The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 10, 1931 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 10, 1931
Page 8
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PAGU SIX In her Defense of Browns Frisco and Soldiers Clash; in Close Game; New Players Gel Good Start.! Three teams remained unbralpn through the second nitfht of play ; in the last hall race ot ihe Civ- Cage loop. Hubb.ird. Merchant? i;ml I Frisco comprise Die triuniplitiir. trio. A number of new players ; ed in league unifoims lost ri'.'f: , adding to interest in the nliilit".-j play. Several of the br.sketeevs ni:r';- • Impressive debuts in tlir-lr Inilia'' performances in the league. Tl:c Gas Hounds, first lial!, - plons. who received a selh.wk Issi week at t!ie hands of (lie Merchant 1 ;, came back strong last nlqhi , to beat tlic Hl-Jackers. The Mi-.-- j chants won over the Apts will:3u: ' this year," he started. "Mac and -I (L. O. McEvoy, vice president) loo}- a plane ride down into Texns la;-, year and I think we came up with some pretty good ball players. "Three youngsters who burned up the Texis League last summer arc on the roster. Irvine Burns, whi baited over .350, Is going to plav first base. MeUllo will be at second with Jim Levey at short. Levey's o Jewish boy and Burns Is a Boston Irishman. Ralph Kress is'going tc play third. Then I have res?rves Blue, O'Rourke and Stortt give u^ a complete secondary infield. "6tortl and Levey played together at second at Wichita Falls las'. Standings Hubbard Frisco Hl-Jackers — Gas Hounds .. Apes Company M. . DMe Fliers .. W. •t 2 ... 2 ... 1 ... 1 ... 0 ... 0 ... 0 L. 0 0 0 1 1 2 2 2 PC'.. 1.00(1 1.000 1.000 .500 .00; .000 .003 .000 KiHefer's Sf. Louis Blues Switch (o Cheerful Little Earful. BY WILLIAM BIlAUCHRIl during whic faithfully as served long and batteryinats! and ner of the Brownies- -n team with glaring weak. spots that could not I e changed. It was a learn that lacked run- pat on- pltcher/i, • but . to do about it. Bill strength. There was just n ters worse, several were Indifferent Bill Killefer had much trouble. Hubbard swept over tho Dixie Fliers, gaining rcvciv;:! for a first half defeat. In the final game the Frisco kept its slate clean „ ,,„„, by emerging victorious in a nip and Btuotall rnmimrgns have como • BPALCWB nx^ .„ try to get along as well as could be expected and It was not a pleasant prospect' Tils fears were verified: the Brownies finished sixth, just a lump ; ahead of the White Sox and the i very dependable Red Sox. | This year it was no more than natural to expect to find Bill Kll- ! lefcr wearing a long face. The bur;den of managing ihe Brownies can man's face In a ~-- -- -- -amc uirow- , ~,~~' ,V ~ J "" "-^H^HU- -^ I What's more, It had just started Ing. the overhand delivery pained ba5k etball teams of Southeast .ML-:- to rain, cutting practice short fo- > side am, f^L J™L ^!^ st _ **»*»• i «*. "th time In a week at the all right, but he denies that It produces the sinker. A broken wrist sustnlncd in balling practice two years before he went up with the Yankee's eventually bronchi on the "sinker," Cy declares. UMore his injury lie had employed an over linnd delivery. When his wrist healed lo let him resume llirow- Independent , Tourney Will Open Tonight Ky ° r add yards to a I very short time. , him. so he s\vllch;d to side fnek game' with tlie soldier bays of v.A scnp and th? American League' Shortly he noticed his side firm sponsored i, y u, e city Cage IX.MI-U as one 11ms lioum-cd llic National In qulio P'fchos were making a smart dip wi " 0|>en al lho Armory tonight. ' u~.. I. . !...«,| II._ !,„!! _ ,_, Frtllr Mittnuri tnnmc Un*......- Company M. The margin wa paint. In the first game Wooley of the Apes nnrt Van San ol tlie Merchants staged a scoring race with n few worlil serins since the day VWlhrn Slnkc-spwiro made the an.-' nouiH-emcnt -it lionv> plate that' |'lh blows the wind that pronis no-.' "" • • - : wncn he guard in McAfee Neir Players l.o;k GoY:l Tlie lli-Jackers failed to slave cf the determined come bp.ek of the Gas Hounds in the second fray. The game was clofc nil Ihe way with the Hounds having just enough edge lo triumph. Colston, newly acquired guard ot tho Gas HDViv.h. icd in scoring honors with II paint? to his credit Warrlnjton led (lie Hl-Jackcrs with six. The Dixie Fliers failed to cfTe:- the hardwure boys mvich comro'.i- tlon in Ihe third game. The Hubbard quintet won easily 33 to 11. IJubbard injected new life Into Us Une-up by the insertion of ft new- man, Mnchsl, who played a dnzs- "~ t- guard. The ncwconi- tall, loose-joinied, red-necked Tcx- nn who was very much In |h<. midst of things when the Yankees stcpprrl out to n pcnrmnt and then Ftmtcheri up the world series in fcur straight from the Pirates In 1S27. The Yunks bo-.iuht him from riroenville in the Sully league via '.?lcphcnc. after Ed narrow, club rrcrolary .had (iceldentally stumb • "e experimented a jcr and Ilien put li to result was his "sinker." Success Hastened Downfall . Hie ball a certain Four Missouri teams. Horners- But as the brnken wrist little vlllc ' Coolcr . Stcele arid Holland, work. avo '" thc tourney and lour Arkansas teams, BlythevUle, WUsm. i Osceola and Luxora. j The Missouri teams ore generally conceded the best chance '.o ?a?uc, j park where (lie Brownies are traiu- - 1 '" Ing mis yenr. The players had. seur- rled for the locker room, their •-•"i i • v ji us inu i)i iiKvil \\T1SL i » -••»..•-. gave him hts nrsl chance to plk-h ™ lllc lo " rri cy. Hornorsvllle It nnd brought him nlo (he big Hollnll(I hav(! slvonnr teams leagues, Ihe success of the "sinker" proved Moore's spikes clinking on the cement floo, Rain rattled off the roof of the dressing room as I waited for Bill to appear, what a settlngl Rain gloom am! the Brownies! arrived all that undoing. He restored to U so much in those 50 games in 1027 that his arm sot sore nnd made -him prnc- llcally useless to the Yankees thereafter. He was released lo St. games have strong teams., whi!? tlic Wilson team Is probably (hr best of the Arkansas aggregations. Pour games will be played tonight starting at 7 o'clock with Rut when BUI was changed. It was not raining In fact, Bill wa warning. ,. -..-., He sal in the corner of the dress- Ing room looking at the crowd of Caul. night Pitching more with his head and night, '"- with his "swift" nnd "sinker."' Ins In each contest. Serai-final ; word s of hope poured from Bill lite will be played tomorrow i s[etlm from the nearby showers, and the finals Thursday! "Hello boy," he said genially led over Cy's pitching record of 30 C J' v -'as able to regain the strength wins and four losses in the 1020 In his arm last year at St. Paul. He baseball guide. "A p,uy who can, -.— — „ .—. . win like Unit ought to be worth I lug a bewildering curve -::>iclhln4 In ir.iy league." snlrt Ihe! 'a;.? Miller Hiiijqlns when he had College Plane Church Conltsl niRMINQHAM, Ala. tUP)—A go ! "how did you get out to this park —aboard ship?" I assured Killefer that, being an swimmer, I had reach- ff ? sssi sw- f == »£'s» ; E=-=- ass " 1;J1 \ of .. , ,. „. . " « '« -ved that Cy «„„ ««„„ E«,,. OT srsiTSii rs* Cy has come back to the Amcr- test of ihis kind 'can LCBKUC again, this time to -• thj Bcston Red Sox. whose pitching slaff without him has been Bill went into discussion ot his cam almost 'Immediately.' _^____^_ —. nm Phased with the crowd ftead Courier Mews want room. Larry Bettencourt, .who was All-Ameriraii eenter at St we brought' In Tom Jenkins from Milwaukee. H« batted .345 there lasl year—and that's good -hitting for the A. A.- ' ' S"We are pretty much standing - , Milwaukee, young Fred left... Tl games in that league last year and he ought to be ready to stick. ."We also will have Stlely's bat- ttrymate, Russ Young. We cerjt four players for Young.. rell ought to help Rlci Pera lot. Ho has caught eight years »t JIUwaukee. and handled a lot of pitchers coming up and going down. Vou le»rn a lot Hint way! The old boyi can wlie you up. "You know we have a pitching staff, -nur* wasn't a better pitcher ta the league list year than Walter Stewart. Blaeholder ought to °e better than he was last year Sam Gray had one of the ' worst years I ever &aw a good pitcher nave, but I think Sam ts going Jo come back for us this year Rip Collins .won a few more than he lost last yew, and he still has 'got a lot of baseball left In him." I-tried-to Interrupt-BUI Girls' -(.'age Meet To Be Staged at Shavvnee School OSCEOLA, Ark.. March 10.~The j^Jortheast Arkansas girls basVetball I tournament will be held at the ' Consolidat?d school at Joiner lias weak-end with games beginning at 8:30 o'clock Friday morning and continuing tV.rous'n the next day with the championship games scheduled for Saturday evo- ning. The teams of Monette, Caraway, gypt. Slpv.-nee, Weiner. Wilson, Marlon, Corning, Tyronza, Oseeola •jKichvlUe, Crawfordsville. Marnw- :uke, Marked Tree, Earl and Whiton are entered Ln the double ellm- natlon tournamen>. The Luxora earn, Mississippi county champions ill not enter, it Is understood, be- ause of illness of several rnem- jers of their team. Babe Joyuer or Walnut nidge will ja one of the referees, and thesec- nd referee has not yet been defl- nltly arrangd for, according to M. V. Melton, superintendent of the Shawnee school, who Is Ln charge of arrangements for the tournament. Pairings have been drawn and Ihe allowing schedule for the nrst se- les of games, which will be played Friday, is announced: 8:30 a. m., Monette vs. Caraway. 9:30 a. m., Egypt vs. Shawnee. 10:30 a. m.. Weiner vs. Wilson. 11:30 a. in., Marion vs. Corning. 1:30 p. m., Tyronza vs. Qsceala 2:30 p. m., Leachvllle vs. Craw- ordaviUe. 3:30 p. m., Marmaduke vs Mark- 1 Tree. 4:30 p. m.. Earle vs. Whltton. Winners of these respective games will be paired for Saturday's elimination leading to the finals Saturday evening. - a times, but he Insisted . on , having Ills say. He la frankly enthusiastic- He has found .-work irith young fel- . lows he Ukes and is looking forward to the year with bright hopes Killefer, one of , baseball'* ' finest characters, deserves ' realization of these desires. ' • • -. - ' '. i Babbit's Ears Not Same Sbe NEW ORLEANS, La. (TJP)-Onc college and three schools will be added to Ihe organization ol the Louisiana State University, accord- ig to President James L. Smith. Tb<y are the college o£ applied sci- uce and the schools of journalism, edogy arid music. Sentenced tor It Cento Theft ';•' LONDON. (UP)—A courtmarUal found Lance-Sergeant Arthur Boh Smith, who had been in charge of the garrison postcfflce at Woolwich- guilty of keeping J8 cents' paid him for- two stamps tnd meted out this """" ' ". to the' isnYi- days hard >m the army . 28 eme ™ the cta-S contest of Uuf, "ight ^e mllltla ol Company M after straggling abna for several nlsiits suddenly started playing a better grade of basketball last night. Tire soldiers fought the formidable Frisco five all th? way before losing 20 to 19. Holland one of tho best In the majors. Exa, perience .has taught him that ;too see forward of the railroaders, wit!: 14 points showed the way to the scorers. McHc-nry relumed lo ihe Company M line-up last night and added strength lo his team. First Came Apes (16) Pos. M'chanls (201 Wooley 14 p Mutton 5 Boatwrlght 2 p Wilson 0 Smith ' C Van San 16 i McAfee G E. Isaacs 2 i Adams a p. Isaacs | Substitutions—Apes, Stevens. : Second Game Hi-Jackers (15) Pos. : G. H'nds CIS) Wnvringtcn 6 P Taylor 1 Stewart 5 p Christ'lon 2 Medlin 2 C Ellis Wfl£ ° n - G Colslcn 14 | Garrigan G Rayder 2 i Substitutions—lli-Jackers. Bo"s i 2; Gas Hounds, Elkins. " ' - ! 10 ml:il "'--' ; a pitcher. The same teacher nbout wor.:in(T every day — and! shavcA Mm a subslitute In a curve :cme times f.Une n dny-nnd as a> ball. Strength has come hack to result he peis::ir--.-d In so gnmrs for his nrm to give him variety with Ine \Kiita, 10 of which he cot the "sinker," "swift" or curve Ml credit for v.inning, | Abmlt nll xi n , ngcl . Collins needs Maybe von have heard that'to give him now Is a pitching di?t Mcore's "sinker" got that way lie- which has some semblance of rcg- cause of a rldge-lik? sear crossing Mlarity. the fivtt l\vo uivsprs ol his throwing hand? Cy can show the scar ttcad raurler New; want Ads. BIG PICTURES FOR A B1C CITY THREE DAYS RITZ T Third Gamp Dixie Fliers (11) Pos.. Hubbnrd 1331! ^B 8 P Tatum el Bible 4 p j. KInnln Cox ! C Qanske 6 G Barnes G • Substitutions— Huboard, Blankenship 4, Henry, Porter, Muchsl 10. A. HOME THEATRE Frisco (20) Holland H Secoy 2 Carman 2 Brogdon Osbome 2 Fourth Game Pos. C'piny M <19) P Wrirjht 0 ! F Mclienry 10 i C Wigjim 5 ' O ""C.T.!~ '. G McHcnry 1 ; Substitutions—Company M. Eom, Bone. Referee—Hudson, game c:\e: Ivy games two and four: Kramer, pr.m" three. Timekeeper — A! Scorer—Kyle. Knochlc Hand cf 570 Point's EAST HARTFORD. Conn 'UPl —Michael 1. McCarthy bid 4DO an-' made it with ease when he pickc-3 up a double run of spades clurm- » pinochle game with three companions at Hose Company 2s fire house. The hand was good for 510 HE FELL IN LOVE WITH HIS KEEP YOUR PLACE vVITH THIS BOOKMARK atid. ASWELl)ll^-/p^ saEADW-Wi ••••• Thrj brilliant now in a modern romance! Esther Koland ^ Cliff Edward? ! A Hfti-ry Pollard production Admission Matinee—10-30e Matinee—10-25c Night— 10-35c F o lifts The \5ar — from kig home or business premises he must go elsewhere and pay rent! But this expense is avoided if he has rental value insurance to supplement his fire insurance protection. It supplies ready money with which to obtain temporary quarters while his own property is being restored. The premium cost is small. Consult any member of the Cardwell Has Class Basketball Tourney CARDWELL. Mo.—Cardwell high :hool ts conducting an inter-class basketball tournament for both aoys and girls. The flrst game in he tournament was won by the sophomore boys Friday evening, who defeate-J the juniors. Oili games to be played au; Gamp 2, Seiner boys vs. F. man boys. O.ime 3. Senior glils vs. Kz-.'.-i more girls. Oamo 4. Junior fills vs. F.-2>: man girls. Game 5, winner ol gamp i . Vk-inner of game 2. Gamy 0, u'lniicT o; Bams 4 - wliuirr of game 3. Suitable Ircplilcs will be av.-jr ed to the cf Die tour-n ment. This Ls the first y u -?.r l!i Caidwell high si-hoo! hns liad liiv Inter-class games, in the form c: tournament. Travel Dollars and Travel Time Put them back in your pursf the dollars you save going by Grsyhound bus! Then settle back in a deep-cushioned reclining chair for a pleasar.t trip, on time-saving schedules—to cities a few miles distant or a few thousand. Hundreds o/ Sm-ings Lite These: St Louis Cape Girardeau Chicago T Birroui£ham Tupelo '.' CUrksvllle Jackson New Orleans Detroit • Cleveland New York Los Angeles $35.10 Memphis $1.35 UNION BUS DEPOT Phone 279 CENTRAL GREYHOUND -4^«ei. JIG}' s-;. l5 ONE PLACET Insurance Exchange of Bly theville W. AJ. BUI^ 7 S INSURANCE AGENCY FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO., INSURANCE DEPT. FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY IT PAYS To PLAY WITH THEY'LL build you a Iiuse fire at a certair- | place in Chica$o—they'll heat a door or wall red-hot and turn a hose on it—they'll do all sorts of striking and ingenious things to see how long a certain device will stand up under punishment or how soon it will bum up or Uow up or break. It's a dramatic place—the great buildings of Underwriters' Laboratories — where they "play with fire" in testing building materials, electrical devices, gases, che.-nicals, ho;e, extinguishers, home utilities, and endless other things. Symbols of Safety Everywhere the exhaustive tests of Underwriters' Laboratories are accepted as authoritative and its labets of approval recognized ii Symbols of Safely. STOCK FIRE INSURANCE by establishing this great engineering service has made a most substantial contribution to the protection of life and property everywhere. .Safety is the underlying purpose of this work Stock Flrt Insurant! Compjftffi «re Represented* ty Ciptbl* Asinti in You' Community THE .NATIONAL BOARD OF FIRE UNDERWRITERS 85 John Street, New York SAN FRANCISCO MJ W«» AiJtmi Sb«i( MtrekinN Exch<n 9 e Bldj. A H.UOM! Oiy«)i«tton ol Stack fjrt Insunnc* Compjuhi Eft*bliih f! <i n

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