The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 23, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 23, 1933
Page 4
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PAGE FOUIt BLYTH|V1LLE. (AKK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, OCTQBKU 28. 1933 THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO.. PUBLISHERS O. R. EA3COCK, Editor H. W. HAINES, Advertising Malinger Sole National Advertising RcpieMiitailvos; Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Little Rock.. Published Everv Afternoon Except Sunday. 2ntsrcd as fecund cla-ss matter al In- i>os' ollici in BblUevillt. Ar- ;sn>uj. under del of Contrcss Oc otei 'J. 1311. Served by tho United Press. SUBSCltll'TlON RAT~ Uy- carrier in me Cliy ot Blyinevlllc. 15c per week or SG.50 per year In advance. Bv n-uli willim a radms ol 60 miles, $3.00 per year SI 50 lor fix months. 86c lor tlirce months; by mall In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, W.5U per year. In zones seven and eight, »10.°° oer ye&r. payable In ad-.-ancn. ^^ R il Go Dt>u)n The success which :i few railroads have experienced with slinnily rcnnced passenjjer f;u-os i.; inspiring oUicrK to follow suit. Our own Frisea has »n- nounced for Utceinlier 1 n cut in rate troin 3.G ctnt;s per mile '' ! 2 «:nts per mile for coHcl'.e^ and 3 cents per mile for Pullmans, with the I'lillmnn sur- charRe aljolished. If the new low rates are to prove sound business for the road they must result in the doubling of piissengcr traffic. That they, will do ^o is not impossible. The old rules were established when the railroads h;ul a virtual monopoly in the |)ns.-iem;er transporln- tion liel;l. Good roads (tosl roved that, monopoly, but the railroad? still have cqrtuhi advaiitaRi's that will bi'inu them a substantial part of the traffic if they show themselves able and willing lo compete on :t price basis with other forms of traiT-.portatioii. Wail Street's Idols Destroy •I /jerme/ws The most important single element back of all the experiments of the New Deal is the general public's state of mind. And an excellent way lo get a size-up on this mental altitude is to rtview the case of Mr. Albert 11. Wiggin, former head of the Chase Na-<Jflgl, Bank Jn New York.- •_' '-Mr. Wiggin retired some lillle lime ago on a pen-ion of §100,000 a year. But it is the disclosures :ibout the salary he received before his retirement which give you the interesting slant or. ihc public'; outlook. Mr. Wirsin drew down §218,000 in 19HO, and ,n 1931 his pay was boosted to «50,0(JO. And less than a . fortnight after he had received thjs pleasant little increase, he issued a public statement, recommending that the wages of industrial Inbor lie reduced. » * » High wages, he explained, do not make prosperity. Ik- sn.'jgeslprt that "many industries can ask thdr labor to accept moderate reduction? of wages to decrease co>=ts and improve the buying power <>f labor." And lie himself just !i:id been lifted to a quarter million a year! There is abroad in Uu- lnn:l todnv a pretty widespread conviction that we need H much fairer distribution of our national income. In Ihe face oi' a disclosure like this about Mr. Wiggin, can you wonder at it 1 .' Or—to gel to the. 'point—can Wall Streel wonder at it? For 'what we get out of this disclosure i.s a peek nl a thoroughly Hour- bonixed ruling cl ilS!i - T nc financial and industrial olignrrhy represented by Wall Street could see willing wrong with recommending general wage reductions at a time when the compensation of its uwn inner clique was going up beyond all reason. And if the gciicml public at last has decided Hint it wnnls no. more leadership from that kind of outfit, has Wall Street much reason to be surprised and shocked? The fallen idols of today are not important as individuals, lull as symbols. That is -true "f Instill, il is true of Mitchell, it is true of Wigjrm. What tne New Deal must do, if it is to satisfy public expectations, is to get us away from conditions in whjch national leadership is exercised by 1 tlie class which produced them. And if that class object, it has only the antics of its own'members to blame. —Bruce Ca'tton. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark tf>tty-£> jvJw ;/• ' iriii//••=• I Jil */.. \. : ^:>•"= Mark Up One For NRA A statement issniecl li.v George A. Sloan, president of the Cotton Textiju Institute, siiy.s thai employment in the textile industry lias retimed -to prc- dcpressioii levels under the textile code, with wages incretiswl ;tn<l working hum's reduced. The total-weekly payroll h:i< iidvnnced nearly 100 |)L l r mil over lliu payroll averages for March. Kiglit here, it would seem, you get u pretty good answer to the question,' "What tfouti has the NRA done?" 11 hasn't done as much ns some of us hoped it would do, to be .sure. It hasn't abolished unemployment or ended industrial strife or restored prosperity. Rut it, does seem to have aecompliKh- ed some very imporUmt results, just the same. This revival of the textile . industry's'employment and'payroll fig-- ures is an achievement worth all the NRA has cost. CHURCH EXCUSES By (lea. \V. Barnaul THIS CURIOUS WORLD "We never have an afternoon fogviher any more." Find Germs Are Like People; They're So Hard to Control HY "UK. MORRIS FISHBE1N Thru Ilu- Kriiick U-il was dLs- lilor. Jourmil of the American toverrd and n: t'.ic same time it Mfrtical Assci iatinn, nniJ of I 'j-a.-. fonnci iin-niliii- lo prevent, the tlynei«, the llrallh SUjatirc ! clseasr by injer.tinr. into the chiiri Scientists only recently fiavc dis-|"lio had been ixixjssd a mixture ^vcrcd that Reims are like hu-(of the lo.:in. 01 poison of. the Uear Aunl: Alchibald and 1 an- .0 ;;!iid tlml you are UyiiiB lo learr. a new a>lo. You have hi-cn siiiRhie the only cue you luid lime to lenvu so very Ions. Of roursi-, no one but the minister and tin- i-hoir '• knew tlial yoii only hail the on.: rolo. Wo know you HUM have been awfully embarrassed when you tried lo .sini; Ihe m-w one al the icgular .ser/ii:e and matio sucli a failure. I think it was halctiil ol all those who Siiuuhed Hnc-'.s when you si'.'ppi'd dowi: from Ihi.- i:latfcnn ill llial non-' chalant \vay, you know so well. !:ow to as.smn<\ Ihi-y 'n:; the sav- i Ing tjoes) laughed out of ihe otli- j or tide of their mouths. Well, as I I w5 wrnle you last vc-k. Archi- ! bald '.venl befcrc ll'.r rhiirrli hnurd ' to .si".- if they woiiiil fix up Ihc Vfiitllallim .system MI lha> we Y'oud feel sale In Liking Jun:o.- lo church. As you know, we expect Jnr.ior to grow into a tier- led man so while 1 he is yoinie, we must .see that a pprf^cl atmospheric mudillun exists before vc take him even into a church bmid- ln!j. From what I can l«<m. very f-.v are takini; their children lo hiivcli and I il is on ac- onnt of thc way the church iiilltlini; is vcnlllnU-il. Anyway, he (board told Archibald they did lot lecl like yoiny to .so much cx- Jense juil for one child but I hink if they were no', -so stupid. ,hcy could pee whsu Junior uili nean to 'thn comiiry when he If my sentence vere commuted to life. I'd lose the fiue food Uicy tervc here In deatji row. —Dallas Egan, California convict, Just teforc Iwing VS'c must not looX at tilings in thc year 1033— -AC cannot look at them now— as we did In 1920. — Alberl H. Wlggin, lormer chairman, Chase Ki'.liona! Bank. * * * Little tlo people realize IhnL Iliough an actor makes $2.000 a week, he work? only eluhl or 10 wtcki out of thc year. — Eddie Cantor. »*»""" We should teach Ihc art of life. If we can't teach lhat we -should keep still and Mop chattering iihoujl other nmtlcrs. —John Eiskinc, ah beings. And that is why omc diseases ;irc so hard to cure. and of tlic antitoxin. Lnlcr. vhi-n il was found thn! flic simllarlt;.' llc.s In the "fact Die to>:in is -.1:1 active sufcstanc ml een'ris cn'ange their nalme. v--!iich .stimuiaf.r. liie lormation oi roni generation to generation. juM ifslstin^ substances in the body i' wo 1 do. Therefore,* protective were developed for 'inacliv- accine. made irmn one generation, i.ilng thc toxin by adding to I f a .certain organism riiay-not kc, ionic tormaldelivtie. This gave ris: l:!e lo protect jou agairTbt. hifec- on's caused bv later • yen a rat ions 1 the same Jnmfly of organisms. HSHHOOMS /'KK USED AS A\ON&y By THE t-JATIVSS OP ISLANDS OF=F THE Al-ASI-fAN COAST* or Africa, DOES NOT FLAP ITS' NVIM&S TOGETHER, euT ALTEtZNATELY! 12. FEET IN DIAA\ETER FORA\ ON TALL-CUT' TIMBER IN THE SELKIRK MOUNTAINS, OF CANADA / THE SNOW CAPS'LAST ALL WINTER.. The curious sno'.v-ini:shrGoi:!.s yro'.v t.) enormous dimensions on !ro\vs up, they would not .spare • the westr-in .--lopL'.s of the Canadian Hockie.s. U:ca';sc of ibe wnunei. any expense. ; The moist. atmosplK-ic helps pack the .sno-.v l-jycthcr so lightly ' that Ihc growths cannot t;e easily brukcti or disjoined, bcucr Ilcpai iini-ni (JL-I-.S NJtA ; nS" .Y'SrVrif'^^^' —1 ""^ » '*C ii;op;«l the five day au-k under j "" ~ hi- NfiA iilan to avo-J ihe -.^a-' LIBERTY. Mo. iur>— A bcutl- ri-crntlv. The exhibit can! lii-.iin "C-niu layoff of (vji'sei:,. Appr^.si- oi Ix-cr browed 40 years ayo i-.\p!am" wh.-ve ii M-.IS Iiidtien all .nati-ly 000 v.-orkeis weie nfTf.-led. displayed at an nnlim.ii. 1 .show here l!:use ycais. /, m:<;i.\ fii:m; 'luiMY I letter from I'al. Phi-ha= job ami h , Rill Krimic'l when his inolh<«r M n '"iii 1 "oii' V wr"n'i\ J1 M! l i!' l '. l .i !ivl " E with :11 ">thcr Sii'l. Uuvc no , finished llio loiter. ••«o.nnl3 IIXc n ^.V\'v U 'v<iru iLiiiiio'uair^.'ui'tL'i Vn ' aildrcy^ lint in'oiuisieil one £ou]i. lour little Jo;ut son or likes lliat if the subMa'ice called toxoid which can be i:.jrctcil into chil dren \vlth lirtl n ur no severe re- Furthermore, II seem's likely that i actions und ilnu produce immun- crtotn type. 1 ! cl .disease may te •nu'sed by comWnatlons o( germs crklng togother, as for Instance a Inis working with 'ail ^ordinary •ail Tord ity again.sC thc Today campaigns are being cav- vicil ou! in niaii.- parts of Ameiica leading to the possibility, of^ pro-. , . - ., ..• tectin^ cv=ry ili^ld a:;aih.5t dipli- Thts mny be-Ihc cas'c-*iih Ihe iheria. In some cilits from 60 tc Jininon cold. In which > various; 75 pci- ccni u! ?.'.l i!ie children !'p?s uf oi^aniims have iken in-! i"!ider six lur.v bcc 1 !] given tliis •trnlnatcc! from time to time. j ivp; of piolect.yn. Recently, luvestisators ill Dcu-' If this ir. crrricd en with tlu ?rk anrt in this country fomid greatest possih'c ctlicicncy. it at a vaccine for whooplrlj? cough oenlually may te jjossible lo -de from Ihc commonly, found stamp out dipa;heria. -erm, the Bordct-Qengou bacillus, s not cftcclive If made from old ~-^ == : == ^ === = xnnlsms that have fcecn ratscd in b-s for a loin time, bul may be qulle ^uccessfnl if made from organisms freshly raised from pccles taken from the tliroai. The world's knowledge, of germs s less than IOC years old. Yet J all t^e knowledge we have, this ; among the most significant. Today we know that there are BLYTHEVIM.r 10 YEARS AGO From the flics of the BlytlicTiiic' Dally Courier null li.,1, pnrlj. n n a Huh iir I Am wrilina tonight. Mother." |nii-lit cluli follow. V'liui do you '•r"i. T i t Joan sal down ;nid cri^d over; ; .iy. iMoilir.c'^" itir I the telCBrain, Ihe Ijunlfn ot aux-j nj s mnltier '"I'l'ii'ir i i ' J !>*" ! i li l ) l>i"S fi'un: II'.T witii lie: 1 I ]:j]|: lioa't ln.- nirrd! j te.irr. N'ow slio coiih] hear lno!c- , vh I I c I'AT \v.\HI.\b. ;l!l;; out of Ilio \vi;iik>w at til" ::iil- I . ... - •li.nn'H j.mtiirrr »KUT. H In nil |]i O |, so [ Ijgllf l'-n «-|S'3[C I'l'l | "'' at IDnrilfllg WllOll 1'at ['"HmSiii^ii^TIn^'ukln,^ iliad" fciun:! wia!:. Clever, "enideiit! i Wils illtl ' oll " l:(!(1 lu |1OT vvorlt a ' ........ Thr dirl Itial . . . frnni » rt.nil Innixc mill lh;il Jerry hf.ll lircii clrll,lii,,r. ,,,,,'r-.,,. In Ihi- n/MsiintuTA. lli.lj-.'. (allicr L!:> nbuur lEir :iiTlilriit :ni.l a»ki '" tl>u " frcl* L^^ u nutl: she . Ijrinlulit Ili •IT Vnrk. r lh:it *lir lion.^c a };irl naiuril Jane .lohnann ^yitrl clothes—yntl yuu'll get used level-heaileii little I'al. Oh. if she cnnld only see her toni;;iil[ H was n !un:; wl^ile beluic Juan coiU'l think ol lier own. .npw job. Klic had bLen vamie-ly iroubiedai Ihi: iiita oi siii^in^ ::i a niiliU-liib . One month Inter I'at know hut liiid iniFhedasicl'; her scruiilea. hUial .'uii'c meant. When ahu 'l'li_o liluloilriiiiialic plan to have ! oHl'lidl carelcFsly into an c:ii|ul- lurWear a mask ulKiliycil all that. : sile cvuiihij; gov,-n ot whllo laco She could Giug at the "Jij;.=aw" jwilli pink rosebuds on the bodice ami m> one would he wiser. Mask-1 she enjoyed the touch ot the Eras- ins Kccmcil silly but it wt-uldjilo fabric, thc artful lines, tho f fiillnv.n anil Ijrcinx n urnrrli fi,r her Kl.Mrr ;m.l o^u for n !<ili i\hl.-U «IM rlin!>li* her lo rrnt:<in in Xe\T Ynrk. .\Jdcd liy IvATl; .IIIM:N, n muilr], .loim In trirni n :-v-mii liy 1IAHXI-:V 111,Alii:, Ijr<-Tilli!cs.l5 In k-rtrn nhcllirr nr mil slio [IM.S i^uii n jitli. .\0\V CO ON \VlTn THE STOKV CIlAI'TKIt XXII J OAN loolied al tho nit.'hl club j haps mor ni:i:iai;er witboiii replying. He lover.'.' went on. whin-.sirally but v.-tth a \ currenl of teriunsnexs beliind thcjv.-c'jk was a furlnm-! SIic went. make the job uini;]i ca Illakl' had leiliiiMal'.-il Ilic in- lervii-V ii litllealn-:i|illy. "There'll [be $GO a wcc-k for \oil in it. IVr- e later 0:1 if the iict :;oes Ualloriny v/ay in which thc drcsi thins tu bcr n^ure. Pat turned the price tag tliouBhlfully In her liaml. Yes, it v.-as easy to leara lo like beautiful clothes. Jnne, who had worked her way Joan smilMl. I'iily dollars a I'M' lp n supcrvisury posilion, put "Don't mind 1111-. Miss \\'arinf:. I'm jumping TurMlay. Oct. 2:;. I'J'i.'. At Ihe Mnsonic Chib binoker last nany varieties of minute organ- night J. Weil Brook;, and Gtor Mils and that Ihcir etlctts oil narliain. with Uob Kinhntr ;her living foinii nre Iremcndous.' interlocutor, presented a niinia- iv:re are ger.-nt of every .shajx: lllr e nimHrel. They causeii a reg- r.d size and many that nrc so "I"'" with their orig- r.all ns lo be Invisible. | h'-al dialogues anil jokes. I'uris There are. In lad. uerm, TO C "'T' '"''" Wcir ''- llou ^ wulll « l' uvl: .unll that, they cun pcss through 1 " :i(r I1)lany - °' mlr Vls " lnli " lln " he iwrcs of u clay niter. Thcs= -;' u ' lsf(lv:llv '" lhnr sil!lls : " 1(l '' c ' ,rc called filterable vlntscs. Among |.\ re , flxin ;, thc ^ >Ke - > Vo v ™ llU! i. Iroublcs tine to such vmises "^..""" thc ..™« lt:r | 0 hC! ! r somc !""' 11 ' 1'™™>="S. "«t the to thc window iiii.-l looked n'lt ai the brilliant play ,,f lights against Hie velvet background ul the sky; llio s clcclric.'Ll display .-y seerncd re loot and iionth diseases and rcbnbly nlfo Mr.alljxix and pnlio- lyclilis. or in!antllc paruly.^i.s. ct only ciiemlcal composition ol cms. but from that Ihc typv- ol lcss „„, ..,„„,„ conln lo lhri , isars and slmt.Br matcrmU on llssis ,.,, liec witll UK , ir moncv . Inch the germs mast live to mnl- .ply. The conliol of ecrm .sprdcs G . ,,.„, lllu , Mre E,,,, L;|OV f various typxs ,s much simpler w \<. of Blylhcvilln. ivcre tnarrict Jhen Ihctr hsbits arc kno-.xn in 5,1 uie home of W. il. George C)c- Au example of the way in which knowledge ahout Brrn|s anil discusr;; pi ogresses* j.s \]\r tiw; p| he attack on (Vphllicria. Tliis'he- ;an ninny ycavr- ngo v.ilh thr riis- "-" " anliloNin, . .._ . . . ... ...... .. .... was usel not only t<i <;;rellhc Slate Tax Commission rnlcil. he v e. bu; alsn. ^U 1 ',-!-. iinmc- riiatcly followlp-. rxiwsuiv. lo aid By William /NES! IF / THEV'D MKKE f\v PIECES I ALL TiA' V -S-S-T- <sooo 1 HULL PIL&.TO &rr 81G&E9T PIECE FROhA &OOD &OSH, NO Wf\^/ VOO BE Mf^DC A, &EMTLEMRM? TlffiCUEtfE law The Ulylhevillc -schcfll.s the .-.chools v.-:ll probably clcie un- fences instead ot atoitpiun to opon yati-^. It's ju^l my way of Kcltiiiy past a hit of preliminaries which invarfin;; Ihe are re-ally unimportant. \\'e inovcjiiicc ijliiniu^ pin voinls in a liiack IzA in Ibis bubiness. What 1 j canopy. That was illusion. Kniail mean ia that H itn'l uoins to bcjlhinsi appearin;; bi^' and vnst ami iliilk-ult for ns to understand each otkc;." he contlmlcil. [lo :;milcd then ami Joan likeil ii.iruey Illakc. His infcc- won her head in t!ic door. "Therc'a ^ans uE buyer.s xvaitlu^ to ano tliosc uvi-nins gowns. Jlorc sliced, fj.iurf.nn was modeling a srccn. satin Vionnot. Jcxsiu'ii while chiffon was a enpy of IL Chanel. Ruth wnrc: iilael; velvet and Mabel, tbn other girt, a coral ercpo. I'at, ?!- rer.iiy drcsscj, ttoud watchius tho inllailc, tliiiiss seeming little it ml unreal. "It srcomeil cheap l<> tim; in a j "All rii:lit, Jessie," Jano caid wii:: ihintiiis, truiu thu door. "hut when I too!; I hi: joh I was IhinkiuB of liuiliui; I'nl. Now lliroiiuli with il. tions smile ami boyishness tlicia completely. ionly fair lo lie was shitlius pai-crs in a jllestilcs I wnnT leav.j Vat ia New iltfi. drawer, frowniuy a liltlc. ] York. \Vln-n t go Iiunio i v.-mit to nx like a "II.-vc it s:r:ed it." He rn'.outhcil out a nt ; .v.-[!:i[i;.i- clipimi:-; uiul hainled il to Juan. Her e;es v.rre cnii^hl by li'jld. black he^dliii',-.; ami tlic inctnve of a masked woman. I was in Motile Carlo Just luck that 1 take her with me." IDAX .sent lo inc small ileok in ; J the „.,•„«:• <.t lUo room ami ! «:,,l.'- "UarliiiK Mother, you wii! j never k;io;v li<jw hainiy jciir t-:l- mado me. I i;iu-ss you i'.o llainc in tlic coral dress, was next. It wa.s Mabel vrho whiajiered to I'at \vlirn Flic rcturiiCtl, "Thu b^s.i ia al! a-lwiltcr! Kouid o[ hi.l Ilii'sL buyers aru in Ihcrc—old Fos- liiii-k from fndiaiiapuli;!, Larry Cteiilfortl frt,;n Milwaukee and a i\r.i:t innii Dallas. Tho rcat arj Miiall try v.-ho il'in't matter 8) much." her Kol'K'u curls caught =everai"vci.i'o aso." in; --vent on. kliow, hutau:-:o a'.I tiiR anxiety autl l'"''k. looked young "ml cractlul : -| ,v JS ":n one of th« elaborate i fear inu-l have fnllcn from you v.-ilh t!,o rose:, of her cor 5 J S Q lober 14. Their tinny friends ».':U- ncvi-cd thn ceremony and hearty congratulations EoHo'.vcd. Kabr Tcclh T^MI] PHOENIX. Ari7. lUPi li-clh are .subject to, lla- tflics tax when .sold by October ^5 r f Jiardt, Trench- actress, born. Cleveland signs Chinese exclusion "bill. I945=lnveator develops vaethoA for keeping pi.ts ou.t of crierr'j pies n-i-l-eil I'coi.k- arc r-ally t will -.vrito I'al tonight, j I-»rs'>, ci.tiiforlalilo chairs, she be- •li'ililr-ii V.HI tuns: .minor them I tare .if Ci-iiei:i). Delivery, and bcs "ino cuiiicious ot tlie auuiirins ia a lot of fiKlish -.loliono! j h-:r to tell me where she Is clay- Kazc of one man. lilt- sili'-cr il r - ' n ^ - ^ L IIKlt lc I'at liervoc-s—the h.ilf ' ' Minilu tin llio Jip.T of thc slockily- c.:c.:i ; v.-ns simple." was litciiiiHiis mure he- ttililered. "Il susimls like tlic. lit- t:i:n 1 was always i.-ncuiiragcd lo Ic.ivi; on Hit laukbhelioa," tile -a-'t "AiiJ JOU plullllili:; '.O ill- Milve me In a jewel robbery?" '•Hardly! I've hi'illl my liuJ- ne^s on unexpected things. 1 am v:c who's mai:.; a lot ;likiMl him FO much or vrby sbn i-f ni'iiny lii-i-.uiic he mana=t- lo | found his ai'iuai.ial FO discontcrt- ni:i-mn-.•••. the crowd that "n.-iiies I iug. After all. she wan tlicra to I" lii.i i-liiu—alnajs ,^i\ in? them ; bo lonkcil al. Kho !=ighci) with rc- • Miiiic new nr different surt n( en-i lief, however, when she was back ; leilainmciit. liarney lih.ko is liis|in Ihc drCEfitiK room. •iiiinii-. On 1 ,.- of tlic sir!, lohl me' She.had slipped into h^r street lie wnil In iol!v~-.- hut ilijii'l I i-lnltics und was lucking her curl.i Iv.iuii to [iraclk-i: law anil some- ntiilcr a. white knitted hat when lunv he turned out to liu a uiglil JDIIU came in. lo uffrr you a chance ; ov. because 1 hcllcvc we can pin ; lub , .„., ,„ wc:u . a 3 . . . «. "Tiicy waul you in the mans- Ker'a ollii.';." .'auo sairl, ailrlins kindly, "I'm stirc it's nothins to worry about." , , ... !niii-k anil I'm never to It.-lie it off ,,vcr at, i.lci. I've hail In mind lor ] '• J j 1 '^,,,,.,, ,„,„„, M |l(r . Ul . uf ...._ i,,;ir M-avs. I'm iiikliis yon on -n ^^ (n lbc (1 .,_ v limc ,.,„ j,,^ j "\vi m t in il, 0 world car. lio on? nt my 'ii'Scrj ami you will • •... ; . M M ,,jj..|,i lil be \ manager u.iiit with mc3"- P-it HI,;; In a.-k. Oilier calwrcl, |^J.' . ' oli f „„„,., ^ ••l.ove laskc.l. ' / hiivc tried Hie fame thing, but 1 | ] }rj -J r ; ., c . jf[ „[ Koses," ucariiis! Jane dirl » ir ,t .iiuwcr and Pal! v.n-aii lu do il diucrcntly." i.^ luV( T| y O t,|-iashinncil truck. And I opened tho i].)i>r. Jlcr heart *»* I here's a -M'-y >'<>"'£ wilh n. n'T-; he.ttinj "ii.lvl :-eous F)t'~y coblumi:. I Ihi-.i/; I • \\ Ml-'N luin n-aci.i lar inlv :-^oiis tiW c i \\ .i-.'-'louml a lelr^i.uii «.liiiu; ! li\i- ilr-l fcc.-l- Kcjlly thc job '• Cur he- It rca«l, "IScccivcd Ums.soins If *• '•» ncrvoualv. Tbe;i her fears. What could !T In noiry about3 (To lie ConlinnciU. -

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