The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 11, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 11, 1937
Page 8
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AGE EIGHT BLYTHEVCMJ? (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Sweet Potatoes in Applet lie dcsssrt may be f)n/VTI \l T\m~ iii ,n its lopp«! with ML tf UL L I 1 :ious sauce, ohlliy hlM I I [JLLi IRI feliier when Hie wuulul « >~ U I 111 uddings Return To Tables arid Sauce Emerges In Steaming Dishes And "now in November"—desserts et (sot! Puddings, plump and roud, return to our tables; steam- rs a.rnl pots and pa»s (or sauce Merge from the cupboard; nosc- rigglnig aromas waft in from the itciien and the !ast course is civ- Id; with ivlsps of steam. Cooks, unlike hunters and fisn- rinon, are not required to observe opsii" or "close<l" seasons. Hut istes vary with the turn of the Hi]), and Autumn appetites com- Ine'-AvUhj tradition to set up a ;ries of "seasons" (or ouv favorite Now, It's-pudding linie. It's sauce line,; It's hot, pis and gingerbread img'.f-it's 'time to use th'e oven!. Main ccursts may be lighter when ess.erts are iic4 and hearty; re- 1 jember that. The ' lore frugal \yhen hot' nna luse . Igtus arc brighter when the, vening meal winds up with a warm ] esscrt. Get busy—and lei your asserts get hot! Recipes? Plenty — and here an chosen- few for imme-dlale trial ••>•• Cottage 1'udding (With Butterscotch Sauce) !-•( cup shortening 2-3 cup sugar 1-egg 1-2 cup milk 1-2 teasp. vanilla 1 :l-3 cups cake flour i le.isps. baking powder 1-2 teasp. snlt Cream shortening and sugar to- ether- Add egg and beat smooth. idd : the milk, .and liaver-inj; (hen dd,flour sifted \vith baking powder ndtsalt. Mix until smooth.' Pour uto-a greased and floured pan 9x9 :iches. Bake in moderate oven (350 iegrees F.) for 25 minutes, While at. cut intc squares and serve with lultcncotch Sau:2 made this way; !oil Jogetlier 1 .cup dark syrup, 1-2 up^.sugar and 1 tablespoon eieam intii, little syrup forms a soft ball n cold water (232 degrees p.). Re- riovp from" fire; add 1 tablespoon rutfer, 1—1 tsaspocn salt a!id , 1-2 easiroon vanilla. Blend and ad'd . ta'blespcoiB boiling, water. Serve lot'bn cottage pudding. Praline Bananas 4 bananas 1-2 cup brown sugar 3-4 teasp. salt v . I'.tbsp. lime or lemon juice ^1'tbsp. melted butter JjS cup chopped pecan m?al£ . ••'"•6r walnut, meats ..,.-.. Cut: peeled 'nananas lengthwise nto." jlalves and fry for about one mini/i? in 'n smal! amount of-' biit- ter.!:plaw bananas into a wcll- greased' baking dish. Mix brown sugar and salt together and sprinkle 3ntd"bananas. Pour lime or lemon juice and then the melted butter ever sugar. Covsv with chopped nuts...Bake in a moderate oven (31o degrees F.) about 10 minutes, ci until sugar melts and bananas art tender. Serve hot. Eight sbrvinss. ., • Florida Soujflc \ cup milk 1-2 cup grapefruit sections 3 tbsps. orange juice }-2 cup sugar " 1-2 tbsp.. vanilla i tbsps. flour i <=eg yolks 4 ibsps. butter • • 1 tbsp. lemon juice Grated rind oE 1-2 orange I^aki: a whits sauce of the flour, butter and milk; cool. Add remaining .ingredients, .except egg whiles and blend thoroughly. Bf'at whites Vegetables on baked in the festive Thanksgiving appl,' halves, natty with their mood—sivett potato topplni; of toasted pulfs Gives Secrets of Way Albanians Keep Down Meal Costs BY SIRS. GAYNOK MAHDO.V NEA Service SUIT Writer The cow that .jumped over (he moon ivns Die first boef to go sky- high, but still you can have 1 beef on your table. Nexhmic Zaitnc, tho daring ycung Albanian gtrl who wrote "Daughter of the Eaglo." passes on !o m e these sqcrots of the way Albanians keep down their meat costs. Allnnhm Stuffed Sgu.ibli (-1 to G servings) One-quarler pouii'd groim:) rounj steak. 4-5 cup uncooked rice, 1 on- icn, 2 tablespoons shopped-parsby. 2 eggs, 4 medium green squash uiHil stiff and fold in last. Turn mixture inlo a buttered bnWng dish and bake In slow oven i300 ris- srees P.'i [or about trie hour. Serve hot. Staffed Gingerbread Add one cup of water 16 the contents of a package of (he Washington recipe gingerbread mix; stlv vigorously until batter is smocth. ;BaJtp t ,in loaf pan In moderate oven '(315 degrees P.I about 30 minutes, or .until done. While gingerbread, is stnFJidtvJpltl. arid swea'tl a mixture of .sliced pasteurized dates, cream I -cheese and nutmeats i which have! been blended to a simrelh paste I With a little cream) on bottom I layer. Replace,top of gingerbread and serve hot in slices. Orange Bread I'udding (Dainty Individuals!) 1-2 cup scalded milk 3-4 cup stale 1 bread crumbs 1-2 cup fresh orange jui:i Orated rind of 1 orange 2 esss, beaten i-3 cup sugar 1-8 teasp. salt Soak the bread crumbs in the scalded milk for abcut in minutes; •i;!-1 the remaining ingredients; •ilir initil the sugar is dissolved. Pour into well-buttered individual molds or custard cups; set molds or cuus in pan ot hot water. BAks in a moderate oven I37S dcgre:.5 P.I for ab:ut 30 minutes or until mixture will not adhere to Die tip of a knife inserted in the center, isrvc hot with Ifar.1 Sauce. } (about (i imy.:s;. i lemon, j spoons butter. Cut squash in iwo crosswise. Scrape out nwsl of tiro pulp, leaving n fairly well padile.;! squash jut). Mix meal, rice, chopped onion, parsley and salt and pepper to taste. Stuff squash halves with this mixture, but do net pack very light, because the rice will swell when cooking. In large rtce.i> kettle, place saucers u«si:l3 dcwn. (Use n slcamer.i On these, stand the stuffed sminsh. Belter ru:; a lonsr toothpick throus-h eacl) squash half to keep It In shape. Cover the squash with more plates, add about 1 cuo water to pot. ccvcr utul Plac2 over low fire, •vw more water when necessary, but never very much nt a Dine. Steam about one hour, or until meat nud rice are done. Before removing scuiash from keltic, add Ihis sauce nud cook a little lon?cr. Beat eggs and add lemon, then beat thoroughly until light. Add a little salt and a little melted butler. Deal soms more. Pour this sauce into the pot over Iho lender When sauce ha« boiled up, (he dish is done. Tha Da lighter of the Eagle knows her squash! Even though you and Ih? rest ot the family think yen simply cannot stand another recipe, for round steak, please give this recipe a chance, 1'an Broiled Steak with Lemon ISuller Allow one pound good grade 'wound round steak for 3 servings. Place a heavy iron frying- nan over heat and gel very hot. snapc.iaiuvj steak Into thin round cake. It must be thin, if s^ak seems a little dry add a drop or two of water, Ad.1 nothing cise. Do not put any gfcase ' or fnt into frying pan. plank the steak down flat on the red hot surface, let it broil rapidly (or ,' about I minute, then turn with :ake turner and broil 011 other aide. Turn ngain and broil on original side for another minute, then lilt out to hot platter. Dot liberally with, butter, season with salt, and pepper, nml over it nil squeeze a liberal • amount of lemon juice. This makes a genuinely delicious broiled beal steak substitute and Is quickly prepared. ; Broiled Beef OH Toast This recipe comes trom your own • Uncle Sam via the United plates Department of Agriculture, u |s printed verbatim, and should a.ld I one more ground beet recipe that ,has the double advantage o( bchvj quickly cooked and easily eaten. "Toast slices of bread on cne side. Spread the unloasted sUe lightly with butter or other tat ami spriiv | k!e with salt and pepper. For 6 or I 8 slices of bread, season 1 pound I ground raw beef with salt »nj psp-'i pev and mid 2 or :) tablespoons lop i milk or diluted evaporated milk. I Spread the meat mixture over the ' «ntoast«l side of the bread slices, covering evenly to the very edge, "Broil by direct heat, under flame or grill, for 5 to 10 minute. Add melted butter.'If dssiro:!. Serve hot with garnish of. pickles, sliced onion, or green |>eppei." THURSDAY, NOVBBJIER 11, 1937T because it makes E. E. Vanliibbcr SAFEE-WAY GROCERY & MARKET We .Deliver 5fll S. Franklin, Pour South ot Hospital [FRENCH FUYER! Highly polished 3 quart aluminum t pan. And a lust proof wire basket thai fits close to the sides and bottom. Wire hook on "basket to aid ^draining. Uses minimum amount of fat. A real buy. J.I MIT 1 TO A CUS TOMER §HOUS£'HENRY HARDWARE CO. "THE \V. Shousc. PROGRESSIVE STOKK' Rhone 35 \\'ilson Henry BIG NEWS Specials Thai Will Save Yon Money 25 )lj. Stand §3.83; 50 Pound -Sliintl I'lirc Vcfi i Ih crl. 15c; S lb. Crt. S!)c; -IS Ib. Std. $4 Streak-o-l.ciin Pound I'ull Head, in Ibs. 37r; H>0 1.1). Sack New t'rop c;. N.. 10 His ion Poimd Sack POTATOES pk u 29c; 100 ib sk $1.49 SHIBI.HY'S TiKST 12 F,b. Sack .. 5t 24 Lh. Sack .. . l .H •IS M). Suck I5ARHK1. ... I.ITTI.K GENEVA 12 Lb Sack .... ,ir,c 21 Ih. Sai-k 8!)c •IS 1,1>. Sack .. §1.65 UAKUKl S SNOOTS Pure Pork .Si\ns;ii;c it) 22c POHK CHOI'S, lb 23c PORK K'HW. Ih 2()c HACK UONKS, lb . ..lilt- HACON, Slicoif. Ih. . .2.H- CIIM.I.I. 1 lb. Ulock .-^Ir 01,KO; Nu Maid. Hi. . IMG KARS, II) RKKF UVUU, Hi. .. Polled Meal, 2 cars . Tcmnto 1'iislc, 2 cans Syrup, Pure cane, gal. CATSUP, 11 w.. botllc CAHHAGE, Ih Pure Gfountl Heel'. Hi 1.-it- I'cef. choice round and T.-Honc, lb. I'fcf Roast, lo 17', > !b. 2()c ISc W.KV STEW, Ih. I.IV PR CHKKSK, II). , II). Sausage, mixed, Ih. . POHK BHA1NS,. Ib. . Free, i/i m. Pei-fiimc \vilh :; cakes Camay, all l!)c CORN No. 2 can 2 fcr La' Pickles, sour or dill. f[l loc No. ; TO.VUTOUS, 2 for ... BuUe.r. Ql, .. lf,r in this Slorc is cul lip for the \VinU T 8M West Main St. HKRK ARK A FEW KVERY DAY PRICKS Kvery Item In Our Store Has Been Marked Down tllylhcville's Largest and Most lieautiful Food Store Ulytlicvillo, Ark. Phone m 10e l,o;if (if Liberty Hi-curt with of ColTfc fo CHUCK, THICK KU5, Hi ] 7c . SHOUI,l)Klt CLOD, lb. !.!20c STKAKS, iSVctlittni Grade, Jb 20c I'riilc of Illiiinis No. 2 Can Tomatoes,--- 6c Cut Beans -*« 7c ... 15c 8c 12c iy z c 13c Heinz Catsup, large bottle ...... 18c Ocean Spray Cranberries en Pjckles Our Mother pt. jar . Sweet Pickles, 7 oz. jar Arkansas Rice, 3 Ib. pkg. Sugar, Domino Conf. 1 lb. Life Buoy Soap, bar .............. Hershey Cocoa, 1 lb. can Mother Cocoa, 2 lb. ............ Coffee Maxwell House 1 lb 28V 2 Grape Nuts, pkg ......................... 17c Oats, Hostess, 42 oz. box 15c Matches, Searchlight, box ...... 4c iMzTc, or Spaghetti, box ............... 3c Arm & Hammer Soda, box ...... 4c Humko Shortening, 1 lb. ct 12% Humko Shortening, 4 lb. ct. 47c American Sardines, can ...... 3V 2 c Coffee, Chase & San Born lb. 26c Libby Crush. Pineapple 8 oz ?V 2 Date Nut Bread, can ............ 12^ Tomato Paste, 2 for ................... 5c Peaches Dinner Hour 2Yz en 16c Campbell Tomato Soup, can iy z Hominy Eupreme No. Zy 2 en. 7c Hcminv Supreme No. I can ...... 4c Petit Pois Peas, No. 2 can lOc Miss. Co. Peas, No. 2 can Franco Spaghetti, can Campbell Tomato Juice 2 oz, 9c Ark. Spinach No. 2V 2 can ...... lOc Ark. Spinach No. 2 can ........... 7c Cut Beans Arkco No. 2 can 7c Pqst Toastics 8 oz. box ...... 6 J / ? ,c Miller Popped Wheat Lge bx. 8c Pimento 4 oz, can ..................... 6c Pimento, 7 oz, can .................... 9c Anglo Corned Beef 18c Victory Dog Food, can 5o Peanut Butter, quart jar . 22c Apple Butter, quart jar 13c Mustard Marco, Qt .................... 9 C Catsup, Scott, 14 oz. bottle ... 9c 5 Woqdbury's Soap, 2 for 15c Jet Oil Polish, bottle lOc Marshmallows 1 !b. cel|o bag 15c Candy, all kinds, 3 for lOc Blackberries, No. 2 can lOc Ovaltine, small can 33c Ovdtine, large can , 62c Cocoamalt, }/ z lb. can 23c Libby Pears, 2% can 19c Graham Crackers, 1 lb box lie Royal Gelatine, all flavors pkg 5c Jello, all flavors, pkg. 5c Milk, Pet-Libby-Carnaiion Ig 7V 2 Milk, Dime Brand, can lOc Milk, Eagle Brand, c&n 20c Pure Lard, 4 lb. crt. 55c Pure Lard, 8 Ib. crt $1.09 Snow Drift, 3 lb. pail 56c Snow Drift, 6 lb. pail $1.09 Oranges, Fla. Igs. size, doz. 20c Lettuce, large head 5c Celery, tender, large stalk lOc Carrots, Calif. Lady finger bch 5c Cucumbers, pound 7MJC Squash, white or yellow .... lOc Grapes, Red Tokoys 7Vac Potatoes, No.' 1 Red 2c Cabbage, Green head, lb.... 2V ? .c Mop, 12 oz lOc Fresh Coco&nut, full milk, ea. 5c Delicious Apples, 2 for 5c York Apples, pound 3c Swjaisdown Cake Flour pkg 25c Miss Liberty Coffee, Ib. 21c Pride of Memphis Coffee, lb. l^c Fresh Siring Beans, pound 12y ? ,c Cranberries, Cape Cod, lb. .. ISc Salad Dressing, qt. 23c Corn, Mayfield, No. 2 can . 7V 2 c Potted Meat, 2 for 5c Canova Salazone, 8 oz, jar 12c Libby Pickled Peaches 2V 2 c 21c Libby Fruit Salad, No. 2% c 26c Log Cabin Syrup, table size 22c Log Cabin Syrup, med. size 4?c Sardines, No. 1 tall can 8c Gem Syrup, gat 44c -,y 2 gal 25c Wesson Oil, pint : 23c Pineapple Juice, Libby 211 c 9c Mackerel Van Camp No, 1 tall 9c Red Heart Dog Food, can . . 8c Gum, all kinds, 3 for lOc Apple Sauce, No. 2 can 8c Apricots, Evaporated, lb. 12y 2 c Flour, Little Geneva, 24 Ibs. 75c Best Grade Salt Meat, pound 18c Boiling Salt Meat, pound.. 12y 2 c Veal Chops, pound 15 C Veal Stew, pound 12y 2 c Weiners & Franks, pound 18c K. C. Steaks, pound .'.' 32c Soare Ribs, pound 18c Pig Ears, pound lOc Pig Snouts, pound 12y ? .c Pork Chops, pound 25c "Bacon Skin, pound SM^c A7>xed Sausage, pound lOc Pure Pork Sausage, pound 20c Black Hwk Bacon. H. or W. 27c Pork Brains, pound 15e Salt Mackerel, Each 5c Barrel Kraut, pound 5c Miss Liberty Flour, 6 lb. sack 26c Sugar, Pure Cane, 10 Ibs. 55c Spices, all lOc size for 5c Salt, 1% lb. square box 3c Crackers, 2 lb. box 17c Scoti Tissue, 2 rolls for I5c 0. K, Soap, 12 bars for 25c FRUIT CAKE INGREDIENTS Citron, Orange, Lemon Peel 25c Glace Cherries, Lb. 37c .Glace Pineapple, Lb 35c Shelled Pecans, Halves, Lb... 39c Sunmaid Raisins, Seeded or Seedless, Pkg. lOc CHIPSO LARGS fek^v \ •i^-^cv^

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