The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 5, 1940 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 5, 1940
Page 4
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PAGE fOUK BLTTHEV1LLE (ARRJ COURIER NEWS THURSDAY/ DECEMBER 5, ;i Today's Sport Parade to Clinch Vardon Tronhv Giants, Pirates, Cardinals Mentioned In Trade Deals Rumors ATLANTA, Ga., Dec. 5. (UP)— More activity as expected on the major league trading marts today as the minor league convention moved into its second day. Reactions to the Reds-Cubs and Dodgers-Cardinals deals-of yesterday furnished many conflicting opinions, among baseball's heavy thinkers but the majority inclined toward the belief that other trades were on the fire. The Giants. Pirates and, cardinals were the National League' clubs most frequently mentioned.'in. the, trade rumors. Action also as' expected In the American League with the Boston Red- Sox apparently the 'most anxious to barter..Manager Joe Cronin of the Red Sox came close to putting over a deal with the Chicago SALT LAKE CITY, Dec. 5. (UP) —Notes by a man .who has just driven 750 miles without letting a car pass him, but who was fool enough- to pass two police cars: If I don't get a press box ticket for the Notre Dame-Southern Calif onua 'game when I arrive hi Los Angeles, I'll surely haye enough speed tickets to get me into the best jail so I can listen to the game over the radio. If I am ever forced by admiring friends to run £or public oi'fice it will be solely on a platform that demands all police cars be painted yellow for daytime, luminous for night time and be equipped with loud-speakers which constantly warn: "Cheese it, the cops!" But enough of law and order, let's lake this next curve on two wheels and get on to a lew sports items. Tip to Clark Shaughnessy and his Stanford team: Tnere is one play you need not, build a defense against in preparing for Nebraska in the Rose Bowl. That is the fake placement Jack. Biff Jones, Nebraska coach, got enough of. that when applecart upset at. the last moment. Cronin offered outfielder Doc Cramer, a left-handed hitter, to the- White Sox for outfielder Mike Kreevich, a right-handed hitter, and shook hands with Jimmy Dykes, White Sox manager, over the deal only to have the whole thins called off later by Harry Grabiner, White Sox vice president. There is" a slight chance that the "'deal, may be revived at the major league meeting next week in Chicago. Cramer, who is 34. hit .302 last season and tied with Rip Radcliff and Barney McCosky for the league lead in the" most hits, each with 200. Kreevich, who is 30, hit .268 last season, an off year for him. Most critics believe that the Reds, Dodgers and Cubs all helped themselves in yesterday's swapping The Reds, in giving up shortstop Billy Myers to the Cubs, landec outfieldei-. Jimmy .Gleeson.. shortstop Bobby Mattick and another playei to be" named by May 1. In giving up Myers, the Reds admitted tha they are willing to go along with Eddie- Joost at short next season -Joost had just atoul won the shortstop job from Myers last season, and actually outhit Myers. Gleeson, who was the National League's sixth best hitter last season with. a mark of .313, is a good all-round ball player. And he helps the Reds where they'need help most—in the outfield and at the plate. "Although seme factions contend that the Reds got all the better of the Cubs 1 deal, Jimmy Wilson, Cubs', pilot, and big. Paul Derringer, who is circulating here, don't think so. Wilson, analyzing the Cubs' shortstop post as the club's real weakness." thinks that he solved that problem without weakening his-'own" ciub. •was his self-appointed assistant. Tne fake placement kick was the one play Huey understood and he loved it—not only loved it, but demanded that Biff use it two or hree times a game. Biff didn't follow orders, but he got so sick of hearing about it that ie wouldn't use it, even to win a nowl game. The .next time you see Biff ask him to tell you how the delta dictator, flanked by two bodyguards, came in the L. S. U. dressing room between the halves . of a »ame and demanded to talk to the Team. He didn't get to talk, but he got Biff's resignation—and pronto. Speaking of bowl games, I sorta envy those boys who'll draw the assignment to cover the Cotton clothes detectives to watch the meters henceforth. In October alone, the city collected 1,682 slug* Manila Scores Triple Cage Win Over Dell MANILA, Ark., Dec. 5.—The Manila Lions opened their basketball season here last night with a packed gymnasium arid won a triple victory over the Dell high school. The junior boys defeated Dell juniors 19 to 8 and. the senior boys trounced the visiting five by the •unaway- score of 35 to 10. Both teams seemed lost and the Manila "Howed olenty of rough edges but Coach. Morris expects to shave aiem aown for next week's engagement. The senior girls defeated the Dell sextet 18' to 12 with the battle hard fought but Manila appeared just a shade better than the visitors in this encounter. John Osbome is coach of the local girls team. i Qnder the direction of Miss Carolyn Haley, dramatics instructor ot the high school, a inarch drill and kiddie band parade was conducted during the half of the girls and senior boys game. The first and second graders marched lo the center of the gymnasium and formed the letters U. S. A. and sang "God Bless America." School Marks "Hot Air" Day VINITA, Okla. iOP)—Vinita high school observed "hot air" day. It was devoted to the beginning of the political campaigns of rival candidates for class offices. Campaign managers made their bids for votes at an assembly program. •9Atj -js-tu u| using 03 u^J UUSOR Pinoi[« PJBAXU uuq pinoAV 'sqinod CLG W!^ puooos 'psaug ures -K>J toopiA V Ult^S si )Ba l '0*61 "t siuauiBuinoi .io[«m anoj jo asutiiM 'UBSOH maifls. uocto ittiurre OOO'OIS u[ A^do.r) IBUOUISH uopa*A. irauip <n pap3dx3. si inq 'aiai-i uanoj jo 3no gamag sr tregoH and they aren't. Still, this is pretty late in the season for me to be finding thai out. Doorman, unhitch Old Paint from that parking lot and let's be Bowl in Dallas. I came from a state where hospitality Is supposed to grow on trees, but the city of Dallas makes all other hospitality seem like a punch on. the nose. When you stare naming the out- standing'sports performers of 1940 How are you going to keep the name of Ace- Parker from leading •the list 1 ? He not only fitted himself into a new system under a new coach with the Brooklyn Dodgers but he proved himself the outstanding pro football player of the year. And he did it with a fractured ankle! The two games I saw him play he was equipped with a steel brace that a convict trying to get home for Christmas, couldn't have: walked with. Word -'-'has - reached us \vay out • ''-the "Boston: Red Sox have Jan. 2&—Bragg City at Cooter; Jan. 31, Cooter at Deering; Feb. 7— Cooter at Holland; Feb. 11, Deer- g at Cooter; Feb. 1, Hayti at Cooler Wildcats Announce Schedule COOTER,. Mo., Dec. 5. — Supt. Jack Wimp has announced the following? schedule, for the Cooter Wildcats . Basketball, teams for the season, which will open Friday night of this week when they will meet the Holland teams: •:Dec. 6—Holland at Cooter; Dec. 10—Braggadocio at. Cooter; Dec. 13. .Coolerat Caruthersville; Jan. 3, : - Bragg City at; Cooter; Jan. 10, WardelL-at Cooter; Jan. 14—Cooter at Braggadocio; Jan. 17. Open Date; 'Jan. 21—Cooter at Wardell; A large number of students have gone out for basketball this season ( and fans believe Cooter has a winning team in the making; Salt Lake City Reports Bogus Nickel Flood!, SALT LAKE CITY, Utah lUP) — Purveyors of imitation nickels have found that the city of 'Salt Lake "I consider Myers a great shortstop and I'm certain of his co- op'erafion with-the'. Cubs-and me," Wilson said. Derringer, the.Reds' World Series pitching hero, was emphatic in saying- that he thinks the Cubs helped themselves: "I wouldn't, attempt- to second guess Bill McKechnie on anything he did," Derringer said, "but I believe it's, worth noting that no ball club could win 42 games by one run ,as" the Reds did last, season with a clown at shortstop." Larry MacPhail is enthusiastic over getting catcher Mickey Owen from the Cardinals in a deal h , sold two pitchers—Denny Gatehouse and Fritz OstermueUor—and jve all agree (and by "we" ,1 mean myself, and three cowpunchers I talked o just outside- of Laramic. Wyo.. yesterday) that Boston hasn't any right to sell a pitcher. "Give them Red Sox a few more pitchers," one is gullible. With telephones threatening fine's, and with pin-ball., machines closely, guarded, the lead'-'slug,-business has nailed its pennant to Salt Lake parking meters, where it is flying briskly, 'so briskly, in fact, that Mayor Jan/24, Cooter at, Caruthersville;' Ab Jenkins has., called ..for plaint Moon Distributing Co.- IJttle Rock, Ark. FLOUR Shibley's Best or Old Trail . Plain or Self Rising 23 Pound Sack IS Pound Sack - 75c cowpuncher s aaid : '-just before he \eaded a posse into a movie for a new Gene Autry picture, "and they'd lasso and brand everything in 'the American." I climbed into Old Paint—and when I say old paint. I mean it—and headed down Highway 30. If I don't count sheep in my sleep tonisnt it will be purely because of strength of character. Utah is full.of them and they have the right o[ way on the higways. And what's more they know it. I've stared at tem and steered around them all day long. The Notre Dame loam may jus- IIUIU Uiu wajuiunio in « «-n. '- ...... which the Dodgers gave up no Uify my .season-long confidence in, vital men. making the deal with it: on Saturday by beatms a weak Gus Mancuso, veteran receiver, and John Pintar. rookie pi teller from Dallas. The Dodgers had to put up $65,000 cash to swing the Owen transaction. By tossing out $100.000 to the Phils in the Kirby Higbe deal and now• $65,000 lo the Cards, there is no doubt that the Dodgers are really serious about winning the 1941 pennant- PEACHES, Shavers in Heavy Syrup No. 2% Can J3c SALMONS, Alaska Chum Tall Can - >• Jf SUGAR, Domino Pure Cane in Cloth Sacks 10 Lbs. 5bc CORN, Pride ot Illinois Cream Style No. 303 Can .Ea. lUc Parline Sunda Cake 29c: Almond Coffee Cake I2iv Parker House Rolls -...:..: • • ilOc; Bly. Bakery PICKLES, Green Beauty Sour or Dill $**\ SALAD DRESSING, Durkees Medium Size Bottle E*. 1 MILK, Pet 3 Large 22c or 6 Small • , ^ PEAS, May Day Petit Pois Garden Fresh No. 2 Can 2 Cans e Read Conner News want suw. Southern California club thai has 12 men in the hospital with flu If the Irish do win. I'll do my bes hot to point al my critics and cry. "I told you so." Seriously, the real trouble with Notre Dame this year is its guards. Elmer Layden feels, and rightly so, that his backfield is one of the best in Notre Dame history, but under the Notre Dame system the guards have to be. something extra special, RURAL and LOCAL MERCHANTS We arc carrying: a line of Christmas -Notions and Novelties which you can buy in small quantities and avoid Holiday Carry-Overs. Also the most.'complete line of all.^he year round fast • selling notions nearer than Memphis. ,.Boxed Handkerchiefs, Boxed Ties, Men's Socks. Ladies', and Children's Hose and Anklels. Ladies Panties. Slips, Bloomers. Men's Winter Underwear, and many •other fast "moving DO;. Goods numbers including \Vork -Socks, Cotton. Rayon and Lisle Hose, Gloves, etc. :.r Notions, 'Sundries, School 'Supplies, Staple Drugs. ShJElf,'.Hardware, Toilet Articles, Carded Goods. Jilec- .: trie-Irons, Electric Fittings. Small Radios. . Buy when in to^u from our store and in the niral sections Prom our truck- HARRY FRIHSUS "Has It" "- J1RY GOODS, NOTIONS. 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Can 12c HOMINY, Scott County Old Fashioned No. 2 Can 2 for 15c PINEAPPLE, Sliced or Crushed, FancyJo. 2 Can **• ' JJ5 Swiffs to hy the IMecc Averajre. Ib. |. LARD, Pure Loose :...;. Lb. 8c BEEF ROAST, Chuck Lb. 23c BACON, sliced, rind off Lb/ 23c OLEO, Gem lie; Dixie Lb, 19c CHILI 1 Lb; Sticks 22c PORK CHOPS Lb. HAMS, Whole T 1 14-16 Avg Lb, 22c CHEESE. Full Cream Lb. 23c PORK ROAST, Shoulder Lb. 16e LIVER, Pork Lb. lOc We Deliver 104 S. Division Street Phone C, L. NABERS GROCERY & MARKET Saturday. Monday. Dec. 6. 7 &. 9tli -,- SAMTSIRHC YRREM Backward or forward - - Its always a • Christmas with agift from Hughes You'll want to be well-dressed, this Christmas and, also, you'll want to select gifts that will afford the •greatest pleasure for your friends. A double problem with a single answer . . . visit R. D. Hughes £ Co., and make your selections from our wide range 01 Christmas Gift Suggestions. TIMELY : SUITS Quite often, antiques are valuable but hardly so with that old suit. 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