Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 19, 1896 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 19, 1896
Page 4
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''."'•"•''.-''".'^•'"''";.-'''' : ':",'*"!''"'''•-.'• 1 ;---,'.'" -I'.'-'f. '^••^-'v^^lJi!!??!^'''";'^ ;-"••'-•:••.''H''.-.': : ,'•.'.--;'.''.'-•'-..'. CORNER. •"Ota the fo'Hotv'tng Items: All'ilnfts o'f warm 'weather dress foods); : all kinds of gauze undcrwenr for ladies., scats and children; nil kinds of gold, silk nnd leather belts; all kinds of laces nud trimmings nnd all other kinds of goods. DAILY JOURNAL Publinhcd every day In the WMk (except Monday) by tho Logansport Journal Company. i / W. 8. WRIGHT PreaWent A. HARDY Vie* President C. W. GRAVEB..,>...„»„,^....Secretary S. B.. BOYER............*«.•.•, Treasurer Price p. Price per-Month..,,SV.-.-.V,.,-^.N-..-..-. 40 Official r*.[>er of'City *nd County. (Entered &s aecond^c4aiK3 m«iW~matter iat tho LoKHttSlport port Office, February S, tSS, .TL'-'NE 19, IStHi. fit-eatest Discovery of toe 19th Century. NKW HKMKDV >'or ihe Curo ot Otturrh, Atttlmut and Hll Pulmonary Diseases, U bus rio ecjwil Or Hk-kmid Nervous Ht.iO- *clif, L.OOO.DUO people dip unnuiilly from llin Hbove mimed (tl.swises. Wny su(T«r mid din, when Mwiioatoxl AIT l* ou. •««IIc»l«. l *l Alrniul Drujj Co., KlcUmonJ, Inil. , U. S. A. It IB the best remedy on earth for La _-.j>pe. It will give Immediate relief •HI will effect a cure where all other wvedles (all. •old by B. P. Keesllng. STATE NATIONAL BANK LOOANSPOKT, INJD. OflFITrtL • $2OO.OOO J. F. Johnson, President. S. W. Ullery, Vice Prealdent. H. J. Heltbrink, Cashier. DIRECTORS. 9. T. Johnson. S. W. Ullery. J. T, Elliott. W. M. Elliott. • W, H. Snider. Buy and so 1 ] Government boms. Loan money on personal security and collaterals. Issue special certificates of deposit*) bearing ; per cent. Interest when left one Te»r; 2 per cent, per annum when deposited B|T months. Boxes In Safety Deposit Vaults of this tank for the deposit of deeds, Insurance policies, mortgages and other valuables, rented at from J5 to J15 per year. To the Ladies. Those who are Interested in dermatology should call on Mrs. Striugham, who 'Is lowted in the St. Elmo building ou ..Broad-way and be convinced that derma tology |s what every woman of Intelligence and refinement needs. It Ls conceded by our best minds that a beau- Jiful complexion Is a necessity of the Ninetccn-th century, and which civilization must have; and every worthy husband or brother will take interest fu and those who fire suffering from any cutaneous disorders such as eezmn, tetter, freckles, acme, liver spots, birthmarks and superfluous hair are successfully treated. Bright energetic, girls wlshJnf; to work for 910 a week should call and sell Mrs. Stringbani's propa rations. Catherine Stringta, DERMATOLOGIST. THIS XO-MIXKES. • Those wliodid not believe tho-WcKln- l<v j«-«i>lHits, .-we convinced tJmit tlie I'oretoUiiix of .hl,s .victory .sjpoke with •IciiowloOg-n. -His vote on .the llrst ballot: WIN iM flui-t .JiJs followws elaiincd. His noni'iua.tion. was :mado unanimous wMi enthusiasm Iwu-of tlw belief t.lmE In 1 Is the Iwidor who will liring. .to his spiwity-. vindication to Its a-nd ([-irospci-Jo- to the people. For ,-t i-imniiig male Hon. Gatrvtt A, I-Iobai-t w.-is a good selection from a mi-ni'bur of excellent men, either of u-Ji'Om vvcuild ho'iioi- Jho Vice rre-suleii- tinl clviJ.1' mid add i'orcc to the invincible ticket. He was backed with warm enthusiasm by his New Jersey 'dclc-g.-i- ti-oti ;rad most McKiailey followers/ " '. There is every -ruiison 1'w RepnblicnnS to fell deep satisfaction in the work of the convention. Tlie ticket is strong so far a-s the location of candidates goes. The wishes oC Republicans are expressed Lu the platform, and the lenders arc the diolco of -the musses, without regard to past party affiliations. Tho delegates did their work well. The Republican party can begin its campaign with conlldeuce and pride in its ticket, with its pla.tit'orm well defined Qtid colors flying. Miss Maude W.LUla»i£Ou returned yesterday from u week's visit In. -Chicago. Enitnn Murphy, of Mnrlon Is tjju of Miss Kate Bolau for a i'e\v Expositor: M.iss ,7tiue Ilnjc, of Ijog-Hospor.t, fit ended the. fnnoral of Htrks Bi-uc*. Mills T'«esa|l}'. Kcwpriiia" lieiuklr|.^Itfe .HatUu 'Mai 1 «»i of ••ipgan^iiijrt, ia^isl^ugfC. B. Ciirl- v.on-iind fanilly of'fids pl'a'c'e 'this week. I^ifayette CnJl: Agent ITiomiis Kolleu of.rhe M'abash ticket olfice, -has bceoj called to LognuKport by the serious 111- ness of his brother, Peru Journal: Rev. Wones of .Lo- eninsport, was a guest of Mi's. M. A. Sites of woinJi .Board way yce*t>rd!iy.'. . . George B. Forgy of Loj;nnspoft, was in tho clly hist cveiliklg. ' Peru Ch-roulclo: Dr. A. K. Arm-strong left this m-oruJng to visit Kokonio iind Logausport; . . .Henry Zluun-ciimiiu was at Log:i.usport yesterday afll'ernoon, .. , 'J'o-m OlCiisori, frolgltt conductor ou tho main line of the Wivbnsh, had his hand seriously niiisliud ycstcrdiiy al'tcruoon while making a coupling in tlie Logans- pout yards. A physician there dressed life tajmiitt-j an'd.hio lilicm c-aino to this c-i.ty and wont to tiic hospital. .. .Mrs. W. T. Troutma'U and children, of Butler who have been visiting the family of "William Edson several days went to Logsinspoit on the! mcM-ni.ng train to vjslt a few days. • ' . ,. i (ii.^iai^.j.hft wny to- keep 'camp ffishi-s clvun for cooking. An unwashed apple saucepan will. serve to fry trout in and give Uism a pleasant taste, but nn unwashed, fish, spider will scarcely nerve to cook npple sauce In. In other xvo'rtjs, the cook' should know when and \vhat to vvnsh." ; ;> . A .STRANGE CHARITY. Brikd Dliponicd Free In the Village »t I '.I'he efforts of. the organized charity association's 'in this country'somctimen rnke on strunge ph«*es, as in the wood- 'yards. and in the free coffee-stands ca- tuulished a few j-ears ago I'D the east:- A Cincinnati/in who recen tly FJngiand tells about a queer charity. Ire. noticed there. In the little villngCi of: Droug-hton-in-Furness is n small baker's shop, over the door ot \vhi.oh is the following 1 inscription: V()rie piece of bread, to be eaten on tho premises, g-iven to anyone passing through Croughton direct until ten p. m:" This extraordinary signboard was ii Nixed- on tihe shop eight years ago by a neighbor. ., who recoups tho baker for the bread which he disposes of in this singular way. OUT OF PURE PHILANTHROPY. AN ATTRACTIVE DAY. For these knowing people who alway? make their Dollars go quite a bit further than their neighbors, will be -:= TODAY -:^ . . At that necca for these people. Timely Merchandise will be offered at about half. We append just a few of the Items. ' SHOT BY A BOX. A younjr mini whose Tinuie could uot be learned w.-is .shot In Hie fleshy part of the right awn-yeftenhiy by u companion. Th*} wound was dressed by Dr. B. D. Bividlh'ld. REFORM WANTED. KROEGER & STRAIN, Undertakers & Embalmers. THE. BIG CONVENTION. Tlio people hilk or nothing but the St. Louis convention, and yet tlic claim, is m;ide Unit Micro Is a. lack of interest in its sovrans. 'J'lic 1 questions before the' IxnTy ot' Republican delegates are of (loop import. Their weight, in view of tlu> emulMion oC the public mind anil of iiivtional affaiirs, Las not been- exceeded sluee the siiudcring of the Union was the vittivl .topic. It remained for the convun-t'io.n To proceed without faltering or hesitation to a sciu.-ire statement of its policies, aud Oils lias boon clone. The public breath hns been held, fig- m-a'Uve-ly, diurag Hie discussion' of mcasuros that 1110:111 much to every cit- izcu. The sessions oi' Hie convention yesterday did much for Hie revival erf business. Tbe platformi as adopted coiibiiaied pla.iulcs on wluicli (lie involved itiU-i-Psts (nf. the- country may feel secur- i'ly. . It Ls rig-lit for the party 'of principles to put both feet dovni for the things in which it believes. Thus was done without ambiguity, Ou the platform; appealing as it does to flic sound reason oC every voter interested In his own. welfare and lite country's prolonged honor aud distinction, 'there iis no fear of failure, but ;i wholesome, enUiusiasitiic faith thai victory will personate the Republican eagle. What JMIjflit De Done irlth n Wbeo Not Curi-iliij,', The question, What shall we do with our burglars in the intervals of their convictions? has been partly solved by a man who appeared recently at the central criminal court, London, llis story/says the London News, was one of vulgar crime in most of its details, He had been caug-ht breaking into a house and he was now sentenced to 12 months' hard labor. It was particularly well deserved, a.s lie was an old offender, .But the police wei-e able to Eliow that since his last release :Crom gaol he had been getinga living by,reporting inquests for. newspapers. No one can cast the first stone at an honorable profession on that account, for was not Mr. Peace a gentleman with a gig of his own and a distinguished musical amateur? The more interesting question is whether the prisoner was well advised in his choice of a department of press work. Inquests must be demoralising in their tendency, as they .familiarize the mind with crime. 'Fires, on the other hand, ought to be purifying 1 , and a close attention to-thc .business of the police courts, with its abundance of awful examples, should nrnlcc a man four square in moral resistance to every ill wind that blows. EAT APPLES AT NIGHT. Cntipiirccfatuil KlndiieM of a Coimldcritt* Old Gentleman. , About' four 'o'clock the other after- hobn a half-dovien members of the Tiog-a wheelmen started from the clubhouse for a spin down to Point Breeze, says the Philadelphia Record. As they Curved their wheels out of Vcrango street and in to Broad street a tall, portly Jind pompous man of middle ng-e, and with mustaches waxed a la militairc, stepped out into the roadway, and in a voice fuH of command yelled: "Stop!" The cyclists instantly dismounted. "What's the matter?" inquired one. "You've got no lamps on your wheels," said the pompous man. "Why, you must have wheels in yonr head," replied one of the riders; "we don't have to carry lamps in daylight." "Say, are you a bicycle cop? Where's your srar?" asked (mother wheelman. "I beg your pardon, gentlemen, if yon took me for a policeman you owe me an neology. Out of pure kindness I stopped you to call your attention to the fact that it will lie-dark in n few hours, nnd I should halo to see such nice looking fellows run in for riding without a light. By the way. gentlemen. I am introducing a new and improved bicycle lantern, warranted not to go out in Uie stillest wind or over the roughest, ro;ul. Throws n brilliant—" "Come oft! Is that what you stopped us for?" Certainly. I can show you testimonials—" Scat! Scatter! You're Occupying our air!" cnJ nway the wheelmen went down CroaH street. Choice of fiO pieces real warp print taffeta ribbons in. ten new designs, 1lrst quality ribbons, bought at the recent great trade auction and at just half. No. 0 All Silk iSe No. 12 AH SJlk 2Sc No. 30 All Silk 33c No. 40 All Silk JOc Choice of 100 Dozen Ladies' and Children's plain and fancy Jiem-stitclied, handkerchiefs, worth.'up to £3 cents, and choice of all for 5c Many new shirt waists just received. The new ,$2 ones for .?!.:>•;. The new $1.23 cms for OSe. Beauties for 75c. The best hade wsidsts in the city for 4Scj Entirely new ofTecIs in Organdies, I Lawns nud printed goods, worth 13 and 20 cents, for iOc 400-411 BROADWAY, j Mncii Cotton Vests with short sloeves, j or sleovek-ss, ribbon trimmed, two for • 2r>c, now JOc and Tc. A new patented shirt waist set, in pearl, six pieces worth 43c, for Kc. AH Silk Garters with ribbon bows and gold buckle-?, worth oOc, for 25c, Choice of all Sterling Silver Gold Belts, worth $1.50, ?1.7o aud ?2, for 50c. Some special bargains in Leather lielts up from l.'Jc. This week we offer choice of 100 silk umbrellas, steel rod, natural wood handle, tassel covers, worth ?3,50 nnd ?2.50, for $1.48 Lot 2, your choice of i?2.25 umbrellas for SI.25 306 FOURTH ST. MAKING ONE'S WILL. It Has a Soothinc liilluonee on the Mind us a Duty Done. The. making of one's- will docs not ha.st.cn one's death; on the contrary. 010 BROADWAY. CHAS. L. WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKER >~ No. 417 Market Street Calls attended to promptly, day or Those who think Major McEiuley is a one-idea man, and radical In his protection theory, should read this.expres- sion from him: • . "1C the policy of protection is not to be just In its application and ndtloniil in Us scope, based upon .broad principle, then the sooner It is relinquished tho bottor." Central Union and Mutual telephones. Office, No, 16; Residence, No. 121. DR. S. H. WARD. HonCEOPATHIST Office 309 Fourth Street. Over Taylors Jewel' y store- UntuBl Telephone No. 'M. Residence 913 North Street. The day is comim;. It is disastrously delayed, but Its arrival Is assured to chose of oudnriiijr faith. After Nb- vomber 3tl, the Democratic pnt-ty will seek vainly for recognition ns nn organization, f-ip.-iblo of framing measures for the poopl-p. It will.retire in. disgrace as It did In 1801. Statement ^Vhlch KcverNcn tlic Old Proverb About tlie Fruit, L The apple is such a common fruit that very few persons arc familiar with its remarkably efficacious medicinal properties, states the Bulletin o,f Pharmacy. Everybody Ong-ht to know tliat the very best thing- thoy con do is to cab apples just before retiring: for the nig-ht. Persons uninitiated in the mysteries of the fruit arc liable to throw up thfiir blinds in horror at the visions of dyspepsia which such o, suggestion may summon up; but no harm can come even to a delicate system by the eating- of ripe nnd juicy apples just before g-oing to bed. The apple is e.xcollent brain food, be-, cause it liaa more phosphoric acid .in easily dig-estod shape than other fruits.; It excites the action, of the liver, pro motes sound and healthy sleep, ana thoroughly disinfects the mouth. This is not oil. Tbe apple helps the kidnej secretions and prevents calculus growths, while it obviates indigcstioi and is one of the best-knxm'n preven tives or diseases of the throat,. Everybody should be familiar with sucli knowledge. THE INSPIRED CAMP COOK, [aba Life The "Twin Comet" and "Little Giant" Lawn Sprinklers. BEST HADE Unique, Efficient, Labor Savlnff. Will ffprfnklo four times greater area than any •thera. Highest award at the Chicago '•rpOBltlon. E. STEBBINS MFG. CC. ••!• Manufacurcra, Springfield, Mass. F»r Sale by all Hardware and Rubber •Urei In the United States. Another woolen mJ-lI IMS shut down to make room in home markuts'for the shoddy product of s-hoddy foroign'-labo'c. The intelligent men 'shut out aro lu .good flg-hting- turn for the coming campaig)i, aud will work hea-rtily for lYIcKinlpy aud protection. It is wJlih rojn-et that. Ilepiibll-c-ans sou such statasmon as Senator Teller ds- p.'irt, but nn effort will bo made to pull without there. .Ta.pan will have ten steamships math in England because of British che,i| labor, in spite of-her friendship for this country. ' WANTED 4 ONT3 WANTID; New book; Tllustreled and A Dramatic Utntorj at the et Louis Ciolone •Jl grnpblc account. o( remhaodDevtutatlon "rti,°OWo Tern " frw - Barcl111 *Co,,,Clncln- KN to take oidert tr f wry town and oltj: no a«llver|ng;ROadwace3;pn7 WMklr:no caol- Steoaj work, GLEN BR08., Rochester, N. T, In Mexico American bicycles . cosl 200 Mexican silver dollars. Mexico U on a silver basis. Jlrs. nolen Gougar eojicetles the elec- Kion of Jfajor McKiialey. The lartev may now begin his Inaugural address. What has been done toward celebrating the Fourth ? Ratify the nominations. Thlngi ne Must Know to niujf Plonnant (or Hit Couinidca, Outing tells about camp cookery, including- the cook. The genuine caiup cook is an artist in his way. The musician makes mem hear things entrancing and the painter brings tears to the eyes if inspired. The camp cook genius, by the very way in which be does his work; makes men hungry. "The camp cook," says the writer, "should take pride in the artistic handling of his utensils, particularly in the ability to keep half a dozen tilings going nt once; ho must keep already cooked things hot; and cook , the uncooked things in the meantime. To do.this-he has to understand the kinds of fire .to hare, whether large or small blaze, hot ashes or red-hot embers. He should also know how to gc-t the most work-af. the least expenditure of labor from his comrades. -Some.thjnfl-, manv cooks are it has a calming and soothing influence iijxm the mind. A person who has done it feels that he has done his duty, says the New York Mercury, that, lie is no far prepared to die. .-,'..,:,.. He has no burden upon his mincl, in reference to what he shall do-in-sick- ncss. When sicltjicss comes lie ha's-'ifo regrets on this subject; he has <lone'h'is best to prepare for the inevitable.Jjoiir. If he hns mndc his will arig-ht Ire .has attempted to do good in his death- as well as in his life. ... ; This is not only a-reminder that every man vrho hns property to dispose of should make his will, butalso that those who can do so without injury tojtheir natural heirs should give: a certain portion of their property for the- public benefit. No man has got wealth-without receiving it from society at large.- It is the growth of population;-it.is the general industry of the country from which he ha-s benefited. He could not have sot his wealth, in .an uuor gnni/cd society. Society hns done much for him. Let him do something for society when ht- dies. The time will come when a. man will not feel himself to be dying creditably who does not die generously. TEN AT A Bl TH. Clothes up to Date . . Have been in great favor at our establishment. Fact is no one hac a finer liue of woolens arid worsteds to select from than otirg. Important Features ... in jthe make-up of our clothes work their superiority. We ar& not the cheapest taiiors but claim to be the best. Carl W. Keller, tailor and Draper. 311 Market Street. Recorded Cuscs Wlilch Dent Tlmt of the fmlmmi Fannor-rt Wire. One of the best-known physicians in the city, apropos of the cu.se reported in Indiana of the German fanner's wife who presented him with six children of practically tibc same ago, said: "liven triplets are quit nu-c, and such crises ns this arc still more rare; yet instances are recorded in medical annals of tho birth of six, seven, cig-ht, nine, and even-ten children HI one time. It i& very .rare, however, thai any of the children live where there are more than two at a birth, iiltlioug-h a case is recorded by Chambon of quintuplets, all of whom survived their baptism for a short period. 1 heard not long- ago of a Texas woman who gave birth-to six children, :ind there is a case in Chicago where four fully-developed children were born, who lived fo-r some time. According-to statistics kept by Dr. Churchill, of Kn£- and, twins occur once in SO births, but if o",441 births five cases only were those of triplets. CltnllflUK tlin Cullbitct'H, In the south of Ireland there still survives the old custom of "chalking" the young mon and \votniin who remain un- narried'after Shrov-'t.idf, The usual ime.. for \\-edding-s bpln,^ between 'liristm.is and Ash U'orlr.^s'dnv —ri:':- The qu««n of heirti in all these parts, If you can.go by rumors' Is one who rides a wheel, and glides About in dainty bloomers. ZINN & COMPANY. We Have Others we Call Them Knights We also have an assortment of second hand bicycles which must be> .sold. Cal! aod make an offer. 202 Sixth Street Invitations. Are always appreciated and especially go when they are tastefully gotten up. THE JOURNAL Job Printing Department is making a tpecialty of NVITATIONS, PROGRAMS. LETTER HEADS, NOTE HEADS. BILL HEADS,: STATEMENTS, CARDS, CIRCULARS, ETC.'ETC. Latest Styles in Fancy Type and Material. Highest of all in Leavening Power;—Latest U. S, Gov't Report. PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hirchberg Optical Co. The well-known Specialists of New York have appointed D. A. HAUK asBjsent fot-thelr celebrated Spectacles a nd U Gliisses, everjpalrcnManteed, • • D. A. HACK bus complete assortment and Invites all to sstlsf/ themselves oi the great superiority of these goods over nnj- manofactured, at the.store of D. A. HACK, Sole agent to Logansportfnd. • '. • '. Ho PeJdlers Supplied. . /• Fresh Water Yeast! Hakes the purest and sweetest Bread- The Bread Recipe on separate Slip is PERFECT, THE BUCKEYE YEAST CO., ASHLEY, OHIO.

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