The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 27, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 27, 1950
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 2T, 19M Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople BT.rrHEVTLLE, (AUK.) COURTF,* KEWS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams EM, I'M SOUND ING A HOEkl 0\ "(HIS. PLAV'DO ? You ALWAVS , HAM6 TO 86 LCAtSOFF VOOR RAUCOLJS TOKiGOE, YC>U>OG/ WM6RE BUT _ A1AMOR; MFULLCOtWrm 3UST -fl £bS *,WAS & OF THR6e-/(?[GHT FOR BORN THIRTY YEAES TOO SOON FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERKILL BLOMU Word to (he Wis« KEROSENE * FUEL OIL ,, Dial 4091 or 740 Shirley Hipp FRIENDLY MAGNOLIA DEALER PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores Dr. Lindquist CHIROPRACTOR Phone 3170 815 Chickasawba IT'S SMART . . . IT'S THRIFTY . . . ;": IT'S PATRIOTIC tr< • . t* keep your itioti In ff**4 repair . . , , WCBBM SHOE REPAIR GIVES EXTRA WEAR H-flLT€RS ' :u' T r SHO€ SHOPl III W. M fl I N ST. I FARM LOANS Cates Wiggs Co. REALTORS rhon« 27 Concrete Culvert Tile Slrts *p t« 3( In. Corrugated Metal Culvert! Sites uf t* 84 in. Antom.ilfe flnod G^tpi Cnnrrete Septic Tanks Mela! Septic Tanks Sewer Tile Kelt Prlrrs IVe Drlivn A. H, WEBB HlKhwar «l at St^>lf t.lne I'hunr i!4 THK MUHV, Sp.nkr. Ckr »'C d»K uf Jlnmty Jo* FrrrlB, Vna JUBC <ll.,l ,,t i,,,l,,,.. »[>»<•" Knrr.i... vMlHic^ ithttrnkMrlH(. who U trlllnic Ihr Kiory. xlnvk M t 1h« Krrrf* hnnt- n?kil hn-« JuM Imrnrfl that annlhrr d"»T !•* cowi» h«« horH poiMOH^d and thr «uj,|ifrt |H Ihp rune U IlliKcr ItloiHru, » VOMtm.'IH M'hn Iq nfriild nf itt£«, {''ortJinn <l4»rfin'1 h4-llrif (hill. h«-i-«iijii> vi-hH^ Hn^«r It, nervniiM ,ii,li hI K h Mirun^, h*- 1 * • - IV T HADN'T hoard about Mrs. Simpson's pug being poisoned, but I'd just got back from my va- . cation and hadn't heard all the news. Betsy looked at me and : ncxldccl miserably. "It's all over town that Roger Blesscn poisoned the dog," she said over Jimmy Joe's head. "But Roger wouldn't do a think like that, Doc! That wheezy old nng was almost like a child to old lady Simpson." I couldn't think of a single useful thing any of us could do about two dead dogs. Jimmy Joe kept sobbing and we nil stood there feeling uncomfortable. Then Tom told Betsy to keep her chin up and everything would work out and went away with Greta. Betsy repaired her race and went back to the cash register and [ washed ofT Jimmy Joe's tear streaks and took him and the limp body of his pet back home. We gave Spunky a funeral with all the flourishes I could think ot. Then 1 got. the boy talking about the new puppies out at Doc Doan's— he runs a small kennel, too—until he was almost cheerful again Before I left him, we had arranged to pick out a Spunky th« Second the -very next day. Afterword I went back to Main Street to drop my laundry ami to restock the cheese and stuff I like for night snacks. 1 met Miss Myra Sharp* m the super market but she was in a rush and went by me with no more tha^i a nod. I thought she probably had a company dinner coming up, for she had fancy groceries and a box of candy in her basket and the butcher was handing her some packages. I was gelling my change when a familiar, fluting voice caroled at me. "Why, hol-lo, Doc! I didn't know you were back from your vacation. I've certainly missed you!" It was Nurse Barwick from the hospital, a cute, sassy youngster. I carry a torch for BeLsy Sharpe, of course, but because she doesn't even notice that I burned for her, it gives my self-esteem a nice boost to know that there .ire others who seem to notice me.. Not that I'd ever get serious about this angel of mercy, but I liked her. "Missctl me?" 1 told her. "You mean, you missed the steaks I feed you on our businessmen's blue plate." Sally set a hand on a nicely rounded hip and demanded, "Do I look like I've lost weight?" I looked her over and shook my head. "Who's been feeding you while I was gone? Never mind, we've got corned beet and mustard sauce on the counter lunch this noon. I'll buy." Sally squealed with delight and squeezed my arm ns she ruslied through the market lurnslyle to join me. Even though she's nothing like Betsy, I found it was definitely nice to have her chirruping along beside me. • • • COON we were lucking hi the raod-^which is lifefly good at my drug store even if I do say it. I claim I have the only eating place in the stale that doesn't serve up a mess of greasy French fries with every order. Instead, my cook can turn out a wonderful baked potato with special country butter pats. During the repast, I asked Sally what was new. Sally tipped an eyebrow at me. lour girl friend's boy friend is in the soup. Right up to here." She ran a fnrclingcr across her throat. "1 was only gone two weeks," I said. "What could Roger Blesson KCI into in that length of lime? 1 heard about the old lady Simpson pus dog deal this morning. I Hut lhat's just Inlk. You mean there's more?" | "It couldn't have been easy," Sally answered my first question. "And there's plenty more. You know how Dr. Prenliss likes to hunt? And he always has two or three bird dogs out at bis place at Ihc end of EIrn Street. Well, Just two or three days after you le/t. Doc"—Sally batted her eyelashes at me—"about the time I really began to miss you—" "About the time you began to get hungry, you meaii,>I told her. "I saw the whole thing myself. I was off duly and I was taking a walk. Anyway a new dog that Dr. Prentiss had, jumped the fence and ran up to Iloger and sniffed at him. Roger lost his head and kicked at the dog and naturally the dog bit him. Dr. I'rcnliss was home and he came rushing out and insisted on dressing Roger's bite and he tried to smooth Ihings over. "But a day or two laler all thre* of Dr. Prcntiss's dogs were dead from poison! So who would you think did it? Doctor can't do anything about his dogs, (or Roger could sue him over the dog bite, but he's plenty hostile and yon can't really blame him. Those dogs were valuable—two or three hundred dollars apiece." "They can't actually pin the poisonings on Roger, can they? Are people saying—* Ar,LY cut a piece of corned beef •nd avoided my eyes. "Reople are saying that Betsy is slipping Roger a few ounce: of poison—strychnine, no less—from your prescription counter." "That's silly," J snapped. "You only asked me," Sally said doggedly, " people are saying And I told you. And that's not all they're saying, either." ''What else?" 1 asked. I was get- ing madder by the minute. "They're whispering that the poisoning isn't going to end with dogs," said Sally. (To Bt Continued) You'll find sitting with Junior no problem at all! Do yot mind being murdered a few times?" I'RISCl.LA'S POP UY AL VERMEER WHAT K, N \^A- S? 5 ' VOU'RE ANGRY I .., AND YOU GIVE ME. THE DICKEN5 WHEN 1 GET UP EARLY; Minti of the United states coined nearly one-half billion pennies in 1949, according to the Encyclopedia Brftannlca. For Important Occasions . . . Send Flowers and be sure to please! 'er ^.Jhop .Mrs. Baker Wilson Dial 4491 You Should Read This! I. Seoy Motor Co. Kasl Alain Phone 2122 CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH CAR OWNERS Bring Your Car Home for Service — And Be Sure! T. I. Seay Motor Co. 121 East Main Phone 2122 "I Sell That Stuff" FUEL OIL! G. 0. POETZ OIL CO. Office and Bulk Plant — Promised Und PHON E—2089—PHON E Flowen for Fr«ry Occasion BLYTHEVILLE FLOWER MART OUR HEW LOCATION 1500 W. MAIN _ PHONE «002 SHEET METAL WORK "^ OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, ilUlf* mills, oil mill*. Custom Shearint up to 1/4 inch thickness. Fronk Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway phont 2651 HEMORRHOIDS (PILES) NU-WA Laundry & Dry Cleaning Call 4474 VIC PUNT Leaving Tojrn IIY MK'IIAKI, O'MAI.LKY and RALPH T,ANB • - TRACE Cf- THEM YET VIO. 9LTT V f. THAT ^ ive PUT eveev ASAW ON PLTTX AMP] acteu-* IVE OOT AM AMNOUNCEMENTT ON / COt£ Atiy ALL HAP10 STATIOMS. ^__^( HAT/* TO TELL MOTHER MULV4NE SOWS TO BE, ALL IC16HT, TACKV. AMP «W/ IN THE HOUSE/ I'M ON MY W*» TO S6E 1 N^PSCTOK <sfrowL. LANS TD PIUVE HIM lr^5 T^f^ ^^ TOO BAP M2U AIMT W TYPE., TOOTS. PUT LET'S HAVE SOME /WJ5IC, CAPTAIN BAS1 TUT,TUT.CIRO... Of C01JKSE I'M IN A PESTIVEMOODI \VOUMIGHT GUD TO SEE MIMfs ...AN 1 ZE FLOWERS / WHW * HOUSE AZE LOVELEE. SIR ( fULL OF CEUEBRiriES FRAWC[S!...VE£,YOUV OUT FROUf. MIMl! VlAV SEE MIMIFOR A MOMENT AFTER HER FIRST NUMBER ,,,*WP MANY FROM .„. „, „ THE PRESS. ALSO REESE,/ BOV TO TMCE A MOT« THE- ftMERICWJ FILM / TO HEEM, PROOUCER...J.f!McKEe 1H6 TYCOON WHO — m S6t THOT KtPORTWC ARE KAWDV VtMCN FIW9H TMC MkMCtl BUGS miiWY HY V. T, HAM1.IN 3r'-JVy BETTER STASH OUR. SUPPLIES SOMEWHERE HIGH AMD DRV.../ BEST ^feff: PROPHET,OSCAR.LET -*~* .... tf 'CVVV "° W \ WITH ALL THESE CLOUDS / BET FOR fe <Tvi ] *M«T'S ) IT LOOKS LIKE IT COULD ( WW rS Itf -J\>.r 't f\ ucvr 9 / I-IAIII m \f~\s t~~*-r- . . 7! , > *WYT >o IM /, '»«-" • •*- t,\^^i^-f\r^..-f Ut I CK. -O-^'-v/'/ "-V !•//>* '^f^^^^f^mji^ ^nr^v '^h-rm$r% ,! r, < • ',' i;. '.'• ,4 ._Vtv •'- '"• t' 1 /A..'y*5^ BOOTS AND HER IHinniKS BY KDGAR MARTIN

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