The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 8, 1935 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 8, 1935
Page 5
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VlUDAY, MAUcll «, 1935 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK,) COURIER NEWS FOR BIN I A Citu's Wants:fciMeMforYour Benefit PAGE FIVE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per lino for conseeu- Uvu Insertions: i ; • (Five average wonts 10 a line) One (fine per line !0c Two times per line per Jay .. 08c Three times per line per clay .. 06o Six times per line per day .. 05c Month rate per linn 60o Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered ior three or six limes anil stopped before expiration will be charged for the number of times the ad appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by iicrsoris residing outside of the city must be accompanied by cash. Hates may easily computed from above table No responsibility will be taken Ior more than one Incorrect, insertion of any classified ad. Advertising ordered for Irregular insertions take the one time rate. Business Directory Springtime Is Hie Time to Remodel and improve Your Farm Property TALK WITH US ABOUT FENCING - HOOFING WATER SYSTEMS PLUMBING - PAINT HUBBARD HDW. CO. BEE HIVE ALFALFA, ALL KINDS FIELD & GARDEN. SEED. HIGHEST QUALITY Obevst Store Co. Remodel Your Home With a gaiuilics KimBEUOIO ROOF 596 Interest, 3 Years to Pay East Arkansas Builders Supply Co. ' Phone 2D PHILLIPS' USED CARS USED CAR BARGAINS In L:\ccllcnl Condition anil Triced Low FORD CA11K1OLE T ...... 5 IK '32 '33 '3!1 'St '34 '31 '34 •31 OIIKVROLET Uuinble Scat ............ 5 7ii Fouu VICTORIA ....... ?iov CHEVROLET COACH .... $li(i FOU'D TDUOit .......... ^132 CifEVKOLKT COACH .. ¥104 FOKD CODl'E .... ...... ?169 CHEVItOLET COUPE ... ?I59 FOKU TUUOU, SEDAN .. S15'J CHEVROLET riCK-W .. ?135 roiio riCK-ur ........ SM5 Many More In Our Lot PHILLIPS' USED CMiLOT Corner \v;innil & First Sis. Plioue 813 Autoniotive liARAGB Gariancl M. Morgan Alitp repairing—"V-B" Service For Reasonable Prices Phone 420 Yarbro" road near Morgan Utilities Our Complete Liue of Builders Material & Glass of All Kinds Is Our Specialty. arm Wagon & Mule Disc For Sale Cheap. JESSEWEBB Lumber Co. Feeds, Seeds Coal & Wood Exclusive Agents ior tho original genuine Montavallo Coal We also sell Brilliant, Ark. Anthracite, Illinois and Kentucky coals. Phone 477 WONDER CITY COAL CO. Sec Us About Your C«nl Blytheville Gin Co. "Radiant Alabama" "Premium Kentucky" CALL 211 W. Main al Cotton .Bell H. B. Phono- 275. FOB BATTERY SERVICE Ben Clune 201 W. Ash Phone 8. Special prices on Auto Accessories, Tires and Tubes. Guaranteed Batteries 53.95. Auto Tops i; Side- curtains $1.50 up. Alcohol 75b gal. Car heaters $1.50 up. Cylinder Heads, Floor Mats. Scrap Iron metal in demand WOLF AKliVN - - 128 E. Main AUTO GLASS ARK-MO LUMBEE CO. PHONE 40 HARPER AUTO SERVICE BATTERIES Sfarltrs and Generators Gas, Oil itnd 'I'ircs Aulu 1'arlsi and I'lione at)8 for Road Service Main & Lake Sis. "Garage Man" We have a complete stock of Tool;;, Special Wrenches, When you get u chance Conic around and loot: them over. Hubbai'd Tire & Battery Company Wanted To Buy Phone TOO ; ' • E, C. Robinson Lbr. Co. For information On Floor Finisbing or New Floors over 'Old 'HEADQUARlIrl For All The Fanner Needs We ;iave a large supply of MIs- pissippi county's best, Middle Breakers anil Cultivators, /Moliiie & Avery Let us demonstrate the accuracy of Duplex Hoppers on our Planters. We also carry Shaves to fit All Plows. Harness Complete outfitters for Horses and Mules. Large Stock oi' Bulk Uarrien Seed, Held Seed & Flower Bulbs. Our Price is Right-, Oiu- Quality Right, We Treat, Yon Right-. Slop ill and see If this la RIGHT. Why Buy Coal From Us? 1—30 years in business. 2—Quality of coal handled. 3—Prompt service. 4-t-Courteous treatment. ou yet all you pay ror. ity Uroup" ftistriuuted by Gay & Billings Phone 7(t My Cual Is Ulack Hut I Treat You White, Fill Up Now JOHN BUCHANAN - 1'llUNE 10 Niglu Clubs NEW OHCHKSTKA AT CRESCENT NIGHT CLIJJi Joe Lcliiner and his Missouri Cotton Pickers Biggest & liest 8 piece orchestra between Memphis & at, Louis DANCING EVERY NIGHT All for.SOc Couple miles north Arkansas-Missouri 5 miles north Ark-Mo line on Highway 01 at Holland Silver Moon Niglu Club 2!i miles north state lino Highway 61 Dancing Each Night Eminent music Uaiicca Peiieeily Conducted ' 50c Couple lieui Estate '• Stations STOP AT IIAKKY BAILEY'S TOR GASOL1N10 ft other needs 101 me an; dUAIlt'ITES, low lax, I'KESII CRAl'l'K M oilier good looils ui our rcsuuiniiil. Open Day & Niglil Olilest station nt Miisourl siaie line. MILK -FED TOVKlitf, Uliodo Island lied SliTTlNG ECIQS. I'lckiiHt's store, M-l Chlcknsnwta. i'or Kent 1-'UKNISJIED UOOMtt. lights, water, telephone free. 022 W. M\. C;ilJ 277-W. ck-2l IlOUSliS 1'OK SAUJ 103 and 705 South Lake 2 room House, $200 3 loom House, $300 Or will sell both houses and lot for $(iOO Phone 100 - - i;. n. Ferguson GOOD -1-ROOM HOUSH with Uo (jui'den Spots, OH lii£mvuy 18, about 1 imie west 01 iviooic Uros. siore. House is wired ior A'S 111 BOOH COIKU- tion. ISxecJicnt plncc to rinse puiu- try. Sec T. ti.' van biuuer, at Kile I'lU'C uromy. i'nbnc-"iJi. 2-rooui aiiiiitiuent 1 week lice. 'JM licsirn. Eggs, Poultry NOTIOK OP SCHOO •Pursuant to. Act, Ho. 30 Highest CASH prices paid for POUUTUY & raos Lowest CASH prices on highest j''cc<l, yowl & O'oul. UASlI llilil) & SKKl) CO. JJ7 .We pay hlgliosi cash price [or nil Kiniis 01 puuiliy, liiicl ol puve- mcni, JI5 is. Jtlitui. B. T. WORTHY if' IhV SlfUo 'or - ArkHiiaaS, Mid jcl |H'ovl(lii)u for the elciillon of School plfcdloi'4,to bo ejected (it « spcclnl School filectloli to be lieW li ciicll School District of thg jtale of Arkansas on (he third jiUui'dny Hi March of each year. flw tollmvliiK polling places slmll 1C ojil'li IHwccn tile lioiii'ti ol 2 P. M. mid (i:30 1'. M., on Sut- mlny, Mnitfli 10, 1935 for tlic (\foreinciit1oncd election, s'o. of Nttliieot Vuihie Diet. blsl. HIGHEST MAKKET PRICES palii for nil klmls ol poultry at Mahan's tiln. it FIBHEtl Wanted A HOME In e.xclninge for house worn. Am it) years old, high sctiuol educiiuon, good references. Can cnrc lor children, sew, cook and act, as waitress. Will ue glad 10' ito any Mfy wnli ;t hours on dully so that I limy study. Address "W" Courier News. 3 room PUUNiailED . 4 room HUUOE. Mrs. .Wyait licii- icj-.rcnii aas-w. i , : : v !.';" ; y-ck-ia Personal 1>ICK;S CAFIi Across street .from Kress — plf, Fisli-or. Steak'Sandwiches luc'.': "-.• •low Ib tlic titne to tukc PELLAGRA mcdidiie. You can find me fit 116. West Sycamore street, near 31ytheville Laundry. H. c. Caiup- New Beauty School: opehiiiij,' in Blyliicvillc, if yb\i 'are interest- ci In_. ehroliihg write "Mrs. X" cafe Courier Neivs, at oiice. NEGRO family wants io sharecrop next year. Tivo men and woman n fimliy. Excellent recommendation. George Smith, 1V09 Hearn St., Rdbiiisou addition. Shoe Repairing WE CAN MAKE THOSE SHOES GOOD ENOUGH FOR THS REST OF THE BAD WEATHER. Progressive, Shoe Shop 103 S. 2nd Street FOR SftLE jiiliui'baii .cottage with 1 acre .or inure Biound on Clear Lake cad, graveled, shade trees. Pric- d from 515,00 to $950 lor <iuick ale. .Uuasoiiablc discount (or casn. ' Nicely Furnished BEDHOOMS, T W O UNFURNISHED ROOMS, close in. Cull 2-10. WANTED— Laundry Work, iiry or rinbhctl. Eticli rougl FOll BALE 1 acre ami 5 room residence; ;>ie(tv sliaue, iiecan anil milt - ircta, on (jnivci udjoinmg Blytheville Priced ior quick ' sale '.sl.uau, iOO CASH - - 511) MONTUIA lliomas Land Co. ...-- - I'USSliti- SiuN il desired. Address "IJox A' Kcws. ' ' • i ' Foi' Sale: Small Farm. •! miles from Blythcvlllo oh Ilsjwy 01. E. J, Heaton. ia-ck-3-12 Baby .Clucks BABY CHICKS ALL VARIETIES Hatching Done Ior the Public MAKILYN HATCHERY Bl.vihevllle, Art. Ilaicliery Code No. t)0 Furniture - Cleaners, 'iaiJors SI'KIN'G CI-KAN VV Suits Cleaned & Pressed 50c . ... -—- Hats Blocked see WANTED^2nd. Hand FURNITURE. Dresses 75<; Hudson Tailor Shop boarn Wocxi, l . -ocsirad. . jvirs. nuuaiin, I'nuue 7ui-J. . clothing \vastiot sci]nrnu;ly by mu- cnnie. Mrs. B. W. Milk, 01U LUKC siruct. xx m nnriusl school -election In Gpsneli 01>ccial School District Up- 6 of . county, Arkansas, w||] Osccola Lufiora Court ouse Com. Apiiehl Apiie lclorh Blyllicvlllb Unltimiu Al-ini'cl 1G. n, 19. 20. Viclorlit Store Itosa School lilils. Clear hake Cliiat 1 Lake School Senior lll^h CI ITCH'S Stbi'O Leo Wllsoii store JilBh Scjiobl Uzzell's store Jacob's Store Oily liull School Bldg. Boynton School . -\Vhlltoii -School 1 yarbi-o. Schuo) 5, 1. D (0. ShntVricc il. I'echn Polht 13. qrlttcr ID. Mnnlla Nodeini Boynloii Whltton Ylirbrq i ,.-, ^..^.... - wyk>>»ujf •tir.aiulM*, Vfllt l)c held beUvoon Ihc homs of 2|(W P. M. mid Q:30 P. M on tlio iqth to pf March, 1933, nt vihic i lliii<5 tlie blcctoi* of siild DlstiJct, will; volu ujion the n^<!5llon of clectliiB a Dirculoi-s, and the nuea- llon of voting a school tax InciuiJ- ng « 7 mill building fund tax I" \K collected annually on tlic iss&sscil vnluutloh of the taxable lirouciiy In the District, beelnnlng with the luxes collected In 1938 lp rejmy (he principal mid lnteiC!.t of n proposed refunding bona Is^g of 515,000 which will 11111 for 30 years, or llirougli the year 1905. Such election shall be held In -afit District 6a Iho day and at the time above set out, nntl otherwise in the saihc mnnhci as tiro- -,. Box Elder 23. Dell ingi, school 21. Skldwuy Poplar Corner Store 27. I,pnc Oak School ! 0. Totniilo Apartiiieiit, 1U8 West Kcmncr.y, .Plio'nc IJUJ. .V lot- Sale . 39. Shudy Grove FOR RENT-Nicely tiniiislicd licd- room, hot water, 015 Clilekii- suwta. a-p-k-6 (il. U'NUf3t-ib' 792, FRONT BEDROOM, PllDlle 203-M. •105 N. Broadway. 23-ck-U FRONT beet room, stcuin heat, hot bath, garage. I'houc 560. 30-ek-tt Plvo piisscnuo- Packard scdini cnr ivllh less Hum 30,000 ihllia on It, ill good nmnlni; condition, 1935 license. Will sell cheap or trade Ior good spun of nuilcs. J. w. Dadcr. Partly Ulrnlslicd APAETMBNT with good lieatliiB system. Phone 107 or 571. lO-o-tf Hotels Pcabocly Hotel 1!11~ E. Main St. Sicom heal and hot water. Rooms Due/Toe and SI. SPECIAL WEEKLY HATICS Room and Board DOCK DAVIS, 408 E. MAIN Popcbrii Machine For Sale - $65 BUY FORN1TURF. NOW PAY THIS FALL Get bur Terms HUBBAHD FURNITURE CO. Telephone 53 The government purchases milk Tor Hie c[|iilvaleiu of v cents nncl sells it for 10 cents, in Germany. "Do«" Was a Seal NEW LONDON, Conn. (UP) — Embarrassing moments. Chester Parches! thought he saw a small cioi; drowning in Shaw's Cove, dived in fully clothed and was surprised to sto the "victim" bwiin speedily toward tha o|toi sea. It 1 was a small seal. oiV.HlEh'wii? I 8-pk-lI) , n -. i (jowhidd CASK, size I'ii'x- 10, dull' 1 -. J . i ! * \ ,. . 8)v-Jf"?hvlJlc Bunk 1 ^ 1 ' 1 ' ScllTOl a 1 ^r. «.vilal( Moon • BUY FURNITURE HOW PAY THIS 1'ALI. Get our Terms UUilllAKU [•'UltNlTUIlIi CO. NOTICK III complinnce with Section D7-H ol Iliu School Law, Ihi: following c*llmiit« of I he expensM or School DLstrlcl No. as for Ilic school yriir 1035-;tG Is GUbmlttcd: General Control $ a.QOO •'Instruction -.-, 10,100 Oiieralloii of Plaiil .. 1,150 Mnliitciiancc mid Rcpnii's of Plnnt Auxiliary Agencies .... Hxcd charges Capital Outlay Dcbl Service 2,110 February V3, 1D35, I'. II. AUTKEY, Sec, ScJiooi Boavtl, 125 550 350 150 BOOTS ANr> HFH" BUDDIES store school Promised Land School nidg Hecce School Bids Number Nine Ijingslon's Store Btiriletlc Tompkln's Store Elbwali Etowtth School Bldg. Hiltcher School nidg, Ekvon Ekron School 31, Reiser 32. 33. 34. 35. 30. M. vided by )nn> for HoWhig i school elections, M n, 0 follow !%• po ling Places In said District, to- 1 U 1 It ; .GOSNKLL SCHOOL BUILDING 3lvcn tiJHtcr authoiity of the Bonn! of Directors of fald Dis- li'lcl. tills, 21sl day of Fcbi County, Arkansas. • 22-1-8-15 Shady owe Bldg. . yic.kln.ai1 0. ! I'lal Lalii 53. Blaekwale Hannun'.s Store 'Bciiooi Bldg. School Bide. wu. school Bide. ,'., .' Store ' " Lost Cune School Uidg. 55, Blnckivatcr School Uidg. Rocky tiocky School Blclg. Sllllman Stllliiinu nidg. WINNIE VlRCllL TURNBR, County Examiner. 28-7-li X • IN TIMS BLYTHEV1LUE MUNICIPAL COURT, DLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS.- Aithuv -E. Ciiimble, Plnlntirr, vs. C. T. Boons, Jr.. iJ WARNING OltHKIt The dcfcndniu; c. T. Bobiie, Jr., Is hereby warned to appeal' within 30 days In (ills C ovjrL to nibwu- the complaint of the plaintllT, Ar- tliiir E. Gamble. FRANK WHimVORTfi, Hah-ison, Siriilh & Taylor Allys. WITH CHI5AP COAL IllfRN Oi{ GO-LKA-NOk ALABAMA RED ASH The World's Best, COAL Holds fire well, Almost -Ashless Highest In Heat, Veiy Little 01 NO SOOT— STARTQ EASILY, Clean—No Slack .You'll Like It Itvgulur Price >, , Introductory,, Diseounl Per Ton Dcllvcret 120 E. Main SI. WELDING & MACHINE WORK Blytheville Machine Wks. 2ND &. ASH—PHONE 808 Jack Fihle;jf Robinson Bells Westihghouse Refrigerators & Farm Light Plants 5 Year Guarantee - 3 Years to Pay Call 350 COPI'EK WEATHER STK1P Saves fuel at siriaii cost Arkmo Lumber Co. KOOI, Will pay .Ic each. COURIER NEWS. BriiiR tu COITON SEED, CORN AND COTTON'. GOOD PLANTING COITON SEED TOR SALE Ste Us for Best Prices Harold' aicrnbcrg nt STER.VBERG COTTON- CO Found 1935 LICENSE lor 1 ton trucFfti" Kansas No. 330-573. Owner may have same by calling at. Couiier oHice and jiaylng charges. KEY JUNO with two keys on |[ one a peculiar shaped key witii 6806 on It. Owner may have tume by paying charges. Cash Feed Store Field Sci'd - Garden Seed Hour and JJcal I'urinu Feed . lliglavsl Cash I'ficcs I'aid 1'ur I'oultry anil Eggs 112 B. Main - - 1'hone 15'1 Cobb Undertaking Co,, Inc SEi-.VlCE & QUALITY AMBULANCE FllODc ZC D. R. HaH Ath Flat, Ark,, Cohblcblonc Contractor ami Builder. RocVs lur- ulshed If desired. Painting anti Auto tainting - r'uriilturo Rcflntshing • All Work Guaranteed. FreQnian "& \VliCat I'lionc 7^9 tor POH BEAUTIFUL FLOORS RENT OUR FLOOR SANDER ARKMO LUMBER CO. ruKNTTURE NOW Oet Our Temis 11UBBAKU FynMTUKK .CO. Lost All white SPITZ bull pup, 4 moiitlis Old. REWARD. Call US "or 993-W. Superior Coal Co^ Phone NOTICII .<)!•' ANNUAL SCHOOi, ELECTION 'Nollee Is hereby given that, the I'UULIC BNBMY'NO. 1! WASH .TUBBS AH, ME.' WOT ^f HUM .'WE SEEf-A WE'VE COULD BE6RAMDER\TO HAVE STOPPEDA SlR THAM CRUSIW'DOWW 1 RIVIERA IW A MILLIONAIRE'S , THIS ISOSTIA, SIR, '/SIR. „ , „, .. , ovy'M „, RUMABOUT WILL TAKE YOU 'UP-THE RIVER, SIR. IT'S " : EVEM FASTER THAM VACHT. v'I SIU (TNTV s UK I'll Mr IIKALIS.M! IM A SHORT 5TORV V/RITER.AUP I COH- \|- CEtVED AM ICEA FOP "-, G6TTWG PLOT MATERIAL.' I DID SEND THAT ; WIRELESS MESSAGE jr It BUT;! SOJT IT'ONLY B=CAUSS,:I: WAS V/BITING A STORY ABOUT THE SLOV>- )' ING UP OF A OI5IGIBLE f IN TORT, I HAD MT HERO DO THE SAME XING .' WAWXyy,;^ 'fl s "^-|e .WHOLE,THfWS

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