The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 23, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 23, 1933
Page 2
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BLYTHEV1LLR JARIU COUHIEB NEWS MONDAY, OCTOBER 28, 1933- .Social Calendar TUESDAY'S EVENTS Young Matrons Bridge club, Mrs. Rlley B. Jones, hostess. THURSDAY'S EVENTS bli.dicd by members -of the Ilusi- ; I'cfs and Professional Womcn'b club Hit's M'inier. will be lender o( the program l':.h evening. 1:30 o'clock, i a; Ihe O3II Hotel. The public Is; Invited. 1 B . M Bils oj JVetfs Mostly I'ersonal Mid-Week .Bridge .club, Mrs. O, P. Moss, hosU-ss, Thursday Comract club, Mrs. O. \V. Mccutchcn, hostess. FRIDAY'S EVENTS Pit-School P. T. A., Mrs. E. B. Woodson, hostess. 2:30 p. m. i Blnia Sanders went to C»p«.ail r.irdenu Thursday where they at - j tended Southeut Missouri tegph- I tTf meeting. They rejunlned until Knnday vUitlng with college trlcudi and relative*. ' Earl Fnlclwtt, who Is working —-1 with Hie Frisco out of ~~ Ancient Art and Why Sli:dy An.". . MUs Winnie virtjil Turner; "lie- Mrs. Ilany Allans hns been millclspeity the weekend here vbilljig tinning of Palming." Miss Laura in lor M-VCU: days from influenza.] Mlss Ea'tli Clark. Mr. Fatche'ti Bajsett; "Ejjj'plian Art," Miss Cla-1 MVS ll. isrooks and ' formerly worked here". . t'idrlis Class His a Hallowe'en Party. The 17 members ot Hie Fidclls Sunday school class of the First Bapti« church, who attended the meeting Friday evening at the home of Mrs. Russell Fan. were initiated into all the usual riles of Hallowe'en in n series of stunts. In an appropriate contest Mrs Matt Monnghan jr., won the prize In a business session Mines. Robert Grimes, Monaglisn, Paul rle Click am Driver und W. A. Griminell were ol Manila, elected group captains and Mrs.| Hertchcl Smart was mined fouilh vice president. Miss Lunn B. Wll- hclm, teacher, made n short talk. Ginger bread with snuce, coitcc and Hallowe'en candles. In individual cnus. were served l>y the hostesses, Mines. Fun-. W. G. Maxwell, K. D. Marr, J. H. McCall and U. \V. Muliins. n Ruble: "Greek Art." Miss Mamie 1 mother. Mis M. A. Bnrnes. were: Mrs. Joe Jaflco relumed' ilorije Louise Edwnids; ••Roman Art," in Mnni>!'.i:. ycsii-rday with Mrs. C. the latter part of the week from Mrs. K. I-'. Hell; "Early Christian A. llovty wlio is receiving -treat- j Mc:nphts where she has been Byzanttnism," Miss Selma Lent/., jim-ut ut'tlie ll.ipllsl hospital. Marriage Licences Issued. • j Among the nmrrlagc licensrs Issued from [he lilylhrvlllc office of tlw county court clerk within tnc few days were: MUs Velma Simpson and Layton llowell, bolh cl Manila; Miss Eva May Itunt and Cyrus Ros-5 Wllliford. both ot l;prc: Miss Esiio Hradlcy and Allen Itiir- r!i llardin. bolh ol Hell; Miss Marie Click and orvel Curlwrfjjhi. bath Hayti Sociclv —' Personal Osceola Society — Personal New Class Ori»nU«d, A new Sunday school class hus been organized in (he First Dap fist church which is lo be known as the "Hy Shy Ny" class with Hie motto "Aim' high, flgtu shy, draw ny." In a meeting Friday evening »l the home of Mr*. W. M. Williams, these officers weir elected: Mrs J. (i. Barnes, president; Mrs. R A. Copeltuid, fii-sl vice president; Mrs. Chester Nauors. second vice president; Mrs. Perry McFiill, Ihli'tl vice president; Mrs. Elva I'oe, fourth vice president; Mrs. Virgil Williams, cccrotm-y; Mrs. Harry Fritzius. reporter. Duiico vas pluyed alicr the business session. During the e;imes Jetty Claire Huffman nnd Billy Williams served Hallowe'en can- dice. Later, at Hallowe'en decorated tables Mrs. Williams, assisted by Mrs. Alviii Huffman and Mrs. Picas Sdcoy, served cuke, nr.d coffee. • • ;. £. Bridjc Club Meets. Only members of the Thursday Contract club were entertained by Mrs. G. E. Keck when. she had the regular weekly parly. Marigold and cosmos. In colorful bowls, decorated Ihe Jivimj room. After the cavd game, in which Mrs. Edgar liorum won r> double' deck of csnis'.as the prize, a fiilad course was served. Have Bridge l.unclieon. Mrs. W. J. Wunderlicli nnd Mrs. Maker Wilson entertained 12 guvils with a bridge luncheon Friday at the Wunderlicli home. Bowls of autumn Rowers adorned the living and dining rooms where the three small tnbles were arranged for Hie luncheon menu. In the bridge games Mrs. J. Louis Cherry won silver candle slicks for the first prize mid Hie second high score award, hosiery, 'went to Mrs. W. J. Pollavd. * • » Modern Pristllla Club Entertained. Misses Frances Little. Martha Ann Lynch. Mildred Lou Hiibburd and Ruth Dillarmnly were guests of Miss Mary Elizabeth norum Friday evening for dinner before tlw parly went to the footbal game. A two course menu was .served by the hostess' mother. Mrs. Edgar Borum, and her gnindmoth- cr, Mrs. Elizabeth Greene. Music Club Members Study Colonial Music. The meeting ot the music department of the Woman's club Friday afternoon, at the home of Mrs. li. P. Paddison, was a program of e.i- Icninl music with Miss Margaret >lfirHl as leader. Patriotic airs of long njo. colonial medleys, a minuet 'Jancc m lumc by students ot junior hip.' school and appropriate talks m up the prcgram. Included in'those, present was tl-.c chairman. Mrs. George M. Lre. an; three visilcr.-. Mvs. l\\ul L. Tip'.on Mrs. J. P. Friend and Mrs. L. N JlcnbCit. The roslessC'S. Mines. Pad'.li; If. G. Partlow mid George Hamil Ion. served dale baf cake, cli'-'c:, car.ape.s ami lea. Hurincss SVonicn to Have An Art Proj; Miss Volda Atlcock. who is to be in charge of the art lieu R. C. Cruinlr.v and Miss Essie Jones \t Island 31, 'rcnncsBcc, \vere for an apartmont. MM. JalTce will Join her husbnnd at . Memphis where he has emDlov- ]inent. < : Mrs. Jaek Yeaster sjunt a few diyii Inst wceki In 9»pc dlrardeau vWtiiiE licr daughter, Mrs. Arnold Tucker, who Is taking 'a beautician course there. ' " • Mi. and Mrs. Wcsly Ward of j near St.-Louis'were here Friday Mrs. Liiinar Tliompsou *'as hos- vUlllin! Mr. and Mi's. Bcp. Biir- te« to Hie Wiiman'h Bridge club kovltz. • • - 1(1 : :il ilici liomi 1 rt'ldny afternoon. Miss Martha Reynolds received j I with Mi.-.. W T. Netlier>' wiiininB » wire staling that she has been high score guest nrta and high I appointed to a clerical position ni seori- cliilj pii/.c going to AIw. Joe I the special session' of tlie lcgi«- Kohn '•' jlatuie. Hhc left for Jefferson City I Mrs. J. M. Miles enterdllAc'd the!' 0 af-sumc the duties of her of! Woman's .\!ls>.lonarv society of'""- She 1ms been employed here Now Madrid : ,t her' home 'Hiurs- '',' l lu " in ", ° r Repwsenttitlyc day iiflernwin with seventeen! """slon Buckley, nicmkei'ii preset:!. A pot hick, din-! M!ES Eileen Parmentor and. her ner was served. Mrs. M. C. Mills mother Mrs. Louise Parmenter of niarriecrnt Nodcnn. The ceremony uy MugL'.triitc ft. II- led the program. David Miles spent Jhe wceMiJd In New Madrid 'veiling friends;" Mrs. II. .G.'.Hiiimon and daiigh 1 ! ler. Giiula Mai. were in Memphis Clyde Ilamm.jck of Elowah. iiucl j Siiiurilay. Miss Pauline Mover-uf VlooOuay M rs . Minnie Allen. Mrs. Pearl St. Louis, have moved their household goods to Haj'U and arc living In the fjhrader property. Miss Pannciitcr Is conducting classes hi dancing and expression here .and in near-by towns. Miss Marjorlc Tohill, daughter \veri 1 manird b;.' the Jtev. I). l.|Wulki.-r. Miss Alma Jean Morgan, ° r Mr. and Mrs. Lon Tohill. who Hull of Elowiih JMlw Maiiilne McNnil und Miss'is attending -school at Caruthcrs- Jolin Morris M.itlock of >tn- VcrnU-i: Ktanfil, teacliers of Hie lo-' vllle, is 111 with .scarlet fever, at: Crory and Miss r)i-h.sU- \Viilkin>: I i: .,| a .]iool .system,, attended. Hie the homo of her aunt. Mrs. Lloyd ol KInivah WP.T minvied by Ihi". .'.imiheaM Missouri It'uclici's tjjuct- liilt ' Kov. .1. M. Ji.-.ll.iid. nl Cape Olrardcuu 'niursday. . , Harwell i mill ftlday. = ,i|Poor appetite, bad taste in tho Dr. and Mr 1 - C. M. .. jiitl Di. W. J. Slieddmi alti-iidcil | Mr. mid Mr.s. Charles Morgan'. mouth, tad breath, coated tongue, (lie- meeting of (he Noi I Av- j und dnushlcr Alnui Jean drove to lick headache — when due to lran;:;is Mcrtk.ii Aswiclation ill | Sike.ston ijmitloy nnd vlsHcd.iMrs: rurnconld W«liii-tdiiy. iw. E. llvrd. Mis:; Morgan will Vc- -. -~ .• „ . ., ,_j . Inmin mini Ihe latter part of.Uie thc boweb . usually.m»y be relieved Two famous London hospiluls , week have no men surgeons. Misses Mildred I'ophanv. |mU>Vir- by a dose or two ot purely vegetable THEDFOKD'S BLACK-DRAUGHT, II li»tt are Invited^to Attend Courier News COOKING SCHOOL BE SURE AND NOTICE MRS. GEORGE THURN Demonsfwtions Using ttie Economical and Efficient KC 25 Ounces for 25c SAME PRICE TODAY as 42 year sago Doctors Give Creosote For Dangerous Cough For iiwny i'cai>-. our Ix-fl dw-1 tors have picecribcd cn-OKOlc in MOrtir fonn lor (fluyhh. cuMs inirt LvoiK'hltis. knowing lw\v chingor- nis it. is lo let them hang on. Crecmiilsion Rilh crcosulc MX oilier highly important mrtl- i:liml rlcnicnU. tiulckly and cf- frctiycJy .stoie all coughs niici c^ds that'olhcrwU: might lead lo serious trouble; Crcomulsion us powerful in th. iTCBtmciit oi, all colds and co-ighs. jcl il l.« absolutely h:ii'ni!i-. i u und y p'ca^aul and easy la take. Your own druggis; i;uaranicf • Crcoriiulbioii by refunding sci^i money if you are not relieved al- Ipr talcing Cifomulsiou a.s directed. Beware the cough or cold that lungs on. Always keep Crcoimil-! skn on hand lor instant use. Adv. The demonstrator will show you how this double - tested — 3onb!oaction baking powder will produce Fine Texture and Large Votwmc'.in you? bakings—alsOj why K CTis economical; and efficient in'Uisc. ; If requires but 1 level teaspoonful to a cup of flour for all ordinary baking* r' You will realize that it ii not necessary to pay high fmccs.for baking powdcn J . '..Then try K C yourself- Give it the oven test avd. judge by results. MILLIONS OF POUNDS USED BY OUR GOVERNMENT TO THE HOUSEWIVES OF THIS COMMUNITY - - - At the Cooking School'-thi^wceji, the'importance ot ^ood foods s bf the^ dominant .features and we just wish to call to your "attention that ;.'' .e/, . : •. '?,< *JK ...'-, All of fo.fri QUALITY GROCERIES ^^ • " '• ' ' '' MRS. GEQRGE THURN ^:. j'apijBrf.rVwi** «"ISviT./'" ' . ./ COOKING SCHOOL ; Can Be Purchased at Our Store SPECIALS FOR T^pSD^Y ? jW]EDNESDAY, THURSDAY fv'ISo: I Cans') I-y?'Sliced or Crifetwl ,- i- •'.'.N'O"; 2 Cans Blic'cc 1 . or Crtishi'tt ^!^& Kach •V-'Vi-Af; >.-.,' •_•' -i 16c ANNOUNCING A NKW LINK Or QUALITY: FOOD PRODUCTS PREMIERE CANNED GOODS' fc Head f. .Each- CORN No! ! 'Khit C'iin • Whole 'Kernel.. . Ka. Tree Ri|«?nctt Grapo Fruit Grape Fruit Juice Fresh Figs }M Monic - Hc{1 Sockcye. Tall Can PEACHES Lik E rilpC Premiere 91 Ei/VUiS >:o. 2 Can LL Peanut Butter IJeet-h Nut Kxlra l.;ii'[>c Jar Golden Rod, Pure Creamery Ofl « Hone Better, Pound faTv Apple Sauce Rhubarb Conserve Assorted Candied Fruit Peels Pitted and UnpiUud Dates Olive Meat IMcigc Graham Crackers! Edgemont .-Ib. Box Fiiricy TuH Drcsjstd Assorted Spreads Lima Beans Ib. 25c HENS Full ^ M,.18 C LIVER 'fresh ,,11' BRAINS Fresh 1'urk PORK ROAST Tomatoes Ginger Ale Orange Marmalade Vattuim I'ackcd ' Whole Kernel Corn Mince Meats Sausage 100% Pure Pork, Home Made, Ib. 10c A " 3-lb. Pail, A Nice Mixing Bowl AJ"^ VllSCO Free With Each Can per pail U3t CRAN' ?E GINGER ALE ^rs TEA •TT-- I'ri-mii-fel- Vacuum'*)^ iti - «wt<«].'»lA: 1 Petit Pois Peas AND OTHKKS ItllirniHiit. lint- 3 rerccl. l.b. BACON Wrapped, Hickory Smoked In the Piece Line of "rrrmlrrc" Cn r nnl rrtMlnelN Will lie cii Divplay ;il the Cookin; Schiwl CASH CROCERY PHONE = 603

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