The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 2, 1968 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 2, 1968
Page 11
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Wythevllle f Art.)''Courier News - Tuwdny, April J, IWi - F«jt Eleven ' Scrambler ACHOW ii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiH^ jESDAY — itoo I LOT* Lue? liso Dikttrl &30 S[« gkeiton Ooo4 Mornlnt World oo CBS New» Hour f 30 Fowl oit Memphis joo Ten O'oloc* New» £20 Ute MOTH £00 Htvi «n« w»th« ?05 Slr-B Otl EDNESDAY — 4;45 Above The Clouds 7 r :00 Good Morning - Memphis »;50 CBS News »:1S Otptiln Kannrco »;00 Otndld Camera *:30 Bererlj Hifibllliei Andy rt MyS«n» as sis** :25 CBS News u:4» Culdine Lltht 12:00 December Bride . u:30 A» the World Tutai 1:00 Love ll l Una; gplendoft* Thing 1:30 Housepartr 2:00 To Tell tht Truth 5:25 CBS New; 2:30 Edge of Night 3:00 Secret Storra 3:3Q Early Movie S:00 WRBC TV N»w« 8:25 WREC TV We«thl» 5:30 Walter CronleltB 6:00 1 Love Lucy 6:30 Lost In Space 7:30 Beverly HUlbllUH 8:00 Green Aores 8:30 He and She 8:00 jottathan winter Shew 10:09 Ten O'clock Newi 10:20 Late Movie 12:00 News is weither ]5:P- Sign OH "«*•. _ „ JMiM liOfMC „»- » Indie (var.) —— »ii-v.'i •-i' i jh'01-ir.-i >>"iiik*ji i'.i •f Ib .« X •o e DOESN'T THAT K/JQT- HfAO KNOW THAT TMe BAQ WoULP RESTRICT THe LMOS OF HVDRAUUC9? 5J KevwbiratiT. DOWW 96 Give iitpport t» i K Near t • Minute pwttelt 10 Hlfvy volurat llB«e«4 U Re(err«l ripMteW PlMen » Frwth v«rt» M Mint SI Citru« fruit (pl-> 33 Local noflUonj M Overconfident 41 Shir|H*>tnle<J wttpon « Henvrtly body 43 OMrttic solo 44 StnVl cniM (pVi « oil UK briny 47 V.ellan stream 4* Require SO Obese MK.BEEDlt.JUSr •WHAT PO YOU RLArt To DO ABOUT: THEON you?, WANT TO KNOW WHERE TO GET YOUR TV REPAIRED? CHECK THE COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED PAGES WAKE UP, EEK, BEFORE' MCKJR. MUStteS. BEGIAJ TO AV FROM LACK OF EXERCISE/; DOWT Be A JERfe! VOU CAU'T FOOL ME WITH THATWQUSEWiel J MAV SLEEP A LOT, BUT JM MOT STUPID, V'KWW J EARLY IWTHE>\FTE[ TO rtn-SOMETHW& OM VOU.' WMCT-CHANNEL IUESDAY — %:00 6 O'clock Report >'8:30 I Dream at Jeannie «7:00 Special "Petula" (3:00 Tuesday Might E: at the Movies »0:00 The Ten O'clock News iG:10 Don Hickmau ip:15 Norm Brewer "Report 10:20 Today in Sports ^10:25 Weather'Report Jp:30 Tonight Show 0:00 News 12:05 Television Ohapel 12:10 SiKP off WEDNESDAY — __ 5 %:2S Television Okeprt ^ 6 :30 Univ. of Ark. Economics Course 7:00 Today Show "7:25 Today in Mid-South .7:30 Today Show -8:25 Today In Memphil ^8:30 Today Show r-9:00 Snap Judgment .-8:25 NEC New* 9:30 Concentration 10:00 Personality 10:30 The Hollywood Squares 11:00 Jeopardy 11:30 Eye .Guess 11:55 NBC News 12:00 Noon News 12:30 Let's Make A Deal 1:00 Days of Our Lives 1:30 The Doctors 2:00 Another World 2:30 You Don't Say 3:00 Match Oame 3:30 The Mike Douglas Show 4:30 The Merv Griffin Show 5:30 Huntley-Brinkley Report 6:00 6 O'clock Report 6:30 Virginian- 8:00 Kraft Music Hall 9:00 Bun For Tour Life 10:00 The Ten O'clock News 10:10 Don Hickman News 10:15 Norm Brewer Report 10:20 Today In Sports 10:25 Weather Report . 10:30 Tonight Show 12:00 News 12:05 Television Chapel WANT TO SELL AN UNWANTED TV? TRY THE COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED PAGES WHBQ-CHANNEL 13 ^TUESDAY — cS:30 Rawhide Lfi:30 O>rrlson'< GuerrillM £7:30 It takes a Tnief J;8:30 M. 1. f. D. L9:00 Th. Invntinj 30:01) Mid Soutli Rew» 5n:J5 Moving Weither aO:30 Joey Bl^hoft Jj»:M Sports (12:011 NlchutD Ne*i • WEDNESDAY — .8:33 New« i7:00 Cartoon "irrt« ic.-oo Bull«lnlt!b " 8:30 car J4 • 11:00 Bewitched 11:30 Treasure Isr* 12:00 Tht Fugitive 1:00 Newly wea Game 1:30 B»by Game Ohildreni Or. 2:00 Gen. Hospital 2:30 Dark shadow 3:00 'Dating aunt 3:30 FunhousS § Adf entur* Tim* Newt Wlather Bob Yount 5:90 RMWhWe n .. 7:10 Drtarh HAUie • 8:00 Wed. Night Motle 10:00 Man from O.N.OX.t, 11 M !»«*• •••11:10 8p«U 11:30 Jo«7 lUhorj initrnmmt 4nr»win l r«OB 86 Compass point Stager 37 Bulk 6 Orison IFAHCAINTEVEMSIr ' ,,,ANP MY FIRST" CJFFICIAt- ACT A3 PRESIDENT WILL BE 1(0 AWH OWrJ HOME HOW KIM AH HOPE T HIPB,'.'THB WORST WOULP /elAKE A BETTER THAMTHE&ESfMAUr A WMAM RUN W PR6SIPEMT? U90 W. 3 lOSHIII REMEMBER, THIS WAS PRIMARV, THAT ISN'T SO BAP AS IT -SOUNDS HOLLYHOCK, ...BUT I NEVER THOUGHT I DIDN'T EXPECT o BE ELECTED STUDENT BODY SECRETARY.. OUR BOARDING HOUSE — With Maior HoopI* TWE 90V* AREl/AW '.., i, t n i\a £j \Q> 11 'TUIIXAA H^^^-^^L i HDUUV/ t'NlN U" '"'^/l inWlv*W AS A RE-)/AOPIN'A j/fDrtT,AlA30R,' ^TPOMBLEV SE^CHER IMTOm £ rfcAPlTAL- 6 J WE'REEW6CTINJHAS OFFER. P4VCHOL06V OFTH6T7»« H^^ PA&PlPEf/fO6W6TH6 AMER1CAK1 VOTER tVEtBAI-OKl8y/ > mAyEMt>j(-tHyM6S-UP 40UATBD T^E ?;B UHK PUBLICITY { n v t -^_^s*^!v| —- ^' 0 ™/ g, 1KB bf HIA, IK.[|. U t. til. Off. EB... rMAVHAVETO COAX H/M A BIT. . HAVETOH&R W&TAVI6H OO \ Hia IMITATION- J —=4 .OF J/MMV / I CtJEANTE/ I COULP ASK FOR MOP.6 OUT OUR WAY 15 THERB AWV HOPE OP \ WHV SH! OTIS LOOK, yOU COPSLHE'S \ I'Vft BEBW THEN VOU WBRB \ VEAHi HB SOT P OF ABOurJsORe BECAUSE I PIC'NT HAVE MOKE HE'S DONE ITASA1W-- <30NE TD SCHOOL. WITHOUT THESE/ I DOM'T KUOW WHETHER TO CHASE AFTER.HIM WITH THEM OR TEACH HIM A LESSON BY LETTING HIM TAKE THE COWSEOUEWCES. WEITHER.' CALL THE SCHOOL AWP MAKE HIM COME BACK FOR THEMJ •lOU'RE KUTS lt= VOU GCUFTSR HIM, AMD AB50LUTELV UMHIWSEP IF VOL) LET THOSE THREE HOURS YOU SPEWT WHEEBLIWtS, M- TIMIRWIKIS AWP BULLVlNa HIM THROUGH HI5 HOMEWORK LAST'UI(3HT<50 BV THE BOARCV r- 5 FOR flSESiyBBUE: I WAS PB5CRIBWTH ROBBER! AMP Keys POWW A STORM 5EWER! VOU'RE REALLY CERTAINLY NOT) \VE / BIGGEeH'-PANG SEROUSP VOU'RE' CAN PUT YOU IN THBf TARSETS Y'EVER NOT PULLINS / FIELD WITH Pi-ENTV I SAW, JOE.' VOU MY LEG? _X OF DINOSAURS IN A MATTER OF MINUTES! YES, BUT WHAT I NO PROBLEM IF I DID MISS? JOOP'LL BE THERfeAl.WON'T V SURE) BACKIN5 YOU UP I YOU OOP? •WITH HIS TRUSTY I IV OL'AX... WHY MOTHERS SET <3W/ 0EE.I SlVEUP. \ win A CAST ON one tee/ 60£5, q<7--PON«: COMPLAIMT PEPAKTMEMT COMPLAI-W OEPARTMEMT SPARTMEUr « IM IT »n. Pi. ttt W M M. M, "W»'r« Mtnr to build a n«w •Umwitary «ch«ol h«rt,; but so' f*r W«'r« bar«!y abl* t» afford th* grt»» » •/or th* four-am «tmpuil"

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