Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 22, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 22, 1895
Page 2
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An Awful Predicament, SLe Don't Know How She Got In to-it. But She I>OPM Kuow How She Got Out. And -Tliat in the Most Curious aud Interesting 1'art ol'it. She never could tell how she got .into the terrible predicatnmit. No one can ever tell exactly how trouble corues ubonr. '.'Olio woe cotli tniiul upon another's lice!, So tii*t limy follow." And Mrs. Kva Dyer, of 40 South .Orucgu Ave., Newark, N. .T., who tells the [following iutfirestinff story, indeed, felt the truth of this: "Ah nit live yean* ago," she began, .'•I was tnkea suddenly n'ck, and 1 continued to grow wors« until I was unable to do any work at all. Jiy lien cs got »n hud that I would have upasius nearly every day, aud I would feel so I v/a.i dying-, in every .oae I had. "My stoumch was in such a weak condition that it wouldn't contain the lightest foed, and altogether I was so weak and run down that 1 was obliged to remain in bed the greater part of tlve tiuie. "I tried doctor after doctor, but tbeir medicines did HIP no good, a> d I was ready to give up hopes of ever sett, u hett-Hi-, when a friend ad- l mo to try Dr Qreei e't jN'er /ura I ttud nfirvp ivmedy. "So I ros'd \-i-d to try it, and have found it a H icues.i. The first bottle J ton 1 ' I though'. 1 felt S3ino better, mud so I continued taking it. I l.u\v n)> nUfii 'M-ven bottle.", uud I feel that I am cured. THE feNGLISH IDIOM. "I don't have auy more spasms and iriy stouiaoh is so I aan oat anything without its hurting me. Iain no lonjrer weak or nervous, and I ntu able to do my own worx and feel like a new woman. "I advise everyone who is sick or aillriL' to try Dr. Greene's Kervura blood und nerve remedy, and be con. viuoed of its wonderful power to cure, as I have bt-eu." Thousands of people are today in a predio-ununt uioro or less like that of ilra. .Dyer. They may not t>» so seriously ftiuk as she w-is.but they may came even to n worse coi.tl tion, if She-y all.iw tlu-ir present ailtiieuts •vrul weakiiosst'S to rmi ou. Nine times out of ten the grcaf prostrations of health, the breaki-.y down of miui-1 niul body, the utter wreck nod sliattL-rini; of these delicate floers whiuh send weakness and des- f>.ur lthrol>bii>£ and shivering t'ironx'i Jinistrtiuf; nerves, are trace- ivble riirently to the neglect of the Urst slight find apparently tiivial s/ujptoms "it yon \v,.u!d save yourselves from the black iikht of sickness the hopelessness of despair, do not allow the lir-t symptom*, the di/.zy, aching head, tht> ut>rvoiisn"SS. the restless- n-vs. the slei plossncss, the utter weakness of weary days and hours, r.o oontiutR- for one moment when you know that Dr. Greene's Kervura ;>k>od and nerve remedy will surely .-.urtf yon-will surely make you •itrooir and well. Phvsicians recommend it everywhere. Dr. Greene, of 9T> West 14'U .St, New York City, its discoverer, is our mo-t successful physician in cur log nervous and c ironic diseases, nnd he tells you to use it, that it will uiake you well. You Can consult him free, personally or by l-'tter. Gold'In tho Ocean. That gold should exist in the ocean is an induction that Dr. Henry YVurtz elaims to have presented in 1SOO, and in 1872 the discovery was announced by E. Sonstadt. A careful computation with the best data obtainable, on the hasia •of 0.9 grain of gold per ton of sea water, about the proportion assigned by Sonstadt, shows that the great ocean - _^ Aouia contain gold to tho amount of ; P<*s°i>auT- . Aniunlni; Linguistic Hxpprk-iicpM of a .French Visitor. A recent French visitor in this country was M. X., a man too talented and too well known to permit of the use of his name in this connection; for tins is to set forth some of the difficulties he expcrieneed in the pursuit of the English idiom. Indefatigable in zeal, when literal translation failed him. he resorted to logic; and when this led him into error, as it inevitably did, he depended solely inon his memory, and would often pause to search for a fit•ting phrase. lie witnessed a play that was a success, and the players were called before the curtain for applause. One actress in particular was applauded. "Slit: comc-s in for the lion's share," said a friend to M. X. M. X. understood, and later attempted to use the same descriptive, but. his memory failing, resorted to translation. "And y.is ;ietrcb'se—-she come on for /.e part of zc lion." "U'as it a trained animal show?" .asked the listener. On another occasion he was speaking- of a call lie had made on a friend who, he said, lived in a flats house. "Flat house, you mean," he was corrected. "Mais non," he persisted, having thought the matter out. "Flat house —/.at ces tlat on ze top. But flats house—zat has ze flats ten ect. And zat ees where he lives." Politics .interested him, "Zey toll me," he said, "r.at.to obtain an appointment in Ziis .citic, one must half un draff. oS'cttJ—/.at ces not ze word; non, draff—ahi I luif .cot! Uzi pull! Zat eesnccessaire." It was when he ventured into American slang, however, that he found himself at sea without oars, sail or rudder., Some gamin had heen rude to him on. the street, and in describing- the matter, he said: "And I pave heei.u a good cooking-." "What? A cooking?" "J do not tinlc xat ecs what ) gave hccm," he admitted, puzzled. "A basting-, perhaps," was suggested, "You thrashed him." "Oh. non. I did not put hands on Jjoi-m." ••Perhaps you scolded him—gave'him His fuc" brightened. "Ah, zat I did, ptirf 11 itnii-iil. I gave heem a good rrroastiiig." When' he weiit hack to France he was puinod to leave his American friends, who had become di-:!r to him. Ik'declared that lie would never miss iin opportunity to sou Uu.-::i. "lOi-f ever 1 M'i:iy see you iijjain, I will do so, eef I must ei'ime fiv.iu a very loi'.fr deesl.rinci) off. Or, as y,m Americans say so ehiiwri-ninfi-ly—oven cef I must cuiue from a way hael:. '/.:\l shall be my pleasure—to come from a way back.'"—>.'- Y. Tima.5. POLITICAL DRIFT. £2J'"Tho democratic party will have all it can do in 1SOG to prevent itself from becoming a third party in tho number of its votes.—St. Louis' Globe- Democrat. £3»"Thc democratic way of opening the markets to the world for our products has resulted simply in opening- ours for the world, and the world laughs at flic threats of retaliation ou thc^part of Mr. Grcsham.—Iowa State Register. C3>"The democratic party has never yet done anything- to promote the cause ot honest money, and it isn't at all likely ever to do so. That is why all of its currency projects are distrusted by the people,—St. Louis Globe-Democrat. C^'Tlic tariff tinkers told the poor man that "under democratic tariff reform ho could buy wool blankets at half the price ho could under the McKinley iniquity." But tariff reformers neglected to tell the poor man what ho now knows, that his loss in wages under tarill' reform in one month would have bought all the blankets he would need for five years. It is not the cost of blankets but the lack of money to buy with of which the \voi-kinymau now complains.— , Chicago inter Ocean. £•£•'' It seems to us that the Orogon governor's parting- injunction to Mr. Cleveland: "Always remember the unemployed multitudes all over our broad'laud," is entirely superfluous. Of course he will remember them, lie could not forget them if he would— they are too much in evidence. And for'the behoof of Goy. Pcur,oyer, we may add that the ••unemployed multitudes all over our broad land" will not soon forget Urovcr Cleveland or UlC political party .that is responsible for llis AccUlcncy.—N. V Recorder. Francos rower Cobbc, in her "Life," gives amusing illustrations of the Dublin brogue in which Irish Protcstcnt clergymen, educated at Trinity college, used to preach fifty years ago. One, concluding a sermon on the ''Fear of Death," exclaimed: "Me brethren, tho doying- Christian lepps into the arrums of "death, and makes his hollow jaws ring- with eternal hallelujahs!" There was a chapter in the Acts which Miss Cobbe dreaded to hear read by a certain clergyman, so difficult was it to help laughing- when told of "Pertheans and Mades, and the dwellers in Meso- potemia aud the part of Libya about Cyraine, strccng-crs of Eoum, Jews, Proselytes, Crates and Arabians." IS KEALLY BEAD. * Finding of Body of Barrett Scott Proves That He Was Murdered. Long Search for the De ".-Hitting Treasurer Rewarded—Sevc-r.i1 Men Held by Coroner. Eii.-u IsVb,. Jan. 21.— The body of Barrett Scott, the defaulting- treasurer of Holt county, and who, while out riding- with his family New Year's da}-, was tired upon by a party of vig-iliinlcs and after being- wounded was drap-p-ed from his carriage, blindfolded ;-.nd then placed into another vehicle .ami taken in & northerly direction, was found about 10 o'clock Saturday ly.^ht in the Kiobrara river about :iOO feet lie- low the bridge on the Boy d county side, close up to the bank aud in about 7 feet of water, lie was an his shirtsleeves, but had his watch and chain and otlwr personal effects on just as he wore them in life. IInJii;*J<J jiud Shut. A new hempen rope about 1% inches in diameter was around his neck and the eud. about 3 feet long-, wa.sdanjr- Uug in the water. Evidences sltowcd that he was hung 1 by the vig-ilantcs before beinfi- thrown into the water. There was a slight wound in the rig-lit side of iiis neck, where ;i bullet had graned it, cutting through the lobe of the rig-ht ear. The body was immediately taken possession of by Coroner 11 oover.of Koyd county. Result of tin, lm|ucnt. After the finding- of the body an in- qnest was held before Coroner llodver, of Boyd county, and a jury. A number of witnesses were examined, and a verdict rendered that Scott came to his death at the hands of George Mullihan, Mose Elliot, Jlert Jloy, James Pinkerman and others whose names have not yet been disclosed. It is understood tliat an effort will be made to have these parties, who have already been arrested Kind put under fr">00 bail, broug-ht before the court aud the amount of the bail raised to an amount that, shall more nearly approach the enormity of the crime with which they are charged. KXrlteillGllt ut O'»1I, The boclv arrived here Sunday afternoon. The excitement is intense. AmoiiR- those who were the loudest to denounce Scott when his defalcation, amounting- to 'nearly SIUO.OOU, became known and were ready to wreak their vcng-cance on hi.m then, are now among- those making- violent threats against his assailants. On the other hand the law-abiding- citi/.ens insist that there must not be any more violence, and to this end they arc preparing-to suppress the slightest outbreak in its incipicncy. llnd Stolen About SI OO.OOO. The crime for which-.Barrett Scott paid with his life on Jscw Year's day ol this year was the embezzlement of STO.- 000 of the funds of Holt county and the subsequent wrecking- of the Holt county bank,practically impoverishing: nearly all of the farmers and business men in Holt. The amounts stolen from these people arc variously estimated, but aggregate about 8100,000. FACTORIES START UP. InduKtrli.-K lit IlavcTlilII, Muss., Tartly Kc- PUIUU Oprnitloiis. U.WKmru.r., Mass., Jan. 21.—Winch ell & Co. opened their shoe shop as a free factory Monday morning 1 . About 200 of the old help went to work and every department was running. There was no disturbance 'of any kind when the employes went in. The factories of W, \V. Spaulding, Chick Bros., SpauMinj* & Swett and C. A. Ellis are all runniug- in all departments but with much less force than before the strike. The Chile shoe company's factory started up Monday morning- with help enough to ran one set ol machinery in all departments. Dividend* Tor Unfortuniil e. B:\i\k c'redltors. WASHINGTON, Jan. -'!.—The comptroller of the currency has declared dividends in favor of the creditors of insolvent national banks as follows: Second dividend 5 per cent.. City national bank of Greenville, Mich., making- in all .ir> pel- cent. Second dividend, ".0 per cent., American national bank of Spring-field, Mo., making 1 in all 05 per emit. Fourth dividend, 10 per cent.. State national bank of Knoxville. Tenn., making- in all 63 per cent. Hay Dealer* to'Orffanlze. ' CLEVELAND, 0,, Jan. 21,—The hay dealers will hold a national convention in this city Tuesday and \Vedncsday January £ and '.'3 at the Chamber of Commerce rooms. It is the first national convention of hay dealers, and has for its object the formation of a national orjranizution. ONLY FIVE MISSING. f Ifci'sliis funds for South DHhota. PrERRK, S. D., Jan. ,21.—Railroads have voluntarily offered to pay at once the taxes due in this state next March, •amounting to S200.0UO, and the money is already being- paid. Offers have come in to the state, treasurer for more than §100,UUO of warrants at par. When John C. Calhoun became vice president of the United States, and consequently president of the senate, he announced that he had not the authority to call the senators to order for words'spot en in debate, as he regarded each senator as an ambassador from a sovereign state. The eccentric John Randolph, of Virginia, took advantage of Mr. Calhonri's ruling to. - 1 VJ — -., - , ,., . .. _ t nf «^.~.«™.. One 4ay he':b^-ari^a-;tliade.. aiouW contain gold to ^J^^P^C^™ • "Mr..SpetO^'^^w^r'Mr,; WW^OQO^OO^^ ,:rt*raoftttfetteiafltfBft^ Or Debilitated Women Should Use BRflDFIEbD'Si I Every Ingredient Spossessss superb i Tonic properties, Jaudexprtsa won- by driving Impure Blood •oils, Pimples, Humors, Cured by Hood's. The following testimonial from Mr. G eor£» W. gohulz, a printer at >"ewell,Iowa, is ol special Interest as It bears directly upon tlio blood- purlfylng qualities of Hood's SarsaiiarlUa: "For auout two or tlii-ee years I was troubled with pimples or bolls on my fac« and body, Getting Worse and Worse I read about tho good Hood's Sarsaparllla wa* 4olDg and decided to try It. Shortly after I commenced biking Hoocrs Sars.ipiirilla to my triac surprise the eruptions began to disappear. Now I am free from them, I liad at previous Omei thought that U I did not rid toj otood ol Hdod's^> Cures tMi Impurity It might lead to scrofula or torn* othar terrible disease, I cheerfully recommend Hood's Sarsaparllla to nil those who need ft blood purifier.'' GEO. W. Scnuijz, Newell, Iowa. Hood's Pills are hand made, and perfect to proportion and »ppeuauf •. SSc. t, box. SHORT SPECIALS. Tho b'mtc'l Confederate Veterans will meet in annual session at Houston, Tex., .May L'O, L', r ! and ;M. The modus vivendi with the United States was lina'lly adopted by the chamber of deputies of Spain. A number of Russian Jews bound fur Chicago a iv cU-taincd at Halifax. .X. ti., hy United States cr-:iy'ratioii ollicers. • r - (iiiii-temiila has rejected Mexico's ul- ti:]iatnin, and thou^-h ne^'Oti;iti(^ns ;iro still in progress it is believed war will follow. Auyustns C. Jlerriam. professoi- OL Greek arch-iuolojrv anil i»pif;raphy in Columbia. college, (lied in Athens from pneumonia. Foster's livci'3' stable in K.-insas City, .Mo., burned at 1 o'clock Sunday morning- and twenty-one horscb perished. Total loss, SlC.SOO.gf' Enrag-ed bccan>e his wife had sold chickens to b-.iy sujfar. James O'lirien, of Chillicothc. 0., fatally wounded her and then shot himself. Tliree thousand persons arc receiving- food daily from the soup kitchens at St. Johns, ;S T . I-'., and the number of destitute is increasing, A bill was introduced in the West Virginia house providing for electrocution as the means of capital punishment instead of hangins;. Kiiftsmen working- on the Mud and Guyandotte rivers in West Virginia were so badly frozen during- the recent cold spell that many have lost an ear or a hand. William M. Davis, of Richlund Center, obtained a judgment of 54,000 against the Chicago., ^Milwaukee & St. l. J aul railway for injuries received in a wreck in Iowa. ' _ EPITHETS FOR FAURE. t'ho lix-Vrc-sldent Ciiwiimr-Porirr Vn EJyuco l':il:ic»N L.OXUOX, Jan. SI.—The Paris correspondent of the Times telegraphs that an evening; newspaper of the French capital has collected and reprinted a number of the epithets already heaped upon the new president of the French republic, M. Felix Faure. by the radical and socialist organs as a rale, although a few of them were taken from, the pages of royalist papers. In view of. the fact that the full of the .Dupuy ministry and the resignation of Casimir- Porier were caused indirectly by an insulting-article written by M. Uerault- Uiehard. for which he was sentenced to a year's imprisonment, fined and later elected a irunnber of the chamber of deputies. the list ol epithets is significant. Among other things M. Faure is accused of being a reactionist, elected by the monarchists, rall-'cdsand yic clericals, prisoner of the party of reaction, coadjutor of Pope Leo XII I., creature of the vatican and "Mareebal des kogis du Prince Victor on du Jeune D'Orieans.." This epithet, translated in English, is equivalent to "marshal of the house of Prince Victor Napoleon or young Orleans." pAius.Jan. 21.—Ex-President Ca.simir- Perier formally vacated his apartments in the Elysee palace at 11 o'clock to-day. Uy order of President Faure military honors were rendered to the ex-president. As he appeared in the courtyard the drum corus rolled ont a salute and the guard of 'honor presented arms. President Faure lunched at the Elysee palace for the first time to-day. He will take up his official residence there permanently to-morrow. Killed bv tht> GLrlV Father. "MoBEBLy, Mo.. Jan. 21.—David Mason, from ambush, shot James Roddick, wounding him so that he died Sunday. The cause was Hoddick's alleged ber- txayalof Mason's daughter. Roddick returned Mason's fire but without re_ To Help the Miner* In Want , O., Jan. 21.—A mass meeting K.-porti-il Lo*-i of Life by SlnUinr of StMtc of M.ii.sourl llrcutly Ex^ce'raied. LOUISVIU.K, Ky., Jan. 21.—The loss of life caused by the sinking- of the steamer Suite of Missouri ne:ir Harelip's Landing, Ky.. Saturday evening, will be smaller than was at first supposed. Some of those reported drowned have since turned up. aud at present the mis^T, as known to survivors at, present in the city, are: Charles Meredith. of Cincinnati, white, freight handler; .laeob Karbour. colored, deck hand, of Cincinnati:. ,)iui Jjarbert (eohnvd). fdeck hand, of Cincinnati: Wash .Smith (colored), deck hand, of Cincinnati: William Simmons (colored), deck hand, of Cincinnati. Fifteen passonpevs on board \v^re saved, as were all the ollicers, ICn^lund Df'IuKfd l>y Kitins. LONDON. Jan. 21.—A terrible storm has prevailed in the midlands. The roads from Tan worth to Birmingham .iud Lilehlield are submerged and traffic is entirely siispeiuiei.1. There is ."> feel of water in the street* of Kvi'i'sham. where an election is taking plaei 1 for member of parliament. The voter.-, a:v obliged to ^'o to the polling places in boats. The town of litun and Buckingham are partly submerged. L l.ivf'y <J.v~cliMn.' Ht. ^ovinKton, Tfiin. MKV.IMHS. Tenn., ,hm. 21.—A cyclone struck Coving-tun, Tcnn., Monday morning- at ii o'clock, blew off the top of the courthouse and demolished a dozen residences and a score of Uu-nyand outhouses. The damaye is §T>0,000. Xo lives were lost. J'ARis. '.Ian. 21. — .Julien Florcan Felix Dcsprcn. cardinal archbishop of Ton- louse, died suddenly in that city M'on- ilay from heart disease. .He was born April 14. ISO?, and created cardinal May 12, 1ST!). _____ Jtaly .Shiiken by Karthquitkf*. HO.MK, Jan. 21. — Severe shocks of earthquake were felt at Reg-^io di Calabria. Messina, and other places in tliat vicinity Sunday evening. The extent of the damage done is not- yet known. _ Enlcrtulnlucr- Jess — I didn't know Mrs. Stickler was such an entertaining- person. Uess— Indeed she is. She knows a. disagreeable story about every woman in her set.— X. V. World. _ Only O"«> J«P Killcrl. LONDON. -Ian. 21. — A Chinese army uuniberinir 1 "i,000 was defealeil by the Japanese near". 1.1 ai Ciien^-. Only one Jap was killed. THJTMARKJSTS. Cr:ihi, I'rovlMunK, Jitc. CHICAGO. Jnn. SI FLrtr.li — Dull mid uiinliniiKcil. Qiioiiitions rnni;ed iiN follows: Wiuier— 1 J :UC'1HS, $2..'iUJi L'.70: striiislils, J-.MaS'.'.OO; clears, jS.ISiii.*); socoiuls. Jl.DliffiV.UO; low ^rudus. fl.ijdii.l.t'b; Sprlns— Palunts. jS.20a3.SU: stmlKbts. J2.20.ft 2.SO; biiUers', jl.flO c.-'-'5; low t;raOos, fl.T.idil SO; Rod Doz. Jl.Cfl®I.TS: Rye, Si30JS2.r>U. WIIKAT— Slow ami o:uslcr. No, S eusl). 5335 Mo: j!imiary,53.3S:t?,c: May. s:.ii,57?;c. Conx— I' airly active mid wcnlc. Xo. 2 anil N'o. 2 yellow, •H?B<.-: No. ll.'lOeandNo. SVellow.^Oiio. January -Mi'ic; Muy, -lOViiiH'iiC, und July, OATS— J-'nir iradlnfr and lower. Cash. SKSc; M:iy, 29^(S30!»e. Samples lower. N'o. 3, SO 3 30Hc: No. 3 Wliitc, 3l(a3i?iC; No. 2, 2!>@.9'..;c; No. 2 ^VTiite. 31^(33i J ,'c. KYE— Miirkel «ii»ady and linn for citsli liye, but neglected cutbor in ,'V speculative way. Xo. 2 in store. 50c. Sample lots, .'ii'i&r)^. May delivery. We. BAHi.KV-Not mucli Harlcy coniini; forward and demand also small. Common to KOod No. •I, 4ST("Vc: No. 3. 50aW/sC, and N'o. 2. My,f£Kc. MESS PO«K— Tradini; was ratlier active. Prices easier. Quotations ranged at JIl.iMjJi I125forcasli regular; jlO.OrjVKjtn.orj for January, and$l! 20£jill .^0 for May. LARD— KaCUer active and cosier. Quotations ranged at $0.5,1 (.0,0;;4 for cash; $C R5.U& W for January, and ?,0. 75^.0.80 for May. LIVK POULTUV— Per pound: Turkey*;, 3c; CLlckeiis. KiK'Ac; Ducks, SiOc; OOCM:. per do/. , S3.00 , 8.00. — Crenmcr.v, ry&X'/ic; Daliy. i'ir.'Wo: , «,(JOe. , OJL.S— HcatlliKlit, I"' tesl. S'.ic: Gasoline, sr dcs's, 10e; 7J (left's, fc: Napluhn. il:i dear's, Tc. Liguons— Wnislty qiioti:!! sieaily at J1.22 per gallon for hit- r lnvincs. NEW VOUK. Jan 21. FI.OI;H— Stute an d wonern. (iuii;t, easy. WHKA'r — No, - ri-d, fairly ac-tivi 1 . '^'.^i^e lower. l-cbrsiary, COJjc; March. 01 Uftiil 7-Hi; July, O; S-JC^.C-.'Ii. COHN— Xo. 2 wcal;cr, fairly aclhe. Xo. 2, alfori-'.i 1 :: May. nO!;fi£.'i*). ; ,c. OATS— Quivt. ojsler. Slate. nh.S.1lc: western, 3.1;.; 41c: February, 33'ic: May. M^ffi.'Ci-v. Untr— faai'tlvr. l-.xlra incx. :7..V.H;.J-'.00: family. .<iu.00;-s!0.50. POHK— Sioiidy, fjuic'l. Mi-ss.?J2.iV5.i:i2.'>. LAHJJ— Quiet, easy. Sieam-rcnduivd. jO WA. UrTri:n - Dull, weaker: lilwnil supply. Western d:iiry. KK/IDC: do., creanivry. Itj-iHe; do., factory, I'^lTio; l-'li-'ins. ~-lc: Imitation creiirrjerv. 1*^.1.^: .luin: crramory- li'i^-l'.sc. CUKIV--K— Quiet- uasy. Slate lar^e, aiillji'c; do., fanoy fO!or,:d. ll'»c; do., whil-.-. !0.' B -(.!lc; Jo., small, «?;•!>. 1 2c; pan skiir.s, ?i\~ -'j'lt; full do., 2<i2Vc. j.-^os— Quief, steady. \Vcnwrn.22c: limed, 1 Ifeloc. Live Strrk. CiiiCA';". Jart 21. Hoes— Markc,! fairly active, ivlth tbc fci.'liric; steady on heavy lots, while other i;rados were about ic lower. Sales ranged at S'.'.W <&t.7!> for PJK»: Si.TS ">,.L1T> for lixbt: S.".'.O;J •IJO forrou«h packing: >3.C'OS-i.-10 ;or mixed. and ,-H. 13,'i-l.-' 10 for }iea\-j- packing and shipping lots. CATTLE— Market rattier active Feeling tlrm- er and price-; slightly nijiber. Quotatic.ni ranged at J-!.'j03a.«l for choice to extr,-. ship- pi3? Steers: il.35G4.Ki for KOod 10 choice do.,*355<i-100 for fair to c»od: ia.3j-R3.90 for common to medium do.; iaMjj.S.CQ for Uutcti- crs , Steers: S2.20Q2.M for Stockers: *-'.»>-& 3. CO for Feeders; rl 40'i2.70 for Cows: .i-J-TOji 3.05 for Heifers; SiOOaS.75 for Bulls: S2.75 &.3.00 for Texas Steers, and S2.iittfij.30 for v,;^! Calves. I; U"f,>rcm Vull Head Is leathered b? ttac ^tTemendonslr <!es:ructlve , malaria, put on tbe bralws wlihHos- t*tu-T'» Sto ..acb Bitters, wbich will check Its progress and avert disaster. Chills and fever, bi ioDsremttwnt. dnmbague and agnc cake are promptly relieved and ultlontely eored b> this genial specific, which Is also a eompi-elenslve f amliy medt3li:e. speedur ns-fnl in eaw of djs- pep*l8, billoosness. consttpaaoo, sick Ueadacbe, nervousness," rhao-natlsro and. • neuralgia. Apilustthelrartlulpnecw pi suddfn cHangoiof t>n)peRitur«<. exposure In wet weather, close application to latwHoos ment*l . purmiu, and other KNOWLEDGE Srings comfort oji<3 improvement and .uds to personal enj«vment when r-ghtly used. The many, \viio live bet- wr than others and enjoy life uioro, with !ijsa ex)x;nditare, L^ more promptly idaptiii'.; the world's best products to iho need.-- of physical being, will attest :hi» value to health of the pure liquid .a::ative principles emhiaceJ in the •^aieoy.. 5yrup ol Figs. its exceih'iK* I-- ch.ie to its presenting T, the fvini. most acceptable and ple4us- iiii. to the tnsU-, the refreshingUTid truly •leneficiul propcriies of ;t [vi-fcct lax- iiive; eflectunlly cleansing the system, i'vpelHr.g colds, bfudachi 1 ." and fevers ,rn) permanently curing constipation, a !ia* given snt.isfuoi.ion to millions and •ui-t with the approval of ( .he medical ..n.fi'ssion, because it acts ou the Kid- •ii-yj,, Livi-r ar.,1 Dowels without wc.nk- -::inj> UIL-HI a:u! it i.-, perfectly free from Syrup uf Fif* i* f.ir sile by ah drug- ^u-.ts iii OOc aud $1 bottles, but it is mrin- )f::cnired In- tlu> Cnufornia Fig Syruji • t> ... uiily. \vmi.-i- name is printed OD every .>.-,..!fc;(jri'. iil-"» t,h<- n.-iin«, Syvup of Figs, Mid brin-j; iv^|| in formed, yon will Ji'**; •u.xcp-ftJjy auhatitule it o/lHr"^ iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim PAP CALENPAR For * * «. A Desk Calendar is a necessity — most convenient kind of storehouse for memoramla. The Columbia Desk Calendar is brightest ami Immlsornest o f n ]J—full of dainty silhouettes and pen sketches and entertaining., thoughts on outdoor exercise and" sport. Occasionally reminds you of the superb quality of Columbia Bicycles and of your need of one. You won't object to that,'of course. The Calendar will be mailed for five 2-ccnt stamps. Address Calendar Deportment, POPE MFQ. CO., Mention thli paper, Hartford, Conn. IMMIIItlllll IIIIIMII Wbon Baby wiw sick, wj ROTO b-crCostorta. WLejo stw- was A Child, she cried for C&storlft, "When fine oecame Miss, sue Kimtg LO CastorU, TJOien'Wio naa Chnoren, Bne gave toorn Oa«iort». IMI'N Their «"f.o oixl A'mw. Pills are by far the best cathartic to use, but you must not ab-jse tbeir use by habitually depending on tbem for dally ttools. If you will use K!ne- bart's Pills you will fiat! them to regulate the bowels acd afford regular and free daily stoole. by an occasional do=e of one pill. Sold by B. F. Ke and Keys'iOne drug- store. Children Cry for Pitcher's Ca*T:oria. Falc liljm n«i<t Klui>hc<l Check* Are a sure siga of stomach worms io children, and if not removed the symptoms are, more alarming by frightful dreams, nervouEoefs and spasms. The best. remeJy 10 use is Rinehart's Worm JLozengee. Thiy always remove all kinds of worms and ibe worm nest. Sold by B. F. Keesliog; acd Keystone drug store. Children Cry foi plotter's Castoria. If you lack strength, with no apj ttte! take Eiaeban'* Tills. One a dose. Sold by B. F. Keesling and. Keystone drug etore. Children Cry for Pitcher'* Cac*nrla. 5 It your child h«* p»le llp^ or it '

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