The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 8, 1935 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 8, 1935
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR THE BLYTHEV&LE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NKWB CO,, PUBU8HKBS O. B. BABCOCK, Editor U. W, HAINES, Advertl*ln< Sole National Advertising R«>res«)>tstlyes: Arkansas DsHles, ..IRC., .'WQW York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis ^Published' '$feiy~AlfcrDwii' B&cept"siiri'day ' Entered as second class matter ot' llio post office at siytliovlile, Ar- kjnsas, under act of Congress, October 0, 1917, Served by (he Vnltcd Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By earner In the City of BlyilievJlle, 16o per week, or {0.50 per year, In advaiico. By mail, within a radius ot 60 miles, $3.00 per ay" nitli 60 !,^ **? i"""" 1 *' 8Sc for Olr(:<! montiw ! li. 1 .'"' a0nes tw ° lo 6U ' Inclusive " 1 "' M ' Ruks the World The polcnl force of four in interim' tioiiKl relations is clearly shown by Great Britain's recent "white paper," announcing that England \ s going to strengthen her military establishment at once because other great powers are doing (he same thins;. The paper mentions, among others, Germany, RUSSIH, Jnpdii and (lie United States as nations which are increasing their armaments. And when you examine things closely, you will discover that each of them is doing it for exactly the same reason that Jinglam! is doing it— fear. Germany looks' at her ring of potential enemies and feels the need of weapons. Kiissiit looks at Japan in Manchuria tnul feels a similar need. Japan looks at powerful Hussui, eyes the .United States Meet and opens the throttle. The United States, with a jittery glance ut Japan, builds up its fleet. And so it goes. ^ls there a more expensive emotion in all the world today than this same fcnr? Encouraging Report Timid Americans who /car thai their country is in a very bad way illicit be 'comforted by hearing, the words of Nicholai Osinsky, 'head of the statistics bureau-of the Soviet govcrnnionl. Returning from a tour of America, Osinsky declares that "Urn most powerful capitalist system in the world is still standing on its feet" in suite of the terrible losses of Die depression. Now it is worth rememljeriiig that if there is one man on earth who would have shouted the news from the housetops if he had seen signs. oC approaching collapse in the United States, it is this same Osinsky. but he didn't sec any such signs. Much as he hated to admit it, lie had to report that things were going along pretty robustly. Those of us who tend to get the jitters over the seeming slowness of our recovery program might well lake heart from that report. I hate a man who stands so that t'lic people pnnnot tell where lie stands. -Scnalor Robert B. Reynolds, cC North Carolina. OUT OUR WAY (ARK.)] COURIER NEWS Look fo Your Child's Eyes Importance of continued c(Torts in liomo iind .school to determine whether children's siglil is up to pav is emphasized in a report just issued Ihroujfh Ui(> Nrittounl Society' for tlic Prevention of Blindness. Tin's report, iirciJiiretl by n joint committee of the National Kilucalion Association and Hie Americnii Wcdica) As- sociiiUon, shows that fully 3,000,000 school children are handicapped by defective sight. Most of those children will he able to surmount their defects if the trouble is promptly discovered and treated. 13ut where the defect is not discovered, the eli'ccl on the child can bu disastrous. He may be blamed for stupidity or inattention in school, when all Hint is wrong is that lie can't nee what is going on. Regular examinations, treatment where treatment is needed, and establishment of .special classes for children whose .sijjht, defects are more lliwn ordinarily bad, will save many children from a very difficult situation. What Holmes Stood I'or .. There is 11 great paradox in Hie United Suites today, one that Is ;u> regrettable (is it Is great. Oj) ihc one hand, tl t r |i, u(c of hom , lgc ,, ll(l ' respect, is being, paw (<> u, c mmory of (hc ; v ffcnl Jurist, Oliver Wendell Holmes, whose i military fuiu-ral takes place lodny In Arlliig: ton Cemetery, across tlic 1'otomac from tiic | scene of his IOII B and UlsliiiBiiisheil lauore in ; (He suurcmo court. On the oilier hand, there- j Is u movement reaching into every section "I Uic country to strike down (hnl whicl) ; Justice Holnu's held most dciu'-lhe right of ; the individual to Ihlnk mid lo believe uccortl- inB lo his own lending and his own conscience. Harold J. Lnskl. i], c British scientist, u close friend and warm admirer ol Ihc venerable . JiidBc, lins said Hint no jmrl of his work on tiio bench is more likely to prove enduring than Ihc attitude he revealed toward Ihc individual rights the Constitution hns sought to safeguard. There will he no dissent from this view among students of Holmes' opinions. This gi'cnt defender of human freedom stood squarely for unlnimmelccl lliouglil ns a fundamental American principle. Take away the (jmmuilies of tlio bill of lights and yon have destroyed tlic as well as tho letter of tho basic m\v. —St. Louis Post-Dtej)nlcli. SffWSMI He's a big man (referring i 0 Babe Ruth), but, he 1ms just one heart, and he sets absolutely no rest unless l \vulch him. —Mrs. Bnuc llul'li. , * * t I'm out, lint I'm fin- from ilomi. —Mrs. Oeorgc A. Wntcre, ousted warden of Oklnhomn stule reformatory. » * * Tile ncimbllenu Party tins DU inon; desire for rccnills from tlic Ictt wing of (lie Dcmo- cralio pnrly than it lias for Ilioso coming tlirough the Llbci-ly League. —Patrick J. Hurley, former secretary ot war. * f * 1 am without rudder, nuclior or compass, i don't know whnt bj u lc matter. —William Allen White, famous cililot 1 . * * * The citizens of this country hnvc the right to conduct their business without unconstitutional inlerfcrencc or regulation by K ovcrn- mcnt aulliorily. -Kcrtcrni Judge Charles [ Duwson of Louisville. By Williams f^'lV ' i »ill Mi I/! ' If '/// WWMI4&- iV>M . »8!Si> ^ t '»' i nv,niBTirr -r ...' " "' FRIDAY, MARCH 8, 19; & l $ t Wl£>u [ftooKman* ems NEA SERVICE,INO. CJAM: . -U, uorlis In u .Ilk mill, Jiur ID-yi'lir-olJ IjruElu-r unuoil lljclr Invnlld Jullicp STEVE J1I3VBHS. ,v|,, ... I'lllL. Gale to THIS CURIOUS WORLD IN A COLONY OF PURPLE: MAKT/NS NESTS EVERY YEAR. IN A BIRD HOUSE V/H1CH STANDS ON A BUSY, . DOWNTOWN STREET. THE STAR., NOVA HERCOUS, EXPLODED CEINTUFilES AGO, BUT THE LIGHT OR THE EXPLOSION DID NOT REACH THE EARTH UNTIL, A FEW MONTHS AGO/ AT CHRISTMAS TIME, THE STAR BECAMf OME. OF THE BRIGHTEST IN THE SKV FOR A FEW DAYS. I935SYNU SE RVIC E. i;;r. P LOWERS or- THE CALIFORNIA LILAC PRODUCE AM ABUNDANCE OF CLEANSING LATHER. WHEN RUBBED UP IN V/ATER. Averages Furnish Cheek OD Your' Bab/s Progress nil. moil iti.s nsiti!i;iN t fcdilor, Journal »f Mir .\merirairi ( ilcil'uul Association, ami of lly- scf.i, Ihc Health Magazine From the time when n baby is 0 to 18 months of age u begins lo creep, then lo pull ibrff tl p |,y cliatrs. ami then to ^aft. pretty soon we shall a.-e pictures ol the Dionne quintuplets doliij ail Ihesc purformanccs thai OLH * xpecli of normal children. A child J5 mouthi. Amonpj the reasons cliildrcn arc flayed in bcginiiiiis; to wait arc such tacinrs as ovrini'iahi. rickets, and tad nutrition generally, KO that the child cannot truM llic'slrcngtli of its in Hides, it' dilltlrcrt' Ifurn to wall: \vork* hi (be imirrr lilm. She del..,. k ,,,,, B llu- iiiikiiiT. .Mnunilillt.. „!,, ,„,,.,„ iiniAiv ivusTjioim. ui, u »t " a . HUT. IIDIT tjv:iil, liunr (lie mill. llrl:ln EH mucb allrai-lcd In Gnli> IJllt. lELroilPjIi o,e trh'lirry ot VICIiV TIMTrili:!!. torlrl; Ipfnu- ty. Vale L'DiicIuite» rtrlun'tt nneii. lluuh urfr (unlru'rre. Vk'kj. nhotc fulhfr. llOIIHIfl u( Iliu iiiHl, C* «L-ljL-iuEiifi lo ITJJD ilrl:in tut tiemojr. ^ I'll)) lone* lila loU. He Is nr- VOUKI/, nnoilicr mill employe. In n .Direct Dfrtit, little, IflKltleaett niio ulpslriiiiKUl. ivulls lor Sieve iu come ivilb UCUPJ. There I* a kipocU at Ibc Uuor Ulltl hEjc rushes in oiK-ii II. NOW CO ON WITH THE STOP.S CHAPTER XUV 1MIIAN WESTMOUH ealcl, "May 1 como in? I'd like to talk to yon for n fow momcuta." Ho stood in llio doorway, almost Bilius it. Ho looted very tall aud very Landsomo—his face a trifle paler than Gala remembered It Or perhaps that w.ts only tho effect ot tho darkness. Qale, who bad liGRn aura it wag Stove when sho heard tho knock on tho door. still showed her surprise. She Bald, "Why. yes. Como In." Drlan crossed tho threshold. He stood la the shabbily furnished living room with its table lamp cast- Ing an arc of yellow radiance on tho faded rug and he looked slightly ill at caao. "You uaid yon wanted to eeo inc." Oalo prompted. "Yes—yes, 1 did." Slill lio hcaltaled. Rale, rcinera- hcriua her manners, added, "Won'l you sit down?" Brian dropped to tho uoarast clmir. "I didn't hear until a fow hours ago," ho weal on, "about the trouble lasl night. I mean Hie trouble your brother's In. I came because 1 thought lucre infslit be something I couhl do. If there is I'll be awfully thul to do it." "Tiianlc you." Gale's eyes met his . _ _ _. squarely, "liui tbero Isn't any- S'ou to get out sad see [iconic than thing." ' - ' "I'm sorry. I was hoping—" "There Isn't anything," Giile she said, -it Vogel dl« p(,n n'lll bs tried— for murder. And he's Innocent. do didn't bavo any more lo do wftlj tiiat etioottng tlian you or I. The men who sny he did are simply lyltij;. that's all. Thoy tried lo (rarno Plill, 1'Ley Iblnli tuey can do Iu but they can'L I'll work —I'll do nnytblDg to save blm!" "fJut you can't do It alone. Vou've got to have help, i'ou'll need a smart lawyer— ono of ihe best. Let me get—" Onle fnterrupteil aliarply. "No," fiho said. "There's notblng you can do, Mr. Westaiore, for Plill— or for me." "You mean tbat?" - : • "I certainly do." firlau's oyca eougLt hero, held theni. A moment more and lie rose to liia teet. "Well," tie eald slowly. "II that's tho way you (eel about it 5 guess there's nothing more to, say. Unless yon change your mine!. It you should—" 'I won't change it." Ualo told him. Her checks were colorless tjut her eyes seemed unnaturally I) right 'Just the same, if you should I'll uo glad to hear from you." He was at the door now. his band on tho kuoo. "I'll bo glad to dear from you." ho repeated, "in case you change your mind. Good Galo closed the door and turned away. hours can seein - an cndlesa time. Calc though! tills, walkiug ulous the street bo- flide Steve, ft had been 2-1 hours —even a litllo moro than that— jiijcc she had seen her brother. Twenty-lour hours of hoping, \viiit- iug. Twenty-tour hours of telling ticrselt that somehow things would bo all right, lhat none of the dread tul things she had Imagined were going to happen. She hadn't wan!od to come out lonlghl, but Steve dad Insisted. They were on luclr rcuy to "the meeting." SlevR liar.1 snid, "It's boiler for | lo stay cooped up at home." I "IJat I don't want to see people!" "IL'3 heller for you, aon-n the street. U steadied ,„. EOIUOUOW, made It easier to thlu of going Inio llio mceilne. 1 "WUat are they eoius to [;,|( about touljjliu Stuvo?" "Ob—more about Eotllui: i meinbere. I guess. Phil's, got n of friends in this crowd. Gale, lot of them think that flgh' tin oilier nfglK n-as a frame-up. Th. ( J iliink Vogcl planned the who! ibing." "But why would ho do liiat?" "Oh. ho didn't plan il the ivs It worked out. of course. Soni. lliing went wrong. Ho didu'i pi a ] to get hurt himself. 1 wish l heeu thcro to seo wlmt really ha pcued." "Thaso who v^oro tliero doiil seom to know much about il ""No—" * * * pHEY haf coma to tlio hoi where tho meeting was to hold. Stove knocked aud they w admitted. A dozen or more <S and women stood about. Sonu* .1 them wero In small groups, tal! ing earnestly. OtLere smiled, cl changing jokes. Joslo Qridlel crossed to where Gale stood. „ " Fm elail you came." Joslo PI l was afraid you wouldn't." ^Slevo thouglit I ouglu to." "Let^'B go over there and HI uown," Joslo suggested "Til chairs will he gone by the tlirl everyone gets were." They made their way to chulvs and eat down. Josie 1V1| In her usual high spirits, chattel ing brightly. Gale scarcely lened. She saw the door open i two girls whom she knew enlci A miniito later, three men came „, Joe Gillaspie caw Galo and cair| over ami apolso lo her. I Joe sail], "Don't you worry-l Plill's EOlu' to come out of all right." "1 try to malic myself believe i "Sure bo will!" In 10 minutes more the ; was tilled. Jou stood up wucro o>| eryonc could see hi in aud 'sal "Fellow workers, we ain't goin' I. wait any longer. This is the tlm| we sail! the meeting would et thl — . ,...j m.uo, U.LIU 11:-1 — .*•-.*•.. iu, j./u, Sieve in-: and we're roin' to itir( Tt " pcatcd "Phil has to stay-where N=ted. "Uesiues, Phil would want "Mr. Chairman-" A small tml he is for a wl,,,e. There's nothins you to." , lvilll ,., sljy , dar|: ^ sm ; ll [ M11 > Oalc IctiBw that waa true. That | feet, "fjinc-e our last meetlnu" was why-abe bad decided ta come, j went nn. "one et our member, .,,! j one 0[ 0 >ir most active member 1 i hero wero tbiug., to ho erate- Las found hlmsoif in n very i fill for to.uIghL Steve bad succeed- fortunate siUiatioii. You a» ku -' in hndiug a Jawvcr to take who I'm talkin' alibuL AJu anyone can do about it." "Vou'vo employed a lawyer?" "Not yet." "Hut you should! Tliat'c tlio very first tliiut; you should do." ''I liuow." Gale told him. "We'ro trying to get one, but lawyers dou'l seem to want cliculs: who haven't any money—at least tho ones we've Irietl so far." "But I 'Know plenty o! lawyers. I'll get one for you." » • * QALEJ shook her head. "N'o inunk yon," she said. "Phil wouldn't want you lo do Unit.— and neither ivuuld I." "See here!" lirlan leaned forward, emphasizing tlio worOo. "Your brother's in a bad spot, don't yon realize thai? Tills thing Is liable to become serious. 1 dou'l warn to frighten you. but it Vocel GllOUlcl die—" Gale got lo her feet. "1 know," Phil's case. He .was a yotiiii! lawyer and Gale had not been greatly reassured by his appearance. Bui he had promised to represent Pull nail to wait a reasonable length of timo tor jiiiymnut'of :iila .charges. That ineaut n great deal. Tlio lawyer had talked in lesa! terms that had at first confused and then en know that tbq oilier party in tb| case is/u^ppemy to every mem OP; this organization. The two made the charges against ou her are enemies. t -believo—and 1 others hero wlio believe the sa Ibing—that our member trained. 1 believe EJ Vogcl I Fellow wo know ther emhtl "Hfl irkenl couragcd Cnlo. Since there was DO j the hospital tonight becaus for hail, llio lawyer oi-j millet that waa intended ........ " ' " is I plained there was no hope .of ar ratiging Phil's release. Even with bail it would have been diHicull. probably impossible. While Vogel's life ImiiB" in llio balance Ihe charges wonhl be tlclityeil. ^lcan• while, the lav/yer would "iooi; Henderson hit Vogcl iustead. _"l'cllow workers, tlio bosses hiring stool pigeons to watch , UI all day In tho mill and at nlghl on the streets. You arcu't sate whore. They're armed with into" tho tacts. Gale held to Steve's aria. . The words died Iu the sound ! smashing wood and breaking gla: i (To lio Continued) llilitK.- I cam see h«iv atrthorities at Lit- Je Rock should be so much more Ctor , Uy v.h,,» some of them ,, roB ,-, In . One: step would to lo u,x iuvc no c!iiUn-c-ii and others Jinvt- all real estate which nov.- tsuipa -such arye laimhcs, and I can't S ce taxation. Another to make all reu- n ihf V hi"? , s ° mis{ntorme ? tal5 liable lot the tax on the prop- on the .subject when their .sister erty rented nnri nnothcr would ij- f. Wr'ia , Ulnn> ,!"'" "' toIll !>li-U:ly to imponnd Ml missionary money = , , ciUB , „, <v.i ran gel upiluirs by.holdlnr; on i>j ;i le ban liter and walking on all fours, ft c;in come <iown.Mnivs by Kiting on ihc lop iilcp, then ; ( :,,<iu,,i|y f; |ki- ing down one slcp :u ; , M !IU ,. children 18 months oki mu go iip- tlalrs in an nniij;.lit lioldiiig lo Hie haukh;: lixix-rts who liusi- :;i;c (l ed chilcj bclitivlor know that ;< ci'.ild thrco or four mondis old «il; Vilash iu its bulli if it is of normal development and will us,f ILS (numb in proper relationship to «.. lingers at iiboul li months ol ; r c. shppcvy. or toa diity, or too ciralty too liniitcrt space, the floors arc too to permit the child to practice. I Some: children arc delayed in| walkniL; Dicy are kept in circles tiiut arc loo long and shoes lhat ;lrc too soft. Finally there I:, ihu ((iieslion of normiii incntiii ((i:\clupmenl. nie chilU's environment is lim-1 j ltctl )>.v il.s ability to get around. '•""•If it merely creeps, it can hardly! PCOVIT (he house in vllicll it lives,) Ihc inrj:v, u becomes able loj wiilk, climb, and run. it.s ?.orizon! widen-;. . Mioiilci not, liowcvi-r, be I i » OUR BOARDING HOUSE" I think lhat tins is about cnous of my "dose for tar-jes [or the peor to swallow at one time so I « c:kir-:<- and write anotiicr letter npi Uic lax subjm tomorrow if I editor will ]>mnlt mo. W. M. TUCKER Blj-thcviltc, Ark. Nations of Ihc world liavc tj:e pprosiniiitciy So'O.OOU, 000,00(1 I rmic-.s, navie.v, awl inanitions • ar in tlie 1C years .since t VorM War. 'Vlicrc iirc. ol tour,..-, records of children who liavr \ i;i ifcc ( i a i i) hionlhs, and occLiswi.',,i v " lllcl '|. ( ' s one who will v.ilit .,i 7 lliwi n ls ; -10 ix-r cent „, tiuiciien walk , , i to run (oa cniicklv, onte ---••=<>. v, VV | | they develop the urge and tlic cour-1 age of tli^i,- convictions. Ihry will get about for the fun there is in it. al ihc nsc of la moiu-i , ant walk between monllis. r\ tew children \\].i, D '•- i, ;,t;ti 07 per u -n-d it He Editor's Letter Box of pl Hoc. : " k ol pmc- i UP \\alk. in let's have ; , lo tm> ih;i, uucr a pt'op/.'r sliKiy. i :>Utli-:siit;m.<:l-iip jo .sny :ilr.', lux. mid it seems • fiur ;nc itK'kin;; "!' lion;: II], liui:.-! of Hie l learn to «alk early teal's .n,.. ,, Die, - i: i Rock our educators ut Ij'.ttta Jiked lio\v they justl- i'lca a sales ux, and the reply was „..-— '"*?„" VCi not a Question to bo snttre ! justified b'jt t.-.a: It was an emergency iueasms aud. Hie talss la:; By Ahe. , --VOEVtR MiIND WIW tlL <: £j%jji E6/XD -ITS (AIGWW ")1^ TJO WITH TVA" CASE. OF GAS \ : %\ QUEER YOU WQN~V TELL '/'• ^ MASKS !-^-T30 YOU WANT ^M ME WHAT YOU INTEND U. '£ TO SELLTHErATO We. OR )'# DOIMfa WITH SVA Tj01E>-i ).% -DONT XOU9-IXL.TW VOU |l 2^^J®£S^ TH$6SO YOUPAmTORTRwKV - t w , Lu OR NOT J AT TH WAREHOUSE SAL& -v. A.N J > ^^. ER _^ ls j HA - .L YOU CAN GW&'BkCKTtf MONEY,/( '.'T ^• Vfllx AN" CV-VDt CHIPPED INl O .^ WELL,\Vk-\^M If -' ^ 1SVY — ' ( &£ <.,"U NftS OK VJC !J|V\- UP "BUSTERS SLEtVE

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