The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 23, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 23, 1933
Page 3
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MONDAY, orn'ORTOP. 2fl. 1633 - <ARK.) COURIER NISWS PAGE TJIRER Urges New Food and Drug La\ Medicine Manufacturers Declare Proposed Act Unfair to Them. BT W1UJK THORNTON \>;A St-rviof Siaff Corr^poruleril WASHINGTON, Ocl. 23.—One of the bltterett battle.-: in the coming. Congiess will be fouuht over a' proposed revision of the 21-year- old Pood and Driiux AM. -The Tugwell bill, brain-child of brftlM-trnster Rexford Guy Tuifc'ell. l« an effort to lirirw up to date the .federal' restrictions on inar- kellnp of drugs, cosmetics, and - food products. But a rising and well-organized u-po^illon. especially on the part of medicine-makers and advertising men, makes It certain that Tiinwell's bill will'be the center of u knock-down and drag-out, fight when it gels to the lioor of Con>:' ess. ""Spomors of the bill say that when the original Food i-nd Dnira /•••' vir. parsed undr-r Dr. Hums* Wiley's sixmsorship in 190T,. It. ,al- fcrded fairiv good prciectlon' to Ihe buver. But iti the 27 years since then, cosmetics mot rfgulat- td at all under tliK 1SOC act) have! i lien (o a major industry. '. Ner narcoiic and habit-tormina dru«s have appeared. New food element:,, like vitamins, have been discovered. Tlie package food m- dii-try has become f«r more im- Bortant. Loopholes have been found In the ac-t of 1900. So as an Indirect part of ihe administration's plans lo protect 'the consumer, Tugwll, at the president's request, wrote his new bill, which is 'sponsored, by Senator Copeland and Representative Sir- Don't Let 150 Aces Mislead You Into Wrong Contract Today's Contract Problem Tin! cdiituirl (or tlm following liikinl h four spaili 1 : Ijy North. llasl cjfli-s Iwu cf i lulis utnl l>-i'iK n I'luli wlilrli you rnlelil tint Is I lit correct tillnl ruff v a 2 • A Q i * :'• "• * V I mind) N \V K a AAJ' < J s 7 l 4 Solution to Previous Contract Problem ymir imlner simply ducks llie j ,,,,,,„ C0 mtnw 3 'io sho* a much 'firs cluh nnd now he Is sure to krnvlcr ( i rop | n imports from that: irmkr- four spndc IrltVs, one. hr-nrl.^,,^. | )llm B!lte to u. St \ fx lo .... H:o United States In Ihe y»nr -- , . . ivn rilamomir, nnd Iwo cliilM-nlnn In nil. If rtouiti pinvs Ihc hand nl no 'riiinu. Wrsi will open the Jack of liraris nnd u will inke mighty ^ • plnylni; on tlip pan of (he '-ii'r to make ihrce no Irump. Hill wll!i North playliiK II. the hand is u .spivnd. Canada's Foreign Trade rn:l«l (hi? y?ar were a _1 1 UUb lrs.1 than tl.10,OflOCOO. a drop nf uliinl JM r.Ofl.Odl. while- luimrts Irnin Ihi' Utilldl States were alxiut a d(!clli:s of $30.00^,000. Wc Report-edjatisfactoryl-o^^ind News Want Acis. l'-c illness , J. H. Al. 'Ul'i-Cvinada's. though still sliow- tluro ii(>vf-r k iniirh 'diniRO unrlnrr pas.ilne. Now your jinrlncr, with lUCC'n ol clubs mill HIT i|urni <>( hoiiris. imiiv.i'; thai yon nrc> MI- d-'avorlny In throw I lie no Irump I'uuinu-t him his lifind mid hi 1 bids •two nu iniinp. Yon liniti' > i!lal<-ly ?(> lo three i<.n-lrnnip. The Play , Wild ilu? Jncx of club.-; o]u'nii)B tuti-i;;ll iniilu, . . t'-:shlv sali^rai'lory ivond for tlio 12 ' iiniiulis cn<!r<l Ani:ml. 1933. lymi ! ili •di-.M"i a hvur.iblc balniiri' 'ol, r.tni-K siiri.OOD.OOO as cmnjiiirrd j I vll!l ;1 fa^oi'aljli 1 iMlanco nl the c-n:l ' *'";u,i lust o; onlv $:i». .Tiiiiao. ' • - 1'IIC tilVCI.lbTi' iKllllll'O llf tl-.l'.li 1 'b, yi*ur wn*; niiidf- ii[> by LI de- •ciis'.- of $!I2.IWa.38ri In iinpavl:' nto Uanadii and n di-cllin- ;;[ oul),:irii in cxpvis. .i's Irmle wllli tlu-' United nnrnilc Alley. Rosctan:! J. 11. Aliev. llosobnd Mr. ant! Mrs. J. W. Hardln, noil Mr. nnd Mrs. Hoy Oondnwn, Homeland Mr. r.nd Mrs. Klli'.'il Meador, Luke City. To relieve women's montlily pains and lo build them up ngii'insl continued suffering clue lo irmlniitiltton — that's •what CARDUi is lor. Try it. o\ich (both of whom are ciansr. physi- IIV W.M. K. MrKKNNUV Si'i-ri-Ury, AiiUTlcan llriilei- I.rJ(uc Untoriuiintcly. too iminy puoplc •iliiiw. lumois to Intlui'iice thflr ''Milliii;. I piesinne Ihiil tile inn- fority of my .renders, if thcv picked up a hand i-fnuiilnint 150 r>tK iniiiediniely ivnultl oiren llie bid- din-; iviih HI IciiLt one no trump. ' lint Ihis Is no; ulways correct. ' Take, for cyanide, (onlay's hand. Scmth has no aclvnnltwe In M:ik' the contracliiiB v'lth one ' no '^-'mu. He c'Einno'. posslblv tiuln n-itk by ihi.' oocniiiy Ivuil. 'Pini,!- ''iVL 1 . if he is to receive uny bt-ne- 'U from the llmlir* faeior. his | 'Mvtncv must piny (he hnnd at •'i trinnp. The RhMlriK Smith \\nl North 1 heart 1'a.v; ) sp;id« Puss liinm'iuls Pass 2-N. T. Pivss A mighty battle' !s"expe'cted ihis wlnt*r in Congress o\er a proposed revamping of the food and |a N. T. Pat.s 1' Pass drug laws. Tlie proposed bill has be?n written by Rexford Guy Tugwo'il, upper left. Agriculture DC- ! While 1 do not favor the partment braln-tm^ter, to. replace the original Food and Drags Act sponsored 227 years ago by Dr. Rrono?ed bill is far more i Harvey Wik-y, .center, below. A', upper right is a bottle of radium-charged water found dellnltely (han Ihe olil Food i>nd D,-ii°<; 'Act an'i -provides heavier nen^ltlrs. In thf: first nlin-e. It v-'tlit? ' to casinclics. v--Hich tte P'p'-fril law 'lots' not touch. 'll i-ould proscribe. a.s ndulter- nT»Ii, cosmetics u'Uioh "are or tnay hf" inlurious I" Ihe user under i*>« pontfilohs of usi 1 nrcRTl'icd in the labtliw,' or under usual condition". - nf "re-. " w n uld nrohlhlt . .lcs when Ihev 'Tv>!sohoii5 or deleterious In- fatal -in several cases, but which "was althln tha present law. on' the trade. Under certain clr-jcctled to be evidence that the mak- cunistances.' he evcn-muy license (er 'Knew it, was a ;ake. producers of certain kinds" of foods "Oafnn" DtapUytd The Department of Agriculture has set- up a sort of "Cnaniber of Horrors" to show the effects these nostrums. On of and refuse licenses' to such proiiuc- ers as do not standards of public health. . . : There - will be bitter "battling- j many over iK-arly every- teclion of the I 'arjie plaque they have mounted a new bill, 'ihoush ' most interested boltle of a popular '"diabetes cure." parlies'agree that a certain amount brought terrible death 'to several victims a year or so ago. .Tlie Government could not. prosecute] m'.ist be broken In this hand. You no not want lo plov the hnnd nl i no Irump In the South. If It is; to be plnyed at no trump, South ! wnnts his partner, North, to be I thu declarer. under ihe Food and Drugs Act be- Therefore, the bidding should he cause the bottle were labeled cor- °P™«d with a suit, hoping that . Manv horrible .examples have '"--I liimed. ii" bv the tr''-'\' ' of Agriculture of . cosmetics whllih' caused 1 -baldness, hUndness. rsralyf^ or twl^nin?. Comparo- r IvoK ' llit'i-- "obiectlnri ' KftS been of- fj.«n ; to- this nrovlsion.' . '• ; I>>rli Otitn Unwed . : • ' P're^ent "act iii'ov-irte.s pcnal- 1 of tightening up on foods, drugs, and cosmetks is- in or.der. Conviction Ootfies Hard- For -Instance, under the present act. ; the •• government', in prosecut- offender must, not H«; for. 1 ' untruthful: ' of . ffi?,: Bui' It "ha 1 ; .been found thit - constimSrs' .seldom .-nay. :ninnh':at- tehtioni in th- , laljcl. especiallv • If thei'i\e-;been .-sold: on rim ; nrodiicl. -hv. -a. .qlowin? ,-radlO .ln)K.L>>v-'n- prinUd^ad, .-or pAlnted.- slini., So- Uu 1 . . ne .would,' restrict- .advertising., state- by a ; . : hil! ils: clo-'jclv-...' ''" 'i. construe, as 'fal=« anv ing nn only- that -.the statements'. made nbout 'the .medicihe.aire -falsil but that 1 th'e' ;make'r knew tliey^ were false arid offer'eh" the 'rehwdy.;*it)i deliberaKly tfaudulerit '-'friteW:-': '••' On one side of it is a •sheaf of letters, .pitiful letters, in longhanil. from 'patient* who tell how Ihe remedy, has given them so much relief that .they have been able' to dlsptniei.Kilh-. insulin anil diet, the-only two generally recognised treatments In. diabetes.. . On ;the other side • is : a grim j-:Heaf .tii deatli..certificates, each tet^pK' yf) th^ end. -of ' one of • the teitlmohial^writers'-and "all" cerii- lylng 1 dcHth>frorn.~. dipbetts.- * i -'. It- : t'6ok'-lO -years to convict;one ly" 1 ?. dfBtn.:-irom..dipBetts.. - - , 'rod'uwr- of a- "cure'-air' -wbise !ia- • jTrie-.-elasBte : piample;._ls ..that - of el•'p-rbclalrried' f il -io- be' a r cure'Jf6r' the^:<leadly Radium water .which reclly and truthfully. Here again llie government Ls lo be forced to steer a course this- winter between what, seems an Inadequate present protection of the partner's response will be no' trump. When North resuoniLs with a sjKide thnl tlrx-o not help at all. Now try to nil his .weak spot for • no trump/. You hold ihe ace and DON'T KNOW WHERE THE MONEY GOES!.. FOOD PRICES ARE SOARING SKY HIGH ! WE SHOULD HAVE STOCKED UP BEFORE LETS OE SMART FOR ONCE AND NOT WAIT ANY LONGER TO GUV THAT NEW DODGE WHILE IT'S STILL Q«t« • D»di»O«*l«r ttdayanrf Mk »fc«ut lh« ft«tftjtr«nal H Show-Dflwn"Plan. LONGER WHEELBASt NEW--DODGE consuming public and what easily king ,tif diamonds and undoubtedly may become a new and oppressive t he wa s unable to bid no trump, . SMS: Ail r iicr> f. o. b. KIH.-I&IV. bureaucracy. .Read Courier News Want Ads. due (o his weakness in diamonds. Therefore, you bid ,two diamonds. 117-119 W. Main St. W. T. Barnett Auto Sales Hlythcvillc, Ark. This i is a constnictlvu . bid - and I. be! some 30.' diseases.' • from', .tuberculoj sis, to'.insect, bite:/It' wsCs : easy. etx-: ough Ui ll'flrouldh l t--cbre; them; but '.the., government couldnt sliow. tliat- the -maker 'knew. -It yyouldn'l. ... , i\<rver''l5erri'!nt fp a focid. 'drui, or cosmetic -If it'.i-i 'In. ."'nV partlcu'.nr "untrtie^ "of "bV amblTiiitv.. or 'In 1 - fer'rrice fre'»r« a 'mlslendine im' rfft'Wriri'." ' 6oii6'*'Uf ' cif : thi bill Hertt Insist 'that Vhiii is '<v> ge th-it 'ftlmos' -chv BcHertisiiie R rr.erit • rhteht. -"crefttf a-' nii^lft imprf^ion." under certain 'circunv stances. ' . • ' : The bill further wnuld forbid anv . advwtiajmen 1 or label for :\ drug to inmtion' the" name of -'ny di?- r.T-.e . for v.-hich the drue is .not a fire, bii't niTelv a nalliatlve, un- Vfs Ihis Is nlpinlv. stated. And it would allow no statement nbwit sue)' drup which was "con- H-T^-'I^, - (T^noral aere^ment of r...r)ir-i>i opinion." Tl'f- Kl?ri3 Arcimenl "^rp Ihe opoonnits of the bill v»ih.. rn\cv snv that such drastic Mm'in'ioni-procticnlly kill the earl- beloved rfeiit of the American nM»"n to digpnose raid ' »TI nt'n'enl--. PIK! y.ould turn all Ir'it.mftit of disease .over to .a inr-no*^ 1 " o f i.he. oiypni7Pd doc- lore. What is. the "general agreement of medical opinion." they areuff, In a world in whi^h Doctors anil various systems of therapy (l' r ?eree dally? Tlie bll' ".Off- furlh-r n t id Pro- ris's lo discOiirast' advertisement of drugs fnr treiument nf diseases w|i«rfin «-lf-ntndicatloii Is dRnijer- oiif ft- npalr^t. Ihe Interests of public health. It names a lonr list of rii.-»(>f«. in treatment of which an aclverMM-r may no' wen claim Ids f-Kvirallon is effective. Tti esc include anpendicitis, blood | rr-'wn. cancer, carbuncles, diabetes.! diphtheria, dropsy, erysinelas. eall- slontf. heart, diseases, high blood nw.we, measles, mumps, pneumonia, scarlet fever, tuberculosis. tumors, vene'-cal diseases, and — hooping consh. Kf»r Power Abuse Tl« United Medicine Mnnufac- |||W. the Proprietan- Association, and others Interested In distribution of packaged medicine arc niailnlng a concerted attack on the Tujwell bill when It comes before Concrete this winter. They believe the restrictions are so , strict os to advertising. as virtually to hamstring that business, and that it gives unprecedented and unwarranted powers | lo the secretary of agriculture and his department- In enforcing the U«. . far- lr«t»nce. the secretary Is fnwered -to set stand irds of quality and -packaging for any fo«d, apd «nforcc such standards .Only- last-. *: goyfcrpmpnl . investigators; were.- able 'to, produce in court the, death, certificate? : al l>ersons .whose' -testimonials.- ^s'tlU were, being -" used ' by - tljis; :majcer to. boost .his -product. .'That ;was c6u- AIDED BY OLD RfcMpDY j:"F6r thirtv years -I had Hon.-" -Senirlnc food from '-stormich Choied me'.' Since taking" 'Adleriku Ii^p • a ;cew: person. Constipation is---arthina. ; ol' flic • past.". —Alice Burns., 'gold in-Slytheville bv.c'ny Drug' Store.'.' '. '. - . .:• —Adv. J-2 BETTER IT WONT BE LONG UNTIL YOU NEED THAT Those cool, crisp days of Autumn are here . . . Even now H topcoat feels nornl, but before long you'll ntcd it every day. Perhaps you 'have no( had yours cleaned and prepare'.', for use. If not, we suggest that >' ou get ready for that rooming when you'll wake up and find OW Jack r'rost on your window pane. For Quality Cleaning NU-WA CLEANERS Phone 180 v^ C^kesterfield '.. just try them V *

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