The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 5, 1940 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 5, 1940
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BtrfHEVIiLtil KROGER PIGGLY WIGGLY THURSDAY, DECEMBER 5, 1940 PRICES FOR FRIDAY ARD SATURDAY Texas lAfnrlQp Seedless *" ' Ol I3C Gives Version Of 'Con' Games iEET TATOES Porto Rlcan Ywns $ lb* ™^™^^«">^^™ Oranges Texas Juicy 2 Doz. David W. Maurer is an associate professor of English at- the; University of Louisville. Investigating underworld argot for- a- study' of linguistics, Dri- -Maurcfv. met- many "con game" characters. The result: his boote "The 1 Big Com" In this article;. Wr NEA' Service and Courier News"' Dr. Maurer describes probable inside 9peratipns of the-million-; dollar card game racket just exposed in New York. . -,-.-• i * • * BY DR. DAVID W. MAURER method of allaying the mark's suspicions and getting rid of him). As soon as tHe mark- loses his money, he may beef a> little-. Whereupon the man who roped ^ him speaks up on his behalf arid insists'- on returning his check to him: After some argument, the roper' picks the- mark's- check out of the" pot, deftly substituting an-, other of identical size and color from a supply he .carries for this .purpose. This duplicate check the- roper tears into fine bits, burns it before !ch. 5c BEETS Fresh Bch. Florida Dozen 15 CAULIFLOWER Head 15 CCLLMES KALE , 10 BRUSSELS SPROUTS , 19 Potatoes Idaho Washed 10 Lbs • «— the mark's'- eyes, and thus assures' No one knows how many millions th6 victinv that he will suffer no, of dollars are annually separated loss ' from their unsuspecting owners by Trie good check is cashed, but confidence men. For a variety" of" the m ark does not realize he has reasons,- Including' shame at; being been swindled until his- bank swindled, many "marks" (victims) .statement arrives. This is. called refuse to go, to the police, v „ t i )e "tear-up." A hint to the magnitude of cori ^fter the check has been torn , 'games is given, however, in. the up> 50 me con men secure double! ! story' which lias just come to light t ne amount of the check by clev- \ ' telling of a con mob which- swiri- er }y switching, the conversation so died well over $2,000,000 from ti' that the mark feels obliged to pay j relatively small number of. marks j^ losses. He then : writes a second along the eastern seaboard. ' ; Judging from newspaper accounts, the gambling' ring used a check. When this game is played steamships or trains, as it often is, ! streamlined version- of the "Big u. differs in. some details and is Mitt." called- the "huge, duke." In recent This Is a short-con, (opposed to big-cori: in that trie ariiourits swiri- [ Idled usually are"' comparatively i small) game operated- tfy cbrift- Eatmore lb. 1 Ib. Crt 9c 4 lb, €rt. Kosher lfl*c 28 62". Jar C-ft]. Ji' e. ciub Can If BEANS Sman can Lge., 3 for 25c Blytheviile Ag 3 for C. C. No. 2i; 2 Can 2 for Avondale No. 2'/2 Can in H. Syrup dence men who are also expert card' manipulators'. •..-•'.',, The game' passes through- the following stages: ' ', The victim is" "roped" by a professional "roper." (In this . case. the , rcper mnv have been' masquerading as a business man bent on having 1 | a friendly" card' game.) The' mark' , C |:is brought fo a.'mitt' store; ? ' : the -n men's' headquarters. In tnis : ^particular swindle, the "store" seems to" have been a specially out- i fitted hotel suite. There he meets otlier members- of the mob', all posing under some easily-believed guise. years the-"big, mitt".' has declined in, favor of the "huge duke" because it is much safer to fleece a man away from- home. The present situation looks as if the 'big mitt" is being revived with a well -appointed "store" in a hotel. Prices For Friday and Saturday JOLLY ROGER PACKED IN SYRU No. 2'/ 2 Can Stitd No. 2 Can (4 Limit) CRANBERRY 0. Spray, can 12 2 Grapefruit 46 oz. Tin I ID DV'C CHILI CON (ARM; Q LIDDI V Mn..1 Tin V BATES LIBBY'S Hot Dated i lb: Bag 2 Sauce Ocean Spray, 2 for .^ . .Crackers Pafkdale 28 02. Jar Butter Glo. Q The mob consists of three men— all good card manipulators; Grie is , known as the "ribbing hand''- (the i ; one who-makes wise cracks to clis-? tract the mark), the'"kickinghand" (who 1 'is "always grumbling about liis lb&ses> and r tlie- "still- hand'.' (the one who says nothing and- always- loids* the winning- hand). The mark" is usually allowed ,t,o : wih substantial amounts- in the flrsb few hands to build him UP for the fihal^ trimming. The' deal which takes- his money is usually CATSUP Scott Count v, 14 ^.Bottle; 3 for Soap' 7 Bars SARDINES Aitierfcan i for 25c FLOUR; Red BowJ Clock Large Loaves 2 for C. Club 44 os. Pkg. Only Garuthersville Muny Light Plant Issue CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., Dec. 5 —Following unanimous action of. the city council in the December | meeting, Caruthersville will make ., . , ,j , . •, /-,, ^ fourth attempt in tne near future to secure, a municipal light plant. At the January meeting; a- report will be presented by a St. Louis engineering firm, outlining the cost of- such a- plant which this city of 6500 population would require. At the January meetingC also, an ordinance will be presented calling for a special election\to vote the sale of bonds for the sum required' tc build the proposed- plant. Three times in the past, special elections have been called for citizens to vote on a municipal plant, and each time the proposals have been defeated by substantial major- 1Clbs.35c Fruit Cake Full Supply dealt by the mark- himself..:. Tliis allays any suspicion he ma-y'Saave'.: When one of the- con men cuts ev deck, however, he substitutes; a carefully stacked deck for the ohfe which, has ; already j, been in use. it^s-. itherhahdS^^ of^bhe four niai & ah-ea'dy pre-arrangedU •::;. [.;' The inarK usually' deals himself "our aces. As the bidding starts, I ihe" 'ribbing hand" gives the mark -\ flash of his three queens. Seeing them and sure he has : the- winning' .handi.the mark bets high—only to lose to the "still handv who holds ,1-straight flush. This, process- may- continue For' some .time; using different combination- of cards—as- long as the mark does- not become suspicious and- as- long as lie has more money to lose. If the mark does not- -have ttye necessary money on his person, he is encouraged- to write a check. Most - confidence men prefer for, ities. It has been estimated thai there are more than 10,000 species of the daisy. ; • .. . , It still is an offense to eat.-a- dinner .of more than two courses in- England, under an- old law. OF COLDS... RELIEVE WHILE SLEEPING-RUB ON PENETRO \' DANCE Hotdated Coffee 1 !h. Bag 13c; 3 lb. EVERY SAT. NTQHT BLUE ROOM HOTEL NOBLE *'•»*-' *JU VJV**»A»V»\X* IVJV LAJ.V*! L JJ • •>- » \* 4. * \J ». 1 ( _ ^^f^yT^JW jF ^^^tj Ti'^^P ¥^, the mark to-use a check, as it pro-;- STEAK SANDWICHES SERVED vides- • a perfect "coolout"' 'the],.,. -.,-• • .... •- —_^-—-^— ifi Whip Dressing TOILET TISSUE Clifton 4 Rolls RAISINS 2 Ib. CeJlo. Bag K. K;. Rindless Reg, !b. 25c Sliced, (b. CHOICE BEEF Lean & Meaty, lb.. ^ \cire 6s of ^^•^•^•^^^^^^•^•^w CHOPS SilKETtOAiT H0AFCHEES ,,, 35 . . CENTER SLICE lb. PORK tll f ER TROUT OYSTERS pi. Fine for K:«.kinir."ih. Pure Pork Sausage \ \\ Ground From Country Tig -IK Streak-o- Leaa Meat lb. 12!c ajse and Sanborn Lb. HYDE PARK Box 23 Butter Cookies or Black Walnut. Bx. Miss-Co No. 2 Can No. 2 Q^ Gan ' PEANUT BUTTER Qt- All FRUIT CAKE INGREDIENTS Nuts, Fruit Cake and Candy Peter Fa No. 2 Can Miss Liberty lOc Loaf Delicious 3 For iESAP APPLES 15 GRAPEFRUIT Each Ib. 2f e Red or Yellow 3 Ibs. FRESH COCCANUT Each POTATOES RED 10 Ib. Sack 17 Krey Sliced Rind less Ib. Fancy Sliced Rind-on, Ib. c .e. c« <s'J* x- o w — « 3ca- o * MEAT Best Sides Ib. mm MEAT V^ulk K-REY'S Smoked Links, lb. Z5 Pure Hoy: Ib. Blanton's Peko Ib. 10 SAUSAGE Fresh Mixed C lb. * c SPARE RiBS •KENS- 1! Ib. Box (2 Limit) •^••w^pwi«r?»«if^^«CTi*wBti.ww«^ • Crackers PORK & BEANS Liberty Bell 2 ib. Box Can 5 SPAGHETTI ^ 5 POTTED MEAT ('an MILK Jack. iSpral J.nre Can RtX JELLY 5 lb. 9 Bucket 37 Woodbury Soap 4 Bars for I If V LU A TOn-.F/P "SOAP .1 Bars in X<n»s Pkg. 7 Bars For UFEBOOY 3 Bars and Handi 19IRIKSO iMcd.. ..8!/ 2 c; Urgc.,..U)c Gia^l . . :57c

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