The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 24, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 24, 1950
Page 11
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WEPNBSPAT, MAT 84, 1950 GOP Lays Plans For Big Rallies Republicans Will Try To Outdraw Democrats In National Meets By JACK HEM, WASHINGTON. May 24. (if) — Republicans laid plans today tor three parts' rallies climaxed by a Chicago show they hope will eclipse jStf Democratic Jubilee at which l^sldent Truman spoke last- week. Although final arrangements aren't, complete, the GOP National Committee has scheduled an East Coast rally (or Atlantic City June 23. Republicans expect to follow this with a western conference nt Salt Lake City In July and a general roundup In Chicago late in August or September. The idea Is to dramatize their fall campaign to regain control of GOP Will Draw Senator Brewster of Main, chairman of the Republican senatorial committee, told a reporter he thinks that even without a President as a drawing card the GOP can outdo the Democrats in Chicago. President Truman drew an overflow' crowd to the 22.ono-seat Chicago stadium, but a Sunday meet- Ing of the Presidential cabinet, presided over by Vice President Barkley, played to H small crowd and a lot of vacant seats. The Atlantic City meeting, in the home state of GOP National Chairman Guy G. Gabrielson, will be open to all Republican members of Congress, as well as Republican officials from east of the Allegbellies. Republican governors attending the annual governors' conference at White Sulphur Springs, W. Va., earlier in the week have been Invited to stop off. Dewey Is Attraction _Gov. Thomas E. Dewey of New t«k. 'the party's 1948 nominee for P^tTicient, and Gov. James H. DufJ of Pennsylvania, who recently won the senatorial nomination in his state, are counted upon as the cliiel attractions. Senator Tart (R-Ohio\ who blasted at President Truman's "Fair Deal" program in a radio reply to the President's Chicago speech, came up with a new prediction today that the President won't succeed in electing what Taft called a "rubber stamp" Congress this fall. "No President who adopted that policy has ever succeeded," Taft declared In a weekly report to Ohio voters, adding: . ,. An Independent Congress "A lot of those who feel friendly to. Mr. Truman would rather have an Independent Congress than one he could dominate." Taft said the Issue in this year's election Is whether "we elect a m,TTWFTn,T,B (AKK.V COURTE* NBWB CHIEF SLEUTH-Harold G. Robinson of Burlingame, Calif., above, a former FBI agent, heads Ihe investigating staff of the special Senaie Crime Investigating Committee. Robinson was described by Sen. Esles Kefauver ,0., Tenn.) as "the besl man In Ihe country for the job." As its opening move, the commiltee will go into the matter of "alleged concentration of property, money and wealth in the hands of organized criminal elements." Truman Rejects , Surrender Note WASHINGTON, May 24, W) — President Truman has rejected publicly a suggestion that the United States surrender to Russia. Aided v by Attorney General McGrath, he lugged an iron bench across (he White House lawn yesterday to provide a rostrum from which he told H group of delegates to the fifth annual conference of citizenship: "I had a card from Los Angeles tliis morning, In which the writer suggested to me In all se:'ousness that the proper thing to do was to surrender to Russia. lie said we may lose our freedom but it Is better to lose our freedom than to lose our lives. Now, what do you think of that? That Is Patrick Henry In reverse, If r know anything,", Mr. Truman did not Identify the author of the suggestion. Famous Election Team . Of Martha and Boh Is Broken Down by Illness WASHINGTON, May 24. (AP)~ The election campaign team of "Bob and Martha"—which has advanced the political fortunes of Senator Robert A. Taft (R-Ohio) to high mention for the Presidency —finally has broken down. Senator Taft told a gathering of Ohio Republican Congressmen and Congressional nominees last night that the illness of Mrs. Taft, the Martha in their team, probably will make it impossible for her to share the campaign platform with him this year. Mrs. Tafl long has been recognized as a capable campaigner for her famous husband, "Senator Bob," with whom she has toureu cue nation often in his quest for the Republican Presidential nimination. Mrs. Taft is a patient In a Washington hospital for treatment of a high blood pressure condition. Thompson Is Homed Psychology Head .FAYETTEVILLE, Ark,, May 24. M'y—Dr. Mcrrcll Eugene Thompson has been appointed head of the newly-created department of psychology at the University of Arkansas, In the past, psychology, has been a pnrt of a department of philosophy and psychology. Dr. H. D. lanlz, who has headed the complied department, will continue as head of the philosophy department. Dr. Thompson, whose appointment will be effective Sept, 10, has been an associate professor of psychology at New Mexico A. and M College since 1947. Congress which will rubber stamp all of Mr. Truman's policies or whether we have an Independent Congress determined to make progress on the principles of liberty and a proper incentive for ability, hard work and genius." Thief Takes Bike Of McGrath's Son WASHINGTON, May 24. (AP) — Not all crooks are scared of Attorney General j. Howard McGralh, who can whistle up droves of straight-shooting FBI agents whenever lie wants, Some intrepid thief stole his 12- year-old son's bicycle yesterday. It was parked outside a church. Nationalists Brace for New Red Onslaught HONG KONG, May 24. W)—Embattled defenders of Nationalist China's Wanshan Islands, (I,ad- ronesl near Portuguese Macao, brncfd tonight for their second Red assault tills month. The newspaper Wan Klu Ynt Po said Ked. Gen. Lin Piao was assembling assault troops north of Macao. He was said lo be commandeering motorboats and Junks to Invade the blockade base for the South China coast. Nationalist reinforcements were rushed lo Wanshan, main island of that group. The first Red assault 10 days ago was repulsed. Other newspaper reports from Sonlh China said: Russian military equipment. Including Ynk jet planes, was jx>urlng Into Canton. Nationalist bombers killed or wounded 500 persons, most of them parading Red soldiers, at Amoy. Sino-Red troops tested Russian guns at White Cloud airport for 11 hours Sunday. The din of firing threw Canton into momentary panic until Communist nutho'rllies explained. Russian fliers on Friday tested about 10 Yak jet planes at SVhile Cloud Field. Nationalist bombers caught a Red military parade at Amoy and killed or wounded 400 soldiers. Another bomb killed 100 civilians In the dock area. Guided Missiles Said Not Ready tor Combat LOS ANGELES, May 24. OP) — The U.S. will have no guided missiles ready for combat tests for several years, .says a rocket authority. "Progress, however. Is encouraging." E. P. Wheaton, guided missiles engineer for Douglas Aircraft Co., told Ihe American Rocket Society yesterday. "Our missile research lias reached (he point where we arc out of the research and development stage and into the engineering stage." .Intercontinental missiles as weapons are impossible until machines can be endowed with human Judg ment, he said. PAGE ELEVEN EDSON Continued from Page 8 up by the so-called "Pull" Employ - ment Act of 1946 still have their reputations to make. Main achievements have probably been educational or Inspirational. Many copies of the President's annual economic messages lo Congress are probably tossed aside unread, or scanned, filed and forgotten, nut some 10.000 copies of every report have been ordered by college economic*'departments and university business schools. Tlie Influence here, and on the real, thinking business lenders has probably been greater than it has on Congress. The Council's concept of a $300,000,000,000 annual national economy has really taken hold In the business press. Originally, the Council thought and talked only in terms of achieving stability. Now it concentrates on the need for s constantly expanding economy. Council Keseiirrh Used In Truman Speech The Council has Inkcn the lead In romoting extension of social se- urlly and enlargement of the nous- is program. Research for the 'resident's recent small business ecommeiidollons to Congress was one largely through CEA. Where the Council bus fallen mn primarily is'in its failure to evclop good working relations witli he Joint Congressional Committee n the Economic Report.. This com- littce labored two years under' H Republican chairman, Sen. Robert \. Tnft of Ohio, unil produced lolhiiiR. It has now labored a year nrt a third under a Democrat. Sen. oseph C. O'Mnlioncy. and pin- luced nothing. There has been no pecific economic legislation for •liich either Ihe Council or the oinmlUec can lake credit. The Council admits It Ims not lone a constructive job In the field ANHYDROUS AMMONIA Don't take less than Ihe besl! W« can supplj Hit fertilizer and apply II the «raj the job shoulit be done. For prompt service call G584 or 4388. Lowest Applicaling Prices Available. SCRAPE & WEIDMAN Agricultural Service Smith Highway N Bivlhrvillr ffej)oesnt (Jare W.VE or the rarest satisfactions a 1950 Cadillac brings to its owner is serenity. He hasn't the slightest reservation about his car—and he takes to the highway with complete peace of mind. Watch him briefly in the stream of traffic—and, if he is 3. normal Cadillac driver, you will quickly sense what we mean. He drives as befits his mood and his requirements, and is quite content to let other people do the same. Unless he happens to be in a hurry, it is all right widi him if another driver wants the honors when the light turns green. He knows that the surplus power in that eager, dynamic engine'was put there for his safety and driving ease—and not for dramatic display on the get-away. And so on the open road. If you wish to drive a little faster than he does, let him know. *i o Passes Jfirn! He understands that his last two inches of throttle were not put there for the ungracious purpose of dominating the highway. They are there for an emergency—and for that lovely, Boating, cruising ride which only a great reserve of power can provide. So roll along, if you're in a hurry—and the top o* the mornin' to you! It's a wonderful thing, this feeling of calm confidence in your motor car. It lessens the strain, and increases the pleasure, of every mile you drive. Many say it's their happiest surprise when they first take the wheel of a Cadillac. And we're wondering if you realize how easily and. practically it can be your own. Listen . . . the lower- priced models in the Cadillac line cost less to Iniy than the highest-priced models of numerous other cars! Why not come in today? of geiifrnl lux reform. Bringing Roy BloiiBh into the Council may correct that, since he Ls R tax expert. There Is no thought of being nble to set up n group of economic advisers so wise that everyone In Congress nml out would be willing to follow Us rmimmciidalons. Hut the Council KO fnr has not reduced its discussion of iwlltlcnl economics to grass roots levels. One study ol the South'* economy barely scratched the surface of that big problem. Only now, when unemployment seems lo be receding. Is the Council moving towards ft s|)e- cinl ro n si deration of New England's problems. The re-cmerglng problem of migratory farm Inbor unemployment has not even been touched. Greek Children Return DELQRADK, May 24. l/F)— Yugoslavia sent eight Greek children • back to their parents yesterday after more than two years exile from llielr native land. This was [he first compliance by Yugoslavia to • United Nations call for return of rcfuKce children who have been separated from tlielr parents by th» civil v.'ar In Greece. N Howdy, Pardnerl Enjoy., ; . Sunny Brook " * BRAND the whiskey that's ~~ C/ieerfa/ as <ts /Vame 86 PROOF SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. 301 West Walnut Phon« 57B KENTUCKY WHISKEY-A BLEND ftleKosson & Itubbins. Inc. - Exclusive Dislrilmtcn-a- l.itt.le Rock • 05% Griiin Neutral Spirifs home and garden days ONLY 3 MORE DAYS-THURS Famous "1OO%" Formula HOUSE FRI., SAT. G.illon, In 5'« White, Ivory, Cr«* 4 35 No Finer P»mt SoM»tA«y Price [ MED. WEIGHT ROOTING 1.79 You don't have lo pay premium prices tnr prim'mm quality prunl! Save up to 20% on your [mint job . . . Use Jim Mrown 4 '100 ( /o" — nur own fcimninUed hi-and, famous /or H5 yonr*. A halnncctt blend of finest in^rctiionls for longer UsLinR, wcRthcrfast bcauly, Beater hidinc power, belter "hrushabilily." Combination Offer/ Me Lowest cost ror many years of service with ordinary can-. Heavily conterl with IM-Tcst Pure Zinc. Other widths also. 81 c EXTENSION LADDERS Comparer All lizei, p*r ft. Kxlrn sturdy, safe. Srlpct DnnglaA Fir rails nnd sna- soncrl Hickory rungs; mortised counter-.'iunk antl nnilcri. LM Noiw finer for Tow-cost roofing. John. Triple » 3 p h * 1 t- trcaled felt b » n e; smooUt, black mieA-galv* Snish. 5 Gallon Can ROOF SAVEI Mid FAVrv ROOF BRUSH Reg. 3.60 value 2 .95 Save that roof the easy wfiy! Super-Grade fills cracks nnd holes—makna old roofs watertight—like new! Take advantage of this special combination offer now! Save I Economy Headquarters for Quality Lawn and Garden Needs Last 3 Days/ GUARANTEED HOSE »-*. k.,* n rn ***** S.25 • 3 "" Guinntccd in writStigr ^ ft r S- yoari- Thick Ncopfcnc cover. Ciemiine Cordnra rayon cofi Mftl. Ke.Ml.r'^ SJB Hose Nozzle Solid brans . . . enn't runt Hose Washers garden ho»< Brass Clincher 29c GnnTcn hone coupling Garden Rake 1.45 Bert riunlily forged steel Garden Hoe 1.05 Hand Trowel TOc For Flower Gardens ALUMINUM WHEELBARROW Regular 4 *)95 73.95 I / •I Cti. Kl. Tray Hall rtcnring Wheel liut)l)cr Grips Household Specials Automotive Specials GARBAGE PAILS 1.39 H^) U k>, I.St Six-fral. »]7. e. Heavy {ialv. file el. hoMn cover on. COFFEE BOILER 1.79 Rcg-lor 1.99 Holds 10W its. Seamless body, double seamed — 1 bottom. SPARK PLUGS 39« Eqatla per- form*nr« * f plitj^n netting up , to 10% more — ._-u hay and aav*. MOTOR OIL 1.29 Regular 1.)? Switch ta Jim Brown Ofl and start saving. All S.A.E. jfrade*. 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