The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 8, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 8, 1935
Page 2
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PAGE 'mo Crete' BLYTHEViLLlD, (AHg.) COURIER NEWS Social Calendar Hat; Clul). Mre, C:urol Biakembrc von the pnz!?, a .itKlio lamp, at ihe Tmm- uy conti'ttci-ciuo p.uiy family, goins down especially to bu wllli Mr. und Mrs. Hoy OoocU and family, of Hrmlsvllle. Ala, who tiro' visiting Ihere. • Mr. und Mrs. Oscar Jlariluway and Mrs. O. E. Keck plan lo spsml uuy vuiiittin-tiuo jj.uiy uitJi wtcii ">.u *-»io. \.i. i-,. I\I;LK j. .when Mrs. n. L. JBrauioy was r.os- tomorrow in Memphis. less, sac used jonquils lo decorate Oi2 livmy ivum wnurc ui; mimosis piuyed oriagt- nml wore served a fruit ttima course with eof- iee. Club Has Gucsls. Mrs. \V. D. McCltirkin und Mr.i. John Cox, of Memphis, dlslrict ;cprosciilatlve of th- cliuvrolel •oinpany, is uttandliig lo I»H>.III.,L-<. lie ITS to:iay. uui mi.). , '"i^-s Ada Ijitiihrnui kuu] ticory C. U. wuley were gr.esis 01 Mrs. A. Henry will go to Memphis toinor Coii'>vay TnuriKlay \vj\cii siic cmer- ^ ou< I0 r tl Slicing parly, a .lied'. I hf Micl-Wcck Brltlgc club, , } t-_ HiKllflH, wiio has been at jonquils dc'conueu cnc .>HI,UI , u .,- ' " cheon iaotes at which a Iwo course inwiii was served. - . „ „. ... In Uic.oriusn panics Mi's. J. Louts imic lll «'c during in,, racing .sea Cherry won ihe prize, hosiery. Euterlitiiis Club. Mrs. H, A. 1'aylov entertained tiic Thinsday Bridge club ' nils week when Mrs. Joel Chandler held high score. Siic. received hosiery. A tuna fish salad was served with date cake, pickles ;iud coffee. Club JEcls. Spring flowers decorated Mrs, J. A. Loccn's dining room table when she had the Thursday Luncheon club members as hor guesis yesterday lor lunch mid H bridge name. Hosiery was won by Mrs, Max D. MUlcr. American Legion To Have 1-Vt-e Dances, Thc Dud Ciu'on post is planning to sponsor Ire; dances on Tuesday untl Saturday evenings al the American Legion lint, 'fas flrsv 01 these will be tomorrow ovcninu. Music will be furnlsncd by an electrical oi chest ru. The house ccmniitu-c plans lo use Ihu auditorium for the young people of Blythcvillc am! vicinity to have cnieriaiiiinent iimk-r propel chaperonaBc. Commander c. J. Little is in dial-go of Itie affairs. Annorri 'Girl Scouts Meet, The Armorcl atrl afoul,: ii»rl -.* regular weekly meeting afternoon when a ne\v patrol wat organised with Waiitlenc Plckcns us leader. The jiiPiDbrrs tlutiied the U'lKlt-r- lopt test. KefreshiHcnii: \\crc served, by •Isvrell Manes and Anna Tliasnour. t". Daughter Horn. '•Mr.' and Mrs. noble o'cioni. formerly of here and LIUIV -oi Memphis, announce tlin birth of a diiufhlcr, yesterday. The baby, wlio wclyhs eight pounds, has been named Patricia Ann. Mrs. Orlojn wns formerly Miss Mary Aynes Alley. :-".. Bits oj Neics Mostly Persona;. IHss Ma Diiimviinl has returned from Memphis where she spent two (lays undergoing treatment for tin -Mr. and Mrs. Toilci, of Lebanon, Mo., were guests ol Dr. and Mrs. >. P. Martin Wednesday. Charles Laugsioh win leave lo- norrow for Giilfpon, Miss., where is allends CMilt Coast Military academy, niter spending lhc spring racailou ul home. Mrs. Ray Umbaiigli, of carntli- :rsvllle, was the guest of Ur. and Mrs, b. i'. Mnnln yesterday. Mr. am! Mrs. T. U-fill have tuk- en Mrs. w. B, Williams' apnrt- incnt on, Wcs,t Main street. Mrs. lid Slnnlcy ami Miss Mnyme Louise Edwards reliirned yesterday from New Orleans where they spent ;lie Marcli Cirrus season. lilts Adeh: i/jnjslon has iclurn- , od lo tehool at Sirs. Berry B, Brool:s an;l daush- icr, Virginia, of Memphis, will speiul tomorrow iicrc a!i f;«csls ol Mis. lirooks' mother, Mrs. Allen Wulum. They are comhig over especially toi Virginia lo attend the parly in Hi ...s...... ..,, .^..^.n i.,,. ],..iij <>i n.*. ..«.v*. LU u^uoui ;<nu Mr miri M.-. counlry club Saturday afternoon to I. A. lli ss liu>olhom have Inkeii h K~ t>iv/*l> he : r?™n Mnrlij -.11.1,1™ „„ - . . UIM.11 111 Bo Mrs. Cordon Wright and Mrs. 10 Uciil. of Ciimtlisrsvillc, were , ill Ihr d!.y yesterday. -mllng lo business here for a few ays, relumed lo Hot Springs lo- lay. Jly is .spending most of his ion. Green, Ky , • • ~-" n, iij ., after tuciictlng 11 briel vacation at nonic. Mrs. o. T', Tucker, Mrs. George .U. Lee and Mfo Cordelia Wilhile. •spent yesterday In Joncslraro al- ifiiiliiiij t,hr. tiale D. A. R, convention. Mrs. Jniucs tt. rjliirk, Mrs James Hill und Miss Maurina Umu- jou, who al-io went over yesterday «'1H rciualn until alter Iht finiil nf- .alr lonlffhl ,vhlch is ;i dmiK- es- pcclully in eonipllnicnt lo tha pag- "• Mis:; UnniEon l.s one of these I'ercy Moll will 8 o lo Mcmpnit .)iid Cocliislon, Tenn., lomorrow foi i'lie fiiiieral of his broilicr-in-iaw Japtiiln Nedaroy, wlio died in Mem- Phis this morning, niij mother Iru. 11. fj. j.iott, has been in Mt.-m- tiit; lor sen-Hi] [JU>K. Roy Mildifll, of Promised Land ti-rlously in from pneumoii- i, |6; unimproved loilny. W. Lron Adams, ol slncvejMjrl a, hn.s relurncd liotm- nfler IIKV- IB w"e» tfiicst of ,MV. und Mrs w A. Aiiums uutl Mru. Mabel Watts ••Ic Is ti brother of Mr. Adams. Mr. and Mrs, 6. b Moiiltrie, who 'lave bui-u residing at cuinii Men- JSiiu nuar Turrell for .sevci'al Years ttivc lulurncd Here lo makr'lh'-lr •luiiu'. Mr. ;11 ii t [ jjrs. E , A J, JPIICI: luuilly, \u]o ocuii]i1cd (heir •louse have moved lo the house occupied by Mr. nml Mr. and Mr;; M -•ciubci-s miri f,, m ,i v whu , jj ' •o Ul. Louis (o reslilc. D; '- 1''. L. Husband, Keimrth Oa- •orn and C !::ir!cs aivaln mtcirlbd •o business in Memphis yesterday" . »5S Mya] sowell, of Memphis; •s the. guest of u r . niirt Mrs. y. L ud Jor several tiny*. ^.^"^''M'^'S bs given by 'Rcen Morris. Dr. J. M. iSjiiderion, who is so liously 111 nl the Brylhevlllc lios piUil, ha» us lus giicsl, his sislct Miss /ifidcrsoii, nf Columbia, Mo. Mr. ana Mrs. Joe Caimoii, o[ Ca ritthcrsville, Mr-i. Tom Merlin an Mie. G. W. Dillal-.uuly lotl todi for Fuycttcville, Ail;., to visit :.i 1115 Univerbily ol Arkansas. Mr, and Mrs. Camion, wlio have n so In cchoo! (here, and Mrs. Dillaliun ty, v.-ho v.-ill visit her daughler, Mil,., Jennie Wren, v.ill sjiuncl t!;c vrfk- end while Mrs. Martin will visit her daughter. Miss Virginia, for ,-i ivcck. Upon her return s h c \ v ii i )C me i - m Little Rock by her daughter, Mrs. Uupcrt Crafton. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Salibu have returned from u vUll in l-iilton Ky. . . . ' F. Wllrjon Crane, wl-.o has. teen HUitc ill. for the pust tun days Is now better. Mrs. w. L. Hcrncr ami son, Jack, have gone lo Whcatlcy, Ark., to spend a v;ccl; with Mrs. Homer's parcnus. ' plan lo return Ttir's- cluy. daujhtcr, M'ISI Mary siiain.'rcliuti- td last night from New Oilcans where ihcy nUcnicd Mardi Gras and^-isikd Max Usrcy jr., who al- acnns Tulane University. Mr.s. H. AT Smith, formerly ol hcru, who hr-^ teen .slalioncil at Benton, ••Ark., a.-, VERA case work supervisor ot Salins county, lias teen promoted ami is now case work hupcrvisor of,Sebastian county with headqiiaitcVs al Fort Smith, where t c second largest I-LRA office in ihe slale is inalnlaiucd M' und .Mrs >vallac<. Urifgaiicr, of Ilcinando, Miss aic makin- their home here with Mr Mrs H c pavioson while Mr Uriggaucc is stationed at Big Lake on lh c B ov- emment \\-orK ' B F Biogdon, vho sufiercii ii stroke of paralisk l<onda^, is now JiiWUi Ixtter. Ue is ut his home o- Uie South highway Hugli Nelson ThoniiJboii reluinea liouie today from Meniphb n-hera lie spam, two days witn his parents Mr. and Mrs J. L Tnompson. Mi and Mrs M A Isaacs and dausliter, Betty Brooks, ^|[l spend tn« \vecksnd In Jlemphls as 1 guests of-Mr. eni Mrs.'Albert Thorn and v™ ce ,- '. 1 . :; s wl > le " «-«s occupied bv the -loialls. Mr. liigsintollioin,' who ^rn,^ Memphis, i s employed by Mrs. Maltie Brycans spent vcs- "rday ,„ osccoln uilt, Mrs. s a , " " [ ' r 'I Isf, Nnrvclle Iliimphrr-'v who ; « Hie UlyllicviHu hcspil'nl wm- ns frcm mjiirici received in nn i- uitomoblle accident sciml wec, - P«. is slowly iinprovlne A vc'" ebrn in her bad: w «.s broken '« 'lie will have to tc in a a-t until June ntnl then will .ro»;ai>iy have to won- a bruc- for in extended time Mr. ami M,. S . .,,.,„. „_ Wdjb :cn lhc J. Ci. lJ:u-iies home Mr. and Mrs. Jr.vsi; ]| Wtl , ire siieiKling today in Memphis. Yarbro i\cios Mrs. D. \V. Soil sjjriil .'5inici;i n lllyihcvllle with tier mollic Mis. J. M. CiOlT. K. J. Handles 1 , wlio has lj-e .•on.liiiKl (o Ills liomc i,y a broken eg. i.-, now able lo po atom, null lie .-iid cf triitchoii.' Mr. and Mrs. Hu^i, Crai-.v. nl near Bdl, spe n t SiUurrtay. nighl •vith Mr. and Mrs. W. C. McAuicy Mrs. ,\'. j. Hanclloy. and M 1 Minnie MrAiiicy leak dinner « Mrs. Haiiciicy's son, Leon winner.-; jx'cc-iv and ,'illcks tl The hostess served I'rini 'ihe Inlerjncilialr I). ')' U. <«•.animation wiis nuefiniiu-d wllli a kid parly at the home cf Mr;,, uiauuc hnaw- Tuesday evening. Thu -- in cxitumos rem- Inlscciil of "ye old:: school days,, airying 11 Dutch ircat In a tin i pall, tiamcs and contest!; wc-.c played with lhc nif, ntblii'i- balls :andy, punch, The liiipflsl W. M. u. jncl :it the church Mondtiy for an ah day iiu'ctiiii! tn onscrvtuicc of ihu nomc mt'iSlon week of prayc-t. Mrs. A. Ai:i}ill hiul char^u ol Monday's program and Mrs. N. I liumpson conrtitcied Tuesday^ program. Mrs. C. l-'rccmuu luui charge of Wcchictihiy's program. i>rs. O, M. III!) piesemhijj Tliurs- iny and Friday's program. Tuins on evniiGCILsni and missions v.-i-iv by Mrs. Joii Mhhyiin, Mr?,. cy, Mrs. Ployd Carloc!:, Mrs. Harmon, Mrs. W. Collins, Mrs. II. Pipkins, Mrs. N. iioyc- aiid Mrs. R. Claylon. The Wilson I 1 . T. A. nu'm- Uers opposed llic teachers in a iioublc-iienttc'i 1 biiskellinll Kami, hiesday nl^hl. In the women's game tlie score was 1U-9 In favoi of lhc tcaclii'is. In Hit ini-n'i. iinne flic score was M-2U in favoi A (lie teachers, Wilson Society •— Personal J. W. Tiplon jr. and 1 Kcnnetl Girl Married , OAJIUTHERSVH,LB, Mo. M V j U. Tlpton jr. and Miss Ocraldlnt ua.iies, or Kcnnctt, u-evc marrlod (ucsilay evening of tnis week nt , Hist_Baptist church parson- Roughness of Highway Is Blamed for Accident: South of Town. Apparently proceeding on thc icory that numerous accidents in '". sms\9 ring ceremony.- iilcr of Mr. and Mrs , c-s, well known citb.ens of Ken-! is n graduate O f the Keini'-l 1 ' JilSh .'ichooj. After (jniUmtlon iihe i \.i» employed by HIP telephone | company ihere, resigning her tiu- siiicn iioont two weeks n BO Mr. Tlptoii is the eldest son ol Mr. and M i-s. J. w. Tiplon sl -. „! '.•s city. He received Ills hi"li noul alucation al Tlploiivllic. Icnn., uncl later attended Iho Uul- vcrsity oi Alabama, the Junior c"- "•Be or this city, mid wtstnilnster •u lose, at Fulton, Mo. During His ^S,..? 11 ". " c was Prominent in A. liuternity. For .several years IMW been assoeluled with his i 'tr I" the J. W. Tiplon company, having been manager of a branch office at Kcnnetl. until recently. n e i s ,, ow , tlj h)s f|lth{ ,,, n the company,, onice here an:l lie '" <l J vv " c wl " maky tl'dr liouie lollo\vin K 11,4. corcinuny, ihcv |-[t for Memphis und Hot Springs' Arr ivhcrc Ihcy are spandlug u ' shori ..oncviiiom,. n „<„ mmn (h(>y ,,in , ,, — i.i^ii iL-min, iney «m make Iheir home on Ellst Nimh '111: Handlcy. and "tamlly, lasi nway «SKT-- ^ Shoe Shop Moves Tlic "True Blur" Slioe aliop, M tied by L. L. Andcnon, lias moved from 32'2 East Main (o l| iC former '«" We1t 1 !;Lln rat " 0y l '" 01 RWm ° l Chicago Follies Coining To Theatre Sunda For Ihp llrst lime in lh(> hislory ot the ulti! theaier Ihere \vill be nil fenlurc rthn lor a day inul nhhi .icrfornuincc as the Chleu^o l''ol- •l«s, to be presented here gtiutlay will consume the two horn- program In addition to this singe miisica revue, '.-owevcr. there will be lilt Farainomn, neus and several nliai't. on ll:c sc'reen. The Dinuiiuo FiilllB.s. which u omlnsf here direct from the Or- phcmn lliealer at Memphis, when It is being lieadlincd Ibis week, Is called the "MS edition of Clirs Da- I'i.i' Chicfljjo j-'olltcs." The allow Is iliflde up ol Coloiie: Giles Uavis hlnifelf. who fins beer seen by a number of Blylhcvlllt people on the Memphis sla»e. will: 40 people, incJmllrijj 17 gills Oiie: Wiley and his (en Ijorbarlnns, uiu I hear players: JJorciE Coi'hraji'. 1 clsiiiiiij; jjirjij, ,\iiitu Meiith, formerly with atcgtclrt, Frank Fes Jones, monlpcde duncsr. Earnej Noliind. iBiijjtcr of cm-monies, Lui: uiul Joy, formerly with l-/ivl Car-' rolls Vanities. Ginger aiobachcr acrobatic tlam-er. Hljh Hcalh. co- iiiKluni. Hcrt Semtlionur, comedian. Fraueis Slanficlrl, lo: dancer, Maltlu'w iwius. Bobby Hertford and oilier Broadway stars. The show will be continuous, be- hinhis at IMS o'clock n, u, e „[. lemoon anri rumiing until 11 p.m. Miss Winnie turner Addresses Negro P.-T.'A, Miss Winnie Virgil Turner, coim- l.v examiner and oradc siipervtso: of the city srlionls, spoke lo members of .thr I'.-T. A. of the ii!' S rf school Thursduy aflernoon on "11(11- ns for P.-T. A, Organlzaticn.-i." After paying « iribtite to Richard 1). Harrison, negro actor whc piiiycd Ihe role ol DC Laud In "The Oieen Pastures," Miss Turner Mated t 'at the raising of money" was 11 side ibiiie mid not lh c main ob- jcclivc of n C.-T. A. Emphasis war. .'iinrte on tlic live rciifons ivhlclwere: to promote i-lillu wi-ltare in Ihe home, scliool, church and com- mimlty; to rnisc Ihe stancinr;is ol home life; lo ljrin s a closer rel;i- Uunshlp between home and school »nd to develop n belter uiulerslnnd- ing between Ire public and Ihe school. 'I'hc ornaniz.iiioii voted lo pur- Kite litei'imire O n nesro lit,, lunn \.'dberfoni' University und lo huve a mock' v,cddiii[r lUirfng ihe month of April. Deering Baby Dies S'l f,ELK. Mn.-s'ei vices were licld fmiiMliiy iilleriicon 'for Charles Allen Biish. irilant ;,on or Mr and Mi-s. Charles Bush, ol Deer-' Illl!. The bat'y (jistl Tuculay in Hi" UKlhcvillc hospital alttr a briel Illness with ncusc imlip,eiti3n, O.K.Cabto.- Plionp 644 Uay or i- iiunu Urf* . raxl s FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. •IXSOKANCE DEPI. Demonstration Club .News Notes Club Mcels. The Home Demonstration club ol Jell met last Friday at the home >I Mrs. Kun Po[(c ,, n .. nicmbers were present. Mrs. Jin, Gill wi, s cle( .[ M| p[)lll . ry I'huirmaii in n h ira . o! Mre ;™'stro!ii! who c-oiilcl not serve. Che cloihlnu chairman gave a •niton hole demonstration. Plans -"• a county fair ivcre cltsciiss-if 'the next meeting will be with »«• Earl-Muicrs the (irsl Friday • *- * Jlear l.nke flub Meets. The clear lake Home Demon: trillion c-liib h<.|,| n, ,.^,,,1,,,. ,„„„. •hly meetiiiii March ".| al the aiiiwvj kilchen. Mrs. j. A. Haynes was awarded lie prize, 11 shrub, in a contest or naming tin- most, specimen; >' native trees. -Mn : . Kiln liny-lies reported i-om- ictlon of (he club cuillt, ami the ale of 8D chances. lima Lou Haynes. program :liiiii-man, reported that prnc- ire mis in progress on a play. Deacon Dubbs," to be prescnte'il n two weeks. Th; c |, 10 (ll ii|( vill be awarded the niaht, of Hie ;lay. The club will meet again Mon- Iny. March 11. lo tk> .some needed vork on Hie cannini! kitchen, exjhaiiEi: [lower seeds und bulbs, UK! plant some trees and bulbs around the kitchen. The president will select delegates 10 attend the Inmlicnping ind yard improvement .scliool at Marion March 15. API the rci'era yenvs near 'the s-oiith of Blythevlljc on Htglnvay 61 nmy have, been disc, in 1)a rt at least, 10 the condition, pt Ihu road, the t.talc highway department ID preparing lo make permanent repairs in the pavement 'there. A well knowii woman of this clly wlio complained to th c stale highway department, about the condition of lhc hlBiiway,'-says she lias been given definite assurance Hint the repairs wfil be mode, immediately. The local woman wrote the dc- parlmenl, caning attention to lhc accidents, a number of Ihcm resulting fatally, which have occurred at or near the bridge, less than a mile tenth of town, she explained that H was her belief [rom persona) experience, as well as the opinion of others, that the contour of the road in the "danger zone" is such that it is iiiinsiiiilly (J!/ii C |,a (o steer a straight course. ' Investigation by the highway department lias apparently substantiated her opinion, she has said. Thc latest accident resulted In the death of an elderly jack Eonvillc, 111., man and the .serious injury of Ins wife, when his car, as he said, suddenly began to swerve from one side of Ihe road to th other and he couldn't control it. Some bad holes developed In the. pavement al Ihis |»iht several years ago. Highway maintenance crews hnve fraiiiently iimdc repairs but never in siicli a way us to correct ihe condition for more than a few weeks. WHEN I'M EMPTY I YOU'LL HAVE ISO STURDY 6 WEEKS-OLD CHICKS/ 100 L8i. PURIHA _ „ CHICK, ft CASH FEED STORE H2 tC. JJnit, False Card 'Play Defeats Easy J>}(>Trump Contract . iMAhCH ^ 1935 Solution to Previous Contract Problem ' Secretary, Ahicrlcati Bridie I-mui; This is thc last pf six hands played by the national open pair clmiii- pions, Johnny Rail and Charles Lochrldge, both of New York. two youngsters always put life iii any duplicate gallic 1)1 which they take part. What will look like 11 perfectly hofinal hand may meet with disastrous resulls against UICEC boys. They are evei' on the alert to oiitwlt their oppo- Take for cxarimle today's hand, where Cliailcs Lo'ctifidgc sat |n the Bnst. with Loclvfldge opening a spade, you -would say there Isn't much to lliis hand — the declarer can take live sjiacle tricks, five diamond tricks, three club trleks, and possibly n Heart tr|ck; U in all. YOU certainly wouldn't liijiik It Pair Plan Golf Play Over 2,000-MiIe Course OMAHA, Neb. (lil'l-U'H be a 2,000-mile falru-ny wiih plenty of rough that conlronts Gene Ptiil- lips rmrt Bob Swanson, Omaha golfers, when Uicy^lcc off about April IS from Olyinpm Fields, Chicago's famous course, with Los Angeles' Sumel Fields as their objective. Confessing there was little reason for the trimsconlineiilni jaunt aside from lhc fricl that, both "enjoy this nmrnlhon stuff." Phillips said he expected the game lo lake about 150 days. i I'hc pair will pliiy a full round al Olympia Fields, (hen begin (heir driving and pitching along Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Nevada ' and California highways. A norimil growth is maintained by pygmies until Uic.y rciu-Ji Ihe age ol 'I or t). Blue Star Kills the itch Germs To fid rid of Ih-li, rash, iclter, fool itch, ringworm or eczema, cover wilh sooltiiiig liluc Slav Oiiilriicnlwhich contnius fcstcil inediciiicllihliiiclls, soaks in quickly niul kills lhc itch. Money back if first jar fails. Memories-' To those who have lost lined ones His toiisotutioii of liiivlng buried them ill Metallic; Casket:, Is priceless. Modern hi tieslBn and beauty, Metallic:; [oifn a pcr- iiunciil wulerproof, Misl- proof barrier ngainsl external elcinetilt.. IVe !i;ive pritccl tliibt Mcl- .lilic Ciikcls withiii tilt reach «f practically fcvcry family— N'n Uj-fur- limn ortlinUry Wooil catkcls. L.G.Moss, Undertaker NOTICE Any sitlii-lc Lougtil of UUllKE IIAKDHAIII; tt) liul WillieiiI i' •'" eUI) " " aj WC W '" IPlu '" i 50 " r monty ft!!!!. 11 " 0 !!. " S rc<ciui1 anil 'ill a reasonable leiiglrt of STAU^.^ SS-ftSTi^i*' b our Burke Hardware Go* •H2 W. Slain Blylhevillc, Ark. Anollivr diamond was piaved, West discarded a heart when 'the queen was flnesse'a.. tiie declarer then rfil lilvUwe remaining dla- m«nd .tricks, .diEcardlng a small heart (rpni iiiE.omi Hand Bast let go of |,wi> 3mall' cjubj; West discarded two clubs aiid'twb hearts. Now, if the declarer cashed his three club tricks and lite klrig of Ijcaris, he would make five odd. But lie thought, there was nothing to the hand. West had the queen of hearts, so all he thought he had to «6 fris to take the heart finesse. He played a small heart, flnessod the Jack, East w ; 6ii with the, queen and returned a spado and the three no trump contract was set otic Irick. A VjcaiillfUl false card play. New York Cotton YORK, March 8 (UP) — closed steady. high low ¥ A Q -1 4 K10 C * 9.7.5 4 951 ¥7 2 « AQJS2 # K Q 2 l)iipllcate-^N. anil S. .vnl. Soiilii \Vesl > .\6i-lll K.-isf, 1 4 14 2 iN'.T. Pass 3 N'.T. 1'nss i'ass Pass Icail—A S. 8 NEW Cotton close 1318 1223 1235 1218 1224 1228 March 1316 1219 1215 May lisa 1232 1221 July 1236 , 1238 1233 Oct 1222 1228 1216 Dec. 1228 1531 1223 Jnil 1232 1233 1225 .*«, Spols closed t|Ulet at 1245, oil 5 NeW Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Mar. 8 (UP) — Cotton closed sieady. open high low close May 1218 1220 1210 1216 May 1230 1233 1228 1230 July 1239 is'39 1233 1235 pet . 1-J26 1227 1218 1218 Eiec 1233 1233 1225 i'223b Jan 1235 1235 1231 I229b Spots closed quiet at 1250, off 2. Closing Stock Prices? A. T. and T Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Steel Chrysler cities Service Coca Cola General American tank General Electric General Motors -,. liitej-nallbnal part-aster McKossori-Robbijis Montgomery Ward New York Central Packard Phillips Petroleum Uadio Corp St. Louis-San Francisco Simmons Beds Standard of ft J Texas Co U. s. Smelting ...'.,... U. S. Steel Zonite l« 3-4 0 5-8 H 170 7-8';' 33 3^1; 22 7-U"' 28 5-8 38 7 5-3 1 23 7-8 13 5.8 3 7-8 M 1-2 4 1-2 li 7-8 < 37 1-2' 13 7-8 118 '." 31 ' 3 3-1 Dr. G. Eliot siiiltli, famous jivo- fcssor of anatomy at. a Brilish college, expressed the belief that while brains grow teeth rest, a'nd that man pays with weak and crooked teeth for a better b'l'aln. iwsslble to defeat thin cuntrud. Still the hand was dcfcalcd Ijy LocJifidgc's defense. Here's llic play as it came up, The J'Uy East (ipciicd Hie eight of spades, West played Hip ten sribl, and tlie declarer woii the trick wllli tlic queeii. A small dlailibiid was played .liul the jack Hiiessed, which hcttf. A small heart was returned aiid the ctcclarcr fiiiesscd IhS teh-spbl. Just a mlniile! You were all ready to win thc Hick wilh th'.- queen, weren't yoti? Well, let nic show you the play Una \vns made. East \\6ii the trick w-itii tlic ace! Natiiraliy, the declarer now placed the queen iii the \Vest hand, Uabt returned a simile iincl declur'c'r iron wltli Ihe lice. CREOMULSION C 0 U C H $ imgo Corn open high low close- May 953-4 90 3-8 fc 5-8 961-4 July 90 1-2 90 7-8 i)0 3-8 90 3^4 May July Chicago Wheat biieh high 16'* close 82 1-4 82 3-4 81 7-3 85 17 7-8 18 3-8 17 7-8 78 Eyecarb repays you in hcaltb, efficiency and cnjoyineiVl. Be sure your reading light is good, • • and be sure your eyes arc up to par. Have theiri. examined regularly la be certain. J.L. GUARD Optometrist At Guard Jewelry Store DON'T MISS OUR BIG RADIO SHOW * * * > STARRING * * *.-* JOE COOK with B. A. ROLFE and the: GOODRICH SILVERTOWN ORCHESTRA *********-»**** BILL WUNDERLICH - Tdii.igliL OVLM- NBC Blue Network Another Car Load of MATTRESSES And Other Nationally Known Simmons Products Such As Beautyrest Studio Couckes Simmons Ace Springs Simmons Beds Simmons Porch Gliders Have you noticed how many cars oC Simmons Betvutyrest Mattresstis and Springs we have received in the last few ", years? Don't you think you are missing something by. not owning one of these wonderful mattresses 1 /- Ask your neighbor what he would take for his Beautyrest if he could not get another one. See the new patterns in Studio Couches ahcl our new Spring line of Simmons Gliders. They Are On Display Now HuVbarci Furniture Go. The Simmons Store of Blytheoille

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