The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 6, 1968 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 6, 1968
Page 3
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Blythevflle (Ark.) Courier News — Saturday, April 6, 1W8 — Pa(e Thni CAPS FROM CAP-Civil Air Patrol cadet, C.SSg't. Jerry Wilson (right), 17-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Douglas Wilson of Blytheville presents one of 10 caps to be used by officers ni Biytheyille's ROTC program. Cadet 2nd Lt. Mike Ray, ROTC Public Information officers in Blytheville's ROTC program. Cadet caps represent a gift of about $100 from members of the CAP. (Courier News Photo) News of Men hi Service Garland L. Needham, son of Mr. and Mrs, irgiK Needham of BIy they Die.,, has'been promoted to the rank of .Army sergeant following completion' of a course at Ft. Behhirig, Ga. in Vietnam. ' • Marine Pvt.'Leonard M. Harris Jr.,:son of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard L. Harris and the hus- band.of the former Margaret D. Rigby, all of BlytheviHe,. has completed basicdraining. at Great Lakes, .111. .Airtnari .Howard : H. /.Henry,, son.' of Mr. and Mrs.. A 1 b e r t L^ Henry' of Steele, :M6,, has c6mpleted .basic; training at Ahiarillo AFB, Tex. SSgt. 'Elmer, H. 'Cash, whose' wife, Sandra, .is the daughter of Mr; ah'd Mrs. Lloyd-D. Russell of BlytheviHe, has been recognized/for helping his unit win the Air .Force. Outstanding Uriit Award. ; . ..'-.'. '•'•,•'" Sgt. Joseph M. Sinclair, whose wife, Linda is'the daughter .of Mrs.; Ruth- Dismore of Blytheville, is now. on -duty at UBoii Royal Thai : AFB, Thailand. Four Blythevilie Air Force Base -crew members, Lt. Col. Sh'envin.W. Boswell, - Capt. Larry A. Bill,-Maj. Joseph M. Columbus, and T. Sgt. Pleamah .Cruger, have received letters of appreciation'for their outstanding performance while in support of the missions flown in Southeast Asia.. T. Sgt. W i 11 i a m Bullock, whose wife, Mildred, is the daughter of Mr; and Mrs. Willie Polk of Caruthersville, Mo., has received the. Air Force C o m- mendation Medal for Meritorious service while in Southeast Asia. A.. 1. C. Richard W. Newell, whose wife, June is the granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Felix Hill of BlytheviHe, has been nanied PRIDE man of the month .at Hill AFB, Utah.. Marine Pfc. .Larry J. Pipkin, son of Mr. and .Mrs. Chester Pipkin of BlytheviHe, is now serving with the 1st Marine Div. Whaf's For Lunch? GOSNELL MONDAY Corny Dogs Mustard French Fries Catsup Cabbage Slaw Milk Peanut Butter Fingers w. choc, frosting. BLYTHEVILLE Monday Pimento Cheese French Fries Tomato .Catsup June Peas Bread Milk- . - . . niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiininniniiii A/ 1. C. Terry L. Welch, son of Mrs; B. & Culver Jr. .of Caruthersville, .Mo.,, p.ri duty at Ching Chuan Jiang AB, Taiwan.;,- " .. :. . ' S. -Sgt. Barney E. Morse, son of-Mr.'.'and. Mrs.. Barney E. Morse of bsceola, is now on duty at Phu Gat AB, Vietnam. A. 1. C. Tex R: Butler, son of Mr..'and.Mrs. Fred Butler WJCYIQ SUNDAY, APRIL 7 12:45 THE BOSTON SYMPH6- NY ORCHESTRA Tchaikovsky's "Symphony No. 6". and .Vivaldi's- "Conperto Grisso in B Minor for 4 violins and-String." Conductor is Erich Leinsdorf.. : •• 2:30 ANTIQUES German Porcelain. The importance of documenting antiques is explained by Mr. Michael. His. guest, Baron Frary von Blomberg, shows several porcelain pieces from his .collection. . 3:00 N.E.T. PLAYHOUSE The 39th Witness. This play, written especially, for television, is a fictionalized account drawn from the real-life homicide pf Kitty Genovese, of New. York City, who was stabbed to death within the sight, and hearing of thirty- nine unmoved, and unmoving, neighbors.- 4:00 THE POPULATION PROB : •LEM ' Documentary. What the future may hold. 5:00 N.E.T. FESTIVAL Laudes Evangelii. An Easter. Special. Leonide Massine's . religious spectacle depicting the beginning and end of the life of Our Lord, performed by the Ballets Europeens, the .Sinfonia of London, and the Glyndebourne Festival Chorus. . 6:30 BRIEF To Be Announced. 6:40 PROFILES IN COURAGE Woodrow Wilson, Fully aware of the explosive consequences, President Wilson appoints the first Jew to serve in the U. S. Supreme Court. 7:30 PBL Timely arid informative. Live and in color. MONDAY, APRIL 8 2:30 ALL ABOARD A Family of Five Go Out For A east ' ' • 3:00 JOURNEY Florida's Parks Invite Yoi. sf Caruthersville, Mo., has completed training at Keesler AFB, Miss. Army. Pvt. Chester L. Folkes Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Chester L. Folkes of Kennett, Mo., has completed a field communications course at Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. Army Pvt. Jerry A. Fender- grass, son of Mr. arid Mrs. William A. Pendergrass of Caruthersville, Mo., has qualified as an expert marksman at Ft, Campbell, Ky.. Army Pvt. Denny Smith, son of Mr, and Mrs. Cardinal Smith of Blythevilie, is now on duty in Korea, following a 15 - day leave at home. Astrological * Forecast * By CARROLL RIGHTBB* Co determine jour torccast, noU paragraph opposite dates volet include your birtb daU SUNDAY GENERAL TENDENCIES: You are all too apt to get in aj pitched McNatient Synmcato u*. LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) Do not give in to temptation to criticize a good pal and get busy with some advisor who give you the admirable show do live the Golden Rule today and tonight and attending the services of your choice can help dy. This brings the finest results. MONDAY GENERAL TENDENCIES: You have all kinds of new and more interesting ideas than you have had for- some time past and they will aid you to make your creative expressions far more in accord with what !s vital to your progress and development, so be sure that you do let those about see the* you are open - minded to their ' advice and suggestions which can bring you gain. ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 19) Out to see those persons whose support you most desire and are able to give it to you. Then set up appointments with con- SCORPIO (Oct. 53 to Nov. 21) You.-.may. have .benefits'. that have accrued from some- previous ' work, services 'yo« have rendered so you had better look into this. Add to good name by being active in some philanthropic work. Be generous. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) You can look into new and fascinating outlets now and it behooves you to put aside dull routines for awhile. Write that letter that brings good results. Find the data that is so important to you. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) Begin new week .properly by handling bills. and. obligations wisely and also see how you can have more respect idueiiue dim .111 » uuc.. j a]s and haye the d Ome SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) i you p i anne d so me lime ago. An associate could inadvertent- you to renew your conscious- |ly be doing something that | Show that you are full of gin- ness in which is best and right for you personally. Be gentle, kind to others. ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 19) best way to assist those around you on a day when they could be feeling pretty blue, or antagonistic. Avoid arguments. Buy some pretty present for the one wlio means the most to you. takes away from your credit, benefits, etc. Be more understanding of a higher-up and show that you are a loyal back- ke your position in life better. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to ger. TAURUS (Apr. 20 to May 20) Concentrate upon whatever is of vital interest to you in the weeks, months ahead and let close ties come around to your •xay of thinking. See what you can add to home to make it Dec. 21) Worrying over that se- ] m0 re charming, comfortable, cret anxiety can do not a bit of THIN.K. good, so be out early to ser- GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) vices of your choice and renew Some gadding about here and TAURUS (Apr. 20 to May 20) (spirit. _ Take more interest in j there brings the assistance you Take care you do not speak un- "" *""' m "" ' kindly at home or there can be the spiritual. Then you improve want from others now, the co- your whole life pattern. operation from allies you de- some bad argument, but doj CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan.; sire. Have conferences that are what will be helpful there in-J20) Show others that you handle (helpful. Set up appointments, for stead. Get rid of whatever caus-!your responsibilities of every!the most important ones, es friction quietly. Be serious nature in a most efficient and MOON CHILDREN (June 22 and forget fun now. , 'conscientious way. Show others ;to July 21) Your activities now GEMINI (May 21 to June21) 'you keep promises. Don't crit-j pinpoint 'the amount of finan- Be careful not to give into some|icize others or you can get into jeial success you can have in thing that you feel is not right a peck of trouble. for you because you fear:arguments, etc. Save your money. 119) Avoid that conflict between Put in economy measures in-'kin and some outside influence stead. Do whatever will bring I or you .get into .trouble your- you profit instead of loss. (self. Be kind and charming MOON CHILDREN (June 22 j with everyone you see, are with to July 21) Don't feel that you.and you get fine results. Avoid have . to pay for everything through the nose. Try a more diplomatic and affectionate way of dealing with others. Don't 3:30 THE BIG PICTURE . Weekly Report. The U. S. Army in action around the world. 4:0» WHAT' NEW Wildlife and Reptiles looks at turtle's. 4:30 AUTO MECHANICS Automotive Accessories. Mr. . Pinette tells of. various accessories: available such as a voltage regulator, cable adjuster, heater, and windshield washer. 5:00 FOLK GUITAR Program 8, Laura teaches the C chord. 5:30 EONOMICS Rubles, Francs, A Dollar a Pound. International finance. 6:00 MUSICAL FORMS The Sonata. An explanation of terms used by composers in simple terms for the layman. 6:30 WHAT'S NEW Wildlife and Reptiles looks at turtles. 7:00 ALL ABOARD A Family of Five Go Out For A Feast. 7:30 CHANNEL 10 TRAVELS Florida's Parks Invite You. 8:00 SHOWCASE To Be Announced. 8:30 THE FRENCH HEF Bourride and Aioli. The famous Mediterranean fish soup, served with garlic mayonnaise. 9:00 N.E.T. JOURNAL Farewell Arabia. This "In- tertel" documentary explores the changes brought about by 'oil riches in Arabia. Repeat. be so stern: with youngsters;'tain others today, you build up try reasoning with them. • good will' and respect for your- LEO (July 22 to Aug.,21) "" "-'" ' •—'forget that idea of telling off one in power today and lose support, and show a more amiable manner and smile instead. Be magne'tie. Avoid " social, groups i TOD AY ..'. he, or she, will be and do whatever you feel ini- one of those fine young people portant .by yourself. ' ' Concentrate on God's Truth and you then find the answer to problems and know how to advance more quickly. Be sure to lend a helping hand to a good pal. Don't turn your back. HERMON C. JONES Business Men's Assurance Co. 555 So. Perkins Extended Suite 404 Ph. 682-9641 Mempnls, Xennesse« Insurant for Estate Plannlnf Key Man - Partnership - Corporation - Group Pension - Retirement - HospitaUzatton, AQUARIUS (Jan. ,21 to Feb. going off on any tangent. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) You are interested in the light fantastic now, and.if you enter- self.. Make your abode more attractive. Be more comfortable and please others-more as well. IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN Kvno has real ability in whatev- VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22) jer profession requires more • • -..-...- - average generosity and magnanimity, although there is a fine understanding of the financial, the importance, of a the near future. Listen to that clever person who has fine idea for improving real estate; Follow to the letter. LEO' (July 22"to Aug; 21) Try to decide early which social affairs you.want to attend that you have been invited to. You are able to get the backing you need from a certain source, individual.. Show that you are most appreciative. .VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22) Getting together with experts shows you how to build up that security you now enjoy appreciably. . Get the data you. need Ifrom the right sources. Giving assistance, to that good pal who really needs-it .is very 1 wise. ' LIBRA (Sept. '23 to Oct. 22) Go through .with those plans to be with .good chums in world and show-your finest talents. Doing whatever brings you good will in civic from others. Buy that gift that pleases 'your closest tie. Hav« far better rapport In the days ahead; ; •••••'•••• AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb.: 19) If you listen carefully to what -associates have to say,; you can then state own viev?'' points, come to right decisions. Go to a backer and show genuine admiration for accomplishments. Then you get support. you want. .. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Begin the new week constructively by doing work ahead of you in a most energetic and en-, thusiastic way. Talk over with' a co-worker how to. improve conditions around you confidentially. Show you are creative, - penny. Give a practical as well life is good, also. Stop being-so as philosophical course of stu-1 antagonistic. THE REALITY OF DEATH If we honestly desire to understand the Biblical revelation concerning death we must have fixed in our minds the difference between the process of dying and the ultimate consummation of that process which is death. We lack proper words in English to express these two conditions, but this should not be allowed to hinder our understanding of them. Both Of these come before us in the first mention of death in the Bible. In the prohibition spoken by God to Adam and Eve, we find two forms of the same Hebrew word which, if faithfully translated would read: But of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, thou shaft not eat of It: for in the day that thou eatest thereof dying tkou shall die. Gen. 2:17. From this we know that the actual penalty threatened if they ate of the one forbidden tree was that the process of death would begin to work in them on that day, and would continue to work in them until it had reached its consummation. Adam, starting with perfect health and a perfect body lived for centuries after he had sinned, yet death was working in him all the rest of his days. Later the. Bible tells us that "by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; so death passed upon all men" (Rom. 5:12).. Thus that which-happened to'Adam also .happens to everyone of'his- descendants. Death and life are both working in us the moment we are torn. In some the process of death is stronger than the process of life and they do not survive the first day,' or month, or year. But most of iis do, and in the days of our youth'it seems that the life processes greatly outstrip the processes of death. This continues until we reach what is commonly called middle-age>when the processes of death .working in us begin to gain on the life processes, continuing to do so until we are dead. . ..'.'' All sicknesses, all diseases, all illnesses are related to .the process of dying. It is for these that we call the doctor, and it is for the consummation of these that a call goes out for the. undertaker. Traditional theology admits the reality of the first of these, processes, but denies the reality of the second, insisting that "It is not death to die." The Christian Scientists deny the reality of both of these, insisting that they are only delusions of the human mind. We will begin a new day with the Bible when we face up to its testimony in regard to the reality of death. This will permit us to see that God's answer to death is resurrection. Man does not survive the experience of death. He will be released frorn it by the act of Him who alone can raise the dead. So in answer to. a question put to me by a' young man, "Is death for real?" I Would answer, "The Bible says it is." Our next message will be DEATH AND RESURRECTION, Otis Q. Sellers This Is Message No. tvierrty-ninB In our Newspaper Evangelism Project. All previous messages are available without charge on request A package of literature will be sent to all who desire' It. You will not be visited. THE WORD OF TRUTH MINISTRY P. O.BOK 36093 Ids flhgeles, Calif. S0036 Let your dollars blossom into a secure future for you and your family. Plant your garden of savings now and reap a harvest of big earnings on dollars that GROWI! Start your account with any amount by April TOth, and get extra earnings from the 1st! DOLLARS GROW with, regular savings fheville SAVINGS a LOAN ASSOCIATION WE NEED YOUR PRAYERS AND FINANCIAL SUPPORT NOW! COUNTY UNION MISSION work immediately to alleviate suffering and to bring the gospel." Mail your offerings now to P. 0. Box "Where your money goes t< 1161,Blyth«Viil«.

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