The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 23, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 23, 1933
Page 5
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-• 1 :. •'( MONDAY, OCTOBEU 1U33 BLYTHEVIUJB. (AUK.) COUHIKK NKWS PAGB HtVj-il Cops Chase Cops, Mistaking Them Fo ^: Stanford Univer,i^ Will Remain Bone L | Five heavily armed "gaiinsli'is.' 1 1 leveling by motor, who sto^ml m i lilyllicvil'.e'just Ions enough la iv- Program Marks This Monutig His Rcliremenl yjimuMu of tiii> lociii hig This year about CO students «re| __ 'inking lypwitinj although ut, ,, A1O Ai;lo c . ulf ,UI>I_T)IO jlimcs '.In- i-niu!!monl has pussccl 1( , mll!luUll . ai lllc uniioil stales I :wi. 'I In- dqiailinonl 1m «P«M may lw drlmlni; wiM. Iwl Slnntord I jlnnm-d liy ;i syrtrm ol fees, Mil- , ii, l!vm ,, y tt . m reml ,|,i "ixiuc-ilry." lo imiki- tin- iiccrs.s-.iry iv-i,, 5 tlu . ]L ' „,. c ., m , Hls ls concerned. ach ycar.| ,,,,,„ rd , f]lS of •„„„.„„„, of tllt . Ns . Rc , x . B | m ove Avenue and Unemployment Issues, However, Will Come Up First. From Faculty. of Ndiniau I- 1 . llicir »x\ supply, were u-al-1 i ly only a group o( Illinois cflli-fisi | cuioitlc lo I-'orl Wovlli, Texas, police here discovered niter a 10-mile; chaw on Hi?r-way Ul yesterday, i Tire IraiiMC-nl ulliccrs had a «<;[>:! j K-ad when Chief fc>.l Hico and lw<i . JEFFKliSON CITY. Mo.. Oct. o: Ills men. armed with shotguns. 1 i:a-nib<T of (In •->;). (UP)—Liquor control, i-si'cclcd ,;n t . s a ,m re volvet-3. i-fac/eU a Mainj "Her Irn year 1 .-, rcrvlcr. Mr. Mooiv to be tin- Hehlins 1SSIU ' Ix-fori! the ami Division street service station i iiu?- accepted Ibc ajfiwy of the .sprciiil MKsonrl assembly, has Ink- uhori; Ule travelers luul sopped, j paii-Aniri'ii'iin l.:!c liiMimnn 1 coin- i-n :i back seal lo K-iiel measures hiic cups had received a n-p-Jrl Unit i /any ::ml fill and i:cw laws. > a c ar of .suspicions Icckiug men,' :iiv ioinp:iny's Hull packed ft-itli controversy, bristling «llh sjmis, had slopped at J district. s ill n>:ichmes Mr. MU.IIT KCtlnccd one state I Uolm , ihamplun lyjiLsi In Miss bvi'lyn j mfH \ . while- Miss Maxlnc Cvonk sci-.Mid st'.iu- honors in hhorl d. Nmncroir. o'.her slLidcntbj . n , s «„,„[„;, ,„ - • tt . llo m , e | 1( I)L . An intoniul i v as lii-ld in tli j ijioiniiv; in \v> | Moon- V.-IHI s.-tnbly | l.i'Ve -A an fust ol lhi:i In .sh and second lionou. :,nd typewrilinp, in | (im , 1K . lllllB ,, ldr tl:e ih'itltcl Mr. Mc.uro I? b-'ln;; sijcci'edccl lirh .•[•hunl f.n-iihyjt-y M»s Grace Mapes, of 'Sprlng- li.-ld. Mi... who has tiuighl iii,,,, V1 _ lk „, Vltl . .Tophi). Mu-ikojic and Kansas,,, ion, Ainendinciu was inlopl- M::;.-. Map;-, is n unidunlo of Ihr ri |;' ij^. f g .. mn - Hoover cublnci ;U'lc tcuchi-is ccllrgi- ol Spring- , member declared. i>nihll)llloi) contained Wilbur's denls. "Our regulations r hcl we In clfccl it "when ami repealed, was n 1'u'sdent liny LS'ninn address lo slu- JUNIOR HIGH • I iu'dniK alco- i long ' licfori' I'liargc of for this ft-ith controversy/ liowcvcr .the liquor control mics- lion prcliably ftill remain in the background only until depicled .Mate funds nave lict-n bolstered nnd jobs provided the nncinploy- cd ihroiiijh public works. 'I'hi'ii il will be open season on the as;e-uld problem of rcBidalliv; strong drink. The initstion in Missouri may be summed np: St. Louis wants to sell it by the drink: dry counties don't waul to sell it at all. , . fi.'ld anil for me pas,t ycur hasj -\v 0 expect to innliiliiln them .V.e station. Speedily gathcriiij; a description oi the "desperadoes," Cliiel nice antl Ills men sprinted so'.illi Gl in the uaV.i- uf the lav. irasisleius. Finally l'.:c Il- . Principal A .survey today showed l«ide-is of house and Fenatc believe an cirective conipromisc will be- made. They admit, however. Ihat llic law as finally drawn may be something of a patchwork. Sen. Phil M. Donncily. Democratic floor leader, is writin; bill." Although he was non-com-! mittal I', was understood the measure would embody the recommendations of the liciuor control committee Ihnl studied the problem under the chairmanship of Dr. Waller Williams, president of Mis- so'i'-i University. House liill Number 1. providing . repeal of Hit stale bone dry law nnd olfcrins no substitute, probably will be taken up over protest of dry:; eforc the li(ti:or control lw:iMllc. WlOi the Ixme drv Inv repcal- cd. administration loaders would iia.-c n tiowcrfnl wcanon lo IISL (MI the dry opposition in hanniier- inc thrcii-;!! liberal liquor reKiila- lions. Keaides tin: scnale measure, at leaxt two other control proposals an 1 eniK-cted in the house by Speaker Willis H. Meredith. Poplar Binir. They will nol receive support from majority leaders. "There will be a compromise," •Meredith raid. "We cannot expect to do a perfect job. But we vill put through a subslaiuially salts factory law. It will remain for oilier legislatures to amend our \vork as expcrienci- directs." t.nral Option Won't Work ReprrKcntative.-, of .SOUK- of the r>7 counties thai voled dry in tile August rciical election feel Uiey liavc a direct mandntc to vole clry on linuor cnillroj. Lawrence Presley. Reimblican minority leader in the house, said he was opooscd In local option al- IMuu^h lie re]>rrs-?nts a dry county and expects to vote for the administration bill. "Local option." he explained, "oilers no protection for the dry ccunty. Automoiiilcs and roads uive easy access lo \vcl coun- I:PS Doollegging votild continue unlaxcd and nnregiilalcd. while I-VX-IH:C from liquor would ao otn of the county." So- fur. there has been virtnall} no lobbying, for cither side of tin ]i((iiur (|UCilion. H was reported however, that a stion^' wet lohb; v.-miitl be maintained bci'c whet tiin measures come up for consid cralion. ilnois car was brcui;lit lo a slop as.i, a .i v . LI police siren sounded from Hit - i. Out jumiicd ihe cops ready- icr action. Instead ol pulliiiK tjuns; ll'e motorists pulled credentials and the cops returned lo town. The I-iekl of the Cloth of Gold was the scene of an interview be- Francis I ol France. Hosn 01 Moore's work l:,iewc!l cheer i;i en :i supply teacher nl (lie col- j ,, n( | [| lc unlvcrshy wanls ng nils- of talks iH'e. • conception atom 'il'." •e.iiL' and on Mr. n vl . r _ NKW for , Olils Xuw Orleans and recoid. a :.liorl. NKW oULUANS iU!'i—The chy h by Mr. M'joie. an<< i .^ ov ^, l]ln ,, ;i [ j llls collected ovcr hini by tin 1 amlciil jujO.oOii in beer tuxes since April 13, when the beverage was lirs 1 . Mr. Mooiv iir.i! s:-rvi-d Wytln;-: sold lesiilly here. \ille liK-li sclai'J since the fall nl !*j-^ cntfLLin* :il thai uni' 1 as ( Ci>;ils to Neiveastlr •cieiicc tench: r. In lOi-i he baiiijlil SKAVl'LK lUl')—Another proil- iwo lypcwriler.s pi'i-i-onally ami at- net of the Slate of Washington !IT school tail 1 .1'.l loin- sludi'Uls lias found Us way to foreign conn- Ivor-writing. Ihe .^ime year lie iries, Maciironi made in Senlllc courses in shorthand wild recently was shipiwd lo Ilaly. Lu^an Two hundiL'd thonsiind perscns] are eiiijaged In -the automobile miumfactuiir.K biibineKS In th|United Slates. SHORTE COLDS PROVED BY 2 GENERATIONS For the ticncfit of Junior lliyh football Team TUESDAY - WEDNESDAY On (hcse twiidays lh« '.hinidv Hi({li I'. T. A. women and Uu> twwhcrs will lit 1 in; funipleti! chai'Rc'itf otii'- sltn-f ... A coi'ttiln jiirr icnl of every s;i!o will gu (o hcl|> buy i'<|iiipiiu>nl fur (\\v Junior liiuh rootlmll Ti'iun . . . On (hose Iwo (jitys your iluiliirs will do dotihle duly liy Itt'lpinj; you lo SHVO on your winter t'lfllhiiijj iiwds mid liy hvlpiiiK 'he Junior IH^h . . . llelow wi> (|tiolc just ;i few of tlie many which we are offering for Tmstlay and WcdniiSilny, Ovlubcr 21th and 25th, SHOP HERE AND HELP THE JUNIOR P.T.A. I the nfew Frigidaire fV - \ -...'-. that u&es no inore current* thaii a l_ainp bulb Preacher Arrested for Drunken Driving Tin.- Kev. W. II. Tiirpin. p.iirl h pollen iu be a K-'!i;:th. Mo., "holy i'-llcr" preacher, was arrested h'.r •T'-tcrd.iy on .T -•.h;ir ; :c cl driviir •i c:n- whi!p inlcxiciited. p^lic<- said tin- Mis-iftiirl ]ireiic!r-i ciuo;intcre(i eoasidcriible ditfi<Jllli^ ii- iiiaintiiinir.i! i urip on Hie steer i!!« wheel of his car. He w.i. Mijcd in jail prndiny trial thi.' n;ier:ioo:i. Highiower A'cws Paul Undenvood of Tupelo i,rifs.. is visitin;; Ltllller Jacksol iind family. Vestal Turner and Miss l-'Iossi Adams wero nnilcd In marnaue ? week a^o S:ilnrtl:iy by II. J. Foil rlrcn. Mi?s l.ueile l-'ond-an was hos t?FS TJnir. c day to a larf;c <;rOLi|) o }o-ir.u p in-o])li:. inehidini; Miss Iren Kov.lcr of Lnxor.i and Mr. l':n Underwood ol Tui^lo. Miss. 'I'll parly v/as ^ivcn in honor of ill Misses Connie. Mamie and Mo drna Simmons, wh.o Icll Frithi for Oholona-. ECONOMY Here is a new standard of economy. A genuine Frigidairc that operates on as little electric current as one ordinary lamp bulb. CONVENIENCE Automatic defrosting—ice trays that slip out of ttic at a touch of the finger — extra room for tall containers—and a compartment for frozen atorage. !/4 MORE FOOD SPACE A liiglily efficient, spacc-savinj; insulation gives the cabinet smaller outside dimensions, but much greater food storage capacity. Sec the new Frigidaircs at our showroom. BEAUTY This new Frigldairc introduces a distinctive style in cabinet design, with a finish of white Dtilux and handsome chromitiir. hardware. QUALITY With porcelain interior, every detail reflects that quality which has made Frigklaire the choice of a million more buyers than any other electric refrigerator. o; Hie 31-.807 sovc.rnmcnlal cm- Vl-.yir in Enjlaud. 235>j31 arc. men. ?u for IS BILIOUSNESS ii; Sum* slomucli p 5- oas ni»tl licadachc s — = / / — r = film Jo =| CONSTIPATION A.CKNKRM. MOTORS >'A L U E Be sure to see this Revolutionary Development... Como in Today EVERETT Ii. GEE SALES CO. Wane 67 ' 408 W. Main Si RAG RUGS 8c SUITS yiiK'enls 1.0115 Pant St:i!E. :acli with two Iror.scrs. new Full nnd Winter patterns, Ox- !ord K''CVS jiul browns. $7.95 Boj-(' Winter Stills, pal'crns, each suit wil one pair loiifles nn one pair fcnlckrr Epucial Tiusday a n Wednesday. $4.95 DRESSES Surprise Boxes 3:3(» IV M. i'uesdiiy mid Wednesday. Values lo $1.00. Mlssc- 1 ; silk anil wool Dresses, Ideal lor school wear. New styles, all colors.- BI/j'S M lo SO. $3.98 Rnyon i) r I n I Dresses, nl- tiacllve ]>al- Urns and t<ty- les. Sizes M to '^0 and X lo. 50. $1.98 Girls p r i n I dresses, long Ciih W«ul and shorl slee- I-'l:inncl Skirts ves, ytiaran- In the nc. w teed fast colors autumn shades 98c i$1.98 Women's Misses SILK HOSE Full (ushloiicd. pm? thread silk, sheer clilHon or semi - service welahl. All the new Fall colors. All sizes. 59c OXFORDS Vniing men's i^ c \v FKll Oxfotdi In hi(j\i». black n nil ;;m. All styles.' $2.98 $3.48 HOYS' SCHOOL OXFORDS Hoys' stimlily built, all frl QO lenthur schou! Oxfords «J)1.»/O Ladies Slippers •Ladles new novelty slippers In .Ties. Pii'iips and Sirups... High nnd Low Heels, all lei there. Many new .slyles at two . low pi ices. .98 $2.98 •/A BLANKETS Special fur 'I'licsilay :iml Wednesday u'lixTO :luiiljlc l!l;inkct.~. nuidc of QQp liurc while coltun, inx'l'.y jilititis */OL 1'iirl wor»l. oxlv;i size. Doulilc libin- kots, siilini! Ijotintl. All tf»O OA color plaids yL,\fj Part wool, txlra heavy, 70x80 ISIan- kcts, heavy satinc Attractive plaids SUEDE LUMBER JACKS /• Sizes 10 !o -0. lintlnn .style $3.98 Zipper style ,$4.98 New Winter COATS i\l 4'\' VV;j\. llitfn in (}tialily r.r-.-v.j. ,\ 'i Po!o Coiils...and plenty o[ them.... Ur/.'Ki B nev; collar and cult details, all coir V;'.>-[iJ W ors an:l fizcs.../V nicely tailored coat V'SW/ " 'hat will give scrvnt. $9.88 $12.88 Girls Cam?l Hair Girls sizes 7 In fonts with Tains 11 Polo Coals and to match. fur trimmed coals $2.98 Sweaters Hoys', or Girls fii»c Slip-Over Sweaters ,$5.95 Hoys' S\vu:il Shirts \V;i.riH iiixl iluriihlc Joys' ijuu(!i.<:loth I.iiiilbcr.iiiclv:- 1 Joys' all voll 1'iiU- Ovqr Swwlprs BOYS HI-TOP BOOTS ottirdily built, «ill K' V C excellent Ecivicc. Sizes 10V to C. $2.69 Hoys' Dre Pants SI value* QQ Hoys' Union-. 4Q/» t'hildi'cu's Hcacoii •I/O SiiiU ' : Trill. IMaitkol lU'l>cs. Girls Uniuiisiiils, shorl or loiisr slccvt,-knit or AQ~ Women's :iml Miss' •ankle, length • Tt«?C Kayo'n Unties NATIONAl BROKERAGE CO. Formerly the New pi.vic Store Co.

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