The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 5, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 5, 1940
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVTUiE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, DECEMBER fr Tlickninn; Samuoi H." Boncnnr and Loo J. Sehreick, Jr., of 'Osceota; Rayhurn A. Wilks, of Caruthcrs- vilic. Mo.; James R. Barber. James L. Burton, Wilburn C. Mnlhis. Robert C. Poteet, John W. German, Robert L. Cecil. J. C. Williams, all of SLec-lP, Mo. Mrs. Pauline Wood .Fa'rr . Enrolls . With Husband * In Class Here There is one young woman in Blytheviile who would be willing 10 '.serve Uncle Sam in the National Defense Program when and if nee- rssary. Mrs. Pauline Wood Parr, •HO W. Main street, has enlistee! in 'the Civilian Aeronautics Authority" classes, starting here this \veek. Enlisting with Mrs. Fan- was her husband, N. Walter Pair, who also wants to fly. in doing his service for the United States: Mrs. .Parr is the only woman yet to enroll in the class which will accept both men and women be- uveen the ages of 19 and 26 years although only one woman can be included in the 10 top-ranking stu- dents'who. will take up actual flying lessons 'after completing, course in ground instructions. - /mere are now 49 enrolled in the class and all of these mast attend the session Thursday night to be included in die first group, accord- Vital Link in British Life Line Here Is Day In Life Of Typical London Family (Continued from. Page D aied there are 2,500,000 including 400,000 evacuees getting full time education. 12:30 p.m.—Mother meets the children at n restaurant for luncheon, a special treat. The air raid restaurant but attracts little alien- i restaurant but attracts iilt'ie a ten- i lion. They are in the midst of the soup when a small bir/./er in ihe restaurant sounds and the manager announces that raiders are overhead. He invites all to go to ihe restaurant shelter. The waiters are required io go to the sheliers and all servli-e <:easey. Mother and the children decide to wait at their table and in 20 minute. 1 ;— utter a few distant explosions —service is resumed. 2 p.m.—Gertrude and George attend n ptrrl'orinrtiK'fi of an abbreviated bullet in a nearby theater. Lunch-time shows, especially brie! ballets and performances of famous plays, have become popular in view Late Thomas Schall, Blind Senator, Viciim Of ' ing to Norman G. Moore, instructor • , j ' y f s hl Ufc jn Lonc i on . ._._ * _ _i ^ ,.r rjrt uplift? * v * *i*v.#». o in the ground school of 72 hours to be held nightly for two months except on Saturday and Sunday. Classes are held at City Hall. 7:30 o'clock for two hours. Forty hours of actual flying instruction, with J. P. Holland as teacher, will follow for the first ten .students and others may re-enroll for another class in hopes of making top-ranking grades. The only cost is $2 for text books and $6 for physical examination with the other expenses borne by the National Defense Program. ; 'In addition to Mr. and Mrs. Parr, these have : enrolled: Otto Scrape, H. L. Halsell, Jr.. Lee Richardson. Jr.] Horace Walters, Harold Medlin. Tommy Tinker, Jimmie Crook, Ver- ilain Gill, Maurice Sanders, Prank Caudle, Roy Rea, Arthur Clovis Smart, Woodrow Wilson Hale, Har- reli C.. Davis, George . A. Pruett. John Thomas Phillips, Jr., Mack Morris, C. B. Hinscn, L. C. Posey, Jr;, Richard V. Gill, Hardy Gray, - William M.: Sanders, Robert Wind- .man. Eugene Hood. John C. Stires. . Charles S. Wilburn, Eddie J. Saliba, Roger Eoff, Meddle A. Brown. James K. Halloway. Clyde J. Wilson, Francis L. Elder, Earl Snider, Jr.. J. Russell Remmiller, D. C. McLean, 2:30 p.m.—Mother goes window shopping,' often peering through chicken wire over shattered show windows or looking Into a small opening left in boarded-up .store fronts. She sees Christmas decorations . although there is not yet any "Christmas rush" hi the stores; toys that include tanks, soldiers, balloon barrages, battleships; adult gifts such as~ "siren suits" ( an over-all for wearing to air' raid shelters at night) and many furs, which are being purchased heavily as an investment. In one window there is an exhibit of the latest (and most extreme) hat styles but you don't see them often on the streets. Another window has compacts, cigarette cases and similar novelties with R.A.P. and other insignia on them.—Mother and the children get home well before dark because the raiders usually begin coming over about dusk. Father starts home as early as possible for the same reason but if transportation Is good he usually has time to stop at the pub for a couple of beers. 5 p_ m ,—Dinner. The siren screams a warning that German raiders are War's perils seem far .aw?y as tliis convoy, pictured from the deck oC a protecting British warship, steams calmly along. But danger is ever present Nazi planes and U-boats have taken such heavy toll of merchant vessels that Minister of Shipping Ronald Cross recently declared British shipyards could not keep pace with sinkings. The Taj Mahal is located at Agra. India. It is an architecturally beautiful mausaleum. LOS ANGKLES, Dec. 5 (UP)—' The Into blind .senator from Minnesota, Thomas Schall, wanted so much to see that he paid the "f am" cult $1,000 for a miracle. Restoring- .sight to the blind was not difficult, the cult leaders told the afflicted, Sen. Schall's widow testified in the trial of 10 of them charged .with defrauding their followers of $3,000,000 through the maib:. They claimed they could even restore dismembered limbs, Mrs. Schall said. Mrs. Edna W. Ballard, widow of the cult's founder, who is known to her followers as "Joan of Arc," told her in Washington in 135 that the I' urn doctrine could make her husband .see again, she testified. Of course, she qualified, it couldn't al! be done at once. "fie must visualize a ray of'light i fro'' mthe mighty I Am presence, passing through his head, moving out at right angles, passing through his eyes." Mrs. Schall quoted Mrs. Balhml. Mrs. Schall said she and her hu.sbaad. attended many meetings of the cult, the senator hoping hope always, for a miracle. "Their preaching's," she continued, "were that a vortex was now working over Europe and that there were many gas belts in that area, two over the equator, and one over the Pacific Ocean. There is a gas "ircle extending completely around the United States. • "Los Angeles is like a heart of »olcl, encased in a light of steel from the north pole to the south pole, shutting out Europe." This, she was told, was going to cause a world-wide" cataclysm •xncl in a new world order resulting, Los Angeles would become "the city of light.". "I asked them when all this was going to happen," she continued, "and they said that even St. Germain didn't know — but that it would be soon." The cult worshipped light. Its saints were "ascended masters" who so mastered light that they had ascended into heaven on particles of light which may be seen dancing in the sun.. ';•->•• ; 'She said," Mrs. Schall continued, "that after you were advanced fai enough you could use these lights to precipitate anything you wanted—money, food, clothing. And you even could use this power Lo take spots oft your clothes. The trial was adjourned until Tuesday to permit Judge Leon H. Yankwich to sit in Fresno. Charles Noble; 679, Raymond Rounds n; 680. Etiell Comodor Collins; 681, Charley Van Shaw; 682, Joe Lee Hall; 683, Robert Clayton Peery; 684, Jack Long; C85, Isaac Henry Vinson; 686, Louis Allen Webb; G87, Ezra Garland Armes; 688, Richard Lastcr Wright. 689, Jessil James Smith n; COO, John Homer Tale; 691. Everett* 3 Selective Service (Editor's Note: Below is published a list of registrants js they are sent questionnaires by Mississippi county's three draft boards. Earlier groups have already been published in their order number and others will follow.) .SimckC'lfora; GOB, Olio William Griffin; 696, Monroe Albert Anderson; 697, Chfirles McCormick; 698, Willie Raymond Wilkins n; 639, William Elmer McPall; 700. Thomas Alton Earlier. 701, Curtis Pinkney McFonald; 702, John Bob Crider; 703. Bryant Willis n; 704, Richard Orvil Matheny 705,. Raymond Estls Phillips; Kindred Lancaster; 692, Gerald j 706, Mason'Jones; 707, Cecil Elmer raylor Davis; 693, Herbert Leon j Downing; 703, Henry Clay Milli- Woodall; 694, Bennie • Carnel gan; 709, Elmer Malone Walker; 710, Lester Bert Hodge: 111. O, C. j Mtirphree; 712, Geoffrey Raymond-| 713, Rogest Blanton n; 7H, Ha Berry Tilley; 7If), Cubrie Lee Gar-! \ reit n; 716, Norman Vevinn Clay.*'' 717. Ira Walter Robson; 718, Johnny Rodgevs; 719, OdLs Aubrey Downing; 720, Elton Pay ton W'yati; 721, E'rnest Coy May; 72U, Walter Vadon Dickson; 723, Earnest Calvin Collam; 724, William Tye.s n; 725, Leonard Leslie Woodruff. Board A 433, Elmer William Peery; 434, Charley Larde n; 435, Robert Jack- .son n; 436. Coy Clemom n; 437, John Thomas Bass; 438, Odell Hollo way n; 439. Byron Gene Moore; 440. Aldeon Vorgia Moore; 441, Dan Evi-reLi Miller; 442, Coy Mae Wilson u; 443, Ca! Lee Rigging n; 444. Albert Sharp n. 445, Clair Ellis Miller; 446. Dan Bivans n; 447, George William Beswich; 448, James Charles Guard; 449, George Owens n; 450, James Vesier Thompson; 451, Lee Andrew Reed n;. 452, Holland Roseville Aiken; 453, Andrew Blackmon n; 454. Clarence Holmes n; 455, James Edward Grorier; 456, Ivan Byron Nail. 457, John Evert Bowling; 458, Earl Gunn; 459, Woodrow Wilson Bell; 460. Earl Harvey n; 461. Thonas Martin Reagan; 462, Mazo Leonard Sanders; 463. Joseph Pra- zier Hurst; 464. Earnest Rogers; 465, Eason Alexander n; 466, Willie Quails n; 467. L. C. Northern T:; 468. Louis Hughs n. 469. John D. Tranzy n; 470, Allen Johnson Davis n; 471, Edd Twiggs n; 472, Paul Martin Aycock; 473 Louis Wade Davis; 474, Cleotra Harris n; 475, Cornelius Brown Jr. n; 476, Lloyd Nelson Forrest; 477, John David Wilson; 478, Otis James Sanderfer; 479. James Carr n; 480, Leonard William Carson. Board B 676, Elvis Johnnie Lowry; 677, John Johnson n; 378. Chelsea Jr.. .Timothy E. Woods, all of Ely- coming. Par away the guns begin theville: Fred . S. King, Jr.. of to roar. A Special Purchase Makes Possible These STOVE SPECIAL of Philco Florence Console Oil Range (Not Like Picture) Model 95T (Not Like Picture) Regular $44.75 While 18 Last •Burner ANGE Here's a practical closed-front, five-burner range* til an extra low price if you act quickly. Three burners beneath the cooking top and two under the oven. The roomy cooking ten has three cast iron grates finished in black japan. The large, roomy oven has accurate door ^thermometer. Come in today and see just what a fine stove this is for such a low price. Hubbard Furniture Co. And Your Old Sol Complete with Aerial and 1'hilco's Heaviest 1000 hour battery. N e w 4 T 11 s h - PulP Circuit Gives Finest Farm Radio Tone Ever Achieved. Just listen to amazing: volume—the fell, clear, life-like tone of this I rand-new, smart and powerful 5- tiibe Philco Farm Katlio. 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