO SOON' THAT'LL BE H1M,/V COMIN' RIGHT NOW.' NOTHI14 ' OFF THAT EVERY THING AIWT ALL RIGHT' WHOA, OINMY/ Last Time Today -2:00 - Idc & 25c -G:'I5 - lOc & 3Sc MAT, NITE H| . r|> g CHflfltES LAUGHTOH | ifMARY BOLflHD K I CHARLIE RUGGLES | i ZASU PITTS = ROXY .M.ilince — Friday, Saturday unit Sunday Only Friday & Saturday MAT. & NIGHT—10c -' 25c KXTRA! BXTIIA! HotlosL Special Ever 10 the Ptif)lie! NOT A NIOWS REKI,—inn AUTJIENTIC PIC'I'UKKS OP THE ACTUAL KI!,UN{; OF CLYDE BARROW AND BONNIE PABKER iNTIiMATB INTERVIKWS With their pals and officers «'lio citdec! their career. l'a.r«nioim( NnveKy Reel All St;ir Comedy Saturday Only MAT._ & NIGHT—10c - 25c The fastest train on earth in an epic race for life! •lONES JHE THRILL HUNTER with Dorothy Revier Directed by Geor 9 e B. Seiti £aF& A Co/umbia Picture m* 3 Serial: 2 Episodes "Rclm-n of Chiinilu" NnmJjers 3 nnd 4 Sunday - Mondaj This picture Just completed ; week's run In WARNER'S THEA TRE, Memphis. "Devil Dogs of the Air" wa "iiginally booked in the RITZ. bu Imvlng a chance to took THE HUGE MUSICAL ATTRACTIOS- 'THE CHICAGO FOLLIES", in th RITZ, this picture was transferred lo the ROXY. 'Dpi, DOGS OF THE AIR' with JAMES CAGJs'BY and PAT O'HKIKN With No Advance in I'riccs i lOc and 25c Roscoi' Ales Comedy Novelty Kfd '• OKOUftJTACf by the management to be the Biggest and Best Show evei Now I.Dc.ilcd al 101 Jforih Scconft ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON ' ""WARDS, Proprietor wH,,^. Audhlr Machlnes ,,„ ,. 1 iri,, R _ rar ( s _ Rnil)0n , ! NOTICE all molorfed . a," *- ' on ^° tV(1 - secure ami displav i- C - BEAVERS C ity CJerk REATURIINO CHES WILEY and his 10 BARBARIANS, FAMOUS ORPHIC™ A nnRrrrc r t f\r>-u'o f\T,n n ••••• ' lfvat -v\j£> \)i\\jn^,t)iKA uUKLUh COCHRAN'S Dancing Girls ANITA MEUTH, formerly with Zietrfelcl FRANK PEG JONES America's (\ t M • T TTT T \ AT™ T/-VAT- c ' ^ , "leatest Monipede Dancer i, U LL A JN U JOY, formerly with Earl Carroll's Vanif ip<? GINGER STOBACKER, An Acrobatic Dancer HIGH HEATH, Droll Comedian BERT SOUTHERNER, Boy with a Funny Face .FRANCIS STANFIELD, Toe Dancer MATTHEWS TWINS, Singing and Dancing BOBBY BEDFORD and other B roadway Stars EARNEY-NOLAND, Master of Ceremonies _^«0 17 LOVELY GIRLS IN LINE To lake care of this EXTRAORDINARY A""™ .^'^ToTT7iT~,7~V" T~I ' Theatre Mas (ransfcrrcd il.s Feature I'icltiro "OEVIF nnr<?ni,"rirp\im1 l l ., «^ ltK THEATRE. The Kit* SUNDAY PROGRAM WIL1, cJSsT «Si v f w° S9F FOLLIES, TWO HOURS OF MUSIC, DANC N 5, S Sr Wpnv CHICAGO seen or heard before. ^IAI.UM,, (.OMEDV, ns you've never Musical Comedy "Man of a 1000 Hits" Cartoon and Latest Paramount News Admission, Ineluciing Tax ~ Matinee Until Five, 25c & 55c; after that 55c to Everyone NO PASSES GOOD AT NlGH nr PERFORMANCE

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