The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 11, 1937 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 11, 1937
Page 9
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THURSDAY, NOVBBIHKR 11, 1937 He 1-2 to :>-;i full of IIIPHKI [;u 6r oil. ..-..•. Hc:u fnl to 375 degree's P. (or mull a i-ineli cute of bread will brown In 40 seconds). Cut bananas TOWivise Into quarters, halves or J-lnrh thick piprc.s.'lioll pieces In I noiir. then dip into fi-illcr tatter, comnletelj' coating the banana with . .... , < lle ''"Her. Shallow fry or deep-fiU So fry '"'tile hot fat 4 to'G niliiiilrs or and Lara- I 'null brown mid tender. Drain on mp) Ppran Cn\tf |' m ?ted paper. Serve vci- v hot. six IIJCI rUdn \-dKt | to eight servings. Frltler Recipes for -. Appetizers, Little Meal Way ]„ Plate Goes Long The S o u p siftfd flour 1-4 cup sugar 1 1-4 Icitsps. salt 2 (rasps, bakln? powder l egg. well br.itei 1-3 cup milk ">• leasos. moiled f:U or oil Sifl togelher (ho (lour. sii?ar. salt lo a delicate any favorite BY.MKS. CiAYNOU MADDOX XEA Service Stan" Writer Faiicy baking usually means «I party. If it's just a f<?iv friends for j thc cocktail or lea hour, then you'll | like, this recipe for unusual biscuit •• appetizers. ' Biscuit Appetizers ! (G to 8 .wrvhiE^l i mil Two cups (lour. 1 1-2 teaspoons I ai«t ]nUk!"L<rnOtrUSuX rirS takingl^vder. ^2-3 teaspoon sail, | ingredients, sUrrlmr" until batter is ,„!, „ .I.-..„ _ >..,,..„,,, Then stir In fat. This Is n sliff, batter. Apple Fritters Pave, core and cut tho wiles into small bils. stir inlo fritter batter (given in preceding recipe); drop by spoonfuls into deep mnmila 'lente.-l n 375 degrees p. ior hot enough to brown u cube of bread in 1 minute). Fry brown. Serve will! sweet siuice. Dale fr'rilli'is Fritter Batler 1 cup pasteurized dates, sliced 2 Rhode Island Greenings Hoil dates in flour; stir into fritter butter (given ahovci. Have 1 j inch of oil iti frying pan and heat to 375 degrees F. (or until a i-jnch cube of breau will brown in CO seconds). Shallow fry in the iiot oil 3-5 minute.'!. Corn IMttei's 1-2 cup milk 2 cups canned corn 2 cups pastry flour l'2-3 teasps. salt 1-3 teasp. pepper 3 teasps. baking powder t tbsp. cookta" oil 2 eggs Add milk to corn; Add flour sifted with salt, pepper and baking powder. Beat eggs slightly, stir in cooking oil. Add tliis to other mixture Beat all togelher well mid fry by spoonfuls in deep oil hot enough to brown n piece of bread in sixty seconds (375 degrees F.). Drain well n soft paper and serve immediatc- Orunjtc Fritter Sauce 2 tbsps. butter 2 esg yolks 3 tbsps. sugar 4 tbsps. cream 1-4 cup fresh orange juice ^Beat. butter in top of double add 2 egg time, sugar and cream. Cook over hot water 'until mixture thickens. Stir in orange juice and blend, until smooth. Serve hot on fritters. i: ;3;i 3 tablespoons shortening, 2-3 cup milk, cocktail sausages. .Sift flour, baking powder and salt together. Cut in .shortening with lu-o silver knives. Add enough milk to make soft dough. Turn out on lightly floured board nml knead gently. Roll-very thin and cut small with biscuit cutter, nrusli with welled biiller. Place 4 biscuits together with a iliin slice of sausage between each two. Place on end in muffin pans. Bake in hot oven (450 degrees P.) for from 10 to 12 minutes. When the crowd gathers at your home on Sunday night, a great pan of gingerbread is one of th c best kind? of welcome. Old-fashioned Gingerbread (16 portions) One-half cup butter. 1-2 cup granulated sugar. 1 egg. 2 1-2 cuos sifteil flour. 1 1-2 teaspoons soda, 1 teaspoon cinnamon. 1 teaspoon Singer, 1-2 teaspoon cloves. 1-2 teaspoon salt. I cup New Orleans molasses. Cream shortening and sugar. Beat cg ? and add. Measure and sift all dry Ingredients. Add hot water to molasses. Combine dry ingredients alternately with lioiiid. a small amount at a time, and beat after each addition until smooth. Bake in paper lined pan o by 9 inches and 2 Inches deep). Bake 45 ) minutes in moderate oven (350 dc'• grees p.). F<?r • the "good neighbor" policy, there's nothing like coffee and cake in tlv afternoon. Caramel recan "CJoocl Neighbor" Cake (Two 9-inch layers) .Two and one-quarter cups sifted cake flour. 2 1-2 tablespoons bakin? powder, ;-4 tcaspoou'salt, 1-2 cup butter or other shortening. butter or other shortening, i cup Bent butter in sugar. 2 eggs, well beaten. 3-4 cup lboll( ' 1 ' iml!1 creamy milk. 1 teaspoon vanilla. yolks, one at a tin: Sift flour once, measure, add baking- powder and salt, and sift together three times. Cream butter thoroughly, add sugar gradually, and ,cre»mi together until light anri fluffy. Add eggs, and beat well. Add floiir, al^natcjy..with milk,. a.small amount at a .time, beating after each addition until .smooth. Add vanilla. Bake in two greased 9-inch layer pans in moderate oven (375 degrees P.) 25 minutes. Spread caramel frosting between layers and on top and sides of cake. Decorate I with halves of pecans. j Caramel Frosting One and one-half cups brown su- srar, firmlv packed. 1 1-2 cups granulated sugar, i 1-2 cups milk, 2 tablsepoons butter. Combine sugars and milk and bring to a boil, stirring constantly. «V JIKS. OAVNOR MAODOX XKA Service Staff Writer A little meat goes u long way In n rich soil);. Dried beans and i>eas also spread their valuable proteins (rencTOiisly over the sotm plale. And (here ts no fcood reason why MIC!) a spiip should not be mnde into the main course for n nutritious family dinner. How <!o tlu'sp dinner menu's sound to Ihe woman who Is deler- mined to cut her meal costs without culling (lie family protein nourishment? 1.—Lentil soup, toasted snllincs with grated cheese, salad btnvl of chickory. endive, tomatoes encumber niu! hard cooked e^s iv bread and butter, ptmipkin pie with whipped cream, coffee or ndlk. 2.—Italian vegetable .soup (Min- Istronei. Waldorf salad. po]x>vprs. floating island, cup cakes, cotfee or milk. Ori-um of Lima llean Soiiji U to G servings) Tivo cups dried lima beans. C cii|K clear meal slock 1 or cold waicr 1 small bay leaf. 1 'sprig parslev', 1 medium onion. 5 tablespoons' butler, 3 tablespoo'ns Hour, 2 cups milk, I cup cream, salt and pepper lo taste. Soak dried pea beans overnight. £Hce siring beans- into 1-2 inch 'H'ifccs. Dice pptatoes and shred cabbage. Add salt to water and bring to boil. Add pea beans and boil 20 minutes. Then add all the other ingredients and cook until tender, iitaui or, m inuli>s. ,Ius( before serving mid these extras which are really very Important lo (lie fine, flavor of Ihe soup: It tablespoons butter. 3 tablespoons olive oil, 4 tuhlt s|xxms grated Jxirmcjtm, I tablespoon chopped parsley and , n llltle finely minced garlic. .Stnml I soup for a minute or hvo. then serve In lurso dishes. Tlioiv's ! nothinij dnlnly aboul lliis atValr— ' it needs elbow room. I'nss n bowl of grated parmesnn «»<1 encourage each member of Iho family lo sin-end n large porllon of It over the top of (he hot mid fragrant soup. Lenllls are Important In the lo«' budget diet. In Europe, Ihey constitute a large part, of the peasants' food and should bo used more In Mils country. Try this very simple | soup lo learn to like the humble 1 lentil, i Lenlll Soup (4 to 6 servings) Three cups dried lentils, 2 large onions. 2 tablespoum biicon rtrlji- j Pings, 4 stalks celery, i large car, rot, I large bunch celery lops and I parsley tied with while siring, salt j mid pepper to taste, 2 quarts water, 1 cup cream. Wash lentils very thoroughly. Soak in water overnight. In cold water. Then iti large pot place lenlils mfd nil Ihe other ingredl- j cuts except the cream. Simmer until lenlils are tender. Then mash through sieve. To lentil pulp, add cream, Serve with slices of cooked j frankfurter or with small squares ! of tousled bread. BLYTHEVILLE. (AUK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE NINE Head me courier News wnnt ads. FREE INSTRUCTIONS In Latest Styles Knitting "BEKNAT" KNITTING YAKNiS Mrs. Leslie Hooper 1109 Clilcknsawba Phone, 792 QUAKER OATS says Great American Pilot Murwin Ator, is great to keep you fit!" Commoner of American Airlinet' famout ftagihip! • No wonder Quaker Oats is called BREAKFAST Ot GREAT AMERICANS i Ii's 3 warm, friendly breakfast, rich in flavor, rich in food energy. And gives •on an abundance ,of Nature's Vitamin ', the vitamin your system needs daily to combat nervousness, constipation anu poor appetite! Yet Quaker Oats, mainstay of millions, costs only 'A cent per serving. You can't beat Quaker Oats for a breakfast! Many grocers/ W)UaNGtV£rr offcr 2 -package I ™ E < specials today! "' Liked TKvoughout World But Are Best In United States' The best cooks of every nation fashion the flavorful fritter! The world-map's millions know of the delights of that morsel of dough wrapped lovingly around fruit or vegetable, and tossed into a bubbling kettle of hot oil—to emerge gold as a Hunter's moon, crisp as a New • England accent, and with a heart as tender a,s Niobe's tears That, ladies and gentlemen, is a fritter! In.France they eall them "bci»- nets"—translated doughnuts" but they're fritters de luxe! "Puffins" come from. Portugal where dwellers of Lisbon make "Pofos" \yilh fish! "Pritellc de farina blanc'a" means flaky "batter fritUVs" garnished with fruits and peels. And "Chii- ros" come piping from the kettle or the Spanish senoras. We Do Them Best Tills land of thc free and the brave has learned lo fritter, and surpasses every nation at the practice. Corn fritters were bom first. [ In Pilgrims' time. Now we have a rharming habit of enveloping almost anything in Ihc pantry and refrigerator In a delicious batter, lo make a fritter that Is a feast: topping Iliem all we have eveii n banana fritter thai "beats all!" For your fritters, be snip to ] )ay( > a good batter recipe (we give you one today). Use a good modern oU for the cooking; a thermometer or bread test for correct temperature. Use thc deep-fry method If you wish, but remember you can fry fritters the "shallow pan" way in an Inch of oil and an ordinary pan. Ready to fritter your time away? Start on these: Banana Fritters Melted fat or oil 4 medium bananas 1-t cup flour Fritter batter For shallow frying, have I inch of melted fat or oil in frying pan. j For deep-fat frying, have deep kct- Regular SI.OO bottle of "SECRET DEJEURELLE' 1C with purchase of ScqkesofCQffiaY the soap of beautiful women A tegular JI.OO bolll» ol "Secret do Jeu/elle"—exciting, exotic, expcruiVe new fragrance—yaun now lor antyld An amai- ing offef, for (hii fine porlutno U blcndad ofrornondcosf))ric«nfibylhcworfd.famoui Moison Jeurelle, Gel your bollle TODAV. A GAY COMPANION -"Secret de Jcurcllc"! An odor thai's ilij- jcreat because ii's new — a subtle fragrance (hat will thrill men's hcarts-a perfume you will always want to use! And it's yours now —a regular SI.OO, half-ounce bottle, for just Itf when you buy 3 cakes of Camay. We make this unusual offer just so you will uy Camay. \V« feel that once you giro ymir slrin Cania«? gentle care, you'll want to keep on using it regularly. For you'll find no other leading beauty soap has (he same velvety lather Camay has Camay s bubbles get skin cltau. leave it feeling fresh, alive! No other beauty soap is mililtr than Camay. In tests against all other leading beauty soaps, on every type of skin, Camay came out tfeJtiiiMy, provably milder. And you'll find no other beauty soap is finer than Camay or better for your skin. This \i offer is really going Jasl~sa buy three cakes of Camay today and for 1<) more, get ytur bottle of perfume, • HUMYt HURRlriVour deo/er's H going qulcHjf! . . atjtown Stale College, outyields - , Japanese- huiless popcorn 15 to 20 per cent, and outpopK that variety STORES Armour Dnnuli'il Hoof Tliicli Nil), Hi. Hrislu'l, II). Oysters •«••"••••• Franks STEAKS MUTTON Legs . . 20c Chops . 25c Stew . 12jc Rindfess, lb... 35c Select, pt. , 43c Standard, pt u 29c or I!). Salt Meat l-V Hi. Cheese Haddock A Perfect KiHh for Round or Loin Armour Branded Beef Pound Cuiinlry Chi), MILK (i Small or :i Lai'iio 20c ^Majestic Pure Aluminum Cookware at 1-4 Original Price -- Ask For Details BRAZIL NUTS,,, 25 WALNUTS S:,,'21 C LEMON ,, 32< GLflCE Mince Meat Brandy Added lb. 15c HUMKO 4 lb. crt 46c 8 lb. crt 90c J'ounil BROCCOLI X. 15 l BUTTER BREAD S!lc) Country Club '/i II). Sticks i) Itoll lb. 20c lb. 39c Clock, Sliced or Regular 20 m. Loaves Loaves for SUGAR I'll re Cane in IMS. 55 ( HKANS, Std. No. 2 Cans 3 for Country Club No. 2>/ 2 Cans |QL ISJ IVORY FLAKES,., 9 CABBAGE ,, ..... SPINACH •iVHM^Hi Meal MH^MBHB Soap Fresh 71 C I'ounil I "2 licst Gratle 2! lb. Hag P. and C. 3 liars COCOA Cur SANDWICH SPREAD Biff Jar 25' SOAP I'almolivc 2 liars 11' SUPER SUDS LETTUCE '* "£„ MUSTARD '1£F 2i c TOMATOES, Std. No. 'i fQ( Cans, 2 for 10 WESSON Oil 22 IVORY SOAP '* s " Sm. Size fie SOAP Crystal White I,K- Size, (i for :c EGGS Fresh Dozen 27' TURNIPS "" fc 5 C Bananas Large Ripe Km. Oranges Thin Skin Juicy, Do?.. Pride Illinois Country Club No. 2 Cans or Pears Argo Barllclt Halves No. 2 (/, Cans Apples Delicious, Large 80 Size 2 For Cauliflower 12jc Grapefruit Texas Seedless •I For Pineapple Avondale. No. 21/ 2 Cans

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