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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho • Page 11

Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho • Page 11

Idaho Free Pressi
Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:

he I -The chances are one-in-a-million with lightning, but Ihe odds are be at Hillcrest next month. No fists, but the A's clobber Mavs RlHSK fulling op what Boise manager Tom Trt'helliorn called the efforts ul'the season, pitchers Guy Murphy and Brian Kitignnm put out a three-hitter ami a one- hitter ennsci'ulivcly Tbursib) night to run Ihe A's winning streak lo eight games, and give them $-2 and wins over the Foriland Mavericks. Wilh Kingman narrowly missmg no-hitter in the niglitcap. the A's ran Iheir slreak hi the Mavs. nnijj Iwo weeks ago the team lhal nobody seeincd to be able to heal. One more game remains in Ihe series tonight, to he played al Ihe conclusion of Ihe p.m. Senators-Gems game. Boise is now in second place in Ihe Southern hut is seven and a half games behind the Eugene Emeralds, currently on a tear that won't null. So in spile of Boise's current streak, they have only nicked up one half game on the Kms since last playing thai very chili. Walla Walla is now in third, eight back. Portland continues to lead the north. Inn ihcir once bulging load lus been chopped lo 7 games now 18--JI, is in secnml and Hellingham is in last In ihe first game Iasl nighl. kept 'hings very much ur.der cunlrol except for one u'ry lal pilch in Ihe second minim. Larry Collon. I'ortland's designated inner, rapped that nne ou-i Ihe wall for a Iwnruri homer and ihen all ihe Mavs' firsi-game scoring. I'nrlland was ahead 2-n al lhal poinl. hut Mike- got things going lor noise- i a homer in Ihe bottom ul ihe same and a homer by Mike in the fourth lied Ihe game. When Iioise sent 10 hatters lo (he plale in Ihe fifth-scoring six runs--il a all over in essence. After lhal. it was Kingman's lurn lo keep (he string going. Things wenl smonlhly and Kingman himself didn't realize whai he had going until Ihe fourth inning. He continued to roll right along, and with Ihe help of a pair of clutch fielding plays by Woculy Wnodard-onc in Ihe fifth and one in the sixlh- he slil! had his no-hilter through Ihe lirsl oul of the seventh. Thai's when Steve Cnllelle sliced a 3-0 pitch just inside first A lb Corvanles is Hcllanod Ccllcne Hrtlnck lb Collcnrtti Crill II Guischer Hicks TOTALS BOISE Wocdardss Harrisonib Mahlacf Rcdr.queidh Jones II Rcdnqvjes lb AB tl RBI 4 1 1 Hur.fer Murphy TOMS Portland 1 1 1 0 Jor.eirl base. Ken Hodrigues slopped the shol bul cnuldn'l beal C'ollelle lo Ihe hag. Kingman then walked Hill C.el/. and when an error in Ihe outfield allowed Cnlton lu live, liolh Gillette, and (iclz scored lo ruin Ihe shutoul as well. A Meyerlb Mos'ey ii Holland cl Cclletle i Kellrick3b Collon dh Blink Icy 11 Hcuberger Elslonp T01AIS BOISE waodardss Harrison 7b Malilocl Rod ri guerc 'Super Mex Boise golf Hy.lnliiilt. Ki)U-ii Hi'giniiiilSpin-lsKtlilnr Supposedly, ihe chances of hems slruck by lightening arc somewhere in llu ighborhondof one in a million. The chances nf growing up mil of a poor Mexican- American background and winning U.S. and Iwu llriiish Opens have in bi-jieai-Jy as greal if not greater Hill a man who's ilone bolh and survived is going in be in Hnisu next month join Hlalock. one of the stellar perlormersof women's pmfc.ssiomil golf, for a of gulfing ciiicriainmenl. Thai tnan is U-o Trcvinn. one nf Die superstars of American professional alhlelics and one of ihe most in- torc'sliiifi characters lo make an impression on spurts in several decades. ON Al'lUlSTiifi, ihe polling slars are going to he al Ihe Ilillcresl Country Club prosenliiifi (iolf for Charilv's secnml annual Golf Exhibition. Trevino is a genuine. 2-1-karal nigs-lo-i idles slory. In one year he wenl from a assisianl golf professional In nne nf the best known names on ihe men's PriifcssiiMial Golfers Tour. Initially, hi- accomplished IhnJ feat wilh his winning of I he 19GB U.S. Open. Now, Ihe Open, o( course, is nolorioiis for proiiuciiig winners who never won hefore and then never win again. Hill il wasn'1 lobe Ihai way fnrTrevinn Not only did he win anulhcr Open'- in 1971 hin he also picked up a pair of llriiish Open crowns, a Canadian Open Mile, and several oilier lonrnamenl victories alunu the wav And he is slill winning. He is also slill the cnincdian-in-residence for I he PGA lour a irue assel lo an organizaimn Ihai often comes off as bland as il is skillfull. The people (hat are bringing Trevinu and lilalock In Uoisc arc Ihose same people lhal Iasl year brmighl off Ihe Johnny I'almer ex'liiuitioti with professional ease efficiency and success. Golf for Charily. Last year I hey did as if Ihcy'd doing ii for decades a'enn. sidcnng il was Iheir firsl year out of Ihe blocks COI.P KOH nuillTY is a group of biisincssmm m.i»l from Horse who got last spring I he idea of bringing lo iioise an example of lop Highl golf for Ihe locals to see and pick up a few bucks for charily on Ihe side. They did jusl lhal Iasl summer and afler pulling it off wilh perfect timing, the famously received cfforl was able lo Him over lo ihe Idaho Chapier of the American Cancer Not bad Irick. Tliis year, ihey're shooting for more of ihe same and more inimey if possible. Afler gelling Miller and I'almer in ihe lirsl lime mil Ihe group was faced with trying lo find an act lhal could follow Not an easy lask, bul il looks like they may have pulled il off FIRST, TIIKRK'S TRKV1NO. He's much more I han jusl a human inlercsl slory. He's also a tremendous joker a tremendous crowd pleascr and a tremendous golfer. I'laying a dependable righl-lo-lefl game lhal gives him a great deal of cunlrol over his gulf, he's been one of (he most consistent players on the tour ever since he firsl blossomed Recently, a new dimension was added lo his personality 11 came in the form of a lightning Ixill a month ago while U'e was playing in Ihe Western Open. and I wo olhers playing in Ilie evenl were knocked unconcious by lighlning and he spent Ihe next couple of days The lilahu I'rci' Press The News-Tribune. Friday. July 25, 1975-- 11 headlining exhibition i In- hospital. reim-ening (nun his brush wilh deaih ShiiM ly iifu-r U-ing lie mel willi Hit pi ess ai.d while sll uil(l I h' fieciru- tod iv.i dulled his sharp ii In- did ailnui Dim he iv.v ikii Ihm- ire tilings in impii-iani a d.jwnhill UTIII.i: HI. u.m is mil as famtiUF for quick humor as is she has. in rcceni uars. become ver ncarlv us imp'riaii lie women's lour af lie is ii.iht men's shehii rhccirniii wnhahang. winning Imm Hie miisei. 1 hen. alter Iwn years nl iniirnamenl play she was deniiunci-d by sninc oilier mcmlii-rsol the fur suiijicisedlv replacing her ball closer u. Hie hole when she liud marked 11 "ii the piiiiiin; green The i-iiiiinivcrsy ballooned and lurnoii mio miii-li a baitlei'f personal personalities anything Kmallv ihecasi- was reviewed and Hlalnck was declared iimnu-ni Mm m-n uhile all ilie conn was sin-wed her cnal composure hy just cuiumumi! plav and coniinumg MI win despite the furor around her A derce einnpcliior. she is almost a a near the leaders in any inurnaniciii slip emers if no: leiider heiM-'l -and is regularly near HIP very mp in annual win'imc SlilllMil'S. While she gol a late start. comparatively, cm ihe wumen's professional nnir.shemadoiiplt.r ii fast. In her I season she was named "Koukie lt Year" on Ihe woim-'s circur' and by IU74. she had broken Kaihy Wliiiworili's all-nine singles season winnings record In taking home over SHG (mi 'Hun year, while playing in l.iueu-nis. she was in cMiuen'imn rimsiiini ly and finished in ihe top Id 711 limes. KASIl.v spni u-d by her iradernark uig.aik ii former schoolteacher from Portsmouth. New Hampshire During iasl year's cvcm. the schedule ol evenls included firsl a chine given by Miller and Palmer in the natural am- nhiiliealre formed by Hillcrosi's prod ice range. From ihere ilKMivoprosweiiiiiuiciiuliednirseforahead-io-headiiiau-li According In An Kinnell. of Golf for Oiariiv's officers ilie agenda ihi.s year ism be the same. "Thai's whai we plan. Buih Jane and Lee will plav Hie championship ices and as for as I know, idl be a h'ead-io- head inaleli." Calmer won Die face-off Iasl year, bul only alter Miller fallcred nn ihe final Imlcs after becoming ill 'HP recovered bill mil befnre Arnie had charged in for the win. KINNK1.I. HAS been in on Gulf Charity right from iis mcepiioii and lakes a lot nf pride in last year's elf on. culminaiion nf Die efforts of several Boise 'businessmen and businesses. Bin even mure important. is Ihe cominucd success oh he eveni. and he plans iu make sure Dial I his year's evem doesn't lake back seal lo Iasl years. Tickcl for Ihe exhibition, ai 510 a Ihrnw ihey're a bargain are available at golf course pro shops all over ihesiaie and at ufficesof ihe Hank of Idaho. Orifyiiiiprefer.youcanorderlhem. check or munev order encltiseri. from Golf for Charily. P.O. Box m. Boise. 83701 There's several advantages to attending ihe affair You gel in give lo charily and gel out of the office or house. Vou get in ai lend one nf the -social" events of ihe season. You also gel see whai is for many of us some ol ihe imesl golf we'll ever gel the chance in witness Nampa Rec tennis tourney 37 161 --woodard. Harrisan, RocViqus.Co» DP Boise I LOB Porll.nd 1. BO'Se 4 3B woodard. Malilo, Jcnes IB -Hunler. HR Collcn, Jcnes 171, Rctrinjei III Rcdriques. SB Hunler. BB SO Guiuher 41.3 1 i a HHH 1M 1 1 r. kl 7 i HBP Cralf Iby Murphyl. Gjischcrl. 1 4 5 i 1 Ibv Rodrlques lb Cox 3b Tunic II Kmsmanp A Boist Heuberger. LOB a i Rodi HI. ElslonfL. Ml Kirqinanl W.I 4 1 1:31. A 1 4 1 7 0 i A 7 033 DQQ 7 7 401 110 Woslev, Col'elle, Pcrdarnl 3. Boise S. IB HR Rodnguei IP ER BB SO I 3 4 I 1 2 0 if The entry blank Hills-Vail City Recreation Tennis Tournament 1 NAME AGE HOW LONG HAVE YOU PLAYED? OTHER LOCAL PLAYERS WITH WHOM YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF COMPARABLE JOEL PEARSALL He's one of the local challengers in Ihe topflight level of the Nampa Cily Recreation tennis tournament which runs Aug. 8-9. Players from all over the Valley are invited to enter the competition. ADDRESS PHONE Mail $3 entry fee to Marilyn Daniels, 2 East Sheridan, Nampa, Entries close August 1. Until they're 14 Youngsters should not compete JACK NICKLAUS sloshed home a course record 5-under par 65 Thursday to tie Tom Weiskopf for the first round lead in the rain interrupted $200,000 Canadian Open. Nicklaus fires hot 65 MONTHK.AI. il'PI- If Ihe rains hadn't come to Ihf Knyal (Mi fluli. nf ihe liiilh Canadian Open, there's i.n iflliii); a Nicklans uiiulil haie dune in (he courM 1 Nit'klaiis. one i( Ihe late iartersTlinrs(la. hirdiedstx the tirsl Iwi'lie holes a Mtmih Ihliruiersldrm 1m 4 m. and delayed pla fnr Ihroi 1 Mi 1 tnnk shelter in a liiinir Jilimning Ihe par-Tit, n.ii-.w-yard hyiul.sni»i2ela pljyrl Ihe remaining six holc.s nne 'HIT par I'M 1 a course record li.V Turn Meiskiipt' for 'he niiinil lid' Vjin.iHHu-veiii "Sure, il': hard in gel your concenlratM-n h.ick." Niklans said nf Ihe interruption "It's a lung lime mil there. Wcwercoui MPvr-n-anrl-a-hatf huiirs." After the delay occurred wilh about half ihe 153 slarlers slill on tin 1 course. N'icklaus said hi- cnniiniied mint his lex-shnlsand urll. hill cfuldn'l his pulls un Ihe snggy "The hull's. I MCVIT r.une closi' lii making a putt. I'd leave nne short, knock one hy. 'li oni-." hr- said, referring In a ihrec-pull bngev hh I Till hole nf Ihe a aeinallv iln- N.I hole on flu- course as he had played Ihe back nine firsl Weiskopf. t-nnip- k-led his round prinr In Ihe rain delay, also playing Ihe hack nine lirsl lie alsn had nnly one Imgi-y in his mural, on the jard old linle. "I've playeil bt-ller gnlf anil nnl scored as well." Weiskopf said "II a lair-lo-gnml gulf and gm Ihr- it With their Hie two Ohio Slalc alunini Inok Hirer slrnkrs nfl llii 1 cnnipeliMvi 1 of held by Caiiadians fliimejiiuk. who had a 7)1 Thtirsiliii and licrt llavkin. MONTSEAL-Finl round Canaliin Open Goil Champ. Tomweiuopl JACh Nichllut David Johnsehtee nob E. Smilh BotiZcndcr Gay LvnLolt Fr4nk Conner L.ny Zieqlrr Tom Kile to9nanjlhompion Ainold Pjirncr Jukhn FrcdMarli larryNcUon Roy Pace tctrtt tit Ifi? onshlp: 31 J1-1S II.JJ-M J3-- 11-47 3S JJ-tl 34 14--11 3I-11-I1 311! -II HM-H lilj-ll IJIS-ll 1133-11 34 1( -41 3i 11 4 1 17J1-H I MOSCOW. ILMIJO (UPI) Youngsters should not participate in highly compelilive spnrls aclivilies unitil are 14 years old, spnrts psychologist Hruce Ogilvie said al the University of Idahn Thursda. "If youniislers have lii(jh levels of lor skills, they can t-hiwc In polish Iliosc skills wlieii Ihey reach lhal Olpjvie said, "llm all Inn ofien is parenlal drive pushing yoiintisleit; inlo competition al an early ape." Oiiilvie. aullinr of "I'loblcm A and formerly a cnnsullanl to Olympic teams, aiirf fonthall, basketball and baseball teams, is here as a jiiiosi lecturer fnr a workshop on machine women's spnrls. He is a clinical psyrhnliiKisl and jirnfessnr of lUiidaniT and counseling al fal-slale al San "It is Ihe very children lhal sports aclivilies are supposed In help H-IIII are lieinj; escluded from sports aelivit ies because nf Ihe slriir- prnnram," he said. "The chilil who has a losvabililv In handle lailure anil has a low emnlinrial stability has a liinh pnihaliililj nf licmj! I'Xclndi'il from sporls programs fnr slers are being robbed of Ihe inv youngsters. The emphasis on of sports participation acim winning means (hose youngsters due in win me nre rimppetl from the learns." nuce nterviewTMd rnokir, O.mlvie stressed Iba, yom.g- niajnr Important season coming for Walton SI'OKANK. (tU'll Portland Trail guard Ccnff I'iMrio snys ilwl Wiillon linil liellcr cnrrrcl sonic "luiil prohtrms" lipforc itic sinrl o( HIP Ilaskrlliall Assiicialinn "'Miis is an fur him (Wiilloiii hri'iiusp lip can'i afford annUicr niip like iliis pasl yrar." IVlrk- said. lull-in, liui for iinyiino to' he siin-i-ssfiil In-lias In ho menially di-dii-iili'd in is anil I Iliink lii-fnri- Wallon is siitTpssful ho 0 ivo In inaki- sonic c-linnitrs in his lif'." lie said. IVlric. in Spcikam- lospi-ak al iuiu.i}M UniviTSily liaskcl- liiill cjiinii. said il was lianl fur hinisclf in llii' inciiliil (raiup nf minrf in his (irsl season al Portland. "He's tasirally.i nice(iiij lie didn't perform up io his cnpalulities. partly because nf injuries, and lie had had ad- prohlems." Peirin said. Wallon played only nr, games lite pnsl season and received additional noloridy when he w.isi|uoslionni hy amhorities in i-onnertinn with the Palricia Hoarsi case Ho laler railed quite a slir wilh remarks ai a IH-WS cnnlerence. i lillle hard for the avcrane makinR more than per year In swallow ii when lie iWalioniarivocalpsilu- violent nverihrow of Hie VITV Roveninieni wliieli allowed him In niiikr lhal HWIU-C." (Virio said camps and S7 per cenl nf said Ihey wished they had playc-rt linle league baseball because il look ihe joy out of whai bad been a fun same lib faid. i While Ogilvie is critical of ton much competition too soon for children, he scfs nothing i i henefns from thl eqnaliyalion money facilities for men and women ir. aiblelics. "II will pp'e women access 1(1 Ihe benefits nf sporis in their personal development." he saici "The spinnff will he exiremelj positive though il may lake "i decade lo manifest itself." He noied. hnwever. (ha( few wnnien have been able rt break through ihe ctilluf? harrier and really excel. "Women suffer from a eess phobia, a (ear of sui-J ceeding. which is uiiphi soriely." Ogilvip said. "It you have a who -is! nn tier w.iy ol breaking oul nf Hie 1 mold, then her daughter has good chance nf breaking oul lo' success." Ogilvie. Hi' said a falher An ir alnni- It has been shown sue- 1 cessful wnmi-n ofien wilh Ilieir lalher they 1 do not ri'ji-i'i ilii'ii- mmhers.

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