The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 5, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 5, 1952
Page 2
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BLYTHEVII/LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, MAT », mi An Statin's Co/onto Hungary Shudders as New Boss Begins 'Purification of Party Mtton Bot«: Poland, Czecho- •lorahla, Hungary, Romania, Bui. 0*** independent, these today u* 0t*Un'B colonie*. The area •tretchinff trom the Baltic to the Bluk Sea holds 70 million persons who know first-hand what Moscow meuu when It speaks of "impcrl- ftlki aggression." They may be , hatf-forgotten In a world busy with manjr problems, but theirs is one of the major stories of our time. WHliam L. Ryan, AP foreign n«w« analyst, set out to get the best available Information of them. •e traveled several thousand miles, studied Russian publications, and Interviewed scores of exiles, refugee* and diplomats— ench Sn a position to supply some part of (he broad picture. Ryan's findings will appear In five articles this week. Today**, the first, focuses on Hungary. By WILMAM L. RYAN AP Foreign New* Analyst Five years n go. this month Mnl- yas RakosI stopped !n and look over Hungary for his boss and idol, Joseph Stalin. Rakosf — his ex-prisoner Robert A. Vogeler calls him "old Potato Head" because his hairless and wrinkled dome looks like R washed potato — retains his grip over the country today. But there are too many Communists who are Communists In name only. RakosI, fast man with a wisecrack, is just as fast with a purge. He Is giving the party one of its most thoroughgoing purifications yet, under Moscow's watchful eye. Hungary Is less sovietized than any of thher satellite countries But the signs are nil there and time for the full Russian takeover cannot b« far nway. The snme , forces which drive the Communists in the other satellites are at work In Hungary, and the greatest the*e forces Is fear. F«*r BreeiU Trouble EKlte sources express ccrtnlnty tbftt fear brings new waves, of de port at! ons now n ppa re nlly urnic way to the captive countries, and the many acts of repression- On the one hand, the satellite leader dread provoking Moscow's dis pleuurCi On the other, they reali/.i they are building up . a flood o bttternew which some day may •ngulf them. The seeds of fear are bearlni bitter fruit In Bulgaria, Hungary Horn Mil a, Czechoslovakia and Po land. Communist eyes Communis with secret misgivings. DIstrus and suspicion are every whore Purffe follows purge. Terror is th cement which holds the structur together. Communist leaders have so man pitfaills— not the least of them tl capriciousness of Moscow itself— thai they cannot afford to tak chance*. That Is why. In Hnngar today, the party is being purge again. Maty as RakosI trusts body, but he distrusts some Con munists much more than others His engineer for the purge is hi oldtlme lieutenant. Erno Gero. Lik RakosI, Gero Is of Jewish origin and with RakosI he was a mcmbe of the Communist Tntcrnntlonn hiding In Moscow during the prc war regime of Regent Acln Horthy. Both were wanted for | treason and dozens of charges ofj homicide. I Party Members Screened Under Gcro's direction recently, the Budapest Politburo began Its screening of the million members of the Communist party. That is too large a number for safety, any are suspected of nationalism r "cosmopolitanism"—putting the terest-s of Hungary above those the USSR. The Politburo set up a committee r the checkup. It first screened hose who were members before 045, then those brought into the arty nftcr the 1047 coup, then any ho traveled in the West' after 1945, iid finally, those who had any ontnct at nil with the West. The crcening continues. Fear of Hungarians causes the arty and Moscow to lacn the Hun- nrlnn Army with spies. It brought decree assigning armed guards o every merchant vessel plying ie Hungarian part of the Danube. Fear is stepping up the discipll- nry measures, against workers and cnsnnUs. Any construction worker ho quits a military project with- lit permission is sent into forced abor. As for the peasants, "voluu- iry" collect !vl/,n lion of fanners Is elng sped by imposition of taxes heavy the independent farmer an'I pay. His land l.s then con- iscated and he is forced Into the ollectlvc. Fcnr of Hungarians caused the lussinns to lake the raitroruls over completely, controlling it from their •allway command' in the Soviet zone of Austria. It was fenr of the "strong" mar who might turn Independent—like Tito—which caused the Comma ilsls of Hungary to execute Laszlo tajk, one-time power In HuiiRariai communism and former interior in! nlslcr. It was fear of the strength *oman Catholicism which cruisec he Hungarian Communists to Im prison Cardinal Mind.szenty other religious lenders. Among the blessings of bolshev Ism l.s this: Hungary is a producing land where there has always bcei n food surplus. Today there Is no enough to feed the population. City workers are hard hit b the rise In prices^ particularly IV "ow wage groups. When rntlonin ended, they got a rise of up per cent. But food skyrocketed. 1 some Instances HS high as 300 pe cent. More Fercnc Nagy, the Smaltholcie party leader and former Premie who fled his country Just bcfor the 1947 coup, reports; "Accordln to recent information, a new wa\ of deportations is in the mnkln now, but they nre trying to do gan last May. Tn the cities, families were moved out to make Budapest a "workers' city" and make room for Communist officials, Soviet occupiers and now fnctory workers. Mood of Depression "The general mood in Hungary among the people," says former Premier Ntifjy, "Is one of depression, because they see less rind less ope for the future. In negotiations etwecn the West anil the USSR icy sco little attention being paid i the plight of Central ami Eastern urope. The West emphasizes dc- onse of the Western world bill iiakcs no mention of liberation of aptive countries. "The West must not forget that \e people of the captive countries avo a high standard of political ntelligcnce. Empty propaganda [111 not attract them. Nor should ic West lulk about restoring the ast, which is hated. What they f nnt Is a rcnl democratic world. The foundations should he laid for future federation of East Euro- can nations, Only such a fcdera- lon can secure future generations rom the tragedies of our o%vn. r Tomorrow: Susplcl i Czechoslovakia. in run.s deep iland-Hunting Stowaway irlt on Way Home from act fie: No Gross Huts GUAM WV-Two girl stowaways who traveled 8,000 miles by plane to this Pacific island Jn search of adventure were on the way baqjc to California today. For Jerle McDanicl, 26, Walnut Grove, Calif., and Maxtne Allen, 23, Tacoma, Wash., It was a relief. They hid aboard an Air Force plane and came out with high hopes but couldn't find even a grass shack to live In. Another Air Force plane Is taking them back. •isenhower to Italy PARIS (JPi— Oen. Dwfeht D. Eisenhower lolt Paris this morning by plnne for I Inly, continuing his >v:e11 tour of the NATO conn- Kennan Now in Bcftin BERLIN (>P)—George F. Kcnnan new U. S, ambassador to Moscow, arrived In Berlin today en route to his new post, In the Soviet capital. AT opening o fthe urrEay nre (left D. Brazil, distrl less conspicuously thnn Inst year. Among the greatest sufferer from these niar.s evictions were Hungary's Jews, despite the Jewish origin of HakosI, Nngy says. His report Is supported by the National Committee for a Free Europe, which tells of five successive waves of deportations in Hungary from wartime to the present. The fifth wnve, says the committee, is under way now, Many thousands were deported in the latest operation, which be- NOTICE OF NRIV ESTATES ON WHICH ADMINISTRATION HAS HI-EN COMMENCED Notice Is hereby given that the following is a List of estates upon which. Letters Testamentary or of Administration were granted during the month of April, 1952 with the dnl<> of the granting of such letters and the name and address of the executor or administrator: No, 2093, Estate of Emma Sue Hawley, deceased. Letters Testamentary Issued to Grace Lee Hawley McOnha, Hlytheville, Arkansas on April 19. 1052. ND. 2100. Estate of J. R. Bnmbo- llnskl, deceased, Letters Testamentary issued to Rose <fe Jane Bombo- laskl, BIythevllle, Arkansas on April 1, 1952. No. 2101. Estate of Eddie Mae Black, deceased. Letters of Administration issued to Jewel Blnck, BIythevllle, Arkansas on April 23, 1952. No. 2110- Estate of S. F. Powell, tlcceased. Letters of Administration issued to James Terry, Hlyt-hvlllc, Arkansas on April 15. 1952. Witness myi hnnri and seal as such Clerk this the 3 day of Muy, 1952. Elizabeth Blythc.Parker, County & Probnle Clerk By Felton Miles. D.C. AT LAST SCIENCE HAS THE ANSWER... OR YOUR Y BACK! ,/, (^ ***• Drugs • NO Dieting 9 NO Exercise • NO Calorie Counting IIIIIOX •J '•'•> -'->: .--' PLAN REDUCE THE lllllCJ WAY NOW you CAN EAT All YOU WANT! «_ . Where Ail Other Reducers Fail! HSH JVfiKX l ».ifrlv nn ftntl>7tn£ Int Ininccr by profiling >,u,rM,.l,K>rhnrr.l.>.illl.,.,l llir fAl-lmil.lms rlcniriilv W ill> lli« JH.NKX rxtrn-*i».e v nTl ^ <ln ^—tli«*r CftUrninR Iir- Villi ,UM.\ .nil ml nil yon »»nl! YOU NKVFH <;<) III.\CliY! »C«r>TED fOK ADVtRTISINS IN A WELl-XNOWK M1DICAL JOUBNAl rOUIt JUST PACKAQI OP JUHCX WILL tl IHI nsr INVISTMINT rou ivn MAOII Whrlhcr >nu'rr 2 or 50 pnxinit* o»rr- *rinlil. nodical mit1n>ritir.i nprtr lh«l e\crs§ Mri^hl rnitanRCr^ vnur hrart, lour |UHB> \M) VOUH LlFE! Exrr«» ninkri >ou li»ik olcjrr! Less ntlrarli*cl In- nurance »lali«lk« pTo^r o^cr)>riBltl mm fluH woiiTcn nre bnil ri«l»». llon't lir one of tlir^^f nrnnle v li<i nrc al-ns- on »"loiii,.rrow ,lii-i!" NOW ]S 1 11E TIMK io IK> SOMKTHIM; AIIOIJT my!' i : ci.v »-^-^ LET YOUR SCALE BE YOUR JUDGE *? .EITHER YOU IOSI tXCESS WEIGHT OR YOUR MONEY BACK.' KIR6Y DRUG STORES , ori<:MN'(i—Shown at the formal McCaul Tire Store, Inc., here Sat- lo richtl Mayor Dan Blodgett, O. ct manager of U.S. Tire and Rutv ber Co.; T. M. McCaul, owner of the new firm; Rrjd Phil Smith, national manager of U.S. Tire and Rubber Company's passenger tire and tube division. (Courier News I'holo) WARNING OHDER In the Chancery Court. Chlckn- sawba District. Misstates! County, Arkansas, Prances Ingram Jones. By Next Friend, Myrtle Warren, Plaintiff vs. No. 12032 Raymond T. Jones, Defendant. The defendant, Raymond T Jones, Is hereby 'warned to appear within thirty days In the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Frances Ingrain Jones. Dated this 19th day of April. 1952. Qene Bradley. Attorney for Plaintiff Claude F. Cooper, Attorney Act Lltem. Harvey Morris, Cleric ByLaverne Ball. D. C. 421-28-55-12 NOTICE OP ACCOUNTS OF KXECUTORS AND ADMINISTRATORS FILXD Notice Is hereby given that during the month of April, 1952 Ut* following accounts, of Executow and Administrators have been filed for settlement and confirmation la the Probate Court for the Chlcka- awba District, of Mi!«l«lppl County, Arkansas and that such »•• counts with their rsepectlvt fllln» dates are as follows: No. 1948. Estate of Elijah Y. H1U, deceased. First and Final accounting filed by Mary Grace Hill Wjr»t* April 2, 1952. No. 2011. Estate of Benjamt* Henry Levy, Sr., deceased. Pin»l report of Marcus Evrard filed .OB April 2, 1952. No. 1901. Estate of Jo« l>olk, deceased- Firet and final account filed by Lula Polk Hoslctru on April 5, 1952. All persons Interested In th* settlement of any of the above estate* are warned to file exceptions thereto If any have they on or before th* sixtieth day following the filing of the respective accounts, failing 1 which they will be barred forever from excepting to tho accounts. Witness my hand and seal a* such Clerk of said Court on this th* 3 day of May, 1952. Elizabeth Blythe Parker, County As Probate Clerk By Felton Miles, D.C. NOTICE Notice is hereby given that Mabel Smith has made application to shop In her residence at 513 be permitted to establish a beauty Franklin Street, which is Lot ^, Block 3. Davis Third Addition. Any protest should he filed in th* office of the City Clerk. C, L. Alexander City Engineer. 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