The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 10, 1931 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 10, 1931
Page 7
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TUESDAY, MARCH 10, 1931 BLYTIIEVILLE,JAKE.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE F1VB CLASSIFY ADS Two cents a word for first Insertion and cue ccut » word 'cat each subsequent Insertion. No adveilbwueiit taken lor less than 60c. Count LhQ words and send the cash. Phone 306 FOR SALE FOR SALE—Baby Chicks. All varieties. Custom hatching solicited. Marilyn Hatchery, Biytheville 20-CK-TF FOE SALE—Alfalfa and timothy hay in car load lots or less. W H. Werner, Canalou, Mo, 27P-K1: FOR SALE—Trees and shrubbery Reasonable. Will plant and jjuar antee to grow. W. S. Langdon Highway 61. 21C-TF-! HD.MJ FOR SALE—20 third shares First National Bank stock at 25 or will buy limited amount at same. E. B. Lyman, Phone 21. 10C-K11 Used Car Bargains 1 I'onluc 2 Door Sedan, 1929, Looks new $395. 1 Plymouth * Sedan, 1929 Low mileage $250. 1 Plymouth Coupe, 1929, a food bay $175 1 Chrysler 70 Coach, a good ant $250 .:. See Them Now Lee Motor Co. FOn SALE—Trash soybean hay S10 per ton. Red Clover, $20. P O. B. Maiden, Mo. William Duva 4P-K1 FOR SALE—Frigidaire, never been used. Less than half price. E G. Hankins, 123 Missouri Avc. 6C-K1 FOR SALE—40-acrc improved farn • near Manila on hard road. Pric . 52600. Will take'good-car for dowi ' payment. Balance terms, 6% J. C Chapin, Manila, Ark. flp-kl FG3 RENT FOR RENT — Bedroom, privat bath, .close'in. Phone 785J. Mr Belle St; Wood. 18C-TF FOR RENT—In Dell, 3 room bung 'alow, $5.00 p«r month. 4 roor bungalow, $10.00 per month. L. Fowler, Phone 450-J. 4C-TF I1UOIN HKKE TODAY tVI'SV MtBHIDK, ID-ytnr-Mil t rii It l. sat* la urf t tlic knrti **hlch t« hrlnKl&K ALAN UIUIMIY komp from • year and a knit in ParJa. Tbr roupie arc DO I m- fOKtt hot I here km* b?rn Jin un- 4fr»t*ndlijc bttivern Ihcm. On the plrr the ftlrl »«• 11 bt-auilful woman iinvlct^ lo Cronliy. l!c w:n» »fat \* SI US. LAMH.UY, it alili/» Tbr cnu[ilf drive la SKIS. O'HAKIVS rn(i win* Louxi* nltrre n rclrhrntdm fannurlae tbr ;unnr; artUt Nun lirrn prepared. Juni un tlic dinner in lo be nerved l"ro*l(j niakra a tvUptiunr *nM nnrl rt~ • urn» lo *r\7 be IUIIKC li-nvp nl cnrr. He Rnr» to Mm. l.tiniclry 1 * tn\ Ink (iiriirliurnl and nyrff* lo ntcr-nd n dinner parly «hh her, TWH nlKhiM Jat*r rrd»l»T tm-nl<« n dinner i-tiitniff mrm with <:>|<»y. ciplulnlncr hf I* unending Ihc <\r- nliiB »\Jlh liUKltirtft uftMiclAC*M. *«5P*7 IfOt-i <L> the- ihroUT ulnne • nU rntuuttIt-fa Cro»by mid .Mm. I.nnglrr tn Ihr nftcr-lbc-ilrr cr<mU. Tktrr \» m icvar. Mrm. l.nnnlry tlrlvt* off In hrr cnr nnd Cj-(i«y nml <"ro*lijr RU Em mi" In n lax I, qiinrrrllnfr nil ih* \Tny. Mr*! mornlHE MISS 'ITTTJ.E, omcr r*- cr u 11 v r n I M :i rN A SI A1* A'S. KU m » wion» «j|uj fur a yrlinlp Jnlrr- GO OX WITH PUR STDIIY CIIAPTRK VI collected tlic work on her ^ 7 desk and urosfc. "I'll come rlglil away. Miss TullJp " die aafd. What was It Ihot had tone wrong now? As well lo get the ordeal over. Gypsy followed the older woman into Ihe aUioinliig oftcc. "Close ilie door, will you?" Miss Tut tic snirl with wliai scenic* forre<J brlghmesa. There had never been any grcai friendship between tbcse two. Miss Tuttle six months urovlously fcnd been transferred from the took- keeplny department. She was thoroughly impressed with lier own importance. Trio transfer was a promotion and Miss Tuttle hnil ener getically instituted "efCclency measures"—to the Irritation of Gypsy and others accustomed to the old routine. Clara Howard Rnd one or two oT the oilier typists had woo prefonncnt by" flattery. Gypsy. OD Mic ollior haart. had a for Independence. "Sit down, Mlsa McBrlilc." the older nroiuan uiolloucd toward ilie only chair. Gypsy sat down. Anil It vrns at that moment she realized what was to come. Those I inures she had typed Saturday—the directors' report! She had failed to chock them OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahem rcpiilatton There his, du!(. no one in Reynolds,' office fplicn s/ic (aid the lcttcii<on nolds will si" you sni"c letters to .Ins now gathered around Oypsy'a test your speed at diciaUon liilsi desk, Tljcro were excllctl comrjienta. afternoon. "Why. Miss Tattle—you mean—I" j "There wil: bo nn advance ot $2 a v,'eek after you ]:avu shown that | yon can do the work satisfactorily." Stiil Gypsy could hardly believe her ears, "It's awfully nice of you to give me tills chance, iliss Tutlle." the said, rising. i FOR RENT—3 room furnished flat, garage and coal house. Call - 678-W. 7C-TF A pronioli"! would mean.a new girl—£r-incone to tako Gypsy'a [i!ac;. Were Ihero goInK to be other chruisc;? Wasn't 6lie thrlllcil? "Just look at her!" jeaa ei' claliiicii. "We're all cicltcd and Cyiisy's calm as a Judge. Would yc-'j eve: think she'd just cot n raise. And a swell-looking lioss like Mr. Heynold-s too! Say, Gvngy, you certainly =rc lie lne!;y gtrl!" ;/->YrSY tried answer tlietr uucsltous and turn aside the FOR RENT—^Four rooms, modem. • '. fine garden spot, 1222 Holly. Phone 100. B. D. Ferguson. 9C-KI2 FOR BENT—Unfurnished flat and unfurnished house on Hearn St. Phone 618. 9C-TF LOST AND FOUND LOST—Ladies brown purse, containing bank book and white gold doub'.e rimmed glasses in Dr. Wcrts case. Finder return to Gillen Furniture Co. Reward. 10C-K13 WANTED POULTRY WANTED — Market prices paid nt C. L. Bennett-Co. Feed Co. 210 N. Railroad St., west of courthouse, J. E. Fisher, Phone 64. 24C-TF WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and Ironed by competent white woman, lirs. Brown, 704 S. Late St. 17CK-TF POULTRY WANTED—Market prl ccs, any Quantity. Marilyn Hat chery, 210 S. Fourth St. DC-TF ALL KINDS OF MACHINE WORK Electric find Gas Welding done OSBRON BLACKSMITH SHOP 115 !*. Franklin St. and now au error had been tllirov t »^ „„]... |; op(: you Justify my! erorJ. Her mind islilrled as she] rccc muL'mbtion." ' thnnglit of consequencrs. | Tb( , ,n t of *<i= s Tutlle's head In- .Miss Tiiltle leaned'bark in her | ,ji calea l]iat R yp 3 y was to rclnrn chair, toldhtg her hands, upon tlie j ( 0 |, Gr v.-orh She \vciu back to [be -°^ c? - ' n n ^ cw rn'ontes tho others desk. It was an altitude whSch! ou ^ cr 0 [j ce ' .^ • v .vr ; re at their desks again and slie m.eaul'.lhe interview had uegun. 1 "What happened?" Jcn:i Fosler lv:15 a ! llc to So on wllli her typing. "How long' have you been with j tj-^fj ^ keep hir coire tlov/u In 1 ! "J^u'cky ulrl," was what Joan had the MacNatnfra Compauy?" i ehe Gypsy was nware the'others werj! c? - iktl bcr Lucliy? 01 course. listening. j Wnsn ' 1 sho Bolt's to Eet a raise? "Nothing " I The joh she had hoped [or without "WasWllosoroalioiil any thins? I' 311 "* cncourasenicnt for over a \vsuiod to M« ber The typewriter keys \vcra b:!iaV- Ing uncevly. Gypsy wondered If fho would ever get through Iho inoin- \i\S- She could still see Alan's whito dice and henr tlio scorching tono ot his voice. Oh. thero was no doubt that sho hml ruined ovovy chanco to niako him i-Liru for her aunlii! ^Vbc^l lunch lliuc ctvuio flypsy wns bc-hlnd with tho uiornlntj's wotk but sho rose from her dealt witb relief. She wns jlad o( tho chance to set away from Iho prying looks of tier neighbors, Of cotusc Ihey knew EOinctlilnu woa wronu- Kvcn when they wcro eontratii^t- Ins her ahoul iho new Joh tbey must have seen she was mltenilile. Clam Howard had mentioned clr clcs beneath her eyes. Well—let them talk! Ujpsj- \\-ent to tho locker roctn for bcr coat niul hat, pausing mi !n- slant Ijcfuro tho mirror. She dhi look r fright. Aulomnllcally bhu drc": tho vanl'y case from her pnrsn aiij da'jocd her noso with p.ouiler. w:is not a great liniiroveincnt. DownElalrs at the drug counter she lunched on n Kamlwicti and cup ol coffee. 11 was all sho could cat. Rven the coffe?. which was always unpctlzlDKi did not leiapt her. Tweniy minutes romatncd of licr luiich hour after sho had finished eating, Gypsy decided lo wnlh. She went oui ot the building. Jolulns tbo throng on Iho Eldcvralt. II! exercise was stimulating and gradual!; the girl foil her courace revive. Slio would see Alan tonight rtEid apologize. She would swear that sho was sorry—shoulder all ine blame. Not ouo word would sho say about tho other -n-onian— .Mrs. 1,-ingley. All that sho would ask would bo for Afnn lo forget their quarrel and remain friends. H was amazing how this resolution Improved her spirits. Gypsy, hack at work, couhl Ecarcely wait for the afternoon to pass. She was suddenly herself again. At a llltla alter three Mr. Reyn- uhls \vaa ready for Iho dictation. The girl took her stenographic pad and went to the offii'o at the tar end of the corridor. Reynolds was one ot the youngest rucii In the organization. She knocked at the open door and the "oung man at the desk looked up. MISfAK see Mo*iEY iM Vo' CUP / -TM LeeBs is m secel A WAV.DEV Sr(APet> UK A DftUArt VAS SUH ~.t-T"S AS BIS \ I MEArJ AS KAIM AS 1H True TAILQT?, ME HIM } OH V6 1 "FACE ! -^ V6 1 \S ( -TO <3if SQMS MOMEVJ AH HAS EEBS'.' BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES - NO WONDER By.Martiu asked. "Two and a halt years." The older woman's nod was busl ness-like. She had not ashed, the question for Information. $ho hail known exactly how long G?psy had worked at MacNamara's. "You ere prohably aware." oliss Tullle continued, "that your record of service is longer than any of Iho olher typists la this department?" "Yes." Lucli > P? l]id she bawl yon out?" Gyps;' sliool! her head. Jean sighed with relief. "\Vr,ll. lliat's great! Gosh —I've been Fitting /lore shivering. Know what I tho'jsltt? I was just.sure it uas something to do with thoso figure.; wa copied tho olher day. Yon re j They danced on the fresh white e.v member—when you were In a titirry I p-nsc of payer and screamed at her. j lo meet yonr hny frlenii! Kay—if I'd j Ti;c letters would not Z" away, the discussion was I gotten you in bad I'd never have ; 'LUCKY" they leered -at her. not to be hurried. Miss Tullle I forgiven myself.' Gyrsy hit the wrong key and tiled to erase Ibe damage. It left a :i:iud:;cd sjiot- Five letters — all cnpllnls — bcsitaled. cleared her Ihroat and I "Don't worry any longer." Gypsy ' then went on: "One of the policies wliich I wish to enforce." sho saiu, "is to base advancement upon length ot service. It is, I believe, recognized thai lliis makes for efficiency. You are In line for the next promotion." Gypsy said nothing, waiting, "Mr. Reynolds' secretary Is leaving the first of neit week." Miss Tullle continued. "I believe you can do the work and have recom- told her. She placed p. fresh sheet of paper In her typewriter. parently intent on gctlin just i ighl, Gypsy kept one eye on | rchlom cried. Now cho frowned at Clara Howard. There was a pause. Then Gypsy added casually, ".Mr. Reynolds' secretary is quitting offered me the job." "Gypsy—how marvelous!" There were general congralu'a- lions. Tlie other.giiIs who had tried mended you let tit place. Mr. Rey- i lo conceal the fact ihc-y were lis^n-1 ktoT.-h:i; PERSONAL Paving Districts 2 and 3 The Tax Books \vill close in a very short time. Thereafter the penalties and other cosU will ndd /e to your tax. You can see the advantage in paying iio\v. C. J. EVRARD. 27C-K13 FAY O.DAVIS Phone 421 PLANTING SEED FOR SALE OR TRADE Pure n. 1'. 1,. >'o. 1 ;ind Stoncvillc No. 1 & No 2 $50 Cash or 2 for 1 J. M. STEVENS Dell, Ark New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. March 10 (UP) -Collon closed sl^ady. open high low close 1081 1081 1075 1101 1103 1039 March May July Oct Dec Jan 1123 1129 1158 1158' me ma 1185 1114 1143 1165 Spots closed steady at 1031, oil 13. New York Cotton NEW YORK, March 10 Cotton closed steady. ci»" hieh low 1081 1082 1050 1103 1105 imi 1125 112B 1115 1155 1157 1H6 1177 1H8 11GG 1186 1187 II Marc May July Oct Dec Jan Spots closed quiet at 1085, off 10. He Couldn't Pronounce His Own Name DETROIT, lUD—When Sliakc- spcarc wr«c "what's lt\ a name?" he certainly wasn't thinking of such people ns Vazil Ra;ko Ferar- ravocelnctnooceuigeavinociccoi]!, a young Jugoslav. When Vazil aripled to Tor! Manning, nnUiralizMlon cxamliwr. Manning nskcrl his name. "It's Vazil Rtisko Ferarrav — "wnit. I'll spell it for yon," 1 lie replied. "Miss Mclirlde?" "Won't you conic in?" .Gypsy entered,, took vhc.'.rha!r ho moliouc'l inward. "Miss Tullle said you wanted to dictate." ?he said. Reynolds noildcil. fie was a well set-up young man \vlth pleasant blue eyes and Lightish brown hair. lie had the look of a man who likes outdoor aclivUEos. Without any delay he launched inio the walling correspondence, llodiclnlcd clearly, not too rapidly. Tbcro was no reason vvliy Gypsy should have uil&sed themselves before h&r eyes. a word, yet ivlion lie had finished and sho closed her notebook Hie girl knew sho had written tlio words automatically. "Leave the letlc-s on my desk if I'm not here when you finish." Reynolds instructed. Gypsy agreed. Then she hurried back to tl other oET.ce to tran- She had never felt more unlucky In her life. Gypsy was not given lo tears. KmoUonal in oilier respects she She wrote the idlers swiftly and tho notes to ho copied and slowly, was pleased %vltu Ineir appearance. deliberately continued lypmr. work tjocauao sue office when she laid iliem could not keep licr attention from roving. How conhl she possibly feel An tour and A half laler, enter- iiicky after that quarrel with Alan? Ire, the door of Mr9. 0'tiara's room ing house, she mel Alan Crosby. anylhmg elso compared with Alan lialcd her r.nd never \ND HIS FIUKN'DS 1 OF COL)2£E I Tli£ IDEA Or IN TiJS MOOSE GOCO HSA>;Sl eolWS TO CELEBRATE BV HAVW A MICE CAk6 FOR. yoi>, virrn CAUDLES OKI IT, LIKJD .'.' S1DOAP..- JOST vjJASlTED WlA TO SEE WOW tAOcu ALL OF US THOUGHT OP COMT you BAKE A CAKE FOa H1JA, UUH \-rny Do wrcviA TiJAI LIW^/S LE IS ALL R1SHT ASA'.sJ- CHIPPED IN Tt> PAV THE DOCTOR Bi P3R UIMOV WASH TUHHS A WET LANDING close 1011 1095 1118 1150 1171 1180 MMOST TO CUBft. , WO. vlHtN Trtt 1*ME£US WT WE WWER. « WT to TOPPLE POOLER. BETTER dUMP ^\->:g*& r: ^* J -S rt- -,\_ . * ~^CZ=L

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