The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 5, 1940 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 5, 1940
Page 7
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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 5, 1940 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Beauty For Christmas One Out Of Every 13 Pilot Trainees Get By By WILLIS THORNTON MA Service Staff Correspondent HAK'DOLPH FIELD. Tex.. Dee 5.—No wonder fledgling army pilots wear iheir wings with u certain conspicuoiLs pride, and no wonder &an Aiuonio mothers right to gel. their debutante daughters on fh« n'sts for inviiaions to "hops" at the West Point of the Air! iilvwy man who succeeds in attaining wings lias lea behind nlm 13 who tried and railed. For Instance: by next'June, those wings will be blossoming at the me of VOO evei-y live- weeks. For every L'ias:: &240 will have applied for the i:han«e to try for those wings. Only i:i2ij~one in .seven—will be nc-cepied for ihe elementary ilying schools. Only 770 or the 1320 get to Randolph. And only 700 wjll win the coveted wings. Those are the percentages in terms or present experience. Everything at Randolph moves' with a quiet and effortless precision that means speed, speed, and more speed. A plane comes slithering up to the runway with a cadet. itonchidlng his morning's flight ' practice. He slides out of the cockpit, and 'while he is making out his report, another cadet has already slid in on the other side ready to take the plane aloft again. A course that three years ° ago took one year to complete, with 350 hours of flying, is now completed in 31 weeks with 215 hours that are considered to turn, out quite as competent a pilot. The 10-week course here at Randolph is almost all spent in the air.. Since last January 165,000 hours have been flown at this one field with only three fatalities, and the complete year will see 200,000 hours—more than the entire air corps flew 10 years ago WEST POINTERS HELP IN'- TRAINING Every effort Is being made to bring pilot training up to an eventual rate of 12.000 a year. About 7-i2th of those pilots will train at Randolph; the others at Maxwell Field, Ala., and Moffett Field, Calif. Elementary schools, now 18 in number, will .soon be increased to 29. 'Every"'-minute is made to count. .Here's ah example: before the '"suTCeSSf ill -graduate "of" a C. A. A. (Civilian Aeronautics Authority) course ever gets to Randolph, he is measured for his slate-gray cadet uniform, the tailor shop at Randolph makes it up, and it is waiting for him when he arrives on the post. The C. A. A. elementary flying school graduate can fly—a little. .But often lie has had no military training at all. Randolph assumes he hasn't, anyway, and starts him at the bottom, remembering it must turn out not only a pilot, but an officer. So snappy young West Pointers take cadets' military education immediately in charge and attempt to. instill in them in the first five weekii something O r t h e military Mrs. C. B. Wood was assisted with iho nfternoon program by Mr.s S. J. Smith lending the devotional Mi's. J. i. Miff hi repealing the 1 old, old story of China and her persecutions, and the efforts of the missionaries in their behalf. Mrs. Wood 'oorid'uded the program with (talks on Palestine, Syria, Nigeria "und Ron man in. , „ A business meeting \va.-; held after Die conclusion of Hie proifrum. li was voted to chanKo the meeting duie. beginning In January, 1941, 10 the second and fourth 'lliesduy in t-ucli month. The first Tuesday 10 be -set aside ns u business meeting and the fourth Tuesday, the Royal Service'program. , Mrs. 'Evans, president, read the •following" commute ciwirtnen fpr 3 l J4l: enlistment, .Vhr-. Allen Posey; year book and mission' study, Mr.s. John Thwoutt; personal service, Mr.s Ralph Douglas; stewardship, 'Mr.s. s.,J. Smith; ItLenUure. Mrs. 'Ciruvor Driver; haspltu! supplies, •Mrs. .John ' Thweiut; orphanage, Mrs. J. 1. Mifflin; .season of prayer programs and counselor for Girls' Auxiliary, Mrs. B. O. Wilkins; Sunbeam leader, Mrs. Smith. CVlt'hrutai; Ninety S'econil liii'lhiluy Mr.s. C. c. Walter cele.brated her ninety-second birthday Sunday by .wUendinK church in the morning und then with her daughters, Mr.s. SullU? Davis and Miss Luxora. Waller, and her tji'm Klein lighter, Miss Caiherlno Davis, motored to Memphis. While in MemphLs,. Mrs. ( Waller visited Mrs. Rend Dunim- jvant. who has recently undergone ' n very serious major operation at ' the Methodist hospital, and then .went to see the Passion Piny ut ;thp Auditorium. Mrs. Walter, in view of her active life. is most certainly "ninety-two /years young." She keeps up with • the latest current, events, makes .her house .dresses, and looks after her chickens. Mrs. Waller was Miss Catherine Cornelia Alexander, born near ° l 5UILI v\m S j> ami tuppei tuns, tntummgly airanged against a backgiound- oi ^ otncll « Alexander, born near si ver metal stars on a plastic-tree, distinguish tins Christmas table for holiday buffet supper parties Somei ' vllle ' Tenn, Dec. 1, 1848. and The tablecloth and napkins are of pure Irish linen damask in the ever-populaV satin bind DQitern Tne u?" t ' mUTied to Thomfl * Dempscy *** aips am i=r *"r-!: ~--- «» —«> '-rr^: rx™r LT^S of turquoise. The plastic glass canctlesticks hold turquoise candles. Lazy Bowels witii h«ffc taxativ«,c4>ntbined with syrup pepsin to nuke it agreeable and easy to take When constipation brings on acid indigestion, bloating, dizzy spells, gas, coated tongue, sour taste and bad breath, your stomach is probably "crying the blues" because your bowels don't move. 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Failure to make a formation, to shave or get the hair properly cut, to polish a shoe or keep a locker straight, results in an immediate "gig" or demerit. Demerits mean punishment, usually in the West Point .style of going "on the ramp." That means walking a certain post, which doesn't sound bad, but 30 hours of it taken out of the few moments of free time when the rest of the cadets are in town, on pass or enjoying infrequent relaxation, is not so hot.. And too many '/gigs'S may end the hopeful flyer's ^career. - ^ ; THESE GRADUATES GET JOBS—AND QUICKLY Active tactical units of the air corps and Randolph Field itself fight, for its graduates, the former claiming their need is greatest to fill units for combat practice, the latter claiming that without sum- expanding later. One talented young graduate was so badly needed as an instructor that lie was set to this work immediately on graduation, though he was not yet 21 and hence not yet able to don his lieutenant's bars. Training planes are all too scarce, also. Foresight in designing Randolph Field and its buildings have made rough pine-board barracks umieces- cient ; instructors ihe program must suffer sary. Tlie post suggests a ccuntri club or campus more than the usual army camp. Quarters for cadets, instructors and ground crew men are commodious and comfortable. There is room for expansion. Here is one place where somebody 10 years ago looked ahead to that future which is now the urgent present. Marriage Licenses Thirty one couples havo applied at the Blytheville office of the county,. court clerk for licenses ;o wed during (he past three weeks. both of Dell, by A. E. Tate; Harvel Artis and Noreen Manchester, both of Manila. Barney Austin and Miss Roecelia Decker, both of Manila; Louis H. Freeman, of Dell, and Mrs. And- reanel Freeman, of Blytheville, by the Rev. J. L. Newsom; Rube Elliott and Miss Jewell Shocks, both of Blytheville, by R. E. L. Rhodes; Charles Ray Newcomb and Miss Dorothy Eleanor Goodrich, both of Blytheville. by the Rev. VV. p. Cooley; Ferndon Hankins. of Deering, and Miss Opal Felker, of Kennett. by George W. Patterson. Woodrow Burrow and Miss Lorin& Mathews,Cb'oth^of : Osceola.. .by Magistrate -Cassidy; Neely Buford King and Mrs. Eunice Baggett. both of Rivervale. by Magistrate Cassi- clay; Senia Long and Miss Beatrice Ingram, both of Blytheville, by Magistrate Cassidyffl Yovel Lee.anci Miss Eevelyn Turner, both ol' Manila, by Magistrate Cassidy; Buddie Summers and Miss Jewell Robers, both of Blytheville. by T. R. Shepherd. Pat L. Milliard and Miss Christine BriLtain, both of Blytheville, by Magistrate Cnssidy; 'Roy L. Spears and Miss Syble Garrard, Southerh and Miss Juneator Khi- did, both of -Manila, by W. Vs. Webb; Clifford Russell 'and Mi'ss Vivian'Parish, both of Dell; Roliie Morgan and Mr.s. Bessie' tfing Helms, both of Manila, by E W Husky. '. ' •' ' Luxora , •*'• •'• ••' Society—Personal Thursday Night Dinner. Club The newly organized dinner club was entertained Thanksgiving night ai the home of Mr. and Mrs. Milton Hobbs. with Mr. and Mrs. John Ford as co-hosts. This was the first dinner for the club and plans were completed to meet once a month. The members composing the club are, besides the hosts: Mr. and •Mrs. James" "Pet-men ter, Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Rozelle, Mr. and Mrs. Champ ...Meadows. - Mr. and Mrs. both of Steele. by Magistrate Cas-' me ,. sidy; Curay Hopper and Wilma Tt'rnage. both of Blytheville. by T. R. Sheplierd; Carlie E. B. Davidson and Miss Margaret Noble, both of Blyihevilltf, by Magistrate Cassidy; Ralph Key and Miss Georgia Powell, both of Black Oak. by Magistrate Cassidy. Willie Joe Stubbs and Miss Car- . Roy Permenter, Mr. and Mrs. Eland -Mr. and Mrs. John After dinner, the members motored to Steele. Mo., where dancing was enjoyed at the -Blue Room n't Koury's Confectionary. " > -f ' • \ Ifave Week of Prayer Program "The Prince of Peace—the Only Hope of the World" was the theme T •, , . — — *»vji-i~ uj nit vvuiiu was Liic uicnip ne Lee Jordan, both of Blytheville; of the programs for the obscrvaMe Curtis Durham and Miss Verdie of the Baptist Woman- Davis, both of Dell, by Magistrate - woman, Cassidy: Oclis Leathenvood, of Blytheville. and Miss Thclrha Natalie Memphis, by the Rev. John L. Gaston, a Presbyterian minister. •Mrs. Waller had gone to school to a son of the Rev. Gnston. 'The late Mr. Waller and Mrs. .Waller moved to.Luxora the year they .were married and have made their home here since. The Wallers had 'three .daughters, Mrs. SalHe' Davis. MLss Luxora Waller, and the late Mrs. Effle Stehle. * * * Stanford Famiiy Has Dinner The' Stanford* family had dinner with Mr., and Mrs. Harry Stanford on Thanksgiving Day at the home of Mr,.and Mrs. ..Will Lucas, parents of Mrs. Stanford. Those present were Mr. and-Mrs. George' Stanford, Mr.. ahd k Mrs. Willie" HowtirdrMr. "and "Wrs. Lem Stanford and sons, Mr. nnd Mrs. Charles Howard and family, Hen'ry Stanford of Tulsa, Okla., and Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Moffitt. * * * Mr. and Mrs. B. O. Wilkins, B. Q. Jr. and Ann Clalr were guests of Mr. Wilkins' parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. U. Wilkins of Jonesboro, Thanksgiving Day. Mr. and Mrs. . Russell .Bowen, Mrs. Lem. Stanford. Tommie and' Bubby Stanford, Mrs. -Allen Posey, Sara Posey. Mrs. B. O. Wilkins, B. O.' Wilkins Jr., and Ann Claire Wilkins, Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Smith Societies of the Southern Baptists which was held at the Luxora Baptist Church Monday in an all . ..... JLJULJUOl: WUUM Bnggs. of Yellville.. by Magistrate day me-tin* Cassidy: Russell Campbell, of To- Mrs . John^Tlnveatt was the lead- mat-o. and Miss Gladys Wilkins of Sikeston. by Magistrate Cassidy; James Meacham and Miss Frances Presnell. both xif Blytheville. by Magistrate Cassidy. Adolph Langstadt and Miss Mar- niay cause n , ackache, rheumatic pains Names of the couples and ministers! garet Humphreys, both of Williams- — PRESCRIPTIONS— Stft - - Accurate Your Prescription Druggfet Fowler Drug Co. or'officers performing the ceremonies, if listed, are as follows: Jolly Sparks and Miss Margaret. Scott, both of Blytheville; Harlin Duggar of Waynesboro. Tenn., and Miss Esteile Moore, of Blytheville, by Magistrate T. L. Cassidy; Donald V. Cole of Centralia, and Miss Caphola Whitworth. of Blytheville: ! A. C. Collins and Mrs. Tippy Zells'. both of Blytheville. by Magistrate T. L. Cassidy; Arthur William Ad- kiison and Miss Mary Nell Hoggins, Main A First Pfaeiic 141 ville. Mo., by the Rev. H. .;. Kleindienst; Boone A. Godwin and Miss Irene Garrison, both of Blytheville by Magistrate Cassidy: oVbie Lee Johns Ice & Coal Co. C'Jood - Clean - Coal \Ve D«-liver 100 ibs. or Carload All Coa! by Ran Phone 83 er of the morning program in which "Tidings of Peace Through Dealing- Preach ing-Teach ing and Publications" were discussed ns these „,.„ . . Y a Uie^L „„£,-* Wll|1 sr i, ar i )ng anu ourninp sometime pnases ale dealt With ill the for- '«>ow3 there is aomcthing wrong with you MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES This Old Treatment Of ten Brings Happy Relief Many sufferers relievo rta-jninft tmckuchi quickly, once they discover thai UIR real cnus< of their trouble may be lirccl kidncy«. The kidneys nrc Nature** chief way of tnkinf t^ie excess acida and waste out of the blood 'I hev help meat people pass n.l»out 3 pints a day • >vhcn disorder of kidney function permits poisonous mailer to remain in your blood, i PAGE snw the Pass Jon Piny In Memphis. Recent, guests of Mrs. Walter Lynch were Mrs. Gene BJnek of. Poplar Bluff, MO., and Mr.s. C. C. Denny of Conwny. They are both former Luxonms and will bo remembered. Mr.s. Jihu-k [us Ciissle jfays. and Mr.s. Denny as Mr.s. Will Lynch. Mr. und Mr.s. Charlie hud as ; tiurlug ih« Mrs. Thoinns' L. E. Tennyson of Arku- delphJa, and Mks Cuthorino Ton- nyson of Vannciulo. Ark. Osceola Society—Personal Uu* Osceoluiis attending lie Passion Play j n Memphis were Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Cox, Mr*. H. •). Halt>, Baker Turner, Mr.s. Lee Maxwell. Glenda Maxwell, Mrs. J. A. Pig£, Evelyn Jean Pigg. chim Carolyn Douglas, Mrs. W..E. Johnson nnd .son, Geni> Johnson, Mrs. M. E. Popn and daughters, Catherine and Laura Lo u . and Mrs Tda Tucker. Miss Donna Rat> Driver, daughter of Mrs. t 1 . E, Driver, and senior in Honuv Economics at, tho University of Arkansas, iuus been elected to membership In the Omlcron Delta .Society, national honorary home economics society. Miss Driver will be m-adttated in Jun,' and pltins to teach In,her chosen field The Rev. Harold B. Tlllman, accompanied by the Rev. Alfred Carpenter nnd Nat Brittaln of Blytho- vllle left Monday for Monticcilo to attend the .sessions of the Arkansas State Baptist. Convention this week. They will return Friday. The Rev! mil Mrs. Ralph Douglas of Luxora ilso went. Monday. Osceola students home from the University • or Arkansas for the weekend were Lnn Willlains Frank Edrington, R. D. Mears, and Wilbur Wildy of Elowoh. Miss Margaret AMAZED! FEELS YEARS YOUNGER <Milei..«LtmiUm» often nredwUner 49-by {i^ w Mklng iron, calcium, phwphonw, UxltaJ ('|Un ft hU!tl> ", mk(T reruiuH this jirlco. You . Bun KnUltiij m>w jwp TODAY Kirljy Hriw. Dnij; Company nnd , leg pains, loss of pep and energy, getting up nights, swelling, puflineM under tiic eyes, headaches and dizziness. Freaucnt or scanty pas- spges with smarting and burning sometime* wM with Thweall's discussions filled the morning period with interest and inspiration. Pill*, usod sticuessfijliy by millions for over 4C years. 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John VV. nki- rlnglon rtccompunled by Miss Cora Let* Colenuin of Blytheville; Mrs. Jpe Cullom'of Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Cox, R. L, Maxwell, C. B. Driver, Mr.' und Mrs. g;'.p. Jordan. Miss Mfli-y Kei$er left Tuesday morning for }ier ' home in ' >; taille- Rock after a visit of ten days here wirli her slsU>r-in-liiw, Mr.s. Susie Keiser. A. Pigg, accompanied by ills s!su;r-in-law, Mrs. Rpland Green and Mr. Green of Blythevillp, and ' of Memphl.s, are in Shaw,'La,, on a deer hunt this week. Mrs. Green is-visiting .her sislavin-law, Mrs, Abner Maxwell while the men are on the hunt. YOI I DON ' T *\J\J TO BE CRIPPLED FROM CONSTIPATION No. matter whut laxatlv* you'v« ( rwraittM O f wh.,t you thl,.k , tho.j.. you have usod.'YOU owe : u TRY ' p»c« you UM J'nUNLAX in » n «f- lort | 0 ovwrcomu CONSTIPATION and. provided you UM PRUNLAX of Jou Hkj^b" r -*" ll ° l>abl « » l »"-- THEN — *»us*ndu of others will bo U bv y ° U from ANY K .TWK-ff SSL^t IDEAL «v«cu»nt Jor hmnun use. 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